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Tue, July 16, 15:52 EDT
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  • Ukraine adopts protocols to European convention against torture (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/30/2001
  • Ukrainian leader [Kuchma] at WWII mass grave warns people against bloodshed (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/30/2001
  • Ukrainian president cautions against military action in Afghanistan (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/30/2001
  • Life stories: Veil of the century (Independent/FT) 09/30/2001
  • Ukraine: Crimean cabinet formation dominated by pre-election expediency (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/30/2001
  • Slovak police detain illegal arms consignment allegedly heading for Angola (BBC/FT-Prague) 09/30/2001
  • Details of arms consignment for Angola found at Slovak airport (BBC/FT-Bratislava) 09/30/2001
  • Ukraine: Government representative optimistic about cooperation with parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/30/2001
  • Hockey: England through to final against Russians (Independent/FT) 09/30/2001
  • First-choice Scholes for goals THE PUNTER (Independent/FT) 09/30/2001
  • The sun goes down in tax-free paradise A clampdown on money laundering may force some havens out of business. But will it hurt the terrorists? (9/30/01) (Independent/FT) 09/30/2001
  • Kazakh TV raises alarm over Kazakh-Ukrainian space deal (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/30/2001

  • Ukraine: Cheated investors join opposition bloc (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/29/2001
  • Ukrainian and Russian presidents discuss relations by phone (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/29/2001
  • Kazakh-Ukrainian guard services sign cooperation agreement (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/29/2001
  • Ukraine, U.S. Agree on Airspace (AP/Yahoo) 09/29/2001
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] outlines relations with Kazakhstan, CIS (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/29/2001
  • Russian security official pledges aid to CIS partners (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/29/2001
  • Russian security head urges CIS border cooperation in fight against terrorism (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/29/2001
  • Armenian premier sees greater CIS role in future (BBC/FT-Yerevan) 09/29/2001
  • CIS security chiefs to meet in Tajikistan in early October (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Court cancels registration of environmental party (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/29/2001
  • Agreement reached on use of Ukrainian airfields by US aircraft (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/29/2001
  • Russia: Snipers train in antiterror tasks (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/29/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian leaders discuss antiterrorist action by telephone (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/29/2001
  • Ukrainian, Israeli leaders discuss terrorism, peace initiatives (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/29/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia to sign gas debt restructuring accord on 4 October (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/29/2001
  • Russian premier notes progress in gas debt talks with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/29/2001
  • Russia's Putin discusses domestic, foreign policy with Federation Council head (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/29/2001
  • Security council official [Rozhen] denies decrease in Ukrainian arms trade (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/29/2001
  • Gambia: President announces development projects at pre-election rallies (BBC/FT-Banjul) 09/29/2001
  • Sport (Women's Hockey/World Cup Qualifiers): Candles all aglow for Irish in Amiens (Irish Times/FT) 09/29/2001
  • Sport: Cycling: Injury-hit British settle for silver: Pursuit team blame defeat on bad luck (Guardian/FT) 09/29/2001
  • Cycling: McGregor medal miss tops disappointments (Independent/FT) 09/29/2001
  • Photo/s: World Trade Center - Recovery at night (BRAMA) 09/29/2001

  • Cycling: British men scoop silver (BBC Sport) 09/28/2001
  • Mr.Kinakh demands to complete autumn field work in due time (AgriUkraine) 09/28/2001
  • From September 10th till September 20th bread became cheaper by 38% (AgriUkraine) 09/28/2001
  • Russian premier notes progress in gas debt talks with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/28/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia to sign gas debt restructuring accord on 4 October (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/28/2001
  • Security council official denies decrease in Ukrainian arms trade (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/28/2001
  • Ukraine denies owning sunken ship (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/28/2001
  • Sport (Women's Hockey/World Cup Qualifying): Penalties are taboo (Irish Times/FT) 09/28/2001
  • Ukraine signs 10 accords at CIS summit in Moscow (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/28/2001
  • Murderers of Ukrainian composer sentenced to imprisonment (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/28/2001
  • Bulgaria to ease visa regulations for Russians, Ukrainians (BBC/FT-Sofia) 09/28/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecution refuses to investigate president over journalist's murder (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/28/2001
  • Ukrainian agrarian minister heads pro-presidential bloc's election HQ (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/28/2001
  • Tank damages gas pipeline in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/28/2001
  • Ukraine to sell stake in telecoms firm (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/28/2001
  • Kazakhstan and Ukraine to step up creation of CIS free economic zone (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/28/2001
  • Ukraine to transport nearly 9m tonnes of Kazakh oil in 2001 (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/28/2001
  • Sporting Digest: Basketball (Independent/FT ) 09/28/2001
  • Football: Voller writes off `accidental' England thrashing (Independent/FT ) 09/28/2001
  • Hockey: Simpson brace lifts Scotland (Independent/FT ) 09/28/2001
  • Sport in brief (Guardian/FT) 09/28/2001

  • Australia crash as Britain hunt bronze (BBC Sport) 09/27/2001
  • З 10 до 20 вересня хліб подешевшав до 38% (AgriUkraine) 09/27/2001
  • How Dangerous Was That Dark Cloud Hanging Over Manhattan? The Dust May Never Settle (9/26/01) (Village Voice) 09/27/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition leader blames her company's debt on president (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/27/2001
  • Bulgaria to ease visa regulations for Russians, Ukrainians (BBC/FT-Sofia) 09/27/2001
  • Ukraine: Controversial banker's detention ruled unlawful (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/27/2001
  • Ukrainian paper analyses opposition to reforms in coal sector (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/27/2001
  • Ukrainian president decrees diplomatic appointments (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/27/2001
  • Ukraine stages large-scale mobilization exercise (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/27/2001
  • Ukraine to sell aircraft, engines to Kazakhstan (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/27/2001
  • Ukrainian president worried about increased extremist activity in Central Asia (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/27/2001
  • Moscow court imposes another fine on Ukrainian energy company (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/27/2001
  • Ukrainian president blasts parliament on Kazakh visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/27/2001
  • Ukraine ready to consider lower transit charges for Kazakh oil (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/27/2001
  • EUROPE & MIDDLE EAST: Probe of journalist's death sought (Financial Times) 09/27/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 09/27/2001
  • Violence falls at the Young Vic YEN Puerility triumphs in Bottom YEN Pinter's preposterous male fantasy (Guardian/FT) 09/27/2001
  • Hockey: Ukraine dash Ireland's semi-final aspirations (Independent/FT ) 09/27/2001
  • Ukraine: Pro-presidential party seeks to enlist former premier for elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/27/2001
  • Former Belarusian slave labourers start to receive compensation from Austria (BBC/FT-Minsk) 09/27/2001
  • Ukraine to set details of US aircraft passage through its skies (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/27/2001
  • Kazakh president upbeat about relations with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/27/2001
  • Kazakhstan, Ukraine to cooperate in defence, space programmes (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/27/2001
  • ЗМІ і політичні процеси: європейський контекст [круглий стіл: 1.10.01] (IREX ProMedia) 09/27/2001
  • ASN CALL FOR PAPERS - Peoples, Nations, and States in Former Communist Countries: A Cross-Disciplinary Convention (BRAMA) 09/27/2001

  • Kazakh, Ukraine presidents may allow use of airspace for Afghan strikes (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/26/2001
  • Ukraine and Kazakh presidents see eye to eye on CIS future (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/26/2001
  • Kazakhstan to increase oil supplies to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/26/2001
  • Sport (Women's Hockey/World Cup): Ukraine last hurdle to Irish qualifying (Irish Times/FT) 09/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Border Troops stage antiterrorist exercise at sea (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/26/2001
  • Ukraine not to take part in Afghan hostilities, Ukrainian president (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/26/2001
  • Ukrainian president offers oil transit facilities to Kazakhstan (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/26/2001
  • Ukraine starts debt restructuring talks with Paris Club (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/26/2001
  • Three people die in fire on board Ukrainian ship in Suez (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/26/2001
  • Ukrainian president arrives in Kazakhstan (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/26/2001
  • Ukraine: New president of state nuclear power company appointed (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/26/2001
  • Russia Names its Price for Anti-Terror Help (Time) 09/26/2001
  • Ukrainian, French presidents discuss antiterrorism efforts by phone (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Government representative to parliament [Zarubinskyy] appointed (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/26/2001
  • New Russian oil pipeline opens (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Council of Europe urges new inquiry into journalist [Gongadze]'s murder (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Deputy minister of fuel and energy dismissed (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Fierce competition for broadcast frequencies (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/26/2001
  • Women's Football (Independent/FT) 09/26/2001
  • Hockey: England in semi-finals (Independent/FT) 09/26/2001
  • Liverpool vs Dynamo Kiev (Guardian/FT) 09/26/2001
  • Паростки незалежної преси в Україні. INTELNEWS – 10 років [прес-конф: 11.10.01] (IREX ProMedia) 09/26/2001
  • Вибори в Польщі – наслідки для України [круглий стіл: 27.9.01] (IREX ProMedia) 09/26/2001
  • Сучасне і майбутнє української освіти [прес-конф: 26.9.01] (IREX ProMedia) 09/26/2001

