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Thu, June 20, 13:37 EDT
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  • Editorial: Ukraine and Europe's Future (Neue Zuercher Zeitung) 02/28/2001
  • Україна головує в Раді Безпеки ООН / Ukraine assumes presidency of the UN Security Council (BRAMA) 02/28/2001
  • Ukraine bans ferret, zoo animal imports (Reuters/Sun-Sentinal) 02/28/2001
  • Eurotech Co-Sponsors 'Viktory for Kids' with Children of Chernobyl Relief Fund: Ice-skating benefit features Viktor Petrenko (BRAMA) 02/28/2001
  • Two Ice Fishermen Die in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 02/28/2001
  • Ukraine to chair UN Security Council starting on 1 March (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Aim of Abkhaz talks in Yalta to boost Ukraine's role as mediator - Shevardnadze (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Ukraine: Socialist leader visits USA, comments on tape scandal (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Six key states push world to 9bn people: By 2050, the UN says, 90% will live in a developing country YEN In Europe, the proportion of children could fall to 14% (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Yuschenko calls on President to compromise amid crisis (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Tallying up the lute and other foreign gifts (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Bush urges Ukrainian leader to resolve crisis (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • US president backs Ukraine's leader at 'testing' time (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Bush urges Ukrainian leader to settle crisis, uphold rule of law and democracy (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Ukrainian prosecutor accuses foreign secret services of plotting tape scandal (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • International body says tapes in Ukraine scandal likely to be genuine (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Ukraine: International expert assessment supports tapes' authenticity, MP (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Ukraine: Voice-recognition test results on scandal tapes inconclusive (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Ukraine repaying 3m-dollar debt to Azerbaiijan for diesel fuel - envoy (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Ukraine attracts 792m dollars in foreign investment in 2000 (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament speaker visits Azerbaijan to extend bilateral ties (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Ukraine: Reputed oligarch advocates social protection, cooperation with Russia (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Polish Border Guard statistics show growing illegal migration in 2000 (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Paper analyzes press ownership in Ukrainian industrial Region (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Ukraine: Communist Party plans major anti-presidential protests 12-17 March (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • Communist Party plans major protests demanding Kuchma and Yushchenko resignations (BBC/FT) 02/28/2001
  • LETTER: More unanswered questions over death of Ukrainian journalist (Financial Times) 02/28/2001
  • UN Study: World To Be Older, Poorer (AP/Excite) 02/28/2001

  • Ukraine Whistle-Blower, in Hiding, Keeps Up Fight (IH Tribune) 02/27/2001
  • Ukrainian President Denies Murder Allegations (Reuters/Russia Today) 02/27/2001
  • Ex-Bodyguard Says There Is No Greater Criminal Than Kuchma -- Part I: Motivations (RFE/RL) 02/27/2001
  • Philly Church Gets New Archbishop (AP/Excite) 02/27/2001
  • LEONID KUCHMA - LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Those responsible for journalist's death should be brought to justice (Financial Times) 02/27/2001
  • Zhirinovskiy: Ukraine will soon join the Union [State] of Russia and Belarus (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Ukrainian, Russian security services sign cooperation agreements (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Crimean Muslims protest at Russian military (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Ukraine: Muslim minority angry with Russian military training in Crimea (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Ukrainian MP alleges whistle-blower in tape scandal staying at NATO base (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Yushchenko under growing pressure for coalition government (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Ukraine: Pro-presidential factions begin talks on coalition government (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Ukraine against military component in GUUAM (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Communist victory in Moldova will not affect relations with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Hungary: 43 illegal immigrants caught at Ukrainian border (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Slovakia to have more liberal visa regime with Ireland, Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Immigration into Russia almost doubled in past five years (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 28 February (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • US MX Radio-2 satellite made ready for Russian-Ukrainian sea launch (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Iran: President pleased with aviation industry cooperation with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Iran to begin building gas pipeline to Ukraine by end of year (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Ukraine keen on promoting economic ties with Iran (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Ukrainian prosecutor opens case into journalist's murder (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Headless corpse is missing Ukrainian journalist (Toronto Star) 02/27/2001
  • Ukrainian premier tells Austrian TV he's unlikely to become president (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Poland to seek EU assurances on entry (Financial Times) 02/27/2001
  • Yugoslav foreign minister's visit postponed (BBC/FT) 02/27/2001
  • Orlando troupe moves onto global stage (Orlando Sentinel) 02/27/2001
  • Church is conveying 'that bounce for life': Metropolitan Archbishop Soroka arrives from Canada ( 02/27/2001
  • eMagin Corporation Recaps Milestones for 2000 (PRNewswire/Yahoo) 02/27/2001
  • Kuchmagate: Ukraine's president is accused of ordering murder and intimidation, yet the west is not keen to comment (Guardian) 02/27/2001

  • Rampant Yorke ends Arsenal's title challenge (Independent) 02/26/2001
  • Sacher-Masoch's birthplace stays true to his 'ism' (Independent) 02/26/2001
  • Photo: Gongadze family portrait (AP/Yahoo) 02/26/2001
  • Communists Win Big in Moldova (AP/Yahoo) 02/26/2001
  • Rotary Club of Boston Hosts Ukrainian Surgeon from Ternopil (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 02/26/2001
  • Flextronics looks farther east (BBJ) 02/26/2001
  • Prominent Swedish Human Rights Activist Speaks Out on Sex Trafficking and Violence Against Women (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 02/26/2001
  • Kazakhstan: Space for Three? (Russia Today) 02/26/2001
  • De La Hoya, HBO Reach Agreement (AP/Excite) 02/26/2001
  • Gorbachev Celebrates 70th Birthday (AP/Excite) 02/26/2001
  • Union between Russia and Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine - Moldovan Communists' poll triumph to pave way (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Paper analyzes recent Ukrainian-Russian summit (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Ukraine pushes ahead with plans for controversial papal visit (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 27 February (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Ukraine declares one-week state of emergency in energy sector (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Ukrainian president feels no change in US attitude towards him (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Deputy speaker warns premier of dismissal unless coalition formed (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Ukraine MPs back call for jailed ex-minister's release (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Officer ready to reveal new compromising material against Ukraine's president (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Ukrainian president says 'shadow money' behind recent protests (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Journalist's mother appeals for meeting with president (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • OSCE critical of investigation into missing Ukrainian journalist case (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Headless corpse officially identified as that of missing journalist (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Missing Ukrainian journalist nominated for OSCE prize in journalism (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Iran: Majlis speaker meets visiting Ukrainian counterpart (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • No contradictions between Ukraine, Iran in foreign policy - Ukrainian speaker (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Regulator delays Russian aluminium company merger (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Ukrainian power plants start to receive EU-funded gas supplies (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • World News: Irish envoy to visit Angola on behalf of UN (Irish Times/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition party says mayor's arrest is political (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Ukrainian president faces calls to resign amid political crisis (FT/WSJ) 02/26/2001
  • Lithuania releases 1991 Soviet coup plotters (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • Palestinian leader asks Arafat to agree on programme committed to intifadah (BBC/FT) 02/26/2001
  • From Under a Couch, an Effort to Stop Corruption in Ukraine (NY Times) 02/26/2001
  • Pope Calls Cardinals to Gather in May (NY Times) 02/26/2001
  • 5,000 Protesters return in Ukraine (Financial Times) 02/26/2001

