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Thu, June 20, 15:48 EDT
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  • Photo: Yulia Tymoshenko speaks to reporters - file (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2001
  • Ukrainian security council chief Yevhen Marchuk slams opposition forum's stance on talks (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • Ukraine ready to harness its power grid to Russia's (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • Command and staff exercise under way in Ukraine. (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • World Bank report says corruption rife in Lithuania's lower executive (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • Ukraine: Signs of compromise in Kiev [?] (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • Former Ukrainian deputy premier intends to fight re-arrest (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • Ukrainian Opposition Leader (Tymoshenko) Arrested (AP/Yahoo) 03/31/2001
  • Kindergarten bus hit by truck in China - 2 Ukrainian students hurt (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • South Korea, Ukraine sign agreement to promote exchanges (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • Sporting digest: Swimming (Independent/FT) 03/31/2001
  • The art of ... Pysanky (from 3/30/01) (The Oak Ridger ) 03/31/2001
  • Ukraine prosecutor confirms opposition politician's rearrest (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • Ukraine: Former deputy premier reportedly arrested again (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition demands 'unrealistic', says presidential office head Lytvyn (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition forum wants dismissal of Yevhen Marchuk, secretary of the National Security and Defence Council (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • NATO chief speaks for support of Ukraine's democratic choice (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • Kievskiye Vedomosti: National Bank of Ukraine scandal (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • Experts analyse options for Ukraine in US-Russian dispute over missile shield (BBC/FT) 03/31/2001
  • Pope's Ukraine Visit a Danger to Relations (AFP/Russia Today) 03/31/2001
  • Ukrainian Prosecutors Want Tymoshenko Back in Jail (RFE/RL/Russia Today) 03/31/2001
  • Ukraine Opposition Calls on Poland as Intermediary (Reuters/Russia Today) 03/31/2001
  • Photo: Ukraines Former Deputy Prime Minister Tymoshenko at a Hospital in Kiev (Reuters/Excite) 03/31/2001
  • Trade Complaints Directed at Japan (AP/Yahoo) 03/31/2001
  • Easter, Passover traditions displayed at Wheaton (from 3/29/01) (Press Plus) 03/31/2001
  • Sport: How to punt it (Financial Times) 03/31/2001
  • Ukrainian community fears worst (from 3/28/01) (Prague Post) 03/31/2001

  • Рада Безпеки розглядає ситуацію у Гвінеї-Бісау, Сомалі та Бугенвілі [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/30/2001
  • UN Adds Troops in S. Leone in 'Make or Break' Phase (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/30/2001
  • Feeling Right At Home: Ukrainians welcome Fire's Daniv (Chicago Tribune) 03/30/2001
  • Czech Ukrainian community fears worst (Prague Post) 03/30/2001
  • Canada tribunal: Hot-rolled Ukrainian coils harmed Canadian economy (UNIAN/Kyiv Post) 03/30/2001
  • Korea Telecom, Ukraine Agree to Work Together in Telecom Sector (Asia Pulse/Yahoo) 03/30/2001
  • Vietnams PTSC, Ukraine Co Build Floating Homes for Oil Workers (Yahoo) 03/30/2001
  • Former Ukrainian Deputy Premier Arrested Again (AFP/Russia Today) 03/30/2001
  • Europeans To Revive Resolution (AP/Excite) 03/30/2001
  • AES: A High-Powered Utility with a Conscience (BW/Yahoo) 03/30/2001
  • UN Adds Troops in S. Leone in 'Make or Break' Phase (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/30/2001
  • Armitage Fields Students' Questions (AP/Yahoo) 03/30/2001
  • 2 Die in WW II Ukraine Shell Blast (AP/Yahoo) 03/30/2001
  • IMF raps Ukraine over sunflower seed duty (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Ukraine's Prime Minister Yushchenko categorically opposes reregistration of parliamentary majority (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Europeans To Revive Resolution (AP/Yahoo) 03/30/2001
  • Ukraine: National Bank denies its former deputy head inflicted damage on state (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Ukrainian premier to request national TV chief's dismissal (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Ukraine to use electricity proceeds to pay gas company (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • New York City, Meet the Ukrainian Folk Singers (Yara Arts) 03/30/2001
  • U.S. Visas for Ukrainians / Американські візи для українців (BRAMA) 03/30/2001
  • Міністр Зленко аналізує зовнішю політику України та її стремління до європейської інтеграції (BRAMA) 03/30/2001
  • Sacred Spring / Oy Vesna, ta y Vesnianochka (BRAMA) 03/30/2001
  • European Security in the 21st Century: Speech by the Secretary General Lord Robertson [NATO] (BRAMA) 03/30/2001
  • Розгляд ситуації у Сьєрра-Леоне [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/30/2001
  • Introducing 'Rodovid' - 'Родовід' (BRAMA) 03/30/2001
  • Audio: Julia Barton reports from Kyiv (CBC) 03/30/2001
  • Audio: Interview with Foreign Minister Anatoly Zlenko (CBC) 03/30/2001
  • Obo: Our Shamanism (Yara Arts) 03/30/2001
  • Ukrainian through its Living Culture: summer course in Lviv (University of Alberta) 03/30/2001
  • Ukrainian newspaper Kievskiye Vedomosti accuses premier of irrational use of state money (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Russia expresses concern over Pope's visit to Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Opposition rattles Kuchma (Financial Times) 03/30/2001
  • Property: A UN report highlights the growing gap between eastern and central Europe (Financial Times) 03/30/2001
  • Kosovo Prostitution Racket Flourishes (from 3/28/01) (IWPR) 03/30/2001
  • Ukrainian first deputy premier defends wide-scale privatization (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Tymoshenko says she will never leave Ukraine (Financial Times) 03/30/2001
  • Ukraine: Missing journalist's family demands access to case file (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Georgia sends humanitarian aid to Ukraine's flood-hit areas (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Tymoshenko urges democratic change of power (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Ukrainian president addresses forum of industrialists, entrepreneurs (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister Yushchenko calls for constructive dialogue wilh all political forces (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition ready to talk with president - about his resignation (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Ukraine air defence commander visits Vietnam to boost relations (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Tymoshenko meets journalists today for the first time since her release (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Ukraine wants more specific approach from Council of Europe (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Ukraine: Paper (Den') probes privatization body's property dispute with British firm (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Poland foreign minister and NATO secretary-general discuss Russia, Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Council of Europe official visits Tymoshenko in hospital (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001
  • Landmark decision in Ukraine: TV council allows regional rebroadcasting of national channels (BBC/FT) 03/30/2001

  • Ukraine: Finance minister reports budget surplus in first quarter (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma Says Protests Threaten Growth (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/29/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma Says Protests Threaten Growth (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/29/2001
  • PACE official calls for dialogue between Ukrainian opposition, authorities (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Рада Безпеки розглядає ситуацію у Гвінеї-Бісау, Сомалі та Бугенвілі [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/29/2001
  • Russia unyielding on Ukrainian pipe import quota - government source (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukraine: President rules out resignation, slams electricity privatization plans (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Analyst discusses west-backed power transition from President Kuchma to Premier Yushchenko (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Prime Minister Yushchenko calls for more government control of privatization process (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukraine: President says he will not run for third term (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Court cancels warrant to arrest suspect linked to former deputy PM (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukrainian security service seizes 100 tonnes of beef smuggled from Holland (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Printed mass media flourishing in Ukraine's industrial heartland - paper (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ivano-Frankivsk: Tax chief to favour own party, must step down - opponents (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • 2000 in review: The Markets - Software makes way for beer and coffee (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • No UN observers for Israel, US rules insists (Guardian) 03/29/2001
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Zlenko not against changes to ABM treaty (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Football Results (Guardian/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Another draw leaves Wales chasing a lost cause (Guardian) 03/29/2001
  • Football: Shoulder to defence of Welsh Under-21s (Independent/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Border guards detain 30 illegal migrants heading to Western Europe (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukrainian president says sacked interior minister will be found another job (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukrainian deputy speaker Viktor Medvedchuk is ambitious to become head of state (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Pope's visit to Ukraine will only consolidate status quo, says Russian patriarch (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Poll suggests 46 per cent support anti-president protest (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Government makes payments to ensure success of Pope's visit (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Tymoshenko to work on opposition programme (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Vysokyy Zamok (Lviv Newspaper) interviews Ukrainian opposition leader Stepan Khmara (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Socialist opposition leader Moroz opposes Marchuk, authorities' choice of mediator for talks (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • UNA-UNSO leader Andriy Shkil charged with 'organizing mass disorder' (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukrainian newspaper interviews Moroz on tape scandal (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Dozens of miners on hunger strike demanding back wages (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Foreign bank denies operations by arrested former banker harmed Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Football: World Cup Qualifier - Ukraine equal to Hartson's efforts Wales 1 Ukraine 1 (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Bulgaria defers introduction of visas for fSU until autumn (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Council of Europe won't postpone hearing Ukraine issue - visiting rapporteur (BBC/FT) 03/29/2001
  • Soccer-Shevchenko Earns Ukraine Draw in Wales (Reuters/Russia Today) 03/29/2001
  • U.S. Vetoes U.N. Council Bid on Palestinian Force (NY Times) 03/29/2001
  • Nuke Reactor in Ukraine Shut Down (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2001

  • Democracy at risk in Ukraine (Chicago Tribune) 03/28/2001
  • Новий варіант вирішення близькосхідної проблеми [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/28/2001
  • Shevchenko strike splits points for Wales and Ukraine (Soccernet) 03/28/2001
  • Korea Telecom, Ukraine Agree to Work Together in Telecom Sector (Yahoo) 03/28/2001
  • Sea Launch wins Spaceway satellite deal (Reuters/Excite) 03/28/2001
  • FBI, Private Sleuths Probe Ukraine Mystery (ABC/Yahoo) 03/28/2001
  • Ukraine Students Visit Space Center (WESH/Yahoo) 03/28/2001
  • US Vetoes UN Observer Force for West Bank, Gaza (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/28/2001
  • Armed gangs try to seize JKX assets in Ukraine (Independent/FT) 03/28/2001
  • Prime Minister Yushchenko in Lviv: Kiev ready to include opposition in government (BBC/FT) 03/28/2001
  • JKX challenges Ukraine action (Financial Times) 03/28/2001
  • COMMENT & ANALYSIS: Europe must respond to the arc of danger (Financial Times) 03/28/2001
  • Football: Wales seek inspiration from Giggs (Independent) 03/28/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 03/28/2001
  • Giggs aims to find higher (Guardian) 03/28/2001