  • Hepatitis outbreak puts more than 100 people in hospital in eastern Ukraine [Torez] ( 09/25/2001
  • Зустріч постійних представників при ООН групи країн ГУУАМ [ООН] (BRAMA) 09/25/2001
  • Україна наголошує: світові конче потрібна нова структура для боротьби з міжнародним тероризмом [ООН] (BRAMA) 09/25/2001
  • Council of Europe urges new inquiry into Ukrainian journalist [Gongadze]'s murder (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/25/2001
  • Canada must be on a war footing (Financial Post/FT) 09/25/2001
  • ASSAULT ON AMERICA POLITICS: Putin backs help from central Asia NET TIGHTENS: (Financial Times) 09/25/2001
  • Part of Ukrainian [Melnychenko] scandalous tapes doctored - US detective agency (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/25/2001
  • Ukrainian president signs decree on protection of state data (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/25/2001
  • Ukrainian leader says he will not sign law on parliamentary elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/25/2001
  • Russian-Kazakh-Ukrainian nuclear venture set up - Kazakh agency (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/25/2001
  • Topics of interest for Romanian Diaspora in focus of Romanian .. (BBC/FT-Bucharest) 09/25/2001
  • Sport (Hockey/World Cup Qualifier): Ireland can make amends for French defeat (Irish Times/FT) 09/25/2001
  • Owen out, Dynamo Kiev optimistic (Sports Network) 09/25/2001
  • US detectives fail to find proof of Ukrainian leader [Kuchma]'s involvement in [Gongadze] murder (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/25/2001
  • New songs about old things (AgriUkraine) 09/25/2001
  • Ukrainian president says agreement on sale of cruiser to Russia nearly reached (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/25/2001
  • Ukrainian police foil attempt to smuggle missile-related metal parts abroad (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/25/2001
  • Moldova: GUUAM supports international bid to fight terrorism (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 09/25/2001
  • Tajik, Ukranian leaders vow to fight international terrorism (BBC/FT-Dushanbe) 09/25/2001
  • Kazakh-Ukrainian body draws up documents for Ukrainian head's visit (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/25/2001
  • Ukrainian leader to Kazakhstan 26 Sep, bilateral accords to be signed (BBC/FT-Almaty) 09/25/2001
  • Ukraine wants international anti-terrorism effort to be adequate to threat (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/25/2001
  • Ukraine not to take part in military operation - president (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/25/2001
  • Ukrainian forces will not take part in military operation, says president (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/25/2001
  • Ukraine qualifies pledge of airspace to USA (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/25/2001
  • Ukraine: President blames central bank for weakness of major bank (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/25/2001
  • Ukraine should not ignore international terrorism problem - president (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/25/2001
  • Local paper unearths unattended nuclear waste storage in central Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/25/2001

  • South Korea, Ukraine to sign tourism pact 25 September (BBC/FT-Seoul) 09/24/2001
  • Azeri delegation in Strasbourg for PACE session (BBC/FT-Baku) 09/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Licence cancellation looms over Russian-language TV, radio (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/24/2001
  • Ukraine forces Sudanese civilian plane to land in the Crimea (BBC/FT-Khartoum) 09/24/2001
  • Kennan Institute Research Workshop Series: Multicultural Legacies in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus (BRAMA) 09/24/2001
  • Вольфганг Петрич запевнює Україну в особливій увазі до проблем національних меншин в Боснії і Герцеговині [ООН] (BRAMA) 09/24/2001
  • В Раді Безпеки відбулося відкрите обговорення ситуації в Центрально-Африканській Республіці [ООН] (BRAMA) 09/24/2001
  • Sport (Women's Hockey/World Cup): Ireland fall victim to poor umpiring (Irish Times/FT) 09/24/2001
  • Local paper unearths unattended nuclear waste storage in central Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/24/2001
  • Russian NTV says Uzbekistan and Ukraine offer help to US aviation (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/24/2001
  • USA Boxing withdraws from two competitions next month (Sports Network) 09/24/2001
  • Everything for a Price: Corruption's Toll on the Health of Nations (World Press Review) 09/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Parties' election chances analysed (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/24/2001
  • Parliament supports decision to let US aircraft overfly Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/24/2001
  • Ukraine parliament supports decision to let US use airspace (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/24/2001
  • Foreign minister [Zlenko] supports decision to let US planes overfly Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/24/2001
  • Parliament supports decision to let US aircraft overfly Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/24/2001
  • Belarus prepares for Afghani refugee crisis - president (BBC/FT-Minsk) 09/24/2001
  • Sea stage of Russian-Ukrainian military exercise completed (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/24/2001
  • Local paper unearths unattended nulear waste storage in central Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/24/2001
  • Ukraine considers US request to use its airspace (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/24/2001
  • Ukraine will open airspace to US (BBC) 09/24/2001
  • Photo/s: Still shrouded in smoke (BRAMA) 09/24/2001
  • Photo/s: Ground Zero - 9/23/01 (BRAMA) 09/24/2001
  • Photo/s: Wall Street (BRAMA) 09/24/2001
  • Photo/s: Broadway and Financial District (BRAMA) 09/24/2001
  • Photo/s: Downtown Broadway (BRAMA) 09/24/2001
  • Photo/s: Ground Zero - 9/22/01 (BRAMA) 09/24/2001
  • OSCE Human Rights Office Calls for Independent Investigation of Unsolved Disappearances and Murders in Belarus and Ukraine (OSCE) 09/24/2001
  • Ukraine considers US request to use airspace in antiterrorism operation (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/24/2001
  • Нове число 'Критики' у пам'яті Георгія Гонгадзе - Latest edition of 'Krytyka': in memory of Heorhiy Gongadze (Krytyka) 09/24/2001
  • Privileges for 4 years to producers of agricultural machinery (AgriUkraine) 09/24/2001
  • THE ARTS: Stern: violinist who knew his worth OBITUARY: (Financial Times) 09/24/2001
  • Obituary: Isaac Stern (Independent/FT) 09/24/2001
  • Rugby Union (Guardian/FT) 09/24/2001
  • Isaac Stern: A world-renowned violinist, he saw music as a universal force for reconciliation (Guardian/FT) 09/24/2001
  • FOOTBALL: CHAMPIONS' LEAGUE FORM GUIDE (Independent/FT) 09/24/2001
  • Football (Independent/FT) 09/24/2001
  • Sea Launch Marketed Along Side Boeing Delta Rockets (BusinessWire/Excite) 09/24/2001

  • St. John's Ukrainian marks 75th [Pennsylvania] (Sharon Herald ) 09/23/2001
  • Arts calendar: Cherkasy artist Nedosyeko [IOWA] (Des Moines Register) 09/23/2001
  • Ukrainian paper [2000] ridicules defence official's figure-fudging (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/23/2001
  • Terrorist attacks in USA hit tourism in Bhutan (BBC/FT-Thimphu) 09/23/2001
  • Violinist Isaac Stern Dies at 81; Led Efforts to Save Carnegie Hall (NY Times) 09/23/2001
  • Pope, in Central Asia, Speaks Out Against Any Overzealous Military Response by the U.S. (NY Times) 09/23/2001
  • Violinist Isaac Stern, 81, Dies (AP/Yahoo) 09/23/2001

