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Fri, May 24, 16:18 EDT
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  • Ukraine's 10-year independence (Wash Times) 08/31/2001
  • Police Catch Man Sought in Killing of Six Relatives (Wash Post) 08/31/2001
  • Soltys Reportedly Confesses to All Six Murders (KPIX/Yahoo) 08/31/2001
  • Photo: Nikolay Soltys police booking photo (AP/Yahoo) 08/31/2001
  • Photo: Soltys being escorted by deputies to Jail (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/31/2001
  • Photo: Wearing a bullet proof vest, multiple murder suspect Nikolay Soltys is taken to Sacramento Jail (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/31/2001
  • 'Nikolay, Bonham. Nikolay, Bonham.' (Contra Costa Times) 08/31/2001
  • Fugitive in Family Killings in California Caught in Mother's Yard (NY Times) 08/31/2001
  • State Reserve plans to put under its control 3 baking plants more (AgriUkraine) 08/31/2001
  • Minimal prices of grain at Prydnyprovska exchange (AgriUkraine) 08/31/2001
  • 37.3 million tons of grain have been harvested by August 29 (AgriUkraine) 08/31/2001
  • Ukrainian, Moldovan presidents discuss Dnestr settlement by phone (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/31/2001
  • Ukraine losing energy markets to Russia - newspaper (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/31/2001
  • Ukrainian president urges more spending on science, education (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/31/2001
  • Ukrainian envoy in Azerbaijan dissatisfied with low level of economic ties (BBC/FT-Baku) 08/31/2001
  • Russian envoy to Ukraine slams decision to introduce VAT on imports (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/31/2001
  • Ukraine miners rescued from pit trap (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/31/2001
  • Ukraine: Mine death toll reaches 55 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/31/2001
  • Journalist in coma after attack (Independent/FT) 08/31/2001
  • Man wanted for killing his family found hiding in mother's back yard (Independent/FT) 08/31/2001
  • Stabbing suspect captured in US (Guardian/FT) 08/31/2001
  • SPORT: Gerrard cast in role of saviour: FOOTBALL WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS: An injury-prone 21-year-old with only five caps is being touted as the key to England's future, writes David Owen (Financial Times) 08/31/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 08/31/2001

  • Ukrainian Foundation finds resort trashed by tenant (River Reporter) 08/30/2001
  • Photo: Boris, Vasili and Sergei Kukharskiy cousins of Nikolay Soltys speak at at news conference (AP/Yahoo) 08/30/2001
  • Soltys arrested after terrified family flees (CNN) 08/30/2001
  • Photo: Duplex where murder suspect Soltys was captured (AP/Yahoo) 08/30/2001
  • Photo: Multiple murder suspect Soltys taken into Sacramento County Sheriff's (AP/Yahoo) 08/30/2001
  • Photo: Multiple murder suspect Nikolay Soltys surround by deputies (AP/Yahoo) 08/30/2001
  • Думки Десятиріччя — Р.Л. Хомяк (BRAMA) 08/30/2001
  • Ukraine prosecutor-general says TV journalist killed 'by mistake' (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/30/2001
  • Another suspect in Ukrainian journalist's beating detained (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/30/2001
  • International organizations protest at violence against journalists in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/30/2001
  • Ukrainian president warns cabinet against repeating predecessors' mistakes (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/30/2001
  • Russian ambassador to Ukraine becomes honorary Cossack - TV (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/30/2001
  • Ukrainian president slams government for failures in budget (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/30/2001
  • Six trapped after roof collapse in Ukraine mine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/30/2001
  • Photo: Zoya Kukharskaya and her daughter Oxana, who lost her twin Tatiana listen to their relatives speak (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/30/2001
  • Photo: Boris Kukharskiy hugs Sacramento County Sheriff Lou Blanas (AP/Yahoo) 08/30/2001
  • Photo: Khuraskiy brothers thank people of Sacramento and US for support (AP/Yahoo) 08/30/2001
  • CIS Members Hold Military Exercise In Southern Astrakhan Region (RFE/RL) 08/30/2001
  • Eastern Orthodox monasteries rise once more (USA Today) 08/30/2001
  • IGC cuts 01/02 world coarse grains output forecast (Reuters/Excite) 08/30/2001
  • Amnesty Wants 'Disappeared' Probe (AP/Excite) 08/30/2001
  • Fugitive Soltys apprehended (BRAMA) 08/30/2001
  • California Rampage Suspect in Custody -- Police (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/30/2001
  • State Reserve has bought already 240,000 MT of grain (AgriUkraine) 08/30/2001
  • A. Kinakh: Government restrains fluctuation of prices for grain (AgriUkraine) 08/30/2001
  • Ukraine, western neighbours reach agreement on joint battalion (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/30/2001
  • Ukrainian president signs decree in support of local government (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/30/2001
  • Ukraine not to take part in CIS air-defence exercises - Defence Ministry (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/30/2001
  • Council of Europe satisfied with Ukraine's progress - TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/30/2001
  • Ukrainian Cossacks welcome Russian ambassador into their ranks (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/30/2001

  • As workers clean Glen Spey resort, police investigate damage (TH Record) 08/29/2001
  • Amnesty Demands End to European 'Disappearances' (Reuters/Excite) 08/29/2001
  • Ukrainian president signs AIDS edict (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/29/2001
  • Ukrainian police say journalist's beating unrelated to his job (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Local authorities hush up cholera outbreak in Crimea (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/29/2001
  • Ukrainian steel plant refuses to help anti-dumping probe (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/29/2001
  • Ukraine forecasts higher budget revenue in 2002 (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/29/2001
  • Ukrainian court forbids newspaper to publish articles on Swiss criminal case (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/29/2001
  • Ukraine plans 2002 budget surplus (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Journalist's son insists on political reasons for his father's murder (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/29/2001
  • Ukrainian, Turkmen presidents agree date for gas debt talks by telephone (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/29/2001
  • Russian ambassador advocates stronger economic ties with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/29/2001
  • President Kuchma praises Ukrainian missiles, explains previous cabinet's ouster (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/29/2001
  • EU said to grant 45,000 euros to Ukrainian space agency in 2001 (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Journalists' request for charges against Crimean premier turned down (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/29/2001
  • Ukraine: Former premier does not consider himself opposition leader (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/29/2001
  • Russia and Ukraine develop modified Dnepr-1 booster (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/29/2001
  • Ukrainian parliamentary campaign jeopardized by lack of law - election chief (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/29/2001
  • Ukrainian central bank's currency reserves reach 2.3bn dollars (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/29/2001
  • Former premier agrees to head Ukrainian-Russian institute - TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/29/2001
  • Ukrainian MPs urge Council of Europe to avoid double standards (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/29/2001
  • California Governor Boosts Soltys Case Reward Fund (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/29/2001
  • Photo: Yana Klochkova swims to victory (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/29/2001
  • Photo: Yana Klochkova holds her gold medal after winning the 800 meters freestyle final (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/29/2001
  • Photo: Medalists for the women's 800 meter freestyle (AP/Yahoo) 08/29/2001
  • Goodwill Games: Klochkova Wins First Gold Medal (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/29/2001

  • President Kuchma calls for Ukrainian Orthodox church to unite (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/28/2001
  • West Ukrainian city's surgeons insist on their innocence (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/28/2001
  • Ukraine: Court of appeal overturns ruling on controversial banker's release (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/28/2001
  • Turkey to allow giant Ukrainian-built platform to pass through Straits (BBC/FT-Ankara) 08/28/2001
  • Ukrainian first deputy premier speaks on energy issues (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/28/2001
  • Polish president did not want to see Belarusian leader in Kiev - paper (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/28/2001
  • Deutsche Telekom calls for price controls to be lifted (Telekom fordert Aufhebung von Preiskontrollen) (Die Welt/FT ) 08/28/2001
  • Ukraine ready to help Israel, Palestinians to search for compromise - minister (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/28/2001
  • Ukraine's independence must not be doubted - Polish official (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 08/28/2001
  • Ground troops to hold training in western Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/28/2001
  • Ukraine: Kiev court blocks sale of major pipe plant (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/28/2001
  • Mass slaying puts special immigration plan in spotlight (Philadelphia Daily News) 08/28/2001
  • Photo: Ukraine's Oleg Lisogor shows his muscles after winning the men's 100-meter breaststroke (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/28/2001
  • U.S. July steel imports down 3.5 pct (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/28/2001
  • Jones to Race Pintusevich-Bloch (AP/Yahoo) 08/28/2001
  • Meteorological Committee forecasts low yield of sunflower (AgriUkraine) 08/28/2001
  • The USA imposes duty on Ukrainian ammonium nitrate (AgriUkraine) 08/28/2001
  • Russia: TV Centre plans to cover Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/28/2001
  • Football: Around the world - Real life provides a shock for Zidane (Independent/FT) 08/28/2001
  • Canada challenges U.S. move on steel: Pettigrew to argue wire rod imports should not be cut (Financial Post/FT) 08/28/2001
  • Ukraine: TV journalist beaten in eastern city (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/28/2001
  • Ukrainian international goalkeeper [Perkhun] dies after match injury (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/28/2001
  • Kazakhstan seeks information on citizens involved in Congo aircraft crash (BBC/FT-Almaty) 08/28/2001

