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Fri, May 24, 15:06 EDT
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  • Ukraine not involved in illegal arms trade with Iraq - consul Yuriy Orshanskyy (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/30/2001
  • Murdered journalist's wife [Myroslava Gongadze] calls for international investigation (Freedom Forum) 06/30/2001
  • Papal visit may have significant bearing on future of Ukraine (Winston-Salem Journal) 06/30/2001
  • Football: Spurs plan pounds 30m swoop for Shevchenko (Guardian) 06/30/2001
  • Gas accords with Russian being implemented says Ukrainian official (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/30/2001
  • Ukraine: New party set up to protect peasants (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/30/2001
  • A Hotel Alliance Splits Up, but Schrager Presses Ahead [Shevchenko Place Issue, from 6/28/01] (NY Times) 06/30/2001

  • A brave Pope's pleas fall on stony ground (Daily Telegraph) 06/29/2001
  • Hollywood's A-list provides a sideshow at the court of Italy's fashion emperor (Independent) 06/29/2001
  • Man With A Mission: The Pope visits Ukraine, but finds old divisions still fresh (Time) 06/29/2001
  • Corruption Perceptions Index 2001 ranks 91 countries (from 6/27/01) (Transparency International) 06/29/2001
  • [Russian] Patriarch attacks Pope trip (The Times) 06/29/2001

  • Der ZEIT Kulturbrief (Die Zeit) 06/28/2001
  • Pope hails Ukrainians who died for Church (Daily Telegraph) 06/28/2001
  • Ukrainians' search for jobs founders in the Dead Sea (Daily Telegraph) 06/28/2001
  • Rentech Signs MOU for GTL License in Bolivia (PRNewswire/Excite) 06/28/2001
  • Ukrainian PM Kinakh objects to Russian proposal on oil and gas company's debt (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/28/2001
  • Ukrainian president discusses Pope's visit with Polish leader (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/28/2001
  • Detainees should be released under Ukraine's new legal system - lawyer (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/28/2001
  • Ukrainian judges unprepared to issue search, arrest warrants (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/28/2001
  • Dov Levin, Israeli judge who convicted John Demjanjuk and barred anti-Arab Kach group from parliament, dies at 76 (AP/NJ Online) 06/28/2001
  • Polish and Ukrainian presidents exchange observations about recent state visits (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 06/28/2001
  • Ukrainian president meets Polish counterpart, reaffirms European choice (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/28/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition fails to erect monument to independent journalists (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/28/2001
  • Ukraine: Pope's Last Mass Draws More Than A Million, Including Kuchma (RFE/RL) 06/28/2001
  • Pope's visit fails to heal old wounds: Pope forgives and forgets, Russian Patriarch recriminates and remembers (Guardian) 06/28/2001
  • Pope Urges Unity in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 06/28/2001
  • Reactor at Ukrainian power station halted for planned repairs (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/28/2001
  • Radar station in Ukraine disconnected over Russian Defence Ministry debts (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/28/2001
  • Russia allocates fund for disaster relief to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/28/2001
  • Putin favours strategic partnership ties with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/28/2001
  • IQ Labs Appoints Vladimir Kamen as Chief Technical Officer and VP of Engineering (Business Wire/Yahoo) 06/28/2001
  • Menswear in Milan from the sublime to the ridiculous (NJ Online) 06/28/2001
  • Thursday's international soccer scores (Sporting News) 06/28/2001
  • Ghana, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Paraguay advance (Sporting News) 06/28/2001
  • Paraguay sinks Ukraine 2-1 to reach youth cup quarters (Sporting News) 06/28/2001
  • Ukrainian Newspaper Publisher Shot Dead (CPJ) 06/28/2001
  • Police scupper Ukrainian protest (CNN) 06/28/2001
  • JKX Oil & Gas PLC - Ukraine Court Decision (RNS/FT) 06/28/2001
  • Polish and Ukrainian presidents meet (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 06/28/2001
  • Antipresidential protest mars Ukraine's Constitution Day (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/28/2001
  • Ukraine: opposition defies ban on anti-president demo (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/28/2001
  • Russia to lend Ukraine 200m dollars to build nuclear power plants (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/28/2001
  • Russia does not want gas debt to be 'excessive burden' on Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/28/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia agree to reconnect power grids (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/28/2001
  • Ukrainian media mogul Rabynovych condemns US press attacks (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/28/2001
  • Ukraine: Antonov enterprise resumes production of Mriya transport plane (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/28/2001
  • NEW FILMS: FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (RE-ISSUE) (Independent/FT) 06/28/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 06/28/2001
  • Welcome for Pope Is Mixed Blessing (LA Times) 06/28/2001
  • Pope calls for end to thousand-year schism in church (Independent) 06/28/2001
  • Frail Pope energized by gruelling Ukraine trip (Globe and Mail) 06/28/2001
  • Papal visit supports Ukraine's aspirations for stronger ties with the West (NJ Online) 06/28/2001
  • Pope ends controversial visit to Ukraine with unity theme (Dallas News) 06/28/2001
  • Papal Mass Draws 1 Million (Wash Post) 06/28/2001
  • В Нью-Йорку завершилася спецсесія Генеральної Асамблеї ООН зі СНІДу (BRAMA) 06/28/2001
  • Pope, Ending Visit to Ukraine, Reaches Out to Orthodox (NY Times) 06/28/2001

  • PrivatBank Accepts Payments for IP-Telephony Services via ATMs (Stock Access) 06/27/2001
  • Ukraine resigned to keeping its unpopular leader (CSM) 06/27/2001
  • Near his homeland, pope urges forgiveness in Eastern Europe (Dominion Post) 06/27/2001
  • Pope positive over Ukraine visit (BBC) 06/27/2001
  • Pope stresses Ukraine's special role between West, East - spokesman (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/27/2001
  • Pope calls for mutual forgiveness at liturgy in west Ukrainian city (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • World News: Huge turnout for Pope's Mass in Ukraine's Catholic heartland (AFP/FT) 06/27/2001
  • Ukrainian leader's press secretary doubts Pope visit to affect ties with Russia (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/27/2001
  • Belarusian president, Russian patriarch call for Slavic unity (BBC/FT-Minsk) 06/27/2001
  • Ukraine: Journalist urges inquiry into alleged abuse of office by security chief (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • [Kateryna Chumachenko] Wife of former Ukrainian premier [Viktor Yushchenko ] brings court action against media (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • Ukraine: authorities ban building of Greek-Catholic church in Kharkiv (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • Pope's visit to Ukraine was organized excellently - Vatican spokesman (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • (Corrected) Ukrainian president says farewell to Pope (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • Ukrainian president says farewell to Pope (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • Pope thanks President Kuchma for invitation, sees Ukraine as part of Europe (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • Pope completes his visit to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Lviv) 06/27/2001
  • Pope honors Ukrainian martyrs (MSNBC) 06/27/2001
  • Ukrainian Catholics survived days of darkness (USA Today) 06/27/2001
  • Two Moldovans given life for murder of Ukraine naval cadets (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia agree to reconnect power grids from 1 August, says TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • Russian deputy PM does not want gas debt to be 'excessive burden' on Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/27/2001
  • Kazakh company cuts delivery of Turkmen gas to Ukraine for debts (BBC/FT-Almaty) 06/27/2001
  • Ukrainian premier seeks EU cooperation on energy projects (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • Ukraine election chief urges speedy decision on election law (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • Epic drills and completes well #A-105 in Aktash field (Oil Online) 06/27/2001
  • Pope Leaves Ukraine with Message of Unity (NPR: All Things Considered) [AUDIO] (NPR) 06/27/2001
  • Pontiff's Last Day In Ukraine (CBS) 06/27/2001
  • Pope Beatifies Martyrs Before Million Faithful (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/27/2001
  • One Million Cheer Pope in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 06/27/2001
  • The perils of European enlargement (Financial Times) 06/27/2001
  • Survey Says Finland Least Corrupt, Bangladesh Worst (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/27/2001
  • Editorial Roundup (AP/Yahoo) 06/27/2001
  • Photo: pilot takes a picture as Pope John Paul II walks up a staricase to the plane (AP/Yahoo) 06/27/2001
  • Detroit Based Bandurists Represent the U.S. in Ukraine's Tenth Celebration of Independence (BRAMA) 06/27/2001
  • Agrarian reform in Ukraine: achievements and errors (AgriUkraine) 06/27/2001
  • Ukrainian speaker Plyushch urges more powers for parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • Plans Set for Tall Ships Arrival (Detroit News) 06/27/2001
  • Ukraine: Pope Beatifies Martyrs, Urges Forgiveness (RFE/RL) 06/27/2001
  • Million gather for Ukraine mass (BBC) 06/27/2001
  • Pope to beatify Ukraine martyrs (CNN) 06/27/2001
  • Pope's visit stirs feelings of patriotism in Ukrainians (Globe and Mail) 06/27/2001
  • Pope brings out joy in Catholics, suspicion in Russians (Independent) 06/27/2001
  • Analysis: Bridging the schism (BBC) 06/27/2001
  • Pope Hears Cheers in Western Ukraine (Wash Post) 06/27/2001
  • Ukrainian premier Kinakh seeks EU cooperation on energy projects (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • Ukraine election chief Ryabets urges speedy decision on election law (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/27/2001
  • Kazakhstan to limit Turkmen gas transit to Ukraine due to debts (BBC/FT-Almaty) 06/27/2001
  • Parmar empties reserve tank to seal dramatic victory (Independent/FT) 06/27/2001
  • Crowd Welcomes Pope at Ukraine Mass (AP/Yahoo) 06/27/2001
  • Стратегія розвитку суспільства. Україна і світ [презентація книги: IREX 2.7.01] (IREX) 06/27/2001
  • Orthodoxy and Catholicism Collide in a Ukrainian Town (NY Times) 06/27/2001
  • Wimbledon 2001 (Independent/FT) 06/27/2001
  • Orthodoxy and Catholicism Collide in a Ukrainian Town (NY Times) 06/27/2001
  • Pope upsets Ukraine by beatifying priests with Nazi links: PATRICK COCKBURN (Independent/FT) 06/27/2001
  • Pope warns against migration (BBC) 06/27/2001

