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Fri, June 21, 13:49 EDT
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  • USTR may end practice of putting countries on annual trade review lists (AFX/FT) 04/30/2001
  • The wrong man resigns: Ukraine's struggle is just beginning (Guardian) 04/30/2001
  • Moldova and Ukraine prepare for GUUAM summit (BBC/FT) 04/30/2001
  • Ukraine does not sell arms in violation of UN sanctions - official (BBC/FT) 04/30/2001
  • Czech ministry: Controversial arms consignment destined for Georgia, not Eritrea (BBC/FT) 04/30/2001
  • State TV president Dolhanov alleges link between outgoing Ukrainian PM and far-right (BBC/FT) 04/30/2001
  • Ukrainian president signs environmental declaration in Romania (BBC/FT) 04/30/2001
  • Sport in brief: Basketball (Guardian/FT) 04/30/2001
  • Hungary's Premier Is Fearful of Turmoil in Ukraine (NY Times) 04/30/2001

  • Ukraine's Presidential Controversy (CBS News) 04/29/2001
  • Leading scorers in Ukrainian premier division (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/29/2001
  • Ukrainian premier division results/standings (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/29/2001
  • Ukrainian Is Proposing a Coalition for Reform (NY Times) 04/29/2001
  • Ukraine's woes deepen, with Russia at its border (Baltimore Sun) 04/29/2001

  • Nuclear Reactor Shut Down in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 04/28/2001
  • Mother of Ukrainian Journalist Has Identified Body (AFP/Russia Today) 04/28/2001
  • usted Ukraine Premier Plans a Democratic Bloc (IH Tribune) 04/28/2001

  • Ukraine Opposition Woos Ousted PM Yushchenko (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/27/2001
  • Photo: Pope talks with children from Chornobyl at the Vatican (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/27/2001
  • Photo: President Leonid Kuchma meets with ousted Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko and Speaker Ivan Plyushch (AP/Yahoo) 04/27/2001
  • U.S. Reserves Judgement on Changes in Ukraine (Reuters) 04/27/2001
  • Bush Urges 'Support for Democracy' in Ukraine (Reuters/Russia Today) 04/27/2001
  • Ukraine Opposition Steps up Pressure on Kuchma (Reuters/Russia Today) 04/27/2001
  • Ukraine Premier Pushing for Change (AP/Yahoo) 04/27/2001
  • Ukraine Premier Pushing for Change (AP/Yahoo) 04/27/2001

  • The Bell Tolls at the United Nations on the 15th Anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster (BRAMA) 04/26/2001
  • Famed Ukrainian goolkeeper Bannykov dies (Independent) 04/26/2001
  • Ukraine lectures begin at Stanford U. (UWire/Excite) 04/26/2001
  • Statement By Bush on Ukraine, Chornobyl Nuclear Plant (US Newswire) 04/26/2001
  • FACTBOX-What Ukraine's ousted premier achieved (Reuters/Excite) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: FILE - Yushchenko in his kitchen at home (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: FILE - Viktor Yushchenkospeaks at his apartment while his cat rests on the chair behind him (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Ukrainian Parliament Votes to Oust Prime Minister (NY Times) 04/26/2001
  • Famed Ukrainian Goalkeeper Dies (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: supporter of Ukraine's Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: rime Minister Viktor Yushchenko leaves the parliament (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: Police block protesters' outside of the parliament building in the Ukrainian capital (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: Viktor Yushchenko, delivers his final speech before leaving (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: Viktor Yushchenko, delivers his final speech before leaving (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: Supporters of Viktor Yushchenko write on a mock coffin (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: Viktor Yushchenko, surrounded by allied lawmakers (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: President Kuchma after laying flowers (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian woman holds a candle in memory of firemen who died fighting the disaster (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • IMF says Ukraine 2001 growth to remain strong (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • U.S. to play China, Chile, Ukraine at World Youth Championship (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Ukrainian democracy 'has suffered serious loss' - Yushchenko speech (BBC/FT) 04/26/2001
  • Government reshuffle 'Ukraine's internal affair' - Russian spokesman (BBC/FT) 04/26/2001
  • Ukraine Parliament Dumps PM, Sparking Protests (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Ukrainian Parliament Votes to Oust Prime Minister (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Ukraine OKs No-Confidence Vote (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Ukraine's Parliament Ousts Premier (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • IMF chief backs Ukraine premier (Financial Times) 04/26/2001
  • Ukraine Government in Jeopardy (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Protesters stopped en route to rally in support of Ukrainian PM - opposition (BBC/FT) 04/26/2001
  • Ukraine: PM Yushchenko offers compromises before no-confidence vote (BBC/FT) 04/26/2001
  • Ukrainian premier suggests compromise to end conflict with parliament (BBC/FT) 04/26/2001
  • Employee of Ukrainian state TV accuses its president (Dolhanov) of anti-government bias (BBC/FT) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: Relatives of firemen who died fighting the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Photo: Mother of a fireman who died fighting the disaster at Chernobyl (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • Anniversary of Chernobyl Marked (AP/Yahoo) 04/26/2001
  • 15 years after - Chernobyl continues to blight the lives of millions (IFRC) 04/26/2001
  • 15 years after Chernobyl, more help needed for disaster victims: UN (4/25/01) (UN) 04/26/2001
  • Harvest-2001: optimism and realism (AgriUkraine) 04/26/2001
  • Widow of Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Worker Cries at Memorial in Kyiv (Reuters/Excite) 04/26/2001

  • Photo: A relative of a worker who died following Chernobyl clean-up (AP/Yahoo) 04/25/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Zlenko with Chinese counterpart (AP/Yahoo) 04/25/2001
  • Gluzman and Yoffe's Risks Rewarded by Dazzling Payoff (LA Times) 04/25/2001
  • Rod Steiger, Birthday Boy (LA Times) 04/25/2001
  • The Musical Riches of Ukraine (Wash Post) 04/25/2001
  • Freedom Farm International Announces Agricultural Tour of Ukraine (BusinessWire/Excite) 04/25/2001
  • CanArgo Energy Corporation: Successful Acquisition of Lateral Vector Resources Inc (BusinessWire/Excite) 04/25/2001
  • Europe Council Unlikely to Expel Ukraine (Reuters/Excite) 04/25/2001
  • Kuchma to meet with faction leaders in an attempt to defuse crisis (AP/Kyiv Post) 04/25/2001
  • NYC Dept of City Planning meets with Cooper Union: access denied to Ukrainians - SPECIAL (BRAMA) 04/25/2001
  • Events in parliament pushing Ukraine to chaos - PM Yushchenko (BBC/FT) 04/25/2001
  • LETTER: Ukraine's energy funding should be used to diversify supply sources - 15th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster (Financial Times) 04/25/2001

  • Chernobyl cleanup eats up all profit from nuclear power - campaigner (BBC/FT) 04/24/2001
  • Photo: Heated, physical debate breaks out in Parliament during no-confidence deliberations (AP/Yahoo) 04/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian riot police officers pull an unidentified activist away from parliament bldg (AP/Yahoo) 04/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's President Kuchma welcomes Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan (AP/Yahoo) 04/24/2001
  • US investigators arrive in Ukraine to assist in missing journalist Gongadze case (BBC/FT) 04/24/2001
  • About 1,000 students rally in support of Prime Minister Yushchenko in Western Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/24/2001
  • Ukrainian national TV chief accused of airing untrue information by US ambassador to Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/24/2001
  • Vatican Opens Way for Papal Visit Beatifications (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/24/2001
  • 56,000 in Russia and 100,000 in Ukraine affected by radiation from Chernobyl catastrophe (BBC/FT) 04/24/2001
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister Yushchenko surprised at parliament's haste in no-confidence issue (BBC/FT) 04/24/2001
  • Dialogue of civilizations should be permanent feature - Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma (BBC/FT) 04/24/2001
  • Photo: Miss Ukraine, Yuliya Linova at Miss Universe contest in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico (AP/Yahoo) 04/24/2001
  • Polish president says he can lead dialogue among Ukraine's political factions (BBC/FT) 04/24/2001
  • Moscow hopes for success of property talks with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Supreme Court to decide on former deputy premier Tymoshenko's arrest on 15 May (BBC/FT) 04/24/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine engaged in 'trade war' over blast furnace linings (BBC/FT) 04/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Slovak company wins tender for three Regional energy companies (BBC/FT) 04/24/2001
  • Ukrainian MPs prepare to sack prime minister (Guardian) 04/24/2001
  • E-commerce and the developing world (Financial Times) 04/24/2001
  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Misunderstandings must be cleared up - Katherine Chumachenko (Financial Times) 04/24/2001

