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Fri, May 24, 14:59 EDT
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  • Ukrainian opposition politicians report campaign irregularities (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/28/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Democratic Party-Democratic Union bloc 28 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/28/2002
  • Опозиція в Україні (Радіо Свобода) 02/28/2002
  • Election campaign in Crimea marked by pressure on candidates (AP/Yahoo) 02/28/2002
  • Council of Europe monitors election campaign in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 02/28/2002
  • Eight Ukrainian parties to win parliamentary seats,according to poll of 30,000 (RFE/RL) 02/28/2002
  • Ukraine: OSCE monitors confirm work at regional level (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/28/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean electoral body denies disqualifying speaker [Hrach]'s rivals (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/28/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Peasant Party on 27 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/28/2002
  • CanArgo Announces Preliminary Year End Results (Business Wire/FT) 02/28/2002
  • Ukrainian politicians rebuff calls for Crimea's return to Russia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/28/2002
  • New national airline to be set up in Ukraine by mid-July - minister [Pustovoytenko] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/28/2002
  • Ukrainian, Kazakh presidents discuss cooperation (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/28/2002
  • Ukraine asks Russia to estimate compensation for downed airliner (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/28/2002
  • Search For Partner: Automotive Dealers and Service Stations (BISNIS) 02/28/2002
  • Проведення року України в Росії носить настільки очевидний пропагандистський характер, що змушує пригадати подібні заходи радянських часів (Радіо Свобода) 02/28/2002
  • Навколо “Громадського радіо” (Радіо Свобода) 02/28/2002
  • Ukraine: Attacks against election agent, candidate reported in Crimea (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/28/2002
  • Georgia Says Russia 'Hysterical' Over U.S. Troops (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/28/2002
  • 'Громадського радіо' не буде через заборону Національної ради? [26.2.02] (Українська Правда) 02/28/2002
  • Russian ambassador [Chernomyrdin] opposes media's interference in Ukraine's election (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/28/2002
  • Kazakh, Ukrainian presidents meet, discuss cooperation ahead of CIS summit (BBC/FT-Almaty) 02/28/2002
  • Kiev mayor [Omelchenko] believes Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] behind move to oust him (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/28/2002
  • Ukraine: Parliament not to be blamed for cabinet's mistakes - speaker [Plyushch] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/28/2002
  • OSCE Helps combat human trafficking in Ukraine (OSCE) 02/28/2002

  • Long term observation report on the 2002 parliamentary elections (Політична Україна) 02/27/2002
  • Dance graced with a sense of history (Wash Post) 02/27/2002
  • Ukraine: Sides in Crimean election row threaten unrest (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/27/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Green Party on 27 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/27/2002
  • Ukraine's Communist leader [Symonenko] sees plot behind Crimean speaker [Hrach]'s disqualification (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/27/2002
  • Ukraine: Election manifesto by Women for the Future (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/27/2002
  • Campaigner [Iryna Senyk] for popular [Yushchenko's Our Ukraine] election bloc beaten up in western Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/27/2002
  • Tensions increase ahead of Ukrainian parliamentary elections (AP/Yahoo) 02/27/2002
  • Tensions increase ahead of Ukrainian parliamentary elections (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/27/2002
  • Ukraine: Former PM [Yushchenko] complains of unfair campaign (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/27/2002
  • Ukraine: Opposition [Tymoshenko] bloc says government disrupting its campaign (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/27/2002
  • Three Ukrainian election blocs [Y. Tymoshenko Bloc, V. Yushchenko's Our Ukraine, and O. Moroz Socialist Party] reportedly to conduct alternate vote count [page down to headline] (RFE/RL) 02/27/2002
  • (Corr) Ukraine: Election broadcast by Democratic Party-Democratic Union bloc (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/27/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean electoral body rescinds registration of speaker's rivals (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/27/2002
  • Ukrainian peacekeepers to stay in Sierra-Leone one more year (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/27/2002
  • Ukrainian TV features clinic for high-ranking officials (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/27/2002
  • Paper [Zerkalo Nedeli] critical of Western call on Ukraine to stop selling arms to Macedonia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/27/2002
  • Ukrainian broadcast regulator [Kryvenko] defends ban on Public Radio (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/27/2002
  • Ukrainian paper sees closure of Danish embassy as negative signal from EU (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/27/2002
  • Soldier's Burial as a Non-Jew Adds to List of Israel's Pain (NY Times) 02/27/2002
  • Belgium Seeks Arms Dealer With Suspected Qaeda Ties (NY Times) 02/27/2002
  • Fourteen candidates for UEFA executive committee (AP/Yahoo) 02/27/2002
  • France Hushed Up Chernobyl Risks-Research Centre (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/27/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian contestants perform a dance on a catwalk during the Miss Ukraine 2002 beauty contest (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/27/2002
  • France Hushed Up Chernobyl Risks-Research Centre (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/27/2002
  • Our neighbors - The Ukrainians: A surprise visitor -- Atanas T. Kobryn column (Sun Herald) 02/27/2002
  • WHAT A BUNCH OF WHINERS: Why is Tipsheet sick of listening to the Russians whine about their Olympic misadventures? [Page down to this item] (St. Louis Today) 02/27/2002
  • After a long spell, Ukrainian aces regional bee (Palm Beach Post) 02/27/2002
  • Clemence makes welcome return (TEAMtalk/Yahoo) 02/27/2002
  • Photo: Philadelphia Flyers Ruslan Fedotenko of Ukraine reacts after scoring the game-winning goal (AP/Yahoo) 02/27/2002
  • Fourteen candidates for UEFA executive committee (AP/Yahoo) 02/27/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] blames Crimean scandal on imperfect court system (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/27/2002
  • Election broadcast by Ukrainian National Assembly on 26 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/27/2002
  • Head of Ukraine's Crimean parliament [Hrach] threatens separatist referendum (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/27/2002
  • No casualties in Ukrainian plane crash-landing (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/27/2002
  • Ukraine: [Zaporizhzhya] Nuclear reactor restarted after repairs (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/27/2002
  • MinAP forecasts increase of acreage under barley and maize (AgriUkraine) 02/27/2002
  • Lougansk region will receive grant from USAID for privatizationof land (AgriUkraine) 02/27/2002

  • 'Public Radio' will not broadcast because of National Council prohibition (Ukrayinska Pravda) 02/26/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Democratic Party-Democratic Union bloc 26 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/26/2002
  • Ukrainian Social Democrat leader [Medvedchuk] plays down support for president (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/26/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean speaker [Hrach] names forces behind his disqualification (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/26/2002
  • Ukraine: Pro-presidential bloc leader [Lytvyn] denies seeking influential rivals' support (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/26/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] intent on illegal third term, says opposition leader [Tymoshenko] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/26/2002
  • OSCE/ODIHR opens Election Observation Mission in Ukraine (OSCE) 02/26/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Socialist Party 25 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/26/2002
  • Photo: Philadelphia Flyers winger Ruslan Fedotenko celebrates his goal (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/26/2002
  • Photo: Chess match - Kasparov versus Ivanchuk (AP/Yahoo) 02/26/2002
  • Ukraine Soloist [Kobzar Vasyl Nechepa] performs at ECU (Ada Evening News) 02/26/2002
  • Today in history (New Straits Times/FT) 02/26/2002
  • Photo: Russia's Gary Kasparov thinks about his next move during his fourth round match against Ukrainian Vassili Ivanchuk (AP/Yahoo) 02/26/2002
  • NATO not dictating to Ukraine on arms deliveries to Macedonia - spokesman (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/26/2002
  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry denies NATO membership plan (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/26/2002
  • Ukraine doing fine without IMF loans - paper [Kievskiye Vedomosti] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/26/2002
  • Ukrainian, Chinese speakers back closer trade, economic ties (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/26/2002
  • Chinese president [Jiang Zemin] meets Ukrainian speaker [Ivan Plyushch] (BBC/FT-Beijing) 02/26/2002
  • Ukraine unveils unique ambulance version of An-74 aircraft (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/26/2002
  • Ukrainian rocket to launch American space vehicle to moon in June (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/26/2002
  • Ukrainian Supreme Court revokes sentence imposed on Russian officers [for premeditated murder of composer Ihor Bilozir] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/26/2002
  • Ukrainian PM [Kinakh] pledges to foster competition in media sector (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/26/2002
  • Ukraine [Antonov design bureau], Russia [Buryatia aircraft plant] agree to produce new passenger aircraft (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/26/2002
  • Ukraine to destroy 400,000 land mines (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/26/2002
  • Ukraine to compensate families of Russian airliner downing victims (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/26/2002
  • Mothballed Ukrainian heavy lift helicopters back in service (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/26/2002
  • Ukraine: Internet publication [] appeals against search by tax police (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/26/2002
  • All'ucraino Luhovyy la 32ª Menton-Savona (Datasport/Yahoo) 02/26/2002
  • OSCE observers start work ahead of parliamentary elections in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 02/26/2002
  • Duo suspended for Bayer battle (TEAMtalk/Yahoo) 02/26/2002
  • Ukrainian folk singer [Kobzar Vasyl Nechepa] performs at OU (OU Daily) 02/26/2002
  • Ukraine scientists alarmed by state of Chernobyl sarcophagus (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/26/2002
  • Language move 'mistake' [Moldova] (Financial Times) 02/26/2002
  • Ukrainian, Chinese speakers back closer trade and economic ties (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/26/2002
  • Russian-Ukrainian company bids to sell space system to equatorial countries (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/26/2002
  • Ill-fated Varyag destined for Shanghaiguan (Lloyds List/FT) 02/26/2002
  • Trades & Tenders: Security and Safety Equipment, Home Alarm Systems (BISNIS) 02/26/2002
  • Trades & Tenders: Security and Safety Equipment, Systems of access control (BISNIS) 02/26/2002
  • Trades & Tenders: Electronic & Electrical Equip. & Components, Inverters (BISNIS) 02/26/2002
  • Trades & Tenders: Automobiles and Light Trucks/Vans (BISNIS) 02/26/2002
  • One third of population of Ukraine have negative attitude to selling of land (AgriUkraine) 02/26/2002