  • Ukrainian parliament speaker [Plyushch] predicts leftist opposition's defeat in elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/22/2001
  • Indian women falter in World Cup qualifiers (Hindustan Times/FT) 09/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Sudanese plane allowed to proceed to Kiev after forced landing (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/22/2001
  • Ukrainian, Russian navies launch rockets at exercise in Black Sea (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/22/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 09/22/2001
  • Sport in brief (Guardian/FT) 09/22/2001
  • Pope to honour Stalin victims (CNN) 09/22/2001
  • Pope Arrives in Kazakstan (AP/Yahoo) 09/22/2001

  • Second Ukrainian reported missing in US terror attacks - foreign minister [Zlenko] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/21/2001
  • Ukraine: President [Kuchma] speaks for punishing perpetrators of New York blasts (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/21/2001
  • Ukraine TV station reports incident involving Sudanese airliner (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/21/2001
  • Ukrainian warplanes force Sudanese aircraft to land in Crimea (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/21/2001
  • Moldova promises further work on economic relations with Dnestr region (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/21/2001
  • Ukrainian premier hails resumption of IMF, World Bank loans (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/21/2001
  • Ukrainian experts analyse chances of electoral blocs backed by authorities (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Cabinet members to face lawsuit for holding parliament mandates (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/21/2001
  • Ukrainian MPs bring inheritance law into line with Euro-standards (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament denies president control of privatization agency (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/21/2001
  • Ukrainian fuel official says Russia's stand on gas exports discriminatory (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/21/2001
  • Ukrainian premier insists on revising Russian gas re-export ban (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/21/2001
  • Ukrainian prosecution files criminal case against military cargo airline (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/21/2001
  • Reactor at South Ukraine power plant restarted after repair (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/21/2001
  • IMF approves 376.5 mln usd loan to Ukraine (AFX/FT) 09/21/2001
  • Ronaldo back in action (Scotsman/FT) 09/21/2001
  • Brazilian Trading Company to Start Operations in Moscow (PRNewswire/Excite) 09/21/2001
  • Photo: Angelo Dilivio of Italian side Fiorentina is chased by Roman Maksymyuk (AP/Yahoo) 09/21/2001
  • Photo: Volodymyr Yezerskyy of Ukraine's Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk soccer club fights for the ball (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/21/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's unidentified player of CSKA Kiev tries to control the ball (AP/Yahoo) 09/21/2001
  • Sudanese Plane Forced to Land (AP/Yahoo) 09/21/2001
  • Production of grain will reach 36 million next year (AgriUkraine) 09/21/2001
  • 'Khlib Ukrayiny will start issuing shares in the nearest future (AgriUkraine) 09/21/2001
  • Verkhovna Rada is going to regulate grain market (AgriUkraine) 09/21/2001
  • Ukraine to supply batch of tanks to Macedonia - foreign minister (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/21/2001
  • Ukrainian leader counts on Europe's support for country's bid to join EU (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/21/2001
  • Ukraine: President speaks for punishing perpetrators of New York blasts (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/21/2001
  • Ukraine pledges better control over use of World Bank loans (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/21/2001
  • Ukraine arrests 24 illegal migrants from Far East (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/21/2001
  • Ukraine, European bank set up energy saving commission (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/21/2001
  • Sporting Digest: BASKETBALL (Independent/FT ) 09/21/2001
  • Indusmin All Set to Start Drilling Operations (BusinessWire/Excite) 09/21/2001
  • Pope to Leave for Kazakhstan and Armenia This Weekend (NY Times) 09/21/2001

  • Sport (Women's Hockey/World Cup Qualifier): Ireland's workrate yields precious opening victory (Irish Times/FT) 09/20/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament brings inheritance law into line with European standards (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/20/2001
  • Thirty-one T-72 tanks arrive in Macedonia from Ukraine (BBC/FT-Skopje) 09/20/2001
  • Ukrainian, Russian premiers discuss coming gas debt talks by phone (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/20/2001
  • IMF, World Bank resume lending to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/20/2001
  • Ukrainian fuel official views Russia's stand on gas export as discriminatory (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Russian naval warplanes hold training in Crimea (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Draft budget projects increased foreign debt (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine joins international copyright treaty, convention (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/20/2001
  • Former PM urges consolidation, denies bloc is controlled by Ukrainian president (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Court asked to extend former Premier Lazarenko's arrest warrant (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/20/2001
  • Tajik and Ukrainian officials urge setting up of economic commission (BBC/FT-Dushanbe) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine to take part in naval exercise off Turkish coast on 20-23 September (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine: 'High-risk policy, corrupt managers' blamed for bank collapse (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine to amass euros rather than dollars (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine, Bulgaria in visa row (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine: New gas deposits found in eastern region (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine's unemployment down - government report (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/20/2001
  • Dozen Afghan refugees arriving from Ukraine detained in Slovakia (BBC/FT-Bratislava) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament denies president control of privatization agency (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/20/2001
  • Armenia to support Georgia, but not Ukraine in Council of Europe (BBC/FT-Yerevan) 09/20/2001
  • FBI Reportedly To Join Probe Into Journalist's Death (RFE/RL) 09/20/2001
  • Hundreds of non-Americans among WTC missing (Reuters/Excite) 09/20/2001
  • Deutsche Bank eyes Bulgaria's Bulgartabak (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine to Return Bach Music Archive to Germany (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament denies president control of privatization agency (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/20/2001
  • EUROPE AND LATIN AMERICA: Ukraine awaits boost from IMF and World Bank (Financial Times) 09/20/2001
  • Football: Ronaldo `fit and ready' for return (Independent/FT ) 09/20/2001
  • HOCKEY: England on course for World Cup (Independent/FT ) 09/20/2001

  • Україна закликає забезпечити належні умови для повернення сербів в Косово [ООН] (BRAMA) 09/19/2001
  • Crimean parliament appoints centre-left government (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/19/2001
  • Security Firms Benefit From Attacks (AP/Yahoo) 09/19/2001
  • Russian-Ukrainian talks on Kiev's gas debt deadlocked (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Supreme Court throws out appeal against former deputy premier's release (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/19/2001
  • Security official highlights foreign terrorist threat to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/19/2001
  • Ukraine: MPs backtrack on death penalty abolition (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament body blames bank collapse on managers, cabinet, central bank (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/19/2001
  • Ukraine to amass euros rather than dollars - finance minister (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/19/2001
  • Australian MP Languiller on Ukrainian Independence (9/18/01) (Parliament of Victoria) 09/19/2001
  • Українські 'блакитні шоломи' продовжуватимуть виконувати миротворчу місію в Сьєрра-Леоне [ООН] (BRAMA) 09/19/2001
  • Журналіст проти мера [IREX прес-конф 20.9.01] (IREX/ProMedia) 09/19/2001
  • On anniversary of journalist [Gongadze]'s disappearance, CPJ supports calls for international inquiry (from 9/18/01) (CPJ) 09/19/2001
  • New design for the World Trade Center? (BRAMA) 09/19/2001
  • Tributes to the firefighters and volunteers; prayers for the victims (BRAMA) 09/19/2001
  • A child's point of view: drawings at firehouse (BRAMA) 09/19/2001
  • Damaged police car (BRAMA) 09/19/2001
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral (BRAMA) 09/19/2001
  • 'Ukrzalyznytsya' increases transportation tariffs (AgriUkraine) 09/19/2001
  • Export of sunflower-seed oil went up by 41% (AgriUkraine) 09/19/2001
  • Football: Liverpool want pounds 12m for Fowler (Independent/FT ) 09/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Right-wing parties form parliamentary bloc (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/19/2001
  • Russian pipeline bypassing Ukraine reaching capacity ahead of schedule (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/19/2001
  • Russia considers buying unfinished cruiser from Ukraine - Ukrainian TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/19/2001
  • Ukraine pledges more stringent arms trade controls in wake of US terror attacks (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/19/2001

