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  • A leap of faith - USC triple jumper Tatyana Obukhova left her loved ones behind in the Ukraine (OC Register (Los Angeles)) 05/31/2001
  • New faction in Ukrainian parliament sees future in high-tech development (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/31/2001
  • EU secretary-general expects Ukraine to stick to its foreign policy priorities (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 05/31/2001
  • Cooper Union needs to make its case to rebuild - plan under fire from worried Ukrainians (5/23/01) (The Villager) 05/31/2001
  • Bad language - Chernomyrdin, known for his broken Russian syntax, steals the limelight from new Prime Minister Kinakh (Financial Times) 05/31/2001
  • CIS seen by expert as merely an economic union (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/31/2001
  • Chernobyl [ Chornobyl ] catastrophe has cost Ukraine, Belarus and Russia more than US$350-billion - The technology no private sector insurer will cover (Financial Post/FT) 05/31/2001
  • Scientist says BNFL plant is terrorist risk: Theft of nuclear materials 'a terrifying possibility', report warns (Guardian/FT) 05/31/2001
  • Last Chapter: Berlin to Pay Slave Workers Held by Nazis (NY Times) 05/31/2001
  • Ukraine to halt energy company sell-offs (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/31/2001

  • Ukraine: Member of centre-right faction expelled for voting on new premier (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/30/2001
  • Ukraine: opposition leader Tymoshenko accuses president of impeding referendum (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/30/2001
  • Ukraine: special presidential task force trained to control riots (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/30/2001
  • Professed Market Reformer Becomes Premier of Ukraine (NY Times) 05/30/2001
  • U.S. Again Prosecutes Man Cleared of Being Reviled Nazi (NY Times) 05/30/2001
  • Foreign ministers note Ukraine's joint peacekeeping efforts with NATO (BBC/FT) 05/30/2001
  • Ukraine sums up anti-corruption drive (BBC/FT) 05/30/2001
  • Ukraine: over 2,000 cases of corruption discovered during three weeks (BBC/FT) 05/30/2001
  • Ukraine's newly appointed premier talks about his private life (BBC/FT) 05/30/2001
  • Mixed reaction as Russian ambassador arrives in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 05/30/2001
  • Ukrainian president issues decree outlining main areas of land reform (BBC/FT) 05/30/2001
  • Ukrainian East Village - A Shortened Oral History of an Immigrant Neighborhood (NYPress) 05/30/2001
  • So Long, Astor Place? (NYPress) 05/30/2001
  • Ukraine needs your help - Viktor Yushchenko (Globe and Mail) 05/30/2001
  • Confirmation of new PM could signal end to unrest in Ukraine (Globe and Mail) 05/30/2001
  • US indicts Ukrainian crew on drug-smuggling charges (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/30/2001
  • Ukrainian finance, justice ministers retain government posts (update) (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/30/2001
  • Ukraine: New government appointments announced (update) (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/30/2001
  • Ukraine: Rebel judge taken to hospital with heart attack (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/30/2001
  • Ukraine: Rebel judge decries Kiev prosecutor for breaking into his office (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/30/2001
  • Ukraine: Rebel judge refuses to testify at prosecutor's office (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/30/2001
  • New Russian ambassador to Ukraine hopes to resolve gas payments problem (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/30/2001
  • Ukraine: Rightist leader Pynzenyk decries decree on new posts in cabinet (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 05/30/2001
  • Ukrainian PM outlines government's priorities (BBC/FT) 05/30/2001
  • Polish presidential minister criticizes Israel's Yad Vashem over frescoes case (BBC/FT) 05/30/2001
  • Canada: Radio Canada International cuts announced (Voice of America/FT) 05/30/2001
  • New Russian ambassador to Ukraine takes appointment 'very seriously' (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/30/2001
  • Russia's Chernomyrdin arrives in Ukraine, pledges to work constructively (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/30/2001
  • U.S. Again Prosecutes Man Cleared of Being Reviled Nazi (NY Times) 05/30/2001
  • Trial Against Alleged Nazi Begins (AP/Yahoo) 05/30/2001
  • Professed Market Reformer Becomes Premier of Ukraine (NY Times) 05/30/2001
  • Farmers in Dnipropetrovsk believe CAE heads and businessmen gained from agrarian reforms (AgriUkraine) 05/30/2001
  • Semifinalists named in Cliburn (Piano) competition (Dallas News) 05/30/2001
  • Ukrainian Property Fund chairman advocates further privatization (BBC/FT-Kyiv/Den) 05/30/2001
  • Court ruling lifts limitations on constitutional rights of Ukrainians (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/30/2001
  • Most Ukrainians oppose referendum to oust president - poll (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/30/2001
  • Sporting Digest: Football - Karyaka to play for Russia instead of his native Ukraine (Independent) 05/30/2001
  • Sporting Digest: Badminton (Independent) 05/30/2001
  • Kuchma choice named as PM (Financial Times) 05/30/2001

  • Photo: John Demjanjuk shown in 1993 on his return to the U.S. from an Israeli jail (AP/Yahoo) 05/29/2001
  • Photo: John Demjanjuk in Israel's Supreme Court in Jerusalem in this June 3, 1992, file photo (AP/Yahoo) 05/29/2001
  • Photo: Anatoliy Kinakh delivers his speech in parliament (AP/Yahoo) 05/29/2001
  • Ukrainian president calls for efficient and professional government (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 05/29/2001
  • Ukraine's new premier: a grey compromise figure with limited powers (AFP/Yahoo) 05/29/2001
  • Photo: new prime minister Anatoliy Kinakh (AP/Yahoo) 05/29/2001
  • Feds Move Against Alleged Nazi (AP/Yahoo) 05/29/2001
  • Photo: John Demjanjuk on trial again in US (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/29/2001
  • COMGATES Enables Carriers to Back VoIP Offerings With Real-Time QoS/SLA CapabilitieS (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 05/29/2001
  • Russian Church patriarch does not rule out meeting Pontiff (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/29/2001
  • Israeli Yad Vashem museum ordered removal of Polish frescoes from Ukraine (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 05/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Kiev prosecutor files lawsuit against rebel judge (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Former premier Yushchenko to run for parliament - press secretary (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 05/29/2001
  • Ukrainian State Property Fund chairman interviewed on privatization - criticizes Yushchenko government (BBC/FT-Kyiv/Den) 05/29/2001
  • Ukrainian president introduces posts of state secretaries in government (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 05/29/2001
  • Ukrainian president appoints new ministers (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/29/2001
  • Leaders of two Ukrainian centre-right parties (Kotsyuba and Udovenko) reaffirm alliance plans - Segodnya (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/29/2001
  • Ukraine: High-profile judge complains of pressure, promises to 'fight back' (BBC/FT-Ukrayina Moloda/Kyiv) 05/29/2001
  • Ukraine: New premier proposes new approach to budget formation (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/29/2001
  • Ukraine: New premier speaks for social-oriented reforms (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/29/2001
  • Ukraine: District court case not political - Kiev prosecutor (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/29/2001
  • Hungarian premier says 'outside countries' should not prevent NATO enlargement (BBC/FT-Budapest) 05/29/2001
  • Terrorist in Kiev protested against corruption in agriculture (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/29/2001
  • Terrorist in agricultural ministry surrenders to police (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/29/2001
  • Slovak, Ukrainian air forces to boost cooperation (BBC/FT-Bratislava) 05/29/2001
  • Russia looks forward to good relations with new Ukraine PM (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/29/2001
  • Agreement broadens Ukraine's trade links with Kuwait (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/29/2001
  • Iraq said to be ready to buy pipes from Ukrainian plant (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/29/2001
  • Daewoo shares rise on GM deal rumours (Financial Times) 05/29/2001
  • Football: Around the World: Karyaka forced to choose between rivals (Independent/FT) 05/29/2001
  • Ukrainian police remove opposition's mock voting booth (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/29/2001
  • Foto: Anatoli Kinakh (Kyiv Post) 05/29/2001
  • Ukraine Confirms New Prime Minister (AP/Yahoo) 05/29/2001
  • China to Return Spy Plane as Cargo (NY Times) 05/29/2001
  • Russia to Decide Whether to Shake Up Giant Gas Monopoly (NY Times) 05/29/2001
  • Ukraine Debates New Prime Minister (AP/Yahoo) 05/29/2001