  • Photo: Ukraine's Valentina Shevchenko - Cross Country Skiing (Empics/Yahoo) 02/25/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Marina Pestrekova (Empics/Yahoo) 02/25/2002
  • На виборах до місцевої законодавчої влади бракує кандидатів [Івано-Франківськ] (Deutsche Welle) 02/25/2002
  • Paper [Ukrayina Moloda] sees Socialists as only leftist opposition party in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/25/2002
  • Supreme Court ruling lets Ukrainian opposition figure [Tymoshenko] campaign in regions (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/25/2002
  • Ukraine: Court cancels Crimean speaker [Hrach]'s registration in coming election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/25/2002
  • Ukrainian television urges parties to refrain from 'foul language' in campaign spots (RFE/RL) 02/25/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Valentina Shevchenko (Empics/Yahoo) 02/25/2002
  • Bioterrorism comes into its own as a field of concern (Mass High Tech) 02/25/2002
  • Moldova sets conditions for Ukraine's entry to WTO (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 02/25/2002
  • IMF conditions jeopardize Ukraine's financial stability - deputy PM [Rohovyy] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/25/2002
  • Deputy premier [Rohovyy] defends Ukrainian copyright law (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/25/2002
  • Ukrainian, Macedonian presidents discuss cooperation by phone (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/25/2002
  • US State Department official [Pifer] discusses Dnestr problem with Moldovan leaders (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 02/25/2002
  • Ukraine set to help Bulgaria create nuclear safety centre (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/25/2002
  • Trades & Tenders: Telecommunications Equipment - Modems (BISNIS) 02/25/2002
  • Trades & Tenders: Telecommunications Equipment - Corded telephone-answering machine (BISNIS) 02/25/2002
  • Trades & Tenders: Telecommunications Equipment - PABX (BISNIS) 02/25/2002
  • Trades & Tenders: Telecommunications Equipment - Corded Telephones (BISNIS) 02/25/2002
  • Trades & Tenders: Telecommunications Equipment - Corded telephones (BISNIS) 02/25/2002
  • Trades & Tenders: Telecommunications Equipment - Outdoor card payphone (BISNIS) 02/25/2002
  • Reactor at South-Ukrainian nuclear plant reconnected to energy grid (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/25/2002
  • ХІХ зимові Олімпійські ігри оголошені закритими (НОК) 02/25/2002
  • Modern technologies in livestock production are introduced in Lviv (AgriUkraine) 02/25/2002
  • Russia[, Ukraine and Nigeria] revive Coke bottler (Financial Times) 02/25/2002

  • For a staff sergeant in Israel, a separate but equal burial (IH Tribune) 02/24/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Nikolay Skriabin - Men's Slalom (Empics/Yahoo) 02/24/2002
  • USA not putting pressure on Ukraine before polls - envoy [Pifer] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/24/2002
  • USA to send large group of observers to Ukrainian elections (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/24/2002
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] upbeat on economic progress, critical of Kiev mayor [Omelchenko] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/24/2002
  • IMF recognition more important to Ukraine than loans - premier [Kinakh] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/24/2002
  • Ukrainian Orthodox church losing fight for independence - paper [Den] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/24/2002
  • Cross Country - men's 50 km classical results (revised) (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/24/2002
  • Cross Country - women's 30 km classical results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/24/2002
  • Photo: Roman Leybyuk of Ukraine gasped for air at the finish of the men's 50K cross country (SF Chronicle) 02/24/2002
  • Photo: Ice dancers Julia Golovina and Oleg Voiko of Ukraine took each other for a twirl during the original dance program (SF Chronicle) 02/24/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] opposes small private farms (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/24/2002
  • Russian official [Rushaylo], Ukrainian president [Kuchma] discuss partnership (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/24/2002
  • Opposition paper [Ukrayina Moloda] slams EU's failure to see violations of democracy in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/24/2002
  • USA backs Ukraine's WTO membership says visiting official [Pifer] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/24/2002
  • Ukraine: Two US nationals detained carrying heroin (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/24/2002

  • Ukraine: Crimean election official banned from standing in poll - TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/23/2002
  • Shenandoah [Pennsylvania] residents lend helping hand (Pottsville Republican and Herald) 02/23/2002
  • Ukraine: Presidential chief of staff [Lytvyn] calls for tougher rule (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/23/2002
  • Contentious [Zmiyinyy] island officially becomes part of Ukrainian Region [Odessa] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/23/2002
  • Ukraine destroys its last SS-24 intercontinental missile (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/23/2002
  • Saints with dirt under their fingernails [Book] (FT) 02/23/2002
  • Reactor at South-Ukrainian nuclear plant halted for repairs (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/23/2002
  • Cross Country - men's 50 km classical results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/23/2002
  • Four-man bobsleigh results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/23/2002
  • Хокей: півфінали - Солт-Лейк-Сіті - 15 день Олімпійських Ігoр (НОК) 02/23/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's President Kuchma, Prime Minister Kinakh and Defense Minister Shkidchenko observe honor guards (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/23/2002
  • Trio return for Cardiff showpiece (TEAMtalk/Yahoo) 02/23/2002

  • Тарас Чорновіл: (Українська Правда) 02/22/2002
  • Ukrainian TV profiles Green Party leader Kononov (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/22/2002
  • Ukraine: State TV blasts Socialist Party election broadcast (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/22/2002
  • Ukraine: [All-Ukrainian] Party blames unidentified rivals for candidate [Yevstratov]'s murder (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/22/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by bloc Against All 22 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/22/2002
  • Ukraine: Parties' order of appearance on ballot paper decided (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/22/2002
  • Report: Ukrainian parliamentary candidate's killing might be linked to business dispute (AP/Yahoo) 02/22/2002
  • Seven Ukrainian government ministers take leave during parliamentary campaign (AP/Yahoo) 02/22/2002
  • Nearly 200,000 Ukrainians in jail [12,600 suffer from tuberculosis] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/22/2002
  • Russia to move rocket fallout area to Turkmenistan [Russian-Ukrainian space programme to launch rockets] (BBC/FT-Almaty) 02/22/2002
  • Orthodox Russians protest against Vatican's move - Italian agency (ANSA/FT-Rome) 02/22/2002
  • Opposition paper [Ukrayina Moloda] slams EU's failure to see violations of democracy in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/22/2002
  • Ukraine: Two US nationals detained carrying heroin (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/22/2002
  • Ukraine promises to clear its debt to Russia for spent nuclear fuel removal (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/22/2002
  • Ukrainian policy becoming pro-European, anti-American - paper [Kievskiye Vedomosti] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/22/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma]'s offer to lead [For a United Ukraine] party [bloc] a ploy to boost ratings - paper [Ukrayina Moloda] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/22/2002
  • Russia to keep Ukrainian reactors supplied with fuel (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/22/2002
  • Women's giant slalom results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/22/2002
  • Four-man bobsleigh results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/22/2002
  • Офіційна відповідь президента МОК Жака Рогге на протест (НОК) 02/22/2002
  • Critical Anaysis of Cooper Union Large Scale Development Plan by Community Board 3 Joint Task Force (SPC) 02/22/2002
  • Imagining an alternative future for Cooper Union (fm 2/13/02 Shevchenko Place Issue - MUST READ) (Villager) 02/22/2002
  • Ukraine: Democrat Union party supports threatened TV channel [1+1] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/22/2002
  • Ukraine: Chief of BBC rebroadcaster [Radio Kontynent] asks for security in face of death threats (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/22/2002
  • Security chief [Marchuk] criticizes disqualification of Ukrainian, Russian skiers (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/22/2002
  • Sporting Digest: BADMINTON (Independent) 02/22/2002
  • Badminton THOMAS & UBER CUP (Guardian/FT) 02/22/2002
  • Chess (Independent) 02/22/2002
  • EUROPE: Ukrainian adaptability helps to speed economic recovery (Financial Times) 02/22/2002
  • Figure skating - women's singles results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/22/2002
  • Photo: Galina Maniachenko of Ukraine competes in the women's free skating program (AP/Yahoo) 02/22/2002
  • Demjanjuk Loses Citizenship Again; Judge Cites Lies (NY Times) 02/22/2002