  • Sugar’s sweet sorrow (The Scotsman) 02/25/2001
  • За Україну без ... фанатизму (Степан Бандера для УП) (Українська Правда) 02/25/2001
  • Ukraine launches fresh protests over journalist's death (This Is London) 02/25/2001
  • Goater gives Shearer unhappy return (Independent) 02/25/2001
  • Photo: Opposition protesters carry a mock image of Ukraine's President (AP/Yahoo) 02/25/2001
  • Photo: Ultra nationalist protesters march to demand ouster of Ukraine's President (AP/Yahoo) 02/25/2001
  • Ukrainian Opposition Protests (AP/Yahoo) 02/25/2001
  • Photos (8): Thousands of anti-Kuchma protesters hit the streets in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine (BRAMA) 02/25/2001
  • Photos (8): Anti-Kuchma Protesters march in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine (BRAMA) 02/25/2001
  • Photo: Protestor waves a Ukrainian national flag (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/25/2001
  • Photo: Masked protesters at opposition rally in central Kiev (Kyiv) (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/25/2001
  • Ukraine: 30,000 reported to have taken part in anti-presidential protest (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • Summary of Ukrainian ICTV 'Svoboda slova' programme 1700 gmt 25 Feb 01 (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Poll shows only 1 per cent of people ready for active protest (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • Protesters' 'tribunal' finds Ukrainian president guilty on five counts (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • American Steel Industry Suffers Losses to Poor Management, Foreign Competition (Chicago Tribune) 02/25/2001
  • TV says 5,000 protesters demand president's resignation in Ukrainian capital (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition organizes anti-Kuchma protest (AP/Miami Herald) 02/25/2001
  • Opposition union backs protesters, calls for president's resignation (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • 10,000 anti-presidential protesters reported at rally in central Kiev (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • It will not always be Pancake Day for Kuchma: Anti-presidential rock concert kicks off in central Kiev (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • Kirovohrad City mayor caught red-handed for bribery (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • EXCLUSIVE: Traditional holiday 'Masliana' celebration in Kyiv (BRAMA) 02/25/2001
  • Clashes between basketball fans hamper anti-presidential rally (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • Massive anti-presidential protest starts in Kyiv (Kiev) (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • Opposition protest leader detained for several hours by police (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • Learning to Fear Putin's Gaze (NY Times) 02/25/2001
  • Ukrainian official, Milosevic discuss cooperation (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • Ukrainian church blends traditions (Repository) 02/25/2001
  • Ukraine opposition gather in Kiev for mass anti-Kuchma rally (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • Over 20,000 expected to take part in anti-Kuchma rally (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • Another Ukrainian mining accident claims fatality (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001
  • Newspaper analyses parliament's failure to dismiss Ukrainian prosecutor-general (BBC/FT) 02/25/2001

  • Princes of the Church Gathered From Afar (Wash Post) 02/24/2001
  • Photo: Sergei Bubka with International Olympic Committee (AP/Yahoo) 02/24/2001
  • Blaine Wilson Wins 4th American Cup (NY Times) 02/24/2001
  • Opposition holds mock trials of president in west, east Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/24/2001
  • Persian Gulf seen as springboard for Ukraine's bid to boost trade with Asia (BBC/FT) 02/24/2001
  • Ukrainian Supreme Council Chairman Ivan Plyushch to visit Iran (BBC/FT) 02/24/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament ratifies gas-for-goods, services deal with Turkmenistan (BBC/FT) 02/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition leader rejects president's 'lies' to CNN (BBC/FT) 02/24/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma dismisses protests (CNN) 02/24/2001
  • NY's New Cardinal Takes Over Church (AP/NY Times) 02/24/2001
  • Drug smugglers see less success (Sofia Echo) 02/24/2001
  • Opposition leaders promise more protests in Ukraine (AP/NJ Online) 02/24/2001
  • Consensus Is Lacking on Bilingual Education (NY Times) 02/24/2001
  • Kuchma instructs Yushchenko to restore power supply to TV (BBC/FT) 02/24/2001

  • Ukraine Calls on FBI in Headless Corpse Case (Reuters/NY Times) 02/23/2001
  • Секретаріат ООН запропонував Україні направити українських військовослужбовців до складу миротворчого контингенту ООН на Кіпрі (Радіо Свобода) 02/23/2001
  • Ukrainian-born U.S. citizen Cardinal Lubomyr Husar (AP/Yahoo) 02/23/2001
  • Photo: Communists protest at U.S. Embassy (AP/Yahoo) 02/23/2001
  • Photo: Leftists burn U.S. flag in Kyiv - NATO protest (AP/Yahoo) 02/23/2001
  • Nordic World Championship Results (AP/NY Times) 02/23/2001
  • Ukrainian bid to update IAF's fleet of An-32s (Jane's) 02/23/2001
  • Ukraine to draw up new national space programme (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • Ukrainian paper analyses premier's refusal to side with opposition (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • Ukrainian prosecutor-general denies deal with Communists to keep his post (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Experts estimate 285,000 HIV-positive people living in the country (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • Moldovan president doesn't want consolidation of GUUAM alliance (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets currency rates for 24 February (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • Ukraine to complete scrapping of SS-24 missiles later this year (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • Five political parties unite into one centrist bloc (update) (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecutor-general replies to missing journalist's mother (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • Ukrainian diaspora in Tyumen needs aid to preserve language - ambassador (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • New Cardinal in a Clash of Creeds (NY Times) 02/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Broadcasting council plans to allow increase in foreign investment (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • Ukrainian prime minister to visit London 1 March for talks with EBRD (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • Ukraine seeks FBI help in body scandal (BBC) 02/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Authorities move high-profile case suspects out of capital (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • Vojvodina radio's minority language staff strike over audibility range (BBC/FT) 02/23/2001
  • Windows on the World Are Opened on the Web: Famine Study (LA Times) 02/23/2001
  • Ukrainian Legislators Turned Away (AP/Yahoo) 02/23/2001
  • Helping an Autistic Child Learn About the World by Playing With Dolls (NY Times) 02/23/2001
  • Ukraine rebel on run in Britain (The Times) 02/23/2001
  • European Union should not ignore regions that fall outside its plans (Financial Times) 02/23/2001

  • Land der toten Helden: In der Krise gerät die Ukraine unter die Fuchtel Moskaus (Die Zeit) 02/22/2001
  • Activists move into the world of art: Chornobyl/Chernobyl (Taipei Times) 02/22/2001
  • Шукайте генерала (Україна молода) 02/22/2001
  • Plucky violist reaches the top on his own - Lvivian in Tokyo (Yomiuri Shimbun) 02/22/2001
  • There is hope for us all, after all (Yomiuri Shimbun) 02/22/2001
  • Photo: Military cadets show their dancing skills at a military lyceum to a visiting Leonid Kuchma (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/22/2001
  • Photo: Head of the U.S. Congress House of Representatives delegation to Ukraine Kurt Weldon greets Leonid Kuchma (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/22/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets currency rates for 23 February (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Ukraine to hold census on 5-14 December 2001 (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Kuchma finds unlikely allies (Financial Times) 02/22/2001
  • Russian experts release report on body found in woods: 99.9% probable (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Numerous regional TV centres cut off from electricity over debts (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Ukrainian president, premier discuss economic ties with Georgian minister (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • US Congress delegation voices support for independent media in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • US Congress delegation holds talks with Ukrainian foreign minister (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Deputy Foreign Minister Yelchenko and Ambassador Kuchinsky deny Ukrainian policy falling under Russian influence (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Russia/Ukraine: Centre, Ukrainian TV sign programme exchange (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Ukrainian crime not connected to international drug cartels - official (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Asylum seeker in UK predicts new immigration wave from Ukraine to West (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Anti-presidential protesters ready to defend tent city (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Court orders anti-presidential tent camp removed (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Lottery Company Provides Update on Financial Outlook (PRNewswire/Yahoo) 02/22/2001
  • Uzbek aircraft maker tries to spread wings (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/22/2001
  • Death and Chaos in Kiev (2/18-2/26 edition) (Time Europe) 02/22/2001
  • Games without frontiers (Guardian) 02/22/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia agree to coordinate media cooperation (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Ukraine: MP commission slams investigation for dragging feet in journalist case (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Turnout meager as Ukraine's opposition calls new protests (AP/NJ Online) 02/22/2001
  • Ukraine protest diminishes (Financial Times) 02/22/2001
  • Ukrainian president says he will not quit (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Chief prosecutor wins no-confidence vote in parliament (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Journalist's mother makes passionate plea to MPs to sack prosecutor (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Both fame and neglect are the scourge of endangered sites (2/18/01) (Chicago Tribune) 02/22/2001
  • Shaping a Legacy, Pope Installs 44 Cardinals (NY Times) 02/22/2001
  • Carpatsky Announces Long Term Growth Strategy (Canada Newswire) 02/22/2001
  • Ukraine plans to sell off majority stake in major mobile phone company (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • US threatens trade sanctions against Ukraine over CD piracy (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001
  • Russia's Deputy premier pledges support to ailing Russian aircraft industry (BBC/FT) 02/22/2001