  • Ukrainian, Polish, British military exercise [Cossack Steppe-2001] set to take place in the UK (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/27/2001
  • Ukrainian asks Council of Europe to help death-sentenced daughter [for possessing heroine] in Thailand (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/27/2001
  • Ukrainian tax police deny illegally detaining controversial banker (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/27/2001
  • Ukrainian TV gives more details, less certainty about Congo air crash (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/27/2001
  • Ukrainian pilots killed in air crash in Congo (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/27/2001
  • Ukraine: Trade-union leader [Mykhaylo Volynets] joins opposition, cries persecution (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/27/2001
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] names commissioner for European integration [Vasyl Rohovyy] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/27/2001
  • Czech Republic: Ukrainians, Afghanis lead 2000 asylum applicants' ladder (BBC/FT-Prague) 08/27/2001
  • EU helps Russia, Ukraine, Belarus deal with Chernobyl polluted areas (RIA/FT-Moscow) 08/27/2001
  • Polish bus crashes in Slovakia, one Italian killed (BBC/FT-Bratislava) 08/27/2001
  • Russian leader [Putin] says education reform needs to be thought through [,relations with Ukraine are developing positively] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/27/2001
  • Japanese [Ukrainian-registered] 'Peace Boat' to visit North, South Korea (BBC/FT-Tokyo) 08/27/2001
  • Moldovan leader hails 10 years of independence (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/27/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 08/27/2001
  • Festival celebrates 10 years of independence (Photos) (Intelligencer Record) 08/27/2001
  • Opinions: Importing domestic violence (Nando Times) 08/27/2001
  • incorporates designs from ancient Ukraine into contemporary wares (BRAMA) 08/27/2001
  • Ukrainian Studies at Rutgers (Newark): Fall 2001 (BRAMA) 08/27/2001
  • Top U.S. Foreign Policy Experts To Address Washington Conference On U.S.-Ukraine Strategic Relations (BRAMA) 08/27/2001
  • 36.7 million tons of grain harvested by August 22 (AgriUkraine) 08/27/2001
  • Ministry of agrarian policy predicts increase in production of flax by 75% (AgriUkraine) 08/27/2001
  • Farmers increased stock of forage for winter (AgriUkraine) 08/27/2001
  • lan by City School Board Angers Ethnic-Radio Fans (NY Times) 08/27/2001
  • Sacramento's Shaken Ukrainian Residents Hold Funeral for 6 Slain Relatives (NY Times) 08/27/2001

  • Photo: young man mourns at the funeral of six family members allegedly killed by Nikolay Soltys (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/26/2001
  • Photo: Varvara Soltys mother of Nikolay Soltys (AP/Yahoo) 08/26/2001
  • Ukraine: President [Kuchma] says economic crisis over, blasts opposition to reforms (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/26/2001
  • Football: Hughes pleased to lose tag of pushovers (Independent/FT) 08/26/2001
  • Ukraine: President [Kuchma] speaks for prioritizing coal industry (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/26/2001
  • Rampage's roots remain a mystery: The reunited couple appeared on track for a better life in America (Sacramento Bee) 08/26/2001
  • New Museum Seeks to Be the Hearth of a Ukrainian Hub (NY Times) 08/26/2001
  • Photo: With standing room only, three girls stand at the back of funeral of six family members (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/26/2001
  • Sacramento Ukrainians Bury Victims (AP/Yahoo) 08/26/2001
  • Photo: picture of eight-year old Tatiana Kuharsky sits in front of flowers at the cemetery (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/26/2001
  • Photo: Pallbearers carry a casket at the funeral of six family members (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/26/2001
  • Photo: Funeral of six family members (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/26/2001
  • Photo: Mourners look at a memorial program with photos of six slain members (AP/Yahoo) 08/26/2001
  • Photo: casket of one of six slain members of a Ukrainian immigrant family rests in front of mourners (AP/Yahoo) 08/26/2001
  • Photo: mourner makes her way past police officers to attend the funeral (AP/Yahoo) 08/26/2001
  • Thousands Mourn California Rampage Victims (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/26/2001
  • Ukrainian Ihor Snitko takes ment's 400 freestyle (AP/Yahoo) 08/26/2001
  • Ukraine Town Rattled by Fugitive (AP/Yahoo) 08/26/2001

  • Russian, Polish presidents discuss gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine - TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/25/2001
  • Putin recognizes need for NATO mission in Macedonia - presidential aide (BBC/FT-Skopje) 08/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Mine blast claims another victim [52] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/25/2001
  • Ukraine: Paper [Zerkalo Nedeli] analyses problems of largest tank producer (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/25/2001
  • Draw for the UEFA Cup first round: (Scotsman/FT) 08/25/2001
  • Sport (Athletics/Brussels Golden League Meeting): Boulami sets world record (Irish Times/FT) 08/25/2001
  • Ukraine calls on Israel, Palestinians to stop confrontation (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/25/2001
  • Ukrainian mine blast death toll reaches 51 (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/25/2001
  • Russian Gazprom and Ukrainian Naftohaz debt conference rejects barter (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/25/2001
  • Benefits from parallel Russo-Ukrainian power operation seen as political (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/25/2001
  • A treacherous search for pond life; The Weasel (Independent/FT) 08/25/2001
  • Suspect is arrested in [Donetsk] case of murdered Ukrainian journalist [Ihor Oleksandrov] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/25/2001
  • Former president [Leonid Kravchuk] says pragmatism finally prevailed in Russian-Ukrainian relations (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/25/2001
  • Visegrad countries back NATO mission in Macedonia (BBC/FT-Prague) 08/25/2001
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] lauds pragmatism in relations with Russia (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/25/2001
  • Russian TV shows Ashuluk testing ground ahead of CIS air defence exercise [no Ukrainian delegation] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/25/2001
  • Emigres' distrust of cops may help slaying suspect (SJ Mercury News) 08/25/2001
  • Mother Begs Calif. Rampage Suspect to Surrender (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/25/2001
  • Look-Alikes Stopped in Calif. Manhunt (AP/Yahoo) 08/25/2001

  • Ukraine wavers between West and East (BBC News) 08/24/2001
  • US officials hail good relations between Ukraine, Russia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/24/2001
  • Ukraine, Chile sign declaration on economic cooperation (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/24/2001
  • Top US official [US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice] hopes Ukraine will opt for democratic future (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/24/2001
  • USA puts off trade sanctions against Ukraine - ambassador [Carlos Pascual] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/24/2001
  • Polish president [Kwasniewski] comments on talks with Russian counterpart (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 08/24/2001
  • US official [Elizabeth Jones] reiterates support for independent, democratic Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/24/2001
  • Ukrainian president addresses nation on eve of independence anniversary (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/24/2001
  • Ukrainians dissatisfied with country's development since independence - poll (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/24/2001
  • Kfor 'imitates action' in Macedonia, Russian leader quoted as saying (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/24/2001
  • Czech Republic: Gang of Ukrainian blackmailers given stiff prison sentences (BBC/FT-Prague) 08/24/2001
  • Ukraine to benefit from stopping arms supply to Macedonia - US official [Elizabeth Jones] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/24/2001
  • Champions League draw: Group B: DYNAMO KIEV (Guardian/FT) 08/24/2001
  • O'Neill is thrilled by Juve draw (Scotsman/FT) 08/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Mine blast claims 50th victim (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/24/2001
  • St. Sophia at the end of Independence Day (BRAMA) 08/24/2001
  • Photos: Ukraine Independence Day - Everybody loves a parade (7 photos) (BRAMA) 08/24/2001
  • Photos: Ukraine Independence Day - parade military vehicles (3 photos) (BRAMA) 08/24/2001
  • Photos: Ukraine Independence Day - children (3 photos) (BRAMA) 08/24/2001
  • Photos: Ukraine Independence Day - Plastuny (Scouts) (BRAMA) 08/24/2001
  • Photos: Ukraine Independence Day - young gymnasts (BRAMA) 08/24/2001
  • Photos: Ukraine Independence Day - balloon finale (BRAMA) 08/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Premier ties economic success to better relations with Russia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/24/2001
  • 10th Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence (BRAMA) 08/24/2001
  • Photo: Domes of St. Sophia Cathedral - Independence Day (BRAMA) 08/24/2001
  • Declaration du Porte Parole de l'OTAN Sur le 10eme Anniversaire de l'Independance de l'Ukraine le 24 Aout 2001; Statement by NATO Spokesman on 10th Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence on 24 August 2001 (BRAMA) 08/24/2001
  • Photos: Independence Day concerts in Kyiv (BRAMA) 08/24/2001
  • Photos: Kyiv celebrates Independence Day (BRAMA) 08/24/2001
  • Ukraine defies the odds (Toronto Star) 08/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Kyiv Marks 10th Anniversary (RFE/RL) 08/24/2001
  • Ten years after, Ukrainians weigh the achievements of independence: Behind the military parades, politicians see modest progress and critics see missed opportunities, reports Tom Warner (Financial Times) 08/24/2001
  • Photo: Soldiers of the Presidential Guard unit march during military parade (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/24/2001
  • Tanks and Warplanes Mark Ukraine Independence (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/24/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian Mig-29 interceptors perform during Independence day festivities (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/24/2001
  • Photo: military pilots march in Kyiv during Independence day festivities (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/24/2001
  • Photo: Russian President Putin and Ukrainian counterpart Leonid Kuchma chat prior to the military parade in Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 08/24/2001
  • Putin Doubtful of Balkans Mission (AP/Yahoo) 08/24/2001
  • Putin Talks Tough on Balkans (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/24/2001
  • Soviet-style parade marks Kiev freedom (BBC) 08/24/2001
  • Western Ukrainian city holds own military parade (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/24/2001
  • Opposition holds anti-presidential rallies in south Ukrainian city (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/24/2001
  • Ukraine celebrates Independence Day with military parade in Kiev (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/24/2001
  • Russian president shakes hands with Kiev residents (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/24/2001
  • US diplomat Elizabeth Jones starts visit to Ukraine and South Caucasus (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/24/2001
  • Ukrainian lawyers barred from seeing detained banker in jail (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/24/2001
  • Ukraine: Mine blast claims another victim, death toll at 50 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/24/2001
  • US officials do not confirm probe into Ukrainian top-level corruption (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/24/2001
  • Ukrainian speaker blames failure to pass intellectual property law on opposition (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/24/2001
  • Ukrainian, Macedonian presidents discuss cooperation, NATO in Kiev (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/24/2001
  • Russia's Putin, Macedonian leader hold second meeting in past 24 hours - TV (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/24/2001
  • Russian and Polish presidents have talks in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/24/2001