  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Socialist Party 21 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/21/2002
  • Opinion polls understate government bloc [For a United Ukraine]'s rating - Ukrainian minister [Pustovoytenko] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Government election bloc secures support of telecoms union (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Opinion poll sees six parties clearing election threshold (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/21/2002
  • [All Ukrainian Labor] Parliamentary candidate [Yevstratov] killed in western Ukraine [Ivano-Frankivsk] (AP/Yahoo) 02/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Eastern Region [Donetsk] elections plagued by dirty tricks – paper [Zerkalo Nedeli] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/21/2002
  • Ukrainian pollsters reject impropriety allegations (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/21/2002
  • Three quarters of Ukrainians believe elections will involve fraud (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/21/2002
  • Ukrainian politicians share electoral concerns with top EU official [Solana] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/21/2002
  • EU hopeful Ukraine's parliamentary elections will be democratic (AP/Yahoo) 02/21/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] warns against opposition victory in election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/21/2002
  • Kiev mayor [Omelchenko] denies power trade-off with Ukrainian president [Kuchma] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/21/2002
  • Russian official [Rushaylo], Ukrainian president [Kuchma] discuss partnership (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/21/2002
  • Moldova: Dnestr residents angered by Russian ammo destruction (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/21/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] opposes small private farms (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/21/2002
  • Armenian ethnic minorities [Greeks, Kurds, Yazidis, Jews, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Germans, Assyrians, Georgians and Russians] to promote single candidate for parliament (BBC/FT-Yerevan) 02/21/2002
  • Denmark to close 10 diplomatic representations (AP/Yahoo) 02/21/2002
  • Olympic defeats 'help' Ukraine's opposition (BBC News) 02/21/2002
  • Two Russians, One Ukrainian Withdrawn From Relay (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/21/2002
  • Russia Threatens to Withdraw From Olympics (AP/Yahoo) 02/21/2002
  • Germany Wins Women's Relay Gold (AP/Yahoo) 02/21/2002
  • Men's giant slalom results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/21/2002
  • Russia, Ukraine Miss Cross-Country Race (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/21/2002
  • Ukraine to withdraw peacekeepers from Sierra Leone - defense minister [Shkidchenko] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/21/2002
  • Ukraine steps up fight against illegal migration (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/21/2002
  • Ukraine's ties with US under strain – MP [Zvarych] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/21/2002
  • Ukraine pondering bolder steps towards NATO – weekly [Zerkalo Nedeli] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/21/2002
  • Ukrainian parliament leader to visit China 24 February to 2 March (BBC/FT-Beijing) 02/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Journalist [Olena Lytvynova] attacked in Crimea (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/21/2002
  • Leader of Moldova's breakaway region [Dnistr] warns of possible armed conflict (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/21/2002
  • Ukraine, Russia, Belarus trilateral union discussed in Russian Sate Duma (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/21/2002
  • Production of new Russian-Ukrainian airliner to begin in 2003 (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/21/2002
  • Accused Nazi's Citizenship Revoked Again (NY Times) 02/21/2002
  • Chief Judge Paul R. Matia revokes Demjanjuk's citizenship - DOJ Press Release (DOJ) 02/21/2002
  • Department of Justice Transcript of Findings in Demjanjuk Case (Full Statement) (DOJ) 02/21/2002
  • Photo: Leonid Kuchma with European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/21/2002
  • 50 million USD were used as foreign investments for reforming (AgriUkraine) 02/21/2002
  • Income of agriculturists from selling of foodstuffs went up by 20% (AgriUkraine) 02/21/2002
  • Key Dates in John Demjanjuk Case (AP/Yahoo) 02/21/2002
  • Demjanjuk's citizenship revoked for second time (AP/Yahoo) 02/21/2002
  • Cycling: Cooke signs deal for senior debut (Independent/FT) 02/21/2002
  • Verdi with knobs on (Guardian/FT) 02/21/2002
  • Badminton THOMAS & UBER CUP (Guardian/FT) 02/21/2002

  • Our neighbors -- the Ukrainians: Atanas T. Kobryn column (Sun-Herald) 02/20/2002
  • Naked ambition. Skimpy costumes. Biased judges. Occasional violence; Welcome to the scandalous world of modern ice-skating (Independent) 02/20/2002
  • Welcome to the palindrome (Independent) 02/20/2002
  • Skating on thin, flaky ice (The Scotsman) 02/20/2002
  • Чергове випробування правдою (Українська Правда) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Pro-presidential bloc [For a United Ukraine - Lytvyn] criticizes pollsters for lowering its rating (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean electoral body posts numbers of registered candidates [972 candidates so far] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Opposition MPs condemn President Kuchma in [Gongadze commission] appeal to Russia (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: former premier [Yushchenko]'s bloc [Our Ukraine] slams state officials for breaking election law (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Justice Party on 19 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Election broadcast by Communist Party of Workers and Peasants on 19 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Election broadcast by Communist Party of Workers and Peasants on 19 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Ukrainian former premier [Yushchenko] justifies positions in his [centre-right Our Ukraine] bloc's election list (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Former premier [Yushchenko]'s [Our Ukraine] bloc maintains lead in latest Ukrainian election poll (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Government to blame for fizzling growth - former PM [Yushchenko] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Creation of party must precede Ukrainian president's role - chief of staff [Lytvyn] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • President [Kuchma] regrets Ukrainian politicians' (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Ukrainian former premier [Yushchenko]: All things to all men - newspaper [Zerkalo Nedeli] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Struggle for countryside electorate: power starts and wins so far (AgriUkraine) 02/20/2002
  • Klitschko to Defend WBO Title (AP/Yahoo) 02/20/2002
  • Italy Arrests 4 in Anti-Terror Probe (AP/Yahoo) 02/20/2002
  • Biathlon - Men's 4x7.5 km relay results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/20/2002
  • Speed skating - Women's 1500m results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/20/2002
  • Women's slalom results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/20/2002
  • Four ex-Eastern Bloc states discuss European security in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Seattle-based Seagroup Appeals Ukranian 'Illegal Exclusion' of Foreign Investment (Business Wire/FT) 02/20/2002
  • Election broadcast by People's Movement of Ukraine bloc 20 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by the New Generation party 20 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Ukrainian security boss [Marchuk] vows to expose masterminds of arms trade scandal (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Budget row puts Crimean election at risk (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Ukrainian missile, artillery troops hold exercise (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Oligarchic party supports embattled TV channel (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Ukrainian: Government bloc leader [Lytvyn] defends sponsoring Olympic team (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Ukrainian prosecution asks US for findings on scandal tapes (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Accusations against Ukrainian president [Kuchma] politically motivated - chief of staff [Lytvyn] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: President's chief of staff [Lytvyn] calls for crackdown on corruption (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Anticommunist protests resume in Moldovan capital (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 02/20/2002
  • Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian security heads discuss terrorism (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 02/20/2002
  • Azerbaijan, Ukraine sign intergovernment agreements (BBC/FT-Baku) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean premier [Horbatov] accuses speaker [Hrach] of foot-dragging over budget (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine prepares new political document on cooperation with NATO (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/20/2002
  • Moldova breakaway region warns of armed conflict (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/20/2002
  • Draft Law on Ethnic Minorities (Polish News Bulletin/FT) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: President's head of staff [Lytvyn] comment on visits of US officials (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Ukrainian president issues decree on spring military call-up (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Ukrainian ambassadors to Iran, Lebanon appointed (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Ukrainian colonel [Taras Bublyk] gets seven-year sentence on spying charges (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Slovak, Ukrainian defence ministers agreed to step up cooperation (BBC/FT-Bratislava) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine: [Donetsk] Regional governor blames coal industry problems on World Bank (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine unveils prototype multipurpose helicopter [Yanhol] [Ukrainian: Angel] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Russia, Ukraine clinch deal in Moscow updating space missile complex Tsiklon (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/20/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] issues decree to protect human rights (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/20/2002
  • Ukraine not to break ties with Iran, Iraq - Foreign Ministry (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Civil defence exercise starts in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/20/2002
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister [Zlenko], Slovak Defence Minister discuss military ties (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/20/2002
  • Лижні гонки: Росія і Норвегія доводять свою перевагу (НОК) 02/20/2002
  • Photo: Los Angeles Lakers' Shaquille O'Neal makes a move against Boston Celtics' Vitaly Potapenko of Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 02/20/2002
  • Громадська думка в Україні – лютий 2002 року [круглий стіл 21.2.02] (IREX ProMedia) 02/20/2002