  • Yuriy Kostenko to Speak at IRI Luncheon (US Newswire) 03/27/2001
  • Photo: Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's former deputy prime minister and an opposition leader, welcomed by supporters after she was freed from Lukianivska prison (AP/Yahoo) 03/27/2001
  • Photo: Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's former deputy prime minister and an opposition leader, is welcomed by supporters (AP/Yahoo) 03/27/2001
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister to be Questioned in Corruption Probe (AFP/Russia Today) 03/27/2001
  • Mischa Richter, a New Yorker Regular, Dies at 90 (NY Times) 03/27/2001
  • Powell Offers Help in Murder Probe (AP/Yahoo) 03/27/2001
  • Tapping device found in Zaporizhzhya city mayor's office (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania hold joint peacekeeping exercise (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition ready to halt protests (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Tymoshenko's release to boost opposition (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Donetsk Region leader slams government, appeals to president (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Families of Ukrainian diplomats evacuated from Macedonia (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • EU drops antidumping duties on Ukraine [and other countries'] ferro-silicon imports (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukraine takes up new model of border protection (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukrainian defence minister reiterates intention to create multinational forces (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukrainian defence minister announces plans to modernize fighter aircraft (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukraine Discusses Steel Export Quotas with EU (Global Sources) 03/27/2001
  • Ukrainian oil company to get more involved in Turkmen fuel sector (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukrainian minister says Kiev ready to sign cooperation contract with Iran (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukraine: Government denies debts to Russian gas supplier (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecution to question PM in charges against his former deputy head of NBU (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukraine to privatize regional electricity companies (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Russian gas supplier urges Ukraine to clear debts (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukraine: Auditors approve Central Bank's international reserves (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Football: Welsh quartet sent back (Independent/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ascot PLC - Sale - Refrigeration Business (RNS/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Football: Road to the 2002 World Cup Finals (Independent/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Former Ukrainian Deputy Premier Tymoshenko released from detention (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukraine former deputy PM bailed (BBC) 03/27/2001
  • Ukraine: Court orders release of arrested former Deputy Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko's from detention (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Ukraine: Council of Europe official to meet arrested ex-deputy prime minister Tymoshenko (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • High-profile Ukrainian figures [ Moroz, Zlenko, Lytvyn, ex-Pres. Kravchuk ] to discuss Ukrainian political situation in USA (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • A Ukrainian man charged under Ireland's human trafficking laws (AFX Europe - World Reporter) 03/27/2001
  • Germany/Ukraine: Deutsche Welle expands Ukrainian broadcasts (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Pysanky eggs are topic in Lyons (Courier Gazette) 03/27/2001
  • Canada hosts Ukrainian foreign minister, grants Transcarpathia flood relief (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • Chairman of Derzhkomzem (State Land Committee) believes that the process of issuing State Certificates of land will last for another two years (AgriUkraine) 03/27/2001
  • JKX Oil and Gas to challenge Ukraine on Poltava stake (JKX) 03/27/2001
  • Ukraine said it may need to cut spending due to parliamentary delays (Bloomberg) 03/27/2001
  • Ukrainian defence minister still hopeful of tank deal with Turkey (BBC/FT) 03/27/2001
  • War is dangerous but fear can be deadly (Sky News) 03/27/2001
  • Video: Top dancers vie for honours in International Dance Sport event (from 3/25/01) (MediaCorp) 03/27/2001
  • Today's fixtures (sports) (The Times) 03/27/2001
  • Like Russia, Ukraine needs more skilled managers in its IT sector (Financial) 03/27/2001
  • Kuchma sacks police chief over murder probe (Financial Times) 03/27/2001

  • Monk confesses to murder of nun (Sun-Sentinel) 03/26/2001
  • Klitschko retains WBO title (BBC Sport) 03/26/2001
  • Northern Financial Announces Strategic Alliance With North Winnipeg Credit Union Limited (CCN/Yahoo) 03/26/2001
  • 'Khlib Ukrainy' increased its statutory fund by 66% (AgriUkraine) 03/26/2001
  • Ukrainian deputy defence minister visiting Vietnam to discuss air defence (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • President Kuchma praises outgoing interior minister Kravchenko, blasts (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Ukrainians pressing to oust Kuchma as president (Post Gazette) 03/26/2001
  • Caught on Tape (4/16/01 edition) (In These Times) 03/26/2001
  • Ukrainian Interior Ministry reports extensive operation against organized crime (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Ukraine's opposition National Salvation Forum sets out conditions for dialogue with authorities (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • EU lifts Ukraine textile quotas (AFX/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Ukraine says use of helicopters Macedonia's responsibility (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Ukraine student finds second home (from 3/22/01) (Troy Messenger) 03/26/2001
  • Turkish, Ukrainian ministers discuss defence ties (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Defence Ministry says March helicopter crash due to 'tragic coincidence' (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • IMF representative hails approval of new Ukrainian budget code (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma sacks Interior Minister Kravchenko (CNN) 03/26/2001
  • Ivano-Frankivsk: Opposition collects signatures to impeach president at anti-Kuchma rally (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • America's President George W. Bush is engaged in a spying row with the Russians and is upsetting the Chinese with his military plans (3/25/01) (Guardian) 03/26/2001
  • Flood-hit Ukraine reported to receive largest financial aid from Slovakia (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Hungarian, Ukrainian ministers explain flood cooperation deal, need for funds (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Macedonia: Inexperienced force limits Skopje's options (Guardian) 03/26/2001
  • Ukraine: National TV partially blacked out in south (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Several officers detained in Ukraine on charges of selling stolen aircraft spares (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Ukrainian, Israeli foreign ministers discuss draft Mid-East peace resolution (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Macedonia crisis affects Bulgarian River Shipping Corporation earnings (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Russia to impose duties on Ukrainian pipes (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Nuclear reactor reconnected to grid after planned tests (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001
  • Defence expert praises Ukrainian hi-tech systems presented at arms show (BBC/FT) 03/26/2001

  • Photo: Chile's Nelson Alejandro Pinto, left, and Ukraine's Andriy Gerasymenko (AP/Excite) 03/25/2001
  • Photo: Jefferson kneels after being knocked out by Klitschko of Ukraine (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/25/2001
  • Photo: Klitschko of Ukraine lands a punch (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/25/2001
  • Photo: Klitschko of Ukraine knocks out U.S. Jefferson (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/25/2001
  • Photo: WBO heavyweight world champion Wladimir Klitschko of Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 03/25/2001
  • Diversion Of Russian Gas Continues (RFE/RL) 03/25/2001
  • Ukraine and Belarus Lose Ground After Goalless Draw (Reuters/Russia Today) 03/25/2001
  • Analysis From Washington -- The Specter Of Disintegration (RFE/RL) 03/25/2001
  • Mourhit Retains Cross Country Title (AP/Yahoo) 03/25/2001
  • 80 - Year - Old Completes Marathon (AP/NY Times) 03/25/2001
  • Ukrainian president commemorates anniversary of nationalist leader's (Chornovil) death (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Kuchma, Yushchenko and Plyushch call to preserve parliamentary majority (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Ukrainian leader slams political elite, urges 'evolutionary' union of churches (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Перес, Зленко, про ситуацію на палестинських територіях [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/25/2001
  • Hungary, Ukraine agree to cooperate in flood prevention (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Embassy denies Ukrainian pilots involved in air assault in Macedonia (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Sergey Lebed of Ukraine rallied to finish second (AP/NY Times) 03/25/2001
  • Women Free Skate (Vancouver) (Wash Post) 03/25/2001
  • Audio: Many are lured from poor Eastern European countries - 'Olga' from Kyiv threatened (from 2/17/01) (BBC) 03/25/2001
  • Prostitute rackets rife in UK (from 2/17/01) (BBC) 03/25/2001
  • Three Ukrainian nationals released from INS custody (BRAMA) 03/25/2001
  • Ukraine: President orders new investigation into political leader Vyacheslav Chornovil's death (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Macedonians Use New Copters Against Rebels (Wash Post) 03/25/2001
  • 96 detained when fans brawl after Ukraine-Belarus football qualifier (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Eight UNA-UNSO members released, 14 anti-presidential protesters still in jail (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Regional (Luhansk) city council member threatens local media (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Tax chief speaks for stability of power, more power to regional elite; denies confrontation with Prime Minister Yushchenko (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Ukraine offers to sell Macedonia four more Hind helicopters (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Ukraine supplies transport and attack helis to Macedonia (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Ukrainian president sends condolences to Russian president after blasts (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Nuclear reactor disconnected for scheduled repairs (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Ukraine condemns terrorist acts in southern Russia (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Paper links corrupt state of Ukrainian television with politics (BBC/FT) 03/25/2001
  • Photo: Vladimir Klitschko of Ukraine blows up at a birthday cake after his bout (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/25/2001
  • Photo: Wladimir Klitschko, of Ukraine, connects to the head of Derrick Jefferson (AP/Yahoo) 03/25/2001
  • Klitschko stops Jefferson to retain WBO title (AP/Yahoo) 03/25/2001