  • New Management Team Purchases The Flying Hospital (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 02/21/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma Accuses Parliament of 'Aggravating the Situation' (Russia Today) 02/21/2001
  • Yushchenko denies defending chief prosecutor, slams energy minister (BBC/FT) 02/21/2001
  • The Struggle for Ukraine (Wash Post) 02/21/2001
  • Ukrainian president flatly denies ever ordering murder (BBC/FT) 02/21/2001
  • Yushchenko supports Prosecutor-General Potebenko (BBC/FT) 02/21/2001
  • Ukraine's population shrank by about half a million in 2000 (BBC/FT) 02/21/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 22 February (BBC/FT) 02/21/2001
  • Photo: New cardinals greet each othe (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/21/2001
  • Photo: 'For Truth' protest in Ukraine's capital Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 02/21/2001
  • Photo: Retired pole vaulter Sergei Bubka (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/21/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian-born U.S. citizen and Archbishop Lubomyr Husar keeps traditional headgear (AP/Yahoo) 02/21/2001
  • Russia's search for a policy (Comment) (Financial Times) 02/21/2001
  • Ukraine Medic Flees After Threats Over Journalist (Russia Today) 02/21/2001
  • Israeli air force rescues crew of stricken Ukrainian ship (AP/Kyiv Post) 02/21/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition calls new round of protests but few show up (AP/Kyiv Post) 02/21/2001
  • NY Times Corrections (NY Times) 02/21/2001

  • Boeing 717 Certified for Sale to CIS and Ukraine (PRNewswire/Yahoo) 02/20/2001
  • Kiev tent city spearheads anti-Kuchma protests (Reuters/ABC) 02/20/2001
  • Kuchma urged harsh tactics to win election (SF Chronicle) 02/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier's gamble (EIU) 02/20/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 21 February (BBC/FT) 02/20/2001
  • Court suspends ZAP privatization (Kyiv Post) 02/20/2001
  • United Energy Systems of Ukraine tops tax debtor list (UNIAN/Kyiv Post) 02/20/2001
  • Missing Ukrainian journalist's mother, prosecutors clash (AP/Kyiv Post) 02/20/2001
  • Kiev Tent City Spearheads Anti-Kuchma Protests (Reuters/Russia Today) 02/20/2001
  • Ukrainian police need place to stay during visit (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) 02/20/2001
  • Ukraine Medic Flees After Threats Over Journalist (Reuters/Russia Today) 02/20/2001
  • Kochan breaks free of Ukrainian stereotypes (Edmonton Journal) 02/20/2001
  • Lightning Acquire LW From Leafs (AP/Excite) 02/20/2001
  • Kuchma Denies Ukraine Crisis (NY Times) 02/20/2001
  • Photos/Audio: Lviv theater group's expressive performance impresses New York (BRAMA) 02/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Influential party demands investigation into energy memo with Russia (BBC/FT) 02/20/2001
  • Armenia to increase trade with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/20/2001
  • Russians in Ukraine withdraw support for President Kuchma (BBC/FT) 02/20/2001
  • Influential faction announces end of parliamentary majority (BBC/FT) 02/20/2001
  • Broadcast council establishes licence terms (BBC/FT) 02/20/2001
  • Ukrainian speaker and former premier want dialogue with opposition (BBC/FT) 02/20/2001
  • Ukrainian tax administration denies pressuring Freedom House - US human rights organization (BBC/FT) 02/20/2001
  • Belgium: Twenty-five Ukrainian asylum seekers flown back home (BBC/FT) 02/20/2001
  • Corrections and clarifications - It's 'Ukraine' not 'The Ukraine'. (Guardian) 02/20/2001
  • Scandals threaten Ukrainian democracy (Toronto Star) 02/20/2001
  • Kazakhstan census figures - 1/2 million Ukrainians (BBC/FT) 02/20/2001
  • Help Ukraine: shun its leader (Editorial) (LA Times/FT) 02/20/2001
  • Ukrainian leader on situation in the country, relations with Russia (BBC/FT) 02/20/2001

  • The case of the president and the missing reporter (Newsweek) 02/19/2001
  • It's the women who pay the price (Maureen Freely) (Independent) 02/19/2001
  • Missing journalist: Ukraine's president questioned (Independent) 02/19/2001
  • NATO's Expansion Tool (Wash Post) 02/19/2001
  • Moscow Times Editorial: Russia Backs Ukraine, not Kuchma (Moscow Times/Russia Today) 02/19/2001
  • Kuchma Denies Political Crisis (AP/Yahoo) 02/19/2001
  • Four Americans Among New Cardinals (AP/Yahoo) 02/19/2001
  • Ukrainian film takes prize (Variety/Yahoo) 02/19/2001
  • Ukrainian needlework by artist Jan Dralle goes on display in North Dakota (Bismarck Tribune) 02/19/2001
  • Four Americans among 44 men to be inducted as cardinals (NJ Online) 02/19/2001
  • Souness tracks Benfica star (Soccernet) 02/19/2001
  • Football: Rovers To Sign Serg (Mirror) 02/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Court suspends privatization of aluminium plant (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Odessa protesters demand fair investigation of tape scandal (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukraine: MP committee asks premier to suspend Russian electricty deal (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukraine president rounds on critics (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukraine: President slams opposition, vows to maintain order (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukrainian National Bank sets currency rates for 20 February 2001 (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukrainian newspaper studies appointment of new Security Service head (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukrainian president hails 'good potential' of relations with Russia (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukraine's air of unrest (BBC) 02/19/2001
  • Mud-slinging: Observer Column (Financial Times) 02/19/2001
  • Raid shows Bush-Blair bond on Iraq (Guardian) 02/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Fuel and energy minister criticizes former deputy premier (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Anti-presidential protesters to picket parliament on 21-22 February (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Beleaguered Ukrainian president postpones foreign trip (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Arrested ex-deputy premier's former company faces bankruptcy (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukraine raises import duties on used cars (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukrainian president gives awards to influential MP, security council chief (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Russian Volga region governor promises migrants jobs, homes (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecutor explains charges against whistle-blower in tape scandal (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukraine: State commission head details defence industry's problems (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Miners head to Kiev to picket parliament on 21-22 February (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament wants prosecutor to report on journalist case in person (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Portuguese authorities arrest alleged leader of human trafficking gang (BBC/FT) 02/19/2001
  • Binge-drinking: Britain's new epidemic: Alarm at role of alcohol in deaths, violence, crime and accidents (Guardian) 02/19/2001
  • Football: Rovers To Sign Serg (Mirror) 02/19/2001
  • Kyiv police: Attack on opposition newspaper looks like hooliganism (AP/Kyiv Post) 02/19/2001
  • Opposition keeps pressure on Kuchma (AP/Kyiv Post) 02/19/2001
  • Records Fall At Motorola Marathon (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 02/19/2001
  • Ottoman Calligraphy Heart of Show (AP/Yahoo) 02/19/2001
  • New Tapes Appear With Threats by Ukraine's President (NY Times) 02/19/2001

  • Kanchelskis still a wide boy (The Times) 02/18/2001
  • Scandals Enveloping Leader Threaten Ukraine Democracy (Wash Post) 02/18/2001
  • Rumbling Ukraine Protests Yet to Ignite (Russia Today) 02/18/2001
  • Beijing International Women’s Ekiden (IAAF) 02/18/2001
  • The family business (BBC/FT) 02/18/2001
  • Summary of Ukrainian ICTV 'Svoboda slova' programme 1700 gmt 18 Feb 01 (BBC/FT) 02/18/2001
  • Ukrainian police deny terrorist act against Socialist newspaper (BBC/FT) 02/18/2001
  • Turkmen president confirms elections in 2010 - full version (BBC/FT) 02/18/2001
  • Russian paper sees Ukrainian PM flexing political muscle in energy sackings call (BBC/FT) 02/18/2001
  • The case for wolves (Scotsman/FT) 02/18/2001
  • Cultural specialist helps fine-tune health care (Sacramento Bee) 02/18/2001
  • Photo: Protesters rally in the heavy snowfall as they take part in a protest meeting (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/18/2001
  • Photo: Members of Ukraine's UNA-UNSO nationalist party stand on guard in heavy snowfall during a rally (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/18/2001

