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    7/15/03 Oleh D. Wengerchuk Memorial Foundation
    The Oleh D. Wengerchuk Memorial Foundation, Inc. is exclusively a charitable U.S. organization, created under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, dedicated to the support and advancement of education for orphaned, underprivileged or handicapped children of the Ukraine. The Corporation is named and organized in memory of Oleh D. Wengerchuk, a Ukrainian American who was devoted to the preservation and dissemination of Ukrainian culture, but who was a tragic victim of the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001. The scholarship program is implemented in cooperation with Help Us Help the Children (HUHTC) , a non-governmental organization in Ukraine which has been working with orphans since 1996, and U-CARE, the American sister organization of HUHTC. We invite you to visit our site to learn how to help us assist in this effort.
    5/1/03 Verkhovyna
    Verkhovyna is a stunning resort nestled atop the Appalachian Plateau in the Delaware Valley region of scenic New York State; this 142-acre site boasts a lake, streams, historic buildings, and breathtaking mountainous views. It is Built at the turn of the twentieth century, Verkhovyna was originally owned by Mr. George Ross Mackenzie, Singer Sewing Machine president and the founder of Glen Spey, town(ship) of Lumberland, New York. The large-scale modernization plan for the buildings and property of Verkhovyna also include its new website:
    5/1/03 Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California
    Since 1989 the UHC of NC has provided the services of its members. Ola and Yuriy Oliynyk are known for their numerous lecture recitals at public schools, universities, colleges and libraries with presentations of Ukrainian music, culture and history. A traveling exhibit of Ukrainian arts and crafts accompanies these presentations.
    4/15/03 Town of Lexington, New York
    The "Magic of Lexington" Welcomes You! This scenic Catskill mountain village is located in the heart of a popular ski area, summer vacation refuge, springtime fresh water fishing, and a fall season hunter's dream. Visit us at:
    3/12/03 PHOTOUKIES
    Vlad Lojko launches his new photography website, PhotoUkies has been a vision for Vlad for quite some time, his hard work and diligence has paid off with this, his first web site. PhotoUkies is a photography site that currently features a small portion of the portfolios of Vlad Lojko.
    2/28/03 Bandura Magazine
    Magazine BANDURA is unique bilingual magazine which unites bandurists from all over the world, providing historical materials on bandursits of the past, as well as the latest news on what is happening today.
    12/5/02 Ukrainian Heritage School, Sacramento, California
    Classes for young people in Ukrainian language, history, geography, culture.
    12/5/02 Syzokryli Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
    Moved to a new domain! Website features music and new images.
    9/30/02 Ukraine Millennium Foundation
    The Ukraine Millennium Foundation was created in celebration of 1,000 years of Christianity in Ukraine. Its overall objectives are to support the identification, development, enhancement and appreciation of the Ukrainian musical arts : vocal, instrumental, choral, operatic and musicological. The website features the complete recording of Dmytro Bortniansky's 35 Sacred Choral Concertos and a gift book about the life and works of Ukrainian national composer Mykola Lysenko (1842-1912)
    8/14/02 Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA)
    The Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, (UMANA), founded in 1950, is a voluntary, not-for-profit, association of professionals who share an interest in promoting the health of Ukrainians world wide, especially in Ukraine.
    6/30/02 Roman Hurko: Opera Stage Director
    5/19/02 Chernyk, Ukrainian Sport Club Detroit
    This 50-year-old Ukrainian sports club has been a haven for children and adults with an interest in sports offering a wide variety of activities: Soccer, Chess, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Tennis, Hockey, Track & Field, Skiing, Bowling, Golf, and other sports such as billiards, softball and racquetball.
    5/1/02 Journal of Ukrainian Studies
    4/30/02 Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America
    The Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America is the only Ukrainian Catholic Fraternal Benefit Society in the United States. It provides life insurance protection and social, economic and spiritual benefits to its members.
    3/3/02 Cleveland Selfreliance Federal Credit Union (CSFCU)
    Member services include checking, savings, CD's, IRA accounts, and competitive rates for mortgage, auto, business, and personal loans, as well as credit card services.
    1/2/02 - Ukrainian Gift Shop's Ukrainian Gift Shop is launched with a limited selection of special items related to the musical life in Lviv. Available only on-line at
    Orders for webhosting and banner ads just became a little easier with our new on-line Services and Payments center located at:
    12/12/01 Dormition of the Mother of God Church - Phoenix, AZ (Website debut)
    Ukrainian Catholic Church
    09/14/01 ATTACK ON AMERICA - News, BB/Forum, Missing Persons
    The entire world is stunned by the events that took place in New York City, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Our hearts go out to those who have family and friends not yet accounted for, those that have been found injured, and to those who have received the worst possible news - the loss of a life.