  • Ukraine's Embattled Democracy: Unpopular leader steps up pressure against political foes (SF Chronicle) 03/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition forum organizes protests, mourns victims fallen to regime (BBC/FT) 03/24/2001
  • Letter: Ukrainians were used as SS mine detectors (Independent/FT) 03/24/2001
  • CORR Ukraine: Opposition forum organizes protests, mourns victims (BBC/FT) 03/24/2001
  • Soccer-Ukraine 1 Belarus 0 - Euro Under-21 Result (Reuters/Russia Today) 03/24/2001
  • Macedonia Pounds Hills, World Urges Restraint (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/24/2001
  • Bogota Aims For Spot on Fashion Map (AP/Yahoo) 03/24/2001
  • Ген. секретар ООН Кофі Аннан високо оцінює роль Президента України у врегулюванні грузино-абхазького конфлікту (BRAMA) 03/24/2001
  • Photo: Opposition activists carry portraits of Ukrainian politicians killed or jailed (AP/Yahoo) 03/24/2001
  • Photo: Lesia Gongadze, mother of missing journalist Heorhiy Gongadze (AP/Yahoo) 03/24/2001
  • Up to 5000 Kiev Protesters Denounce Kuchma (AP/Yahoo) 03/24/2001
  • Ukraine v Belarus teams (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/24/2001
  • Call for Papers: 'Аспекти Самоврядування' (Aspects of Local Government) quarterly Ukrainian-language journal (USUF/CPP) 03/24/2001
  • World Urges Macedonia to Show Military Restraint (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/24/2001
  • The Bandurist Chorus announces auditions for the 2001-2002 concert season (BRAMA) 03/24/2001
  • Сьєрра-Леоне [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/24/2001
  • Доля більш як 600 полонених та зниклих без вісти під час іраксько-кувейтського конфлікту [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/24/2001
  • Страждання цивільного населення Афганістану [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/24/2001
  • Speech: Secretary General Lord Robertson - NATO (BRAMA) 03/24/2001
  • Ukrainian Labour Party calls in US private detectives (Financial Times) 03/24/2001
  • Paper 'Ukrayina Moloda' analyzes local politics in Luhansk Region of Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/24/2001
  • Football: Hughes looks to fresh Hartson (Independent/FT) 03/24/2001
  • Football Results (Guardian/FT) 03/24/2001
  • Group Five (Guardian/FT) 03/24/2001
  • Conference Commemorating 15th Anniversary of Chornobyl at UN (4/25/01) (BRAMA) 03/24/2001
  • CanArgo Announces Mailing of Offer to Acquire Lateral Vector Resources (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 03/24/2001
  • World Urges Macedonia to Show Military Restraint (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/24/2001
  • Mexico Eatery Adds Spice in Moldova (AP/Yahoo) 03/24/2001
  • Plushenko realises world title dream (Independent) 03/24/2001
  • Wales in danger zone (Guardian) 03/24/2001
  • 6th Annual Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) at Columbia U (BRAMA) 03/24/2001

  • An Autocrat in Ukraine (IH Tribune) 03/23/2001
  • Cyber-Begging Bags Man a World Wide Bed (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/23/2001
  • Italian Ice Dancers Win World Title (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/23/2001
  • Security Council members voice concern over plight of Afghan people (UN) 03/23/2001
  • UNWLA appeal for assistance to help flood victims in Zakarpattia, Ukraine (BRAMA) 03/23/2001
  • Christian Network To Lay Off 50 (AP/Yahoo) 03/23/2001
  • World Skating Notebook (AP/Yahoo) 03/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament passes law on investigation, intelligence bodies (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • UNWLA appeal for assistance to help flood victims in Zakarpattia, Ukraine (BRAMA) 03/23/2001
  • Ukrainian party hires US private detective firm to solve journalist case - endorsed by Kuchma (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • 20 arrests after Ukraine, Belarus football fans clash in Kiev (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Social insurance fund officials deny any criminal actions (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • World Bank approves 28m dollar loan to Ukraine for thermal distribution system in Sevastopol (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Macedonian premier thanks Greece, Ukraine for helicopters (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • UNA-UNSO Protesters arrested after clashes still in prison, reject (Soros) Western aid (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Far-right UNA-UNSO leader Shkil interview: complains of maltreatment by police (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Ukrainian ombudsman Nina Karpachova slams unjustified mass arrests in the country (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Kuchma puts blame for murder on opponents: Ukraine split on tape apparently showing president ordered journalist to be killed. Charles Clover reports (Financial Times) 03/23/2001
  • Headless corpse in Ukraine still a mystery as DNA tests queried (Independent/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister Yushchenko to talk to Hungary to ask EU for flood defence aid (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Former deputy premier (Tymoshenko) says her arrest was only aimed at isolating her (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Factions recall broadcasting council representative (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Ukrainian Security Service seeks to protect producers of legal CDs (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Web Levels the Playing Field for California One-Man Shop - uses programmers in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Ukraine delivers two Mi-24 helicopters to Macedonia (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Russia's Gazprom sues Ukraine over 'stolen' gas (Financial Times) 03/23/2001
  • Local Ukraine court blocks Russian car maker Avtovaz in smelter deal (Financial Times) 03/23/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 24 March (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • IMF could release loan for Ukraine in May if reform stepped up (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Ukraine may face U.S. trade sanctions for audio and video piracy (BBC/FT) 03/23/2001
  • Photo: Derrick Jefferson with Wladimir Klitschko (AP/Yahoo) 03/23/2001
  • Photo: Mexico's midfielder Daniel Molina blocks Ukraine's defender Andryi Smalko (AP/Yahoo) 03/23/2001
  • Ukraine Women's junior team wins gold - Archery (AP/Yahoo) 03/23/2001
  • Ex-leader of East Germany loses final European appeal (Guardian) 03/23/2001
  • UNWLA appeal for assistance to help flood victims in Zakarpattia, Ukraine (BRAMA) 03/23/2001
  • Про зміцнення зв'язків з історичною Батьківщиною (BRAMA) 03/23/2001
  • Community Meeting with 'For Truth' (Za Pravdu) Members (BRAMA) 03/23/2001
  • Zakarpattia Flood Aid: US-Ukraine Foundation Appeal (BRAMA) 03/23/2001
  • UACC appeals to Ukrainians in the U.S. to help those suffering from the flood in Zakarpattia (BRAMA) 03/23/2001
  • 2001 TWG/Ukrainian Embassy Summer Internship (BRAMA) 03/23/2001
  • Доля української національної меншини в Боснії і Герцеговині [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/23/2001
  • (Photo/s) Images of Ukraine: An Intimate Portrait of Ukraine's People and Landscapes [Exhibit opening] (BRAMA) 03/23/2001
  • Україна – це держава життєво важливого, стратегічного значення, заявив Генрі Кіссінджер (BRAMA) 03/23/2001
  • Consulate of Ukraine appeals for Flood Aid - Звернення Генерального консульства України в Нью-Йорку до українців Америки (BRAMA) 03/23/2001
  • Gongadze Case Reflects Struggle for Nation's Future (RFE/RL/Russia Today) 03/23/2001
  • RSF Hints at Evidence-Tampering in Ukrainian Journalist's Murder (AFP/Russia Today) 03/23/2001
  • Piety at Kyoto Didn't Cool the Planet (NY Times) 03/23/2001
  • Photo: masked student stands in front of Ukraine's national flag with the 'For Truth' movement logo (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/23/2001

  • Märchenbilder für den Mörder: In einer alten SS-Villa in der Ukraine wurden Wandmalereien des Dichters Bruno Schulz gefunden (Die Zeit) 03/22/2001
  • Tatiana Perebiynis of the Ukraine scores (Sports Network) 03/22/2001
  • Вдячність за особливу увагу до процесів, що нині відбуваються в Боснії і Герцеговині [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/22/2001
  • Чорнобильська проблематика, подолання епідемії ВІЛ/СНІД та нагальна потреба підвищення ефективності ООН (BRAMA) 03/22/2001
  • (Photo) Student from Kharkiv receives unique opportunity to perform on historic pianos (BRAMA) 03/22/2001
  • Пріоритетом номер один української зовнішньої політики на сучасному етапі є інтеграція до Європейського Союзу [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/22/2001
  • Georgian president appeals to UN Security Council on Abkhaz settlement issue (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • A tape and coffee table gossip (Financial Times) 03/22/2001
  • Ukrainian deputy premier surprised by fresh Russian allegations of gas theft (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • UN secretary-general praises Ukraine's peacemaking efforts (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Ukraine condemns actions of armed rebels in Macedonia (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • NATO Parliamentary Assembly delegation to visit Belarus on 25-27 March, main issues: relations between Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states in security (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Parliament writes off Ukrainian car-maker's outstanding debt (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Ukraine's chief coroner casts doubt on testing of body found in woods (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 23 March (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Couple overcomes obstacles to adopt Ukrainian children (Detroit News) 03/22/2001
  • Ukrainian family in limbo: needs host family in Florida (News Herald) 03/22/2001
  • Russia seeks damages from Ukraine for alleged use of gas without payment (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • No independent press in Ukraine - state official for information policy (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Azeri paper publishes report on country's ethnic composition (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Party leader comments on creation of new faction in parliament (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Big increase in deaths from tuberculosis reported (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Georgia calls for greater Ukrainian role in Abkhaz settlement (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament passes new edition of law on proportional-system elections (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Ukraine sends protest note to Russia over Black Sea Fleet exercises (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Ukraine: British investor loses shares in JV to state property fund (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament passes new budget code (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament to investigate clashes in Kiev, beating of MP (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Moldova: Dnestr region foreign minister, Russian official discuss conflict (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Ukrainian-British military exercises planned for 15 June in western Ukraine: Cossack Express 2001 (BBC/FT) 03/22/2001
  • Audio: Russia/Ukraine Ties, corruption and business (realaudio) (NPR) 03/22/2001
  • Football: Greeks undaunted by Fifa's meddling claim (Independent/FT) 03/22/2001
  • They wait to get passports to flee the fighting. But the office is closed because of the onslaught. (Independent) 03/22/2001

