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Subject: Borobudur Temple Tour
Posted: Sun May 20 09:38:25 2018
Name: Rebecca Tour
Description: INDONESIA - MAGELANG: BOROBUDUR TEMPLE TOUR Borobudur is the greatest Budha monument in the world and last time become on of the seven wonder in the world. The monumen was built in 8 century or around 400 years before the greatest catedral was built in Europe and 300 years before Angkot Vat in Camboja. Made of volcanic stone for 75 years by talented artist, smart architect and loyal people. Visit the monument and enjoy spaectacular panorama from the top of manument.Whoever you are we will server you. For further information visit our website at
Subject: Anarkali Salwar Kameez
Posted: Sat May 19 08:33:36 2018
Name: Sanjay Singh
Phone: 8090920290
Description: Anarkali Salwar Kameez - SRINGAAR is the Brand Name of anarkali salwar kameez, anarkali shalwar kameez, anarkali shalwar suits, We have a tendency to value our customers more than anything and want them to be happy.
Subject: Delight your loving siblings with online Rakhi Gif
Posted: Wed May 16 06:59:13 2018
Name: Shwati Gupta
Description: Rakshabandhan means ‘the tie or knot of protection. This auspicious occasion marks the love between a brother and sister. Wish your loving brother and sister with special gift of Raksha Bandhan and Order Cake Online for Rakhi as a token of love. Make your beloved sibling happy with your enormous love and Send Cakes for Rakhi in Ahmedabad that can convey the message of your heart at best possible manner.
Subject: Заказ автобуса в Харькове
Posted: Mon May 7 09:29:14 2018
Name: Дарина Панченко
Phone: 050 2 133 133
Description: Аренда автобусов из Харькова по Украине. Автобусы от 8 до 55 мест, марки: Daf, VOLVO, SCANIA, NEOPLAN, ISUZU, MERCEDES-BENZ. Оборудованы мягкими откидными сиденьями, автономным обогревом салона, ТВ, ДВД, микрофон, кондиционер, большие багажные отделения. Демократические цены, индивидуальный просчет. Наличный и безналичный расчет.

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