  • Photo: The FBI added suspected mass murderer Nikolay Soltys to its Ten Most Wanted List (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/23/2001
  • Photo: Richard Baker, special agent in charge of the FBI's Sacramento office answers reporters' questions about suspect Nikolay Soltys (AP/Yahoo) 08/23/2001
  • Photo: Passport photo of Nikolay Soltys (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Mine blast death toll rises to 39 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/23/2001
  • Ukrainian fuel company head denies problems with Turkmen gas (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/23/2001
  • Russia needs stable, prosperous Ukraine - Putin (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Russian, Macedonian presidents speak English at Kiev meeting (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Macedonian, Polish presidents meet in Ukraine, discuss NATO mission (BBC/FT-Skopje) 08/23/2001
  • Russo-Ukrainian relations stable, predictable, says Putin (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Ukrainian military delegation to take part in Romanian air show (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Controversial banker detained by state tax police (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/23/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian presidents praise relations between their countries (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Controversial banker escorted by unknown uniformed men to court (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Ukraine: 500 hold anti-presidential protest during Independence Day festivities (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian leaders comment on frequency of their meetings (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Russia's Putin praises relations with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Macedonian president thanks Ukraine for assistance (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Ukrainian president calls for more bilateral meetings with Russian leader (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Poland is Ukraine's advocate, Polish president says (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 08/23/2001
  • Ukraine's bitter decade (Globe and Mail) 08/23/2001
  • Orthodox Head Willing to Meet Pope [ conditionally ] (AP/Yahoo) 08/23/2001
  • Sacramento Suspect's Past Detailed (AP/Yahoo) 08/23/2001
  • Photo: Polish, Ukrainian, Macedonian and Russian leaders pose for cameras in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 08/23/2001
  • Photo: Kuchma and Putin after solemn ceremony (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/23/2001
  • Polish, Macedonian, Russian presidents pay Ukraine compliments on arrival (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Russia's Putin sceptical about success of NATO operation in Macedonia (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Polish president meets Ukrainian, Russian counterparts (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 08/23/2001
  • Ukrainian president says opponents abusing democracy (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Ukrainian president hails 'healthy egoism' (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Russia's Putin speaks on Ukraine's independence, Macedonia on arrival in Kiev (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Ukraine: More than 100 policemen disciplined for poor performance (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/23/2001
  • Ukrainian president stresses need for civil society (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Online: Ask Jack: Pound notes (Guardian/FT) 08/23/2001
  • Ukrainian leader recalls national interests in independence address (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Ukrainian, Polish presidents discuss relations, European security (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/23/2001
  • New website created to promote Russian-Ukrainian cooperation (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Fifty per cent drop in Ukraine leader's popularity in Russia (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Security service denies report by prosecutor on search for MP (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Majority of Russians for reunification with Ukraine, poll shows (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Ukrainian economic success due to more cooperation with Russia - Putin (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Paper looks at role of state officials in electoral process (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Putin touches on Macedonia upon arrival in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/23/2001
  • Russian president arrives in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/23/2001
  • Macedonian president arrives in Ukraine for talks with Putin (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Macedonian leader denies Ukrainian weapons supplies (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Press, lawyers barred from court trial of controversial banker (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/23/2001
  • Polish president hails Ukrainian independence on arrival in Kiev (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/23/2001
  • Putin congratulates Ukraine on 10th anniversary of independence (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Ukraine: Death toll in mine blast reaches 39 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/23/2001
  • Ukrainian officials deny British paper's report of arms sales to Macedonia (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/23/2001
  • Russian TV views Ukraine's Independence Day (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Security agency says some 70 spies exposed among Ukrainians over 10 years (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/23/2001
  • Photo: Macedonian, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian heads of state in Kyiv for Independence Day celebrations (AP/Yahoo) 08/23/2001
  • Photo: Vladimir Putin is welcomed with bread-and-salt upon his arrival in Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 08/23/2001
  • Eight make it nine in the finals: Rowing (Guardian/FT) 08/23/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT) 08/23/2001
  • Photo: Kyiv prepares to celebrate 10 years of Independence - 'Glory of Ukraine' (BRAMA) 08/23/2001
  • Photo: Kyiv prepares to celebrate 10 years of Independence - children (BRAMA) 08/23/2001
  • Photo: Kyiv prepares to celebrate 10 years of Independence - flags (BRAMA) 08/23/2001
  • Photo: Kyiv prepares to celebrate 10 years of Independence - Khreshchatyk banner (BRAMA) 08/23/2001

  • Pope greets Ukraine on independence anniversary (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/22/2001
  • Photo: Sidewalk memorial in Sacramento (AP/Yahoo) 08/22/2001
  • Photo: Memorial to slayings in Sacramento (AP/Yahoo) 08/22/2001
  • Missing child found dead in Sacramento killings (CNN) 08/22/2001
  • Ukrainian security chiefs report on achievements before Independence Day (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/22/2001
  • Ukrainian TV says missing banker in tax police custody (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/22/2001
  • Rowing: Women's four lead British charge on finals Britain (Independent /FT) 08/22/2001
  • Russian, Macedonian presidents to meet in Kiev - Kremlin (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/22/2001
  • Ukrainian fuel company head denies problems with Turkmen gas supplies (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/22/2001
  • China interested in buying Ukrainian aircraft (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/22/2001
  • Socialist leader urges unity at opposition event to mark Ukraine's independence (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/22/2001
  • Ukrainian economics ministry renamed (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/22/2001
  • Ukrainian president says he will not run for third term (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/22/2001
  • Missing Ukrainian banker's life in danger, lawyer says (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/22/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian security officials hold talks in Kiev (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/22/2001
  • Ukrainian oil, gas company chief denies liquidation rumours (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Mine blast claims another victim (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/22/2001
  • Macedonian president to visit Ukraine 23 August (BBC/FT-Skopje) 08/22/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament to strengthen democracy - address to world parliaments (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/22/2001
  • 5th Annual Bloor West Village Ukrainian Festival: Sept21-22 (BRAMA) 08/22/2001
  • Killing Spree Suspect Seen Driving New Car (KPIX) 08/22/2001
  • Crime suspects get visas through embassy fraud - Papers reveal bribery at Canadian Kyiv mission (National Post) 08/22/2001
  • This year yield of barley increased by 47% (AgriUkraine) 08/22/2001
  • 'Khlib Ukrayiny' starts pledge purchases of grain (AgriUkraine) 08/22/2001
  • 530 Ukrainian Verbs at the Click of a Mouse - New Book (BRAMA) 08/22/2001
  • Photos: Monumental changes - the original vs. the final version of 'Glory to Ukraine' (BRAMA) 08/22/2001
  • Photos: Sculptor Anatoly Kushch - designer of 'Glory to Ukraine' monument (BRAMA) 08/22/2001
  • Photos: 'Glory to Ukraine' - Kyiv monument update (BRAMA) 08/22/2001
  • UCCA Sends Greetings on the 10th Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence (BRAMA) 08/22/2001
  • Сумний Ювілей Української Діаспори в Росії (BRAMA) 08/22/2001
  • New Filing Deadline For Claims Under Swiss Banks Settlement (BRAMA) 08/22/2001
  • Call for artists: Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) (BRAMA) 08/22/2001
  • State Reserve works in foreign market (AgriUkraine) 08/22/2001
  • Russia's Putin pays tribute to Ukrainian president's father (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/22/2001
  • Ukrainian parliament to strengthen democracy - address to world parliaments (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/22/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition holds independence day congress, approves manifesto (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Controversial banker kidnapped after release from remand (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/22/2001
  • Ukraine reduces foreign debts (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/22/2001
  • Ukrainian winter wheat harvest drawing to a close (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Court rules in favour of controversial banker (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/22/2001
  • Ukraine: Fire in mine contained (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/22/2001
  • Ukrainian communists picket parliament, demand USSR back (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/22/2001
  • Ukraine commissions first nuclear waste storage facility (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/22/2001
  • Russia's Gazprom seen as loser in Russia-Ukraine debt deal (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/22/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian premiers agree to sign gas debt deal in early September (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/22/2001
  • Alex Kleimenov visits Foros, Ukraine, seeking local reaction to the coup ten years ago [AUDIO] (The World) 08/22/2001