  • Ukrainian navy chief says US retaliation on global scale cannot be permitted (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/18/2001
  • Ukraine to tighten money supply in 2002 (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/18/2001
  • Foreign inspectors resume flights over Ukrainian military sites (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/18/2001
  • Plast scouting organization prepares to help youth cope with the Great Tragedy (BRAMA) 09/18/2001
  • Power, politics and prison in Ukraine: Can Yulia Tymoshenko — a one-time tycoon, one-time politico make the ultimate comeback? [M. Bociurkiw, 8/14/01] (MSNBC) 09/18/2001
  • Message from the Ukrainian American Coordinating Committee: Sympathy and Aid (BRAMA) 09/18/2001
  • Адміністративний ресурс на парламентських виборах в Україні: можливості демократичної протидії [прес-конф: 19.9.01] (IREX ProMedia) 09/18/2001
  • Про ситуацію, що склалася навколо Асоціації фермерів та приватних землевласників Київської області [прес-конф: 20.9.01] (IREX ProMedia) 09/18/2001
  • Ukrainian, Macedonian leaders discuss peacekeeping by phone (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/18/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian fleets hold joint exercise (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/18/2001
  • Russia and Ukraine Black Sea Fleet exercise planners mindful of extremism (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/18/2001
  • USA drop out of World Cup event (Scotsman/FT) 09/18/2001
  • Interbrew sells stake in Ukrainian brewery Krym (Interbrew verkoopt belang in Oekraiense brouwerij Krym) (De Financieel Ekonomische Tijd/FT) 09/18/2001
  • Ukraine offers guarded support for US retaliatory strikes (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/18/2001
  • US ambassador views relations with Ukraine in wake of terror attacks (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/18/2001

  • Ukrainians unite to honor dead: Churches merge for ceremony [Pennsylvania] (Republican Herald) 09/17/2001
  • Sport (Hockey/World Cup Qualifier): Ireland quietly confident as US withdraw (Irish Times/FT) 09/17/2001
  • Russian navy chief denies plans to stop using Ukrainian training ground (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament writes off gas giant's debt (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/17/2001
  • Ukraine elaborates blueprint for army reform under NATO advise (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/17/2001
  • Антиукраїнське єство нинішньої української опозиції (BRAMA) 09/17/2001
  • UCCA Statement: A Day of Unforgettable Horror (BRAMA) 09/17/2001
  • POSTPONED: Four Freedoms Conference (on US-Ukraine relations) in Washington DC (Four Freedoms) 09/17/2001
  • Ukraine: President urges cooperation between Crimean government, Tatars (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/17/2001
  • Заява Комісії Україна - НАТО; Statement by the NATO-Ukraine Commission; Declaration de la commission OTAN-Ukraine (update) (BRAMA) 09/17/2001
  • The World Bank will allocate 100 million USD for issuing of state acts for land ownership (AgriUkraine) 09/17/2001
  • Weather slowed down sowing of winter grain crops (AgriUkraine) 09/17/2001
  • Farmers have already harvested 38 million tons of grain (AgriUkraine) 09/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Government tables increased defence budget in wake of US terror (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/17/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian presidents discuss anti-terrorism campaign (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/17/2001
  • Russian TV says Black Sea submarine fleet in dire straits (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/17/2001
  • Ukraine and Russia hold joint exercises in Black Sea (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/17/2001

  • Parish in Need of a Spiritual Leader (BRAMA) 09/16/2001
  • Ukrainian-American community's spiritual needs continue to go unheeded (BRAMA) 09/16/2001
  • Scenes from Downtown New York City - Saturday, 9/15/2001 (BRAMA) 09/16/2001
  • Scenes from New York's East Village - Friday, 9/14/2001 (BRAMA) 09/16/2001
  • Scenes from New York's East Village - Thursday, 9/13/2001 (BRAMA) 09/16/2001
  • Ukrainian National Women's League of America sends a prayer for victims of Attack on America (Update) (BRAMA) 09/16/2001
  • Johnson takes last victory lap in stride (Yomiuri Shimbun/FT) 09/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Crimean Tatars seek to keep representative quotas in local parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/16/2001
  • President says Ukraine not ready to vote on party lists (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/16/2001
  • Summary of Ukrainian TV '7 Days' analytical programme 1800 gmt 16 Sep 01 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/16/2001
  • France Tops Ukraine, 84-71 in woman's basketball (AP/Yahoo) 09/16/2001

  • Ukrainian National Women's League of America sends a prayer for victims of Attack on America (BRAMA) 09/15/2001
  • Self Reliance Federal Credit Union (NY) sends aid for emergency units (BRAMA) 09/15/2001
  • Open Letter To the President of Ukraine from Myroslava Gongadze; Відкритий лист Мирослави Гонгадзе Президенту України (BRAMA) 09/15/2001
  • Statement by the NATO-Ukraine Commission; Declaration de la commission OTAN-Ukraine (BRAMA) 09/15/2001
  • Commemoration of slain journalist [Gongadze] banned in western Ukrainian city [Lviv] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition commemorates slain journalist [Gongadze] by march in Kiev (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/15/2001
  • Lebanese national [studied in Ukraine] denies involvement in US attacks (BBC/FT-Beirut) 09/15/2001
  • Terror In America: New York; Normal life resumes. But this is a city on edge, full of frazzled nerves, tension and drawn faces (Independent) 09/15/2001
  • Ukrainians in Council of Europe suggest global anti-terrorism system (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/15/2001
  • President Kuchma wants Ukraine to 'learn lessons' from US tragedy (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/15/2001
  • Security service denies existence of terrorist centres in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/15/2001
  • Ukraine-NATO commission condemns terrorist acts in USA (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/15/2001
  • Ukraine lifts charges against former deputy premier [Tymoshenko], husband (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition leader [Tymoshenko] acquitted of smuggling (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/15/2001
  • Charges lifted against ex-deputy prime minister [Tymoshenko] of Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/15/2001
  • Ukraine growth well into double figures (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/15/2001
  • Food grain makes up third of Ukraine's harvest (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/15/2001
  • Ukraine: President says proportional election law could be catastrophe (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Director of major tank manufacturer appointed (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/15/2001
  • Ukrainian miner trapped underground after cave-in (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/15/2001
  • Photo: Lesia Gongadze, mother of slain journalist Heorhiy Gongadze (AP/Yahoo) 09/15/2001

  • Oil firm enjoys Ukraine success (The Scotsman) 09/14/2001
  • Парохія Потребує Душпастиря; Parish needs spiritual leader (BRAMA) 09/14/2001
  • Where are the flags? (BRAMA) 09/14/2001
  • Candle memorial in Union Sq. sculpted by Ukrainian (BRAMA) 09/14/2001
  • Letter to Mayor Giuliani from United Committee of Ukrainian American Organizations of NYC (BRAMA) 09/14/2001
  • A Message from BRAMA: Attack on America (BRAMA) 09/14/2001
  • Eighty-nine percent of the Black Sea contaminated (Edie) 09/14/2001
  • Ukraine ready to join anti-terrorist alliance - security chief [Marchuk] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Electoral commission head praises new election law (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/14/2001
  • Ukrainian government committees renamed (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/14/2001
  • Ukrainian president sets up state committee for nationalities, migration (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/14/2001
  • Summary of Ukrainian TV 'Panorama' news programme 1800 gmt 14 Sep (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/14/2001
  • Moldovan president receives Dnestr leader's election rival (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 09/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Private firm eyes airtime on national TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/14/2001
  • Oil firm enjoys Ukraine success (Scotsman/FT) 09/14/2001
  • E is for ecstatic (Scotsman/FT) 09/14/2001
  • Shakeup boosts shares (Scotsman/FT) 09/14/2001
  • Ukrainian air defence units hold exercises near Kiev (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/14/2001
  • CME Wins International Arbitration Against the Czech Republic (PRNewswire/Excite) 09/14/2001
  • Huge Blow to U.S. Probably Cost Very Few Bucks (Reuters/Excite) 09/14/2001
  • Three dozen countries expected at Paris steel talks (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/14/2001
  • Food grain accounts for 30 per cent of Ukraine's gross harvest (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/14/2001
  • Ukraine's GDP up 10.8 per cent in January-August 2001 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Former prime minister distances himself from opposition (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Human trafficking ring uncovered in Donetsk (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Five-year limit on broadcast licences retained (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/14/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister praises EU summit results (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Government, National Bank pledge to keep hryvnya stable (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/14/2001
  • Ukraine tightens up legislation for CD manufacturers (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/14/2001
  • Ukrainian premier reports economic figures for first eight months (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament recommends state TV chief's dismissal (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/14/2001
  • Anthrax case recorded in Ukraine's heartland (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/14/2001
  • COMPANIES & FINANCE UK: Government support cheers JKX (Financial Times) 09/14/2001