  • Ukraine's 'Kuchma-Gate' Bodyguard Defends Name (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • CIS states urge Sea Launch move (Spaceflight) 06/26/2001
  • Пошук шляхів кардинального виправлення гуманітарної кризи в Іраку [ООН] (BRAMA) 06/26/2001
  • Програмна діяльність Європейської економічної комісії (ЄЕК) на 2002 рік [ООН] (BRAMA) 06/26/2001
  • Tuesday's Wimbledon results (Sporting News) 06/26/2001
  • Paris showcases high-tech planes (China Daily) 06/26/2001
  • Ukrainians observe American education at U. Texas-Arlington (UWire/Excite) 06/26/2001
  • Chinese immigration important for Russian economic revival - migration of Russians to Ukraine will inevitably grow (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/26/2001
  • Pope stuns Ukraine crowd by singing in the rain (AFP/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • Pope meets Ukrainian youth in western city [Sykhiv, Lviv] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/26/2001
  • John Paul II in Ukraine: Missing Journalist [Gongadze] and a Mother's Grief (AFP/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • Ukrainian premier praises Pope's visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/26/2001
  • Ukrainian premier vows to see missing journalist case [Gongadze] through (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Security service searches journalist Oleh Yeltsov's home (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/26/2001
  • Ukrainian anti-presidential forum to be reformed - opposition leader Tymoshenko (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Some 30 per cent would vote for bloc formed by ex-premier - poll (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/26/2001
  • Ukrainian design company wins tender for launching Egyptian satellite (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/26/2001
  • Russia suggests safe way of disposing of antipersonnel mines (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/26/2001
  • EU promises support for Ukraine's European choice, says TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecution suspends court ruling on UK firm's stake in oil company (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/26/2001
  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry calls for peace in Macedonia (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/26/2001
  • How the home hopes fared (first-round singles) (Guardian/FT) 06/26/2001
  • Pope Invokes Spirit of Forgiveness (AP/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • Pope to Beatify Soviet-Era Martyrs in Ukraine (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • Pope Invokes Spirit of Forgiveness (AP/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • In pictures: Pope reaches Lviv (BBC) 06/26/2001
  • Pope steps into historic maelstrom (MSNBC) 06/26/2001
  • Western Ukraine Friendlier To Pontiff (CBS) 06/26/2001
  • Delgado Beats Medvedev in Straight Sets (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • Ukraine's 'Kuchma-Gate' Bodyguard Defends Name (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • Photo: Boys of the choir protect themselves from rain as they sing for Pope John Paul II (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II arrives for a meeting with Ukrainian youth in Lviv (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II presents a girl with a gift in the hippodrome in Lviv (AP/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • Pope Prays at Site where Nazi forces killed 33,000 Jews (Wash Post) 06/26/2001
  • Russia tables proposals for Dnestr peacekeeping force (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/26/2001
  • Pope in Lviv calls on Ukrainians, Poles to forget disputes (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/26/2001
  • Soviet rules undermine Catholics in Ukraine (Globe and Mail) 06/26/2001
  • Thousands flock to Papal mass (estimated crowd of 600,000, LVIV) (CNN) 06/26/2001
  • Over a million turn up for papal liturgy in Lviv (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/26/2001
  • Pope celebrates mass in Lviv (MSNBC) 06/26/2001
  • Pope finally gets a Ukrainian welcome (Guardian/FT) 06/26/2001
  • Russian church leader comments on Pope's visit to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/26/2001
  • Leading article: A papal misadventure in a divided nation (Independent/FT) 06/26/2001
  • The Pope gets cold shoulder from church leaders in Kiev (Independent/FT) 06/26/2001
  • New Ukrainian deputy premier for economic policy won't be economics minister too (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/26/2001
  • Ukraine wins tender for Egyptian satellite (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/26/2001
  • Russian, Danish, Ukrainian firms show interest in Turkmen drilling fleet tender (BBC/FT-Ashgabat) 06/26/2001
  • Unemployed coal miners in Appalachia worry about foreigners competing for jobs (AP/NJ Online) 06/26/2001
  • Living life under the hammer and sickle - Part II (Pennlive) 06/26/2001
  • Papal mass moves Ukraine's Catholics (BBC) 06/26/2001
  • China: SCOREBOARD (China Daily/FT) 06/26/2001
  • Pope Visits Babi Yar Site Commemorating Slain Jews (NY Times) 06/26/2001
  • Photo: general view of the site where a Mass is being celebrated by Pope John Paul II in Lviv (AP/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • Photo: A flag-waving crowd welcome Pope John Paul II arriving to celebrate a Mass in Lviv (AP/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • Pope Preaches to Biggest Crowd of Ukraine Tour (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2001
  • Pope Celebrates Mass in Lviv, Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 06/26/2001

  • В Нью-Йорку розпочинається спеціальна сесія Генеральної Асамблеї ООН, ініційована Україною [ООН] (BRAMA) 06/25/2001
  • Кофі Аннан вітає рішення Президента України про проголошення 2002 року - Роком боротьби зі СНІДом в нашій державі / Kofi Annan: UN Special Session on HIV/AIDS in New York (Photos) (BRAMA) 06/25/2001
  • Україна закликає міжнародну спільноту до активізації боротьби зі СНІДом - STATEMENT by H.E. Mr. Vitaliy Moskalenko, Minister of Health of Ukraine, United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS (Photos) (BRAMA) 06/25/2001
  • In show of solidarity, UN tower lit up with red AIDS ribbon (Photos) (BRAMA) 06/25/2001
  • [Ukrainian] Fighter Buzzes Learjet of EU Official (Iwon) 06/25/2001
  • SA Player Ratings: U.S. U-20s vs. Ukraine (SoccerAmerica/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Pope Preaches in Ukraine's Catholic Heartland (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Luck of the Irish changed industry (Scotsman/FT) 06/25/2001
  • Clinton begs US for more Aids cash (Guardian) 06/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Churches Divided By Politics And Beliefs (RFE/RL) 06/25/2001
  • Ukrainian ambassador to Russia: Pope's visit a perfectly normal event (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/25/2001
  • Pope snubbed by Ukrainian church leader (Guardian/FT) 06/25/2001
  • Jailed Ukrainian nationalists appeal to Pope for help (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Council of Europe conference being held in Crimea on 16-17 Sept (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/25/2001
  • Phone Cards Link Chicago Immigrants to Home (Chicago Tribune/FT) 06/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Newspaper publisher killed in eastern city (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/25/2001
  • Pope Steps into a Ukrainian Minefield (Time) 06/25/2001
  • A contentious papal trip (BBC) 06/25/2001
  • Pope visit gives a boost to Ukraine religious minority (CS Monitor) 06/25/2001
  • `Dark times' are over, pope tells Ukraine (Chicago Tribune) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II listens to Armenian Bishop Gregorio in the Armenian Church of Lviv (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II blesses bread during a welcome ceremony in Lviv's airport (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II blesses the faithful from his popemobile approaching the center of western Ukrainian city of Lviv (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II blesses the faithful upon his arrival in western Ukrainian city of Lviv (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II (2L) salutes the crowd as he travels in his popemobile in the airport of Ukrainian city of Lviv (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II shakes hands with Yaakov Dov Bleich, Ukrainian chief rabbi (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Deputy premier for economic policy appointed (update) (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/25/2001
  • Ukrainian firm wins Egyptian satellite contract (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/25/2001
  • Russian official calls for better state control of ports (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/25/2001
  • Framatome wins contract to modernise two reactors in Ukraine (En Bref: Framatome: accord pour la modernisation de deux centrales en Ukraine) (Les Echos/FT) 06/25/2001
  • Patriarch Filaret, Ukrainian Orthodox Church leader, dismisses Russian criticism of Pope visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/25/2001
  • Pilgrims flock to papal mass (Globe and Mail) 06/25/2001
  • Pope pays tribute to Ukrainian martyrs (AP/Toronto Star) 06/25/2001
  • Pope honours Ukrainian Jews (BBC) 06/25/2001
  • Pope calls for spiritual strength in economically struggling Ukraine (AP/NJ Online) 06/25/2001
  • Pope praises Ukraine's spirit despite 'corruption' (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/25/2001
  • Boycott Mars Pope's Visit to Ukraine (Wash Post) 06/25/2001
  • Pope visits Babi Yar, symbol of Jewish suffering (AP/Sun-Sentinel) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II prays in front of Jewish monument of Babiy Yar in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II talks with chief rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II greeted by Yaakov Dov Bleich, Ukrainian Chief Rabbi (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II follows Ukraine's Greek Catholic Cardinal Lubomyr Husar (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II stands behind a row of cardinals during a Byzantine rite mass (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II greets the crowd from his popemobile (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II waves as he arrives with Kiev Exaych (bishop) Basil Medwid (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Parishioners pray during a Divine Liturgy for Ukrainian Catholics of the Eastern Rite at Chaika Airfield (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian Greek Catholic parishioners welcome Pope John Paul II (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II sits during a Byzantine rite mass (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: An Orthodox parishioner holds a candle (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: A Ukrainian Orthodox priest reads from a Bible while praying in protest (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian parishioner confesses to a Greek Catholic priest (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian parishioner is helped after she collapsed during a Byzantine-Ukrainian Divine Liturgy (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II blesses the faithful upon his arrival at the Chaika Airfield (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II blesses the faithful (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Pope Calls for Spiritual Strength (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II's popemobile approaches a mass grave of the Soviet regime victims in the Bykovnia forest (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II blesses the faithful upon his arrival at the Chaika Airfield (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Pope Prays for Victims of Nazi Terror (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2001
  • Letter: A Polish Jewish Artist (NY Times) 06/25/2001
  • Missing Newsman's Mother Seeks Pope's Support (NY Times) 06/25/2001
  • Pope Finds a Hard Road to Ending Rift in Ukraine (NY Times) 06/25/2001
  • Pope urges warring Ukrainian churches to unite (Independent) 06/25/2001