  • US ambassador dismisses allegations of funding Ukrainian opposition (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament refuses to put off discussion of no-confidence vote (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • PACE president says Ukraine unlikely to be expelled (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukrainian PM Yushchenko defends government's record, not worried about dismissal (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukraine President Kuchma issues warning on independence (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukrainian president rebukes parliament for haste in anti-government vote (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukrainian president notes lack of concensus between domestic political forces (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukraine: President Kuchma against vote of no-confidence in premier on 24 April (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukraine: PM Yushchenko's aide rebuffs media attacks against her boss (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukrainian PM Yushchenko asks speaker Plyushch to postpone no-confidence vote (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukraine: President Kuchma ready to assist premier Yushchenko, parliament in reaching compromise (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • OSCE official to visit Ukraine over possible cabinet dismissal (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament to vote on impeachment resolution on 26 April (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament to consider toppling government on 24 April (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukraine cooperates with Russia, wants to join EU - President Kuchma (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Lithuanian president confirms support for Ukraine with Council of Europe (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukraine: President accuses radio station of legal violations (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier pledges to continue his economic policy (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier ready to discuss Cabinet shuffle with political majority (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • President Kuchma doubts existence of 'missing journalist' case (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • PACE postpones discussion of Ukrainian issue till 26 April (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Russia/Ukraine: Ukrainian media magnate confirms interest in shares in NTV (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • In Lithuania, Ukrainian president, German chancellor discuss mutual relations (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukraine, Lithuania sign four cooperation agreements (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Lithuanian, Ukrainian leaders praise bilateral ties, support each other's goals (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition denies allegations of funding from USA (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • UK analysts reportedly urging sale of Ukrainian securities due to crisis (BBC/FT) 04/23/2001
  • The view from Kyiv (Jerusalem Post) 04/23/2001
  • Diverse Women's Field Headed for UPMC Health System/City of Pittsburgh Marathon on May 6 (PRNewswire/Excite) 04/23/2001
  • Medvedev Leads Upset of Seeds in Barcelona (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/23/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko smiles as he answers media questions (AP/Yahoo) 04/23/2001
  • Ukraine PM No-Confidence Vote Likely Tuesday (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/23/2001
  • Ukraine Leader Undaunted by Scorn (AP/Yahoo) 04/23/2001
  • USDA report on winter crops in Ukraine (AgriUkraine) 04/23/2001
  • Kyiv fights against foot-and-mouth disease (AgriUkraine) 04/23/2001
  • Trafficking in human beings: Stability Pact Task Force steps up its efforts (OSCE) 04/23/2001
  • Політична криза у відносинах між урядом і парламентом та конституційні шляхи її подолання (круглий стіл 24.4.01) (IREX) 04/23/2001
  • 'Релігійна панорама' (презентація презентація 24.4.01) (IREX) 04/23/2001

  • Ukrainian communist leader Symonenko predicts return to power during Moldovan visit (BBC/FT) 04/22/2001
  • Ukrainian deputy premier Dubyna gives newspaper interview (BBC/FT) 04/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Teenage mothers account for 3.6 per cent of births in 2000 (BBC/FT) 04/22/2001
  • Polish couple receives Israeli distinction (BBC/FT) 04/22/2001
  • Ukraine finance min sees 2001 growth near 6.0%, above target (BridgeNews/Merrill Lynch) 04/22/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian Alexander Gurov lands a punch to the head of Germany's Torsten May, (AP/Yahoo) 04/22/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian Alexander Gurov, celebrates his victory after his fight with Germany's Torsten (AP/Yahoo) 04/22/2001
  • Tragedy for 2 B'klyn Families (NY Daily News/Yahoo) 04/22/2001

  • Split Opposition Falters in Ukraine (Wash Post) 04/21/2001
  • Black Sea navies meet in Georgian capital (BBC/FT) 04/21/2001
  • Chinese foreign minister leaves for Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia (BBC/FT) 04/21/2001
  • Ukrainian telecom company buys international operator before privatization (BBC/FT) 04/21/2001
  • Ukraine to Set Premier No-confidence Vote on Monday (Reuters/Russia Today) 04/21/2001
  • More than 37,000 HIV-infected people registered in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Chernobyl victims demand higher pensions at rally (BBC/FT) 04/21/2001
  • Ukrainian premier 'bowed to Russian pressure' over energy debt (BBC/FT) 04/21/2001
  • Ukrainian MP Omelchenko pins hopes on US investigation of corruption in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/21/2001
  • Ukraine: President, speaker comment on toppling government while planting trees (BBC/FT) 04/21/2001
  • Ukrainian party leader Tyhypko criticizes pro-government factions, PM Yushchenko (BBC/FT) 04/21/2001
  • BOOKS: Back to the front John Mosier blasts generals back into the mire of crassness but, argues Max Egremont, he sticks to closely to the battlefields (Financial Times) 04/21/2001
  • US asylum for whistle-blower in Ukrainian tape scandal ill-timed - newspaper Zerkalo Nedeli (BBC/FT) 04/21/2001
  • Football: City crash engulfs Kanchelskis: Daniel Taylor meets the man who crossed the derby divide (Guardian/FT) 04/21/2001

  • Ukraine releases Bulgarian fishermen detained for poaching (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukraine arrests four Bulgarian fishing vessels for poaching (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Spanish journalist Jose Lopez de Lacalle and Ukrainian journalist Georgiy Gongadze share Prize for Journalism and Democracy 2001 (OSCE) 04/20/2001
  • Statement on the current political situation in Ukraine (OSCE) 04/20/2001
  • Соціальні наслідки Чорнобильської катастрофи (круглий стіл 23.4.01) (IREX) 04/20/2001
  • 'Події навколо уряду Віктора Ющенка та їх наслідки для України: хто є хто у цій грі' (прес-конф 23.4.01) (IREX) 04/20/2001
  • Інформаційна кампанія по запобіганню насильства в сім’ї (круглий стіл 24.4.01) (IREX) 04/20/2001
  • Ukraine Railway Development Project (General Procurement Notice) (EBRD) 04/20/2001
  • 500 protest against coal sector restructuring in Donetsk (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukraine shows off modernized AN-74 aircraft (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister Zlenko discusses domestic issues with US counterpart Colin Powell (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Majority MP's slam USA for giving asylum to former presidential guard (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Opposition leaders deny alleged ties to former premier Lazarenko (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukraine extradites alleged criminal boss to Russia (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukrainian telecom company buys international operator before privatization (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Arrested right-wing UNA-UNSO leader Andriy Shkil rejects mass disturbances charges (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament speaker denies he will resign if premier sacked - aide (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Party denies financing of opposition by fugitive former premier (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukrainian PM Yushchenko and parliament speaker Ivan Plyushch in hospital (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukraine set to oust PM (CNN) 04/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Missing journalist mother's lawyer doubts previous examinations (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukrainian prosecutor says missing journalist spotted in Czech Republic (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukrainian president urges police to enhance protection of citizens (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Presidential representative comments on parliament resolution (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukraine urges G7 countries to create fund for Chernobyl social programmes (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukrainian president urges parliament-government dialogue (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukrainian interior minister vows to round up crime leaders within one month (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister, US secretary of state discuss bilateral relations (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001
  • Chinese foreign minister to visit Ukraine from 23-27 April (BBC/FT) 04/20/2001

