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Tue, July 16, 16:38 EDT
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  • How Susie Bayer's T-Shirt Ended Up on Yusuf Mama's Back (NY Times) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainians Drink Champagne on the Last Day of the Election Campaign (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • There's Room 'Ere for You (NY Times) 03/31/2002
  • 500 ballots stolen, wandering soldiers vote in Irpin [update 5:00 PM Kyiv time] (RCC/Brama) 03/31/2002
  • 40 percent of ballots cast as of 3 pm [update 5:24 PM Kyiv Time] (RCC/Brama) 03/31/2002
  • MP Filenko, aide, international observer beaten [update 6:20 PM Kyiv Time] (RCC/Brama) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine Parliament Elections 2002 Exit Poll [updated 8:30 PM Kyiv Time] (RCC/Brama) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine Parliament Elections 2002 Exit Polls Compared [update 9:50 PM Kyiv Time] (RCC/Brama) 03/31/2002
  • Gymnastics: Wild Rose International Invitational (CP/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: Prisoners Vote in Zhytomyr (AFP/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • An event colored by culture (Baltimore Sun) 03/31/2002
  • РЕЗУЛЬТАТИ EXIT POLL (Exit Poll/Brama) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine's opposition groups, president's allies face off in parliamentary vote (AP/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine's opposition groups buoyant, president's allies subdued after parliamentary vote (AP/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: A couple reads the ballots prior to casting their votes for parliamentary elections (AP/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine: Observers report around 100,000 [?10,000] irregularities nationwide (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/31/2002
  • Ukrainian speaker [Plyushch], premier [Kinakh] cast votes in parliamentary poll with optimism (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine: Election process in Crimea difficult - official (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine: Pro-presidential bloc [For a United Ukraine] wins prison vote (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Ukrainian Socialist leader [Moroz] accuses electoral body of bias (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine: Communist leader [Symonenko] believes cooperation with Russia essential (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Communist leader [Symonenko] slams US role in Ukraine's general election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Final turnout over 65 per cent in Ukrainian election (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine: Election winner [Yushchenko's Our Ukraine Bloc] says entry to EU possible in 4-5 years (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine: Irregularities disrupt poll in some constituencies - frontrunner [Yushchenko] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Ukrainian reformer [Vitktor Yushchenko, the leader of the Our Ukraine bloc] hails victory (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine: East-west divide in election preferences deep - exit poll (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine's government bloc [For a United Ukraine] leader [Lytvyn] pleased with exit poll result (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Ukrainian Communist leader [Symonenko] rules out coalition (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine: Election watchdog [Ukrainian Committee of Voters] calls poll fair and transparent (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine: Front-runner claims victory in parliamentary election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine: Opposition leading in early [exit] polls (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/31/2002
  • Crimean speaker [Hrach] says Ukrainian election lacks democracy (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Election observers [at Our Ukraine's HQ] attacked in eastern Ukraine [Kharkiv] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/31/2002
  • Election violations reported in Ukraine's Kharkiv region (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/31/2002
  • Spanish a Major Selling Point (LA Times) 03/31/2002
  • Reformer Claims Victory in Ukraine Election (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's election commission officials sort ballot papers (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's election commission officials empty a ballot box (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Ukrainians Choose New Parliament (AP/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Who'll Save Ukraine? (Deutsche Welle) 03/31/2002
  • Reformers ahead in Ukraine poll (BBC News) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine Exit Poll Puts Reformer Ahead in Election (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine's Unfair Choice (Wash Post) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: A voter looks at the posters that show candidates prior to casting her ballot (AP/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's reformist leader Viktor Yushchenko, former prime minister and head of 'Our Ukraine' bloc, drops his ballot at a polling station (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma leaves a booth with his ballot (AP/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian communist leader Petro Symonenko drops his ballot papers at a polling station (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: Soldiers of Ukraine's Presidential regiment look through ballot papers at a polling station (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine goes to the polls (BBC News) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: An elderly Ukrainian woman uses a magnifying glass as she reads her ballot papers (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine Votes in Poll Crucial for Kuchma's Future (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Slow turnout in Ukrainian election (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/31/2002