  • Auf der Straße der Ameisen (Die Zeit) 09/13/2001
  • Yahoo! News Story Matches 1 - 20 of 84 Boy, Refused Mobile, Jumps From 4th Floor (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/13/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament passes law on broadcast licence duration (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/13/2001
  • Ukrainian TV producer describes his company's bid for airtime on national channel (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/13/2001
  • Ukrainian trade balance 14.4 per cent up in first six months of 2001 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/13/2001
  • Ukrainian paper suggests conspiracy in investigation into journalist's case (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/13/2001
  • Ukrainian central bank threatens to fine banks for risky transactions (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/13/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia to hold naval exercises on 17-25 September (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/13/2001
  • Ukrainian, Russian premiers to meet 4-5 October to restructure gas debt (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/13/2001
  • Russian envoy to Ukraine says US terror crisis will not upset fuel prices (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/13/2001
  • Ukrainian premier predicts steady GDP growth (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/13/2001
  • Four Freedoms Conference (on US-Ukraine relations) in Washington DC will take place as scheduled *** NOT CANCELLED *** (BRAMA) 09/13/2001
  • Ukrainian president declares today as day of national mourning for USA victims (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/13/2001
  • Звернення Президента України Л.Д.КУЧМИ до українського народу; ADDRESS OF PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE LEONID KUCHMA TO THE UKRAINIAN PEOPLE (BRAMA) 09/13/2001
  • JKX Oil & Gas PLC - Interim Results (RNS/FT) 09/13/2001
  • TERRORISM IN US: Україна пропонує скликати надзвичайне засідання Ради Безпеки на рівні Міністрів закордонних справ і проголосити 11 вересня Міжнародним днем боротьби з тероризмом [ООН] (BRAMA) 09/13/2001
  • CANCELLATION: Congressional Banquet to Commemorate 10th Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence (BRAMA) 09/13/2001
  • Libyan, Ukraine officials start cooperation talks in Kiev (BBC/FT-Tripoli) 09/13/2001
  • POSTPONED: Screening of 'The Undefeated' in Washington, DC - Демонстрація фільму 'Нескорений' (BRAMA) 09/13/2001
  • POSTPONED: UCCA Internet Chat - УККА розмова (BRAMA) 09/13/2001
  • Зустріч Постійного представника України з Генеральним секретарем ООН; New Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Presents Credentials (BRAMA) 09/13/2001
  • CANCELLATION: U.S.-Ukraine Foundation 10th Anniversary Conference Series (BRAMA) 09/13/2001
  • We are Americans, standing tall (Miami Herald) 09/13/2001
  • Prices of bread dropped by 12% in Kiev region (AgriUkraine) 09/13/2001
  • Friday 14 September, day of grief and mourning declared by OSCE (OSCE) 09/13/2001

  • Brown U. EMS may send students to N.Y. rescue efforts (UWire/Excite) 09/12/2001
  • European Club Competition Matches Postponed (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/12/2001
  • Anthrax case recorded in Ukraine's heartland (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine offers military units for EU rapid-reaction forces (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine central bank cancels dollar trading at US Fed request (AFX Europe/FT) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine MPs ask Romanian government to help with vernacular education (BBC/FT-Bucharest) 09/12/2001
  • Security chief denies rumours terrorists in attack on USA trained in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine updates its military doctrine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/12/2001
  • Export of sunflower seed went up by 149% (AgriUkraine) 09/12/2001
  • Farmers sell grain livelier than last year (AgriUkraine) 09/12/2001
  • Photo/s: 24 hours later, less smoke, more devastation (BRAMA) 09/12/2001
  • Photo/s: A candle is lit at Union Square (BRAMA) 09/12/2001
  • Photo/s: Postcards from the heart (BRAMA) 09/12/2001
  • Photo/s: NYU Students Writing on the Wall (BRAMA) 09/12/2001
  • Photo/s: Flowers for the firemen (BRAMA) 09/12/2001
  • Photo/s: Graffiti memorial (BRAMA) 09/12/2001
  • Photo/s: 'SoFo' - South of 14th Street off limits (BRAMA) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine to close 39 coal mines (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine: First deputy premier [Dubyna] says gas-debt to Russia to be restructured (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine: Cabinet representative in parliament appointed (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • President Kuchma sums up Ukraine-EU summit [Yalta] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/12/2001
  • Ukrainian president pledges equal TV access during election campaign (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Substation on Turkmen-Uzbek border ready for opening (BBC/FT-Ashgabat) 09/12/2001
  • Ukrainian president congratulates Belarusian counterpart on re-election (BBC/FT-Minsk) 09/12/2001
  • Ukrainian security chief [Marchuk] warns against terror escalation (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Security chief [Marchuk] denies rumours terrorists in attack on USA trained in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/12/2001
  • Ukrainian leader [Kuchma] urges ban on violence propaganda in wake of US attack (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/12/2001
  • Ukrainian president, Libyan defence official discuss cooperation (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine president, Libyan military delegation discuss cooperation (BBC/FT-Tripoli) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine puts extra air defence units on duty (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Ukrainian central bank takes control over currency exchange (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine updates its military doctrine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/12/2001
  • EU's Verhofstadt condemns US attacks (World Reporter/FT) 09/12/2001
  • CIS countries denounce attacks in USA (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/12/2001
  • Ukrainian navy holds exercise (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine Finance Ministry urges no panic as dollar plummets (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine: Security tightened over 'strategic installations' in Crimea (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine cancels some international flights (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Ukrainian government steps up control over economic security (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Ukrainian armed forces on alert in wake of terrorist attack on USA (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/12/2001
  • Ukraine to step up antiterrorist measures - security chief [Marchuk] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/12/2001
  • TERRORISM in US: Заява Генерального секретаря НАТО лорда Робертсона; Statement by the Secretary General of NATO Lord Robertson; Declaration du Secretaire General de l'OTAN, Lord Robertson (Update) (BRAMA) 09/12/2001
  • TERRORISM in US: Заява Північноатлантичної ради; Declaration du Conseil de l’Atlantique Nord; Statement by the North Atlantic Council (Update) (BRAMA) 09/12/2001

  • Ukraine: Analysis From Washington -- Language Policy And National Integration (RFE/RL) 09/11/2001
  • Champions' League Round-Up (Football365) 09/11/2001
  • Ambassador [Chernomyrdin] says no to Ukrainian re-export of Russian gas [proposes joint Russian-Ukrainian visa program] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/11/2001
  • Ukraine calls for UN Security Council meeting in wake of US terror act (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister [Zlenko] orders increase in security at embassies (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Ukraine offers aid to USA in wake of terrorist act (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/11/2001
  • Ukrainian president [Leonid Kuchma] denounces terrorist act in the USA (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry calls for punishment of guilty in US terror act (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Belgian premier and EU Commission president condemn attacks in US [actuality] (BBC/FT-Brussels) 09/11/2001
  • EU confirms its obligations on Chernobyl to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • EU condemns 'cowardly, barbaric' attacks on US (BBC/FT) 09/11/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister [Zlenko] expresses condolences on terrorist act in USA (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • UKRAINE - EU Summit - Yalta‚ 11 September 2001 : Joint Statement (PDF) (Council of the European Union) 09/11/2001
  • EU Ukraine summit continuing successfully [Yalta] (BBC) 09/11/2001
  • Ukraine, EU agree to fight organized crime together (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Ukraine: President [Kuchma] blames poor economy for lack of press freedom (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Slain journalist's mother [Lesia Gongadze] accuses [Ukrainian President] Kuchma (BBC) 09/11/2001
  • Ukraine fit to join European rapid reaction force - president (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Ukraine, EU underscore importance of stable, democratic Russia (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • EU, Ukraine pledge to continue dialogue on visas after Yalta summit (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Ukrainian security service communications head fired - news agency (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Ukrainian grain harvest reaches 37.79m tonnes (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/11/2001
  • EU regards Ukraine as key energy transport country (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • PACE rapporteurs wary about state secretaries in Ukrainian government (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Ukraine president says full understanding at EU summit [Yalta] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/11/2001
  • President says full understanding reached at Ukraine-EU summit [Yalta] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/11/2001
  • Ukraine invites foreign observers to parliamentary elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Ukrainian leader blames poor economy for lack of press freedom (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Belarusian election result not to be ignored - Ukrainian leader (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • EU confirms its obligations on Chernobyl to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Mother of slain journalist [Gongadze] wants prosecution of president (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Bulgaria: Visa requirement to be introduced for Russia, Ukraine, Georgia (BBC/FT-Sofia) 09/11/2001
  • Belgian premier speaks for closer ties between EU and Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/11/2001
  • Ukrainian leader confirms European choice addressing EU-Ukraine summit [Yalta] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/11/2001
  • The Soviet transformation: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan must maintain the pace of reform to keep up impressive growth rates (Financial Times) 09/11/2001
  • Central Europe's economies start to feel chill wind of global slowdown: Growth forecasts for the region are being cut as export markets contract (Financial Times) 09/11/2001
  • Football: Campaign for Europe: How they line up (Guardian/FT) 09/11/2001
  • Dynamo draw even with Borussia Dortmund (National Post) 09/11/2001
  • TERRORISM IN US: Реакція членів Ради Безпеки ООН на трагічні події, які відбулися в Нью-Йорку, Вашингтоні [ООН] (BRAMA) 09/11/2001
  • TERRORISM in US: Declaration du Conseil de l’Atlantique Nord; Statement by the North Atlantic Council (BRAMA) 09/11/2001
  • TERRORISM in US: Statement by OSCE Secretary General, Jan Kubis (OSCE) 09/11/2001
  • Photo: TERRORISM in US: Downtown New York City enveloped in smoke (BRAMA) 09/11/2001
  • TERRORISM in US: Statement by the Secretary General of NATO Lord Robertson; Declaration du Secretaire General de l'OTAN, Lord Robertson (BRAMA) 09/11/2001
  • Waves of terrorist attacks hit United States (Financial Times) 09/11/2001