  • 'Ukrainian Foreign Policy and Diplomacy - 10 years of independence' EU's Solana speech (EU Council) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament to continue discussion on no-confidence vote tomorrow (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Deputy prosecutor-general accuses former Ukrainian PM Pavlo Lazarenko of funding protests (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine: MPs collect 256 signatures to temporarily dismiss speaker Ivan Plyushch (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukrainian newspaper Ukrayina Moloda, slams coverage of PM Yushchenko's report by state TV (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukrainian parliamentary speaker closes session despite MP protests (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Reports on resignation of Ukrainian premier denied (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Press service denies Russian report on Ukrainian premier's resignation (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukrainian PM says parliament resolution was a farce (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine: PM Yushchenko's wife Kateryna Chumachenko ridicules speculation about her CIA links (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine said to demand extradition of ex-guard from USA (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukrainian prosecutors against any US participation in Honhadze investigation (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine appeals to G7 for new Chernobyl fund (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine: First stage of Chernobyl sarcophagus plan completed (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Rumours about Chernobyl shroud termed 'exaggerated and untrue' (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • First stage of shelter plan completed at Ukraine's Chernobyl station (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Information committee slams broadcast council's priorities (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • New business newspaper Dilova Stolytsya to appear in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • EU Secretary-General Solana addresses conference in Ukrainian capital (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • EU foreign-policy chief warns Ukraine against shunning reform (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • EU supports Ukraine's reformist policies - Solana (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Russian paper Nezavisimaya Gazeta: USA annoyed with Ukraine's leader for leaning towards Russia (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine, China discuss joint military-technical project (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Tajik national and two locals detained with 200g of heroine in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine's PM Yushchenko says government will probably resign (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukrainian premier warns parliament against no-confidence vote (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Government won't survive intact - Ukrainian premier (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Russian paper Izvestiya pessimistic over Ukrainian premier's future (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukrainian prosecutors to request extradition of whistle-blower in tape scandal (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Photo: Ukraines Parliamentary Deputy Grigorovich Pours Gasoline on Herself (Reuters/Excite) 04/19/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine Parliamentary Deputy Grigorovich (Reuters/Excite) 04/19/2001
  • Ukrainian MP Liliya Hryhorovych attempts self-immolation in protest at anti-government vote (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament thumbs down government performance (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine: MPs continue debate on merits of government report to parliament (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Supporters of Ukrainian Premier Yushchenko outside parliament (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Activists launch nationwide actions in support of PM Yushchenko (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukrainian deputies criticize USA for giving asylum to former state guard (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine: First deputy PM invites majority MPs to apply for government posts (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine deputies move against government (BBC) 04/19/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament censures Yushchenko government - Russian report (BBC) 04/19/2001
  • Ukrainian Regional company offers to rebroadcast BBC, VOA, Deutsche Welle (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine: Information committee slams broadcasting council's priorities (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Russians outraged by place names reverting to Ukrainian in Crimea (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Ukraine: MP attempts self-immolation in support of Yushchenko government (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • EU security chief Javier Solana arrives in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/19/2001
  • Cossack encampment at Kodak in Ukraine - Any answers? (Guardian/FT) 04/19/2001

  • Widow Holds Kuchma Responsible for Reporter Death (Reuters/Russia Today) 04/18/2001
  • Ukrainian speaker Plyushch praises PM Yushchenko's efforts in meeting with EU official (BBC/FT) 04/18/2001
  • Ukraine's PM faces a storm: The more Viktor Yushchenko comes under attack, the higher his poll ratings (Financial Times) 04/18/2001
  • President calls threat to expel Ukraine from PACE anti-Ukrainian (BBC/FT) 04/18/2001
  • UN to increase funding for Chernobyl relief - Ukrainian Foreign Ministry (Yelchenko) (BBC/FT) 04/18/2001
  • Ukrainian paper Den' ties US asylum offer to its involvement in tape scandal (BBC/FT) 04/18/2001
  • Ukrainian interior minister speaks against planned changes in law enforcement; doubts Tarashcha corpse is Gongadze (BBC/FT) 04/18/2001
  • East Slovak power distributor gains shares in Ukrainian power distributor (BBC/FT) 04/18/2001
  • Ukraine kept from entering WTO by legislation - deputy foreign minister (BBC/FT) 04/18/2001
  • Chinese military delegation visits Ukrainian capital (BBC/FT) 04/18/2001
  • Hungarian minister promises no visa requirement for Ukraine before EU entry (BBC/FT) 04/18/2001
  • Ukraine's President Kuchma bewildered by PACE recommendation for expulsion from Council of Europe (BBC/FT) 04/18/2001
  • Three Generations of Cholodny Artists (BRAMA) 04/18/2001
  • Ukraine: Changes in parliamentary factions [update] (BBC/FT) 04/18/2001
  • Posh and shove: Homeless in London (Guardian) 04/18/2001
  • Angels of Mersey (seafarers' missions in UK, Ukrainian sailors) (Guardian) 04/18/2001

  • Restaurant review: Kozachok (This Is London) 04/17/2001
  • Albania blamed for human trafficking (BBC) 04/17/2001
  • Albania blamed for human trafficking (BBC) 04/17/2001
  • Itera company discontinues Ukraine gas supplies in compliance with EU agreement (Kyiv Post) 04/17/2001
  • Slavutych gains foothold in Ukraine's nonalcoholic beverage market (UNIAN/Kyiv Post) 04/17/2001
  • Unification of Russian, Ukrainian power grids postponed (Kyiv Post) 04/17/2001
  • U.S. company wins privatization tenders in two Ukrainian energy suppliers (AP/Kyiv Post) 04/17/2001
  • Prime Minister Speaks Ahead Of Confidence Vote (RFE/RL) 04/17/2001
  • Was the White House consulted about the whistle-blower who was granted political asylum? Search for 'asylum' (The White House) 04/17/2001
  • Ukrainian Region signs economic cooperation deal with Moscow (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Russian TV reports on Kiev rally in support of Ukrainian PM (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Ukrainian Supreme Court supports release of former deputy PM Tymoshenko (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • US, French, Slovak companies win Ukrainian regional energy company tender (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Head of national nuclear energy company appointed (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Photo: Protesters carry a portrait of the popular Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko (AP/Yahoo) 04/17/2001
  • Ukrainian PM encounters support, rebuke during report to parliament (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • US State Department defends giving asylum to Ukrainian whistle blower (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Створення громадської організації 'Громадська Рада з реклами' : прес-конф (IREX 19.4.01) (IREX) 04/17/2001
  • Засідання екологічного прес-клубу 'Зелене дос’є', присвячене Дню Землі (IREX 19.4.01) (IREX) 04/17/2001
  • Bypassing Ukraine - Russian company weighs funding options for Ukraine pipeline (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Ukraine Wants U.S. to Hand Over Kuchma Bodyguard (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/17/2001
  • Ukraine complies with EU terms on textile quotas (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Ukraine: US ambassador believes political asylum will not impact relations (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Ukrainian PM Yushchenko speaks of political persecution of people who worked with him (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Foreigners detained with over 50g of heroin (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Bypassing Ukraine - Russian company weighs funding options for Ukraine pipeline (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Photo: Protesters rally in support of Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko (AP/Yahoo) 04/17/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament decides to hold no-confidence vote (Kyiv Post) 04/17/2001
  • Ukraine: 3,600,000 signatures in support of PM Yushchenko displayed in parliament (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Thousands rally near Ukraine parliament in support of Prime Minister Yushchenko (BBC/FT) 04/17/2001
  • Pym wraps up the Gift (The Age) 04/17/2001