  • Alleged Nazi Guard's Past Haunts Him (AP/Yahoo) 05/28/2001
  • Daewoo Motor Sales shares jump on hopes of GM deal (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/28/2001
  • Georgia To Free Kidnapped Student (AP/Yahoo) 05/28/2001
  • China: U.S. Can Take Spy Plane (AP/Yahoo) 05/28/2001

  • 'The Last Letter': Excavating the Memories of a Generation's Horrors (NY Times) 05/27/2001

  • Orthodox Church Fractures in Ukraine (Wash Post) 05/26/2001
  • Students say VC keg is running dry (NY Times) 05/26/2001
  • Boeing Hiring Creative Engineers Who Are Trapped in Post-Soviet Slump (NY Times) 05/26/2001
  • Russia Sees Payoff in Storing Nuclear Waste From Around the World (NY Times) 05/26/2001
  • Russians Said to Oppose Waste Bill (AP/Yahoo) 05/26/2001
  • U.S. Resumes Effort to Prove Demjanjuk's Nazi Past (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier candidate reports to president about agreement with factions (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/26/2001
  • Papal visit to Ukraine not political, says envoy (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/26/2001
  • Ukraine: Rebel judge Zamkovenko considers applying for political asylum in the West (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/26/2001
  • Turkcell to pay US$12 million for Ukrainian license (RCR News) 05/26/2001
  • Moldovan president suggests inviting Russia to GUUAM meeting (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 05/26/2001
  • UN backs Uganda's withdrawal from DRCongo (BBC/FT-Kampala) 05/26/2001
  • TENNIS: Sampras to prepare for Agassi meeting in last eight (Independent/FT) 05/26/2001
  • Ukrainian newspaper (Kievskiye Vedomosti) profiles presidential candidate for premiership (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/26/2001
  • Ukraine continues work on Mayak space rockets as part of space programme (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/26/2001
  • Ukrainian firms investing in Turkmenistan (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/26/2001
  • Iraq's Tariq Aziz meets press, says US-UK 'smart sanctions' are stupid (BBC/FT-Baghdad) 05/26/2001

  • Russia fails to secure go-ahead for Polish gas link (Reuters/Excite) 05/25/2001
  • Ukraine Authorities U-Turn on Reporter Murder Case (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/25/2001
  • Ukraine journalist's murder unsolved (CNN) 05/25/2001
  • Russian-Polish talks end in accord on pipeline bypassing Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/25/2001
  • Ukraine increases exports to Iraq (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/25/2001
  • Patriarch Filaret seeks Ukraine unity (Chicago Tribune) 05/25/2001
  • Moscow seeking closer CIS integration at Yerevan collective security summit (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecution searches office of judge in former deputy PM Tymoshenko case (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Interior minister denies pressure by MP's over journalist case (818GMT) (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Chechens or contract killer may have murdered journalist - minister (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Interior Minister defends statements on journalist case (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/25/2001
  • Opposition leader Moroz urges Ottawa and Canadians of Ukrainian descent to back Ukraine reforms (Globe and Mail) 05/25/2001
  • Judge refuses to delay start of Demjanjuk trial (CourtTV) 05/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Dead gangsters blamed for journalist's murder have alibi - paper Segodnya (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/25/2001
  • Ukraine increases exports to Iraq (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Head of supreme council of justice replaced (update) (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/25/2001
  • Ukraine: President speaks for tax reform, compensation for lost savings (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/25/2001
  • Ukraine: President unsure about outgoing premier's political future (BBC/FT-DINAU/Kyiv) 05/25/2001

  • Government Selects Advisor on Ukrtelekom Sale (Stock Access) 05/24/2001
  • Photo: United Nations Security Council delegation with Amb. Valery Kuchinsky (AP/Yahoo) 05/24/2001
  • Ad company seeks Ukrainian families for nationally televised commercial - WEEKEND CASTING CALL (BRAMA) 05/24/2001
  • Sasikiran pips Harikrishna - Chess (Hindustan Times) 05/24/2001
  • Nuclear renaissance has to reckon with Chernobyl (ENN/Reuters) 05/24/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament passes 'On all-Ukrainian referendum' law after repeat vote (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • COMMENT & ANALYSIS: Ukraine drifts (Financial Times) 05/24/2001
  • A settlement of sorts: On forced labour, logic meets justice (Guardian) 05/24/2001
  • Ukrainian missing journalist case close to completion - prosecutor-general Potebenko (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Monument to slain journalists disappears overnight (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Moscow church supporters protest against Pope's visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier Yushchenko, speaker and president discuss election coalition (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Nominee for prime minister Kinakh says terms of cooperation with IMF may be revised (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/24/2001
  • Ukrainian premier designate Kinakh unfit to govern - opposition leader Tymoshenko (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/24/2001
  • PM candidate ranks Ukraine-Russia relations among priorities (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Paper (Ukrayina Moloda) sceptical on prime ministerial candidate's chances (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Candidate Kinakh for PM meets factions, outlines future strategy (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Ukraine:Centre-right MPs Chornovil and Stetskiv warn of oligarchic plot to seize power (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Russian paper examines front runners for Ukrainian premiership (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Task force on public broadcasting set up (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Russia, Poland agree on gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Montenegrin factory claims Serbia imports radioactive Ukrainian steel (BBC/FT-Podgorica) 05/24/2001
  • Ukrainian president ready to sign all documents required by PACE (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Case of Communist office seizure submitted to Ukrainian court (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Ukrainian Security Service arrests UNA-UNSO member over recent demontrations (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/24/2001
  • Kyiv Days swings the city into action (Kyiv Post) 05/24/2001
  • Residential real estate stabilizes (Kyiv Post) 05/24/2001
  • State loses stake in Rosava (Kyiv Post) 05/24/2001
  • Journalists' plaque put up, removed (Kyiv Post) 05/24/2001
  • Boutiques barricaded (Kyiv Post) 05/24/2001
  • Maidan mess intensifies as anniversary nears (Kyiv Post) 05/24/2001
  • UCLA hosts famous Nuremberg prosecutor (UWire/Excite) 05/24/2001
  • Ukrainian Cup and premier division fixtures for May 26-27 (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's diplomats at the U.N. (AP/Yahoo) 05/24/2001
  • Notice of a Public Meeting at The Cooper Union (May 29, 6:30pm) (BRAMA) 05/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's Orthodox nuns pray as they take part in a meeting of protest in front of the parliament's building (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/24/2001