  • Mr. Kuchma and Mr. Gongadze (Wash Post) 06/24/2001
  • Pope reassures Orthodox Church at start of historic visit (Daily Telegraph) 06/24/2001
  • HIV Cases Skyrocket While Government Ponders Options (RFE/RL) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: An unidentified official, right, introduces representatives of various religious groups to Pope John Paul II during his meeting with the Ukrainian council of religions (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II meets with represenatitives of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian Faithful (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Fehr to play lead in NBC's new 'UC' (Hwd. Reporter/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Pope condemns Nazi massacres, says Jews persecuted because of religion (AP/NJ Online) 06/24/2001
  • Pope's visit to Kiev highlights religious tensions (Financial Times) 06/24/2001
  • Head of Ukraine's Catholics deplores split among Ukrainian Christians (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Pope visits memorial for 1930s repression victims (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/24/2001
  • Vatican sees political reasons behind opposition to pope's Ukraine visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II, center, and Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma, left, stand together before a Mass (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II prays Sunday, June 24, 2001, in the forest near Kiev where up to 200,000 Ukrainians were killed in Soviet jails in Kiev in 1929-1941 (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II, surrounded by catholic (L) and orthodox (R) bishops, prays in a forest where more than 50 thousand Ukrainians were shot and buried between 1937 and 1938 (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian Catholics pray during a Mass celebrated by Pope John Paul II (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: An unidentified Ukrainian Greek-Catholic priest kisses the hand of Pope John Paul II as he arrives in Kyiv's philarmonic palace (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Pope Pays Tribute to Ukrainian Martyrs (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Pope John Paul II to Visit Babi Yar (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Ukraine Orthodox Snub Pope Despite Unity Plea (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • UKRAINE NETS LATE EQUALIZER (Soccer365) 06/24/2001
  • Ukraine: 100,000 hear papal liturgy near Kiev (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/24/2001
  • Connecticut Area Ukranian Catholics make pilgrimage to Kiev (Greenwich Time) 06/24/2001
  • Pope Tries to Heal Old Wounds (Wash Post) 06/24/2001
  • Pope calls for unity in Ukraine (BBC) 06/24/2001
  • Orthodoxy threaten papal boycott (CNN) 06/24/2001
  • Orthodox in Ukraine Spurn Pope's Visit (LA Times) 06/24/2001
  • Russian nationalist [Zhirinovskiy] slams Ukraine over Pope's visit (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/24/2001
  • Treasures abound in Midwest: Scythian Treasures from Ancient Ukraine (Des Moines Register) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine faithful prepare under rain to attend a mass by Pope John Paul II (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Holding banners, pilgrims listen to Pope John Paul II during the Holy Mass celebrated at Chaika Airport (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian woman prays as Pope John Paul II celebrates the Holy Mass at the Chaika airport (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II prays during the Holy Mass celebrated at the Chaika airport (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian parishioners pray during a Mass given by the Pontiff at the Chaika Airfield (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: A Ukrainian parishioner uses a telescope to watch Pope John Paul II leading a Mass at the Chaika Airfield (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II blesses the faithful upon his arrival to the Chaika Airfield (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's Iinterior Ministry officers check for explosives the site of the Chaika Airfield (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: A pilgrim holds a Russian flag as Pope John Paul II celebrates the Holy Mass at the Chaika airport (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian parishioners kneel while praying as Pope John Paul II leads a Mass at the Chaika Airfield (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: A Ukrainian girl waves a flag featuring the portrait of Pope John Paul II during the Holy Mass held at the Chaika airport (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II blesses the crowd as he drives in his popemobile through the Chaika airfield (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Children receive blessing from a catholic priest during an open-air mass (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine faithful prepare under rain to attend a mass by Pope John Paul II at Chayka airport (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • Pope Preaches Unity at Ukraine Mass (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/24/2001
  • In Ukraine, Pope Tries to Heal Rift With Orthodox Church (NY Times) 06/24/2001
  • Video: Pope arrives in Kyiv (NY Times) 06/24/2001

  • Ukraine: Police empties Kiev streets during papal visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/23/2001
  • Ukrainian president greets Pope, confirms commitment to democracy (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/23/2001
  • Pope addresses Ukrainian politicians, businessmen, public (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/23/2001
  • Despite tie, U.S. team moving on (Soccernet) 06/23/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II's popemobile approaches the center of Ukraine's Capital with golden domed cupolas in the background (AP/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II's popemobile passes by an advertisement poster approaching center of Ukraine's capital (AP/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II greets Ukrainian parishioners from his popemobile in Ukraine's capital (AP/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Photo: Turkish gendarmes and coast guard officers guard a group of illegal immigrant (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Pope Seeks Orthodox Reconciliation on Ukraine Tour (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Turkey Finds 277 Illegal Migrants on Ukraine Ship (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Pope Arrives in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Pope to Hold Open-Air Mass for Ukraine Faithful (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • United States 1, Ukraine 1, Tie (AP/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Harvest-2001 vs. cyclone - to be continued (AgriUkraine) 06/23/2001
  • Opinion: Papal visit will bring Ukraine closer to Europe (Kyiv Post) 06/23/2001
  • A Divided Ukraine Awaits the Pope (NY Times) 06/23/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II and Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma review the Guard of Honour (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II and Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma are surrounded by children (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II receives the welcoming bread from Ukrainian children (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II talks to Ukrainian children in traditional clothing as they greet him (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Photo: Pope John Paul II and Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian Orthodox believers pray in protest against Pope John Paul II's visit (AP/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian Orthodox believers pray in protest against Pope John Paul II's visit (AP/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Pope Starts Controversial Ukraine Tour (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/23/2001
  • Pope Starts Difficult Trip to Ukraine with Apology (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/23/2001

  • Photos: ABC News Anchor Bill Beutel interviews NY Ukrainian community (BRAMA) 06/22/2001
  • Kill the death penalty (Guardian) 06/22/2001
  • Photo: Workers install a poster showing Pope John Paul II (AP/Yahoo) 06/22/2001
  • Photo: imitation of Noah's Ark under construction at Chaika Airfield where John Paul II is schedule to arrive (AP/Yahoo) 06/22/2001
  • Photo: group of Catholics from Russia's city of Perm headed by a priest, second right, hold Ukrainian national flags (AP/Yahoo) 06/22/2001
  • Photo: An elderly woman walks past a poster announcing Pope John Paul II visit to Ukraine next (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/22/2001
  • Photo: Two people chat in front of a portrait of Pope John Paul II (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/22/2001
  • Ukraine's Arms Deals (Wash Post) 06/22/2001
  • Opinion: Pope off to hornets nest (VNY) 06/22/2001
  • Religious detente or 'holy war'? (CS Monitor) 06/22/2001
  • The Battle Over the Murals of Pain (NY Times) 06/22/2001
  • IMF: foreign investors can carry on successful business in Ukraine (AgriUkraine) 06/22/2001