  • Ukraine: 50 tonnes of contaminated beef detained on Western border (BBC/FT) 04/16/2001
  • Ukraine: 50 tonnes of contaminated beef detained on Western border (BBC/FT) 04/16/2001
  • Ukraine Wants U.S. to Hand Over Kuchma Bodyguard (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/16/2001
  • AUDIO: Experts discuss Gongadze case, tape scandal, political crisis in Ukraine (AAUS/BRAMA) 04/16/2001
  • Successful ski season boosts Swiss tourism (CNN) 04/16/2001
  • Successful ski season boosts Swiss tourism (CNN) 04/16/2001
  • Successful ski season boosts Swiss tourism (CNN) 04/16/2001
  • Census sews rainbow quilt: Sacramento County is a multiracial mix -- but some parts remain single-hued (Sacramento Bee) 04/16/2001
  • Richter's musical world described with vivid candour (BBC/FT) 04/16/2001
  • U.S. Grants Asylum to Ukraine Major (AP/Yahoo) 04/16/2001
  • In Ukraine, Believers Fight Over What Is the One True Faith (LA Times) 04/16/2001
  • Moldovan president: In our republic the biggest diaspora is ... Ukrainian (BBC/FT) 04/16/2001
  • Ukraine/UK: Media council members explain refusal to renew radio station's licence (BBC/FT) 04/16/2001
  • Ukraine: President urges review of radio licensing decision (BBC/FT) 04/16/2001
  • Ukraine/UK: Media authority refuses to renew licence for BBC rebroadcaster (BBC/FT) 04/16/2001
  • Ukraine: 50 tonnes of contaminated beef detained on Western border (BBC/FT) 04/16/2001
  • In Ukraine, Believers Fight Over What Is the One True Faith (LA Times) 04/16/2001
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister Yushchenko comments on consultations with parliamentary factions (BBC/FT) 04/16/2001
  • EU leader urges stability, democracy in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/16/2001
  • In Europe, Some Fear National Languages Are Endangered (NY Times) 04/16/2001
  • Washington Cites Shortage of Linguists for Key Security Jobs (NY Times) 04/16/2001
  • Poland must deter unwelcome visitors to the EU while promoting trade with eastern neighbours (Financial Times) 04/16/2001

  • Lewis must keep his head for heights; film in Las Vegas with Ukrainian boxer Klitschko (Independent/FT) 04/15/2001
  • Pirated CDs sold in high street shops (Independent) 04/15/2001
  • Umbria - home of art, culture and violent white slave trade (Independent) 04/15/2001
  • Mykola Azarov, Head of Ukrainian State Tax Administration interviewed (BBC/FT) 04/15/2001
  • East meets West for Easter (CNN) 04/15/2001
  • Ukrainian newspaper Zerkalo Nedeli discusses looming government dismissal (BBC/FT) 04/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Prime Minister Yushchenko denies conflict with President Kuchma, wants coalition in parliament (BBC/FT) 04/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Prime Minister Yushchenko does not want to become acting premier (BBC/FT) 04/15/2001
  • Ukraine's leaders uneasy about US granting asylum to fugitive bodyguard (BBC/FT) 04/15/2001
  • Unification of Russian, Ukrainian grid systems postponed (BBC/FT) 04/15/2001
  • Ukraine scientist to speak about Chornobyl (Tennessee) (Oak Ridger) 04/15/2001
  • Photos: Easter Baskets on Holy Saturday - St. George Church (NYC) (BRAMA) 04/15/2001
  • Of 226 votes necessary to nix Cabinet next week, parliament reports 238 in the bag (UNIAN/Kyiv Post) 04/15/2001
  • All Christians to celebrate Easter on same day (Daily Herald/Yahoo) 04/15/2001
  • Photo: Pries blesses people during Easter Celebration in Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 04/15/2001
  • Photo: Women praying during service in Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 04/15/2001
  • Photo: Leonid Kuchma followed by presidential bodyguard Maj. Mykola Melnichenko - file foto (AP/Yahoo) 04/15/2001
  • Photo: Mykola Melnychenko, former guard of Leonid Kuchma (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/15/2001

  • U.S. Loses in Junior Field Hockey (AP/Yahoo) 04/14/2001
  • Refuge from the sex slave traders; thousands of east European women sold into enforced prostitution in the West (Irish Times/FT) 04/14/2001
  • Ukraine, Japan intend to expand trade, economic cooperation (BBC/FT) 04/14/2001
  • Photo: Myroslava Gongadze, wife of Ukrainian opposition journalist Georgiy Gongadze (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/14/2001
  • Independent Radio Denied Frequency (AP/Yahoo) 04/14/2001
  • U.S. Shelters Kuchma Bodyguard, Reporter's Wife (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/14/2001
  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry surprised at US asylum decision (BBC/FT) 04/14/2001
  • Ukrainian GDP forges ahead (BBC/FT) 04/14/2001
  • Showing Prostitution With a Human Face (LA Times) 04/14/2001
  • The best hope in a tight spot: Leonid Kuchma is still the man (4/5/01) (Globe and Mail) 04/14/2001
  • Права дітей-сиріт в Україні: проблеми і шляхи їх вирішення [прес-конф 17.4.01] (IREX) 04/14/2001
  • Ukraine: US asylum to wife of killed journalist, president's former guard does not 'correspond to the spirit of the Ukrainian-US partnership' (BBC/FT) 04/14/2001
  • Ukraine: US asylum for wife, security officer in missing journalist Honhadze case (BBC/FT) 04/14/2001
  • Kuchma says Prime Minister Yushchenko must compromise or lose confidence vote (BBC/FT) 04/14/2001
  • Ukraine: PACE rapporteur suggests changes to suspension resolution (BBC/FT) 04/14/2001
  • Fledgling piece of paradise in northern Africa: Eritrea (Financial Times) 04/14/2001
  • Hockey women's A Division (Independent/FT) 04/14/2001
  • Ukraine offers Kazakhstan new route for exporting Caspian oil (BBC/FT) 04/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Finance minister rebuffs Audit Chamber's criticism (BBC/FT) 04/14/2001

  • Borodin Flies to Russia, Poison Chalice for Putin (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Court cancels decision to suspend controversial bank's liquidation (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • EU prolongs trade agreement on steel with Ukraine for three years (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • National Bank of Ukraine raises refinance rate to 27 per cent (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukraine to participate in Egyptian satellite tender (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukrainian parliamentary committee demands head of state television be sacked (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukraine's steel industry sees itself targeted by US protectionism (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukrainian president discusses judicial reform with Supreme Court chairman (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukrainian-Russian aluminium plant to be built in eastern Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukraine's state debt reduced by 70m dollars (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Court dismisses claim against Russian radio in Lviv (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Iraq: Ukrainian official signs cooperation agreement (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Newspaper Ukrayina Moloda defends Ukrainian Prime Minister Yushchenko against attacks by oligarchs (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukrainian embassy condemns Russian TV programme about Ukrainian Prime Minister Yushchenko (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • World Bank postpones credit of 250m dollars for Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • World Bank includes Ukraine in list of world's poorest countries (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Pope is under doctors' orders to 'sit out' Via Crucis ceremony (Irish Times/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Czech press claims Ukrainian gangs rob Ukrainian workers (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Pro- and anti-premier groups prepare for action (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • (Corr 2) Ukrainian parliament collects enough signatures to topple government (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister Yushchenko succeeds in Moscow talks despite Russian dirty tricks (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign ministry to inquire about 'slanderous' Russian TV show (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Russian foreign minister on relations with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • 'Cynical' attack on Ukrainian Prime Minister by Russian TV ordered by his foes - newspaper Holos Ukrayiny (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Toxic agents dump in Ukraine's Crimea hard to eliminate (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma urges review of radio licensing decision (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Ukrainian president asks media council to return licence to radio station (BBC/FT) 04/13/2001
  • Sport (Women's Hockey/Round-up): Ballymoney join elite (Irish Times/FT) 04/13/2001