  • Underneath Those New Trousers: A Fresh Subtext [Ukrainian-inspired design] (Wash Post) 09/10/2001
  • Jewish Rebirth in Germany (Wash Post) 09/10/2001
  • European rapporteur wants Ukraine to respect freedom of expression (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/10/2001
  • Belgian premier stresses importance of Ukraine-EU summit [Yalta] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/10/2001
  • Ambassador [Chenromyrdin] says no to Ukrainian re-export of Russian gas (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Defence minister says tanks will be modernized (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/10/2001
  • EU commission president hopes for more Ukrainian reform (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/10/2001
  • Summary of Ukrainian TV 'Panorama' news programme 1800 gmt 10 Sep (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/10/2001
  • Ukraine holds off on recognition of Belarusian presidential election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/10/2001
  • Klitchko to defend title in US (iAfrica) 09/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament not ready for voting by party lists - president's spokesman [Bezsmertnyy] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/10/2001
  • Ukraine's foreign minister [Zlenko] welcomes German minister's Macedonian initiative (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Communist leader [Symonenko] denies offering chief prosector [Potebenko] to run on party ticket (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/10/2001
  • Ukrainian president replaces representative to CIS Economic Council (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/10/2001
  • Ukrainian speaker [Plyushch] tells European rapporteurs there is democracy in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Police to talk less to media under new law (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/10/2001
  • Russian strategic heavy bombers combat-ready (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Police to talk less to media under new law - chief prosecutor (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/10/2001
  • Bread has become cheaper by 2-9% in 9 regions (AgriUkraine) 09/10/2001
  • 'Khlib Ukrayiny' will be able to buy only half of 1.5 million tons of grain (AgriUkraine) 09/10/2001
  • Price of grain fixed at 550 UAH/MT (AgriUkraine) 09/10/2001
  • 10 Years of Independence marked at the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations (BRAMA) 09/10/2001
  • EU warns of long haul in Macedonia (Guardian/FT) 09/10/2001
  • New military doctrine prepared in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/10/2001
  • Polish premier says oil pipeline from Ukraine to be completed by 2004 (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 09/10/2001
  • Banks claim large share in eastern Europe (Financial Times) 09/10/2001
  • Fine music marks kickoff of Longy fest (Boston Globe) 09/10/2001
  • Macedonia May Bite Bullet on Foreign Force (Reuters/Excite) 09/10/2001
  • Belarus Strongman Lukashenko Poised for Victory (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/10/2001
  • Belarus President Wins Landslide Re-Election (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/10/2001

  • Going through the motions [Pyatnychko, Kowaljow] (SF Chronicle) 09/09/2001
  • Ukraine looks forward to lighter debt burden (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/09/2001
  • Ukraine base rate lowered again (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/09/2001
  • No money for weapons in Ukraine's defence budget (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/09/2001
  • BOOKS: CONVERSION OR DEATH! What motivated the leader of a bizarre Jewish cult? Murrough O'Brien is not enlightened (Independent/FT) 09/09/2001
  • Football: History weighs on Hughes (Independent/FT) 09/09/2001
  • LIVING REVIEW - FASHION [venue: Ukrainian National Home] (Independent/FT) 09/09/2001
  • Summary of Ukrainian TV '7 Days' analytical programme 1800 gmt 09 Sep 01 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/09/2001
  • Photo: Woman cries as the coffins of Lyubov and Sergei Soltys are carried (AP/Excite) 09/09/2001
  • Illinois Towns Are Wary as Airport Looks to Grow (NY Times) 09/09/2001
  • Photo: Grandmother of slain 3-year-old Sergei Soltys (AP/Excite) 09/09/2001
  • Photo: Relatives of slain Lyubov and Sergei Soltys hold their photos during funeral (AP/Excite) 09/09/2001
  • Photo: Relatives of slain 3-year-old Sergei Soltys carry his white coffin (AP/Excite) 09/09/2001
  • Photo: Ihor Nakonechny Looks on the Bodies of his Slain Family (AP/Excite) 09/09/2001
  • Sacramento Victims Buried in Ukraine (AP/Excite) 09/09/2001

  • La NBA, c'est plus fort que toi (L'Humanité) 09/08/2001
  • FOOTBALL: Wenger rues cost of international week (Independent/FT) 09/08/2001
  • Football: England should turn the gas down and hope for form and fortune (Guardian/FT) 09/08/2001
  • Two Ukrainian centre-right parties join former premier [Yushchenko's] election bloc (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/08/2001
  • Ukrainian party Unity elects Kiev mayor as acting chairman (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/08/2001
  • Ukrainian premier sees Poland as likely participant in oil transport consortium (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/08/2001
  • Ukraine needs breakthrough to catch up with advanced economies - premier [Kinakh] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/08/2001
  • Ukraine building up grain exports - agriculture minister [Kyrylenko] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/08/2001
  • Hungary interested in joint energy projects - Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/08/2001
  • Ukraine urges further talks with Moldova, Dnestr region on joint customs control (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 09/08/2001
  • Nigerian president informed Zimbabwe-UK have agreed on orderly land reform (BBC/FT-Lagos) 09/08/2001
  • Russian reprieve over laundering [Ukraine added to Financial Action Task Force list] (Financial Times) 09/08/2001
  • Three members of Moldovan volleyball team killed in accident (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/08/2001
  • Sport: English Premiership: Team news (Irish Times/FT) 09/08/2001
  • Court to Hear Peace Corp Funds Case (AP/Yahoo) 09/08/2001
  • Photo: Petro Nakonechnyi wipes his tears (AP/Yahoo) 09/08/2001
  • Photo: Ihor Nakonechnyi wipes his tears (AP/Yahoo) 09/08/2001
  • 3 Moldovan Volleyball Players Killed in Accident (AP/Excite) 09/08/2001
  • Photo: Airport workers transport remains of Sacramento victims (AP/Yahoo) 09/08/2001
  • Sacremento Bodies to Be Buried (AP/Yahoo) 09/08/2001