  • Nation eyes Black Sea shipwrecks (Kyiv Post) 06/21/2001
  • Long-awaited 'Moses' takes to the stage (Kyiv Post) 06/21/2001
  • Ringing defeat - Ukrtelekom hit by verdict in contract dispute (Kyiv Post) 06/21/2001
  • Reports of ban on Radio Liberty chief denied (Kyiv Post) 06/21/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian U.N. peacekeepeer brushes away dirt from a mine during a mine clearance operation in the southern Lebanon (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Photo: Golden cupolas of St. Michael Cathedral are seen behind the monument to Bohdan Khmelnytskiy (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian woman gives alms to a beggar who holds a sick child in his arms in Lviv (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Photo: The Metropolitan Chambers will serve as Pope John Paul II's residence during his visit to Lviv scheduled June 26-27, 2001 (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Pope John Paul II will pray in Ukrainian at liturgies in Kyiv (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/21/2001
  • In Lviv, visit is a symbol of post-Soviet religious revival (Kyiv Post) 06/21/2001
  • Photo: Visitors visit the huge Ukrainian made Antonov 225 at the 44th Paris Air Show (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Photo: 1939 Photo of John Paul II in the Polish Army (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's under-20 goalie Artem Kuslii catches the ball during training (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's Andri Smalko, left, and Ruslan Valeev during Practice (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Ukrainian Orthodox priests, monks and parishioners carry religious gonfalons during a protest (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Ukrainian Orthodox faithful carry church icons during a protest against Pope John Paul II's upcoming visit to Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Photo: Orthodox nuns hold icons as they gather for a protest meeting at Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra Monastery (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Papal Visit to Ukraine Website () 06/21/2001
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Leader Offers Pope Olive Branch (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Religion Today (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Pope to Face Religious Cold War on Ukraine Trip (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Photo Shows Young Pope With Rifle (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Leader Offers Pope Olive Branch (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Religion Today (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Pope to Face Religious Cold War on Ukraine Trip (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/21/2001
  • Veterinary service established control posts at meat-processing plants (AgriUkraine) 06/21/2001
  • 20 per cent of grain-2001 will be used for payment to agrarians (AgriUkraine) 06/21/2001

  • Dynamo Kiev clinch another title (This Is London) 06/20/2001
  • Legacy of Religious Struggle To Confront Pope in Ukraine (Wash Post) 06/20/2001
  • Legacy of Religious Struggle to confront Pope in Ukraine (Wash Post) 06/20/2001
  • Sea Launch and Boeing Delta Exhibit Together at CommunicAsia 2001 (BusinessWire/Excite) 06/20/2001
  • Corrected: Tyumen Oil Receives $25 Million in Additional Financing For Its Ukrainian Refinery (PRNewswire/Excite) 06/20/2001
  • Photo: Drohobych couple (AP/Excite) 06/20/2001
  • Photo: Bare bricks show the outline of Polish-Jewish writer and artists Bruno Schulz's murals in an apartment pantry (AP/Excite) 06/20/2001
  • Photo: Former Villa in Drohobych (AP/Excite) 06/20/2001
  • Photo: The photo taken in Drohobych, western Ukraine in early spring 2001 (AP/Excite) 06/20/2001
  • Artwork by Holocaust Victim Is Focus of Dispute (NY Times) 06/20/2001
  • News Analysis: Bush Finds Market Is Not Always Free (NY Times) 06/20/2001
  • Photo: Mariya Savruk touches the icon of the Holy Virgin of Zarvanytsa in St. Michael's church in Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 06/20/2001
  • Photo: China's Lin Zhou (R) runs for the ball in front of Ukraine's Rusuian Valeev Geranimenko (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/20/2001
  • Photo: Futbol - China's Tao Yu (R) battles for the ball with Ukraine's Vitali Komarnitskyy (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/20/2001
  • Ukraine Bans Beef From Russian McDonald's Plant (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/20/2001
  • Israeli Memorial Smuggles Murals (AP/Yahoo) 06/20/2001
  • Tyumen Oil Receives $25 Million in Additional Financing For Its Ukrainian Refinery (PRNewswire) 06/20/2001
  • Church organizers of Pope visit call Ukrainian security measures excessive (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/20/2001
  • US-based Radio Liberty welcomes foreign minister Zlenko's explanations (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/20/2001
  • Ukrainian MP accuses two ex-premiers of corruption (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Crimean MPs vote to dismiss Crimean premier (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Crimean MPs demand government's dismissal (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/20/2001
  • Ukrainian president praises Sweden for support in EU (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/20/2001
  • Swedish premier urges Ukraine to continue reforms (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/20/2001
  • British troops training in western Ukraine 'without parliament's permission' - TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/20/2001
  • NATO exercise in Georgia enters final phase (BBC/FT-Tbilisi) 06/20/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 06/20/2001
  • EIU's Russia Expert Sees Long Haul for Kiev (Moscow Times) 06/20/2001
  • Security for Pope's Ukraine visit 'too tight' (BBC) 06/20/2001
  • Dis-Astor Place? : Cooper Union Sets a Tall Order for Redevelopment (VVNY/Yahoo) 06/20/2001
  • Ukraine Security Tight for Pope (AP/Yahoo) 06/20/2001
  • Ukraine bans beef from Russian McDonald's plant (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/20/2001
  • Ukraine Catholics Kiss Visiting Icon (AP/Yahoo) 06/20/2001

  • Dynamo clinch ninth straight title (BBC Sport) 06/19/2001
  • US envoy Taylor speaks highly of Ukrainian president's economic programme (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/19/2001
  • Foreign Ministry denies banning Radio Liberty head Roman Kupchinsky from Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/19/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister Zlenko warns provocations possible during Pope's official visit (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/19/2001
  • Ukrainian president Kuchma comments on errors in privatization, new gas pipeline (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/19/2001
  • Ukrainian head urges Russian, European input in gas pipeline system (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/19/2001
  • Ukraine: President appoints first deputy chief of his administration (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Centrist party [Working Ukraine] leader Tyhypko interviewed on election bloc strategy (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/19/2001
  • Far away from the fallout [Chornobyl/Belarus] (Scotsman/FT) 06/19/2001
  • Ukrainian TV chief says new team has boosted ratings (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/19/2001
  • Ukrainian, EBRD presidents discuss efforts to attract investment (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/19/2001
  • Swedish premier arrives in Ukraine for EU, energy talks (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/19/2001
  • Holbrooke's new job: Urging business to fight AIDS (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/19/2001
  • 'Partnership' main aim as Russian defence minister visits Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/19/2001
  • Russian defence minister in Ukraine for talks on Black Sea Fleet (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/19/2001
  • Romanian premier orders probe into alleged Iraq arms sanctions busting (BBC/FT-Bucharest) 06/19/2001
  • Ukrainian verifiers fly over French military sites (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/19/2001
  • Polish, Ukrainian presidents discuss US president's visit on telephone (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 06/19/2001
  • Programme summary of Ukrainian UT1 'Panorama' news 1800 gmt 19 Jun 01 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/19/2001
  • Tennis: Baltacha's recovery rallies home faithful (Independent/FT) 06/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament not to vote on dismissal of speaker, his deputies (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/19/2001
  • Ukraine: MP joins Socialist Party faction in parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/19/2001
  • Basketball: Bullets conjure dream tie (Independent/FT) 06/19/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 06/19/2001
  • Chinese Ballet Dancer Wins Top Woman Award in Moscow (Peoples Daily) 06/19/2001
  • Ukrainian police criticised over Pope visit (BBC) 06/19/2001
  • Valuation of UMC (Kagan) 06/19/2001
  • Last-gasp Dynamo clinch ninth straight title (Soccernet) 06/19/2001
  • Solzhenitsyn Releases New Book, Denies Anti-Semitism (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/19/2001
  • Iraq Calls U.N. Reports Lies (AP/Yahoo) 06/19/2001
  • U.S. Under-20 Team Has Hard Road Ahead (NY Times) 06/19/2001
  • Cannelton Journal: Waiting for Extraterrestrials to Land in the Mines (NY Times) 06/19/2001
  • ILS poised to win Inmarsat launch contract (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/19/2001

  • Editor ordered to abstain from journalism in defamation case (CPJ) 06/18/2001
  • Ousted mayor of eastern Ukrainian city returns to his office (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/18/2001
  • Sport (Michael Walker On Monday): We need more shocks to the system (Irish Times/FT) 06/18/2001
  • Yabluko Party leader accuses former prime minister Yushchenko of corruption (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/18/2001
  • Ukrainian Orthodox churches to embark on unification (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/18/2001
  • Ukrainian premier, EBRD president discuss investments (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/18/2001
  • Ukrainian centre-right parties form electoral bloc (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/18/2001
  • Brazil, Argentina off to strong start (Hindustan Times/FT) 06/18/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian-built Antonov 225, prepares to land (AP/Yahoo) 06/18/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian super cargo Antonov 225 on a demonstration flight at Le Bourhet airshow, (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/18/2001
  • WASHINGTON WATCH -- Where Bush's Euro Trip Scored Points (Business Week/Yahoo) 06/18/2001
  • Macedonia Peace Talks Continue (AP/Yahoo) 06/18/2001
  • U.N. Team Seeks Action to Boost Kosovo Security (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/18/2001
  • Canada steelmakers expect victory in dumping cases (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/18/2001
  • Report: Iraq Bought Weapon Material (AP/Yahoo) 06/18/2001
  • CPJ Protests Prosecution of Ukrainian Journalist (CPJ) 06/18/2001
  • Superpower thaw: Nato policy in Kosovo attacked by Putin after summit Russia shows its confidence after an unexpectedly friendly meeting with President Bush quells fears of a new cold war (Independent/FT) 06/18/2001
  • Officials raise a stink over drug bust squid (Daily News) 06/18/2001
  • Iraq issues list of 'friends and enemies' - daily (BBC/FT-London) 06/18/2001
  • Swedish PM to visit Ukraine on 19 June (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/18/2001
  • Czech court sends drug traffickers to prison (BBC/FT-Prague) 06/18/2001
  • Ukraine: Registration of foreigners, locals with police to be abolished (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/18/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament leftists want speaker and his deputies out (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/18/2001
  • Ukraine wants a role in US-Russian dialogue (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/18/2001
  • U.N. Sanctions Didn't Stop Iraq From Buying Weapons (NY Times) 06/18/2001
  • Tape scandal is turned page - Ukrainian president (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/18/2001
  • Ukrainian TV channel co-owner denies US paper's allegations (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/18/2001
  • Ukrainian president calls for moratorium on changes to constitution (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/18/2001
  • ILS wins launch contracts for new Atlas rocket (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/18/2001