  • Ukrainian accounts chamber alleges misuse of funds by Finance Ministry (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Former deputy premier Tymoshenko says talk about presidency can ruin opposition (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister Zlenko notes pressure from Council of Europe (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Ukrainian officials outline WTO obstacles (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • New party created in Ukraine (update) (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Security Service of Ukraine offers protection to opposition leaders (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Influential parliamentary faction head Oleksandr Volkov interviewed: deniea involvement in murder of journalist (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament gathers almost enough support to topple government (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Ukraine: Journalists rally in Regional centre Lviv, demand more freedom of speech (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Security service bans filming at Ukrainian nuclear power station after blaze (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Ukraine gives parts of dead body in Gongadze case to FBI for examination (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Council of Europe secretary-general warns Ukraine over freedom of speech (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Ukrainian prosecutor's office spots state secrets on scandalous tapes (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Ukrainian PM Yushchenko speaks on parliamentary majority in report to public (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Two Ukrainian parties sign declaration on partnership and cooperation (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Ukrainian national oil and gas company chief assesses company's performance (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Ukrainian government closes down space centre in Crimea (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Ukrainian president preparing extraordinary address to parliament (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Ukraine's arbitration court dismisses claim against Russian radio in Lviv (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • LETTER: IMF - No misappropriation of Ukraine funds (Financial Times) 04/12/2001
  • Confidence vote move may hit Ukrainian PM Yushchenko (Financial Times) 04/12/2001
  • Latvian embassy in Ukraine calls for reinforced security after picket (BBC/FT) 04/12/2001
  • Ukraine: Ban on meat imports still valid (AgriUkraine) 04/12/2001

  • Ukrainian firms to show aviation, space equipment in Iraq (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukrainian premier hails 'breakthrough' in negotiations with Russia (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • New commander for Russia's Baltic Fleet appointed (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Russia names terms for grid link-up with Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Pro-government faction warns of dire consequences if PM Yushchenko sacked (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • EU representative criticises state of Ukraine's democracy (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukrainian president urged to swear in Ukrainian, not Russian (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • A club in a Dublin suburb is making it easier for foreign women and returned emigrants to make friends and settle down here (Irish Times/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukraine's pipe exports to Russia restricted to 620,000 tonnes till year-end (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukraine 'content' with talks on Soviet property in Moscow (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Court suspends National Bank's decision to liquidate Slovyanskyy bank (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukrainian presidential adviser looks forward to economic growth (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukrainian daily examines allegations of corruption in broadcast license (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Almost all outstanding wages paid, benefits to be paid by year-end (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukrainian accounts chamber alleges misuse of funds by finance ministry (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Police seize biggest illegal arsenal since independence (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Ex-deputy PM Tymoshenko ready to make bid for presidency - press interview (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Attitude to missing journalist's mother 'inhuman' - EU representative (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Former Ukrainian deputy PM Tymoshenko leaves hospital declaring political ambition (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Political risks could delay vital World Bank loans - Ukrainian deputy PM Yekhanurov (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Large-scale counterfeit dollar operation discovered in Odessa (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Blaze reported at nuclear power station in Rivne (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukrainian PM Yushchenko derides personal attacks by Russian media (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukraine: New head of Interior Ministry in Kiev appointed (update) (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Supreme Court head blasts decisions to release former deputy PM Tymoshenko (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Ukrainian coal company liquidated (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • National Bolsheviks in Ukraine burn Latvian president in effigy (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Turkmenistan increases gas exports by one third (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • Russia and Ukraine launch joint gas-turbine project (BBC/FT) 04/11/2001
  • East Village residents and shopkeepers talk about Cooper Union proposal to remove street named after Ukrainian poet (Photos) (BRAMA) 04/11/2001
  • Pastor of St. George Church defends Cooper Union proposal to remove Taras Shevchenko Place (Photos) (BRAMA) 04/11/2001
  • Cooper Union representative denies plans to remove the name 'Taras Shevchenko Place' (BRAMA) 04/11/2001
  • South King County: A melting pot of cultures (Seattle Times) 04/11/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine-made heavy cargo AN-225 Mriya aircraf (AP/Yahoo) 04/11/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian soldiers from the international peacekeeping force make a temporary checkpoint (AP/Yahoo) 04/11/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian soldier from the international peacekeeping force checks inside a car (AP/Yahoo) 04/11/2001
  • Tymoshenko says she may run for president (AP/Kyiv Post) 04/11/2001
  • Belarusian PM postpones meeting with Yushchenko due to political evelopments in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 04/11/2001
  • Radioactive substance stolen from MAP (UNIAN/Kyiv Post) 04/11/2001
  • SBU loses monopoly over running foreign intelligence operations (Kyiv Post) 04/11/2001
  • Communists collect 150 signatures in support of Yushchenko ouster (UNIAN/Kyiv Post) 04/11/2001
  • 'Demapping' Taras Shevchenko Place in New York City: The demise of a Ukrainian community? (BRAMA) 04/11/2001
  • t's a Circus Out There, and Cirque du Soleil Wants It Enlarged (NY Times) 04/11/2001