  • Everclear Announce Merger Agreement With a Substantial Shipping/Cement Project in Ukraine (BusinessWire/Excite) 09/07/2001
  • New Millennium Development Group Announces Appointment of New CEO (BusinessWire/Excite) 09/07/2001
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] urges better funding for coal industry in 2002 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/07/2001
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] vows to protect farmers against low grain prices (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Judge cancels ban on article in Kiev weekly [2000] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/07/2001
  • Ukraine eligible for funding renewal - IMF mission head (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/07/2001
  • Russia's Zhirinovskiy says union with Russia Azerbaijan's only real choice (BBC/FT-Baku) 09/07/2001
  • Sun Interbrew increases profit by half (Sun Interbrew verhoogt omzet met de helft) (De Financieel Ekonomische Tijd/FT) 09/07/2001
  • Photo: Sappers of Ukraine's Emergency Situations Ministry dismantle bombs (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/07/2001
  • Transdniester Negotiations Suspended Over Customs Stamps (RFE/RL) 09/07/2001
  • Iran Says U.S. Sanctions Block Airbus' Delivery (Reuters/Excite) 09/07/2001
  • Liz Claiborne Inc. Announces Licensing Agreement With The Levy Group (PRNewswire/Excite) 09/07/2001
  • Russia Spared 'Hot Money' Sanctions (Reuters/Excite) 09/07/2001
  • International Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering Meets (AP/Excite) 09/07/2001
  • Photo: President of the Financial Action Task Force (AP/Yahoo) 09/07/2001
  • Agrarians ask VR to adopt Land Code (AgriUkraine) 09/07/2001
  • Cabinet of Ministers improved its grain yield forecast by 5% (AgriUkraine) 09/07/2001
  • Sunflower exports drop by 95% in July (AgriUkraine) 09/07/2001
  • Ukraine eligible for funding renewal - IMF mission head (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/07/2001
  • Anti-presidential demonstrators daub Ukrainian independence monument (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/07/2001
  • Ukraine Fund Limited - Interest in Shares (RNS/FT) 09/07/2001
  • Ukrainian premier calls for system of dialogue between society, authorities (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/07/2001
  • Kiev: Anti-Kuchma demonstrators slash veins, daub slogans on memorial (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/07/2001
  • Football: McIlroy praises Gillespie (Independent/FT) 09/07/2001
  • Football: World Cup 2002 Update (Independent/FT) 09/07/2001
  • Photo/s: Observing Independence Day at the Consulate of Ukraine in New York (BRAMA) 09/07/2001
  • Photo/s: A Japanese Ukrainian? (BRAMA) 09/07/2001
  • Congressional Banquet to Commemorate 10th Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence (BRAMA) 09/07/2001
  • Photo/s: Screening of Newest UCCA Film 'The Undefeated' to Premiere in Washington, DC - Демонстрація фільму Олеся Янчука 'Нескорений' (BRAMA) 09/07/2001

  • Ukrainian publishers in dispute over privileges for selected media (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/06/2001
  • Football: Sweden reach finals (Guardian/FT) 09/06/2001
  • Ukraine promises adequate facilities for media at EU meeting in Crimea (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/06/2001
  • Ambassador denies statement on Turkish claims to Ukrainian territory (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/06/2001
  • US energy company threatens to cut investment if cabinet fails to raise tariffs (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/06/2001
  • Ukrainian cabinet adopts draft budget for 2002 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/06/2001
  • Ukraine has more than enough grain in 2001 - minister (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/06/2001
  • Premier says Ukraine agriculturally secure (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/06/2001
  • Moldova: Breakaway region's parliament votes down economic war (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 09/06/2001
  • Military town in western Ukraine cut off from electricity (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/06/2001
  • Crimean speaker doesn't rule out bid for presidency in newspaper interview (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/06/2001
  • Ukraine: US firm reports steady growth in Internet market (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/06/2001
  • Ukraine forecasts poor sunflower seed harvest, higher sugar output (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/06/2001
  • Mass Murder Victims' Bodies Head Home (KCRA/Yahoo) 09/06/2001
  • Goodwill games track results (AP/Yahoo) 09/06/2001
  • Iran Says U.S. Sanctions Block Airbus' Delivery (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/06/2001
  • Ministry of agrarian policy forecasts price-cuts for bread (AgriUkraine) 09/06/2001
  • Production of sugar from sugar beets will grow by 29% (AgriUkraine) 09/06/2001
  • Deputies discussed financing of Ukrainian agriculture (AgriUkraine) 09/06/2001
  • Looking to start a family, couple heads east to adopt a child (9/4/01) (Montgomery Newspapers) 09/06/2001
  • Ukraine seeks to increase spacecraft export (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/06/2001
  • Ukraine begins autumn army callup (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/06/2001
  • Ukraine's Internet market reports steady growth (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/06/2001
  • Estonian air force chief discusses training, arms supplies on Ukraine visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Crimean journalist complains of intimidation (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/06/2001
  • Ukrainian defence minister rules out sale of Russian-made tanks to USA (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/06/2001
  • Football: Portugal end Dutch hopes (Independent/FT) 09/06/2001
  • Ukraine's troubled tank plant to remain principal arms exporter (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/06/2001
  • Rabies found in Ukraine's northwestern region (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/06/2001
  • Ukrainia president decrees measures to speed up accession to WTO (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/06/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 09/06/2001
  • NATIONAL NEWS: England go top for first time as Owen nets again (Financial Times) 09/06/2001

  • Ukraine beats Armenia 3-0 in World Cup Qualifying match (AP/Sporting News) 09/05/2001
  • Photo: Andrii Shevchenko shoots the ball against Armenia (AP/Yahoo) 09/05/2001
  • Photo: Andrii Shevchenko of Ukraine takes a penalty to score against Armenia (AP/Yahoo) 09/05/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's Oleh Luzhniy challenges for the ball against Armenia (AP/Yahoo) 09/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Deputy prosecutor-general confirms journalist murder case solved (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/05/2001
  • Edwards adds Goodwill gold (Scotsman/FT) 09/05/2001
  • Ukrainian leader positive on NATO, negative on visas during Bulgaria visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/05/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister stresses NATO's role in European stability (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Kiev city mayor to run for parliamentary seat in 2002 elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Interior minister warns opposition over journalist murder anniversary (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/05/2001
  • Ukrainian government adopts 2002 draft socio-economic programme (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/05/2001
  • Under-21s draw blank after misses (Scotsman/FT) 09/05/2001
  • Ukrainian president tells Bulgarian parliament about cooperation opportunities (BBC/FT-Sofia) 09/05/2001
  • Ukrainian, Bulgarian presidents sum up talks in joint statement (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/05/2001
  • Дзвоніть Після 'Ланчу' (BRAMA) 09/05/2001
  • U.S.-Ukraine Foundation 10th Anniversary Conference Series (BRAMA) 09/05/2001
  • International Affairs Experts to Address U.S.-Ukraine Conference (Four Freedoms) (BRAMA) 09/05/2001
  • Ukrainian Finance Ministry issues details of budget surplus (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/05/2001
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] sums up 100 days in office (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/05/2001
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] warns against new divisions after EU enlargement (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/05/2001
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] hails NATO enlargement (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/05/2001
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma tells Bulgarian parliament about cooperation opportunities (BBC/FT-Sofia) 09/05/2001
  • Working Ukraine party confirms intention to join pro-government election bloc (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/05/2001
  • 'Настрої киян в День святкування 10-ї річниці Незалежності України' [прес-конф 6.9.01] (IREX ПроМедіа) 09/05/2001
  • Photo: Marion Jones and Zhanna Pintusevich (AP/Yahoo) 09/05/2001
  • Photo: Women's 100 meters finish at Goodwill games (AP/Yahoo) 09/05/2001
  • Europe's 'Last Dictator' Seeks Votes (AP/Yahoo) 09/05/2001
  • Gallaher profits fired up from overseas (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/05/2001
  • 'Ukrainian Power' for kids (BRAMA) 09/05/2001
  • IOM: Kosovo Anti-Trafficking Report (BRAMA) 09/05/2001
  • Kennan Institute Research Scholarships (BRAMA) 09/05/2001
  • ООН: Розгляд ситуації в Демократичній Республіці Конго (BRAMA) 09/05/2001
  • UCCA Internet Chat: III World Forum of Ukrainians - УККА розмова інтернeтом про ІІІ Всесвітній Форум Українців (BRAMA) 09/05/2001