  • The Citibank Private Bank Photography Prize (Independent) 02/17/2001
  • Literary Landmarks: Painting the mountains with diamonds - Stanislav Ignacy Witkiewicz's Poland (Irish Times/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Ukrainian paper analyzes creation of national opposition forum and its leaders (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Ukrainian centrist party demands investigation into attack on its office (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecutor interviewed on missing journalist case, tape scandal (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Russia's Centre TV accuses Kazakhstan of selling arms to rogue states (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Ukrainian president blames corrupt foes for political crisis (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Belarusian, Ukrainian interior ministries sign cooperation protocol (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Greetings from the Ukrainian president to Iraqi President Saddam Husayn (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Ukraine 'is following closely' situation over Iraq (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Socialist newspaper blames bomb attack on Ukrainian authorities (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Ukrainian navy to stay out of political protests (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Ukrainian paper analyzes creation of national opposition forum and its leaders (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Ukraine: High level of industrial injuries reported in 2000 (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Bulgarian cultural organizations in Ukraine feel 'used' by ruling party (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Ukrainian deputy prosecutor talks about investigation into missing journalist (BBC/FT) 02/17/2001
  • Rousing Piano Recital Is Full of Revelations (2/15/01) (Wash Post) 02/17/2001

  • Tame, train and ride to victory Without the horse, there could be no civilisation as we know it (Independent) 02/16/2001
  • Welcome to Stalinworld! Lithuanian Theme Park opens (ABCNews) 02/16/2001
  • Societe Generale Ukraine closing down ( 02/16/2001
  • Photo: Members of Ukraine's Homeland political party hold portraits of former deputy (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/16/2001
  • Photo: Opposition activists protest against arrest of Ukraine's former Deputy (AP/Yahoo) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian newspaper apologizes to party leader for libel (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Off the Wall: Nasdaq, we will bury you, or long limp the Dow (Financial Times) 02/16/2001
  • Boxing: Fighters must shed weight gradually (Guardian/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukraine is Copyright Enemy No. 1 (TechWeb) 02/16/2001
  • Ukraine Leader Kuchma Faces Crisis (NY Times) 02/16/2001
  • A wasted country: Ukraine - Opinion and Analysis (Financial Times) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian miners' unions demand sacking of fuel and energy minister (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian Culture Ministry lobbying for arts TV channel (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Petoskey tutors Ukrainian doctor (Record-Eagle) 02/16/2001
  • Support for jailed Ukraine politician (CNN) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian paper analyzes Ukrainian-Russian summit (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia, Moldova sign immigration treaty (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine move towards defining border in Sea of Azov - foreign minister (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian Communists deny being 'puppet opposition' (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian leader interviewed by Radio Liberty on political crisis (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian leader ridicules political parties, promises to veto new election law (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • NATO Secretary-General George Robertson to visit Prague (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian leader urges mass media not to aid 'destructive forces' (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Prominent political leader criticizes bilateral agreements with Russia (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian expert in missing journalist case interviewed by Russian TV (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian party coalition accuses president of 'betraying national interests' (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukraine: IMF tranche refusal not connected with political situation - premier (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Romanian consulate in south Ukrainian city picketed over pollution (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian army begins to receive funding for modernizing weaponry (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian cabinet changes will be made only with new deputy PM's consent (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • President 'does not see opposition' in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian president to visit Moldova 20 February (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian National Bank sets currency rates for 17 February 2001 (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Slovakia to boost cross-border ties, wants to ease visa regime with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukraine starts scrapping solid strategic rockets SS-24 (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Костянтин РОДИК: без ринкової перспективи (День) 02/16/2001
  • МАНЕВРИ (День) 02/16/2001
  • «ЗЕЛЕНИЙ» КОРДОН УКРАЇНИ (День) 02/16/2001
  • Russian Foreign Minister Arrives in Ukraine for Talks on Transdniestr Problem (AFP/Russia Today) 02/16/2001
  • Посол США при ОБСЄ Девід Джонсон висловив здивування з приводу тональності заяви Кучми, Ющенка і Плюща (RFE/RL) 02/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Political Tensions On The Rise (2/15) (RFE/RL) 02/16/2001
  • The search for truth in Gongadze case continues ... (RFE/RL) 02/16/2001
  • Russian church officials urge Pope to stay away from Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • World News: Ukraine political crisis worsens (Irish Times/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Soccer (Irish Times) 02/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition pickets prosecution office demanding release of ex-PM (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Energy company manager found dead in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Concerns raised over Russian-Ukrainian power grid merger plan (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukrainian premier follows arrested ex-deputy's case, demands wage arrears paid (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Germany extradites criminal gang chief to Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Energy minister snipes at former deputy PM, hails deal with Russia (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukraine's GDP up in January (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine, Moldova reaffirm support for Moldovan territorial integrity (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Russo-Turkmen gas deal clinched in Ashgabat (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Russian minister advocates cooperation with Ukraine in arms markets (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukraine: About 110m dollars said invested in Ukrainian Internet (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Central bank 'prepared for possible delay of IMF loan' (BBC/FT) 02/16/2001

  • Tennis: Pierce is toppled by outsider (Independent) 02/15/2001
  • Ukrainian women learn to live with HIV ( 02/15/2001
  • Europe's passport own-goal (Financial Times) 02/15/2001
  • Ukrainian Group Upset Over Arrest (AP/Yahoo) 02/15/2001
  • No World Records at Globen Galan (AP/Yahoo) 02/15/2001
  • Obit: Sophie Orich (The Star) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Two opposing rallies held in Crimean city over language issue (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukrainian public union asks for US assistance in missing journalist case (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Miners' trade union joins anti-presidential protest (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 16 February (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine: PM hopes for 'success' in negotiating arrested former deputy's case (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Right-wing party slams 'arrogant arrest' of former deputy PM (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Party picketing remand centre, demand former deputy PM's release (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Energy pact aims to secure Russian electricity exports via Ukraine - paper (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukrainian journalists muse on next steps for the opposition (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Russian newspaper says situation in Ukraine like Moscow in 1993 (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukrainian customs detains lorry smuggling tank parts to Slovakia (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukrainian government slams privatization agency over aluminium plant tender (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Independent test in missing journalist case nearing completion (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukrainian, Russian power grids to resume parallel operation (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Seven escaped juvenile convicts captured, seven still at large (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Moldovan minister urges agreement with Russia on electricity supplies (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine's corruption worse than Czech Republic's (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine, Moldova begin talks on Dnestr conflict (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukrainian security official blames oligarchs for current crisis (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Summary of Ukrainian television Panorama news 1900 gmt 15 February 2001 (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukrainian government plans to widen use of space technologies (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Former deputy premier appeals against arrest warrant (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Foreign minister visits tank plant, comments on Ukraine's geopolitical stance (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Accounts chamber reports embezzlement in Defence Ministry (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine head for 'single electricity space' (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Arrested opposition leader Tymoshenko's health worsening - lawyer (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Energy minister 'surprised' by PM's accusations, says sacking unlikely (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • In Mid-Crisis, Ukraine President Lashes Out at Opposition (NY Times) 02/15/2001
  • Photo: Mother and a brother of a soldier killed in Afghanistan mourn (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/15/2001
  • Ukrainian, Russian foreign ministers to meet in Kharkiv on 16 Feb (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Romanian Defence Ministry denies weapons exported to UNITA in Angola (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Russia, India close tank deal (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Tender sale of six Ukrainian energy firms postponed till end of April (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • The Rumour Mill (football) (Guardian) 02/15/2001
  • Flu epidemic death toll reaches five in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine Says It Won't Build Nukes With Russia (2/11/01) (AFP/Space Daily) 02/15/2001
  • Ukraine: 14 young offenders still at large after prison riot (BBC/FT) 02/15/2001
  • Itinerary to 2003 shows Pope plans to keep going (Guardian) 02/15/2001