  • All set for a battle nobody wants (Guardian/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Tyumen Oil Receives Loan to Stabilize Production at Its Ukrainian Refinery (PRNewswire/Yahoo) 03/21/2001
  • Вдячність від імені Президента Грузії за братерську підтримку[ООН] (BRAMA) 03/21/2001
  • Ситуація між Республікою Македонія та Косово, СРЮ [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/21/2001
  • Рада Безпеки ООН відзначає особливі зусилля Президента України у відновленні грузино-абхазького діалогу [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/21/2001
  • Рада Безпеки ООН підтримує територіальну цілісність Грузії [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/21/2001
  • (Photo/s) Slavic dancers 'spring' to their feet (BRAMA) 03/21/2001
  • (Photo/s) Syzokryli Ukrainian Dance Ensemble - over the top at European Folk Festival (BRAMA) 03/21/2001
  • Подальша реалізація рішень Саміту РБ ООН, проведеного за пропозицією Президента України [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/21/2001
  • Україна робить важливий внесок у зміцнення глобального миру, заявив Генеральний секретар ООН Кофі Аннан [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/21/2001
  • Russia's TNK Gets USD 50 Million Loan for Ukraine Refinery (Russia Today) 03/21/2001
  • Sometimes, It's Just No Fun Being President (Russia Journal/Russia Today) 03/21/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma Coy on Interior Minister's Fate (Reuters/Russia Today) 03/21/2001
  • Media Campaign Tackles Ignorance About AIDS (RFE/RL) 03/21/2001
  • Kuchma Admits 'Mistakes' in Ukraine Murder Inquiry (AFP/Russia Today) 03/21/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma Hits out at IMF, Foreign Lenders (Reuters/Russia Today) 03/21/2001
  • Gongadze Case Reflects Struggle For Nation's Future (RFE/RL) 03/21/2001
  • DNA Raises Doubt on Ukraine Body (IH Tribune) 03/21/2001
  • Weather - snow (Yahoo) 03/21/2001
  • Slutskaya Stakes Claim on World Crown (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/21/2001
  • Russian expert critical of German findings in Ukrainian journalist DNA test (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Sometimes, It's Just No Fun Being President (Russia Today) 03/21/2001
  • Leader of Ukrainian far right arrested (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Far-right leader detained by Security Service for mass disturbances (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Ombudsman urges release of students jailed after clashes with police (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Kiev students protest against police actions (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Ukrainian president invites FBI to help solve missing journalist case (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Faction leader outraged by creation of new faction in parliament (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Ukraine: President slams creation of new parliamentary faction (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Ukraine: New environmental protection party registered (update) (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Kazakhstan ratifies Kazakh-Ukrainian citizenship agreement (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Top Russian official: cooperation with Ukraine to go on (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Bubka eyes new heights with IOC (Mail&Guardian) 03/21/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 22 March (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Judge in case of arrested former deputy PM criticizes investigation (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Jefferson lowers the tone - showdown with WBO champion Wladimir Klitschko in Munich on March 24 ( 03/21/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia to continue space research programmes (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Ukrainian president brushes aside Kravchenko and Lytvyn dismissal rumours (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Prime Minister Yushchenko comments on Bondar's (former Deputy Head of NBU) arrest (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Macedonia receives four transport helicopters from Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • New factional changes announced in Ukrainian parliament (update) (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • New deputy security council chief to control arms trade (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Ukraine state debt clearance 46 per cent short of target in 2000 (BBC/FT) 03/21/2001
  • Десять років сомотності, або Про національну гордість малоросів (День) 03/21/2001
  • Уряд дійсно зацікавлений прийняти Папу чи лише декларує? (День) 03/21/2001
  • Київ таки незадоволений партнерством «по-російськи» (День) 03/21/2001
  • Ukraine Gives Four Helicopters to Macedonian Army (Reuters/Russia Today) 03/21/2001
  • Crackup or crackdown? Ukraine suffers growing turmoil over the president's alleged role in a murder (US News & World Report) 03/21/2001
  • KPN targets non-core assets (Financial Times) 03/21/2001
  • British energy company resists seizure of assets: Ukrainian court rules against State Property Fund of Ukraine (Financial Times) 03/21/2001

  • Church service extends beyond parishioners (Detroit News) 03/20/2001
  • Україна демонструє високу ефективність і продуктивність головування у Раді Безпеки [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/20/2001
  • Мирний процес в Бурунді [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/20/2001
  • 5,000 Retired Police Protest in Kiev Over Minister's Sacking (AFP/Russia Today) 03/20/2001
  • Policy With an Economic Face (Russia Today) 03/20/2001
  • Boeing may turn profit soon on Sea Launch (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) 03/20/2001
  • On a Mall Mission Ukrainian Market Manager Finds Visit to Fashion Square Illuminating (LA Times) 03/20/2001
  • NATO official denies alliance's involvement in Ukrainian crisis (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • UK's JKX Oil & Gas says Ukraine court halts attempt to expropriate co assets (AFX Europe) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine's Foreign Minister Zlenko to hold talks in Washington DC (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Defence minister voices pride, regret in Ukraine's arms exhibit in UAE (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Vatican announces papal visits to Greece, Syria, Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine: More doubts arise about body thought to be missing journalist's (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecution to question MP claiming missing journalist shot dead (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecution says German test results in journalist case don't count (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Only FBI tests can identify body believed to be journalist's - Ukrainian MP (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Lawyer of missing journalist's mother comments on recent findings (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 21 March (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Russian gas giant says Ukraine is still stealing gas, owes 2bn dollars (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • World News: Helicopter crash kills 8 crew (Irish Times/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine, Cyprus sign two military contracts worth 1.4m dollars in Abu Dhabi (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Canada supports Estonian language integration (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Suk's Liszt Is Worth Checking Twice (Wash Post) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine confirms minister fired (Financial Times) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine: German DNA tests indicate body not missing journalist (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • New factional changes announced in Ukrainian parliament (update) (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine CD piracy prompts action (Gramophone) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine Fires Chernobyl's Senior Safety Official for Misconduct (Bloomberg) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Retired policemen stage protests, demand social payments (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Paper slams authorities for failing to pursue dialogue with opposition (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier says no final decision made regarding police chief's dismissal (BBC/FT) 03/20/2001
  • CGNU PLC - CGNU Enters Hungarian Market (RNS/FT) 03/20/2001
  • Opinion: Ukraine's Tribulations (NY Times) 03/20/2001

  • Розгляд ситуації на палестинських територіях [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/19/2001
  • (Photo/s) Western Union Implements 'Helping Hands' Initiative in Partnership with Sister Cities (BRAMA) 03/19/2001
  • Перший день перебування Міністра закордонних справ України Анатолія Зленка у Нью-Йорку [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/19/2001
  • Ukrainian eggs celebrate Easter, heritage (Bismarck Tribune) 03/19/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 20 March (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Aum Shinrikyo followers continue their activity in Russia (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Lviv student protesters released from jail cry police intimidation (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Two dead, one missing in coal mining accident. (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • British stakeholder in Ukrainian oil company to sue privatization agency (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Ukrainian authorities accuse Hungary of causing second wave of flooding (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • PACE reportedly not satisfied with handling of political crisis in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Former deputy central bank chief detained over foreign credit scandal (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Ukraine steps up border controls to prevent foot-and-mouth disease (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Azeri president: GUUAM will survive (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Chernobyl sarcophagus manager sacked (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Ukraine-UAE military contracts to top 100m dollars in 2001 - official (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Ukraine's national debt down in 2000 (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Crash of Ukrainian military helicopter cloaked in secrecy (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Georgia: No need for additional forces in conflict zone, Abkhaz premier says (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier disappointed with state television content (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Giggs gets Wales go-ahead for Ukraine clash (Guardian) 03/19/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma Moves to Appease Opponents (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/19/2001
  • Eleven Die in Ukraine, Russia Helicopter Crashes (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/19/2001
  • Pre-London Book Fair, the Buzz is All About Non-American Authors ( 03/19/2001
  • Key Director at Chernobyl Fired (AP/Yahoo) 03/19/2001
  • Crisis in Ukraine threatens democracy and undermines regional security (paper, 3/16/01) (Heritage Foundation / Ariel Cohen) 03/19/2001
  • Ukrainian president appoints Mykola Huminskyy deputy security chief (update) (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Ukrainian president's chief of staff sacked, says official (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Top Ukraine official confirms interior minister's resignation (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Lazarenko fails to receive political asylum (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Child of 'Traitors' Also Was A 'Victim' (Moscow Times) 03/19/2001
  • Russia's Kudrin Calls for 40% Tax on Ukraine Pipes (Moscow Times) 03/19/2001
  • Ukrainian Zenit booster rocket launched successfully (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Russian energy chief concerned over parallel energy grid with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Ukrainian nuclear generating set reconnected to energy grid (BBC/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Kvaerner PLC - Stmnt re Sea Launch Mission (RNS/FT) 03/19/2001
  • IAF Group PLC - Interim Report 2001 (RNS/FT) 03/19/2001
  • Kuchma purges security staff (Financial Times) 03/19/2001

  • MUAYTHAI: Thailand top medals tally with 5 golds (Bangkok Post/FT) 03/18/2001
  • Ukraine beat GCC All Stars (Hindustan Times/FT) 03/18/2001
  • Photo: Aerial view of the flooded Danilovka village (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/18/2001
  • Audio Satellite Launched Into Orbit (AP/Yahoo) 03/18/2001
  • Donetsk governor interviewed on national, local politics (BBC/FT) 03/18/2001
  • Thirteen Days: Nikita Khrushchev, the brutal Ukrainian coalminer and statesman ... (Guardian) 03/18/2001
  • Ukrainian interior minister sacked (BBC) 03/18/2001
  • Audio Satellite Launched Into Orbit (NY Times) 03/18/2001
  • Recycling of missiles halted under pressure from centrist parties (BBC/FT) 03/18/2001
  • Ukraine takes part in Abu-Dhabi arms show (BBC/FT) 03/18/2001
  • Irina Bugrimova, Enchanter of Big Cats, Dies at 90 (NY Times) 03/18/2001
  • Ukraine joins multinational consortium taking part in Turkish warship tender (BBC/FT) 03/18/2001
  • New Communist party founded in Ukraine (update) (BBC/FT) 03/18/2001
  • Ukraine interior minister sacked (BBC) 03/18/2001
  • AUDIO: Scandal and protests in Ukraine (Realaudio from 3/16/01) (NPR) 03/18/2001
  • Ukrainian president thanks Russia for humanitarian aid (BBC/FT) 03/18/2001
  • Hungary, Ukraine agree to cooperate in stemming flow of flood-water (BBC/FT) 03/18/2001

  • What They Knew (Not!): 44 Years of C.I.A. Secrets (NY Times) 03/17/2001
  • Report: Ukraine Minister Fired (AP/Yahoo) 03/17/2001
  • Medal hopes frozen in time (Guardian) 03/17/2001
  • Dealing With Mr. Putin (NY Times) 03/17/2001
  • Ukraine: CIS meeting discusses joint measures against crime (BBC/FT) 03/17/2001
  • Moldova keen to link its energy grid to Russia's - first deputy premier (BBC/FT) 03/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Communists hold rallies, demand restoration of USSR (BBC/FT) 03/17/2001
  • Communist MPs from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus demand return of union state (BBC/FT) 03/17/2001
  • EU concerned over political situation in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Paper discloses wrongdoings in energy company privatization (BBC/FT) 03/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Opinion poll shows only 6 per cent support for president (BBC/FT) 03/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Death toll from floods rises to eight (BBC/FT) 03/17/2001
  • Lithuanian, Polish top officials discuss NATO, Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/17/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 17 March (BBC/FT) 03/17/2001