    Prompted by this concern as well as at the request of others Brama has set up a virtual "missing persons" section that will enable Ukrainian-Americans to share news and concerns about their friends and loved ones: Being in NYC-NJ we will also continue to add our particular local perspective to our News & Press pages on the situation as it continues to unfold.

    Stay calm, strong, and be kind to one another. God bless America!

    08/15/01 Shevchenko Preservation Committee at (Website debut)
    Committee established to defend Taras Shevchenko Place in New York City.
    08/15/01 Soyuzivka - Ukrainian National Association Estate (Website debut)
    Welcome to Soyuzivka on the Net. For those of you who are unfamiliar with "The-Q", Soyuzivka is a Ukrainian-American resort nestled in the Catskill mountains of upstate New York . Our old world charm with modern traditions is sure to please anyone from young to old.
    08/1/01 Ukrainian Ski Association Yonkers, NY (Website debut)
    Welcome to the home page of the Ukrainian Ski Association located in Yonkers, NY. The club organizes several short trips and at least one week long trip each season. We also manage to pull off a few social events such as ski swaps, museum and zoo tours in New York City, bike tours, summer barbeques, and our world famous holiday parties (Halloween, Christmas, New Years, etc.).
    04/30/01 Children of Chornobyl
    The Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund ( is a humanitarian organization established to protect and save the lives of children confronting the human legacy of the worlds worst environmental disaster. It serves as an informational, resource bridge for the United States, Ukraine and the world community. CCRF is a registered non-profit humanitarian medical relief organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America. The Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund is committed to the worldwide preservation of humankind in a spirit of charity and goodwill, making Chornobyl an example never to be repeated. Find out what you can do to help at
    04/30/01 ; The Lviv Opera House - BOOK

    Languages: Ukrainian, English
    155 pages
    275 (approx.) photographs and illustrations
    First Edition (October 2000), pub. Svitlo i Tin' (Lviv)
    ISBN: 966-7594-08-4

    Available in the Internet exclusively at
    Brama - Gateway Ukraine:

    04/01/01 Ukrainian Information & Advertising Directory (Website debut)
    Data Publishing Company is currently preparing the 2nd American Edition of Ukrainian Information & Advertising Directory. This publication is multicultural with an emphasis on the Ukrainian and Slavic communities of the East Coast of the USA and the city of Chicago. It will be printed in Ukrainian and English. The Directory will contain information on businesses, professional services, schools, churches, embassies, associations, etc. It will be distributed free of charge.
    03/30/01 St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Website debut)
    Kyivan Patriarchate
    03/30/01 Rodovid (Website debut) is your one-stop source on the net for museum quality icons, folk art, and high art from Ukraine as well as information and publications about them. The journal Rodovid celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2001 - scholarship on the cultural history of Ukraine. In addition, RODOVID PRESS has published fourteen books on the art history, music, ethnography, cultural and oral history of Ukraine as well as contemporary literature. In May of 2001 we will open RODOVID Art Gallery in Kyv featuring a wide array of art for sale. In addition to paintings from the nineteenth and twentieth century, we will feature icons, na?ve paintings, rushnyky, handmade carpets, folk costumes and many other items. All of these activities are part of a single idea: to promote the research, publication and presentation of the cultural heritage of Ukraine - all featured on the website:
    02/28/01 The American Association for Ukrainian Studies (AAUS) (Website debut)
    The American Association for Ukrainian Studies was founded in 1990 as the American affiliate of the International Association for Ukrainian Studies (IAUS; MAU in Ukrainian). Its membership includes scholars, students, and practitioners in the United States and Canada, although its membership also comprises scholars from Western Europe as well. The AAUS is dedicated to furthering knowledge about Ukraine, popularizing Ukrainian studies, providing career-building resources to its members, and making the intellectual resources of the organization available to the media and general public. The AAUS is a non-profit educational organization.
    02/28/01 Wowk Photography (Website debut)
    At Wowk Photography, we tell the story of your wedding day using a photojournalistic style. We show your wedding day as it happens, the way it happens..... while letting you enjoy it to the fullest.
    02/15/01 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT 7250 (Website debut)
    Rotary International encourages its clubs to focus on a broad spectrum of service activities such as hunger, the environment, violence prevention, illiteracy, drug abuse prevention, polio eradication, youth, the elderly, and AIDS awareness and education. Rotary clubs around the world are united under the motto "Service Above Self."
    01/31/01 Eugene and Daymel Shklar Foundation (Website debut)
    01/31/01 Ridna Shkola - Ukrainian Educational Council (Website debut)
    The Educational Council of UCCA is the central organ of the Saturday Schools of Ukrainian Studies. It provides direction, control, information and textbooks for the schools under its jurisdiction. At present, 1999/2000, it has 35 schools with 400 teachers and 2,600 students under its supervision.
