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Happy Holidays - Veselykh sviat!
Ukrainian Easter

Ukrainian Easter
Select shops among the links below, and return to this page to check what each has to offer. Easter 2009: Latin rite - April 12; Eastern rite - April 19. Happy Shopping!

Happy Holidays - Veselykh sviat!
* Schedryk - Carol *
performed by
Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus.

Ukrainian Christmas
Select shops among the links below, and return to this page to check what each has to offer. Don't forget - Eastern Rite Christmas is celebrated on January 7, so if you're late, be Ukrainian for a day! Happy Shopping!

Rodovid, Inc.
Books and works of art rugs, rushnyky, embroidered tablecloths, shirts, dresses and costumes from various regions of Ukraine; also icons of a wide variety and type, native folk art and jewelry.

Trypillian - Beautifully Handcrafted Ceramics
Beautiful handcrafted ceramics inspired by the artistry of the ancient Trypillian culture which flourshed over 7,000 years ago in the territory of Ukraine. Each piece is individually crafted by artists Myron and Marika Bokalo.

The Ukrainian Museum
Hand made Easter eggs, books and supplies. Pysanka slide show on-line. Dolls in traditional handmade Ukrainian Hutsul costumes; teddy bears dressed in spiffy Ukrainian Hutsul vests and caps; greeting/holiday cards, CDs, tree ornaments, books, paintings, and many more gift items! Credit cards accepted!

Yara Arts Group Store
Gift books and CD's exclusively at the Yara Store! Call us with your order.

Dnister Company, Inc.
Christmas and Easter Cards, All-Occasion Cards and Blank Boxed Sets; children's books.

SURMA - The Ukrainian Shop
Yaroslava Surmach Recipe Cards and glasspainting Easter cards; specializing in Easter egg (pysanka) and holiday food supplies; imported gifts items; etc. We accept credit cards - call us for rush deliveries!

Gift specials

Lviv Opera House - 275 Illustrations!
275 Illustrations Great gift!

** Special: [Ukrainian Holidays and Traditions] [SHOP UKRAINIAN] [POLITICS]

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