  • Vodka for votes reported in eastern Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/31/2002
  • Ukrainian presidential aide [Lytvyn] says stations in Ivano-Frankivsk failed to open (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • President [Kuchma] slams parliament while casting vote in Ukrainian polls (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Ukrainian president casts vote, hopes new parliament will be better (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine: Voting begins in parliamentary election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • OSCE observer positive about conduct of Ukrainian elections (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/31/2002
  • Ukrainian foreign minister [Zlenko] speaks of challenges, hopes for new parliament (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/31/2002
  • Crimean speaker [Hrach] takes part in election despite court ban (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine: Chairman of Crimean electoral commission resigns in protest (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/31/2002
  • Key facts about Ukraine ahead of Sunday poll (Business Recorder/FT) 03/31/2002
  • President [Kuchma] denies Ukraine involved in arms trading (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/31/2002
  • Chernobyl [Chornobyl] still priority for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: A Ukrainian prisoner drops his ballot papers in a polling box in a prison (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine Votes in Test of Democracy (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Ukrainians choose between reform and stability in parliamentary vote (AP/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Photo: Yulia Tymoshenko, former deputy prime minister and an opposition leader, greets voters (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Ukraine Votes in Test of Democracy (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/31/2002
  • Embroidered With Color (NY Times) 03/31/2002

  • Ukrainian leader 'is using Stalinist tactics to rig poll' (Independent) 03/30/2002
  • Creating art with an egg (RWRE) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine vote front-runner [Yushchenko] vows reforms, prosperity (Business Recorder/FT) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine's economy set for boost after election (Business Recorder/FT) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine ends duty-free Moldavian sugar imports (Business Recorder/FT) 03/30/2002
  • China cooperates with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine on technology project (BBC/FT-Beijing) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine's main parties claim victory ahead of poll (Business Recorder/FT) 03/30/2002
  • Photo: New York Islanders goalie Chris Osgood is unable to stop a shot by Washington Capitals' Dmitri Khristich (AP/Yahoo) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine: Elections Serve As Referendum On Kuchma's Rule, But Will Anything Really Change? (RFE/RL) 03/30/2002
  • Ukrainians choose between reform and stability in parliamentary vote (AP/Yahoo) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine Votes in Election to Decide Leader's Fate (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/30/2002
  • Photo: Yulia Tymoshenko, former deputy prime minister and an opposition leader, greets voters (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/30/2002
  • Candidate in Ukraine's parliamentary elections shot to death two nights before vote (AP/Yahoo) 03/30/2002
  • Roeland Park resident creates eggstraordinary art [Photo] (Johnson County Sun) 03/30/2002
  • Miner killed in eastern Ukraine, another injured in coal face collapse (AP/Yahoo) 03/30/2002
  • Running: Balmoral triumph for O'Sullivan (BBC Sport) 03/30/2002
  • Candidate shot on eve of Ukraine poll (BBC News) 03/30/2002
  • RCC Vybory 2002: One Outcome Scenario [PDF] (RCC) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine's Yushchenko, Alliance Seen Winning Weekend Elections (Bloomberg) 03/30/2002
  • Dead Voters to Rob Ukraine's Poll, Says Opposition (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/30/2002
  • Reporters Without Borders condemns violence against journalists in Ukrainian campaign (AP/Yahoo) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine: Reward offered for information on [Ivano-Frankivsk Region] parliamentary hopeful [Mykola Shkriblyak]'s murder (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/30/2002
  • Parliamentary hopeful [Mykola Shkriblyak] shot dead in western Ukraine [[Ivano-Frankivsk] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/30/2002
  • Politician shot on eve of poll (CNN) 03/30/2002
  • Candidate killed on eve of Ukraine's parliamentary elections (AP/Yahoo) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine: [Yuliya Tymoshenko] Opposition bloc ready to carry out alternative poll count (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine: Official exit polls aimed to discredit independent pollsters - analyst [Mykola Tomenko, Ukrayina Moloda] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/30/2002
  • Notes to RCC Vybory 2002: One Outcome Scenario (RCC) 03/30/2002
  • Ukrainian election watchdog [Committee of Voters of Ukraine NGO] ready for monitoring on polling day (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/30/2002