    01/02/01 Kobzar Society (Website debut)
    Kobzar Society is a non-profit organization, chartered to assist Ukrainian universities, secondary schools, libraries and other educational institutions by providing them with used, recent model Computers. Readily available Internet access will permit Ukrainian students to connect with each other and access worldwide news and information freely and instantaneously. To date, Kobzar Society has collected over 100 computers, which are being readied for shipment to Ukraine. The process is simple, but expensive. We need your help!
    12/03/00 "Our Kitchen" Ukrainian Cookbook
    Just in time for Christmas! Over 350 recipes - tasty appetizers, superb soups, traditional and innovative main courses, vegetarian dishes, tantalizing tortes, plyatsoks and cookies, cooking hints and much, much more ... Sample recipes on the website. Laminated hard-bound cover, burgundy floral pattern, 3-ring binder with dividers. LIMITED EDITION just $20 plus S/H - order yours today!!!
    11/30/00 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...
    Ukrainian Christmas traditions, recipes, and holiday shopping.
    11/13/00 Search BRAMA!
    A new search engine has been installed in order to help you find information about Ukraine or things Ukrainian a little easier. Search for documentation in English or UKRAINIAN CP1251!
    10/24/00 Yara's art projects in Ukraine and Siberia
    "Kryachkivka: A Village That Sings" the story of Yara working on our new show Song Tree this summer in Eastern Ukraine (with photos). "Utoropy: A Village with Salt in Its History" the story of Yara working on our new show Song Tree this summer in Western Ukraine (with photos). Reviews & photos of Yara's show Circle at La MaMa last spring. "Making Our Circle" about researching Circle in Siberia (with photos).
    10/15/00 Dnister Company, Inc.
    Dnister Company, Inc. sells Ukrainian gifts and specializes in retail and wholesale greeting card purchases.
    10/15/00 MJReflections, Inc.
    Wedding Coordinator! We arrange for wonderful places, great music, beautiful cakes, sensitive photographers, exquisite flowers, and all details to make your wedding the most memorable day in your life.
    10/15/00 St. George Academy
    St George Academy is a small, coed Catholic high school with a family-like environment. Also covers St. George Elementary School. HOT site created by a talented grad of the Academy.
    8/8/00 Stride and Ride to Build - Ukrainian Museum Fundraiser
    A walk-bikathon and family picnic for the Ukrainian Museum building fund on Sunday, September 24th, 2000 at Ringwood State Park, Ringwood, N.J. It all begins with you... Show your support for the Ukrainian Museum. Bring the whole family for a day of good company, the great outdoors and plenty of exercise while raising money for a good cause. Or just make a pledge/donation - all contributions are vital.
    7/26/00 Especially for puzzle lovers
    The latest products to hit the virtual shelves Ukrainian Entertainment are Ukrainian-theme puzzles: a map of Ukraine, the Kyievo-Pechersk Lavra, Kozaky write a letter to the Turkish Sultan, and even the Klitshko Brothers! New additions to the CD and children's books selections too.
    7/19/00 Nova Khvylia - New Wave
    Advice exchange forum and information resource for US DV Green Card Lottery, immigration, emigration, etc.
    5/12/00 Ukrainian Entertainment, Inc.
    On-line secure shopping for imported Ukrainian CD's, books, children's books, audio tapes and video cassettes.
    5/2/00 Ukrainian Wedding FAQ
    This "FAQ" of the Ukrainian traditions was compiled by for the benefit of the non-Ukrainian guests attending a Ukrainian wedding in North America. Welcome to Tanya and Kokos wedding!
    4/30/00 RESURRECTION: a show about the life of death (UIMA)
    Resurrection, a group show about the life of death, curated by Olga Stefan, focuses on the creative process and honors the special power that artists have. David Cook, Eric David Hamilton, Maire Kennedy, Joe McIlhany, Marci Rubin, and Rick Smith use the detritus in our world to make wondrous works of art. All six bring life to what was once dead. By combining dead and otherwise useless objects with other materials, changing their context and manipulating their form, the artists resurrect these objects and create life in the form of art.
    This celebration of displacement in the context of popular culture featured work by New York artists Doug Anson, Adam Cvijanovic, Yram Retrac, Kristine Robinson, Bill Scanga, Sally Van Gorder, and Tamara Zahaykevich. Curated by New York based artist Marye Carter.
    4/23/00 Lviv Opera Theater Website and "Moses" Debut
    The Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet in the name of Ivan Franko debuts its new website with an announcement and fundraiser for a new opera called "Moses."