  • Розчарована діаспора (Радіо Свобода) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine sees competing rallies, for and against Kuchma ( 04/10/2001
  • Borodin, in Hospital, Accused of Money Laundering (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/10/2001
  • Що робити? - ОУН Рух м. Москви (BRAMA) 04/10/2001
  • Послання Посла В. Кучинського українській громаді в США з нагоди Великодня; Easter greeting to the US-Ukrainian community: Amb. V. Kuchynsky (BRAMA) 04/10/2001
  • Ukrainian president signs law dividing responsibility for intelligence (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Constitutional Court rules in favour of Ukrainian president on legislation (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukrainian daily examines accusations of corruption in broadcast licensing (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ситуації на Близькому Сході, в Іраку та Західній Африці [ООН] (BRAMA) 04/10/2001
  • Human Trafficking on the Rise (4/9/01) (Cornell Daily Sun) 04/10/2001
  • Огляд: Фермопіли української опозиції - Максим Стріха (Krytyka) 04/10/2001
  • Plans to reunite Russian and Ukrainian power grids may be derailed (Kyiv Post) 04/10/2001
  • Report: Tymoshenko will not negotiate with Kuchma (Kyiv Post) 04/10/2001
  • For Truth denies unification of opposition (Kyiv Post) 04/10/2001
  • Rallies held in major Ukrainian cities to support Yushchenko (Kyiv Post) 04/10/2001
  • Docs cash in on foreigners' vanity (Kyiv Post) 04/10/2001
  • Budget revenues fall significantly due to abolition of Kartoteka (UNIAN/Kyiv Post) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine sees competing rallies, for and against Kuchma (AP/Kyiv Post) 04/10/2001
  • Opposition Joins Forces In Calling For Kuchma's Ouster (RFE/RL) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine interested in linking oil pipeline to Slovak part of Soviet-era pipeline (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament poised to oust Yushchenko government - president's representative (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister Yushchenko arrives in Moscow to discuss gas and pipes (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukrainian president doubts legal validity of any referendum on no-confidence (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukrainian Socialist leader Moroz against referendum on confidence in president (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • President Kuchma accuses PACE of psychological pressure on Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Socialist leader Oleksandr Moroz against PACE suspending Ukraine's membership (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukrainian deputy speaker Havrysh assures PACE Prime Minister Yushchenko won't be sacked (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine's President Kuchma takes part in Odessa liberation rally (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • President stresses importance of Russian market for Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Tender sale of six Ukrainian energy firms set to go ahead (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukrainian minister vows to help Ukrainian minority in Slovakia (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine imposes ban on large sales of beef by-products, mince, at markets (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Czech Police break up international people smuggling ring (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine's duties will be fulfilled, deputy speaker promises PACE delegation (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukrainian farms have already received over UAH1b of loans to finance spring fieldwork (AgriUkraine) 04/10/2001
  • USDA forecasts grain yield growth in Ukraine in 2001 (AgriUkraine) 04/10/2001
  • Благодійний базар у зв'язку з п'ятнадцятою річницею Чорнобильської трагедії; 15th anniversary Chornobyl tragedy fund-raising benefit [UN/ООН] (BRAMA) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Communists, centrists collect 147 signatures to oust Prime Minister Yushchenko's gov't (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine: One million signatures collected by right-wingers to support Prime Minister Yushchenko (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine: 5,000 demonstrators in Kiev want president out (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Students in protest march along streets of Kiev, numbers growing (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine: 1,500 oppositionists march on parliament (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukrainian authorities deny ex-deputy premier Tymoshenko's story of prison hardship (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Lewis set for Klitschko defence (SecondsOut) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Factional changes announced in parliament (update) (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukrainian president signs regulations on intelligence services into law (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Government sets ceiling on price of officials' cars, equipment (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine: New law on recovering tax debts cuts cash flow to government (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine may get next IMF loan tranche in May - IMF official (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Black Sea sewage pollution from burst sewer (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Icon tribute to Estonian premier in Ukrainian church in the capital Tallinn (BBC) 04/10/2001
  • Slovak, Ukrainian officials' statements said to indicate improving ties (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Slovakia, Ukraine interested in better cooperation (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Turkmen leader to attend Turkic summit in Istanbul, visit Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • EU won't stand aside from Ukrainian political conflict - official (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Head of Constitutional Court sceptical about referendum to oust president (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition wants president out, air time - rally in Kiev (BBC/FT) 04/10/2001
  • Opinion: Curbing Small Arms (NY Times) 04/10/2001
  • NYT Letter: Atom-Bomb Memories (NY Times) 04/10/2001
  • Sporting giants who bestrode their world: Sergei Bubka, Rocky Marciano, Carl Lewis, others (Guardian/FT) 04/10/2001

  • Students protest in Kiev (CNN) 04/09/2001
  • Ukrainian president refuses to meet 1000 student demonstrators (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukrainian dominates public radio minority broadcasts in eastern Slovakia (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Slovakia admits visas for Ukrainian citizens inflicted economic loss (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Czech cabinet approves law to speed up asylum procedure (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine starts transition to professional military service (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Hungary, Ukraine agree to make joint effort to prevent floods (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukrainian, Hungarian premiers agree to jointly prevent floods (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Russian paper describes CIS air defence exercises (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Local TV company to sue over licence revocation (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliamentary majority threatened by largest faction's (Working Ukraine) withdrawal (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Prime minister's press secretary (Nataliya Zarudna) denies rumours about deputy premiership for Viktor Pynzenyk (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • One-third of Ukrainian TV channels tied to MPs, local authorities - official (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma refuses to bow to student demands (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine: President snubs students' demand to swear he did not remove journalist (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Carpatsky Petroleum Amends Letter of Agreement to Acquire Lateral Vector Resources (BW/Yahoo) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine Finishes Biggest Plane Ever (AP/Yahoo) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine fatigue': For Canadians in Kyiv, corruption kills the dream of independence (4/7/01) (National Post) 04/09/2001
  • Music binds Ukrainians (PDF; 4/5/01) (Observer Eccentric) 04/09/2001
  • Foreign minister describes Ukraine as regional leader, link between East, West (4/6/01) (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Kiev police acknowledge mistakes in arresting students (4/6/01) (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukrainian Orthodox leader notes progress on church unification (4/6/01) (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Three Christian hierarchs issue statement calling for civil peace (4/6/01) (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko interviewed on government's challenges, achievements (4/6/01) (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukrainian Orthodox leader notes progress on church unification (4/6/01) (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Local TV company to sue broadcasting council for licence revocation (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukrainian MPs complete their trip to USA, disclose money-laundering schemes (4/6/01) (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia may agree border in 2001 (4/6/01) (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine: One nuclear reactor stopped for repairs, two restarted (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Russian sales of oil, gas and electricity used as political weapons, influence on neighbouring countries (Financial Times) 04/09/2001
  • Number of tourists from Russia 60 per cent up in 2000; drop in tours from Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine completes modernization of giant transport aircraft An-225 Mriya (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Over 500 people rally to support Prime Minister Yushchenko in Odessa (BBC/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Football (Independent/FT) 04/09/2001
  • Lewis looks to Klitschko instead of Tyson (Guardian) 04/09/2001
  • Teal Mission Model Counts 2,160 Space Payloads in 2001-2010 (PRNewswire/Yahoo) 04/09/2001

  • Security council chief Yevhen Marchuk says West lacks full information on situation in Ukraine (Newspaper Den') (BBC/FT) 04/08/2001
  • Poland: new guard of fortress Europe (Independent) 04/08/2001
  • Globalisation of information makes respect for media independence more vital than ever (Bangkok Post/FT) 04/08/2001
  • Rallies held Lviv and other major Ukrainian cities to support Prime Minister Yushchenko (BBC/FT) 04/08/2001
  • Security council chief says West lacks full information on situation in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/08/2001
  • Newspaper Zerkalo Nedeli describes Ukrainian achievements at UAE arms show (BBC/FT) 04/08/2001
  • e-mail from America: Global warming (Independent/FT) 04/08/2001
  • Benfica trio likely gone next season (Sports Network) 04/08/2001
  • A penguin so adds to a funeral: BOOK @ post-Soviet Ukraine (Guardian) 04/08/2001
  • Mortal combat (Guardian) 04/08/2001
  • Ukrainian sends relief home (from 3/4/01) (Detroit News) 04/08/2001
  • The shadows of history yield a residue of doubt: BOOK (Chicago Tribune) 04/08/2001
  • Crazy gang, crazy fans (Guardian) 04/08/2001
  • How junta protects Mr Heroin (Guardian) 04/08/2001
  • Day 3 at the ASN Conference: Gongadze case discussed by scholars - Columbia University (Photos) (BRAMA) 04/08/2001