  • Становище в Косово [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/16/2001
  • Засідання, присвячене становищу в Косово та навколо нього [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/16/2001
  • Становище в Косово [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Tax chief on his new party, relations with oligarchs (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Talk's not cheap... from the Ukraine (The Scotsman) 03/16/2001
  • Russian peacekeepers given more powers to intervene in Abkhazia (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • USA grants financial aid to Ukrainian free media (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Kidnapped Ukrainian socialist activist found alive (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Uzbekistan sends humanitarian aid to Ukrainian flood victims (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 17 March (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Russia aims to cut Ukrainian pipe imports (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Armenian MPs ratify transport agreements with Bulgaria, Italy, Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Russia's Gazprom chief outlines gas export plans (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Radioactive waste to be reprocessed at Chernobyl (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Prosecution says evidence links Ukrainian ex-deputy premier to tape scandal (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Ukrainian energy imports from Russia down sharply in 2000 (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Georgian, Abkhaz officials sign trust-building agreement after talks in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Russia sends aid for Ukrainian flood victims (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition party sues popular tabloid for libel (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Ukraine to drill for oil in Yemen, Libya as substitute for Russian oil (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Judge in high-profile case complains of being shadowed (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition still ready for talks with president (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition ready to start negotiations with president (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Majority factions reveal demands for government seats (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Video Note on protest clashes between police, protesters 9 March (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Kuchma needs west's support to accelerate reforms (Financial Times) 03/16/2001
  • Ukraine's first deputy premier comments on current issues, new energy minister (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Ukrainian premier warns about attempts 'to change presidential power' (BBC/FT) 03/16/2001
  • Dream of home becomes reality (Seattle Times) 03/16/2001
  • Russian aluminium firm lays railway in frozen north (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/16/2001

  • Ситуація на Близькому Сході [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/15/2001
  • Open Letter to Ukraine / Відкритий лист (BRAMA) 03/15/2001
  • Ситуації на Близькому Сході, зокрема, на палестинських територіях [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/15/2001
  • Minister Zlenko to speak at Columbia U (Mar.22): Pragmatism in Ukraine's foreign policy (BRAMA) 03/15/2001
  • Council of Europe to impose sanctions on Ukraine - German delegate (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • Russia: Nationalities minister proposes immigration quotas (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • Four centre-right parties launch campaign in support of Ukrainian premier (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • No IMF loans for Ukraine until political crisis settled - first deputy premier (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • Ukrainian MP says police 'brutally beat' four arrested protesters (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • Polish and Ukrainian president hold 'frank' talks (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Deputy interior minister visits beaten MP, offers apologies (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 16 March (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Communists slam centrist oppositionists during rally in capital (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • Ukrainian MP Vitrenko slams jailed ex-deputy premier's letter to Western paper (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Crimean Tatar rally demands redistribution of land property (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Foreign currency reserves reported (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • Ukraine makes eurobond payments (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • Polish demonstrators disrupt visit of Ukrainian president (BBC/FT) 03/15/2001
  • On tape: Paranoia (USA Today) 03/15/2001
  • Photo: Villagers row through a flooded street in Geten village (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Photo: Villagers and a police officer row in a boat through a flooded street in Geten (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Photo: Villagers row through the flooded village of Geten (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Photo: Opposition activists from left-wing parties (AP/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Photo: Leonid Kuchma with Polish counterpart Aleksander Kwasniewski (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Photo: Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski and Leonid Kuchma (AP/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Hard-Liners Rally in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Ukraine Communists Protest As Poland Warns Kuchma (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Cultural potpourri (Bergen Record) 03/15/2001
  • Chicago Gets Diocese for Eastern Rite (AP/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Photo: protester holds a portrait of the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin as he shouts slogans during a Communist meeting (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Photo: Soviet Army veteran shouts and waves his walking stick at a Communist rally in front of the Ukrainian Parliamen (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Photo: protester wearing a red apron with a slogan which translates as 'Kuchma and Yushchenko, Resign,' (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Peres Argues Against Observer Force (AP/Yahoo) 03/15/2001
  • Ukraine Communists Protest Against Kuchma, Poverty (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/15/2001

  • Met fails to do justice to early Verdi (Financial Times) 03/14/2001
  • Ukraine draws US sanctions over CD piracy (BBC/FT) 03/14/2001
  • Ukraine sends protest note to Russia over military training in Crimea (BBC/FT) 03/14/2001
  • Polish president meets Ukrainian opposition activists (BBC/FT) 03/14/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 15 March (BBC/FT) 03/14/2001
  • Ukraine's Chernobyl to become ecologically safe system by 2005 (BBC/FT) 03/14/2001
  • USA to give 750,000 dollars for development of Ukrainian mass media (BBC/FT) 03/14/2001
  • Michael Terech Scholarhip - 2001 (BRAMA) 03/14/2001
  • Грузино-абхазький конфлікт [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/14/2001
  • Kонфлікт між Ефіопією та Еритреєю [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/14/2001
  • Around 1,000 stage latest anti-Kuchma demo in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/14/2001
  • Radio Liberty accused of waging 'psychological war' against Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/14/2001
  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR from Ms Yulia Tymoshenko: Kuchma is consciously building a totalitarian system in Ukraine (Financial Times) 03/14/2001
  • USA to provide 229m dollars in aid for Ukraine in 2001 (BBC/FT) 03/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Centrist leader speaks for political accord, proportional vote (BBC/FT) 03/14/2001
  • Rise in Ukrainian GDP (BBC/FT) 03/14/2001
  • OP-ED:Make Russia a Better Neighbor (NY Times) 03/14/2001
  • Iran's Khatami Visits Russia's Space Mission Control (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/14/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian woman shouts during a protest (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/14/2001
  • Miramax, Doubleday hit links with `Player' (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/14/2001
  • As East Europe moves to EU, jobs move further east (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/14/2001

  • England play host at court of St James' (Guardian) 03/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Missing journalist's mother refuses to cooperate in repeat DNA tests (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Anti-presidential protesters claim Soros support at Lviv rally (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukraine: President urges political reform in annual address to parliament (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 14 March (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • DAILY BRIEFING -- A World Wide Web of Organized Crime (Business Week/Yahoo) 03/13/2001
  • US threatens Ukraine with sanctions for CD piracy (Reuters/Excite) 03/13/2001
  • Photo: Keith Tkachuk (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/13/2001
  • Tkachuk to Blues in Trade Deadline Blockbuster (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/13/2001
  • Свободу Журналістові Дмитро Шурхало! - Free journalist Dmytro Shurkhalo (Petition) (BRAMA) 03/13/2001
  • Herald of Spring: Pysanka at The Ukrainian Museum (BRAMA) 03/13/2001
  • IOM is ready to make payments but Recent US Court decision may further delay compensation (BRAMA) 03/13/2001
  • Львівські студенти розпочали страйк (Ukrop/BRAMA) 03/13/2001
  • Відкритий лист до Національної телекомпанії України - Roma (Gypsies) in Ukraine petition state TV (BRAMA) 03/13/2001
  • Football: Hughes must wait again on Giggs (Independent) 03/13/2001
  • Prague Ukrainians support opposition: Czech news agency schedule of events for Wednesday 14 Mar 01 (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukrainian leg of Eurasia pipeline nears completion (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • US journalists demand release of Ukrainian colleague detained after protest (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Prime Minister Yushchenko: Anti-president protests sign of 'unanswered questions' (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Judge in jailed former deputy-premier case says family getting threats (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Minister warns against use of force to solve crisis (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Several thousand Ukrainian students protest against detentions (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Several thousand West Ukrainian students protest against detentions (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukraine denies policeman died as result of street protests (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukraine: First deputy premier encounters snags during IMF talks in USA (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • West Losing Patience With Ukraine's Kuchma (Russia Today) 03/13/2001
  • Thousands to Rally Against Ukrainian President (AFP/Russia Today) 03/13/2001
  • Ukrainian-born Canadian citizen jailed in Bulgaria for embezzlement (AP/Globe and Mail) 03/13/2001
  • COMMODITIES & AGRICULTURE: Ukraine shrugs off heavy rain NEWS DIGEST (Financial Times) 03/13/2001
  • Council of Europe concerned about independence of Czech public radio (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Yugoslav Defence Minister due to visit Ukraine on 14-16 March (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukrainian military delegation begins visit to Netherlands (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukrainian and Polish leaders to meet in Poland on 15 March (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukraine policeman dies after clash with protesters (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukraine ready to consider deploying peacekeepers in Karabakh if asked (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Arab envoys meet 13 March to urge UN Security Council to protect Palestinians (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • New international editions of Elle magazine (Nouvelles editions de 'Elle' a l'international) (La Tribune/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukraine to demonstrate new high-tech weapons at Abu Dhabi arms fair (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • UN Security Council to discuss Georgian-Abkhaz conflict settlement (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • New factional changes announced in Ukrainian parliament (update) (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Ukrainian reactor in unscheduled shutdown (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Hungary: Slow flood recession in northeast; preparations for flood wave in south (BBC/FT) 03/13/2001
  • Porous Ukrainian border causes rise in illegal immigrants to Romania (Kyiv Post) 03/13/2001
  • UNA-UNSO leader released due to absence of grounds that he committed a crime (Kyiv Post) 03/13/2001
  • Journalist from Postup newspaper arrested allegedly for covering Mar. 9 protests (Kyiv Post) 03/13/2001
  • 2,000 Ukrainian Students Call for Release of Jailed Protestors (AFP/Russia Today) 03/13/2001
  • U.S. Ties Aid to Ukraine to Ending Unrest (Reuters/Russia Today) 03/13/2001
  • Ukraine blasts IMF but seeks soothing words (Reuters/Excite) 03/13/2001