  • Some trade is more free than others (The Scotsman) 05/23/2001
  • A conversation with Myroslava Gongadze - PHOTOS (BRAMA) 05/23/2001
  • Khlib Ukrainy SJSC has started mortgage purchases of grain (AgriUkraine) 05/23/2001
  • Cleared 'Ivan' again faces deportation (Philadelphia Daily News) 05/23/2001
  • Looking for Help, Ukrainian Will Pick an Ally as Prime Minister (NY Times) 05/23/2001
  • Photo: Two Ukrainian United Nation soldiers of an engineering unit (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/23/2001
  • Kuchma nominates centrist as premier (Financial Times) 05/23/2001
  • Pilot Project for MedMira HIV Prevention Program to Begin in The Ukraine (BCE Emergis) 05/23/2001
  • Smooth talk in Stockholm (Financial Times) 05/23/2001
  • Dispute about Holocaust payments 'over' (Forced/Slave Labor) (Financial Times) 05/23/2001

  • Editorial: Ukraine's Progress Should Be a Priority for All Europe (IH Tribune) 05/22/2001
  • Photo: Tanya Chornovil chains herself to railway tracks in protest (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/22/2001
  • Ukraine: anti-presidential referendum team denied registration (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/22/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition party to help deceived investors (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/22/2001
  • Death Camp Accused To Stand Trial (Sky News) 05/22/2001
  • Ukraine protesters halt express train (BBC) 05/22/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament to confirm new premier on 31 May or 7 June, deputy speaker (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/22/2001
  • Two Polish policemen indicted for killing Ukrainian (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/22/2001
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister Yushchenko increases standing in presidential election poll (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/22/2001
  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry denies reports of president's gifts to Iraqi leader (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/22/2001
  • Kuchma names choice for PM (CNN) 05/22/2001
  • Ukraine's president chooses candidate to replace outgoing premier (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/22/2001
  • Co-operation only solution to illegal migration issue - conference (BBC/FT-Bucharest) 05/22/2001
  • Ukraine: President names candidate for premier, bemoans abortive referendum (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/22/2001
  • Flight tests of Russian-Ukrainian AN-70 cargo plane to resume in June (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/22/2001
  • Ukrainian President Kuchma views new Russian ambassador as 'reasonable person' (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/22/2001
  • Ukraine unready to cooperate with Iraq in oil extraction - deputy premier (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/22/2001
  • Moldova: OSCE accused of inflexible approach to Dnestr region problems, Ukraine lacks experience (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 05/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Government set to reverse electricity privatization deal (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/22/2001
  • Woman travels the world - after her death (Ananova) 05/22/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma to Nominate Pro-Business PM (Reuters/Excite) 05/22/2001
  • Ukraine Prime Minister Nominated (AP/Excite) 05/22/2001

  • Ukrainian premier remains in hospital with back problem (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/21/2001
  • Opposition erecting monument to killed journalists in Ukrainian capital (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/21/2001
  • Farmers have enough machinery to harvest (AgriUkraine) 05/21/2001
  • Ukraine abolishes death penalty (CNN) 05/21/2001
  • Coal boom has companies frantic for qualified miners (Evansville Courier) 05/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Ex-deputy premier Tymoshenko blasts president's anti-referendum pressure (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/21/2001
  • Ukraine: MPs unlikely to agree on new premier - speaker (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/21/2001
  • Moldovan president satisfied with results of last week's visit to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 05/21/2001
  • Ukrainian leader hopes for cooperation with Iraq (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/21/2001
  • World Bank official arrives in Ukraine to consider 250m-dollar tranche (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/21/2001
  • CIS labour, migration consultative meeting begins in Tajik capital (BBC/FT-Dushanbe) 05/21/2001
  • Brandi ends Frazier's clay prep early - Tennis (USA Today) 05/21/2001
  • Ukraine opens embassy in Iraq (BBC/FT-Baghdad) 05/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Government alarmed by sell-off rulings (2) (BBC/FT-DEN/Kyiv) 05/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Government alarmed by shadow privatization through bankruptcy suits (1) (BBC/FT-DEN/Kyiv) 05/21/2001
  • Poland: Europe not safe without Ukraine - envoy (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 05/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Oil refining in first quarter almost double last year (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/21/2001
  • Ukrainian president short-lists two candidates for premier (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/21/2001
  • Cycling: Top riders affected by crashes (Independent/FT) 05/21/2001
  • Russian president signs decree on appointment of Viktor Chernomyrdin tp Kiev (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/21/2001
  • Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has not decided yet whether land should be private or not (AgriUkraine) 05/21/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition activists stage rally in Kiev (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/21/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia to Discuss Dnepr Strategy ( 05/21/2001
  • U.S., Russia Stop Checking a Treaty (AP/Excite) 05/21/2001
  • GM, creditors to talk price on Daewoo soon (Reuters/Excite) 05/21/2001
  • Former Minister Tarasyuk and Myroslava Gongadze visit the Ukrainian festival in NYC (BRAMA) 05/21/2001
  • Shevchenko Preservation Committee springs into action at Ukrainian Festival (BRAMA) 05/21/2001
  • Annual Ukrainian festival spreads goodwill in NYC - Photos I (BRAMA) 05/21/2001
  • Annual Ukrainian festival spreads goodwill in NYC - Photos II (BRAMA) 05/21/2001
  • Annual Ukrainian festival spreads goodwill in NYC - Photos II (BRAMA) 05/21/2001
  • Annual Ukrainian festival spreads goodwill in NYC - Photos III (BRAMA) 05/21/2001
  • This is no illusion: Boy's dream comes true (Philadelphia Daily News) 05/21/2001
  • This is no illusion: Boy's dream comes true (Philadelphia Daily News) 05/21/2001
  • Children of Chernobyl (LA Times) 05/21/2001
  • Photo: Members of Ukraine's opposition political parties install a monument in memory of dead Ukrainian journalists (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/21/2001
  • Ukraine Abolishes Death Penalty (AP/Yahoo) 05/21/2001
  • Romanian-Hungarian border tightens up on illegal migration (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/21/2001
  • Melnychenko Transcripts show plans to take over commercial banking sector (Kyiv Post) 05/21/2001