  • Кінець 'Міфу про Ющенка' (Українська Правда) 02/14/2001
  • Ukrainian President Hails Talks With Putin As Colossal Step Forward (RFE/RL/Russia Today) 02/14/2001
  • Beleaguered Kuchma orders arrest of key rival (Independent) 02/14/2001
  • Foreign investment in Ukraine totals dlrs 792.2 million in 2000 ( 02/14/2001
  • German government grants Ukraine border control equipment ( 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine's Top Leadership Pledges To Suppress 'Destructive Forces' (RFE/RL) 02/14/2001
  • Photo: Scythian Exhibit (Toronto) (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/14/2001
  • Photo: Andry Shevchenko of Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 02/14/2001
  • Georgia and Ukraine battle to 0-0 draw ( 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine faces collapse, warns Kuchma (CNN) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine's leaders appeal to the nation (BBC) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine's 'censorship killing' (BBC) 02/14/2001
  • Charismatic Opponent of Ukrainian Leader Jailed (LA Times) 02/14/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 15 February (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Chernobyl Sarcophagus reportedly falling apart (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Thirteen Ukrainian nuclear reactors in operation (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Opposition forum to sue Ukrainian president, speaker, premier for libel (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier calls for national accord, dialogue in face of protests (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Nearly half Ukrainians have no trust in president (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Russian speaker hails arrest of opposition leader in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecutor-general calls opposition union unconstitutional (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukrainian security chief sacked for inept performance in tape scandal - paper (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • High living standards entice Ukraine into EU - official (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Former deputy premier's arrest not political - premier (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: New MP registered to replace victim of car crash (update) (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Good relations with Russia no threat to Ukraine's interests - president's aide (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine has no plans to join Russia-Belarus union - presidential aide (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Russian security secretary interviewed by Kiev newspaper on ties with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition MP releases new scandalous recordings (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Newly appointed deputy premier chairs committee for industry, energy (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: World Bank official links cooperation to energy reforms (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier to demand dismissal of energy minister, electricity chief (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier's spokeswoman slams electricity regulator (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukrainian president's representative says tape scandal normal, parts authentic (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Juveniles shot and wounded in prison escape bid, 24 still at large (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine, World Bank agree conditions for further loans (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Georgian defence minister interviewed on military cooperation with Russia (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Kosovo Serb source blames US policeman for 13 February riots in Strpce (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Opposition leader in Ukraine held for tax evasion (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Georgian, Azeri foreign ministers discuss cooperation, security (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: President said to have ordered worst conditions for former deputy PM (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukrainian GDP forecast to rise (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine to cooperate in repairing tanks (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • EU troika member praises importance of Ukraine's European choice (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Opposition forum says authorities prepared to use force in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition MPs demand meeting with prosecutor-general (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier requests control over privatization, tax, customs agencies (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Commanders of Rocket and Artillery Forces hold meeting (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine's reputation abroad not damaged by tape scandal - presidential aide (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Fugitive PM denies receiving bribes from former deputy PM - lawyer (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Security Service says UK asylum seeker wanted in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: OSCE official critical of Honhanze case (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • GDP up 9 per cent in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukrainian premier hails link-up of Ukrainian, Russian grids (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition union slams premier's position on arrest of former deputy (BBC/FT) 02/14/2001
  • Суверенітет і територіальна цілісність Союзної Республіки Югославії (BRAMA) 02/14/2001
  • Ukrainians arrested by immigration authorities (BRAMA) 02/14/2001
  • 20th Annual International Conference on Ukrainian Subjects (BRAMA) 02/14/2001
  • Obit: Helena Babij Petrovich (BRAMA) 02/14/2001
  • Summer Research Laboratory on Russia and Eastern Europe (BRAMA) 02/14/2001
  • Sorry the hardest word for Putin's Russia (from 2/1/01) (Guardian) 02/14/2001
  • A native of that bastion of Creole culture, Kiev, Ukraine ... (from 2/12/01) (LA Times) 02/14/2001
  • Our Neighbors -- The Ukrainians (Columnist Atanas Kobryn 2/7/01) (Sun Herald) 02/14/2001
  • Church service extends beyond parishioners (02/07/01) (Detroit News) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine opposition leader arrested (BBC) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine Ready to Buy up to 60 Billion Cubic Meters of Turkmen Gas a Year (Russia Today) 02/14/2001
  • Editorial: Kiev plight (Financial Times) 02/14/2001
  • Ukraine's former deputy prime minister arrested (Financial Times) 02/14/2001

  • Тимошенко заарештовано (Українська Правда) 02/13/2001
  • Ukrainian surgeon involved in Gongadze investigation seeks UK asylum after death threats (Independent) 02/13/2001
  • The misrule of Mr Kuchma has blighted Ukraine (Independent) 02/13/2001
  • Kuchma may face impeachment for theft and bribery (Independent) 02/13/2001
  • До кінця року, можливо, буде замінено нинішніх керівників усіх силових структур (Радіо Свобода) 02/13/2001
  • Photo: 'Prisons for bandits!' on a street in Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 02/13/2001
  • New protest action by political parties: 'Ukraine for Truth' (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Prime Minister Yushchenko announces big public-sector wage increases (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Letter: IBM's hands are clean (Sun Times) 02/13/2001
  • Analysis: Ukraine's economy (BBC) 02/13/2001
  • EU delegation notes 'certain improvements' with freedom of press in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • EU Foreign Policy Team Visits Kyiv (RFE/RL) 02/13/2001
  • Politicians Form A New Anti-Kuchma Alliance (RFE/RL) 02/13/2001
  • European Union Expected To Keep Kyiv On Hold (RFE/RL) 02/13/2001
  • Photo: A volunteer sticks a poster reading 'Prisons for bandits!' (AP/Yahoo) 02/13/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's sacked deputy Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2001
  • President, premier and speaker address Ukrainian nation in joint statement (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 14 February (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine to develop military-technical cooperation (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Party slams president after Tymoshenko's arrest (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Official denies talks on Ukraine joining Union of Russia and Belarus (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • German foreign minister calls for political solution in Chechnya (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Russia Offers a Motherly Embrace for Ukraine Industry (NY Times) 02/13/2001
  • Ukrainian authorities confirm detention of former deputy PM (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Ukrainian leaders attack opposition alliance (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Ukraine agrees to World Bank aid to create 'transparent' privatization processes (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Tymoshenko detained on charges of bribing fugitive Lazarenko (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Ukrainian leadership (Kuchma, Plyushch, Yushchenko) appeals to nation to oppose recent provocations (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Ukrainian, Uzbek presidents talk on phone (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Ex-Deputy PM Tymoshenko said arrested (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Ukraine: National Salvation Forum accuses president of capitulation (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Prime Minister Yushchenko meets World Bank's country director (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Russian Security Council chief in 'rare interview' (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine leaders renew links, revive fears (Charlotte Observer) 02/13/2001
  • Ukraine tent protesters defy court order to disperse (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • EU delegation in Kiev urges 'objectivity' over missing journalist (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Paintings by Alexandra Isaievych: 'Reconciling Anxiety and Authenticity' (PR) 02/13/2001
  • News Conference scheduled Feb 14 / 'Censorship by Killing' (OSCE) 02/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Police deny involvement in dispersing anti-president protest (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Sloping towards death: images of the Ukraine's homeless (Guardian) 02/13/2001
  • Warhol's Richard Nixon (Vote McGovern), 1972 (from 2/10/01) (Guardian) 02/13/2001
  • Ukraine leader accused of poll blackmail (Guardian) 02/13/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 13 February (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Ukrainian premier (Yushchenko) worried about long-term effects of political scandal (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine sign aerospace deal; tax and tariffs abolished between the two countries (Financial Times) 02/13/2001
  • Fears for Black Sea Fleet accord as Ukraine alters shipping rules (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Anti-Kuchma protesters released from custody (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • EU Russia's biggest trade partner (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Ukrainian, US defence officials discuss ways to promote military ties (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • US, Georgian defence officials discuss cooperation (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Putin's visit is ploy to take heat off Kuchma (Daily Telegraph) 02/13/2001
  • Tennis: Federer and Swiss roll over America (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • Birmingham hosts Davis Cup (BBC/FT) 02/13/2001
  • U.S. Slams Troubled Kuchma Over Missing Journalist (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2001
  • Top EU Officials Head for Scandal-Riven Ukraine (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2001