  • Lucky for Spurs to have Sullivan No 1 (The Scotsman) 03/12/2001
  • Ukrainian shot putter gets life ban (BBC Sport) 03/12/2001
  • Computer Crime More Widely Reported in 2000, Survey Says (San Jose Mercury News/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Arabic Thuraya provides mobile satellite connection in the Ukraine (Europemedia) 03/12/2001
  • Ukrainian shot putter gets life ban (BBC) 03/12/2001
  • Arts: Atomic dustbin: John Darwell risked his life when he photographed the Chernobyl exclusion zone. But at least they gave him a pair of protective wellies (Guardian) 03/12/2001
  • Reviews: A matter of life and death - Dynamo: Defending The Honour of Kiev by Andy Dougan (Scotland on Sunday) 03/12/2001
  • Flood situation remains serious in Ukraine; envoy thanks Hungary's help (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Hungarian envoy denies flooding Ukrainian area to save Hungarian villages (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Ukraine: Pro-presidential parties condemn opposition for clashes in Kiev (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Macedonia thanks Ukraine for contribution to Balkan peacekeeping effort (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Ukraine to send spent nuclear fuel to Russia (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament to hear law-enforcement agencies' reports on clashes (Socialist Party leader Oleksandr Moroz) (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Georgian president calls for 'crusade' against criminal world (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Ukraine grants early release to conscripts from flood disaster region (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Polish, Ukrainian presidents to discuss relations (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Ukrainian honorary consulate in Czech Republic opens (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 13 March (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Ukraine takes first steps to set up rapid-response naval force (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Official outlines plans for contract personnel in Ukraine's armed forces (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • British, Polish ministers discuss Balkans, NATO, Russia (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Hungary denies diverting floodwater into Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Kuchma defies 'murder' claim protesters (Scotland on Sunday) 03/12/2001
  • Gypsies from Zakarpatia demand apology from UT-1 TV (Kyiv Post) 03/12/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma condemns protesters while offering to talk to his opponents (WSJ/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Two thousand West Ukrainian (Lviv) students protest against detentions in Kiev (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Ukrainian constitutional court overrules Crimean laws (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • US defence officials verify elimination of missiles by Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001
  • Ukrainian company plans to extract oil in Yemen, Libya (BBC/FT) 03/12/2001

  • Ukraine: 'Active defence means' against protesters possible (BBC/FT) 03/11/2001
  • Editorial comment: Kuchma in a corner (Financial Times) 03/11/2001
  • Ukraine: World Bank confirms 60m dollars for administrative reform (BBC/FT) 03/11/2001
  • Krasnodon commemorates miners who died in tragic mine explosion one year ago (Kyiv Post) 03/11/2001
  • World Bank confirms it is ready to provide Ukraine $60m (Kyiv Post) 03/11/2001
  • SBU starts criminal case against protest participants (Kyiv Post) 03/11/2001
  • Photo: A young opposition activist takes part in action of protest at Ukraine's Interior Ministry (AP/Yahoo) 03/11/2001
  • Photo: Stepan Khmara, Ukraine's nationalist opposition leader, shows photos of injured protesters (AP/Yahoo) 03/11/2001

  • OpEd: Struggle for Ukraine (IH Tribune) 03/10/2001
  • Prospecting for Truth Amid the Distortions of Oral History (NY Times) 03/10/2001
  • Photo: Ruslan Zeldy standing in front of the ruins of his mother's house (AP/Yahoo) 03/10/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian soldiers pass by houses damaged during heavy floods (AP/Yahoo) 03/10/2001
  • Photo: Uraine's Oleksandr Yurkov hits the sand pit (AP/Yahoo) 03/10/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma Vows to Face Down Foes (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/10/2001
  • Ukraine Leader Condemns Protesters (AP/Yahoo) 03/10/2001
  • Taras Shevchenko Day observed in Kyiv - with protest marches: Photos (4) (BRAMA) 03/10/2001
  • Звернення всеукраїнського громадського комітету опору 'За правду!' (BRAMA) 03/10/2001
  • Ukraine: First deputy premier on debts, bonds, IMF, privatization (BBC/FT) 03/10/2001
  • Human Trafficking: Running from a world of misery (Irish Times/FT) 03/10/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition MPs plan to sue authorities (BBC/FT) 03/10/2001
  • Ukrainian president leaves for brief vacation in Crimea (BBC/FT) 03/10/2001
  • USA calls on Ukrainian authorities, opposition to be 'reasonable' (BBC/FT) 03/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition activist promises more protests in response to arrests (BBC/FT) 03/10/2001
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral under threat of closure in Crimea (BBC/FT) 03/10/2001
  • Ukraine president urges international flood cooperation (BBC/FT) 03/10/2001
  • Ukraine: First deputy premier on debts, bonds, IMF, privatization (BBC/FT) 03/10/2001
  • Ukrainian president pledges help to flood victims (BBC/FT) 03/10/2001
  • Ukraine and Hungary being mopped up (Sky News) 03/10/2001
  • Thousands battle police as protesters demand resignation of Ukrainian leader (Independent) 03/10/2001
  • Kiev rioters try to force president from office (Daily Telegraph) 03/10/2001
  • Paper analyzes recent tactics of Communist Party of Ukraine: 'Down with the Kuchma and Yushchenko regime' (BBC/FT) 03/10/2001
  • Ukraine police detains 200 opposition protesters (BBC/FT) 03/10/2001
  • Maybe my potatoes are better on the couch (Independent) 03/10/2001
  • Anti-Kuchma protesters clash with police in Kiev (Financial Times) 03/10/2001

  • Palestinian: Israel Meeting Possible (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Питання про надання допомоги нашій державі у ліквідації наслідків паводку в Закарпатті [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/09/2001
  • Триваюча кризова ситуація на півдні Балкан [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/09/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition youth organization holds congress (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian Inga Babakova clears the bar (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: esidents of Tekovo village in Transcarpathia talk to Pres. Kuchma (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: Riot police officers search hard-line nationalists who took part in a violent protests in Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Kiev police justified in using tear gas and truncheons - spokesman (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Over 120 arrested at Kiev demos (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Security service opens criminal case following clashes in Ukrainian (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukrainian president says reports on use of force by police 'a blatant lie' (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine: More than 120 protesters arrested, some 15 policemen injured (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukrainian president warns opposition (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Right-wingers blamed for incident near Kuchma's administration (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukrainian police deny vandalizing radical party's office (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine police arrest 70 right-wing extremists (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Представники арабських країн відзначають послідовність позиції України у процесі Близькосхідного мирного врегулювання [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/09/2001
  • Фотозвіт про святкування опозицією дня народження КОБЗАРЯ / Photo report on opposition's celebration of Taras Shevchenko birthday (BRAMA) 03/09/2001
  • Прес реліз: Уродини Тараса Шевченка стали наріжним каменем у протистоянні влада-опозиція (BRAMA) 03/09/2001
  • Прес-реліз з нагоди річниці утворення Українського Комсомолу (BRAMA) 03/09/2001
  • AUDIO: Trafficking people at the Hungary-Ukraine border (The World) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: Policeman arrests a member of Ukraine's nationalist UNSO movement (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: Opposition protesters clash with riot police officers (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: Opposition activists pursue a riot police officer (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: Opposition activists clash with the police (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Ukrainian president comments on opposition protests (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Nationalist organization leader says clashes with police 'unnecessary' (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Opposition leaders try to stop violence near presidential office (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Kiev police battle with protesters (BBC) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine: World Bank confirms allocating 60m dollars for administrative reform (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Audit findings at Russian gas giant mask financial plight (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Riot police quell Ukraine protest - PHOTOS (CNN) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: An Opposition Protester Throws a Smoke-Box to the Police Cordon (AP/Excite) 03/09/2001
  • Larmore Stars in `La Favorita' (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: Opposition protesters break the barrier at the presidential administration building (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: woman places flowers in the shields of a police as they cordon off the monument dedicated to Shevchenko (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: Policemen in plain clothes arrest opposition activists during clashes in downtown Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: Policemen push an opposition activist woman from a wall surrounding the National University building (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: Opposition activists clash with police in downtown Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: Policeman is beaten by an opposition activist, left, as another one tries to stop him (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: Opposition activists clash with police in an attempt to break down a barrier in Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Photo: elderly Ukrainian man asks policemen to let him come to the monument to Ukrainian poet (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine: 7,000-10,000 protesters march on parliament (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Violent clashes in Kiev (BBC) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition leader, journalist reportedly injured in protest (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine: President denies use of force against protesters in Kiev (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine police uses tear gas to disperse opposition rally (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Some casualties, including MP in clashes in Ukrainian capital - Russian TV (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine's opposition calls on public 'to overthrow' President Kuchma (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukrainian anti-presidential forum leader interviewed (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Five protesters released by police, rallies continue (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Russian tv shows violent anti-presidential clashes in Ukrainian capital (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Six far-right protesters reportedly detained by police (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Police reportedly beat leftist MP (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Diplomatic highlight / Envoy thanks Japan for Chernobyl help (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine assesses impact of record spring flooding (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Elle launched in Canada, the Ukraine and Hungary (Lancement de 'Elle' au Canada, en Ukraine et en Hongrie) (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Ukraine: President, premier lay flowers to monument to national poet (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Russian aluminium plant to cut costs on transport with own goods trains (BBC/FT) 03/09/2001
  • Several Injured in Ukraine Protest (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2001
  • (Photos) Women and Peace: Women Managing Conflict (BRAMA) 03/09/2001
  • Statement by the President of the Security Council on the occasion of International Women's Day (Photo) (BRAMA) 03/09/2001
  • Sex traffic is Europe's shame (Guardian) 03/09/2001
  • Awash Hungary fights its worst floods (Guardian) 03/09/2001