  • Lewis v Klitschko and...Clooney? (BBC Sport) 04/07/2001
  • Jewish republic struggles to retain identity (Chicago Tribune) 04/07/2001
  • Ukraine fatigue': For Canadians in Kyiv, corruption kills the dream of independence (National Post) 04/07/2001
  • JKX wins battle for assets in Ukraine (Financial Times) 04/07/2001
  • Ukraine's President urges parliament to adopt laws to meet Europe's requirements (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Ukrainian paper Zerkalo Nedeli downbeat on likelihood of talks between authorities, opposition (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Ukraine's Kuchma orders professional army by 2015 (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Ukraine prepares sanctions against Russian importers (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Former deputy premier Tymoshenko tells of her hardships in prison (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Moldovan president urges pragmatic foreign policy in inaugural speech (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Ukrainian central bank lowers base rate (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Ukrainian premier wants proof that tube quota protects Russian producers (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Former US president Clinton expects closer links between Ukraine, USA (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • US Ambassador Pascual says Ukraine has to solve its problems on its own (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition (National Salvation Forum) calls for referendum of no confidence in president (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • PACE committee overreacting to events in Ukraine - foreign minister Zlenko (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Breakaway region ignores Moldovan presidential inauguration (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Russia's LUKoil to supply low-octane petrol to USA (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian pipe export quotas square up (BBC/FT) 04/07/2001
  • Journey to Freedom: Ukrainian couple to celebrate their first traditional seder (Newsday) 04/07/2001
  • Beliefs (NY Times) 04/07/2001
  • Cuttings: The Cornelian Cherry's Splendor (NY Times) 04/07/2001
  • Obit: Cartoonist and painter, Mischa Richter (Independent) 04/07/2001
  • Ex-Soviet gangs running trade in sex and smuggled cigarettes (Independent) 04/07/2001
  • Day 2 at the ASN Conference - Columbia University (Photos) (BRAMA) 04/07/2001
  • Ukrainian Jews recovering traditions lost for decades (St. Paul/Minneapolis Pioneer Planet) 04/07/2001
  • Passover Journey to Freedom (Newsday/Yahoo) 04/07/2001

  • Ukraine's expulsion proposed by Council of Europe rapporteurs (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Kiev police acknowledge mistakes in arresting students (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Russian air force commander views foreign threats (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukrainian Orthodox leader notes progress on church unification (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry hails adoption of criminal code by parliament (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukrainian MPs complete their trip to USA, disclose money-laundering schemes (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament adopts law on Bills of Exchange (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukrainian end user industries register year-on-year growth in first quarter (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Defence ministers adopt joint declaration at SEE conference in Macedonia (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukrainian Defence Minister completes visit to Macedonia (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia may agree border in 2001 (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Expert assesses level of bias in TV news coverage (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Former deputy head of central bank Volodymyr Bondar released from arrest (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko interviewed on government's challenges, achievements (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukrainian MPs complete their trip to USA, disclose money-laundering schemes (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Foreign minister describes Ukraine as regional leader, link between East, West (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Three Christian hierarchs issue statement calling for civil peace (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukraine: TV chief denies lack of political pluralism (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Newspaper Holos Ukrayiny rebuffs president's attack, urges him to resign (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Russian president and prime minister discuss legislation issues (BBC/FT) 04/06/2001
  • Ukraine reopens case of bank reserves 'misuse' (Financial Times) 04/06/2001
  • Foreign steel bars hurting U.S. firms (Detroit News) 04/06/2001
  • Learn something about Ukraine - Go to Columbia University for a day (Photos) (BRAMA) 04/06/2001
  • Photo: Woman cries during a protest meeting organized by Ukrainian Chornobyl People's Party (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/06/2001
  • Archaeologists want access to 11th century gates discovered in Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 04/06/2001

  • Один аспект свободи слова у сучасній ситуації потребує особливої уваги: йдеться про мас-медіа, електронні й друковані (Радіо Свобода) 04/05/2001
  • Як саме товариство 'Просвіта' активізувало свою діяльність в Одеській області (Радіо Свобода) 04/05/2001
  • Foster takes world silver (BBC Sport) 04/05/2001
  • Демократичні вибори в Східному Тиморі [ООН] (BRAMA) 04/05/2001
  • Steel Manufacturers Ask for Relief (AP/Excite) 04/05/2001
  • Carpatsky Petroleum to Resume Trading on the Canadian Venture Exchange (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 04/05/2001
  • Food Poisoning Hits 68 Ukraine students (AP/Yahoo) 04/05/2001
  • LIFE Act of 2000: Last Chance for Permanent Residence? (UkrWeekly/BRAMA) 04/05/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament moves to abolish capital punishment (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament abolishes death penalty (BBC) 04/05/2001
  • ... The only thing Ukraine had, in 1993, going for it was its nuclear weapons. (The Times) 04/05/2001
  • Viktor Yuschenko: there are no reasons to regulate prices for grain and bread (AgriUkraine) 04/05/2001
  • Not implementing referendum results worsened crisis - Ukrainian president (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001
  • Science makes globe smaller for teenagers (Orlando Sentinel) 04/05/2001
  • France backs Slovakia's bid to join EU in first wave (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Charges to be brought against judge who freed Tymoshenko (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001
  • Ukraine: First deputy premier on his background, hobbies (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001
  • Ukrainian paper Den' sceptical on president's initiative to draft law on opposition (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001
  • Ukraine has new criminal code: slander, libel not criminal offences, victims of human trafficking exempted from illegal border crossing (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Law officer gives update on missing journalist's case (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001
  • Ukraine: TV chief rejects accusations of bias (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001
  • US trade representative demands action against CD piracy in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001
  • Factional change in Ukrainian parliament [update] (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament starts majority re-registration (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001
  • Ukrainian president sets up information policy council (BBC/FT) 04/05/2001

  • Communist confirmed as Moldovan president: a point of leverage for Russia on neighbouring Ukraine (Financial Times) 04/04/2001
  • UN report on growing gap between central and eastern Europe - Fraudulent transactions in Kiev are becoming increasingly common (Irish Times/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Teachers in Lviv begin protest over low pay, arrears (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Police, opposition agree not to use force during protest action (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine: 9 kg of heroin from Central Asia confiscated from trafficker (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Tymoshenko gives written promise not to leave country (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukrainian President Kuchma instructs Prime Minister Yushchenko to draw up draft law on opposition (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine's border guards to focus efforts on eastern, northern border (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukrainian tax chief interviewed on taxation policy issues (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine to host major NATO military exercise in 2002 (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine: President satisfied with meeting with political parties (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Brechmann to assist Graphia recovery (Brechmann will Graphia sanieren) (FAZ/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine: No progress in talks with president - Pynzenyk, right-wing leader (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine to sell 51 per cent of mobile telecom company (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Major parliamentary faction changes name (update) (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine to train military specialists for Macedonia (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Communists collect 100 signatures in parliament to dismiss Cabinet (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Court to rule on law on redistribution of presidential power (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Pension Fund collects 4bn hryvnyas in first quarter (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine approves 'parallel energy operation' with Russia (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukrainian defence ministry orders first five An-70s (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine to take part in international military training on 13-23 June (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Factional changes announced in parliament (update) (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Head of Putin's administration visits Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Famous criminal leader sentenced to seven years in prison (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Observer- Avenue of the Americas: Makeover (SBU) (Financial Times) 04/04/2001
  • Ukrainian newspaper Kievskiye Vedomosti accuses Prime Minister Yushchenko of improper use of state money (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukrainian pro-presidential newspaper Fakty i Kommentarii cries persecution by the opposition (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukrainian president praises government's achievements, berates opposition (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Forum 'Ukrainian Truth' on scandal, corruption and civil liberties in Ukraine (BRAMA) 04/04/2001
  • Analysis: What happened to the virtual economy? (BCE) 04/04/2001
  • Analysis: Why Russian companies are investing in Ukraine (BCE) 04/04/2001
  • Analysis: Will Ukraine's political crisis bring genuine reform? (BCE) 04/04/2001
  • Ukrainian security service chief addresses newsmen about tapes and Gongadze case (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Centre-right party leader pledges support for current government (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukrainian deputy premier urges EBRD to honour Chernobyl-closure commitments (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001
  • Ukrainian Defence Ministry orders first five An-70 transport planes (BBC/FT) 04/04/2001