  • Hungary not against dual citizenship for ethnic kin in region - premier (BBC/FT-Budapest) 05/20/2001
  • Little-known group won't be fenced in ( Rusyn / Ruthenian ) (Chicago Tribune) 05/20/2001
  • Three miners killed in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/20/2001
  • Sasikiran seeded to second round - Chess (Hindustan Times/FT) 05/20/2001
  • Moldovan president gives interview to Ukrainian paper (Zerkalo Nedeli) (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/20/2001
  • Finland seeing more asylum seekers from areas of former Soviet Union (BBC/FT-Helsinki) 05/20/2001
  • Ukrainians and other peacekeepers condemn Guinea shelling (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/20/2001
  • Photo: Kyiv hosts European Women's Bodybuilding Championship (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/20/2001
  • Vienna Marathon results (AP/Yahoo) 05/20/2001
  • Ukraine Religious Groups Stage Massive AIDS March (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/20/2001
  • Ukrainian premier division results/standings (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/20/2001
  • Leading scorers in Ukrainian premier division (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/20/2001
  • Italian Cycling (AP/Yahoo) 05/20/2001

  • Ukraine city head [Sevastopol] backs Stalin statue (BBC/FT) 05/19/2001
  • Ukrainian newspaper [Zerkalo Nedeli] dismisses police's version of journalist's death (BBC/FT) 05/19/2001
  • Iraq and Ukraine form new joint committees (BBC/FT) 05/19/2001
  • Federal grand jury indicts 18 in Ukrainian smuggling ring (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/19/2001
  • Georgi Shakhnazarov Dies; Soviet Propagandist Was 77 (NY Times) 05/19/2001
  • Photos: Cooper Union-approved Astor Hotel model on display (BRAMA) 05/19/2001

  • Ukraine murder investigator says it isn't over until it's over (Freedom Forum) 05/18/2001
  • Ukraine's political uncertainty complicated by Communist stance (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/18/2001
  • Errata - 5/18/01 (Wash Post) 05/18/2001
  • Ukraine destroys last Soviet strategic bomber (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/18/2001
  • Ukrainian rightist party leader outlines his party goals - Holos Ukrayiny (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/18/2001
  • Ukrainian newspaper discusses problems of election campaign funding - Ukrayina Moloda (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/18/2001
  • Three more men arrested in crackdown on organized crime in western Ukraine [Lviv] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/18/2001
  • Gang of suspected contract killers arrested in Ukraine [Dnipropetrovsk] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/18/2001
  • Ruling in Nazi Slave Labor Case (AP/Yahoo) 05/18/2001
  • U.S. Energy Plan a 'Crime' - Pacific Activists (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/18/2001
  • U.N. Council Peace Mission Opens Talks in Congo (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/18/2001
  • GM official in Korea as Daewoo announcement expected (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/18/2001
  • Ukrainian Cup and premier division fixtures for May 20-27 (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/18/2001

  • St Etienne could be saved (BBC Sport) 05/17/2001
  • State Property Fund to Conduct UMC Privatization, PM Says (Stock Access) 05/17/2001
  • Opinion: Case closed (Kyiv Post) 05/17/2001
  • Cabinet corrals stampeding hide exports (Kyiv Post) 05/17/2001
  • Nation's universities smeared by corruption (Kyiv Post) 05/17/2001
  • Hopping Mad at Imports (Kyiv Post) 05/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Party demands answers on journalist murder, tape scandal - Holos Ukrayiny (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Ukraine develops vehicles to disperse demonstrations (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Ukrainian paper interviews deputy speaker on current political crisis - Ukrayina Moloda (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Petrol bomb thrown at Russian cultural centre in west Ukrainian city [Lviv] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Exports up, imports down in first quarter (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Ukrainian president appoints ambassador to UAE (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Moldovan leader cautious over joining CIS organizations [GUUAM] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/17/2001
  • Ukraine's agriculture turns corner thanks to reforms - paper (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Ukrainian navy commander wants closer relations with Russian fleet (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Swedish warship calls at Ukrainian seaport (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • New Hoover Exhibit Features `Voices' of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (BusinessWire/Excite) 05/17/2001
  • Photo: Workers dismantle Ukraine's last Tupolev 95 MC strategic bomber at an airbase near Uzin (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/17/2001
  • President Kuchma presents draft amnesty law to parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Saving a Place for Taras Shevchenko: An Immigrant Community Mobilizes (BRAMA) 05/17/2001
  • Ukraine: President instructs government on land for Crimean Tatars (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament fails to override presidential veto on election law (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Ukraine: One arrested in protest outside parliament against Papal visit (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Outgoing PM Yushchenko undecided whether to stay in executive (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecutor-General's Office denies journalist case solved (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/17/2001
  • Nuclear's future (Financial Times) 05/17/2001
  • Ukraine Calls Newsman's Killing Nonpolitical; Skeptics Abound (NY Times) 05/17/2001
  • Four Die in Kazakstan Hotel Fire (AP/Yahoo) 05/17/2001