  • Розгляд ситуації з біженцями у Західній Африці (BRAMA) 03/08/2001
  • Photo: Tractors along the Tysa River are surrounded by flood waters in Tarpa (AP/Yahoo) 03/08/2001
  • Five Die in Ukraine Flooding (AP/Yahoo) 03/08/2001
  • FBI Warns of Organized Computer Hacker Groups (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/08/2001
  • Україна надає особливої уваги розвитку подій на Балканському півострові [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Death toll from floods reaches seven (BBC/FT) 03/08/2001
  • Hungary to contribute to Ukraine-NATO flood defence project (BBC/FT) 03/08/2001
  • Death toll rises in Ukraine floods (BBC) 03/08/2001
  • Ukraine floods death toll rises (CNN) 03/08/2001
  • Ukrainian official says president unlikely to resign over journalist case (BBC/FT) 03/08/2001
  • Ukraine: FBI To Probe Gongadze Death (RFE/RL) 03/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Arrested former deputy premier calls for opposition unity (BBC/FT) 03/08/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition rally for jailed leader (BBC) 03/08/2001
  • Abkhaz premier hopes some progress to be made in relations with Georgia (BBC/FT) 03/08/2001
  • Ukraine asks for aid for Region affected by floods (BBC/FT) 03/08/2001
  • Ukraine intends to withdraw from CIS oil and gas council (BBC/FT) 03/08/2001
  • Ukrainian security supremo (Marchuk) admits Russian control over Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/08/2001
  • Ukraine's security chief Marchuk admits mistakes in handling Honhadze's case (BBC/FT) 03/08/2001
  • Ukraine to invest 100m dollars in space innovation projects (BBC/FT) 03/08/2001
  • Ukraine's anti-presidential forces stand up for jailed ex-deputy premier (BBC/FT) 03/08/2001
  • Marjana Sadovska: A Rugged Musical Journey Through Rural Ukraine (NY Times) 03/08/2001
  • Iraq's oil deal list expands with unfamiliar firms (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/08/2001
  • Flowers, Tears for Ukraine's Jailed 'Gas Princess' (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/08/2001
  • Judge’s decision not to dismiss Holocaust banking cases should not deter forced laborers from filing applications (BRAMA) 03/08/2001
  • U.S. Court Decision on Holocaust-Era Payments: motion denied (BRAMA) 03/08/2001
  • Piracy crackdown on Russia and Ukraine: WTO membership stalled (Financial Times) 03/08/2001
  • Scholars Voice Concern over the Situation in Ukraine / Звернення Науковців та Фахівців (BRAMA) 03/08/2001

  • Bright Voices and Bandura From Ukraine (Wash Post) 03/07/2001
  • U.N. Shuts Brothels In Bosnia, Frees 177 From Sexual Slavery (Wash Post) 03/07/2001
  • On New Europe's Rim, Families Fear Ramparts (NY Times) 03/07/2001
  • Klitschko Eyes Fighting Lewis, Tyson (AP/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • Belgrade, Skopje, West Try to Dampen Balkan Tinder (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • Photo: Galatasaray SK's Brazilian defender Capone battles with Ukrainian striker Andriy Shevchenko (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • Photo: soldier of the Emergency Situations Ministry strokes a dog next to a flooded house in Vareevo (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • Photo: soldier of the Emergency Situations Ministry helps people get out of a boat (AP/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • Villagers row through the flooded streets in Vareevo village of Beregovsky district (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • Photo: Flooded houses of Vareevo village in Beregovsky district (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • Photo: People row past a flooded house in Vareevo village in western Ukraine (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • Photo: Deputy Foreign Minister Yelchenko with U.N.'s Kofi Annan (AP/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • Photo: Elderly Ukrainian women sell self produced horseradish, pickles, apples and potatoes on the eve of International Women's Day in downtown Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • Profiles of Key Israeli Ministers (AP/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • New Data Base Documents Trafficking of Women (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • Hungary: Flooding continues; 30,000 evacuated in Hungary; six dead in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Hungary evacuates 30,000 as floods continue (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Ukrainian president calls for national unity, responsible officials in speech (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • No opposition ministers in Ukrainian government - premier (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • US state secretary concerned by Ukraine's crackdown on political opponents (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Ukraine: New deputy Security Council chief to control arms trade (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 8 March (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier hails new energy minister's appointment (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Government to control funds allocated to coal sector - Ukrainian premier (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Georgian president welcomes Ukraine's move to help settle Abkhaz conflict (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • U.S. Judge Does Not Dismiss German Holocaust Suits (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/07/2001
  • Ukraine appeals for international aid for flooded Western Region (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Tent camp removed quietly, court bans further action (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Agreement with Russia may cause Russian exodus from Latvia - minister (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Kyrgyzstan preparing to redeploy troops in south (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Experts and lawmakers review draft laws in Ukraine (from 3/6/01) (OSCE) 03/07/2001
  • On New Europe's Rim, Families Fear Ramparts (NY Times) 03/07/2001
  • Hungary: 17,000 flood evacuees in northeast, president appeals to people (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Hungarian premier says flooding should be controlled by Romania, Ukraine for (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Thousands flee floods (CNN) 03/07/2001
  • Ukrainian deputy premier, party leader against coalition government (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Students' protest camp removed in centre of capital (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Court orders students to remove protest camp (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Ukrainian nuclear generating set restarted after repairs (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Georgian president, Ukrainian minister discuss Ukraine's mediation in Abkhazia (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • April restructuring of Ukrainian Paris debts likely (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • Hungarian National Security Office issues annual report (BBC/FT) 03/07/2001
  • UN Security Council President announces plans for March: open meetings with focus on Africa (Photo) (BRAMA) 03/07/2001
  • Україна відіграє конструктивну роль в процесі остаточного розв‘язання конфлікту в Східному Тиморі [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/07/2001
  • Ukraine's Deputy Foreign Minister Yelchenko on the disappearance of journalist Gongadze and slow-moving investigation (Photo) (BRAMA) 03/07/2001
  • Kuchma issues loyalty ultimatum over scandal (Financial Times) 03/07/2001

  • Photo: model for Ukrainian designer Lilya Poustovit presents a ready-to-wear coat (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/06/2001
  • Photo: model for Ukrainian designer Lilya Poustovit presents a ready-to-wear outfit (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/06/2001
  • Photo: model for Ukrainian designer Lilya Poustovit presents a ready-to-wear outfit (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/06/2001
  • Заклик до керівників афганського руху “Талібан” припинити руйнування історичних та культурних цінностей [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/06/2001
  • Становище у країнах колишньої Югославії [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/06/2001
  • New Pollution Tool: Toxic Avengers With Leaves (NY Times) 03/06/2001
  • UN Members Urge Taliban to Stop Destroying Statues (NY Times) 03/06/2001
  • Western Ukrainian flood victims flee to Hungary (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • President slams legislators, says that Ukraine has no law-making system (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukrainian president gives officials one week to reject oppostion or resign (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Missing journalist's relatives denied access to case materials until its completion (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Minister urges improvement of Ukraine's image abroad following tape scandal (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecutor blames criminal gang for journalist's death (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Repeat DNA test on body in Honhadze case to be done in USA (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Two dead, 20 bridges destroyed as floods ravage Western Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecution accuses opposition MPs of bribe taking (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Centre-right factions protest against Russian marines training in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukraine creates naval rapid reaction force (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 7 March (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Fuel and energy minister sacked by presidential decree (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukraine begins debt talks with Paris Club, premier optimistic (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukraine nuclear shutdown (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Floods: Record-high water in northeastern Hungary; 7,000 evacuated in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Paper (Vysokyy Zamok) blasts Prime Minister Yushchenko for reluctance to side with opposition (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukrainian president acts on lost Soviet-era savings deposits (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ethnic Russian meeting planned (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliamentary commission head interviewed on missing journalist case (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Deputy speaker supports talks with president, PM on majority (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kuchma has lost all semblance of moral authority (Financial Times) 03/06/2001
  • Papal visit to Ukraine 'ill-timed' - Russian patriarch (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Crafting the free-software future (Salon) 03/06/2001
  • Ukrainian national bank sets 25 per cent discount rate from 10 March (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Ukraine: industrial output up (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001
  • Eastern Euro.Tst PLC - Net Asset Value (BBC/FT) 03/06/2001

  • Cartoon: 'Insane in the Ukraine' (Grist) 03/05/2001
  • Sudden floods catch Ukrainian town unawares, kill one (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Newspaper analyses power struggle between premier, deputy speaker (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Russian statistics agency issues information on CIS industrial growth (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukrainian flood claims first victim; thousands under threat - Hungarian report (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukrainian theater ensemble adds color to the new millenium (Photos) (BRAMA) 03/05/2001
  • Odynsky Innocent of War Crimes, Judge Finds (BRAMA) 03/05/2001
  • Photo: Myroslava Gongadze, wife of murdered opposition journalist (AP/Yahoo) 03/05/2001
  • Ukrainian Students Start New Anti-Kuchma Tent City (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/05/2001
  • No Answers for Ukrainian Widow (AP/Yahoo) 03/05/2001
  • Armenia, Ukraine to expand economic cooperation (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukrainian official denies hampering energy hook-up with Russia (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Thirty villages flooded in Transcarpathia Region (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukrainian coal imports up year-on-year in 2000 (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition says authorities may be planning to kill jailed leader (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier announces improvements in energy sector (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Floods in Transcarpathia Region nearing critical point (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian premiers discuss debt, gas over telephone (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Belarus has highest inflation of CIS countries in January (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Journalist murder, tape scandal connected - ad-hoc commission head (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukraine convenes UN Security Council meeting at Macedonia's request (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • European Commission gives Ukraine 33.3m euros to build nuclear waste facility (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament committee head accuses prosecutor's office of corruption (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Anti-presidential protest resumes in Ukrainian capital (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Broadcasting regulation tightened (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukrainian court satisfies MPs' suit against customs service (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukrainian, Russian leaders discuss implementation of summit agreements by phone (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Anti-presidential protest resumes in Ukrainian capital (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • New tent camp - Presidential staff official describes protesters' plans as unwise (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Officers guilty of disrespect for Ukrainian flag to be fired - police spokesman (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Additional DNA test to be conducted on dead body in Honhadze case (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukrainian president replaces head of energy regulation commission (update) (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 6 March (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukraine: German firm to build nuclear waste recycling facility at Chernobyl (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukrainian artillery, missile troops hold exercise in eastern region (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukrainian centre-right faction denies leaving parliamentary majority (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Slovak eastern border to meet Schengen criteria - official (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukrainian president urges Prime Minister Yushchenko to cooperate with parliamentary majority (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Russian paper details Ukraine's crackdown on media (BBC/FT) 03/05/2001
  • Russia walks tall under Putin (BBC) 03/05/2001
  • Photo: Model Sports a Set of a White Blouse, a Long Red Skirt at Kyiv Fashion Show (AP/Excite) 03/05/2001
  • Photo: Model Wears a Black-And-White Set at Kiev Fashion Show (AP/Excite) 03/05/2001
  • Photo: Model Wears a Blue Set of a Blouse and Pants at Kyiv Fashion Show (AP/Excite) 03/05/2001
  • Thunderous Swiss 'No' to EU may delay entry bid-media (Reuters/Excite) 03/05/2001
  • Russian energy giants rumble into Europe, U.S (Reuters/Excite) 03/05/2001