  • Photo: Sukoi-26 with Antonov 225 at Paris Airshow (AP/Yahoo) 06/17/2001
  • Photo: Aerial view of Le Bourget airfield with the Antonov 225 cargo plane (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/17/2001
  • Photo: Antonov 225 at Paris airshow (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/17/2001
  • Liberals broke promise to atone for internments (Edmonton Journal) 06/17/2001
  • Special Report-Trainees line up to work in Appalachia coal mines (Reuters/Excite) 06/17/2001
  • UN police accused of involvement in prostitution in Bosnia (AP/Excite) 06/17/2001
  • Price of launching satellites on Ariane seen falling (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/17/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine players congratulte Olekci Byelik (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/17/2001
  • Photo: Golden cupolas of St. Michael Cathedral are seen behind the monument to Bohdan Khmelnytskiy (AP/Yahoo) 06/17/2001
  • Photo: Boxer Volodymyr Klitschko with Mika Hakkinen (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/17/2001
  • Photo: Chile and Ukraine in the first round FIFA World Youth Championships (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/17/2001
  • Shelton Canada Corp. Updates Exploration Activity and Announces Intent to Raise Funds (CCN/Yahoo) 06/17/2001
  • Ukrainian president noncommittal on alleged resignation of prosecutor-general (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/17/2001
  • Bush Calls on Ukraine to Join Europe (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/17/2001
  • Lamade Wins First WTA Title at Tashkent Open (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/17/2001
  • Ukraine thrashes Chile 4-2 in opening world youth cup match (Sporting News) 06/17/2001
  • LOOKING EAST: To Europe with Ukraine (Warsaw Voice) 06/17/2001

  • Excerpts from Bush's Warsaw speech (Daily Telegraph) 06/16/2001
  • President Urges Expansion of NATO to Russia's Border (NY Times) 06/16/2001
  • Payments Soon for Slave Labor Victims (AP/Yahoo) 06/16/2001
  • US to Play China in Youth World Cup (AP/Yahoo) 06/16/2001
  • U.S., Poland to Help Ukraine to Democracy, Market (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/16/2001
  • Top Ukrainian officials unaware of prosecutor's resignation (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/16/2001
  • EBRD president to visit Ukraine on 18-20 June (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/16/2001
  • Ukrainian president Kuchma says foundations of statehood set over last decade (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/16/2001
  • Ukrainian prosecutor-general Potebenko tenders resignation (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/16/2001
  • President Urges Expansion of NATO to Russia's Border (NY Times) 06/16/2001
  • Bush's Vision: `We Will Not Trade Away the Fate of Free European Peoples' (NY Times) 06/16/2001
  • Ukraine: State reserves chief complains of political pressure (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/16/2001
  • Bush backs expansion of Nato in eastern Europe (Financial Times) 06/16/2001
  • Poland: US president says expanded NATO no threat to Russia (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 06/16/2001
  • Who needs NATO?: Europe must take charge of its destiny (Guardian/FT) 06/16/2001

  • Mare Nostrum Monte Carlo - Day 2 (Swim News) 06/15/2001
  • Court rules search of Ukrainian judge Zamkovenko's premises illegal (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • Bush unveils vision for Europe (CNN) 06/15/2001
  • Director of US-financed Radio Liberty's Ukrainian service, Roman Kupchinsky, says he is banned from entering Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/15/2001
  • Bush Presses to Expand NATO Eastward (NY Times) 06/15/2001
  • Baltic States See NATO as Shield From Russia (NY Times) 06/15/2001
  • Mother of murdered Ukrainian journalist Gongadze says corpse not her son (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • Mother of missing journalist insists on further expert assessment before burial (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • Typhoid cases registered in southern Ukrainian region (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • Payments Soon for Slave Labor Victims (NY Times) 06/15/2001
  • Nazi slave labour compensation fund makes 1st payments (AFX/FT) 06/15/2001
  • Germany starts payments to Nazi-era slave labourers (BBC/FT-Cologne) 06/15/2001
  • Ukrainian cabinet creates a council for cooperation with parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • State facilities will not be used to cover gas debts to Russia - Ukrainian PM Kinakh (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • Media watchdog slams court verdict against Ukrainian journalist Lyashko (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/15/2001
  • Ukrainian justice ministry registers new party Spirituality and Patriotism (update) (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • Belarusian president appoints new ambassadors to Ukraine, EU (BBC/FT-Minsk) 06/15/2001
  • Russian MP says Armenia closer to joining Russia-Belarus Union than Ukraine (BBC/FT-Yerevan) 06/15/2001
  • Macedonia acquires helicopters, aircraft from Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • Ukrainians deny fire at nuclear power station (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/15/2001
  • EU-US Summit statement voices concern over human rights in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • Ukrainian premier outlines new government's economic policy (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • Ukraine: New commercial bank to deal with debt, trade with Russia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • US and Polish presidents back NATO enlargement (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 06/15/2001
  • [Corrected] Ukraine: New prime ministerial press secretary appointed: Zarudna replaced by Nahoryanskyy (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • Ukraine: New prime ministerial press secretary appointed (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/15/2001
  • Ukrainian special forces complete anti-saboteur exercise in Crimea (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/15/2001
  • Azeri president appoints new ambassador to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Baku) 06/15/2001
  • Czech Republic/Ukraine/USA: Nova TV head comments on US firm's activities (BBC/FT-Prague) 06/15/2001
  • U.S. Faces China in Youth Soccer (NY Times) 06/15/2001
  • Shakhtar keep title hopes alive (Soccernet) 06/15/2001
  • Cabinet of Ministers will prevent grain price fluctuations (AgriUkraine) 06/15/2001
  • World Bank to allot 100m USD for reform of Agrarian-Industrial Complex (AgriUkraine) 06/15/2001
  • U.S., Russia At Odds on Iranian Deal (Wash Post) 06/15/2001
  • Dealmaking Awaits at Paris Air Show (AP/Excite) 06/15/2001

  • Welcoming the Pope (Kyiv Post) 06/14/2001
  • Photo: Orthodox nun crosses herself during protest march against Pope in Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 06/14/2001
  • Photo: Orthodox nun crosses herself during protest march against Pope in Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 06/14/2001
  • Breweries cry foul on hop duties (Kyiv Post) 06/14/2001
  • Court slaps libel rap on editor (Kyiv Post) 06/14/2001
  • Opposition outlines plan for summer (Kyiv Post) 06/14/2001
  • Election-minded Rukh reconciles (Kyiv Post) 06/14/2001
  • CanArgo Announces Convertible Bond Issue (BusinessWire/Excite) 06/14/2001
  • In Ukraine, pope hopes gestures succeed where dialogue has not (from 6/8/01) (Catholic News Service) 06/14/2001
  • State Reserve plans to buy 400-600 thousand MT of grain (AgriUkraine) 06/14/2001
  • VPM L. Kozachenko: no more interference in grain market (AgriUkraine) 06/14/2001

  • Ukraine Assigned Rating (Fitch) 06/13/2001
  • Eastern Europe Hit Hard by AIDS (AP/Yahoo) 06/13/2001
  • Bush Runs Into Skepticism at NATO Over Missile Shield (NYT/Yahoo) 06/13/2001
  • Iran president seeks Airbus help to modernise fleet (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/13/2001
  • Protests Over Papal Visit Highlight Religious Divide (RFE/RL) 06/13/2001
  • Harvest-2001 has started in Ukraine (AgriUkraine) 06/13/2001
  • Agrarian faction will be created in Verkhovna Rada (AgriUkraine) 06/13/2001
  • Europe's East Sees AIDS on the March (NY Times) 06/13/2001

  • Mare Nostrum Monte Carlo - Day 1 (Swim News) 06/12/2001
  • Appalachia hopes to cash in on U.S. coal boom (Reuters/Excite) 06/12/2001
  • Harvest-2001: Low quality of grain is predicted, Ministry of AP (AgriUkraine) 06/12/2001
  • Cabinet of Ministers widened powers of Veterinary Medicine Department (AgriUkraine) 06/12/2001
  • Lauder Media Company Faces U.S. Inquiry: allegations of bribes to Ukrainian officials (NY Times) 06/12/2001

  • Living dangerously: Ukraine journalists risk their lives to tell the truth (SF Chronicle) 06/11/2001
  • Ukrainian president Kuchma, World Bank director Barbone discuss further cooperation (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Nuclear reactor stopped for urgent repair works (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/11/2001
  • Ukraine plane An-30B to fly over French military bases under OST (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/11/2001
  • Ukraine: First deputy premier to oversee energy, industry (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/11/2001
  • Training aircraft crashes in central Ukraine; pilot dead (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/11/2001
  • Charges against Ukrainian leader in USA unfounded - TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/11/2001
  • Russian patriarch critical of Pope's visit to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/11/2001
  • Ukrainian paper Zerkalo Nedeli speculates on speaker Plyushch's plans to create bloc for former premier Yushchenko (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Electoral commission denies registration to impeachment organizers (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/11/2001
  • Verkhovna Rada cancelled preferential duties for import of diesel fuel for countryside (AgriUkraine) 06/11/2001
  • After 80 years, Bishop Budka earns respect (Globe and Mail) 06/11/2001
  • Van Cliburn International Piano Competition winners announced (AP/Reporter-News) 06/11/2001
  • Boxing: Gold medal earns redemption for Chagaev (Independent/FT) 06/11/2001
  • Ukraine's National Bank cuts key interest rate (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/11/2001
  • Compensation to 150,000 former slave laborers ready for payment (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/11/2001
  • Ukrainian agents make largest mercury smuggling bust (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/11/2001
  • Ukraine and the Arms Embargo (Wash Post) 06/11/2001