  • Crowds demand resignation of 'killer' Kuchma (Independent) 02/12/2001
  • Ukraine slides into Russian embrace (BBC) 02/12/2001
  • US panel OKs steel import probe against 6 countries (Reuters/Excite) 02/12/2001
  • Suit Alleges IBM Assisted Nazis (AP/Excite) 02/12/2001
  • 'Folk Art' Magazine direct from Kyiv, Ukraine (BRAMA) 02/12/2001
  • Photo: Gold Medalist Viktor Petrenko and CCRF team up for a spectacular ice-skating benefit (2/8/01) (BRAMA) 02/12/2001
  • 'Vohnem ta Mechem' (Ogniem i Mieczem) now available on video in Ukrainian (BRAMA) 02/12/2001
  • International Conference: Ukraine - The Energy Hub of Europe (BRAMA) 02/12/2001
  • President Kuchma rejects use of force against protesters (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Ukrainian police deny attacking demonstrators in Dnipropetrovsk (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Ukraine court orders anti-president protesters to remove tents (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Kiev [Kyiv] court orders protesters to remove tents (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Opinion: Pope and Ukraine (Irish Times) 02/12/2001
  • Ukraine/UK: Parliament speaker praises neutrality of BBC news (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Ukrainian authorities want dialogue, not force - security council head (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • EU troika to visit Ukraine, discuss rallies, tape scandal (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • President Kuchma upbeat after Ukraine-Russia summit (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Ukrainian government wants World Bank to change terms for loan provision (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Ukrainian first deputy premier comments on change in IMF tranche deadline (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Broadcasting council outlines licensing problems (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • CIS consultations on illegal migration in southern Kazakh capital (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Russia-Ukraine aerospace co-operation going from strength to strength (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Russia's Putin, Ukraine's Kuchma give 'go-ahead' for bridge project (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine sign energy, aerospace, defence industry accords (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian presidents meet space plant workers (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Russia's Putin says meeting with Kuchma 'positive and fruitful' (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Ukrainian, Russian presidents sign about 20 cooperation accords (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Russian president comments on anti-presidential protest in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Russian leader heads for home after Ukraine summit (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Putin leaves Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Ukrainian, Russian presidents praise bilateral talks, joint projects (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Russian-Ukrainian trade turnover up nearly 20 per cent in 2000 (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Russian president comments on results of talks with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Russian and Ukrainian power grids to work 'in parallel' (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Russia: Putin hails Ukraine visit, relations (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Ukrainian premier comments on dismissal of security service chief (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • New pipeline improves gas supply to eastern Turkmen District (BBC/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Putin Dodges Ukraine Politics, Hails Trade Links (Reuters/Russia Today) 02/12/2001
  • Photo: Demonstrators light candles, hold national flags and portraits of missing journalist Heorhiy Gongadze (AP/Yahoo) 02/12/2001
  • Photo: Vladimir Putin and Leonid Kuchma sign an agreement on aerospace cooperation (AP/Yahoo) 02/12/2001
  • Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, answers a question during a news conference, as Leonid Kuchma looks on (AP/Yahoo) 02/12/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine in Energy Deal (AP/Yahoo) 02/12/2001
  • Forced Labor Class Action lawsuit filed against IBM (BRAMA) 02/12/2001
  • Photo: An Engineer Examines the Engine of the Ss-19. (AP/Excite) 02/12/2001
  • Ukraine Rally Calls on Chief to Step Down (NY Times) 02/12/2001
  • Photo: President Leonid Kuchma with Vladimir Putin listening to Moscow mayor Luzhkov (AP/Yahoo) 02/12/2001
  • Putin, Kuchma Meet in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 02/12/2001
  • Громадська думка про політичних лідерів і партії за результатами соціологічних опитувань – січень 2001 р. - круглий стіл (IREX 12.02.01) (IREX ПроМедіа) 02/12/2001
  • Кому потрібні молодіжні репресії - брифінг (IREX 12.02.01) (IREX ПроМедіа) 02/12/2001
  • Incriminating tape is a fake, says Ukraine's president: Charles Clover meets Leonid Kuchma (from 2/10/01) (Financial Times) 02/12/2001
  • Demonstrators demand resignation of Ukrainian president (Financial Times) 02/12/2001
  • Football: That Was The Weekend That Was (Independent/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Bad luck of being taken for a goat (Guardian/FT) 02/12/2001
  • Sports Results (Guardian/FT) 02/12/2001

  • Celtic extend lead after dominating Rangers (Independent) 02/11/2001
  • Rebrov's finesse ends the famine (Independent) 02/11/2001
  • Photos: Anti-Kuchma protest demonstration along Khreshchatyk (BRAMA) 02/11/2001
  • Photo: Protesters shout and wave their fists as they march through Kyiv (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2001
  • Photo: Protesters light candles in memory of missing journalist Georgiy Gongadze as they form a chain along Kyiv's main thoroughfare (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2001
  • Obit: Stephan Chemych (BRAMA) 02/11/2001
  • Putin Flies Into Ukraine's Political Storm (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2001
  • 500 new cases of HIV in Ukraine every month (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Russia's Putin reports improvement in relations with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Putin Refuses to Interfere as He Visits Beleaguered Ukrainian Leader (Russia Today) 02/11/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian leaders to hold first talks tonight (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Russian Border Guard Troops to be cut by 15,000 men within four years (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Protesters arrested in Ukraine (AFP/Nando Times) 02/11/2001
  • Ukraine demo calls for Kuchma resignation (BBC) 02/11/2001
  • Working Ukraine party leader interviewed on politics, government work (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Russia: President Putin backs Ukraine's Kuchma (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Slovak, Russian presidents happy with progress of gas pipeline to Europe (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Legal CD producers in Ukraine suffering from sanctions against pirates (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Putin stops on the slope to tell reporters about Austrian talks, trip to Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Protesters form living chain in Ukrainian capital (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Russia's Putin satisfied with talks in Austria (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Protesters mark security chief's dismissal with mock burial (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Summary of Ukrainian UT2 'Epicentre' programme 1730 gmt 11 Feb 01 (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Summary of Ukrainian ICTV 'Svoboda slova' programme 1700 gmt 11 Feb 01 (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Rally in Ukrainian capital demands president's resignation (BBC/FT) 02/11/2001
  • Smooth Sailing for Medals and Rolex Awards (NY Times) 02/11/2001
  • Photo: large group of protesters march past St. Michael monastery in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2001
  • Photo: group of protesters carrying a huge national flag and anti-presidential banners during a demonstration (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2001
  • Photo: Masked protesters march in a procession past the St. Michael monastery in Kyiv (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2001

  • Ukrainian president says growing opposition threatens security (NY Times/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Photos: Feature film 'The Undefeated' to premier in New York City (BRAMA) 02/10/2001
  • Weekend (Poetry): Speaks true who speaks shadows (Irish Times/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Ukrainian president dismisses security service chief (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Russia boosts trade with CIS and Baltics in 2000 (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Ukrainian first deputy speaker sues sacked deputy premier for libel (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Ukrainian premier promises reshuffle following 'sad' privatization deal (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine may jointly produce and sell arms (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • MP says charges against former deputy premier are groundless (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Ukrainian energy regulator produces environmental report on new reactor (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Deputy prosecutor gives new details about tape scandal (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Ukrainian ambassador praises progress in relations with Russia (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Russia pledges to open doors to Ukrainian capital (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Ukraine eases entry requirements for Slovak nationals (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Businessman accuses Ukrainian TV channel of illegal activities (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Anti-presidential rally forcibly stopped by police in Dnipropetrovsk (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Anti-Kuchma rally blocked by Ukrainian police (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Putin's visit to Ukraine expected to improve defence technology cooperation (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Ukrainian army gets new tank missiles (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • TV channel raps Security Service of Ukraine for old KGB thinking (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Ukraine's security service chief dismissed (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Russian military shipbuilding to get wide range of Ukrainian goods in 2001 (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Flu epidemic affects over two million people in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • British ambassador comments on plans to prosecute Ukrainian Nazis living in UK (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Former deputy premier sues tax administration (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia plan cooperation in space (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Premier rules out state of emergency in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Russian president interviewed on bilateral relations ahead of visit to Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Crimean parliament fails to hold session to break political stalemate (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • No talks on joint IBM production at Ukraine-Russia summit, says Putin (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Putin views events in Kiev as Ukraine's domestic political affair (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Russian, Slovakian presidents discuss gas pipelines to Europe (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Tennis: Ferrero slumps to Sluiter slaughter (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Former Ukrainian premiers urge president to act firmly against protesters (BBC/FT) 02/10/2001
  • Все, що зараз відбувається, закінчиться позитивно (День) 02/10/2001
  • «Питання транспортування газу через Україну - суто економiчне», впевнений iранський посол Ахмад Садег-Бонаб (День) 02/10/2001
  • Джона Одлінг-Смі вислухали, прослухали і записали? «Політичний транш» МВФ може й не дати (День) 02/10/2001
  • Тріумф влади чи опозиції? (День) 02/10/2001
  • Ukrainian Security Chiefs Ousted (AP/Yahoo) 02/10/2001