  • Зібралося українство з усього світу (Сільські вісті) 08/21/2001
  • Old Russia's city of enlightenment cast into darkness by a cultural revolution (Scotsman/FT) 08/21/2001
  • Man kills five in California rampage (Scotsman/FT) 08/21/2001
  • Photo: Soltys sits in the backseat of a police car after being apprehended (AP/Yahoo) 08/21/2001
  • Ukrainians, Spanning the Globe: The Third World Forum of Ukrainians convenes in Kyiv and what a sight/site it is! (BRAMA) 08/21/2001
  • Leading Ukrainian Diplomats, Other Top Government Officials to Address Washington Conference (BRAMA) 08/21/2001
  • Photo/s: Detroit's Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus performs for Americans in Kyiv (BRAMA) 08/21/2001
  • Photo: Kyiv monument update (BRAMA) 08/21/2001
  • Children of Chornobyl and the 'Bat' - an Independence celebration. Святкування 10-ої річниці Незалежності України в ікаго (Poster) (BRAMA) 08/21/2001
  • Photo/s: Detroit's Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus in Kyiv (BRAMA) 08/21/2001
  • Photo: A man holds a portrait of a killed 20-year-old miner as people grieve over his body (AP/Yahoo) 08/21/2001
  • Photo: People grieve over the body of a miner who was killed in an explosion (AP/Yahoo) 08/21/2001
  • Photo: Antonina Kobzar, 66, lights a candle to commemorate victims of Sunday's explosion (AP/Yahoo) 08/21/2001
  • Miners Buried in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 08/21/2001
  • Officials: Sacramento Toddler Dead (AP/Yahoo) 08/21/2001
  • Spotlight on Sacramento Ukrainians (AP/Yahoo) 08/21/2001
  • Ukrainian arms trader concerned about quality of weapons (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/21/2001
  • Ukraine commissions first nuclear waste storage facility (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Search for 10 missing miners stopped, death toll in mine blast at 47 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/21/2001
  • Ukrainian border guard official notes increase in illegal migration (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/21/2001
  • Poland, France and Germany for Ukraine in Europe (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 08/21/2001
  • France, Germany, Poland urge Ukraine to stick to reform (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Arms exporter, tank plant in dispute over sales rights (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/21/2001
  • Ukrainian premier reports favourable debt-restructuring terms from Moscow (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/21/2001
  • Ukrainian president calls for international consortium for oil pipeline (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/21/2001
  • Tightknit Slavic Community Faces Hardships (LA Times) 08/21/2001
  • Ukraine's defence industry cannot develop without Russia - manager (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/21/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition issues manifesto on 10th anniversary of independence (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/21/2001
  • Ukrainian president signs amendments to criminal code (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Crimean premier critical of deputy in dispute with journalists (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/21/2001
  • Tuberculosis epidemic declared in eastern Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/21/2001
  • Ukrainian speaker reassures visiting US senator of continuing reform (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/21/2001
  • Ukrainian president welcomes foreign observers to parliamentary polls (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/21/2001
  • President urges diplomats to improve Ukraine's image before elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Miner killed in another mining accident (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Arms exporter, tank plant in dispute over sales rights (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/21/2001
  • Death toll in Ukraine mine blast rises to 37 (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 08/21/2001
  • Polish president sends condolences to Ukraine (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 08/21/2001
  • Tuberculosis reaches epidemic proportions in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/21/2001
  • Ukraine: Fire continues to rage after mine explosion (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/21/2001
  • INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY: Pipeline to ease Europe's reliance on N Sea (Financial Times) 08/21/2001
  • EUROPE & LATIN AMERICA: Ukraine turns to west for mine safety funding: Ten miners still missing after Sunday's disaster (Financial Times) 08/21/2001
  • EUROPE & LATIN AMERICA: Power grids reconnected as Kiev, Moscow improve ties (Financial Times) 08/21/2001
  • SHORTS: Russia and Ukraine reconnect (Financial Times) 08/21/2001
  • SHORTS: Japan warns Russia over Kurile islands fishing dispute (Financial Times) 08/21/2001
  • Manhunt Launched for Murder Suspect (AP/Yahoo) 08/21/2001

  • Photo: Nikolay Soltys, suspect in California slayings (AP/Yahoo) 08/20/2001
  • Photo: Leonid Kuchma, Ivan Plyusch, Oleh Dubina during memorial service (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/20/2001
  • World News: Gas explosion kills 36 miners in Ukraine (Irish Times/FT) 08/20/2001
  • Photo: Rescue workers take a short rest during search operations in the Zasiadko coal mine (AP/Yahoo) 08/20/2001
  • Life Without Underpants - the Kazantip music festival in Crimea [AUDIO] (The World) 08/20/2001
  • Life Without Underpants - a music festival in Crimea [text] (The World) 08/20/2001
  • Ukrainian sentenced to death in Thailand for heroin smuggling (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • Athletics: Backley spikes the gloom (Guardian/FT) 08/20/2001
  • Russian leader sees 'enormous prospects' in power sector link-up with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Russian economic court fines energy company run by Ukrainian opposition leader (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/20/2001
  • 36 die in Ukraine mine explosion (Guardian/FT) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia agree on size, responsiblity of gas debt - TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine plans considerable increase in arms exports (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Jailed former Ukrainian premier denies involvement in political murders (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/20/2001
  • Ukrainian arms export chief denies drop in sales (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/20/2001
  • Ukrainian premier reports favourable debt-restructuring terms from Moscow (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia link up power grids (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Journalists prohibited from site of TV station fire (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Fire at TV company caused by short circuit - Interior Ministry (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/20/2001
  • Ukrainian speaker calls mine tragedy 'a pity' (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • Ukrainian president calls for increased safety in wake of mine blast (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • Ukrainian president says mine safety needs separate budget allocation (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine declares day of mourning for dead miners (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Yield of grain crops will be higher than 38 million metric tons (AgriUkraine) 08/20/2001
  • Natural restrictions of export (AgriUkraine) 08/20/2001
  • Gas payment agreement essential for Russian-Ukrainian relations - analyst (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Mine still ablaze after blast, president visits miners in hospital (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian premiers discuss gas debts, electricity supplies (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Provincial TV seeks protection against local authorities (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • Ukrainian president arrives at Donetsk mine blast site (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine to sign agreement on gas debts (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Fire at Ukrainian TV station (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Death toll in Ukraine mine blast rises to 33 (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Fourteen still missing after mine blast (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine: Four killed in railway accident in Dnipropetrovsk Region (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/20/2001
  • Death toll of Ukraine mine reaches 22, more expected (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Seven killed, over 90 missing in Ukraine mine blast (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine publishes second-quarter oil import data (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Former premier calls on Ukrainian elite to work for good of country (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/20/2001
  • President greets World Congress of Ukrainians in Kiev (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • US ambassador urges Ukraine to fight corruption, investigate reporters' murders (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • Ukrainian envoy: Hungarian status law no domestic problem for us (BBC/FT-Budapest) 08/20/2001
  • Crowd barracks Ukrainian president over murder scandal (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • (Corrected) Ukrainian president says he is not involved in journalist murder (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition holds anti-presidential protest during international forum (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia to approve railway cooperation programme (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Next meeting of Russian, Ukrainian premiers set for October (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Russian president expresses condolences to Ukrainian president over blast (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • Ukrainian president calls for international consortium for oil pipeline (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • Criminal case opened over Ukraine mine blast (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/20/2001
  • Russian and Ukraine PMs meet to discuss energy issues (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/20/2001
  • EUROPE: Miners die in Ukraine blast NEWS DIGEST (Financial Times) 08/20/2001
  • EUROPE: Anniversary heckling greets Ukraine's president (Financial Times) 08/20/2001
  • SHORTS: Ukraine miners killed in blast (Financial Times) 08/20/2001
  • Ukraine climbs. (Philadelphia Inquirer) 08/20/2001
  • A Lobby, an Elevator Line, a Universe (NY Times) 08/20/2001
  • Photo: nurse gives water to a burned miner at a hospital in Ukraine's eastern town of Donetsk (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/20/2001
  • Photo: worker digs a grave for one of the coal miners killed by the gas blast at the Zasyadko coal mine (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/20/2001
  • Photo: rescue worker looks out of a bus window as he leaves the Zasyadko coal mine (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/20/2001
  • Photo: shift of rescue workers leave their bus after arriving at the Zasyadko coal mine (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/20/2001
  • Photo: rescue worker smokes at the Zasyadko coal mine (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/20/2001
  • Photo: Nina Shirokova grieves for her son Oleksiy, 20, killed as a result of Sunday's methane gas and coal dust explosion (AP/Yahoo) 08/20/2001
  • Search for Survivors Off in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 08/20/2001
  • Fire Rages in Ukraine Coal Mine, 36 Dead (AP/Yahoo) 08/20/2001
  • No Attention to Russia Coup Marking (AP/Yahoo) 08/20/2001