  • Expert (Ivasyuk) seeking UK asylum to return to Ukraine to shed light on journalist (Gongadze) murder (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/10/2001
  • Tatar, Bashkir leaders criticize Moscow's nationalities ministry (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/10/2001
  • Off the Shelf: Tales of Greed in Post-Soviet Russia (NY Times) 06/10/2001
  • Daring New Plays Find an Eager Russian Audience (NY Times) 06/10/2001
  • Photo: Finalists in the 11th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition (AP/Yahoo) 06/10/2001
  • Kern, Ioudenitch Win at Van Cliburn (AP/Yahoo) 06/10/2001
  • Ukrainian defence delegation attends meetings in Belgium, Greece (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Parents kept mentally impaired daughter in cage for 36 years (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/10/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition politician Tymoshenko lends credence to allegations against President Kuchma (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/10/2001
  • Ukrainian president urges patience on creation of regional trade zone (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition paper editor Lyashko gets suspended sentence for libel (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/10/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition leader Tymoshenko speaks on her plans, ambitions (BBC/FT-Lviv) 06/10/2001

  • Український суд заборонив журналісту писати - Надсилайте свої запитання Олегу Ляшку (Ukrop) 06/09/2001
  • Photo: Michele Crider as the enslaved Ethiopian princess and Stephan Pyatnychko as her father, Amonasro (SF Chronicle) 06/09/2001
  • Egyptian splendor (SF Chronicle) 06/09/2001
  • Venus de Milla (Jovovich) (Scotsman/FT) 06/09/2001
  • Two Ukrainian nationalist parties join after years of split (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/09/2001
  • Ukrainian leader unhappy about result of Irish EU enlargement referendum (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/09/2001
  • Families gather to give, receive support on international adoptions (Kansas) (The Star) 06/09/2001
  • Ukraine concerned at threat to disrupt pope's visit (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/09/2001
  • Ukraine: President not to sign proportional election law (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/09/2001
  • New appointments in Ukrainian government (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/09/2001
  • German president assures Slovak counterpart of support for EU, NATO entry bid (BBC/FT-Bratislava) 06/09/2001
  • Aid to Ukraine keeps on growing - Florida makes an impression in Crimea (Tallahassee Democrat) 06/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Wings of former Rukh (People's Movement) party agree to form election bloc for 2002 polls (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Former premier Yushchenko's popularity increases; Tymoshenko and Moroz up in polls (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/09/2001
  • Ukrainian central bank lowers discount rate to 19 per cent (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/09/2001
  • Mine job recruitment concerns regulators - experienced Ukrainian miners to work in Kentucky (Daily Independent) 06/09/2001
  • South-Ukrainian Reactor stopped for lengthy repairs and fuel reload (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/09/2001

  • Poles protest losing Schulz murals (Ha'aretz) 06/08/2001
  • Senior projects require students to strut their stuff before graduating (Seattle Times) 06/08/2001
  • 'The Last Letter': A Mother Says Goodbye From Both Sides of Death (NY Times) 06/08/2001
  • Russia's New Reach: Gas Pipeline to Turkey (NY Times) 06/08/2001
  • Ukraine: President Kuchma asks MP's to pass laws requested by Council of Europe (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/08/2001
  • Ukrainian leader wants Europe to understand specificity of post-Soviet states (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/08/2001
  • Lithuanian border services catch illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and India (BBC/FT-Tallinn) 06/08/2001
  • Ukrainian plant starts bench tests of new aircraft engine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/08/2001
  • Ukrainian centrist parliamentary faction changes name (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/08/2001
  • Epic tests well in Ukraine (Oil Online) 06/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Special task force holds anti-hijack training in Kharkiv airport (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/08/2001
  • Newspaper [Den] cautiously optimistic on Ukraine's foreign policy prospects (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/08/2001
  • Russian Orthodox Church vents its fury at John Paul's visit to western Ukraine; not much Moscow can do about it (Independent) 06/08/2001
  • Ukraine: National TV company chief responds to criticism (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament criticizes unfree media, harassment of journalists - adopts resolution (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/08/2001
  • Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) cancelled preferential duties for import of diesel fuel for countryside (AgriUkraine) 06/08/2001
  • Sister Cities group to sponsor 4 students in World-Scholar Athlete Game (The Mercury) 06/08/2001
  • Farmers demand adoption of the Land Code by Vekhovna Rada (AgriUkraine) 06/08/2001
  • Global slave trade prospers (from 5/25/01) (National Catholic Reporter) 06/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Welsh stole our footballs (Soccernet) 06/08/2001
  • Ukrainian newpaper [Den] outlines president's budget address to parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/08/2001
  • Ukrainian opposion leader Tymoshenko urges change of 'evil' power (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Changes in parliament factions announced (update) (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Legislators approve foreign troops' presence for exercises (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/08/2001
  • Brazil wants to join GUUAM, Azeri president says (BBC/FT-Baku) 06/08/2001
  • Ukraine/UK: Arbitration court rules against BBC rebroadcaster's licence revocation (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/08/2001
  • Ukrainian newspaper [Den] interviews Polish president (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/08/2001
  • INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL MARKETS: Moody's will drop caps for corporates (Financial Times) 06/08/2001
  • Bush seeks steel sector friends: The president is hoping to persuade countries to accept new agreements (Financial Times) 06/08/2001
  • Boxing: Somluck fails to progress (Bangkok Post/FT) 06/08/2001
  • Swimming (China Daily/FT) 06/08/2001
  • Filipino workers feted for heroism abroad for rescuing 12 Ukrainian seamen (Inquirer) 06/08/2001
  • Irish five are freed after night in cells (Guardian) 06/08/2001

  • Ukraine pain as Giggs miss costs Wales dear (The Scotsman) 06/07/2001
  • Mare Nostrum: B.C.'s Johns Highlights Triple Medal Canadian Performance (Swim News) 06/07/2001
  • Mare Nostrum: Ian Thorpe Narrowly Misses World Record (Swim News) 06/07/2001
  • Kyivstar GSM Says It Has More than 500,000 Subscribers (Stock Access) 06/07/2001
  • Photo: John Demjanjuk Jr. (L) and Ed Nishnic (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/07/2001
  • Photo: Ed Nishnic, son-in-law of John Demjanjuk (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/07/2001
  • On The Move: Coca-Cola (Budapest Sun) 06/07/2001
  • Russia: Gazprom Claims Ukraine Is Diverting Gas (RFE/RL) 06/07/2001
  • Conference Connects US Companies with Eurasia (EarthVision) 06/07/2001
  • Ukrainian Justice Ministry responds to prosecutor's sharges with legal suit (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/07/2001
  • Ukrainian premier Kinakh vows to implement European integration course (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Deputy prosecutor-general denies inaction in journalist [Gongadze] case (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Constitutional Court head denies pressure over decree on secretaries (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/07/2001
  • GUUAM not meant as military structure - Ukrainian president (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/07/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament wants president to sack national TV chief (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/07/2001
  • Czech Republic: Sharp increase in number of asylum seekers (BBC/FT-Prague) 06/07/2001
  • Ukrainian president Kuchma hails GUUAM summit as ground-breaking event (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/07/2001
  • Spokane firefighters build a Habitat for Humanity house for family from Ukraine (Spokesman Review) 06/07/2001
  • EBRD procurement opp: Legal Consultancy Services Ukraine (EBRD) 06/07/2001
  • EBRD procurement opp: Shelter Implementation Plan Ukraine (EBRD) 06/07/2001
  • EBRD considers financing programme of investments in OOT Gostomel Glass Factory Ukraine (EBRD) 06/07/2001
  • Photo: Demjanjuk's attorney Michael E. Tigar (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/07/2001
  • Trial of Accused Nazi Camp Guard Ends in Ohio (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/07/2001
  • GUUAM: Post-Soviet Alliance Sign Charter (AP/Yahoo) 06/07/2001
  • Ukraine may suffer harvest losses due to cyclone (AgriUkraine) 06/07/2001
  • Rйunion de la commission OTAN-Ukraine au niveau des Ministres de la dйfense tenue au siиge de l'OTAN (NATO) 06/07/2001
  • Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the level of Defence Ministers held at NATO Headquarters (NATO) 06/07/2001
  • Photos: NATO Defence Ministers' Meetings (NATO) 06/07/2001
  • Macedonia Threatens to Declare State of War Against Rebels (NY Times) 06/07/2001
  • Photo: Leaders of the Guuam Alliance Country Members Confer (AP/Excite) 06/07/2001
  • Photo: In Kyiv orthodox nuns sing songs protesting papal visit (AP/Yahoo) 06/07/2001
  • Photo: Nuns protes upcoming papal visit in Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 06/07/2001
  • Post-Soviet Alliance Sign Charter (AP/Yahoo) 06/07/2001
  • Ukraine: GUUAM 'to be transformed into full-fledged international organization' (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/07/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian Orthodox nun holds an icon in protest against Pope (AP/Yahoo) 06/07/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian Orthodox nuns protest against Pope (AP/Yahoo) 06/07/2001
  • Ukraine: GUAAM members sign charter (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/07/2001
  • Ukrainian president says GUUAM needs common transport corridors (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Ukrainian president Kuchma opens GUAAM summit (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/07/2001
  • Russia may impose import duty on Ukrainian starch (AgriUkraine) 06/07/2001
  • Never mind Bush, buy Canadian steel stocks: UBS Warburg's Graham: Local producers stand to benefit from U.S. sanctions (Financial Post/FT) 06/07/2001
  • Football: Earnshaw begins to find quality for senior Welsh claim (Independent/FT) 06/07/2001
  • Football results (Guardian) 06/07/2001
  • Ukraine plays 1-1 draw against Wales in World Cup qualifying match (Sporting News) 06/07/2001
  • Ukraine 1 - 1 Wales (Guardian) 06/07/2001