  • Ukrainians feel 'used,' others feel walled-in by Cooper plan (Villager) 05/16/2001
  • Number of Ukrainian Mobile Phone Users Reached 1.13 Million in April (Stock Access) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine Parties Struggle to Find PM Candidate (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine formally inquires about killing of Ukrainian citizen in Belarus (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • Societe Gen Ladnbrg - Holding in Company (RNS/FT) 05/16/2001
  • Russian MPs secretly endorse Chernomyrdin as new ambassador to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/16/2001
  • Russia: Duma officials split over Chernomyrdin's appointment as ambassador to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/16/2001
  • Russia and Ukraine navy commanders meet to discuss cooperation (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma tables amnesty bill (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/16/2001
  • Council of Europe 'improving' stance on Ukraine - Ukrainain Foreign Minister Zlenko (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Missing journalist killed by drug addicts - Deputy Interior Minister Dzhyha (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Investigating MP says interior minister wrong on murdered journalist (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • PACE says Ukraine to face problems if investigation into Gongadze case stopped (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine:Three candidates for premiership discussed - president's chief of staff (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • Ukrainian president, Communist leader discuss five candidates for premiership (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • Over 2,000 volunteers to oversee public order during papal visit to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • What turns a war hero into a bank robber? (Yahoo) 05/16/2001
  • Airlift of Spy Plane Said Studied (AP/Yahoo) 05/16/2001
  • Ukrainian Minister Says Reporter's Death Unrelated to Politics - Ukraine's Interior Minister (Bloomberg) 05/16/2001
  • Ukrainian interior minister blames hooligans for journalist's death (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition sets up tents near parliament, demands impeachment (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • Russia: Duma ratifies Eurasian Economic Community treaty (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Former deputy PM says referendum plans on track (BBC/FT) 05/16/2001
  • Excuse me? Chernomyrdin and Kuchma speak slang-ridden version of Russian (Financial Times) 05/16/2001
  • Turkmenistan to give Ukraine land to develop oil and gas reserves (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine: IMF, World Bank delegations to visit Ukraine in May-June (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • Some TV, radio channels support national broadcasting council (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • Regional Ukrainian energy company sold to US company (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine has a definite degree of mass media freedom - Ukrainian MP (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Official sacked over illegal sale of state energy company (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • BENELUX WTA OPEN: Tammy makes early exit in Brussels (Bangkok Post/FT) 05/16/2001
  • Putin reintegrates former opponents (Financial Times) 05/16/2001
  • Gongadze Murder Solved, Says Minister (RFE/RL) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Investigating detective casts doubt that journalist's case solved (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/16/2001
  • Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine presented the new Land Code (AgriUkraine) 05/16/2001
  • Minister of agrarian policy forecasts 8mm tons of grain exports in 2001 (AgriUkraine) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine interested in Uzbekistanian stocks in key oil and gas companies (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/16/2001
  • Ukraine's GDP grows 8.5 percent in January-April 2001 (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/16/2001
  • Presidents of Ukraine and Turkmenistan open cargo terminal (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/16/2001

  • Belarusian police name killed businessman from Ukraine (BBC/FT-Minsk) 05/15/2001
  • Ukrainian chief prosecuter's office protests against release of ex-deputy PM Tymoshenko (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Open Skies: French planes fly over Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Turkmen head visits Ukraine, signs gas accord (BBC/FT-Ashgabat) 05/15/2001
  • Ukraine at arms show in Minsk (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • New Russian ambassador to Ukraine, Chernomyrdin, not afraid of compromising reports (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/15/2001
  • Poland to help Ukraine join EU military force, defence minister says (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 05/15/2001
  • U.N. Won't Renew Arms Embargo (AP/Yahoo) 05/15/2001
  • Commission Rules on Imported Steel (AP/Yahoo) 05/15/2001
  • Obits: Georgy Shakhnazarov (AP/Yahoo) 05/15/2001
  • Ukraine Ends Reporter Murder Probe (AP/Yahoo) 05/15/2001
  • Foreign Ministry to help Ukrainian sailors detained in USA on drugs charges (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Ship and suspects in major cocaine bust arrive at San Diego (CNN) 05/15/2001
  • Ukrainian president deplores lack of Ukrainian press in Russia (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Foreign ministry denies military equipment supply to Eritrea (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Highest GDP growth yet in independent Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/15/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition movement running out of steam - paper Ukrayina Moloda (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Fancy a bit of proselytising at a beach mission in Greece? Forget it (Scotsman/FT) 05/15/2001
  • MP warns of West's attempts to compromise Russia's ambassador to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/15/2001
  • Supreme Court confirms arrest of former deputy premier was illegal (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Interreligious problems not to hinder papal visit to Ukraine - Vatican (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Ukrainian Interior Ministry creates subunits to fight top-level crime (BBC/FT-DINAU/Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Suspects in Rishon gang rape remanded (Ha'aretz) 05/15/2001
  • Varlamov studies paying off with plenty of playoff points (Flames) 05/15/2001
  • Belarusian police shoot dead Ukrainian, allegedly during armed resistance (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Ukrainian nuclear power plant receives fresh fuel from Russia (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Murdered journalist case solved, interior minister says (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Turkmenistan's president arrives on visit to Ukraine (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Two centre-right parties to discuss consolidation of democratic forces (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Ukraine: President comments on journalist's murder (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/15/2001
  • Two more MPs leave centre-right parliamentary faction (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Ukrainian TV journalists resign in protest against management policies - paper Ukrayina Moloda (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Ukrainian MPs begin collecting signatures to impeach President (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/15/2001
  • Tennis - Hamburg Masters (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/15/2001