  • Eastern Europe told to shackle tobacco (BBC News) 02/19/2002
  • Yuliya Tymoshenko Bloc Protests Unequal Access to Media (RFE/RL) 02/19/2002
  • Yushchenko Faces Obstacles to Campaigning in Regions (RFE/RL) 02/19/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition demands equal access to media for candidates (AP/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Photo: Elena Liashenko of Ukraine competes in the women's short program (AP/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Speed skating - men's 1500m results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • AC Milan struggle to 1-0 win at Roda (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Photo: Roda JC Player Mark Luypers goes for the ball against Andriy Shevchenko of AC Milan (AP/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Russian security chief in Ukraine for [terrorism and organized crime] talks (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/19/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] ends standoff with Kiev mayor [Omelchenko] by revoking decree (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/19/2002
  • Dnestr mediators meet in Bratislava to decide future tactics (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/19/2002
  • Two get life for kidnap, murder (Gulf News/FT) 02/19/2002
  • Chess (Independent/FT) 02/19/2002
  • Figure skating - women's short program results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian biathlete Olena Petrova skis during the women's 4x7.5 km biathlon relay (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Photo: Elena Liashenko of Ukraine competes in the women's short program (AP/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Photo: Lakers' Shaquille O'Neal makes a move to the basket against Boston Celtics' Vitaly Potapenko (AP/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Біатлон: Німеччина перемагає, Україна лише десята (НОК) 02/19/2002
  • Лідери опозиції закликають міжнародну громадськість дистанціюватися від Кучми (Кореспондент) 02/19/2002
  • Men's aerials results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Elena Grushina and her partner Ruslan Goncharov (Empics/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Elena Grushina and her partner Ruslan Goncharov in action (Empics/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Відставного українського полковника засудили за шпигунство (Кореспондент) 02/19/2002
  • Генпрокуратура має намір звернутися до Мін'юсту США вилучити висновки експертизи записів Мельниченка (Кореспондент) 02/19/2002
  • Українці складають чверть усіх бажаючих отримати політичний притулок у Чехії (Кореспондент) 02/19/2002
  • WTA DUBAI OPEN First round (Guardian/FT) 02/19/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Elena Grushina and partner Ruslan Goncharov in action (Empics/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Ukraine's president decides to keep Kiev mayor on his post, may join party (AP/Yahoo) 02/19/2002
  • Hollywood Asks Bush to Stop DVD Piracy (Variety/Yahoo) 02/19/2002

  • Albright urges fair vote in Ukraine (IH Tribune) 02/18/2002
  • NDI: Вибори-2002 під знаком заляканої преси та адмінресурсу (Українська Правда) 02/18/2002
  • Ющенко злий на владу (Українська Правда) 02/18/2002
  • Election broadcast by Social Democratic Party of Ukraine on 18 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/18/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition bloc laments pro-presidential party adverts (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/18/2002
  • Ukraine: Reshuffle might follow election - president (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/18/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] fends off party rumours, election critics (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/18/2002
  • New batch of Ukrainian peacekeepers gear up for Sierra Leone (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/18/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] revokes decree on Kiev mayor [Omelchenko]'s suspension (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/18/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] says lack of government planning harms economy (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/18/2002
  • Over 1,000 US planes [have used] Ukrainian airspace for Afghan flights (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/18/2002
  • EU approves police task force for Bosnia (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/18/2002
  • RF, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland to discuss anti-terror measures (Freerealtime) 02/18/2002
  • Ukrainian president noncommittal about becoming leader of united party (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/18/2002
  • Ice dancing results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/18/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian biathlete Olena Petrova skis during the women's 4x7.5 km biathlon relay (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/18/2002
  • Photo: Eva Hakova of the Czech Republic and Tetyana Vodopyanova of Ukraine recover (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/18/2002
  • Biathlon - Women's 4x7.5 km relay (AP/Yahoo) 02/18/2002
  • Shevchenko chooses club over country (Reuters/ESPN) 02/18/2002
  • IAAF Birmingham Indoors results (AP/Sportserver) 02/18/2002
  • Ukrainian plane aborts take-off at Azeri airport (BBC/FT-Baku) 02/18/2002
  • Ukraine: Regional Khortitsa TV to challenge closure (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/18/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast of Christian Movement political party (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/18/2002
  • Ukraine: Defence official says 22 military personnel standing for parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/18/2002
  • Georgian president rejects conditions set by abductors of policemen (BBC/FT-Tbilisi) 02/18/2002
  • Lohika Systems Announces $1.25 Million Equity Financing For Outsourced Software Services Company :: Компанія 'Логіка', що спеціалізується на розробці програмного забезпечення за кордоном, оголошує про досягнення рівня фінансування в 1,25 млн. доларів (BRAMA) 02/18/2002
  • The Ivaniv Garnet Project - Photo/s (BRAMA) 02/18/2002
  • IOM office in Kiev opens rehabilitation centre and shelter to provide protection and support to victims of trafficking (BRAMA) 02/18/2002
  • Critically ill Ukrainian girl to receive possible life saving health services, thanks to Albertan woman (BRAMA) 02/18/2002
  • Міжнародний День миротворців ООН (BRAMA) 02/18/2002
  • Encyclopedia of Ukraine: Index and Errata [Book] (BRAMA) 02/18/2002
  • Трансконтинентальний Western Union - Photo/s (BRAMA) 02/18/2002
  • In 2001 indebtedness concerning payment of wages and salaries in countryside decreased by 1 billion UAH (AgriUkraine) 02/18/2002
  • In 2003 Ukraine may receive credit of the World Bank for APK (AgriUkraine) 02/18/2002

  • Athletics: Keeping ahead of the Jones (Independent) 02/17/2002
  • Former US secretary of state expresses concern over Ukraine's election campaign (AP/Yahoo) 02/17/2002
  • Little Ukrainian powerhouse outsprints prejudice to achieve grandest status back home (Scotland on Sunday) 02/17/2002
  • Ukraine transits less oil in 2001 (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/17/2002
  • Ukraine: Broadcast of Party for Rehabilitation of Seriously Ill on 16 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/17/2002
  • Ukraine: Centre-right bloc leader advocates unity of democratic forces (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/17/2002
  • Direct inward investment down in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/17/2002
  • Ukraine's Kuchma says no means left for bootleg CD production (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/17/2002
  • Ukraine: Centre-right leader accuses authorities of hampering his election tour (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/17/2002
  • Ukraine: Regional broadcaster denies refusing former premier airtime (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/17/2002
  • Ukrainian president says no to used tractor imports (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/17/2002
  • Ukrainian president says no to used tractor imports (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/17/2002
  • Decontamination starts after radiation leak at Ukrainian power station (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/17/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Zubr bloc on 16 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/17/2002
  • Centrist party sued over publication in western Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/17/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Nikolay Skriabin (Empics/Yahoo) 02/17/2002
  • Two-man bobsleigh results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/17/2002
  • Ice dancing results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/17/2002
  • Speed skating - women's 1000m results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/17/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Elena Grushina and partner Ruslan Goncharov in action during their compulsory dance routine (Empics/Yahoo) 02/17/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Julia Golovina and partner Oleg Voiko in action during their compulsory dance routine (Empics/Yahoo) 02/17/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian freestyle skiier Stanislav Kravchuk flies during qualification (DPA/Yahoo) 02/17/2002
  • Курси англійської мови в Нью Йорку - UAA/АУА (BRAMA) 02/17/2002

  • Marketing blamed for rise in child smokers (Independent) 02/16/2002
  • Cold war thaws at Olympic ice rink (The Scotsman) 02/16/2002
  • Hoddle admits considering Rebrov sale (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/16/2002
  • Кучма поновив своїм указом Омельченка на посаді мера (Кореспондент) 02/16/2002
  • Former US top official worried by reported election violations in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/16/2002
  • Ukraine: Local state media refuses air time to former premier (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/16/2002
  • Ukraine: Disconnected power line cuts nuclear plant's output (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/16/2002
  • CIS set to boost grain output - expert (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/16/2002
  • Ukraine: Regional TV company fighting for survival (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/16/2002
  • Soviet Disunion No 6 (Independent/FT) 02/16/2002
  • Ice Hockey (Guardian/FT) 02/16/2002
  • Ukrainian president says no decision made on leading new party (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/16/2002
  • Couple bid to boost orphanage (Belfast Telegraph/FT) 02/16/2002
  • Former US secretary of state discusses election with Ukrainian politicians (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/16/2002
  • Photo: Serhiy Rebrov (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/16/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Dmitri Dmitrenko in action (Empics/Yahoo) 02/16/2002
  • Former US secretary of state urges Ukrainian NGOs to play active role in parliamentary elections (AP/Yahoo) 02/16/2002
  • Speed Skating - Men's 1000m finals (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/16/2002
  • Biathlon - Men's 12.5km pursuit (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/16/2002
  • Biathlon - Women's 10km pursuit (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/16/2002
  • Two-Man Bobsleigh results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/16/2002
  • Men's Super-G results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/16/2002