  • Convicted Cosby Killer Admits Guilt, Apologizes (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/09/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma Hits Back at Moves to Oust Him (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/09/2001
  • Виступ Міністра закордонних справ України А.Зленка перед дипломатичним корпусом, акредитованим в Україні / Address of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine A. Zlenko to the diplomatic corps accredited to Ukraine (BRAMA) 02/09/2001
  • Ukraine: state property fund awards major share to Russia's Avtovaz Invest (Financial Times) 02/09/2001
  • Financial system in Ukrainian State organisations reformed (Europemedia) 02/09/2001

  • St Etienne issue protest (The Scotsman) 02/08/2001
  • Ukrainian president fights for survival (Guardian) 02/08/2001
  • Internet Slowly Grows in Ukraine (Stock Access) 02/08/2001
  • Continued concern about investigation of missing Ukrainian journalist (OSCE) 02/08/2001
  • Photos: Tents from other Ukraine cities join anti-Kuchma action in Kyiv/Kiev (BRAMA) 02/08/2001
  • Photos: Protesters set up a 'Kuchma-free zone' in Kyiv (BRAMA) 02/08/2001
  • Photo: Gold Medalist Viktor Petrenko and CCRF team up for a spectacular ice-skating benefit (BRAMA) 02/08/2001
  • International firm wins tender to supply fuel to Ukrainian power plants (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets currency rates for 9 February (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Internet slowly grows in the Ukraine (Europemedia) 02/08/2001
  • New Russian-Ukrainian passenger aircraft undergoes flight tests (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Ukrainian Interior Ministry views tape scandal as coup attempt (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Parliament wants president to sign law on investigation commissions (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Protesters set conditions for impeachment talks with president (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Ukraine opposition sets condition for talks with Kuchma (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Ukraine's protest rallies 'internal affair', Russian president says (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Influential politician sues newspaper (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Jefferson has date with Ukrainian in Germany (Detroit Free Press) 02/08/2001
  • Talks Continue With Iran On Gas Pipeline For Europe (RFE/RL) 02/08/2001
  • Ukrainian Leader Suspected in Case (AP/Yahoo) 02/08/2001
  • Ukraine sells aluminium smelter to Russia's AvtoVAZ (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/08/2001
  • Czechs to open labour market to foreigners to counter ageing population issue (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Canada imposes antidumping duty on Ukrainian ferroconcrete imports (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Ukrainian state oil firm focusing oil transit to Croatian port (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • GUUAM summit postponed following requests by Azeri, Moldovan leaders (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Copies of tapes in missing journalist case passed to Vienna press body (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Ukrainian anti-presidential protest actions set to resume 11 February (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Ukrainian MP alleges bribes offered to join factions in parliament (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Wladimir Klitschko will make the first defence of his WBO title (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Ukraine supplying diesel locomotives to Iran, hopes to supply Iraq (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Russia aims to build 25 new nuclear reactors (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Customs officers who searched MPs dismissed from service (BBC/FT) 02/08/2001
  • Партiя влади чи влада партiй? (День) 02/08/2001
  • Повернення розстріляної еліти (День) 02/08/2001
  • Пам'ятник українському бізнесмену (День) 02/08/2001
  • Росія більше не вважає інтеграцію в СНД за самоціль (День) 02/08/2001
  • Україна повинна стати ліберально державою (День) 02/08/2001

  • 'Murder tape' threatens to topple Ukraine leader (Independent) 02/07/2001
  • Obit: Halyna Zajac (Chicago Tribune) 02/07/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 8 February (BBC/FT) 02/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Paper blames printing house for refusal to publish its issue (BBC/FT) 02/07/2001
  • Ukrainian president orders increase in pensions (BBC/FT) 02/07/2001
  • Key Antonov project to be restarted despite Siberian crash (BBC/FT) 02/07/2001
  • IMF unlikely to release Ukraine loan soon (BBC/FT) 02/07/2001
  • Obit: Галина Заяць - Halyna Zajac (BRAMA) 02/07/2001
  • Повідомлення для ЗМІ: Постійне представництво України при ООН (BRAMA) 02/07/2001
  • Ukrainian Cellco Sale (Kagan) 02/07/2001
  • Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Vacationed (RFE/RL/Russia Today) 02/07/2001
  • Russia Agrees to Chechnya Mission (AP/Excite) 02/07/2001
  • Project director gives details of Iran-140 aircraft's features (BBC/FT) 02/07/2001
  • Iranian, Ukrainian officials hold second round of talks, sign agreement (BBC/FT) 02/07/2001
  • Ukraine considers creating unified naval force at meeting with NATO (BBC/FT) 02/07/2001
  • EU criticises Kiev on missing journalist (Financial Times) 02/07/2001
  • Wine Talk: A Favorite Wherever Glasses Are Lifted (NY Times) 02/07/2001
  • Thousands March in Kyiv Over Political Crisis (NY Times) 02/07/2001

  • Putin bids to ease strained relationship with Ukraine with presidential visit (Independent) 02/06/2001
  • Вестерн Юніон допомагає підтримувати родинні зв'язки і в новому тисячолітті (BRAMA) 02/06/2001
  • Повідомлення для ЗМІ: Постійне представництво України при ООН (BRAMA) 02/06/2001
  • Kennan Institute Short-Term Grants (BRAMA) 02/06/2001
  • EU criticises Kiev over journalist (Financial Times) 02/06/2001
  • Oklahoma State U. teams with U. Oklahoma for wind power research (UWire/Excite) 02/06/2001
  • Marchers Want Urkaine President Out (AP/Yahoo) 02/06/2001
  • Russian confectioners merge to tackle sweet market (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/06/2001
  • FIFA Urges False Passport Crackdown (AP/Yahoo) 02/06/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 7 February (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Iran and Ukraine agree to expand economic cooperation (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • International gas supplier says Ukraine still owes 55m dollars (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Russian minister says Ukrainian position on Russian language acceptable (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Crimean government, Russian city sign cooperation treaty (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Foreign Ministry slams EU statement on missing-journalist case (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Anti-presidential rally musters 2,500 people in north Ukrainian city (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Small-scale anti-presidential rally held in Kharkiv (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Anti-president protesters clash with communists in central Kiev (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Chemical substance used in attack on anti-presidential tent camp (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Obit: Luba Mensheha, Ukrainian-American, dies (Star Tribune) 02/06/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian protesters clash with each other in central Kyiv (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/06/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian protesters clash with each other (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/06/2001
  • Former military intelligence chief forecasts civil conflict (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Socialist leader says authorities trying to hamper protest (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Protest in Ukrainian capital becomes more violent (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Anti-presidential protest musters 10,000 in central Kiev (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Ukraine anti-presidential protest musters 10,000 (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Photo: Opposition Protesters Clash with Ukraine's Police (AP/Excite) 02/06/2001
  • Photo: Opposition protester calls for an attack on the Ukrainian Presidential Administration Building (AP/Excite) 02/06/2001
  • Photo: Opposition Protesters from Around Ukraine March in Kyiv (AP/Excite) 02/06/2001
  • For Medvid, A Happier Return (Wash Post) 02/06/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine exchange rates for 6 February (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Ukraine hopeful on IMF talks (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Carlos Pascual, US ambassador interviewed on Ukraine's defence, economy, (BBC/FT) 02/06/2001
  • Ukraine: 'Everyone is talking about 'Russian expansion' as though the capital is moving in because of some Kremlin decree. But it is coming in because it is profitable to invest here.' (Financial Times) 02/06/2001