  • Garb-Oil Signs Marketing Agreements (PRNewswire/Yahoo) 06/06/2001
  • Rivne Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukraine Commissions GSE Full Scope Simulator (PRNewswire/Yahoo) 06/06/2001
  • Group Five: Davies to earn spurs for Wales (Daily Telegraph) 06/06/2001
  • Smugglers Outsmart Poland Ahead of EU Entry (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/06/2001
  • Ukrainian prosecutor protests against selling companies to pay debts (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/06/2001
  • Ukrainian premier Kinakh sets priorities at the first government sitting (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/06/2001
  • Ukraine: GUUAM presidents arrive for summit (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/06/2001
  • Ukraine held 1-1 by Wales after late goal (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/06/2001
  • Sport: World Cup Qualifiers: Previews (Irish Times/FT) 06/06/2001
  • Pembridge earns point in Ukraine (Soccernet) 06/06/2001
  • Stats: Ukraine - Wales (Soccernet) 06/06/2001
  • Polish criminal detained in Ukraine, extradited to Poland (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/06/2001
  • World Cup Group 5 (Soccernet) 06/06/2001
  • Isaac Stern Teaches Tricks of Trade (AP/Yahoo) 06/06/2001
  • Half-time: Ukraine 1 - 0 Wales (Soccernet) 06/06/2001
  • Photo: Cross-border traders return to the Ukraine from Poland (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/06/2001
  • Storms Cut Off Power in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 06/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Security Service urges president to ban property sales for debts (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/06/2001
  • Russia Votes to Accept Spent Foreign Nuclear Fuel (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/06/2001
  • Storms Cut Off Power in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 06/06/2001
  • Smugglers Outsmart Poland Ahead of EU Entry (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/06/2001
  • Spatial Announces Success of New Worldwide University Partner Program (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 06/06/2001
  • Ukraine: World Bank to pay for upgrading water supply in Lviv (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Former adviser to premier appointed adviser to chief banker (update) (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/06/2001
  • New Ukrainian premier Kinakh says fight against corruption a priority (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/06/2001
  • Obit: Sachko felt deep loyalty to U.S., Ukraine (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) 06/06/2001
  • Ukraine attends southeastern Europe defence ministers' meeting (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/06/2001
  • Polish foreign minister's policy statement (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 06/06/2001
  • Russia Votes to Accept Spent Foreign Nuclear Fuel (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/06/2001
  • Ukraine assures Rumsfeld over reforms (Financial Times) 06/06/2001
  • World Cup qualifier: Ukraine v Wales (Guardian) 06/06/2001
  • Football: The Daily results service (Times) 06/06/2001
  • Melville hope to handle Shevchenko (Soccernet) 06/06/2001
  • Welsh youngsters edged out by - Ukraine (Guardian) 06/06/2001
  • Trees vs. Produce: Clashing Greens in Union Square (NY Times) 06/06/2001
  • Bush Moves Against Steel Imports; Trade Tensions Are Likely to Rise (NY Times) 06/06/2001
  • Another Broker Hits Financial Trouble (Prague BJ) 06/06/2001
  • Russian oil company seeking credits for pipeline projects (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/06/2001
  • Ukrainian energy sector privatization to continue (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/06/2001
  • Minister of Agrarian Policy Kyrilenko sees threat to reforms if Land Code is not adopted (AgriUkraine) 06/06/2001
  • Harvesters stock in Ukraine decreased more than half (AgriUkraine) 06/06/2001
  • EUROTECH Remarks On 'Nuclear Summer' Time Magazine Article (BusinessWire/Excite) 06/06/2001
  • New Program at Columbia Will Train Foreign Community Organizers (NY Times) 06/06/2001
  • Bush Moves Against Steel Imports; Trade Tensions Are Likely to Rise (NY Times) 06/06/2001

  • Wales feel secure in Hughes' hands (Daily Telegraph) 06/05/2001
  • The Forgotten Jews of Karabakh (IWPR) 06/05/2001
  • Ukraine: TV company's support for ousted mayor gets it closed down (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/05/2001
  • Witness at alleged Nazi accomplice (Demjanjuk) trial says wartime records sloppy (AP/WKYC) 06/05/2001
  • Russian-Ukrainian An-70 aircraft flies again (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/05/2001
  • Ukrainian premier says privatization in energy sector to continue (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/05/2001
  • Quotas set for foreign participation in Ukraine's military exercises (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/05/2001
  • Ukraine extradites former Kazakh military official accused of embezzlement (BBC/FT-Almaty) 06/05/2001
  • American ambassador Carlos Pascual comments on US Defence Secretary's visit to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/05/2001
  • Macedonia to receive arms from Russia, USA and Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Crimea Communists make waves to restore Stalin statue in Sevastopol (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/05/2001
  • US defence secretary, Ukrainian president, discuss missing journalist (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/05/2001
  • Ukraine's industrial policy committee upgraded to ministry (update) (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/05/2001
  • Ukrainians warned of dangers of visiting Israel (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/05/2001
  • Ukraine has right to take part in ABM negotiations - defence minister (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/05/2001
  • IMF mission due to visit Ukraine on 12 June (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/05/2001
  • Ukrainian president leaves for Yalta to attend GUUAM summit (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Communists, socialists against new state secretary posts (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/05/2001
  • Ukraine, USA to hold consultations on NMD programme (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/05/2001
  • US defence secretary upbeat on progress of reforms in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/05/2001
  • USA, Ukraine sign military cooperation accord (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Rivne Nuclear reactor restarted after halt caused by human error (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/05/2001
  • Kuchma calls for radical tax reform, sets ambitious 2002 goals (Kyiv Post) 06/05/2001
  • Photo: Defense Minister Kuzmuk and Donald Rumsfeld review troops (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/05/2001
  • Photo: Defense Minister Kuzmuk and Donald Rumsfeld sign agreement (AP/Yahoo) 06/05/2001
  • Photo: Defense Minister Kuzmuk with Donald Rumsfeld (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/05/2001
  • Results: Football World Cup (Guardian/FT) 06/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Two deputies leave right-wing factions in parliament (update) (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/05/2001
  • US secretary of defence arrives in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/05/2001
  • Sibur Seeks China, Ukraine Tire, Chemicals Projects, Paper Says (Bloomberg) 06/05/2001
  • Boxing: Win takes Foster into the sights of old foe Kooner; Ukraine's Vladimir Sydorenko (Independent/FT) 06/05/2001
  • The French Open (Globe and Mail) 06/05/2001
  • Slain journalist's mother insists on new analysis of his body (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/05/2001
  • Russian parliament speaker: Merger of Russia, Belarus faces resistance (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/05/2001
  • Polish president: No final decision on pipeline bypassing Ukraine (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/05/2001
  • GlobalNet Expanding Network to New High-Growth Markets in Eastern Europe (PRNewswire/Excite) 06/05/2001
  • Memoir of an Offbeat Clan Strikes a Chord (NY Times) 06/05/2001
  • Photo: Donald Rumsfeld and Leonid Kuchma meet (AP/Yahoo) 06/05/2001
  • Photo: Donald H. Rumsfeld walks by a Ukrainian guard of honor (AP/Yahoo) 06/05/2001
  • Kuchma Assures Rumsfeld on Democracy (AP/Yahoo) 06/05/2001
  • Ex-Soviet Republic Urged Democracy (AP/Yahoo) 06/05/2001