  • Orthodox Church members protest against papal visit to Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/04/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister to meet Georgian, Abkhaz leaders (BBC/FT) 03/04/2001
  • Kazakhstan mulls joining Russo-Ukrainian space project (BBC/FT) 03/04/2001
  • Summary of Ukrainian ICTV 'Svoboda slova' programme 1700 gmt 04 Mar 01 (BBC/FT) 03/04/2001
  • US Unloads Smuggled Mexico Cocaine (AP/Excite) 03/04/2001

  • Ukrainian Communist leader interviewed on party priorities, strategy (BBC/FT) 03/03/2001
  • Ukraine coal mine selloff could start in autumn (BBC/FT) 03/03/2001
  • Ukraine, Turkey simplify mutual visa requirements (BBC/FT) 03/03/2001
  • Communist leader describes US warning to Ukraine as 'impudent' (BBC/FT) 03/03/2001
  • Ukraine: New centrist party leader denies having presidential ambitions (BBC/FT) 03/03/2001
  • Ukrainian peacekeepers in Sierra Leone demand full payment of wages (BBC/FT) 03/03/2001
  • Russia Frees 10-year Ukrainian Captive in Chechnya (AP/Yahoo) 03/03/2001
  • Police Raid Brothels in Bosnia: Ukrainian women held on suspicion of prostitution (AP/Yahoo) 03/03/2001
  • Український Регіональний Вісник No.14, 1 березня 2001 р. (Інститут Схід-Захід/BRAMA) 03/03/2001
  • Ukrainian, Russian premiers discuss bilateral trade, gas cooperation (BBC/FT) 03/03/2001
  • Russia: Pro-Putin party leader rebukes US administration over Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/03/2001
  • US support for Ukraine tied to progess in legal field, economy - ambassador (BBC/FT) 03/03/2001
  • Ukraine: Tax administration chief elected leader of new party (BBC/FT) 03/03/2001
  • Ukraine PM in call for support (Financial Times) 03/03/2001
  • Ukraine Premier Calls for Compromise (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/03/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's Prime Minister V. Yushchenko listens to journalists (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/03/2001
  • Pop music goes back to its roots in the USSR (Financial Times) 03/03/2001
  • Ukraine PM in call for support: Yushchenko in danger from the political problems in Kiev (Financial Times) 03/03/2001

  • Medvedev embarrassed by errors and Safin's skills (Independent) 03/02/2001
  • Police tear down tent city to end protests in Kiev (Independent) 03/02/2001
  • Book review: How Dynamo Kiev beat the Luftwaffe Dynamo: defending the honour of Kiev by Andy Dougan (Independent) 03/02/2001
  • Letter from Ambassador Gryshchenko to WashPost: Ukrainian 'Struggles' (Wash Post) 03/02/2001
  • 200-Year-Old Torah Stolen in Colorado (AP/Excite) 03/02/2001
  • Purchase of Shares of Ukraine Enterprise Corporation (CNW/Yahoo) 03/02/2001
  • Carpatsky Petroleum Signs Letter of Agreement to Acquire Lateral Vector Resources (CNW/Yahoo) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine Socialist Seeks U.S. Support to Oust Kuchma (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/02/2001
  • Bjoerndalen Beats Andresen to Win Cup Biathlon Race (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/02/2001
  • West wary of Putin's empire-building (The Scotsman) 03/02/2001
  • 200 - Year - Old Torah Stolen in Colo. (NY Times) 03/02/2001
  • Russia links Paris Club backing for Ukraine to USSR debt deal (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine not to get EBRD loan until debt to Paris club restructured (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine: State broadcasting concern subordinated to communications committee (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets currency rates for 3 March (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukrainian inflation falls to 0.6 per cent in February (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine prosecutor refuses new tests on mystery body (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecutor-general rejects request for repeat forensic tests (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Polish, Ukrainian presidents discuss regional developments (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Pro-Western party leader warns of Communist-oligarchic 'conspiracy' (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Armenian president visits south Ukrainian region, meets diaspora (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Rhythmic Rusedski resumes normal service (Guardian) 03/02/2001
  • Helsinki Commission Chairman Urges Ukraine to Confront Legacy of Corruption (BRAMA) 03/02/2001
  • Держави-члени Ради Безпеки ООН покладають надії на ефективне головування України / UN Security Council Member-states relying on Ukraine's effective leadership (BRAMA) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine, Power Generation: EBRD-Funded Opportunity For Chernobyl Shelter Equipment (BRAMA) 03/02/2001
  • George Soros says the Ukrainian president should hand over his duties (Financial Times) 03/02/2001
  • Ukrainian centrist party calls for Prime Minister Yushchenko's removal (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • US sets rules for Ukraine aid (Financial Times) 03/02/2001
  • Opposition forum appeals to foreign governments to defend democracy in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Armenian, Ukrainian presidents sign intergovernment cooperation accord (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Moldova 'welcome' in Belarus-Russia union (Financial Times) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine courts acquit or fine anti-president protesters (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition forum says other forms of action have to be used (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Communist leader denies siding with oligarchs (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine asks Council of Europe's aid for mass media operation (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Planned unification of Russian, Ukrainian energy grids delayed (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Most CIS countries post GDP, industrial growth (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine to buy nuclear fuel from Russia (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine posts forex reserves of 1.7bn dollars (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • USA threatens to cut aid to Ukraine if no progress with democracy (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukrainian students to resume tent protests on 5 March (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Bypass threat makes Ukraine cut oil transit charges (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Opposition forum vows to resist Ukrainian authorities (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Tax Administration chief denies his conversations on scandalous tape (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Leading opposition MP on country's political crisis (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Azeri agency downbeat about GUUAM alliance's future (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Angola bought weapons from Ukraine in 'totally legal' transaction - radio report (BBC/FT) 03/02/2001
  • Лемки: В Пошиках Істини (День) 03/02/2001
  • IЛЮЗIЯ ЧИСТОТИ (День) 03/02/2001
  • Ukrainian Nazi victims urge Germany to start compensation payments (AP/Kyiv Post) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine Nuclear Reactor Shut Down After Electric Failure (AFP/Russia Today) 03/02/2001
  • Ukraine's Air Force, Air Defense to Merge by 2010 (MNU/Russia Today) 03/02/2001
  • Soros Calls on Ukraine's Kuchma to Stand Down (Reuters/Russia Today) 03/02/2001
  • Stanching the Slavic Sex Trade (Russia Journal/Russia Today) 03/02/2001

  • Medvedev magic fuels comeback (Independent) 03/01/2001
  • Ukrainian Police Tear Down Anti-Kuchma Tent Camp (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2001
  • Willing sex slaves (Guardian) 03/01/2001
  • Ukrainian enigma takes Rafter's scalp (Guardian) 03/01/2001
  • Russian giants eye Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 03/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecutor says opposition leader's (Tymoshenko) release on bail unlikely (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Ukrainian TV questions origins of arms-smuggling ship detained by Spain (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Interbrew plans capital hike at Czech unit; remains committed despite FY loss (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 2 March (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Ukrainian, Romanian military chiefs of staff discuss military cooperation (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Estonia, Ukraine discuss WTO, sign protocol on future trade (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Ukraine's brick biz stacking up (Kyiv Post) 03/01/2001
  • Russian giants eye Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 03/01/2001
  • New report fails to say tapes real (Kyiv Post) 03/01/2001
  • Religion News in Brief (AP/Excite) 03/01/2001
  • Shot Put Duel Shaping Up in Atlanta (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2001
  • East Europe Drug Flow Worries Britain (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/01/2001
  • French Try to Prove Chornobyl Caused Ailments (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/01/2001
  • Two Ice Fishermen Die in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2001
  • UMKC student pianist is contestant in Cliburn competition (KC Star/Yahoo) 03/01/2001
  • Bush Cautions Ukraine President (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2001
  • French Try to Prove Chernobyl Caused Ailments (Reuters/Excite) 03/01/2001
  • East Europe Drug Flow Worries Britain (Reuters/Excite) 03/01/2001
  • Safin reaches semifinals, Norman upset at Dubai Tennis (Reuters/Excite) 03/01/2001
  • Alexy II: Catholic Church agrees in principle to joint declaration (Reuters/Excite) 03/01/2001
  • Ukrainian Police Tear Down Anti-Kuchma Tent Camp (Reuters/Excite) 03/01/2001
  • Belarusian president welcomes idea of Moldova joining Belarus-Russia Union (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Patriarch Filaret calls on Pope to jointly revive moral values (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Cornered: Ukrainians are protesting on the streets against their president, Leonid Kuchma (BCE) 03/01/2001
  • Ukrainian court acquits first detained tent camp protester (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • US ambassador to Ukraine 'regrets' anti-presidential tent camp demolition (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Protesters promise to rebuild demolished tent camp (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Ukrainian police tear down anti-Kuchma tent camp (E-Trade) 03/01/2001
  • Ukrainian police break up tent protest (CNN) 03/01/2001
  • Detained Ukrainian tent protesters put on trial (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Ukraine: 44 anti-presidential protesters detained during tent camp break-up (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Demolition of tent camps - a show of 'democracy' - state TV (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Up to 2,000 policemen took part in demolishing tent city - MP (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Police say protest tents demolished by court ruling (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Police attack journalist covering tent city break-up (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Nuclear reactor halted for unscheduled repairs (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Government approves measures to prevent mad-cow disease in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Ukraine: President orders security chief to investigate Greek shipping deal (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Armenian president arrives in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 03/01/2001
  • Photo: President Kuchma awaits Armenian counterpart at airport (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma gestures to reporters (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/01/2001
  • Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Moroz in NYC (photos) (BRAMA) 03/01/2001
  • Представник України в РБ В. Єльченко з Ген. секретарем ООН Кофі Аннаном / Ambassador Yelchenko meets with Kofi Annan (BRAMA) 03/01/2001
  • Photo: Policemen evict occupants of tent camp on Kreshchatyk (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2001
  • Photo: Policemen raid on protesters' tent camp in central Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2001
  • Shot Put Duel Shaping Up in Atlanta (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2001
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

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