  • Stacey Honstedt and Peter Polanskyj (NY Times) 08/19/2001
  • At least seven people killed, 92 missing after explosion at Ukrainian mine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/19/2001
  • Claire Messud's 'The Hunters': When to Let Go (NY Times) 08/19/2001
  • Racer Pintusevich-Block Beaten Again (AP/Excite) 08/19/2001
  • Photo: A worker helps Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma (L) weld the last joint on the first stretch of the Odesa-Brody oil pipeline (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/19/2001
  • Photo: ambulance driver looks on as an injured worker of the Zasiadko coal mine (U) 08/19/2001
  • Photo: Employees of the regional hospital carry out a stretcher with a worker of the Zasiadko coal mine (AP/Yahoo) 08/19/2001
  • Photo: A nurse helps an injured miner out of an ambulance (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/19/2001
  • Photo: Ukrainian rescue workers prepare to enter the pit at Zasyadko mine in Donetsk (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/19/2001
  • Mine Explosion Kills 36 in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 08/19/2001
  • Eastern European Singers Go West (NY Times/Yahoo) 08/19/2001

  • Editorial: Fish not Russia's to give away (Yomiuri Shimbun/FT) 08/17/2001
  • Ukraine denies report of drop in arms sales (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/17/2001
  • Photo: Marion Jones of the United States sprints down the track next to World Champion Zhanna Pintusevich (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/17/2001
  • 2 More Ukraine Anthrax Cases Cited (AP/Yahoo) 08/17/2001
  • Ukrainian premier division fixtures for Aug 18-26 (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/17/2001
  • Marion Jones Looking for Golden Revenge (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/17/2001
  • Drop of prices of food wheat by 27% in August (AgriUkraine) 08/17/2001
  • New forecast for the yield - 38 million tons (AgriUkraine) 08/17/2001
  • 2 More Ukraine Anthrax Cases Cited (AP/Yahoo) 08/17/2001
  • US military ship arrives in Ukrainian port (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/17/2001
  • Ukraine: Provincial TV asks president for protection against local authorities (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/17/2001
  • Ukraine, Romania argue over oil, gas deposits in Black Sea (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/17/2001
  • Three people hospitalized with anthrax in Ukrainian southeast (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/17/2001
  • New party coalition created in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/17/2001
  • Ukraine needs more nuclear fuel for winter period (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/17/2001
  • Ukraine rejects US steel-quotas proposals (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/17/2001
  • Cholera case registered in southeast Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/17/2001
  • Outbreak of leptospirosis in Ukraine leaves one man dead (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/17/2001
  • Ukrainian budget revenues 3.1 per cent below target (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/17/2001
  • Repairs completed at western Ukraine nuclear plant (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/17/2001
  • Russia sees no need to demarcate border with Ukraine on the ground, only on maps (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/17/2001
  • US warship to visit Ukrainian port on 17-19 August (BBC/FT-Lviv) 08/17/2001
  • Ukrainian unemployment edges down (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/17/2001
  • INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY: Russia cuts gas flow to Ukraine NEWS DIGEST (Financial Times/Reuters) 08/17/2001

  • Ukraine reports fall in inward investment (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/16/2001
  • Ukraine's trade surplus grows (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Charges brought against troubled bank's official (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/16/2001
  • Cholera case registered in southeastern Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/16/2001
  • Ukrainian doctors dismiss organ stealing accusations (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/16/2001
  • Inquiry into Ukrainian journalist murder carried out professionally - prosecutor (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/16/2001
  • Russian ambassador urges calm on language issue in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/16/2001
  • Kazakh company limits Turkmen gas transit to Ukraine over debt (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/16/2001
  • Russian ambassador to Ukraine says debt issue affects bilateral relations (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/16/2001
  • Cabinet of Ministers adopted program of production of medicines for veterinary (AgriUkraine) 08/16/2001
  • Agricultural production has grown by 25% from the beginning of the year (AgriUkraine) 08/16/2001
  • У Німеччині судять українського депутата (BBC) 08/16/2001
  • Версія вбивства журналіста від українського Ґенпрокурора (BBC) 08/16/2001
  • CБУ спрямовує справу учасників протестів до Ґенпрокуратури (BBC) 08/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecutor-general confident journalist murder will be solved (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/16/2001
  • Russian president to meet Ukrainian, Polish presidents (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/16/2001
  • Spanish owner of Moldovan electricity network to buy power from Dnestr region (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 08/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Court rejects appeal by jailed head of controversial bank (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/16/2001
  • Ukraine: Leftist rally demands release of retiree sentenced for coup conspiracy (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/16/2001
  • Kazakh company limits Turkmen gas transit to Ukraine due to debt (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/16/2001
  • Ukrainian paper examines president's interest in parliamentary elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/16/2001
  • Україна виграла товариський футбольний матч у Латвії 0-1, як завжди, без допомоги зірок. (BBC) 08/16/2001
  • Аспірин та плавікс кращі друзі серця (BBC) 08/16/2001
  • Форум нацпорятунку бажає пікетувати форум українців (BBC) 08/16/2001
  • Football results (Guardian/FT) 08/16/2001

  • Eyewitness: Media dash across Ukraine (BBC) 08/15/2001
  • Netherlands Beats England 2-0 (AP/Yahoo) 08/15/2001
  • World News: 5 people suspected of stealing kidneys (Irish Times/FT) 08/15/2001
  • Ukrainian president vetoes law on legislative activity (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/15/2001
  • Turkey rejects Chinese simulation of ex-Soviet carrier's passage through Straits (BBC/FT-Ankara) 08/15/2001
  • Ukraine: State Property Fund chief speaks on privatization problems (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/15/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia fail to sign energy linkup agreement - television (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Parliamentary committee chief alleges widespread corruption (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/15/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia to design new version of military transport aircraft (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/15/2001
  • (Corrected) Ukrainian security chief offers protection to journalists (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/15/2001
  • Cabinet of Ministers wants to keep price of grain at 630-650 UAH/MT till September (AgriUkraine) 08/15/2001
  • Quarantine measures go on in Yahotyn district (AgriUkraine) 08/15/2001
  • Ukrainian security chief offers protection to journalists (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Lawyer denies former premier's complicity in murders (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/15/2001
  • Ukraine: State Property Fund chief speaks on privatization problems (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/15/2001
  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry says Ukraine 'may' resume arms supply to Macedonia (BBC/FT-Skopje) 08/15/2001
  • Ukraine: Investigation of regional journalist's murder frustrated (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/15/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine agree to market An-70 transport aircraft together (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/15/2001
  • US court hearing on Ukrainian fugitive former premier postponed (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/15/2001
  • Anthrax-infected carcass discovered in western Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/15/2001
  • Man diagnosed with anthrax in Ukrainian southeast (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/15/2001
  • Results (Guardian/FT ) 08/15/2001
  • Edmonton noEdmonton no ?Deadmonton? (Yomiuri Shimbun/FT) 08/15/2001

  • Covered statue at Glen Spey camp a slap in face, Ukrainians say (TH Record) 08/14/2001
  • Against Obsessions and the Burden of the Past (NY Times) 08/14/2001
  • Spectrum Ventures Ltd. Acquires Interest in Ukraine Shipping Facility and Cement Terminal (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 08/14/2001
  • Ukraine Lawmaker Seeks U.S. Aid in Probing Attack (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/14/2001
  • Майор Мельниченко: Леонід Кучма знав про вбивство Гонгадзе через п'ять днів після його зникнення (BBC) 08/14/2001
  • Президент наклав вето на закон про вибори (BBC) 08/14/2001
  • Доблесна служба українських миротворців у Косово (BBC) 08/14/2001
  • Угорці готові купити стратегічні об'єкти Польщі (BBC) 08/14/2001
  • Putin Opens Russia Air Show, Industry Under Cloud (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/14/2001
  • Ukraine Lawmaker Seeks U.S. Aid in Probing Attack (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/14/2001
  • Marion Jones Says She's 'Not Superwoman' (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/14/2001
  • Gorbachev Discusses 1991 Coup (AP/Yahoo) 08/14/2001
  • Doctors investigated for stealing human kidneys in west Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/14/2001
  • Ukraine to export 5-7m t of grain - deputy minister (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/14/2001
  • Ukraine simplifies visa regulations for ethnic Ukrainians living abroad (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Conflict flares up between provincial town mayor, TV company (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/14/2001
  • Ukrainian premier content with gas-debt talks with Russia, Turkmenistan (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/14/2001
  • Russia, Ukraine hope to clinch sales for Antonov military transport (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/14/2001
  • Ukrainian president vetoes draft law on parliamentary elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/14/2001
  • 1.3 million tons of grain-2001 were purchased at exchanges for export (AgriUkraine) 08/14/2001
  • Russia started to charge import duty on starch (AgriUkraine) 08/14/2001
  • Ukraine: Ministry denies reports whistle blower helping US secret services (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/14/2001
  • Ukrainian military says malaria outbreak among peacekeepers under control (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/14/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister interviewed on relations with Europe, USA (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/14/2001
  • Ukraine hails Macedonian agreement, pledges further support (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/14/2001
  • Mongolia: Report on issues discussed at cabinet's meeting (BBC/FT-Ulaanbaatar) 08/14/2001
  • Final medals table (Guardian/FT) 08/14/2001
  • Guerrouj continues 1,500 domination (Yomiuri Shimbun/FT) 08/14/2001