  • Immigrants undeterred by bomb (Ha'aretz) 06/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Prime Minister or Puppet? (Transitions Online) 06/04/2001
  • Rape case student sues university (The Scotsman) 06/04/2001
  • Ukrainian president welcomes rapprochement with EU (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/04/2001
  • Ukrainian-Polish television centre opens in east Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk) (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/04/2001
  • Polish leader noncommittal on gas pipe bypassing Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/04/2001
  • No final decision on pipeline bypassing Ukraine - Polish president (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 06/04/2001
  • Ukrainian leader complains of low Polish, Lithuanian investment (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/04/2001
  • Ukraine is factor of stability in Europe - Polish leader (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/04/2001
  • Georgian president hopeful about prospects for relations with Russia - GUUAM (BBC/FT-Tbilisi) 06/04/2001
  • Ukrainian-Polish economic summit ends (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 06/04/2001
  • Russian speaker says Ukraine has 'had enough of independence' (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/04/2001
  • Belarusian-Russian-Ukrainian group gets observer status at union parliament (BBC/FT-Minsk) 06/04/2001
  • Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian MPs set up new pro-union association (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/04/2001
  • Pope's visit to contribute to Ukrainian stability - Ukrainian president (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/04/2001
  • Russian patriarch believes papal visit to Ukraine will widen differences (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Aide to people's deputy murdered in southern city (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/04/2001
  • Photo: A Ukrainian Smuggler Caught Red Handed in Poland (Reuters/Excite) 06/04/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainians Walk Alongside a Train (Reuters/Excite) 06/04/2001
  • Photo: Cross Border Traders Return to Ukraine from Poland (Reuters/Excite) 06/04/2001
  • Ukraine Officials Spy on Each Other (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/04/2001
  • Recipe for havoc (Financial Times) 06/04/2001
  • Ukraine: President denies journalists under pressure (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/04/2001
  • Ukrainian, Polish presidents to discuss bilateral economic issues (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 06/04/2001
  • Europe's World Cup qualifying group results, tables and fixtures (Guardian/FT) 06/04/2001
  • Canada: Action committee condemns cuts at RCI (BBC/FT-Canada) 06/04/2001
  • Hughes to call on young Dragons (Guardian) 06/04/2001
  • Immigrants Bury Their Friends, but the Hopes Live On (NY Times) 06/04/2001

  • Ukrainian hotshots find goals hard to come by (Times) 06/03/2001
  • Ukrainian paper Zerkalo Nedeli analyses new cabinet, questions president's personnel moves (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/03/2001
  • Slovak police apprehend Slovak national smuggling cigarettes from Ukraine (BBC/FT-Prague) 06/03/2001
  • Ukrainian and Polish presidents meet at economic forum (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/03/2001
  • Rebuilt Ukrainian transporter An-70 passes ground tests (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/03/2001
  • Ukraine calls for peace in Middle East; Ukrainians injured in Tel Aviv (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/03/2001
  • First non-state-run Hungarian college authorized in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Budapest) 06/03/2001
  • Reparation Plan Revives Old Ghosts (AP/NY Times) 06/03/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma welcomes his Polish counterpart Aleksander Kwasniewski at Dnipropetrovsk airport (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/03/2001
  • World Cup Roundup (AP/Yahoo) 06/03/2001
  • Obit: John Slusarchuk, proud of his roots (Seattle Times) 06/03/2001
  • Married: Alexandra Yurchyshyn and Rajesh Anantharaman (NY Times) 06/03/2001

  • Mare Nostrum: Stars shine in Barcelona (Swim News) 06/02/2001
  • Reporters organization appeals to Ukrainian president about journalist's body (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/02/2001
  • Former Ukrainian premier Yushchenko to run for parliament in single-seat constituency (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/02/2001
  • Israelis Wary of Arafat Ceasefire Vow After Bomb (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/02/2001
  • Immigration puts strain on small school (Detroit News) 06/02/2001
  • Ukrainian president says Ukraine has made its European choice (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/02/2001
  • Today In History: Ten years ago, 10,000 Ukrainians crossed into Poland to see Pope John Paul II (AP/Yahoo) 06/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Former president Leonid Kravchuk heads new body Mission 'Famous Ukraine' to improve country's image (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/02/2001
  • Hank Ketcham, Father of Dennis the Menace, Dies at 81 (NY Times) 06/02/2001
  • Ukrainian president appoints Hennadiy Moskal new head of Transcarpathian Region (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/02/2001
  • Caspian arms race aimed at establishing control over oil deposits - Azeri TV (BBC/FT-Baku) 06/02/2001
  • Five former Soviet states to create GUUAM free trade zone (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/02/2001
  • HOCKEY: Cannock earn draw after poor start (Independent/FT) 06/02/2001
  • FOOTBALL: Hartson free to strike as passport saga is resolved (Independent/FT) 06/02/2001
  • Results: Football EUROPEAN U-21 C'SHIP QUALIFYING (Guardian/FT) 06/02/2001
  • Europe's World Cup qualifying groups and fixtures (Guardian/FT) 06/02/2001

  • Halting a Ukrainian-style takeover (II Magazine) 06/01/2001
  • Ukraine welcomes closer ties with Russia: Moves to support the reintegration of the two economies are growing, write Robert Cottrell and Charles Clover: (Financial Times) 06/01/2001
  • Branches of Ukrainian Orthodoxy hold unification talks in Kiev (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/01/2001
  • Original idea of state secretaries warped in Ukraine - British expert (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/01/2001
  • Ukrainian premier Kinakh, presidential chief of staff Lytvyn explain administrative reform (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/01/2001
  • Euro-Caspian energy and the political crisis in Ukraine (News and Trends) 06/01/2001
  • Protest camp set up in west Ukrainian city Ternopil (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/01/2001
  • Ukraine not to join Slavic union - president (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/01/2001
  • No progress over CIS free trade zone - Ukrainian foreign minister Zlenko (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/01/2001
  • CIS industrial output up 7 per cent in four months (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/01/2001
  • Ukrainian president surprised by Russia's imposition of VAT on imports (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier Kinakh cautious about selling gas transport network to Russia (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 06/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Governor Viktor Baloha of Trancarpathian Region resigns (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/01/2001
  • Ukraine posts 0.5 per cent inflation in May (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecutor-general Potebenko defends subordinates' actions against rebel judge Zamkovenko (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/01/2001
  • Welsh resolve visa dispute with Ukraine (AP/Sporting News) 06/01/2001
  • Moldova: OSCE envoy discusses Dnestr issue with local leader (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 06/01/2001
  • Ukrainian, Russian premiers hold talks in Minsk (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 06/01/2001
  • CIS posts inflation statistics (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/01/2001
  • Russian PM on pipeline construction, relations with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/01/2001
  • Slav peoples congress aims at 'broad unification' says Russian MP Seleznev (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/01/2001
  • Ukrainian-US naval manoeuvres to be held in July (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/01/2001
  • Poland: Campaign for better public radio VHF coverage continuing (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/01/2001
  • Russian president meets Ukrainian counterpart in Belarus capital (BBC/FT-Moscow) 06/01/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 06/01/2001
  • A new chip off Hungary's old bloc: Western standards are bringing success to a Ukrainian factory (Financial Times) 06/01/2001
  • Sporting digest: Hockey (Independent/FT) 06/01/2001
  • Ukraine electricity sector privatisation suspended (AFX/FT) 06/01/2001
  • Lutheran Pastor Leaves Utah for New Adventure in Ukraine (NY Times) 06/01/2001
  • Business Wrap (Kyiv Post) 06/01/2001
  • Ukraine's government to sell its UMC share package (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/01/2001
  • Kuchma suspends energy privatization in Ukraine (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/01/2001
  • Historian: papers show death camp career of man named Demjanjuk (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/01/2001
  • Chernomyrdin arrives in Kyiv as Russia's new ambassador (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/01/2001
  • Kuchma makes Ukraine's new government a copy of previous one (AP/Kyiv Post) 06/01/2001
  • EU film week showcases independent works (Kyiv Post) 06/01/2001
  • President's people, not ministers, to run ministries (Kyiv Post) 06/01/2001
  • Government preparing for shortfall (Kyiv Post) 06/01/2001
  • Mandatory insurance cancelled (Kyiv Post) 06/01/2001
  • Police storm Pechersk court (Kyiv Post) 06/01/2001
  • As Chelsea Gallery District Expands, a Host of Visions Rush In (NY Times) 06/01/2001
  • Photo: Sting and Ludmilla Kuchma at Orphanage opening (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/01/2001
  • Photo: Musician Sting performs during a concert in Kyiv (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/01/2001
  • Ukraine suspends energy company sell-offs (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/01/2001
  • U.S. Defense Chief to Visit 7 European Countries (AP/Yahoo) 06/01/2001
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

    Nadiya Savchenko's speech in Basmanny Court, Moscow, 10.02.2015 (Voices of Ukraine)

    Joe Biden: Don’t tell us. Show us, President Putin. 2/7/2015 Munich Security Conference

    Speech by President of Ukraine at the Munich Security conference Feb 7 2015

    #FreeSavchenko video by Adriana Luhovy [Twitter storm Jan 26 2015]


    Twitter storm day Jan 26 2015

    Live map of Ukraine

    Ukraine Today TV LIVE on Youtube

    Live map of Ukraine

    Live map of Ukraine

    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.

    Громадське радіо

    Громадське радіо

    Громадське телебачення

    Громадське телебачення

    Facebook Євромайдан

    Facebook Євромайдан

    Happy Kyiv (inspired by Pharrell Williams 'Happy')

    Inauguration of Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, June 7, 2014

    The Kyiv Post

    День The Day Newspaper

    Експрес онлайн -- Львів

    Voice of America/Голос Америки

    Mirror Weekly/Дзеркало Тижня


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    Nasha knopka Наша кнопка

    Yushchenko 2009 (NYC)
    Yushchenko 2008 (NYC)
    Genocide (NYC)
    Rushnyk (NYC)
    more ...

    Video: OC Yushchenko speech
    Video: Orange Circle Yushchenko
    Video: Heritage Days
    more ...

    more ... ]  

    What will L.Kuchma's fate be under the Yushchenko presidency?
    Same as Ceausescu
    Exile in Russia or elsewhere
    Prosecution and jail in Ukraine
    Immunity from prosecution in Ukraine
    Pardoned by Yushchenko
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