  • U.N. Seeks Weapons Shipment Probe: Ukraine Firm Denies Seized Arms Were Headed for Eritrea in Violation of Ban (Wash Post) 05/14/2001
  • Photo: 13 tons of cocaine found stashed in secret compartments on a fishing boat off San Diego (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/14/2001
  • Photo: U.S. Coast Guard officers stand watch over 13 tons of cocaine (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/14/2001
  • Photo: U.S. Coast Guard officers stand watch over cocaine stash (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/14/2001
  • Coast Guard seizes record amount of cocaine (USA Today) 05/14/2001
  • Ukraine, Turkmenistan sign gas agreement (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/14/2001
  • Russians and Ukrainians caught smuggling 13 tons of cocaine (AP/Yahoo) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian president signs decree to help ex-political prisoners (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian president criticizes 'anti-Ukrainian campaign' in Western media (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian MP in German jail quits parliamentary majority to back ex-premier (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • The east begins behind Ukrainian and Estonian borders - Latvian PM Berzins (BBC/FT-Bratislava) 05/14/2001
  • Six Ukrainian TV and radio channels sign declaration supporting media watchdog (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian president calls Ukrainian-Turkmen gas deal 'historic event' (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian conscripts allowed to serve in their home towns (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian police detain suspects involved in contract killings in Russia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Steel Dynamics Announces Third Quarter Price Increase on Flat-Rolled Steel Products (PRNewswire/Excite) 05/14/2001
  • Boeing Seeks Partnership in Russia (Reuters/Excite) 05/14/2001
  • Judge Kram grants Central and East European countries request for emergency relief (BRAMA) 05/14/2001
  • Bandura Downtown presents Victor Mishalow (BRAMA) 05/14/2001
  • Відкритий лист-спростування журналіста Аскольда Крушельницького до ЗМІ (BRAMA) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian former slave laborers eligible for Swiss bank settlement - claims process is confusing (BRAMA) 05/14/2001
  • Alexander Fedoriouk Releases New Solo Album (BRAMA) 05/14/2001
  • †  Володимир Якович Прохоренко (BRAMA) 05/14/2001
  • Cheap Russian electricity will push Ukrainian power stations toward bankruptcy: Unification of Russian, Ukrainian power grids (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/14/2001
  • Ukraine/Russia: Kiev press congress to dicuss Russian language media (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/14/2001
  • Graduation is end of long journey (May 12) (Cincinnati Enquirer) 05/14/2001
  • Slow pace of Ukrainian military reform criticized at conference in USA (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukraine still dependent on Russia despite Turkmen gas - President Kuchma (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/14/2001
  • Ukraine and Turkmenistan sign five-year gas deal (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/14/2001
  • Ukraine fulfilled its obligations to Turkmenistan on old debts for gas - Turkmen president (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukraine: part-cash, part-investment funding for Turkmen gas deal (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian army to shrink by 2010 (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian interior troops, police hold anti-terrorist training (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian border troops detain over 150 illegal migrants during one month (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Q1 privatization revenue below target (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Hungary worried about economic, social situation in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Vienna) 05/14/2001
  • Russia's startegic priority: building of allied relations with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Security chief denies he will be appointed prime minsiter (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • New Russian ambassador to pull Ukraine further into Moscow's orbit - paper Ukrayina Moloda (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian central bank's currency reserves stand at 1.8bn dollars (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian, US delegations discuss missile defence programme (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian Yabluko party wants heavyweight ambassador to Russia (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/14/2001
  • Protesters in Russian capital oppose Pope visit to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/14/2001
  • GUUAM summit in Ukraine postponed till July (BBC/FT-Moldova) 05/14/2001
  • Ukrainian security council denies illegal supply of arms to Croatia and Bosnia (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Ukraine and Poland to create new mobile anti-aircraft missile complex (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/14/2001
  • Obit:East Village Loses a Fixture to Violence, and the Police and Friends Ask Why (NY Times) 05/14/2001
  • Expected GM deal not seen ending Daewoo Motor saga (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/14/2001

  • Greene blasts off (Yomiuri Shimbun/FT) 05/13/2001
  • Russian patriarch says no papal visit until disputes are setteled (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/13/2001
  • Czech president hopes Slovakia to be invited to NATO in 2002 (BBC/FT-Bratislava) 05/13/2001
  • Paper '2000' accuses USA of pressurizing Ukraine over military cooperation with Russia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/13/2001
  • No grounds to fear appointment of new Russian envoy, says Ukrainian security chief Marchuk - paper Den' (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/13/2001
  • Ukraine to be consulted by USA on ABM Treaty - Kiev security official (BBC/FT-UNIAN/Kyiv) 05/13/2001
  • Ukraine: 39 illegals from Asia detained on western border (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/13/2001
  • Deportation story requires context (Edmonton Journal) 05/13/2001

  • Baltachas get set for the big time (The Scotsman) 05/12/2001
  • Ukraine to finish building new reactors without Western loan - deputy premier (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 05/12/2001
  • Putin comments on appointment of Russian ambassador to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 05/12/2001
  • Leading scorers in Ukrainian premier division (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/12/2001
  • Ukrainian premier division results/standings (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/12/2001
  • Johnson's Quest for Pole-Vault Mark Starts at Princeton (NY Times) 05/12/2001
  • Greatest workers of all time (Financial Times) 05/12/2001
  • Ukraine to complete new reactors without Western loan - Deputy Prime Minister Dubyna (BBC/FT) 05/12/2001
  • Eurotech Ltd. participates in U.N. Conference commemorating Chernobyl (May 10) (Vert Tech) 05/12/2001
  • Cal women land 6-4 post after tip from men's coach (May 5) (Bay Area) 05/12/2001
  • Photo: Miss Ukraine with other participants in the Miss Universe pageant (AP/Yahoo) 05/12/2001

  • Fitting In, Flipping Out: 'Ambassador of the Dead' by Askold Melnyczuk (Wash Post) 05/11/2001
  • Sowing campaign has been finished in optimal time for the first time in ten years (AgriUkraine) 05/11/2001
  • Chernomyrdin May Resolve Gas Line Problem (RFE/RL) 05/11/2001
  • Russia, Greece Church Heads Criticize Pope (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/11/2001
  • Ukrainian Hopes Fly with World's Largest Aircraft (Global Sources) 05/11/2001
  • Poland: Monument to Ukrainian ally in 1920 war vandalized (BBC/FT) 05/11/2001
  • Why Is Moscow Sending Chernomyrdin To Kyiv? (RFE/RL) 05/11/2001
  • Chernomyrdin to be envoy in Kiev (Financial Times) 05/11/2001
  • Ruling brings settlement of Holocaust deal closer (Financial Times) 05/11/2001
  • Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. Announces Results for First Quarter 2001 (PRNewswire/Excite) 05/11/2001
  • U.S. to Consult Ukraine, Canada on Missile Defense (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/11/2001
  • Opinion: Sleeping with the Reds (Kyiv Post) 05/11/2001
  • Trafficking claims many Ukrainians (Kyiv Post) 05/11/2001
  • With Yushchenko out, battle to pick new PM rages on (Kyiv Post) 05/11/2001

  • JKX Oil & Gas PLC - AGM Statement (RNS/FT) 05/10/2001
  • New Russian envoy favours equal relations with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister Yushchenko says new Russian ambassador will present pragmatic policy (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Ukrainian president plays down significance of government change (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Ukrainian deputy predicts new Russian envoy means end of independence (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Last victim of mine blast found, official cause announced (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Letter: Ukraine mine blast (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition split on anti-presidential referendum (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • New Ukraine envoy set to boost ties says Russia's Ivanov (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Zlenko welcomes new Russian envoy (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Russia needs 'fresher' man as ambassador to Ukraine - Communist leader (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Russian president announces new special envoy to Ukraine (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Russia's Putin on decision to make ex-PM ambassador to Ukraine (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Bosnian Council of Ministers says country 'base' for transfer of immigrants to West (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Venice Commission favours cooperation with Ukraine's constitutional court (BBC/FT) 05/10/2001
  • Nazi Labor Lawsuits May Move Forward (AP/Excite) 05/10/2001
  • Chernomyrdin Appointed Russian Envoy (AP/Yahoo) 05/10/2001
  • Kyiv goes to the movies (Kyiv Post) 05/10/2001
  • Predators gut state blue chips (Kyiv Post) 05/10/2001
  • Local journalists report rampant harassment (Kyiv Post) 05/10/2001
  • Opposition in disarray (Kyiv Post) 05/10/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian WWII veteran heavily decorated with medals has his traditional dinner (AP/Yahoo) 05/10/2001
  • Photo: father shows his son their family surname engraved on the memorial to Soviet Union Heroes (AP/Yahoo) 05/10/2001
  • Indusmin Energy Corp. Announces Quarter Billion Dollar Natural Gas Sales (BusinessWire/Excite) 05/10/2001
  • Kuchma Names Four Candidates For PM (RFE/RL) 05/10/2001