  • World Track Not Without Thrills (AP/Yahoo) 08/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Former central bank official rejects embezzlement charges (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/13/2001
  • Ukrainian premier content with gas-debt talks with Russia, Turkmenistan (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecutor-general reports improved performance (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/13/2001
  • Ukraine: Prosecutor reports progress in scandalous criminal cases (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/13/2001
  • Ukraine's top prosecutor hints MP to be charged for murder (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/13/2001
  • Ukrainian, Tatarstan presidents discuss oil company dispute (BBC/FT-Kazan) 08/13/2001
  • Ukraine: President critical of investigation into journalist's murder (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/13/2001
  • Old glory? Hardly (Chicagotribune) 08/13/2001
  • Golden oldies strike it rich (Chicagotribune) 08/13/2001
  • Підсумок Едмонтона: Україна посіла 16-те місце (BBC) 08/13/2001
  • Росія знову наголошує свою незгоду з планами Америки будувати протиракетний щит (BBC) 08/13/2001
  • Сумний підсумок вихідних у Донбасі: четверо шахтарів загинуло (BBC) 08/13/2001
  • Photo:Прокуратура пропонує Лесі Гонгадзе забрати ' таращанське тіло' (BBC) 08/13/2001
  • Mayor of Czech capital to discuss cooperation with Ukrainian counterpart (BBC/FT-Prague) 08/13/2001
  • Athletics: World Championships - Simon stamina finally earns marathon glory (Independent/FT) 08/13/2001
  • MEN (Guardian/FT ) 08/13/2001

  • San Francisco Ballet : 25 humming milkmen and a jump jet (Independent) 08/12/2001
  • Ukrainian, Macedonian presidents discuss peaceful regulation by phone (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/12/2001

  • Summary of Ukrainian UT-1 'Our army' military programme 0700 gmt 12 August (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/11/2001
  • Opposition leader slams Ukrainian president for 'betrayal' of national interests (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/11/2001
  • Ukraine: Depositors of bankrupt bank start getting compensation (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/11/2001
  • Ukrainian American organization sends Independence Day greetings (BRAMA) 08/11/2001
  • A monument grows in Kyiv - [Photos] (BRAMA) 08/11/2001
  • International Conference to Assess Ukraine’s Global Strategic Role (Updated) (BRAMA) 08/11/2001

  • Brüder zur Wonne (Die Zeit) 08/10/2001
  • From Worse to Bad, and Beyond (Wash Post) 08/10/2001
  • Photo/s: 10 Years of Independence marked at the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations (BRAMA) 08/10/2001
  • Ukraine nearly doubles grain threshing rate over 2000 (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/10/2001
  • Sport (Sports/Digest): De la Hoya shuns Vargas (Irish Times/FT) 08/10/2001
  • Ukraine: Depositors of bankrupt bank start getting compensation (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/10/2001
  • Ukraine: President vetoes TV licencing law (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/10/2001
  • Russian customs gives details of half-year trade with CIS (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/10/2001
  • Criminal charges brought against former deputy head of National Bank of Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/10/2001
  • Ukraine: New head of coal industry department appointed (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/10/2001
  • Ukrainian police detain 54 skinheads in Crimea (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/10/2001
  • Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. Announces Results for Second Quarter 2001 (PRNewswire/Yahoo) 08/10/2001
  • Ukrainian premier division fixtures for Aug 12-18 (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/10/2001
  • Prisoner to the Silence of Her Village (LA Times) 08/10/2001
  • State Reserve and 'Khlib Ukrayiny' will buy 1.5 million tons of grain (AgriUkraine) 08/10/2001
  • L.Kozachenko: new Presidential Decree on measures of development of food market will give a new driving force to the development of agroindustrial complex (APK) (AgriUkraine) 08/10/2001
  • Ukraine will harvest 20 million tons of wheat this year (AgriUkraine) 08/10/2001
  • Prisoner to the Silence of Her Village: the girl locked in the cowshed (LA Times) 08/10/2001
  • Athlete Tests Positive for EPO (AP/Yahoo) 08/10/2001
  • TV company faces closure over 'biased coverage' in eastern Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/10/2001
  • Ukrainian exile who taped leader is aiding US probe (WSJ/FT) 08/10/2001
  • Former deputy premier of Ukraine denies latest accusations (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/10/2001
  • WORLD NEWS - EUROPE: Ukrainian harvest soars as state gets out of the way (Financial Times) 08/10/2001
  • Edmonton results (Guardian/FT) 08/10/2001
  • SIX OF THE BEST: HOLLYWOOD SOUNDTRACKS: From swashbuckling men in tights to menacing thrillers, Elmer Bernstein ETH the man who gave the Magnificent Seven their unforgettable theme ETH takes Tim Ashley on a tour of landmark Hollywood scores (Guardian/FT) 08/10/2001
  • Photo: Australia's Dmitriy Markov receives his gold medal from pole vault legend Sergey Bubka (AP/Yahoo) 08/10/2001

  • Russians Probing Ukrainian Official (Wash Post) 08/09/2001
  • Turkmen reject Ukraine's gas debt rescheduling proposal (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/09/2001
  • Turkmen reject Ukraine's gas debt rescheduling proposal (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine: State fails to pay major tank producer for contracts (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Ukrainian harvest reaches 32.6m tonnes (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/09/2001
  • Ukrainian paper analyses setbacks in energy sector privatization (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • For One Team, Series Is An American Dream (TheCarolinaChanel/Yahoo) 08/09/2001
  • New Woes for Ukraine Opposition (LA Times) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine U.S. Embassy Protester Held (AP/Yahoo) 08/09/2001
  • Ukrainian security service knows who ordered colonel's murder - official (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Former Ukrainian deputy PM not to meet investigators until 20 August - lawyer (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Ukrainian family threatens to explode grenade outside US embassy (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Photo: Russian Prosecutor Accuses Reform Politician Of Wrongdoing (RFE/RL) 08/09/2001
  • Photo: FC Jokerit and FC CSKA Kiev battle for the ball (AP/Yahoo) 08/09/2001
  • Photo: Mykola Volossianko of Ukraine's FC CSKA Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine U.S. Embassy Protester Held (AP/Yahoo) 08/09/2001
  • U.S. Senate Resolution Commemorating Ukraine's 10th Anniversary - ACTION ITEM (BRAMA) 08/09/2001
  • International Conference to Assess Ukraine’s Global Strategic Role (BRAMA) 08/09/2001
  • Marion Jones Speeds Into 200 Semis (AP/Yahoo) 08/09/2001
  • By the end of August debts on salaries in agricultural sector will be reimbursed (AgriUkraine) 08/09/2001
  • Ukrainian property fund sues Russian oil company for breach of contract (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Investigation into death of centre-right party leader closed (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Ukrainian police detain Russian gang of hired killers Crimea (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Centre-right MP criticizes former premier for not opposing Ukrainian regime (BBC/FT-Lviv) 08/09/2001
  • Azeri pensions are highest in CIS, Labour Ministry says (BBC/FT-Baku) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Court orders release of embattled former deputy PM's husband (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Outbreak of typhoid fever reported in southern Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/09/2001
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister comments on his recent visit to Macedonia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine condemns killing of Macedonian soldiers by 'extremists' (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/09/2001
  • EUROPE & INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY: Russians ponder criminal charges for Timoshenko (Financial Times) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine to export more grain (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/09/2001
  • Ukrainian plant boss hails Pakistan tanks (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/09/2001
  • Ukrainian industrial output soars (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/09/2001
  • Detained newspaper editor accuses Ukrainian police of brutality (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine has no problems with Russia over Black Sea Fleet - minister (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine to protect rich wheat harvest from uncontrolled export (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Turkish defence minister arrives in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Ukrainian economics minister says US trade sanctions can still be avoided (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Russia defends granting fishing permits to North Korea, Ukraine (BBC/FT-Tokyo) 08/09/2001
  • Afghan refugee teenager dies of exhaustion after crossing Hungarian border (BBC/FT-Budapest) 08/09/2001
  • Fifty-two illegal migrants from Afghanistan detained in western Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine to join UN military observers in Georgia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition leader denies new charges against her (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/09/2001
  • Ukrainian tax chief interviewed on forthcoming parliamentary elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition leader says arrest possible (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine: Central bank cuts discount rate to 17 per cent (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/09/2001
  • Ukraine to train Georgian air defence units (BBC/FT-Tbilisi) 08/09/2001
  • Russia urges Ukraine to prosecute its former PM (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/09/2001
  • Russia investigates Ukraine's former deputy PM over bribery charges (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/09/2001
  • Birthdays (Independent /FT) 08/09/2001
  • Letter: Nato's Balkan role (Independent /FT) 08/09/2001

  • Empty seats as Edmonton goes shopping: World Athletics Championships (Guardian/FT) 08/08/2001
  • Jones in dash to hit back (Scotsman/FT) 08/08/2001
  • Ukraine to Discuss Bootleg Discs (AP/Yahoo) 08/08/2001
  • Obligatory domestic sale of grain through exchanges is cancelled (AgriUkraine) 08/08/2001
  • Quarantine in Chervone village will be lifted up on August 15 (AgriUkraine) 08/08/2001
  • Political debate over defence concept not appropriate, defence minister says (BBC/FT-Ankara) 08/08/2001
  • Moldovan, Dnestr region leaders differ in their assessment of talks (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/08/2001
  • Ukraine: President approves composition of security council (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/08/2001
  • Ukraine: Opposition leader ready to appeal against charges in court (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/08/2001
  • Ukraine: President appoints head of committee for state reserves (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/08/2001
  • (Corrected) Russia urges Ukraine to prosecute its former minister (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/08/2001
  • Ukrainian opposition decries Russian criminal case against leader (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/08/2001
  • USA imposes trade sanctions on Ukraine over copyright violations (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/08/2001
  • Russia starts proceedings against Ukraine ex-minister (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/08/2001
  • Pintusevich wins 100 (Yomiuri Shimbun/FT) 08/08/2001
  • WORLD NEWS - EUROPE: US warns Ukraine of sanctions (Financial Times) 08/08/2001