  • Кучма на чолі 'За єдУ' (Українська Правда) 02/15/2002
  • Yagudin Wins Gold, Goebel Bronze (AP/Yahoo) 02/15/2002
  • Cross Country - women's pursuit results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/15/2002
  • Luge - pairs results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/15/2002
  • Canadian Figure Skaters Awarded Gold (AP/Yahoo) 02/15/2002
  • U.S. ex-Secretary of State arrives in Ukraine to monitor election campaign (AP/Yahoo) 02/15/2002
  • Latvia 9, Ukraine 2 (AP/Yahoo) 02/15/2002
  • World Bank baffled by Ukraine's policy on coal, says envoy (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/15/2002
  • Ukraine's government election bloc may cooperate with Communists - leader (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/15/2002
  • Azeri deputy premier, Ukrainian premier discuss bilateral ties (BBC/FT-Baku) 02/15/2002
  • (Corr) Azerbaijan invites Ukraine to major oil, gas projects (BBC/FT-Baku) 02/15/2002
  • Ukrainian president vetoes law on how to appoint cabinet (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/15/2002
  • Ukrainian president's man backs embattled TV channel (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/15/2002
  • Azerbaijan has no extra oil to send via Ukrainian pipeline - Azeri official (BBC/FT-Baku) 02/15/2002
  • Sport (AFX Europe/FT) 02/15/2002

  • Latvia looks to cap first Olympic tourney since 1936 with win over Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 02/14/2002
  • Чи могло бути гірше? (Українська Правда) 02/14/2002
  • Photo: Latvia's Andrejs Maticins scores on a penalty shot against Ukraine's goaltender Igor Karpenko (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/14/2002
  • Figure Skating - Men's singles results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/14/2002
  • Photo: Latvia's Vyacheslavs Fanduls scores against Ukraine's goaltender Igor Karpenko (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/14/2002
  • Ukraine's former premier banned from public broadcast in eastern region (AP/Yahoo) 02/14/2002
  • Photo: Seattle SuperSonics' Vladimir Radmanovic is fouled by Los Angeles Lakers' Stanislav Medvedenko (AP/Yahoo) 02/14/2002
  • Cross Country men's pursuit results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/14/2002
  • Ukrainian president concerned at rise in economic crime (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/14/2002
  • Sowing campaign-2002: money will be sown (AgriUkraine) 02/14/2002
  • Olympic Men's Hockey Standings (Yahoo Sports) 02/14/2002
  • Government improved forecast concerning export of grain-2001 up to 7 million tons (AgriUkraine) 02/14/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian forward Dimitri Khristich (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/14/2002
  • Ukraine 4, France 2 (AP/Yahoo) 02/14/2002
  • Ukraine, Azerbaijan sign cooperation agreements (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/14/2002
  • Ukraine, Azerbaijan sign cooperation agreements (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/14/2002
  • Ukraine: Centre-right bloc leader decries unprofessional local executives (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/14/2002
  • Ukraine: Former premier's election bloc welcomed in northern region - paper (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/14/2002
  • Ukraine: Explosion kills five coal miners (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/14/2002
  • Russian-Ukrainian relations heading in right direction, says Russian spokesman (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/14/2002
  • (CORR)Ukraine: Former premier's election bloc welcomed in northern region - paper (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/14/2002
  • Ukrainian Communists publish election manifesto (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/14/2002

  • Photo/s: «Випадкова зустріч» у центрі Тернополя коштує 100 000$ (Тернопільська газета) 02/13/2002
  • Американський мільярдер подарував Тернополю 'Випадкову зустріч' (Тернопільська газета) 02/13/2002
  • Ukrainian cardinal Jozef Tomko smudges ashes on the head of Pope John Paul II (AP/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Pope John Paul II smudges ashes on the head of Ukrainian cardinal Jozef Tomko (AP/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Vladimir Glyvka in flight (Empics/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Photo: Dimitri Khristich of Ukraine celebrates a goal against France (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Photo: Defenseman Vyacheslav Timchenko and forward Valentyn Oletsky congratulate Ukrainian goalie Kostyantyn Simchuk (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Photo: Biathletes Elena Khrustaleva of Belarus and Tetyana Vodopyanova of Ukraine recover (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Men's Skiing Combined Results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Men's Skiing Combined Results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Women's 7.5 km sprint results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Men's Skiing Combined Results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Ukraine stops France 4-2 behind Simchuk (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine goalie Kostyantyn Simchuk dives in front of his net (AP/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Photo: Stanislav Kravchuk of Ukraine practices (AP/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Women's Luge Results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Men's 10 km sprint results (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Ukraine announces grain-export plans (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/13/2002
  • Calif. Slaying Suspect Hangs Self (AP/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Jailers: Accused killer Soltys commits suicide (CNN) 02/13/2002
  • Soltys commits suicide, officials say (Sacramento Bee) 02/13/2002
  • Report: EPA Gives $2B to Nonprofits (AP/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Inquiry Started on Figure Skating Judging (TNYT/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Gold in the cold (USA TODAY/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Skating Flap Brings Call for Reform (AP/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Devers Set For Birmingham Showdown (Sporting Life/Yahoo) 02/13/2002
  • Russia's Gazprom stalls on gas transit deal with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/13/2002
  • Ukraine works to transport Caspian oil - newspaper (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/13/2002
  • Ukraine: Former premier's bloc neither oppositional nor pro-presidential (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/13/2002
  • Ukraine: Tensions high as MPs debate new twist in tape scandal (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/13/2002
  • Poland Introduces Visas for its Eastern Neighbours (Polish News Bulletin/FT) 02/13/2002
  • Athletics (Guardian/FT) 02/13/2002
  • sporting digest: ATHLETICS (Idependent/FT) 02/13/2002
  • Ukraine: New information policy chief promises equal opportunities for media (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/13/2002
  • Результати четвертого дня змагань (НОК) 02/13/2002

  • Hockey: Ukraine push Swiss to the brink (BBC Sport) 02/12/2002
  • Russian Pair Garners Gold: Controversial Judging Keeps Canadians 2nd (Wash Post) 02/12/2002
  • Ukraine: Look into arms exports (CS Monitor) 02/12/2002
  • Так Кучма ставав Лукашенком (Українська Правда) 02/12/2002
  • Belarusian foreign minister [Khvastow] denies gunrunning allegations on Ukrainian visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/12/2002
  • Photo: Masaaki Kozu of Japan, Roman Leybyuk of Ukraine and Choi Im-Hun of South Korea recover (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/12/2002
  • Photo: Figure skater Dmitri Dmitrenko of Ukraine performs his short program (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/12/2002
  • Photo: Dmitri Dmitrenko of Ukraine competes in the men's short program (AP/Yahoo) 02/12/2002
  • Luge Results (AP/Yahoo) 02/12/2002
  • Women's Cross Country Ski Results (AP/Yahoo) 02/12/2002
  • Islanders 1, Flyers 0, OT (AP/Yahoo) 02/12/2002
  • Car crash death of teen [Gennady 'Brian' Dyakov] from Ukraine stuns family, friends (GoUpstate) 02/12/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Aliona Savchenko and partner Stanislav Morozov in action (Empics/Yahoo) 02/12/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Tatiana Chuvaeva and partner Dmitri Palamarchuk in action (Empics/Yahoo) 02/12/2002
  • Photo: Bente Skari of Norway leads other skiers including Valentina Shevchenko of Ukraine (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/12/2002
  • Результати третього дня змагань (НОК) 02/12/2002
  • Ukraine: Security chief [Marchuk] rejects illegal arms trade allegations (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/12/2002
  • Ukrainian prime minister [Anatoliy Kinakh]'s days numbered - paper [Zerkalo Nedeli] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/12/2002
  • Poland to introduce visas for eastern neighbours in July 2003 (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 02/12/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] waters down his EU membership plan (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/12/2002
  • Ukraine reports foreign trade up in 2001 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/12/2002
  • Ukraine: Dual government in Kiev city as mayor [Oleksandr Omelchenko] refuses to step down [Ihor Shovkun, appointed as acting Kiev mayor yesterday by President Kuchma] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/12/2002
  • World Bank postpones talks on programme adjustment loan till summer (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/12/2002
  • JKX Oil & Gas to restart investment programme for Poltava (AFX/FT) 02/12/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean speaker [Leonid Hrach] asks CIS observers to monitor local election (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/12/2002
  • Cabinet of Ministers will develop grain market (AgriUkraine) 02/12/2002
  • In 2001 profits of agriculturists from sales of grain reached 2.16 billion UAH (AgriUkraine) 02/12/2002
  • Sowing campaign-2002: money will be sown (AgriUkraine) 02/12/2002
  • Host families sought for visiting Chernoybl children (from 2/10/02) (Peninsula Daily) 02/12/2002
  • Custom software developer Validio relies on talent from the former Soviet republic [Ukraine] (Business Journal) 02/12/2002
  • Rift Between Vatican, Orthodox (Insight) 02/12/2002
  • Ice-dance insiders say result already decided (Globe and Mail) 02/12/2002
  • Roundup: Ukraine wins, but loses spot in medal round (Sportsline) 02/12/2002
  • Figure Skating Pairs Results (AP/Yahoo) 02/12/2002
  • Belarus Claims Spot in Final Round of Hockey (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/12/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Nikolay Skriabin in action (Empics/Yahoo) 02/12/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] calls for diversification of Russian, Ukrainian oil exports (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/12/2002
  • Ukrainian voters' watchdog reports campaign irregularities in January (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/12/2002
  • [~200] Ukrainian workers [miners from Donetsk, Luhansk and Dnipropetrovsk Oblasts] demonstrate [in Kyiv] for payment of wage arrears (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/12/2002
  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demands whistleblower [Melnychenko]'s extradition (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/12/2002
  • No chance for justice in Ukraine's [Melnychenko-Kuchma] tape scandal - paper [Zerkalo Nedeli] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/12/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by opposition Yuliya Tymoshenko bloc 11 Feb 01 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/12/2002