  • Photo: Decorated Ukrainian WWII veteran has his buckweat porridge (AP/Yahoo) 05/09/2001
  • Photo: Father and son at memorial to Soviet Union Heroes (AP/Yahoo) 05/09/2001
  • Children born after Chernobyl show DNA changes (CBC) 05/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Tax police charge state oil and gas company (BBC/FT) 05/09/2001
  • Chernobyl raised mutations 600% (Guardian) 05/09/2001
  • Czechs see Russia as military threat - poll (BBC/FT) 05/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Kiev police report capture of criminal gang leader (BBC/FT) 05/09/2001
  • Ukrainian outgoing premier negative on returning to post (BBC/FT) 05/09/2001
  • Premier optimistic, says Ukraine's test is political not economic (BBC/FT) 05/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Crimean premier to reshuffle cabinet following president's visit (BBC/FT) 05/09/2001
  • Warm heart in subzero Ukraine (AZ Central) 05/09/2001
  • Adds Penton Overseas Language Learning Programs (BusinessWire/Excite) 05/09/2001
  • Radio Satellite Heads to Orbit (AP/Excite) 05/09/2001

  • Ukraine: FBI tests on body in missing journalist case looking positive - TV (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Hunger strike planned in support of jailed opposition protesters (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Ukraine: US Embassy confirms positive results on body in journalist case (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Questions remain after FBI tests on body in missing journalist case (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Opposition plans commemoration of journalists's death for 21 May - TV (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Ukraine consulted CIS neighbours before immigration changes - official (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • NATO ready to help Ukraine with military reform - NATO official (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Ukraine issues special stamp dedicated to Pope's visit (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Ukraine: President lists candidacies for premiership (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Mining explosion last week caused by spark - deputy premier (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Ukrainian centre-right party risks split after leader's re-election - paper (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Ukraine: President does not advise Kiev mayor to become premier (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Ukraine: President considers appointing caretaker government (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Incensed by census (Montreal Gazette) 05/08/2001
  • Sea Launch puts XM radio satellite in orbit (Reuters/Excite) 05/08/2001
  • Ukraine Newsman's Body Identified (AP/Yahoo) 05/08/2001
  • Львівська опера - гордість міста; The Lviv Opera House - pride of the city [BOOK - Perfect Mother's Day Gift!] (BRAMA) 05/08/2001
  • IMF and World Bank line up visits to Ukraine (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Ukraine: President Kuchma urges Cabinet to speed up payment of wage arrears (BBC/FT) 05/08/2001
  • NordAnglia Education - Interim Results (RNS/FT) 05/08/2001
  • Finding space in the market: ROCKETS (Financial Times) 05/08/2001
  • Ukrainian ship seized in Italy to be auctioned off (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/08/2001
  • Dozens of Ukrainian police officers sentenced on cooruption (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/08/2001
  • Russian Adviser Praises Ousted Ukrainian Premier (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/08/2001

  • Ukrainian deputy minister reports on achievements in fighting organized crime (BBC/FT) 05/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Baby death rate decreasing, but still much higher than in Europe (BBC/FT) 05/07/2001
  • Yushchenko Bites the Dust (CER) 05/07/2001
  • Remains belong to Ukrainian reporter, TV station reports (BBC/FT) 05/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Greek Catholic hierarch warns against disorders during papal visit - ICTV (BBC/FT) 05/07/2001
  • Russian patriarch unlikely to invite Pope John Paul II (BBC/FT) 05/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Interior Ministry reports personnel clean-up, dismissals (BBC/FT) 05/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Centrist party nominates one of its leaders for premier (BBC/FT) 05/07/2001
  • Ukraine: World's biggest transport aircraft takes off after modernization (BBC/FT) 05/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Three dead in welding accident in eastern Region (BBC/FT) 05/07/2001
  • Ukrainian mine accident caused by methane leak - deputy premier (BBC/FT) 05/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Mourning for mine blast victims declared in coal region (BBC/FT) 05/07/2001
  • Ukraine's Communist leader wants Communist as new prime minister (AP/Yahoo) 05/07/2001
  • ExxonMobil Foundation Contributes More Than $1.6 Million to New York Colleges and Universities (BusinessWire/Excite) 05/07/2001
  • Telecom and IT Procurement and Investment Opportunities to be Unveiled at USTDA Conference (PRNewswire/Excite) 05/07/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine-made world's biggest airplane AN-225 Mriya makes its first test flight at the Hostomel airfield (AP/Yahoo) 05/07/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's national hockey teammates celebrate after scoring goal (AP/Excite) 05/07/2001
  • Role of agrarian information in the process of European integration (AgriUkraine) 05/07/2001
  • Photo: Miss Spain Switzerland Sweden Ukraine and Russia Pose in Evening Gowns (Reuters/Excite) 05/07/2001
  • Photo: Worlds Largest Cargo Plane Antonov 225 Flies Outside Kyiv (Reuters/Excite) 05/07/2001
  • Photo: Worlds Largest Cargo Plane Antonov 225 Takes off in Kyiv (Reuters/Excite) 05/07/2001
  • World's biggest plane takes to Ukraine skies (Reuters/Excite) 05/07/2001

  • Ukraine Human Rights & Democracy Focus of Helsinki Commission Hearing (US Newswire) 05/06/2001
  • Ukraine begins requiring foreign passports for CIS (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/06/2001
  • Programming success (Kyiv Post) 05/06/2001
  • For Georgia, Russia Remains an Intimidating neighbor (Wash Post) 05/06/2001
  • Photo: rescue worker mourns miners killed in a methane gas explosion at the Kirov mine (AP/Yahoo) 05/06/2001
  • Photo: Volodymyr Valervich, a miner, leans his elbows on a hospital bed in the town of Makeyevka (AP/Yahoo) 05/06/2001
  • Photo: Rescue workers move a car turned over in a methane gas explosion at the Kirov mines (AP/Yahoo) 05/06/2001
  • Leading scorers in Ukrainian premier division (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/06/2001
  • Ukraine's heat warms Russia (CS Monitor) 05/06/2001
  • Prague Conference Assesses Russian Threat, Ukraine's Problems (RFE/RL) 05/06/2001
  • Ukrainian Journalist's Wife Doubts Justice (Wash Post) 05/06/2001
  • 7 Killed in Ukraine Mine Explosion (AP/Excite) 05/06/2001
  • A Night Out With Elaina Richardson: Arts Patrons Wanted (NY Times) 05/06/2001