    4/20/00 GRAZHDA Music and Art Center of Greene County
    Welcome to Music and Art Center of Greene County, also known as the "Grazhda" of "Hrazhda" in Hunter, New York: featuring the upcoming Summer 2000 schedule of concerts, workshops and other events.
    Welcome to, North American distributors of OBOLON UKRAINIAN BEER and FIRST GUILD VODKA!
    4/12/00 Sports News
    A new look, updated links, HORILKA LEAGUE
    4/7/00 EASTER 2000
    Easter holydays, traditions, recipes, images, shopping ...
    4/6/00 Pysanka images
    New additions to our collection of Pysanka images: small, goose, and ostrich eggs by Stefa Charczenko, and contributions from Surma - The Ukrainian Shop.
    3/15/00 Census 2000
    What you dont know about Census 2000 - participate!
    Surface Impressions was a group show presenting work by Christine Basick, Guy Benson and Jessica Gondek of Chicago as well as Vladimir Zabeida of Montreal. Concern with the quality of a surface, whether it is a painting or print, a spatial formula or organic texture, links these five artists. Although their approaches veer from tight geometric configuration to warm and heavily worked surfaces, they share a concern with charging the picture plane and developing compositions of rigor and energy.
    The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) recently presented But Yet the Body is His Book, a group show of paintings, sculpture and photography co-curated by Joanne Berens and Robert Mitchell tracing the legacy of Chicago sculptor Herbert George through the art of twelve of his students. On view were works by Herbert George and former students Don Asher, Christine Boos, Elizabeth Carson Manley, Marc Fischer, Yvette Kaiser Smith, Matthew Kolodziej, Jennifer Krauss, Darlene Kryza, Robert Mitchell, John Santoro, Deb Vandenbroucke, and Duncan Webb.
    3/1/00 World Federation of Ukrainian Womens' Organizations
    International NGO in consultative status with the United Nations makes its web debut.
    2/26/00 Daily Horoscope
    Provided by "POSTUP", daily newspaper from Lviv, Ukraine: in Ukrainian only!
    1/30/00 Ukrainian National Women's League of America
    The UNWLA (CYA) launches a website with information about this very active organization which works on cultural, charitable, environmental, and human rights issues. Join!
    12/21/99 "POSTUP" Daily News
    In Ukrainian, PDF format, daily frontpage of the Lviv-based newspaper "POSTUP".
    12/16/99 Language discussion list:
    Many Ukrainian language issues have erupted since independence: de-russify, ukrainianize, transliterations, translations, use of "h" or "g", "kh" or "h", all questions that are being addressed by the Commission on Language in Ukraine, as well as by Ukrainians around the world. Join the discussion on Brama by subscribing to the list. Click here:, or just send an email to with the note "subscribe mova" in the body.
    12/14/99 More Christmas Carols!
    New additions to our selection of Christmas music include "Silent Night" performed by the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus in English, Ukainian, and German, and a wonderful "sing along" version of "Po Vsiomu Sviti" (All Over the World). And, of course, you may purchase the CDs in our Secure Shop!
    12/10/99 COLLAGE
    "Collage" is a musical ensemble based in Lviv, Ukraine, on tour right now in the United States. Listen to exerpts from their new CD "Collage 2000" and Christmas music cassette "Koliadky".
    12/9/99 Loras-Ukraine Exchange Program
    Loras College, a quality, small (1,800 students), liberal arts college, located in Dubuque, Iowa, U.S.A., on the Mississippi River, is pleased to be able to offer to highly qualified Ukrainian students the opportunity to study for one semester.
    12/9/99 Downshifting, an exhibition linked with the Project Millennium theme: Transitions
    The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) is pleased to present Downshifting, an exhibition linked with the Project Millennium theme: Transitions. This exhibition has its focus on children and grandchildren of the Eastern European diaspora, looking at how ethnocentricity might inform individuals growing up and assimilating in a new world.
    11/27/99 The Art of Vasyl Krychevsky at The Ukrainian Museum
    Vasyl Krychevsky, one of Ukraine's outstanding public figures of the 20th century - architect, artist, scholar and educator - will be honored in an exhibition of his paintings and drawings at The Ukrainian Museum. The exhibit will open on December 5, 1999 and will be on view through March 12, 2000.
    11/13/99 International Marketing Technologies Ltd.
    Computer sales and more ...
    10/23/99 SLAVUTYCH Beer Imported from Ukraine!
    DELICIOUS!!! Order it from the North American distributor, DBA "Doyna Michigan".
    Born out of the streets of New York City, reflecting the manic, frantic world of this bustling, urban sprawl, a New York musician releases a startling debut album. depoet and the monkey. Listen to depoet and the monkey. It's direct, ironic and optimistic.