  • VIDEO: Zhanna Pintusevich interview (Eurosport) 08/07/2001
  • Marion Jones beaten in the 100m final (Independent) 08/07/2001
  • Majestic Edwards leaps to Britain's first gold (Guardian/FT) 08/07/2001
  • Athletics: Pintusevic the new kid on the block: Shock as Jones beaten twice in one night after 55-win streak (Guardian/FT) 08/07/2001
  • World Athletics Championships: Edwards soars away for gold: Greatest ever triple jumper seals second world title in majestic style (Guardian/FT) 08/07/2001
  • Pintusevich-Block the new world champion (Scotsman/FT) 08/07/2001
  • Ukrainian grain harvest exceeds 31m tonnes (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/07/2001
  • Ukrainian population declining (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/07/2001
  • Ukrainian TV links security colonel's murder to criminal gang case (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/07/2001
  • Ukraine urges West to prevent arms supply to guerrillas in Macedonia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/07/2001
  • Turkmen, Ukrainian leaders discuss debt payment over phone (BBC/FT-Ashgabat) 08/07/2001
  • Ukraine: 46 peacekeepers develop malaria after mission in Sierra Leone (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/07/2001
  • Ukraine's population decreases to 49.08 million in first six months of 2001 (AP/Kyiv Post) 08/07/2001
  • Security official dealing with corruption cases killed in southern Ukraine (AP/Kyiv Post) 08/07/2001
  • Pintusevich-Block to Show Win Over Jones Was No Fluke (Reuters/Excite) 08/07/2001
  • A Once Invincible Jones Gives Up Her Crown (NY Times) 08/07/2001
  • Photo: Borussia Dortmund fights for the ball with Mykhailo Starostiak of Ukraine's Shakhtar (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • Photo: Borussia Dortmund fights for the ball with Okoronkwo Isaac of Ukraine's Shakhta (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • US Moves on Ukraine Trade Benefits Over CD Piracy (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • Bush to Cut Ukraine Trade Privileges (AP/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • U.S. Says Ukraine Pirates U.S. CD (AP/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • IMF demands liberalization of grain market in Ukraine (AgriUkraine) 08/07/2001
  • Anthrax outbreak will cost Ukraine 400,000-500,000 UAH (AgriUkraine) 08/07/2001
  • IMF has objections again (AgriUkraine) 08/07/2001
  • Reuters Canada Sports Summary (Excite) 08/07/2001
  • Kumble takes wickets (Hindustan Times/FT) 08/07/2001
  • SHORTS: Marion Jones beaten in 100m (Financial Times) 08/07/2001
  • Greene wins 100 gold (Yomiuri Shimbun/FT) 08/07/2001
  • Anti-corruption chief murdered in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/07/2001
  • Ukraine: President vetoes law on status of local deputies (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/07/2001
  • Athletics: World Championships: Jones sees her reign brought to an end WORLD ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIPS American sprinter suffers shock defeat in final of women's 100 metres (Independent/FT) 08/07/2001
  • IMF representative in Ukraine replaced (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/07/2001
  • Ukraine: Newspaper alleges cover-up in slain journalist case (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/07/2001
  • Jones Upset by Ukrainian in 100 Meters (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • Photo: Nazi survivor Polina Shevtsova, 77, shows a booklet with photos of the factory in Germany where she worked (AP/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • Photo: Zhanna Pintusevich-Block lies on the track after winning the gold medal (AP/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • Photo: Zhanna Pintusevich-Block of Ukraine reacts after finishing in first place (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • Photo: Wayne Gretzky congratulates Zhanna Pintusevich-Block (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • Photo: Zhanna Pintusevich-Block(L) of Ukraine crosses the finish line (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • Photo: Zhanna Pintusevich-Block and Marion Jones congratulate each other (AP/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • Photo: Woman's 100 meter medalists (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • Photo: Zhanna Pintusevich-Block after winning (AP/Yahoo) 08/07/2001
  • Photo: Zhanna Pintusevich-Block, left Marion Jones, of the United States (AP/Yahoo) 08/07/2001

  • Hammer glory for Szymon (BBC Sport) 08/06/2001
  • Jones tastes shock defeat (BBC Sport) 08/06/2001
  • With last hurdle removed, peace plan for Macedonia seems imminent (Excite) 08/06/2001
  • With last hurdle removed, peace plan for Macedonia seems imminent (Excite) 08/06/2001
  • Photo:Winners from the Womens 100 Meter Final Show their Medals (Excite) 08/06/2001
  • Photo:Ukraine's Zhanna Pintusevich-Block, Left, Beats Marion... (Excite) 08/06/2001
  • Ukraine Slave Laborers Get Pay (Excite) 08/06/2001
  • Ukrainian TV notes Western pressure in stopping arms sales to Macedonia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/06/2001
  • Sri Lanka: Body Blow More than crippling the Colombo airport and the air force, the Tamil separatists' suicide mission has grounded Kumaratunga's peace initiative (India Today/FT) 08/06/2001
  • Ukrainian president urges peaceful settlement in Macedonia (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/06/2001
  • Agrarians have harvested 28 million tons of grain (AgriUkraine) 08/06/2001
  • На “Луганськтепловозі” будуть виготовляти “Дони” (AgriUkraine) 08/06/2001
  • Census survey ranks New Jersey (Bergen Record) 08/06/2001
  • Ukraine Slave Laborers Get Pay (AP/Yahoo) 08/06/2001
  • Cash, Flowers for Ukrainian Nazi-Era Slave Workers (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/06/2001
  • British troops set to disarm rebels in Macedonia (Guardian/FT) 08/06/2001
  • Western concern over arming troops puts Ukraine under pressure (Independent/FT) 08/06/2001
  • Ukraine restarts two nuclear reactors after maintenance (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Greens picket US embassy, want nuclear disarmament (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/06/2001
  • Ten presidents to climb highest Slovak peak (BBC/FT-Prague) 08/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Privatization body not to sell telecom monopoly in 2001 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/06/2001
  • Ukraine: Greens picket US embassy, want nuclear disarmament (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/06/2001
  • Ukraine halts heavy arms supplies to Macedonia - foreign ministry (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/06/2001
  • Ukraine restarts two nuclear reactors after maintenance (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/06/2001
  • Western concern over arming troops puts Ukraine under pressure (Independent/FT) 08/06/2001
  • EUROPE: Macedonia talks breakthrough (Financial Times) 08/06/2001
  • EUROPE: Solana steps up pressure on Skopje (Financial Times) 08/06/2001

  • Klitschko wastes little time (BBC Sport) 08/05/2001
  • Ukrainian foreign minister, EU official arrive in Macedonia (FT) 08/05/2001
  • Tatar-Orthodox confrontation turns Crimea into (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/05/2001
  • Ukraine: Kiev authorities step up meat-trade control to prevent anthrax (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/05/2001
  • Football: Spurs hang on in friendly of nastiest kind Millwall 1 Nethercott 63 Tottenham Hotspur 2 Rebrov 17, Ferdinand 47 Half-time: 0-1 Attendance: 16,250 (Independent/FT) 08/05/2001
  • Ukrainian TV sums up premier's visit to Hungary (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/05/2001
  • Macedonia: Airport reportedly receives anonymous threat before Solana's visit (BBC/FT-Belgrade) 08/05/2001
  • Ukrainian aircraft makes emergency landing in Congo (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/05/2001
  • Tanks, APCs arrive in Macedonia from Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/05/2001
  • Macedonia, Ukraine pledge continuing cooperation (BBC/FT-Skopje) 08/05/2001
  • Ukraine 'seriously considering' halting military cooperation with Macedonia (BBC/FT-Skopje) 08/05/2001
  • Old rivals kindle space partnership (Boston Globe) 08/05/2001
  • Drilling Summer Students in the A B C's of the A.B.T. (NY Times) 08/05/2001
  • Macedonia Rival Factions Reach Deal (AP/Yahoo) 08/05/2001
  • Photo: Jones Easily Wins First-Round Heat (AP/Yahoo) 08/05/2001
  • Photo: Volodymyr Klitschko connects (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/05/2001
  • Photo: Charles Shufford of Las Vegas, Nevada lies in the corner after being knocked out Volodymyr Klitschko (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/05/2001
  • Photo: WBO Heavyweight champion Volodymyr Klitschko knocks out Charles Shufford in the sixth round (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/05/2001

  • Ukrainian peacekeepers arrive in Kosovo (BBC/FT/Monitoring Service) 08/04/2001
  • Output capacity drops at Ukrainian nuclear power station (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/04/2001
  • Cabinet's goal is to create fairer society, fight poverty - Ukrainian premier (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/04/2001
  • Austria starts paying compensation to Czech forced labour (BBC/FT-Prague) 08/04/2001
  • Newspaper criticizes West's stand on Ukrainian arms sales to Macedonia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/04/2001
  • Ukraine: Gas businessman admits selling newspaper, TV channel (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/04/2001

