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FREE NADIYA SAVCHENKO twitter campaign Jan 26 2015
FREE NADIYA SAVCHENKO twitter campaign Jan 26 2015

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     ·  Russia is Abetting War Crimes: Ratify Rome Statute Now! (KHPG)
     ·  Rebels launch 'intense' attacks on Ukraine government troops - Kiev military (Reuters)
     ·  Russia blocks UN Security Council statement condemning shelling of Ukrainian city that killed 30 (Independent)
     ·  Ukraine crisis: Russia blocks UN attempt to condemn rebel rocket attack. UK-proposed statement called for inquiry into assault on Mariupol. Diplomatic tensions escalate along with fighting in eastern Ukraine. Dozens die as rebels shell Mariupol (The Guardian)
     ·  Ukraine Day of Mourning: Ukrainians pay tribute to civilians killed in Mariupol insurgent attack (VIDEO) (Ukraine Today)
     ·  OSCE suggests carrying out peacekeeping operation in Donbas (Ukraine Today)
     ·  Paris Press Club: Ukraine – a new geopolitical challenge for Europe (VIDEO) (Ukraine Today)
     ·  Ukraine Clashes Broaden as Obama Pledges More Pressure on Russia (Bloomberg)
     ·  Ukrainian Opinion: Do your international friends understand what is happening in Ukraine? (VIDEO) (Ukraine Today)
     ·  Why war has exploded again in Ukraine (Mashable)
     ·  Ukraine Holds Day Of Mourning After Mariupol Attack (RFE/RL)
     ·  Ukraine Live Day 342: The Devastation of Mariupol (The Interpreter)
     ·  EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini condemns Mariupol shelling (Ukraine Today)
     ·  Snubbed by U.S. and Europe, Kremlin Looks to Asia at Davos (The New York Times)
     ·  Obama vows to ratchet up pressure on Moscow over Ukraine (Reuters)
     ·  Ukraine's Prime Minister Yatseniuk holds meeting of operational headquarters after attacks in Mariupol (Ukrinform)
     ·  President Poroshenko says de-escalation is priority in east Ukraine (Reuters)
     ·  Ukraine: Phone Calls Prove Rebels Attacked City, Killed 30 [BRAMA: DNR leader Zakharchenko declared the attack and then denied it.] (ABC/AP)
     ·  International condemnation over shelling of Ukraine's Mariupol ['At least 30 people were killed and 83 others injured in the rocket attack on the port city of Mariupol'] (Deutsche Welle)
     ·  Pope Francis prayed for victims in Mariupol (RISU)
     ·  Record number of Russians ‘positive’ about Joseph Stalin (KHPG)
     ·  John R. Carpenter: In the Pit of the Stomach [Protest of Putin supporter Valery Gergiev's concert in Ann Arbor kept audience away] (Facebook)
     ·  Ukrainian Events Keep Moscow from Addressing Cossack Genocide of 1920s (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  Video Shows Nightmarish Scenes After Rocket Barrage in Eastern Ukraine (VICE News)
     ·  Ukraine's new finance minister, Natalie Jaresko: Ukraine bailout 'sufficient to rebuild credibility' (BBC)
     ·  Offensive has begun upon key city, Ukranian rebel leader, Alexander Zakharchenko, says (Boston Globe/AP)
     ·  Russian troops support rebel offensive in Ukraine, NATO says (Reuters)
     ·  Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 23 January 2015 (OSCE)
     ·  John Kerry, Secretary of State: Attacks in Ukraine by Russia-Backed Separatists (State.gov)
     ·  Ukraine Pays Russia's Gazprom On Time Again, But Both Looking For New Partners (Forbes)
     ·  Spot report by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), 24 January 2015: Shelling Incident on Olimpiiska Street in Mariupol (OSCE)
     ·  Sundance 2015: As war escalates at home, two Ukrainians take on Putin (Los Angeles Times)
     ·  NATO Secretary General statement on the situation in Ukraine (NATO)
     ·  Ukraine: Cutting Graft Top Priority to Reach New Bailout (ABC/AP)
     ·  Biden's Call with Ukrainian President Poroshenko (US Embassy)
     ·  Russia Blocks U.N. Statement on Ukraine as Fighting Escalates (Reuters/The Moscow Times)
     ·  Yulia Tymoshenko to President Poroshenko: Russia is a threat to humanity (Tymoshenko.ua)
     ·  Tank troops fight to contain rebel expansion in eastern Ukraine (Daily Telegraph)
     ·  Mariupol's city mayor and authorities evaluate damages after shelling (Ukrinform)
     ·  Putin Seen Declaring War on Kyiv the Only Way He Can – By Blaming Ukraine (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  Putin responsible for killed civilians in Mariupol - Turchynov (Ukrinform)