    9/27/99 The Great Purge
    Click on the [MORE] link under 1937-38 to read about the effects of the Great Purge in Ukraine as published in Orest Subtelny's Ukraine: a History.
    9/20/99 Ukrainian Cultural Center - LA
    The purpose of this page is to inform the Ukrainians of Los Angeles and everybody who are interested with the events that have happened or are going to be happening in the Ukrainian community of Greater Los Angeles.
    9/19/99 Devotions: exhibit opens at UIMA
    The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) is pleased to present Devotions, an exhibition examining spirituality as expressed formally and within a narrative. The work on view will include toned photographs by Jeffery Byrd, mixed media assemblages by Lynn Tomaszewski, and mixed media constructions by Toby Zallman.
    9/16/99 Sep 16 99 - In Search of Survivors of German Forced/Slave Labor: An Appeal SPECIAL
    This appeal is being issued to Diasporan Ukrainians by the joint litigators in the current class action suit brought against German companies. This suit deals with the matter of forced and slave laborers who were taken from their native lands by Germany during World War II. A questionnaire is being distributed world-wide seeking out all who may qualify for benefits from a potential settlement in this case. Information obtained from these questionnaires will be analyzed and presented as statistical evidence.
    9/10/99 Duma Music, Inc.
    Duma Music has been in the print music publishing business since 1985 featuring the works of some of Ukraines leading composers, including Leonid Hrabovsky, Ivan Karabyts and Myroslav Skoryk, as well as others.
    9/10/99 GREEN CARD LOTTERY Spread the word! Tell your family in Ukraine about the DV-2001 Green Card Lottery section on Brama. Complete with samples, instructions, translations (English/Ukrainian/Russian), transliteration guide, and even a bulletin board for your questions.
    Everything you ever wanted to know about this years and previous elections in Ukraine. Your one-stop page of links to all the reliable sources. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE CANDIDATE in our informal poll.
    8/21/99 SURVEY!
    We want your opinion! What's your favorite Ukrainian resort, favorite flavor varenyky, best political candidate, etc. In the coming weeks, we'll be asking you these questions and more! Let us know what you're thinking ...
    8/21/99 Kobzari, lirnyky
    Kobzari are folk professional minstrels unique to Ukraine. One thing that makes them special is the musical instrument which they play. This instrument is called a bandura and it developed out of the kobza, from which kobzari take their name. BRAMA is very pleased to present this special resource compiled by our favorite professor of Slavic Languages, Literatures, and Folklore, Natalie Kononenko.
    8/19/99 Serious Play: the latest exhibit at UIMA
    The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) is pleased to present Serious Play, an exhibition curated by Marissa Woloszczuk that explores how meaning is created through the relationship between surface and content. Form need not follow function, and in this exhibition the transformation of idea to object is addressed with humor and youthful exuberance.
    7/31/99 puterSoft.Com
    New Kyiv-based software firm specialing in Delphi database programming.

    Art students, organizations, and art-lovers alike will find this new website of interest. The Foundation offers grants for students, fund-raising material for qualified organizations, and an eye-feast of beautiful colorful canvases painted by the founder Mychajlo Dmytrenko.
    Add BRAMA to your My Netscape page

    Frequent visitors to Brama or users of "My Netscape" can now add a BRAMA window to their personalized My Netscape page. Be directly linked to your favorite pages for current information at your fingertips! Click on the image above to learn how to personalize your Netscape browser, and add Brama to your selected favorites.

    5/9/99 "Grazhda" Concert Calendar
    This new web-page highlights the well-known concert series that take place every summer in the Ukrainian center of the Catskill Mountains. Plan your summer weekend retreats in the cool hills of upstate New York and spend Saturday evenings enjoying the classical entertainment provided by the "Grazhda" Music and Art Center of Greene County. Valiant Video Productions
    Brama is pleased to announce a new virtual domain client: Valiant Video Productions, a business specializing in commercial and industrial video productions for small to midsize companies. WELCOME!
    5/1/99 "Second Nature" at UIMA
    A new exhibit at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago which ties in with the Millennium Project for 1999.
    4/30/99 St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church
    A unique wooden church built in the Hutsul style of the Carpathian Mountains stands on a small hill, overlooking Route 23A in upstate New York. Have a look at the amazingly ornate interior and specialized architecture of this church and associated structures.
    4/21/99 Special Report: CCRF awards Hillary Clinton
    Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund (CCRF) honored First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday night by presenting to her a Lifetime Achievement Award for her long-standing active support of CCRF's mission. SEE IT, HEAR IT, and READ ABOUT IT!