  • Ukraine's Mobile Phone Company 2000 Profit Falls (Stock Access) 02/05/2001
  • Beer and carols with soldiers in their Y-fronts (Independent) 02/05/2001
  • Ukraine: working conditions for media / concerns regarding the Gongadze case (EU Council ) 02/05/2001
  • Penn State U. students sponsor storytelling program (UWire/Excite) 02/05/2001
  • Ballet Premieres Mesmerizing 'Moth', Caniparoli work direct, focused (SF Chronicle) 02/05/2001
  • Six Ukrainian Lumberjacks Die in Russian Fire (AFP/Russia Today) 02/05/2001
  • Obit: Alex J. Zabrosky (Chicago Tribune) 02/05/2001
  • EU expresses concern with situation in Ukrainian mass media (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Influential Ukrainian politician sues Radio Liberty (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine sets exchange rates for 6 February (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Defence industry head rejects reports of building missiles for Russia (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Extreme nationalist group warns of possible civil war (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Thirty parties assemble to support president in tape scandal (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • US embassy picketed by anarchist group in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Iran: First domestically-built passenger aircraft to begin service (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Anti-presidential tent city in central Kiev expanding (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister meets US secretary of defence (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Ukrainian premier, Georgian defence minister discuss relations, fuel transit (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • IMF official noncommittal on Ukraine loan (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Ukrainian, Georgian defence ministers sign cooperation plan (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Premier convinced IMF will grant loan to Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Defence-industry official slams president's favouring tank production (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Ukraine spokesman denies prosecutor has resigned (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • President's spokesman rejects accusations of planned reprisals (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Defence minister pledges army's support for president (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Spokesman denies president admitted scandalous tapes authentic (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Russian Government's Official Newspaper on Ukrainian Extremist Parties' Alliance (from Rossiyskaya Gazeta 1/30/2001) (UCSJ) 02/05/2001
  • Grim war on human traffickers: Few bright spots in a long battle against untouchable bosses with resilient networks (Guardian) 02/05/2001
  • Ukrainian premier to announce cabinet changes tomorrow (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Bubka says farewell in front of 5,000 fans (IAAF) 02/05/2001
  • Volunteers raise funds for federation (South Jersey News) 02/05/2001
  • Prosecutor's office says parts of scandalous tape real (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Protesters stop hunger strike after police apologize for using force (BBC/FT) 02/05/2001
  • Letter: New US administration puts strain on Ukrainian relations (by Bohdan Skrobach) (Financial Times) 02/05/2001
  • Behind 4 Pardons, a Sect Eager for Political Friends (NY Times) 02/05/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian pole vault legend Sergei Bubka poses with a bouquet of roses during a farewell ceremony (AP/Yahoo) 02/05/2001

  • Ahtletics: Szabo shows top form in Stuttgart (BBC Sport) 02/04/2001
  • Obit: Harold Schain; saw Dillinger killed (Sun Times) 02/04/2001
  • Summary of Ukrainian 'Our Army' military programme 0800 gmt 04 (BBC/FT) 02/04/2001
  • Flu epidemic hits Ukraine schools (BBC/FT) 02/04/2001
  • Protesters in tense Ukraine demand president step down (NJ Online) 02/04/2001
  • Photo: AC Milan Ukrainian forward Andriy Shevchenko caught between opponents (AP/Yahoo) 02/04/2001
  • Photo: man in Ukrainian folk clothes, right, plays guitar and sings anti-presidential songs (AP/Yahoo) 02/04/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian lawmaker Grigoriy Omelchenko writes 'Kuchma resign' on a fence (AP/Yahoo) 02/04/2001
  • Ukrainians Rally Against President (AP/Yahoo) 02/04/2001
  • U.S. is no dream for these brides (Seattle Times) 02/04/2001
  • Maria Guleghina: A Soprano Who Stands Time's Test (NY Times) 02/04/2001

  • BOOK: Drinking to the fall of communism. Andrzej Stasiuk tells James Hopkin about life on the road in eastern Europe (Guardian) 02/03/2001
  • (Фото) Ситуація у Демократичній Республіці Конго (BRAMA) 02/03/2001
  • Ukrainian Ambassador UNSC: on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (BRAMA) 02/03/2001
  • Photos: The Ukrainian Museum's Malanka 2001 (BRAMA) 02/03/2001
  • Фото: Маланка 2001 р. Українського Музею (BRAMA) 02/03/2001
  • Костянтин ГРИЩЕНКО: Сподіваюся, політика Буша щодо України буде більш «українською » (День) 02/03/2001
  • Максимум до 2020 року зможе працювати вітчизняна атомна енергетика без належного фінансування вже сьогодні (День) 02/03/2001
  • Elisabeth Stenbock-Fermor; Language Teacher (LA Times) 02/03/2001
  • Software impersonation from Ukraine (MSNBC) 02/03/2001

  • Ukraine: Analysis From Washington -- Fighting Over Masochism (RFE/RL) 02/02/2001
  • Photo: Two former pilots of Tu-22M Backfire leave after they took a last look at the bomber (AP/Yahoo) 02/02/2001
  • Photo: excavator with a scissors attached, cuts off the nose of a Tu-160 (AP/Yahoo) 02/02/2001
  • Photo: excavator equipped with cutting blades removes the cockpit section of the last Tu-160 (AP/Yahoo) 02/02/2001
  • Photo: excavator fitted with a cutting device cuts off the cockpit area of a Tu-22M Backfire aircraft (AP/Yahoo) 02/02/2001
  • Two more parties join Ukraine Without Kuchma action (Kyiv Post) 02/02/2001
  • Ukraine's human rights ombudsman urges Poland to look nto Ukrainian driver's killing (Kyiv Post) 02/02/2001
  • Ukrainian doctors leave for India to take part in relief work (Kyiv Post) 02/02/2001
  • Naftogaz, Gazprom continue talks to restructure gas debt (UNIAN/Kyiv Post) 02/02/2001
  • Analysis From Washington -- Fighting Over Masochism (RFE/RL) 02/02/2001
  • Anti-Kuchma Protesters March on Kiev From West (RFE/RL/Russia Today) 02/02/2001
  • Photo: Workers dismantle Ukraine's last Tupolev 160 strategic bomber (AP/Yahoo) 02/02/2001
  • Ukraine Police Storm Prison, Free Hostages (Reuters/Russia Today) 02/02/2001
  • Olympic Medalists Back to Work at Millrose Games (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/02/2001

  • Spartak upset at goalkeeper block (Daily Telegraph) 02/01/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine Presidents to Meet February 11-12 (AFP/Russia Today) 02/01/2001
  • Russia Persists In Seeking New Gas Routes To Europe (RFE/RL/Russia Today) 02/01/2001
  • Letter to Editor: For Stability in Ukraine (NY Times) 02/01/2001
  • Photo: U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Carlos Pascual (L) and his British colleague ambassador Roland Smith (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/01/2001
  • Ukrainian Prisoners Take Two Guards Hostage (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/01/2001
  • Turkmens buy $70 mln Boeing, eye more purchases (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/01/2001
  • Olympic Pole Vaulter Bubka Retires (AP/Yahoo) 02/01/2001
  • Ukrainian think-tank reviews information sphere, proposes changes (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Flu epidemic starts in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Media council official denies prejudice in broadcast licensing (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Ukrainian president appoints Justice Minister Stanik as representative to Venice Commission (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Ukraine, Turkmenistan to sign 5-year gas supply agreement in May (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Sacked vice premier may run for parliament - newspaper (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Police detain three members of nationalist group (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Ukrainian ombudsman urges Polish colleague to look into road murder case (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Ukrainian nationalist group pickets Polish embassy over shooting of motorist (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Criteria for broadcast licensing 'unclear to public' - US ambassador (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Agricultural foreign trade up (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • High grain imports in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Bosnia: canton police give details on extent of foreign prostitution (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Ukrainian firm halts dock project over Russian debts (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Debt repayment plans (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Criteria for broadcast licensing said lacking transparency (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Foreign debt reduced (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Ukrainian president, Iranian foreign minister discuss expansion of economic ties (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Vietnam reelected vice-president of UNDP-UNFPA executive council (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Inmates take prison guards hostage in Ukraine, demand meeting with Chechen envoy (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Flu epidemic shuts down schools in Kiev (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Ukrainian president ratifies missile agreements with USA, Russia (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Students represent a world of diversity (Courier Times) 02/01/2001
  • 'No question' of gas supply to Ukraine before payment - Itera (BBC/FT) 02/01/2001
  • Health Ministry: Two die of flu in Ukraine ( 02/01/2001
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

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