     ·  Crimean Tatar rights activist ‘deported’ from his native Crimea (KHPG)
     ·  Putin Wants to Break Ukraine Not Seize the Donbas, Moscow Analysts Say [BRAMA: What's the diff? Breaking Ukraine and making it a vassal of Moscow, or breaking it apart and absorbing it piece by piece as some new republic within Russia amounts to the same thing: Russia wants to control Ukraine.] (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  Rockets Target Mariupol In Rebels' Eastern Ukraine Offensive (RFE/RL)
     ·  Filatov: Commercial courts will keep power, judges to be more accountable (Kyiv Post)
     ·  Ukrainian prime minister calls on members of UN Security Council to meet following deadly Mariupol shelling (+VIDEO) (Ukraine Today)
     ·  Eastern Ukraine Is Slipping Back Into All-Out War (Vice News)
     ·  Ukraine rebels announce new offensive as rockets kill 30 (Yahoo/AP)
     ·  Rockets rain on eastern Ukrainian port city, killing at least 20 (Mashable)
     ·  Ukraine Live Day Day 341: Russian-Backed Forces Continue Push into Ukraine (Ukrinform)
     ·  Statement by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine on civilian deaths in Donetsk (OSCE)
     ·  Ukraine: cutting graft top priority to reach new bailout (Yahoo/AP)
     ·  The Real Birth of the Ukrainian Nation (Euromaidan Press)
     ·  At Least 10 Killed in Rocket Attack on Port City in Eastern Ukraine [Mariupol] (The New York Times)
     ·  Shelling in Mariupol: 27 people killed, 97 wounded (UPDATE) (Kyiv Post)
     ·  Swedish volunteer with Azov Battalion dies in car accident (Kyiv Post)
     ·  EU tells Moscow to 'assume its responsibility' in Ukraine war (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  News Analysis: How Best To Help Ukraine Is The $50 Billion Question (RFE/RL)
     ·  OSCE Chief Monitor in Ukraine condemns Mariupol shelling as reckless, indiscriminate and disgraceful attack on innocent civilians, including women and children (OSCE)
     ·  Rockets Target Mariupol In Rebels' Eastern Ukraine Offensive (RFE/RL)
     ·  Rebel shelling kills up to 10 people in east Ukrainian city of Mariupol: officials (Reuters)
     ·  Ukraine accuses pro-Russia rebels of deadly shelling in port city of Mariupol (Washington Post)
     ·  Ukraine Rebel Leader Claims New Attack On Mariupol (NPR)
     ·  Poroshenko left for Saudi Arabia (Ukrinform)
     ·  Statement by the Trilateral Contact Group: ongoing hostilities in eastern Ukraine should be stopped immediately (OSCE)
     ·  Putin's Propaganda Industry Tightens Its Belt (Bloomberg)
     ·  Hard evidence, the regular Russian army invades Ukraine (Conflict Report)
     ·  NATO Chief Ready to Meet Russia's Lavrov to Discuss Ukraine (Reuters/The Moscow Times)
     ·  [VIDEO] 'Acceleration of Violence' in Ukraine. Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Adrian Karatnycky explains why strong Western sanctions are essential to countering Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine (The Wall Street Journal)
     ·  Photo evidence of Russian soldiers in Ukraine [+VIDEO] (Ukraine Today)
     ·  Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 22 January 2015 (OSCE)
     ·  Conductor Gergiev, Geopolitical Casualty (World Affairs Journal)
     ·  John Kerry, Secretary of State: Remarks at the World Economic Forum (State.gov)
     ·  January 22: Whereas Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov said again, mockingly, that he yet needs to be presented with any evidence that Russian army is indeed fighting in Donbas (Euromaidan Press)
     ·  Ukrainian Separatists Reportedly Abandon Peace Talks (NPR)
     ·  Op-ed: Note to Ukraine: Stop Whitewashing the Political Record (Huffington Post)
     ·  Davos Diary: Russia Trying to Derail IMF Talks, Says Ukrainian Official [Ukraine Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko] (Foreign Policy)
     ·  'We're nothing more than bargaining chips' – what it means to be Ukrainian in wartime (The Guardian)
     ·  Litvinenko inquiry: the proof Russia was involved in dissident's murder (Telegraph)
     ·  Free Nadia Savchenko! (World Affairs Journal)
     ·  Footage Shows Damage at Donetsk Airport [VIDEO] (The New York Times)
     ·  War Is Exploding Anew in Ukraine; Rebels Vow More (The New York Times)
     ·  Time to rethink Ukraine deal (CNN)
     ·  UPDATE 1-EU to consider raising new Ukraine aid to 2.5 bln euros (Reuters)