    4/11/99 Business Connections Bulletin Board
    Searching for partners? Looking for products? Selling merchandize? If it's for Ukraine, from Ukraine or about Ukrainians, post your questions/comments here!
    4/1/99 UUARC
    NEW WEBSITE! United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Inc. (UUARC) is a private, non-profit charitable organization that provides humanitarian assistance to immigrants and needy individuals throughout the world.
    3/28/99 New Exhibit & SLIDE SHOW: Pysanky and Artwork
    The Ukrainian Museum's exhibition of pysanky, Ukrainian Easter eggs, is presented this year in the work of two outstanding Ukrainian artists. The exhibition features the traditional decorated eggs created by Tania Osadca, and the multifaceted contemporary works of art by Aka Pereyma. View the virtual gallery slide show starting with a description of this exhibit titled "PYSANKA, UKRAINE'S CULTURAL ICON: Preserved in the Traditional Form by Tania Osadca and in the Contemporary Art of Aka Pereyma."
    3/15/99 New paper added to archives:
  • The Legacy of Scythians
  • 2/27/99 Horilka League
    Prediction league for soccer enthusiasts, complete with prizes! This new page is brought to you by "Fedya Fussball" ...
    2/27/99 SPORTS@BRAMA.COM
    BRAMA's first e-mail list!!! CLICK to Subscribe:
    2/20/99 HISTORY OF UKRAINE - Chronologically Synchronized Tables
    NEW FEATURE ADDED: pop-up windows with additional information on certain topics built into the chronological tables. Check the 20th, 17th, and 15th centuries for the [MORE] links. Let us know what other specific history topics you'd like see MORE of by sending us an email via the form provided in the history section. Your browser must have Java script support in order to see the MORE links.
    2/19/99 La Strada - Ukraine
    CLICK ON "CONFERENCES" for the text of presentations made at the 1997 Joint La Strada - Ukraine and Ceska Republika Conference.
    2/11/99 Ukrainian Wedding Photos!
    Traditional Ukrainian Wedding Ritual Photographs
    Updated with 25 new images! Collected in Central Ukraine, 1998 by Natalie Kononenko
    2/11/99 The Negotiation of Ukrainian Ethnic Identity in Two Multiethnic Settings : The Former Soviet Union (Armed Forces) and Canada
    by Anna Fournier; abstract.
    2/11/99 Krychevsky Exhibit at the Ukrainian Museum
    View 5 neo-impressionist paintings of Ukrainian artist Mykola Krychevsky displayed on-line; works on loan from the Krychevsky family collection.
    2/10/99 La Strada - Ukraine
    We welcome a new NGO client, La Strada - Ukraine, Kyiv-based organization that works to prevent trafficking in women and provides one-on-one assistance for victims of trafficking.
    1/15/99 Ukrainian Weddings
    Traditional Ukrainian Wedding Rituals
    Collected in Central Ukraine, 1998 by Natalie Kononenko
    12/21/98 Koly ne bulo z nashchada svita - Audio file
    A new addition to our audio file library: Koly ne bulo z nashchada svita (In the beginning) by Lastivka Ensemble. Solo performed in the ancient style called "primitiv." Included on the cassette of Christmas songs by Lastivka called "Sing and Rejoice."
    12/20/98 Ukrainian Christmas Carols - Koliady/shchedrivky
  • Two renditions of "Carol of the Bells - Shchedryk": one instrumental performed by the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus, and the other a vocal by Lastivka Ensemble.
  • "V Veflejemi novyna - The Wonder of Bethlehem" solo by Z. Kovbasniuk.
  • 12/8/98 Ukrainian Christmas Traditions
    Background on traditional practices during the holiday season provided by The Ukrainian Museum, Surma - The Ukrainian Shop, and more.
    11/28/98 Two papers added to archives:
  • Metabolic Aspects of Oxygen Homeostasis Formation in Extreme States
  • Research into Prehistoric Ethnogenetic Processes in East Europe
    Flood report, emergency supplies lists, infrastructure materials needed
    11/23/98 Ukrainian Broadcast Network (UBN)
    Download your free copy of RealAudio Player, and listen to news, sports, and weather brought to you direct from Ukraine. The DAILY (M-F) audio-streaming file is updated between 10 a.m. and 12 noon Eastern Standard Time. Listen anytime of day, but best uninterrupted streaming is during off-peak hours.
    10/23/98 Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA)
    Two exhibitions: [THE FIVE] and [TRACES]
    10/22/98 Education
    This new BRAMA section includes a much needed resource for scholarships and other programs that are available to students in Ukraine and in the Diaspora. Our thanks to Dr. Onyshkevych for compiling the information on this page and sharing it with us.