  • Ukraine shows strong growth, looks to Japan for investment (Yomiuri Shimbun/FT ) 08/03/2001
  • Ukraine halves greenhouse gas emissions - ecology minister (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/03/2001
  • Ukraine: Special fire safety measures taken at Chernobyl station (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/03/2001
  • Ukraine: Ecology minister not to resign over nuclear reactors (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/03/2001
  • (Corrected) Ukrainian prosecutor-general dismisses state TV chief's accusations (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/03/2001
  • Ukrainian national TV chief slams prosecutor-general as 'incompetent' (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/03/2001
  • Sochi Summit Leaves Commentators Questioning Value Of CIS (RFE/RL) 08/03/2001
  • U.S. Scholar Held in Russia May Be Freed, Officials Hint (NY Times) 08/03/2001
  • Orest Iwasiuk Appointed President of the Teleflex Automotive Group (BusinessWire/Excite) 08/03/2001
  • Kyiv Police Seize Anthrax-Infected Meat (Reuters/Excite) 08/03/2001
  • Ukrainian state energy market operator expresses mistrust in own bank (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/03/2001
  • Anthrax-infected horse meat on sale in Ukrainian capital (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/03/2001
  • Crew stranded amid the faded luxury of a rusting cruise ship (Independent/FT ) 08/03/2001
  • Ukrainian minister rejects Russian accusations over delayed energy link-up (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/03/2001
  • Ukrainian, Russian presidents order urgent work on restructuring energy debt (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/03/2001
  • Crew stranded amid the faded luxury of a rusting cruise ship (Independent/FT) 08/03/2001
  • Anthrax outbreak stopped in Ukraine - veterinary chief (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/03/2001
  • Ukrainian premier says Russia should not intervene in language policy (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/03/2001
  • Ukrainian president appoints his representative at Chernobyl plant (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/03/2001
  • Ukraine won't sacrifice economic interests in energy linkup with Russia- PM (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/03/2001
  • Ukraine: vendors caught selling anthrax-infected meat in capital (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/03/2001

  • Fair, Isaac Reaches Milestone in Eastern Europe with Agreement (BusinessWire/Excite) 08/02/2001
  • U.S. Immigration -- State Dept. Releases Green Card Lottery Rules (BusinessWire/Excite) 08/02/2001
  • U. Texas-Arlington study aims to improve Ukrainian business (UWire/Excite) 08/02/2001
  • Ukraine's permanent representative to UN appointed - Valeriy Kuchynskyy (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/02/2001
  • Ukraine, Hungary to sign border cooperation blueprint by 1 December 2001 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/02/2001
  • Ukrainian paper analyses downfall of company linked to crime gang (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/02/2001
  • Hungary promises to assist Ukraine in cooperation with NATO (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/02/2001
  • Ukrainian leader reports progress in gas debt talks after meeting Putin (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/02/2001
  • Hungarian, Ukrainian premiers discuss status law, borders, visas (BBC/FT-Budapest) 08/02/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian presidents discuss energy debt (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/02/2001
  • World Athletics Championships: On your marks, get set . . .: Michael Johnson and Cathy Freeman apart, the best athletes in the world converge on Edmonton for the eighth championships that start in the early hours of Saturday. Duncan Mackay picks out some (Guardian/FT) 08/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Supreme Court upholds appeal by ousted mayor of eastern city (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/02/2001
  • Ukraine sticks to its commitments to Macedonia - ambassador (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/02/2001
  • Ukrainian leader dismisses Russian politicians' statements on language, Crimea (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/02/2001
  • Ukrainian deputy interior minister reports success in combating crime (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/02/2001
  • Anthrax outbreak stopped in Ukraine - veterinary chief (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/02/2001
  • З 1 серпня у Києві хліб став дешевшим (AgriUkraine) 08/02/2001
  • Standards for grain may change (AgriUkraine) 08/02/2001
  • Photo: Charles Shufford and Volodymyr Klitschko (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/02/2001
  • Photo: WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko jokes (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/02/2001
  • Ukrainian Museum (NY) Signs Building Contract - Photo (BRAMA) 08/02/2001
  • Hutsul and Italian-American: what's the connection? - Photo (BRAMA) 08/02/2001
  • Photo: A Ukrainian paratrooper, of the 95th Ukrainian Air Force unit, eats a live frog (AP/Yahoo) 08/02/2001
  • Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks to journalists (AP/Yahoo) 08/02/2001
  • Photo: Family picture at the Russian President's tea house (AP/Yahoo) 08/02/2001
  • Website Says Virus Leaked Ukrainian Secret Documents (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/02/2001
  • Website Says Virus Leaked Ukrainian Secret Documents (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/02/2001
  • Hungary ready to start talks on participation in Ukrainian oil transport project (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/02/2001
  • Hungarian, Ukrainian premiers meet, cooperation accord on tourism signed (BBC/FT-Budapest) 08/02/2001
  • Hungarian, Ukrainian premiers meet, cooperation accord on tourism signed (BBC/FT-Bratislava) 08/02/2001
  • Slovak, Ukrainian air force chiefs discuss reform, visit air force facilities (BBC/FT-Bratislava) 08/02/2001
  • Russian, Ukrainian presidents discuss Russian gas debt (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Two nuclear power plants lower output due to faults (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/02/2001
  • Ukrainian, Hungarian premiers sign agreements on legal aid, tourism (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/02/2001
  • Russia: oil and gas production up in January-July (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/02/2001
  • Ukraine: Deputy PM sets conditions for resuming privatization of power companies (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/02/2001
  • Russian ambassador says Ukraine cannot afford to remain neutral (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/02/2001
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] stresses European integration during Hungary visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/02/2001
  • Ukrainian, Spanish authorities allege bankrupt bank laundered money (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/02/2001
  • COMMENT & ANALYSIS: Back to the Wall: Enlargement of the European Union could result in a crackdown on trade and labour migration from non-member countries to the east. The prospect is alarming them, finds Judy Dempsey (Financial Times) 08/02/2001
  • Edmonton awaits starter's gun: Michael Johnson and Cathy Freeman apart, the best athletes in the land converge on Edmonton for the eighth championships that start in the early hours of Saturday. Duncan Mackay picks out some of the major confrontations and (Guardian/FT) 08/02/2001

  • Russian metropolitan accused of trying to block Ukrainian church unification (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Smuggling Leads To Loss Of Cultural Legacy (RFE/RL) 08/01/2001
  • Ukraine: New head of Black Sea state oil and gas company appointed (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/01/2001
  • Ukrainian, Moldovan presidents discuss border, energy issues (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/01/2001
  • World championships countdown: Bubka scales the family tree: Duncan Mackay finds Ukraine's high flyer digging for his roots in Edmonton (Guardian/FT) 08/01/2001
  • Ukraine increases oil transportation in January-June 2001 (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/01/2001
  • Ukrainian nuclear reactor back on line after repairs (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/01/2001
  • Ukrainian party responds angrily to Russian deputy PM's language statement (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/01/2001
  • Ukraine celebrates navy anniversary (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/01/2001
  • City diary (Guardian/FT) 08/01/2001
  • Ukraine, Russia to test An-70 transport aircraft (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/01/2001
  • Newspaper interviews Ukrainian navy commander (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/01/2001
  • Ukrainian president vetoes law on full payment of social debts by 2002 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/01/2001
  • Ukrainian national TV chief pledges independence from authorities (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/01/2001
  • Ex-premier announces plans to form Our Ukraine election bloc (BBC/FT-Moscow) 08/01/2001
  • Ukrainian military delegation on visit to Slovakia on 1-2 August (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/01/2001
  • Ukrainian president sets up preparation body for Ukraine-EU summit (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/01/2001
  • Georgian army chief of staff arrives in Ukraine on official visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 08/01/2001
  • Ukraine: Leading TV channel comments on EU official's visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/01/2001
  • Haas Wants Becker to Captain German Davis Cup Team (Reuters/Yahoo) 08/01/2001
  • Харківщина очікує рекордний урожай за останні 5 років (AgriUkraine) 08/01/2001
  • Uzbek president leaves for Sochi for CIS meeting (BBC/FT-Tashkent) 08/01/2001
  • City diary (Guardian/FT) 08/01/2001
  • Bubka scales the family tree: Duncan Mackay finds Ukraine's high flyer digging for his roots in Edmonton (Guardian/FT) 08/01/2001
  • Link-up of Ukrainian, Russian energy grids postponed again (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 08/01/2001
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

    Nadiya Savchenko's speech in Basmanny Court, Moscow, 10.02.2015 (Voices of Ukraine)

    Joe Biden: Don’t tell us. Show us, President Putin. 2/7/2015 Munich Security Conference

    Speech by President of Ukraine at the Munich Security conference Feb 7 2015

    #FreeSavchenko video by Adriana Luhovy [Twitter storm Jan 26 2015]


    Twitter storm day Jan 26 2015

    Live map of Ukraine

    Ukraine Today TV LIVE on Youtube

    Live map of Ukraine

    Live map of Ukraine

    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.

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    Facebook Євромайдан

    Happy Kyiv (inspired by Pharrell Williams 'Happy')

    Inauguration of Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, June 7, 2014

    The Kyiv Post

    День The Day Newspaper

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