     ·  Podcast: The Second Front [Kirill Kobrin, editor of the Moscow-based history and sociology magazine Neprikosnovenny Zapas; Natalya Churikova, managing editor of RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service and host of the program European Connect; and Andreas Umland, a professor of Russian and Ukrainian history at Kyiv Mohyla Academy and a senior research fellow at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation in Kyiv.] (RFE/RL)
     ·  US Deploying Troops to Ukraine to Train its National Guard (Military.com)
     ·  Op-ed: Doug Bandow: Washington should stay out of the Russo-Ukrainian quarrel [Quote: 'Ukraine isn’t important geopolitically...Washington never guaranteed Ukraine’s security... Vladimir Putin is not Hitler and Russia is not Nazi Germany...'] (Orange County Register)
     ·  Putin says Ukraine ordered new offensive against rebels. Russian leader accuses Kiev of violating latest truce as pro-Moscow fighters unveil their own large-scale assault plans. (Al Jazeera)
     ·  Russia Seeks Political Influence on Ukraine Via the ‘Normandy’ Group (Eurasia Daily Monitor)
     ·  Ukraine plans debt talks with all bondholders - finance minister (Reuters)
     ·  A Deadly January in Ukraine. At least 29 people are dying every day in eastern Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels are only promising more violence (The Atlantic)
     ·  Op-ed: Thousands of Russian Troops in Airport Push (Newsweek)
     ·  Pro-Russia rebels cement hold on disputed Ukraine airport (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Ukraine troops cede prized airport to pro-Russia rebels (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Ukraine rebels vow to conquer more territory in war-torn east (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Russia faces $40 billion battle to stave off banking crisis (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Russia: UEFA may create football league in annexed Crimea (Yahoo/AP)
     ·  St. Petersburg conscripts sent to Eastern Ukraine (Euromaidan Press)
     ·  Signs emerge of major Ukraine rebel offensive looming (Yahoo/AP)
     ·  Why “speak no evil” policy of the Met, Carnegie Hall and BAM is so objectionable (Euromaidan Press)
    24 січня 2015
     ·  Війна на Донбасі: ситуація в аеропорту, відмова терористів від перемиря і обстріл Маріуполя (доповнено)
     ·  Втрати «Російської весни». За що бойовики вбивають один одного?
    Поступ у Львові
     ·  Головний фінансист Львова: цьогорічний бюджет міста збалансований, а також унікальний
    Поступ з краю
     ·  Давос – 2015: чергова можливість Порошенка загострити увагу світу на Українї
    Поступ у світі
     ·  Новий саудівський монарх пообіцяв продовжити курс свого брата
    Здоровий Поступ
     ·  Корисні та лікувальні властивості овочевого соку. Частина ІІ
    Точка зору
     ·  "Правий сектор": Путін не зупиниться на Донбасі, без України Росія - недоімперія
    Калейдоскоп Поступу
     ·  Чаты без регистрации позволяют завести интересные знакомства и найти любовь
     ·  Січневий переворот Павелка в українському футболі
     ·  Лист вижила пасажирки «Титаніка» продали за 12 тисяч доларів
     ·  Винуватця ДТП за участю кортежу мера Москви позбавили водійських прав
    КуПол: новини
     ·  Кінокритики США і Канади назвали стрічку «Отроцтво» кращим фільмом 2014 року
    Сьогодні у світі
     ·  У Литву для посилення місії НАТО прибули винищувачі ВПС Польщі
     ·  Бойовий кінь лицаря – не тільки міцний і витривалий, але й прудкий

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    #FreeSavchenko video by Adriana Luhovy [Twitter storm Jan 26 2015]


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    Live map of Ukraine

    Live map of Ukraine

    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.

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    Happy Kyiv (inspired by Pharrell Williams 'Happy')

    Inauguration of Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, June 7, 2014

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     ·  03/30/2014 thru 02/22/2015 Exhibition — No Other Home: The Crimean Tatar Repatriates [NY-NJ-Metro]
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    What will L.Kuchma's fate be under the Yushchenko presidency?
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    Pardoned by Yushchenko
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