    10/06/98 State Department Travel Advisory -- UKRAINE
    Latest Consular Information Sheet dated 10/01/98 containing updates on crime and medical facilities, as well as links to other official travel information.
    10/04/98 "Dnister" Expedition
    Photographs of the river in Western Ukraine
    10/03/98 Ambassador Scherbak speaks at Shevchenko Scientific Society in New York
    PHOTOGRAPHS & AUDIO FILES -- You heard it here first!!
    10/01/98 We're kicking off October with our snappy radio ads!! Download the free RealAudio Player by clicking on the icon to listen to these 3 files:
    Listen to the BRAMA Radio Ads!
    [News/Novyny] [Zaras!] [Parasia]
    9/28/98 Hryvnia Exchange Rates for 17 major currencies!!!
    Rates provided DAILY by STOCKVIEW
    9/17/98 Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka from Ukraine!
    New website client! Welcome!
    9/16/98 The Ukrainian Museum
    Fall/Winter 1998 Schedule Update
    9/14/98 Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus
    9/13/98 Ukrainian Broadcasting Network (UBN) TV Program Guide
    9/12/98 Ukraine Travel Tips Message Board
    The perfect forum for travelers to share their useful tidbits of advice about travel to and in Ukraine.
    9/10/98 Ukraine's Independence celebrated in the Diaspora
    9/01/98 Shevchenko Scientific Society Library Catalog has been updated!
    This unique on-line Ukrainica library catalog has been revamped to include the latest volumes added to the stacks.
    8/30/98 BRAMA's Directory of Ukrainian Organizations/Businesses in the Diaspora
    UPDATED! Add/Update your Diasporan Ukrainian business or organization by using this FORM.
  • Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (Chicago)
    1. Exhibit '5' opens in September (see press releases)
    2. 1998-1999 Calendar: Concerts and Exhibitions
  • 8/20/98 Ukrainian Vacation 1997
    Kathy and Bill Clark's travel journal updated with many new images.
    8/05/98 Embassies, Consulates, Diplomatic Missions of Ukraine around the world.
    Listing updated.
    7/23/98 HISTORY OF UKRAINE - Chronologically Synchronized Tables
    Now available in English!
    7/16/98 TOOL EXPO 1999
    BRAMA welcomes it's first virtual domain client! Tool Expo -- Bringing the widest variety of modern construction application materials and tools (including ergonomically designed and safety-minded tools) ever assembled under one roof to an exhibition hall near you!
    7/12/98 ODESA IN PICTURES -- BRAMA's Travel to and in Ukraine
    Photographs contributed by Peter Wehmann; images dated May 1998
    7/10/98 Ukrainian Vacation 1997
    Kathy and Bill Clark's often humorous tale of their recent sojourn through Ukraine. Loaded with wonderful images, it's a (somewhat) long but fascinating story. Take your laptop to the can with you for some extra special reading!
    7/9/98 Ukrainian Museum
    July Newsletter and other updates
    7/2/98 BRAMA's UkraiNewstand now features: COMMUNITY PRESS RELEASES
    Keep up with the latest news from your local community or submit your press release to inform the world of what's new in your area!
    7/1/98 BRAMA -- Gateway Ukraine upgrades to a HOT new server!
    Read our latest press release to learn about our improved services!
    6/19/98 Wilton S. Tifft Posters on sale at BRAMA!
    Order your Pochaiv Lavra poster or a country scene from the Pyrohiv Architectural Museum in Kyiv today!
    6/18/98 SUMMER 1998 Ukrainian Community Calendar of Events
    PAGE DEBUT! Submit your announcement for a Ukrainian event anywhere in the world: festivals, dances, performances, lectures, etc.
    6/9/98 Ukrainian American Professional and Businesspersons Association of New York and New Jersey -- UAPBA NY/NJ
    6/2/98 State Department Travel Advisory -- UKRAINE
    Includes a special Public Announcement for travelers to Ukraine.
    6/1/98 Yevshan Ukrainian Catalog
    Order your catalog for the largest variety of Ukrainian goodies available on the net!
    5/25/98 Pysanky
    Updated Pysanka / Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs) images.
    5/24/98 UkraiNewstand
    Updated links to news sources in Ukraine.
    5/18/98 UBN -- Ukrainian Broadcasting Network
    5/13/98 BRAMA Travel Maps
    Topographical map of Ukraine added.
    5/6/98 Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (Chicago)
    2. New Exhibit: 3rd Dimension / 2nd Generation (see calendar)
    3. Concert May 17 (calendar)
    New York, NY. May 15-16-17, 1998. In the heart of the Ukrainian Village in Manhattan. Dancing, singing, ethnic food, art, etc.
    Yonkers, NY, Ukrainian Festival gears up for the June 1998 event. Visit us for a cultural adventure! Advertisers welcome.