  • Крах парламентаризму в Білорусії, Росії й Україні (Політична думка) 02/11/2002
  • Blues' Varlamov sleeps in, joins Ukraine's first team (St Louis Post-Dispatch) 02/11/2002
  • Surprising Latvia Eliminates Slovakia (Wash Post) 02/11/2002
  • Чорний понеділок Омельченка (Українська Правда) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Ruslan Fedotenko maneuvers around a hip check (AP/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Ruslan Fedotenko celebrates after scoring a goal against Switzerland (AP/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Swiss forward Marcel Jenni and Ukraine forward Oleksiy Ponikarovsky collide along the boards (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Ruslan Fedotenko of Ukraine and teammate Oleksiy Ponikarovsky celebrate (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine goalkeeper Igor Karpenko is unable to stop a shot by Switzerland's Dandy Jeannin (AP/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Switzerland's Patric Della Rosa attempts to trip Ukraine's Vasyl Bobrovnikov (AP/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Ukraine Upset Swiss to Keep Hopes Alive (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Figure skaters Tatiana Chuvaeva and Dmitri Palamarchuk of Ukraine do their free skating routine (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Tottenham striker Serhiy Rebrov (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Wenger no longer interested in Rebrov (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian figure skaters Stanislav Morozov and Aliona Savchenko (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian figure skaters Stanislav Morozov and Aliona Savchenko perform (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Sergei Varlamov of Ukraine falls on top of Reto von Arx of Switzerland (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainians Valentyn Oletsky, Vladislav Sierov and Vasyl Bobovnikov celebrate (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian goalkeeper Igor Karpenko blocks a shot on goal (AP/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Hockey: Ukraine 5, Switzerland 2 (AP/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Vadym Shakhraychuk gets congratulated by Sergiy Klymentiev (AP/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Photo: Olena Zubrilova of Ukraine competes in the women's 15km biathlon (AP/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Late Charge Wins Biathlon Gold for Germany's Henkel (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Yugoslav foreign minister to pay one-day official visit to Ukraine 12 Feb (BBC/FT-Belgrade) 02/11/2002
  • Electoral body annuls registration of Women of Ukraine candidates (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/11/2002
  • Ukraine: Top official denies use of administrative resource in elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/11/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Yabluko on 11 Feb 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/11/2002
  • Indusmin Announces First Producing Well in the Ukraine (Business Wire/FT) 02/11/2002
  • For a United Ukraine election broadcast - interview with Kinakh (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/11/2002
  • Ukraine: Army reform held up by lack of money - expert (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/11/2002
  • ICE HOCKEY (Guardian/FT) 02/11/2002
  • Ukraine destroys 65,000 pirated CDs (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/11/2002
  • Ukraine formally takes over part of Moldovan road (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/11/2002
  • Ukrainian TV profiles Prime Minister Kinakh (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/11/2002
  • Kiev mayor in row with Ukrainian president over campaign leave (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/11/2002
  • Ukrainian president stresses common goals with Russia ahead of Siberian visit (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/11/2002
  • Ukraine: Kiev parliament supports mayor in row with president (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/11/2002
  • Chess Piece (BusinessWorld/FT ) 02/11/2002
  • Кучма виштовхне у відпустку Литвина і пару губернаторів (Forum) 02/11/2002
  • Кучма призначив Шовкуна виконуючим обов'язки мера Києва на час парламентських виборів (Korespondent) 02/11/2002
  • Термін прийому податкових декларацій подовжено до 1 квітня (Korespondent) 02/11/2002
  • Ukraine's Aliona Savchenko in action (Empics/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Ukraine's Tatiana Chuvaeva and Dmitri Palamarchuk (Empics/Yahoo) 02/11/2002
  • Campaigning heats up as Ukraine prepares for polls (Financial Times) 02/11/2002
  • Apples With Honey - A wedding in Queens (by Andrey Slivka) (NY Press) 02/11/2002

  • Photo: Ukrainian man shovels coal outside a makeshift coal pit (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/10/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian man prepares for sale bags with coal from a makeshift coal (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/10/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian miner cobs a coal course kneeling in a makeshift pit (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/10/2002
  • Poverty stalks Ukrainian child miner (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/10/2002
  • Rebrov Is Happy At Spurs - Agent (Sportal/Yahoo) 02/10/2002
  • Rebrov reveals Arsenal interest (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/10/2002
  • Germany Scores Upset to Open Olympic Hockey (AFP/Yahoo) 02/10/2002
  • Slovakia Loses to Germans in Hockey (AFP/Yahoo) 02/10/2002
  • Olympics-Ice Hockey-Germany Scores Upset to Open Games (AFP/Yahoo) 02/10/2002
  • U.S. Wins Two Medals at Olympics (AFP/Yahoo) 02/10/2002
  • Photo: Belarusian Konstantin Koltsov is stopped by a Ukrainian trio (DPA/Yahoo) 02/10/2002
  • Photo: Aliona Savchenko and Stanislav Morozov of Ukraine compete in the pairs short program (AP/Yahoo) 02/10/2002

  • Photo: Ukrainian figure skater Dmitri Palamarchuk throws his partner Tatiana Chuvaeva (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian figure skaters Dmitri Palamarchuk and Tatiana Chuvaeva perform (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summons US ambassador over former state guard (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/09/2002
  • Ukraine: Rivne nuclear reactor halves output for repairs (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/09/2002
  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summons US ambassador over former state guard (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/09/2002
  • Ukraine: Premier defies president's advice to take leave during campaign (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/09/2002
  • Ukrainian leader warns against politicizing Russian gas pipeline issue (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/09/2002
  • Ukrainian party leaders begin campaigning for parliamentary elections (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/09/2002
  • Belarus 1, Ukraine 0 (AFP/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Olympics: Germany Scores Hockey Upset, Belarus Wins (AFP/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Olympic Cross-Country Ski Results (AFP/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Competition Opens at Winter Games (AFP/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Photo: Aliona Savchenko and Stanislav Morozov of Ukraine perform their short program (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Olympic Cross-Country Ski Results (AP/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Photo: Belarus defenseman Oleg Mikulchik scores in the third period against Ukraine goaltender Kostyantyn Simchuk (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine goaltender Kostyantyn Simchuk looks on as members of the Belarus team celebrate (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Belarus 1, Ukraine 0 (AP/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine forward Roman Salinikov skates in on Belarus goaltender Sergei Shabanov (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Photo: Biathlete Olena Petrova carries her country's flag as the Ukrainian Olympic team enters the stadium during the Opening Ceremony for the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Photo: Nashville Predators' Scott Hartnell is taken out of the play by Washington Capitals' Dimitri Khristich (AP/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Photo: Andriy Shevchenko (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • AC Milan striker Shevchenko keen to bide his time (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Photo: Vitali Klitschko of Ukraine celebrates after he won his fight against U.S. boxer Vaughn Bean (AP/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko fights with his challenger Vaughn Bean from the U.S. (AP/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko beats his challenger U.S. heavyweight boxer Vaughn Bean (AP/Yahoo) 02/09/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko beats his challenger U.S. heavyweight boxer Vaughn Bean (AP/Yahoo) 02/09/2002