  • [Obit] Amram Cohen (Guardian) 09/04/2001
  • Ukraine reports increase in state budget surplus in seven months of 2001 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/04/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister [Zlenko] calls for equality in relations with Russia (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/04/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister [Zlenko] urges more dynamic partnership with USA (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/04/2001
  • Ukrainian Communist leader [Symonenko] hopes Belarusian president wins elections (BBC/FT-Minsk) 09/04/2001
  • Moldovan customs officers denied entry to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 09/04/2001
  • Heidelberger Zement takes 82.81 pct stake in Ukrainian cement producer (AFX/FT) 09/04/2001
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] underscores Macedonia's territorial integrity (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/04/2001
  • Ukrainian tank plant manager sacked for poor performance - deputy premier (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/04/2001
  • Bulgaria, Ukrainian delegation discuss economic, military cooperation (BBC/FT-Sofia) 09/04/2001
  • Ukraine wants to cooperate with Poland in defence industry - general (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 09/04/2001
  • Results (Guardian) 09/04/2001
  • Football (Guardian) 09/04/2001
  • Photo: Court appointed Public Defender Tommy Clinkenbeard listens to interpreter Elena Yakshin translating for Nikolay Soltys (AP/Yahoo) 09/04/2001
  • Photo: Suspect Nikolay Soltys and his public defender Tommy Clinkenbeard (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/04/2001
  • Calif. Rampage Suspect to Be Charged with 7 Deaths (Reuters/Yahoo) 09/04/2001
  • Two sides of a law (AgriUkraine) 09/04/2001
  • 30% of lands, which belonged to former collective farms will be privatized (AgriUkraine) 09/04/2001
  • Bulgarian, Ukrainian presidents agree on need to resolve visa issue (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/04/2001
  • Bulgarian, Ukrainian presidents sign agreements (BBC/FT-Sofia) 09/04/2001
  • New helicopter [Angel] presented in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/04/2001
  • Ukrainian paper [Ukrayina Moloda] doubts police theory about beating of journalist [Oleksiy Movsesyan] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/04/2001
  • Latvian regulations passed on spelling and proper usage of foreign names (BBC/FT-Riga) 09/04/2001
  • Moldova-Ukraine customs agreement postponed, minister flies to Kiev (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 09/04/2001
  • Ukraine, Bulgaria presidents sign cooperation agreements (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/04/2001
  • Ukraine's Kosovo contingent to transit Bulgaria (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/04/2001
  • Ukraine: President signs decree on creation of military courts of appeals (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/04/2001
  • Ukrainian leader urges Bulgaria not to introduce visa regime (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/04/2001
  • Ukraine, Bulgaria support independence of Macedonia (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/04/2001
  • Підвищення ефективності виконання Закону 'Про забезпечення безпеки осіб, які беруть участь в кримінальному судочинстві', щодо справ, пов’язаних із корупцією: круглий стіл (IREX 9.5.01) (IREX) 09/04/2001
  • Наступного року МінАП продовжить доплати за ВРХ (AgriUkraine) 09/04/2001
  • Ukrainian president begins visit to Bulgaria (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/04/2001
  • Ukrainian president arrives in Bulgaria for two-day visit (BBC/FT-Sofia) 09/04/2001
  • Meeting of GUUAM national coordinators in Azeri capital postponed (BBC/FT-Baku) 09/04/2001
  • Ukraine's navy chief to visit Romania on 4-7 September (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/04/2001
  • Channel refugee crisis: UN says Britain is `not a soft touch' for refugees (Independent) 09/04/2001
  • Results (Guardian) 09/04/2001
  • Labour shortages start to tell in Russia: The booming economy is forcing companies to look abroad to fill vacancies (Financial Times) 09/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament to discuss some 450 bills during eighth session (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/04/2001

  • Ukrainian ship seized in Yemen carrying dozens of illegal migrants (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/03/2001
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] sends letter to Arafat, PNA official urges ending aggression (BBC/FT-Gaza) 09/03/2001
  • Ukrainian speaker [Plyushch] sceptical on premier [Kinakh] cooperating with parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/03/2001
  • Photo: Foreign ministers of Ukraine and Finland (AP/Yahoo) 09/03/2001
  • Insurance in agriculture should be conducted with participation of State (AgriUkraine) 09/03/2001
  • I. Kyrylenko: budget expenses for agriculture will been increased (AgriUkraine) 09/03/2001
  • Ex-Ukranian Premier Sought (AP/Yahoo) 09/03/2001
  • Greece and Ukraine seek to upgrade trade ties (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/03/2001
  • Ukraine to hold air, air-defence command exercises on 4-7 September [Vinnytsya] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/03/2001
  • Ukrainian president orders purchase of 2m tonnes of grain for reserves (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/03/2001
  • Ukraine sends special envoy to Middle East (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/03/2001
  • Ukrainian nuclear power units back on stream after outages (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/03/2001
  • Ukraine already well ahead of last year's harvest figures (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/03/2001
  • Finland may get Ukraine to upgrade its Soviet-made tanks (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/03/2001
  • Ukraine to continue military cooperation with Macedonia - president [Kuchma] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/03/2001
  • Ukrainian and Finnish military focus on peacekeeping (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/03/2001
  • Ukraine: Government to stay despite budget criticism - speaker [Plyushch] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/03/2001
  • Ukraine: New newspaper [Stolichka] to be launched in Kiev (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/03/2001
  • Ukraine records month of deflation, lowers inflation forecast for year (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/03/2001
  • Ukraine: Two northern Districts connected to national TV network (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/03/2001
  • Ukraine may receive order to modernize Soviet-made tanks from Finland (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/03/2001
  • Ukraine: MPs asked for consent to arrest former premier [Lazarenko] over murder (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/03/2001
  • Ukraine: President [Leonid Kuchma] appoints ambassador to Kazakhstan (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/03/2001
  • A-bomb survivors, exhibits to travel to U.S., Russia (Yomiuri Shimbun/FT) 09/03/2001
  • Football: Poles seal passage to summer in Asia (Independent/FT) 09/03/2001
  • Football: Swede will warn against complacency (Independent/FT) 09/03/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 09/03/2001
  • World Cup round-up (Guardian/FT) 09/03/2001

  • Ukrainian company surveys routes for Russia-China gas pipeline (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/02/2001
  • Ukraine: TV producer [Ihor Oleksandrov] killed by mistake, case solved - interior minister [Smirnov] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Odessa police chiefs sacked following media-related murder [24-yr-old Oleh] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/02/2001
  • Russia is guarantor of peace in Moldova, Dnestr region leader says (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/02/2001
  • Ukraine: President [Kuchma] supports football lessons at school (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/02/2001
  • Generating set at Ukraine's Zaporizhzhya power station disconnected from grid (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/02/2001
  • Football: World Cup - Shevchenko's double shifts play-off balance (Independent/FT) 09/02/2001
  • Summary of Ukrainian TV 'Seven Days' analytical programme 1800 gmt 2 Sep (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/02/2001
  • European Basketball Championship Quarterfinals (AP/Yahoo) 09/02/2001

  • Ukraine's largest cargo airline dogged by dubious accusations - paper (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/01/2001
  • Football: Minsk holds the key of back door to finals: Play-off draw helps England's chances of World Cup qualification (Guardian/FT) 09/01/2001
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] appoints ambassador [Kostyantyn Tymoshenko] to Portugal (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/01/2001
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] never appointed former PM [Viktor Yushchenko] as his successor - press secretary (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/01/2001
  • Ukraine and Turkmenistan in gas and debt deal (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/01/2001
  • Ukraine: No capital punishment provision in new Criminal Code (BBC/FT-Moscow) 09/01/2001
  • Ukraine: TV channel journalist [Bohdana Kulyesh] beaten, robbed in Kiev street (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/01/2001
  • State secretary [Serheyev] outlines Ukraine's foreign policy priorities [Den] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 09/01/2001
  • Italian navy ship calls at Ukrainian seaport (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/01/2001
  • Ukrainian premier confirms gas deal with Turkmenistan (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 09/01/2001
  • World Cup Playoff Draw Announced (AP/Yahoo) 09/01/2001
  • Sacramento Slayings Suspect Talks (AP/Yahoo) 09/01/2001
  • Immigrants, cops attempt to overcome culture gap (SJ Mercury News) 09/01/2001
  • Immigrants Challenge Law Enforcement (AP/Yahoo) 09/01/2001
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

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