    4/19/98 Yara Arts Group (update)
    FLIGHT - performance at LaMama
    4/10/98 The Ukrainian Museum - New York
    All new gallery additions to the Permanent Collection page.
    3/27/98 SURMA - The Ukrainian Shop
    Pysanky (Easter Eggs), equipment and instruction for making pysanky, merchandise catalog. Homepage debut.
    3/20/98 Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (Chicago)
    2Dx3D -- Exhibition opening at UIMA
    2/23/98 Political Parties in Ukraine
    Just in time for the upcoming elections in Ukraine, BRAMA presents a comprehensive selection of registered political party listings, candidates, and analytical data.
    2/22/98 Current Social Issues in Ukraine
    Proactive section initiated by a coordinated effort involving a recent New York Times article addressing the trafficking of Ukrainian women for criminal servitude.
    2/17/98 Dream-Co
    Ukrainian software development company. Some FREEWARE available at this site, including games.
    2/12/98 PRO-W Ukraine
    Commercial real estate development, sales and leasing in all of Ukraine.
    2/10/98 Yara Arts Group (update)
    New Book: "10 YEARS OF POETRY" and this month's performance at LaMama
    2/10/98 The Ukrainian Institute of America
    Music at the Institute (MATI) Concert Schedule for 1998
    2/9/98 The Ukrainian Museum in New York Workshop Series
    Learn to make Pysanky (Easter Eggs), Ukrainian Embroidery & Beading!
    Up to the minute press releases from the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington, DC.
    2/5/98 UKRAGRAFIX
    FREE traditionally styled embroidery graphics for your website or publishing needs. Huge collection of patterns including wallpapers, bars, buttons, icons and more.
    2/3/98 BRAMA Ukraine Sports News
    Just in time for the OLYMPICS!
    1/28/98 Mayana Art Gallery -- Ukrainian Art & Literary Club
    Ukraine's First Business and Investment Weekly

    Daily news feeds from Ukraine, in-depth weekly analyses, Kyiv/Kiev Dining guide, job opportunities.
    1/25/98 Istoriya Ukrainy (History of Ukraine) presented in a synchronized chronological table format
    Currently available only in Ukrainian.
    1/25/98 Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) - Chicago
    UIMA's debut on the Internet at BRAMA
    About UIMA, directions, calendar of events, gallery, ...
    1/13/98 Ivano-Frankivsk in Pictures
    Fotos of the picturesque western Ukrainian city
    1/7/98 Bus Shelters in Ukraine (update)
    Pictures of colorful roadside bus shelters in Ukraine
    1/7/98 Haystacks
    Images from the countryside in Ukraine
    1/4/98 L'viv Travel Guide
    Pictures, Mini Walking Tour, Walking Tour Pictures, Local Directory
    1/1/98 BRAMA Services and Media Kit for Advertisers and Web Hosting
    1/1/98 Images from the Diaspora (update)
    1/1/98 Directory of Ukrainian Organizations in the Diaspora (update)
    12/26/97 Ukrainianization of Windows/PC/DOS-based Applications
    Installation of Windows/DOS Cyrillic fonts and keyboard drivers available from BRAMA for use with Ukrainian, and other general information for novice web users.
    12/18/97 Myroslaw Smorodsky, Esq. (update)
    12/13/97 Ukrainian Economic Review and International Ukrainian Economic Association
    12/11/97 Ukrainian State Committee on Geology and Utilization of Mineral Resources
    12/5/97 BRAMA Mission Statement published
    12/1/97 Digital Embroidery -- free graphics for your homepage
    11/21/97 Ukraine's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hennadiy Udovenko
    Speech to the UABA
    11/15/97 BRAMA Search Engine
    10/15/97 Dovzhenko (filmmaker)
    Stills from 4 films: Sumka dypkurier (1927), Zvenigora (1927), Arsenal (1929), Zemlia (Earth, 1920), -plus- War Film Posters from 1946
    10/15/97 UkraiNewstand
    News from and about Ukraine and Ukrainians
    10/12/97 The planes of Ukraine
    updated with images of Antonov-225 (Mriya),-124 (Ruslan),-22,-32,-70,-72
    10/7/97 TWG Cultural Fund
    7/15/97 Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus
    7/2/97 Geoecolog
    Center for Geological and Seismological Studies, Kyiv
    6/21/97 ProConsult
    Business Consulting in Ukraine (Kyiv)
    5/15/97 Syzokryli Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
    May 3-4,1997 BRAMA is born!
    Infomeister-Ukrainian and Ukrainian Law merged.

    ** Special: [Ukrainian Holidays and Traditions] [SHOP UKRAINIAN] [POLITICS]

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