  • Ukraine: Prosecutor dismisses US findings on whistleblower's tapes (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/08/2002
  • Ukraine: Kiev mayor sues TV producer over licence allegations (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/08/2002
  • Morocco: Crew of Ukrainian cargo aircraft die in crash (BBC/FT-Rabat) 02/08/2002
  • Rebrov: I'm off at end of season (The Beautiful Game) 02/08/2002
  • UN: Recovery Plan Needed For Chornobyl Zone (RFE/RL) 02/08/2002
  • Російська економічна експансія в Україні [круглий стіл 12.2.02] (IREX ProMedia) 02/08/2002
  • Top Pairs Draw Early Spots (San Antonio Express) 02/08/2002
  • Gurtin named BSTDB president (Financial Times) 02/08/2002
  • Europe: Stranded Truckers In Luxembourg Are Indicators Of Massive Problem (RFE/RL) 02/08/2002
  • Photo: Serhiy Rebrov (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/08/2002
  • Rebrov to leave Tottenham at end of season (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/08/2002
  • Fed up Rebrov to quit Spurs (This Is London) 02/08/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian Prime Minister Anatoly Kinakh (L) welcomes U.S. Under-Secretary of State for global affairs Paula Dobriansky (Feb. 5) (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/08/2002
  • Ukraine reports 2001 electricity statistics (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/08/2002
  • [Zaporizhzhya] Nuclear reactor shut down in eastern Ukraine due to malfunction (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/08/2002
  • [Rivne] Nuclear reactor in western Ukraine reconnected to power grid (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/08/2002
  • Ukraine: Communist leader [Symonenko] fears US impact on elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/08/2002
  • Ukraine: MPs accept president's call to make election debates voluntary (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/08/2002
  • Decision on Ukrainian Gas By-pass No Earlier Than Mid-2002 (Polish News Bulletin/FT) 02/08/2002
  • United may come back for Di Canio, says Roeder (Guardian/FT) 02/08/2002

  • Наближається Громадянський Форум (Українська Правда) 02/07/2002
  • Плівки Мельниченка справжні або Хто і коли сяде на нари? (Українська Правда) 02/07/2002
  • U.S. Senate Urges Government of Ukraine to Ensure Democratic, Fair, Transparent Election Process [S. Res. 205 PDF format] (U.S. Senate) 02/07/2002
  • 8 Dead in [Russian-built] Ukrainian Plane Crash (AP/Yahoo) 02/07/2002
  • Revenue shortfall forces Russia's Gazprom to abandon pipeline project (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/07/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian figure skaters Tatiana Chuvaeva and Dmitri Palamarchuk (AP/Yahoo) 02/07/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine chef de mission Vasyl Karlenko pretends to smoke a pipe (AP/Yahoo) 02/07/2002
  • Ukraine asks USA again to extradite ex-premier [Lazarenko] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/07/2002
  • Ukrainian arms exports grew 10 per cent last year (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/07/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] signs CD piracy bill into law (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/07/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean ex-premier [Kunitsyn] complains of dirty tricks in local campaign (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/07/2002
  • Belarusian, Ukrainian border troops chiefs sign cooperation protocol (BBC/FT-Minsk) 02/07/2002
  • Frost Brown Todd LLC's Client Wins Major Patent Infringement Case Against America's Largest Hair Dryer Manufacturer (Business Wire/FT) 02/07/2002
  • Ukraine: Former premier [Lazarenko] faces charges of plotting MP murders (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/07/2002
  • Ukraine: Ex-PM [Lazarenko] had MPs killed to further business interests - prosecutor [Obykhod] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/07/2002
  • Moldovan official says Dnestr Republic supplying arms to Karabakh -Azeri paper (BBC/FT-Baku) 02/07/2002
  • Next Ukrainian parliament to change constitution - newspaper analysis [Zerkalo Nedeli] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/07/2002
  • Poland plans to introduce visas for Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarussian visitors in 2003 (Polish News Bulletin/FT) 02/07/2002
  • Ukraine wants governmental talks with Hungary on status law's work permits (BBC/FT-Budapest) 02/07/2002
  • Ukrainian plane crashes in Morocco killing eight (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/07/2002
  • Ukraine: Editor and election candidate [V. Katsman] says he barely escaped car crash (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/07/2002
  • 107th U.S. Congress Urges Government of Ukraine to Ensure Democratic, Transparent, Fair Election Process [H. Res. 339 1/29/02] (U.S. Congress) 02/07/2002
  • Chernobyl's Long Shadow (CBS) 02/07/2002
  • Chernobyl Consequences Threaten Thousands 16 Years on, UN Says (Bloomberg) 02/07/2002
  • Ukraine to Vote on Whether to Start Kuchma Impeachment (Bloomberg) 02/07/2002
  • Chernobyl Advocates Denounce U.N. (AP/Yahoo) 02/07/2002
  • Світ має знати про Чорнобиль якомога більше [ООН] (BRAMA) 02/07/2002
  • The Human Consequences of the Chernobyl [Chornobyl] Nuclear Accident: A Strategy for Recovery [PDF format] (UN) 02/07/2002
  • UN launches report on environmental, health effects of Chernobyl [Chornobyl] nuclear accident (UN) 02/07/2002
  • Radiation Mutations Passed to Kids, Study Finds (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/07/2002
  • Study: Radiation [from Soviet atomic bomb testing] Caused Mutations (AP/Yahoo) 02/07/2002
  • Photo: Chartered Ukrainian AN-225 Mriya, the largest aircraft in the world, brings supplies to the 405th Air Expeditionary Wing during Operation Enduring Freedom [1/8/2002] (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/07/2002
  • Many Claimants Lack Sufficient Documentation [IOM, German Forced Labor Compensation] (BRAMA) 02/07/2002
  • Курси англійської мови в Нью Йорку (BRAMA) 02/07/2002
  • Ukrainian capital mayor denies involvement in TV licence case (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/07/2002
  • Ukrainian parliament replaces information policy chief, media council members (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/07/2002
  • Three hurt, papers lost in fire at Ukrainian government building (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/07/2002
  • Ukraine not to request employment deal from Hungary over status law (BBC/FT-Budapest) 02/07/2002
  • Ukraine offers peacekeeping role in Karabakh - Azeri report (BBC/FT-Baku) 02/07/2002
  • Ukraine: Newly appointed information boss pledges impartiality (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/07/2002
  • Ukrainian firefighters rule out arson attack on government building (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/07/2002
  • Studies on Ukrainian 'By-Pass' Continue (Polish News Bulletin/FT) 02/07/2002
  • Ukraine: Reactor's reconnection fails due to electric fault (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/07/2002
  • Практичне застосування менеджмент-консультації у бізнесі [семінар-дискусія 8.2.02] (IREX ProMedia) 02/07/2002

  • Russia limits pipe production to help Ukraine - ambassador [Chernomyrdin] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/06/2002
  • Stojko prepares for lift off (Globe and Mail) 02/06/2002
  • Press Conference on Chernobyl sponsored by Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) (UN) 02/06/2002
  • Top U.S. official [Paula Dobriansky] says Ukraine's election campaign marked by some violations (AP/Yahoo) 02/06/2002
  • Salt Lake Venues Highest in Decades (AP/Yahoo) 02/06/2002
  • U.N. Studies Chernobyl Aftermath (AP/Yahoo) 02/06/2002
  • Latest Hollywood script deal (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/06/2002
  • Photo: Chicago Bulls' Kevin Ollie goes up for a shot as Los Angeles Lakers' Slava Medvedenko tries to block (AP/Yahoo) 02/06/2002
  • Ukrainian minister foresees difficulty in getting US trade sanctions lifted (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/06/2002
  • Russia limits pipe production to help Ukraine - ambassador (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/06/2002
  • Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. Announces Response to Ukraine Legal Action (PR Newswire/FT) 02/06/2002
  • Hungarian president urges Ukraine closer to EU, NATO (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/06/2002
  • Hungary ready for talks with Ukraine on status law, if needed - president (BBC/FT-Budapest) 02/06/2002
  • РЕВЮ: 'Андрей', 'Тріумфальна Жінка' - Театр ім. Марії Заньковецької - гастрольний тур по Північній Америці (BRAMA) 02/06/2002
  • КМ компенсуватиме аграріям не менше 10% ставки кредитів з бюджету (AgriUkraine) 02/06/2002
  • Photo/s: Glass, Necktie - new film release by writer-director Paul Bojack (Roman Paul Boychuk) (BRAMA) 02/06/2002
  • Photo/s: Делегація України на Всесвітньому економічному форумі в Нью-Йорку відзначає зростання практичного інтересу міжнародних інвесторів (BRAMA) 02/06/2002
  • Latvian, Ukrainian foreign ministers discuss inter-state agreements (BBC/FT-Tallinn) 02/06/2002
  • Poland to Ask Eastern Neighbours for Visas Starting Mid Next (Polish News Bulletin/FT) 02/06/2002
  • Russia urges bypass gas pipeline (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/06/2002
  • Nuclear reactor in western Ukraine back in operation (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/06/2002
  • Ukrainian minister foresees difficulty in getting US trade sanctions lifted (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/06/2002
  • ECONOMY# IN BRIEF (Polish News Bulletin/FT) 02/06/2002
  • Ukrainian-Hungarian deal on border crossing, flood defence signed (BBC/FT-Bucharest) 02/06/2002
  • (Corrected)Producers of Ukrainian television channel name men behind license ban (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/06/2002