  • Сучасна екологічна проблематика [ООН] (BRAMA) 04/03/2001
  • Audio: Радіо Свобода Інтерв'ю: Президент Леонід Кичма / Radio Svoboda interview with President Leonid Kuchma (BRAMA/RadioSvoboda) 04/03/2001
  • Ukraine's Secret police mission (Financial Times) 04/03/2001
  • Platini just might level playing pitches (Irish Times/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukrainian president vows not to capitulate to opposition (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukrainian president says he will not talk to the opposition (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukraine: President sceptical about talks with opposition (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukraine: Defence minister explains sale of helicopters to Macedonia (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukraine: Two pro-presidential factions sign cooperation agreement (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Polish Speakers, Luxembourg premier discuss EU (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukraine: Foreign ministry hails Pope's forthcoming visit (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukraine: President says he will not resign early (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko puts off visit to Russia (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Court rules in favour of Ukrainian president on priority draft laws (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Kazakh company repairs gas pipeline section (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukraine signs accord on creation of joint Black Sea naval group (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukrainian defence minister against creating independent intelligence service (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukrainian air force has to do without newly trained pilots in 2001: no fuel (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Appeals Court Considers Holocaust Case Ruling (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/03/2001
  • Аудіозапис прес-конференції Лесі і Мирослави Гонгадзе 'Подальші правові кроки в справі Георгія Гонгадзе' / Press Conference with Myroslava Gongadze and Lesia Gongadze [UKR/AUDIO] (IREX/BRAMA) 04/03/2001
  • Діяльність ЗМІ в умовах кризи влади [4 квітня 2001 прес-конф: IREX] (ProMedia) 04/03/2001
  • Про перспективи політичного діалогу в Україні [4 квітня 2001 круглий стіл: IREX] (ProMedia) 04/03/2001
  • Oy Vesna, ta y Vesnianochka (Update) (BRAMA) 04/03/2001
  • Ukraine not to help China build military cruiser - Regional governor (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukraine: First deputy premier on foreign loans, need for political stability (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukraine: Pro-presidential public organization Zlahoda [Accord] offers to facilitate dialogue (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • No 10 intervenes in British company's Ukraine dispute (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukrainian security service to be reformed, its chief (Volodymyr Radchenko) says (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukraine: Security chief sees foreign spies behind tape scandal (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukrainian far-right organization to sue TV channel for slander (BBC/FT) 04/03/2001
  • Ukraine dissident foils her jailers (The Times) 04/03/2001

  • Ukrainian folk song group Chervona Kalina performs in Japan at Chornobyl/Chernobyl benefit (Yomiuri Shimbun/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Bubka says farewell (BBC Sport) 04/02/2001
  • Ukrainian premier league results/standings (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/02/2001
  • Lavrinenko will be kicking it again with Rampage (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) 04/02/2001
  • tar: Archive contains future timestamp 2004-11-13 18:03:18 (Philadelphia Inquirer) 04/02/2001
  • Діяльність України на чолі Ради Безпеки ООН була високо оцінена постійними представниками африканських держав-членів Міжурядового органу з питань розвитку (МОПР) [ООН] (BRAMA) 04/02/2001
  • Ukrainian premier calls former deputy premier's release 'adequate' (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Back wages to education sector paid off in full - Ukrainian minister (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Belarusian, Russian presidents concerned about situation in Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • US Defence Department donates armoured vehicles to Ukraine (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • NIS Construction Industry Overview (Power Point slides) on-line (Bisnis) 04/02/2001
  • Ukraine Court Suspends Detention of Kuchma Foe (Reuters/Yahoo) 04/02/2001
  • Ukraine reports success at arms show in Abu Dhabi (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Russian parliament to create group for union of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Russian communist leader Zyuganov hails fifth anniversary of Russia-Belarus union (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Two parliamentary groups refuse to sign agreement with Ukrainian government (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Ukraine looks forward to papal visit (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Former Ukrainian deputy premier Tymoshenko aims to oust President Kuchma (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Ukrainian premier demands sacking of state TV channel president (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Newspaper examines president's recent visit to Donbass region (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Ukrainian paper Zerkalo Nedeli views interior minister's replacement as concession to oligarchs (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Global TeleSystems, Inc. to sell Golden Telecom shares for $125 million (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 04/02/2001
  • Deputy premier subjected to 'refined torture' by Ukrainian authorities (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Cold War Chills in Ukraine (Wash Post) 04/02/2001
  • Guard removed from Tymoshenko hospital ward (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • UK's Blair takes up cudgels for JKX in Ukraine spat (JKX/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Ukrainian paper Zerkalo Nedeli criticizes Foreign Minister Zlenko's US statements (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Ukraine: PACE rapporteurs concerned about former deputy premier's re-arrest (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Turkey: Black Sea countries sign naval accord, to set up task force (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Analyst says Ukrainian president may be interested in keeping Prime Minister Yushchenko on (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Prosecutor-General's Office links Tymoshenko to Lazarenko in investigation (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier to request national TV chief's dismissal (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Belarusian, Russian presidents upbeat about union state (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Zaporizhzhya Region governor discusses reasons behind his sacking (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliament to hear government report on 17 April (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • Ukraine Supreme Court upholds release of deputy premier (BBC/FT) 04/02/2001
  • 4000 cans with overdue term of consumption found in humanitarian cargo for Transcarpathia from Russia (AgriUkraine) 04/02/2001
  • Action plan for Ukraine and the West: U.S. Amb. Pascual and Michael Bleyzer speak in WashDC (BRAMA) 04/02/2001
  • Рада Безпеки ООН підводить підсумки своєї роботи у березні, високо оцінюючи головування України [ООН] (BRAMA) 04/02/2001
  • Book of the Week - Dynamo: Defending the Honour of Kiev - from King Yaroslav the Wise to the formation of a football team (Independent) 04/02/2001

  • Vatican Mum on Ukraine Trip After Pope Meets New Russian Envoy (AFP/Russia Today) 04/01/2001
  • 2nd Arrest For Leader Of Ukraine Opposition (Wash Post) 04/01/2001
  • A New History of Ukraine (Discovering Archaeology) 04/01/2001
  • Signs of Compromise in Kiev (LA Times) 04/01/2001
  • Ukraine Places Kuchma Foe Under Arrest in Hospital (Reuters/Russia Today) 04/01/2001
  • 2nd Arrest for Leader of Ukraine Opposition (Wash Post) 04/01/2001
  • Russia slaps antidumping duties on Ukrainian pipes (BBC/FT) 04/01/2001
  • Ukrainian shipbuilders to help China finish construction of cruiser (BBC/FT) 04/01/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister confident USA supports Ukraine as never before (BBC/FT) 04/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Foreign Minister Zlenko welcomes foreign mediation to solve problems at home (BBC/FT) 04/01/2001
  • Hungarians in Ukraine demand new district to assert their minority rights (BBC/FT) 04/01/2001
  • Ukraine premier criticizes opposition politician's re-arrest (BBC/FT) 04/01/2001
  • Ukrainian premier regrets his former deputy's arrest (BBC/FT) 04/01/2001
  • Ukrainian paper Zerkalo Nedeli sceptical about dialogue mediators proposed by president (BBC/FT) 04/01/2001
  • No foot-and-mouth disease in Ukraine - chief veterinary surgeon (BBC/FT) 04/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Lawyer of re-arrested former deputy premier to appeal to Supreme Court (BBC/FT) 04/01/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition leader rightfully re-arrested - deputy prosecutor-general (BBC/FT) 04/01/2001
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

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