  • Eastern Orthodox Leaders Seeking Unity (Wash Post) 05/05/2001
  • Greek Orthodox Leader in Russia (AP/Excite) 05/05/2001

  • TACIS legal eagles support local art scene (Kyiv Post) 05/04/2001
  • Ukrainian community finds sweet home in Chicago (Kyiv Post) 05/04/2001
  • Batkivshchyna heads back to sea (Kyiv Post) 05/04/2001
  • Ukraine's human traffickers firmly in control (Kyiv Post) 05/04/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition to bring two questions to nationwide referendum (AP/Kyiv Post) 05/04/2001
  • Ukraine's land reform begins to take root (Kyiv Post) 05/04/2001
  • Yushchenko shuns opposition (Reuters/Kyiv Post) 05/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Accounts of regional weekly arrested by court (BBC/FT) 05/04/2001
  • Unwelcome mat out for pope (Guardian) 05/04/2001
  • Journalist committee head explains reasons for blacklisting Ukrainian leader (BBC/FT) 05/04/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign ministry reacts to US president's speech on defence treaty (BBC/FT) 05/04/2001
  • Recent events in Ukraine sponsored by Ukrainian money abroad - President Kuchma (BBC/FT) 05/04/2001
  • Palestinian embassy to be opened in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 05/04/2001
  • Belgrade asks Swiss for help in democratising security forces (BBC/FT) 05/04/2001
  • Ukraine: UMC Gets GSM 1800 License in Karkhiv ( 05/04/2001
  • Photo: Patrick Patterson, Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles FBI announcing criminal ring breakup (AP/Excite) 05/04/2001
  • Finance minister says IMF to visit Ukraine soon (Reuters/Excite) 05/04/2001
  • Ukrainian premier division fixtures for May 5-12 (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/04/2001

  • Poetry & Protests: UKRAINE (Index on Censorship) 05/03/2001
  • Ukrainian Journalist's Wife Doubts Justice (Wash Post) 05/03/2001
  • Legal base sufficient for referendum in Ukraine, says election official (BBC/FT) 05/03/2001
  • Orthodox Bishops Cautious on Unity (AP/Excite) 05/03/2001
  • Committee Names Int'l Press Enemies (AP/Excite) 05/03/2001
  • AES wins bidding for second Ukraine utility (Reuters/Excite) 05/03/2001
  • Ukraine PM to Be Nominated by Mid-May - President (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/03/2001
  • Feds Break Up Smuggling Ring (AP/Yahoo) 05/03/2001
  • Udovenko's centre-right party wants public control over national TV (BBC/FT) 05/03/2001
  • Ukraine: Council says within law in refusing Radio Kontynent a licence (BBC/FT) 05/03/2001
  • Boryspil International airport back to normal after mercury leakage (BBC/FT) 05/03/2001
  • Czech opinion poll - Ukraine gets lowest grade (BBC/FT) 05/03/2001
  • CPJ names Ten Worst Enemies of the Press for 2001: Pres. Kuchma included (CPJ) 05/03/2001

  • US Congress holds hearings on state of human rights, democracy in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 05/02/2001
  • Czech cabinet agrees to contract on social security with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 05/02/2001
  • Polish war crimes institution to examine 1943 massacres (BBC/FT) 05/02/2001
  • British PM Blair stresses need for continued reform in letter to Ukraine President Kuchma (BBC/FT) 05/02/2001
  • Ukraine President Kuchma calls for unified support of media (BBC/FT) 05/02/2001
  • US-Ukrainian economic committee kicks off on positive note - ICTV (BBC/FT) 05/02/2001
  • Ukraine Upset Latvia 4-2 But Fate Hangs in Balance (Reuters/Excite) 05/02/2001
  • Ukrainian president calls for creation of regional batallion to be speeded up (BBC/FT) 05/02/2001
  • President of Freedom House A. Karatnycky testifies at CSCE hearing in WashDC (Freedom House) 05/02/2001
  • Chechen MP says rebel president's ultimatum realistic (BBC/FT) 05/02/2001
  • May Day in Ukraine: 5,000-strong rally in Donetsk demands revival of Soviet Union (BBC/FT) 05/02/2001
  • May Day in Ukraine: 2,000-strong rally in Eastern city want president out, joining Russia (BBC/FT) 05/02/2001
  • Large numbers of Russians settling down in Czech Republic - daily (BBC/FT) 05/02/2001
  • May Day in Ukraine: Two thousand leftists rally in Odessa, urge president to resign (BBC/FT) 05/02/2001

  • Recharging Ukraine: Ukraine’s revitalized Greek Catholic Church strives to recharge a nation that has lost its way (CNEWA World) 05/01/2001
  • Consol building a new era of homes (Kyiv Post) 05/01/2001
  • Russian's analysis of Western European interest in Belarus, Ukraine (BBC/FT) 05/01/2001
  • Czechs no longer black-listed for lack of intellectual property protection (BBC/FT) 05/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Boryspil International airport operation hampered by mercury leakage (BBC/FT) 05/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Socialist leader says president wary of former premier (BBC/FT) 05/01/2001
  • Freedom House annual report says global press freedom improved (Freedom House) 05/01/2001
  • Communist leader ready to lead Ukraine out of crisis (BBC/FT) 05/01/2001
  • Ukraine: State TV chief removes dissenter (BBC/FT) 05/01/2001
  • Ukrainian Politicians Eye PM Job (CNN) 05/01/2001
  • Thousands at May Day Marches in Former Soviet Union (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/01/2001
  • Met Season Opens With Ballet (AP/Yahoo) 05/01/2001
  • Photo: Communist supporting marine adjusts his comrades arm-band (AP/Yahoo) 05/01/2001
  • Photo: Sweden and Ukraine tangle in a Icehockey World Championships (AP/Yahoo) 05/01/2001
  • U.S. to Crack Down on Intellectual Property Rights (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/01/2001
  • US holds fire on trading partner hit list (Financial Times) 05/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Leftist parties organize May Day rally in Kiev centre (BBC/FT) 05/01/2001
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

    Nadiya Savchenko's speech in Basmanny Court, Moscow, 10.02.2015 (Voices of Ukraine)

    Joe Biden: Don’t tell us. Show us, President Putin. 2/7/2015 Munich Security Conference

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    #FreeSavchenko video by Adriana Luhovy [Twitter storm Jan 26 2015]


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    Live map of Ukraine

    Live map of Ukraine

    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.

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