  • Лезо (Грані-плюс) 02/05/2002
  • Кінець підкрався непомітно і застав адміністрацію Кучми зненацька (Українська Правда) 02/05/2002
  • U.S. high-ranking official (Paula Dobriansky) to discuss parliamentary elections in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 02/05/2002
  • Figure Skating: Dreams of spinning silver into gold (MSNBC) 02/05/2002
  • Yield of rape in 2001 was the best during last decade (AgriUkraine) 02/05/2002
  • Plan of expansion of Odessa port adopted (AgriUkraine) 02/05/2002
  • Government prepares program of development of social sphere of countryside (AgriUkraine) 02/05/2002
  • APK of Kharkiv region is profitable (AgriUkraine) 02/05/2002
  • EUROPE: Ukraine bonds issue in doubt NEWS DIGEST (Financial Times) 02/05/2002
  • PM Miller Calls Ukraine Poland's Strategic Partner (Polish News Bulletin/FT) 02/05/2002
  • New Groclin Company Established in Ukraine (Polish News Bulletin/FT) 02/05/2002
  • NEWS BULLETIN: Turkey and Ukraine celebrate 10th anniversary of diplomatic relations (Turkish Daily News/FT) 02/05/2002
  • Ukraine: One Plus One TV files appeal against licence revocation (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/05/2002
  • Ukraine: Whistleblower in tape scandal insists tapes authentic (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/05/2002
  • Ukraine: Over 900 kg of mercury found in basement in Crimean restaurant (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/05/2002
  • Ukraine: Premier slams credit policy of commercial banks (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/05/2002
  • Chess (Idependent/FT) 02/05/2002

  • Ukrainian community draws upon 'symbol of life' (Denver Post) 02/04/2002
  • Photo: Boxers Vitali Klitschko and Vaughn Bean (DPA/Yahoo) 02/04/2002
  • Witali Klitschko vom Sieg ьber Bean ьberzeugt (DPA/Yahoo) 02/04/2002
  • Russian Gazprom scraps plan for pipeline to bypass Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/04/2002
  • Ukraine president aims to invigorate relations with USA, China (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/04/2002
  • Питання економічного співробітництва між Україною та США (BRAMA) 02/04/2002
  • Ukraine: President vetoes law on local council elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 02/04/2002
  • OSCE high commissioner praises Ukraine's policy towards ethnic minorities (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/04/2002
  • Ukraine: Russian TV channels reportedly disappear from cable networks (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/04/2002

  • Chess by Douglas Bryson (The Scotsman) 02/03/2002
  • Car crash sparks fears of assassination plot (The Scotsman) 02/03/2002
  • FORUM-Russian power king eyes linking grid with Europe (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/03/2002
  • Photo: Andriy Shevchenko of Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 02/03/2002
  • Ukraine starts to design new space rocket for commercial launches (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/03/2002
  • Ukraine posts 1-per-cent monthly inflation in January (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/03/2002
  • Ukraine: Russian TV channels disappear from cable networks (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/03/2002
  • Ukrainian arms-industry chief urges more money for research, space intelligence (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/03/2002
  • Ukrainian premier reminds Romania of inviolability of borders (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/03/2002
  • Ukrainian foreign trade up (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/03/2002
  • Photo: Lazio's Aparecido Cesar of Brazil looks at AC Milan's Andriy Shevchenko of Ukraine dive (AP/Yahoo) 02/03/2002
  • Photo/s: Building a dream: construction of the new Ukrainian Museum gets underway (BRAMA) 02/03/2002
  • Photo/s: Ukrainian Chorus 'Dumka' sings to oldest Protestant congregation in New York City (BRAMA) 02/03/2002
  • Делегація України проводить консультації з американськими інвесторами - другий день роботи Всесвітнього економічного форуму (BRAMA) 02/03/2002
  • Photo/s: An Evening of Christmas Caroling (Koliada) at the Embassy of Ukraine (BRAMA) 02/03/2002

  • Ukrainian former premier sees no future without stable parliamentary majority (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/02/2002
  • Uzbek-Ukrainian trade turnover 372m dollars in 2001 (BBC/FT-Tashkent) 02/02/2002
  • Injured in Kiev blast victim of his own chemical test - Ukrainian TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/02/2002
  • Loyalty to president not defining political feature - Ukrainian centrist leader (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/02/2002

  • Photo: Ukrainian tax policemen unload some 30,000 counterfeit compact discs from a truck (Reuters/Yahoo) 02/01/2002
  • Photo: Russian World All-Stars Sergei Gonchar, Sergei Fedorov, Alexei Zhamanov, and Alexei Zhitnik, from Ukraine (AP) 02/01/2002
  • Photo: Boston Celtics forward Vitaly Potapenko and Minnesota Timberwolves center Rasho Nesterovic (AP/Yahoo) 02/01/2002
  • Ukraine: Calls to Russia, Kazakhstan become international (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/01/2002
  • Ukraine: Pro-government bloc leader urges candidates to declare true income (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/01/2002
  • Ukraine, Russia close to agreement on border delimitation (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/01/2002
  • Ukrainian arms-industry chief urges military use of space programme (BBC/FT-Moscow) 02/01/2002
  • Ukrainian chief veterinary surgeon defends ban on US poultry imports (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/01/2002
  • Ukrainian Social Democrat leader praises PM Kinakh over predecessor Yushchenko (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/01/2002
  • Ukraine: Driver involved in opposition leader's accident denies foul play (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/01/2002
  • Cabinet of Ministers prepared draft law concerning consulting service in agriculture (AgriUkraine) 02/01/2002
  • Ukraine may export 8 million tons of grain (AgriUkraine) 02/01/2002
  • Ukraine to get 60m dollars from World Bank to combat AIDS, TB (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 02/01/2002
  • Микола Мельниченко: 'Вважаю своїм обов'язком продовжувати боротьбу' (Svoboda) 02/01/2002
  • Українська делегація розпочала роботу на Всесвітньому економічному форумі в Нью-Йорку. Міжнародні експерти позитивно оцінюють економічні зрушення в нашій державі. (BRAMA) 02/01/2002
  • Пресове Повідомлення Асоціяції Українців Америки - Photo (BRAMA) 02/01/2002
  • UECC is processing applications for Austrian [Forced Labor] Compensation (BRAMA) 02/01/2002
  • Стан свободи слова в Україні [прес-конф 04.02.02] (IREX ProMedia) 02/01/2002
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

    Nadiya Savchenko's speech in Basmanny Court, Moscow, 10.02.2015 (Voices of Ukraine)

    Joe Biden: Don’t tell us. Show us, President Putin. 2/7/2015 Munich Security Conference

    Speech by President of Ukraine at the Munich Security conference Feb 7 2015

    #FreeSavchenko video by Adriana Luhovy [Twitter storm Jan 26 2015]


    Twitter storm day Jan 26 2015

    Live map of Ukraine

    Ukraine Today TV LIVE on Youtube

    Live map of Ukraine

    Live map of Ukraine

    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.

    Громадське радіо

    Громадське радіо

    Громадське телебачення

    Громадське телебачення

    Facebook Євромайдан

    Facebook Євромайдан

    Happy Kyiv (inspired by Pharrell Williams 'Happy')

    Inauguration of Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, June 7, 2014

    The Kyiv Post

    День The Day Newspaper

    Експрес онлайн -- Львів

    Voice of America/Голос Америки

    Mirror Weekly/Дзеркало Тижня


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    World Issues
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     ·  Afghanistan
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    Climate Effects
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    Nasha knopka Наша кнопка

    Yushchenko 2009 (NYC)
    Yushchenko 2008 (NYC)
    Genocide (NYC)
    Rushnyk (NYC)
    more ...

    Video: OC Yushchenko speech
    Video: Orange Circle Yushchenko
    Video: Heritage Days
    more ...

    more ... ]  

    What will L.Kuchma's fate be under the Yushchenko presidency?
    Same as Ceausescu
    Exile in Russia or elsewhere
    Prosecution and jail in Ukraine
    Immunity from prosecution in Ukraine
    Pardoned by Yushchenko
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