  • [Tymoshenko] Opposition bloc reports 'ballot-rigging' attempt in eastern Ukraine [Donetsk] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/30/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition leader [Tymoshenko] attacks president [Leonid Kuchma] ahead of elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine: Local commission ignores court ban on Crimean speaker [Hrach]'s election bid (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine: Communist leader [Symonenko] says leftist rivals sponsored by president [Kuchma]'s entourage (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine: Pro-government bloc leader [Lytvyn] hopes to see viable majority in parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/30/2002
  • Politicians swap hats to woo workers in Ukraine (Financial Times) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine prepares for election (BBC News) 03/30/2002
  • Ukraine steel workers split the vote for Kuchma (Financial Times) 03/30/2002

  • Ukraine's Leader Struggles to Go Quietly (NY Times) 03/29/2002
  • Мороз: Президент за всіма ознаками цього року має піти у відставку (Українська Правда) 03/29/2002
  • Вибори-2002: остаточний прогноз (Українська Правда) 03/29/2002
  • Dissidents under attack as Ukraine's election nears (SF Chronicle) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Leonid Kuchma] addresses nation ahead of polling day (text) (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Leonid Kuchma] addresses nation ahead of polling day (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • President Kuchma derides Ukraine-Russia bridge project in Crimea (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • No significant irregularities in Ukrainian campaign - election chief [Central Electoral Commission, Mykhaylo Ryabets] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Almost 7,000 parliamentary candidates registered in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/29/2002
  • Almost 37m voters registered in Ukraine ahead of election (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian tax police investigates origin of presidential bodyguard [Melnychenko]'s tapes (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine: Government bloc leader [Lytvyn] praises merger of pro-presidential parties (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Nazi scandal an election trick against Ukrainian front-running [Viktor Yushchenko's Our Ukraine election] bloc - paper [Zerkalo Nedeli] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian elections likely to reinforce internal east-west divide - paper [Zerkalo Nedeli] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] hails unification of pro-presidential parties (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine drifting away from Western democracy - weekly [Zerkalo Nedeli] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine: Election advert accuses opposition leader [Tymoshenko] of corruption (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine: Anti-presidential opposition [Tymoshenko bloc] wins lawsuit against tax authorities (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] defends protectionist measures (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] says duty on Russian imports 'preventive measure' (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean speaker says Kiev organized his election ouster (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/29/2002
  • Lithuanian politicians welcome partnership with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Tallinn) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian presidential staff chief [Lytvyn] warns of dangers of globalization (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean speaker banned from local election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian giant jets [Antonov-124-100] to continue flying German cargoes to Afghanistan (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/29/2002
  • Spain's Mercado wins Catalan Cycling Week (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Atlantic Canada has professional ballet company for first time in years (CP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainians Face Crucial Elections (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Photo: Supporters of Julia Tymoshenko listen to her speech (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Photo: Supporters of Julia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's former deputy prime minister and an opposition leader (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine's government approves import of 30,000 tons (33,000 short tons) of Cuba's raw cane sugar (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Checkered past of unlikely Ukrainian dissident Tymoshenko hurts her electoral chances (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine chooses between risking change and scandal-ridden status quo (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Key information about Ukraine's parliamentary elections Sunday (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine introduces 20 percent custom duty on some Russian goods (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine's Leader Struggles to Go Quietly (NY Times) 03/29/2002
  • Вибори: Зброя, кров і трохи надії (Радіо Свобода) 03/29/2002
  • За ходом передвиборної боротьби в Україні уважно слідкують також у ФРН (Радіо Свобода) 03/29/2002
  • Стислий огляд чільних тенденцій політичного життя України у період виборчої кампанії (Радіо Свобода) 03/29/2002
  • Чи вдасться Кучмі спокійно піти на пенсію? (Радіо Свобода) 03/29/2002
  • Як використовують на виборах переваги високої посади: досвід Європи (Радіо Свобода) 03/29/2002
  • Консервативна американська газета 'Вашингтон Таймс' опублікувала спеціальний рекламний матеріал про майже ідеальну Україну (Радіо Свобода) 03/29/2002
  • Політичні технології з промовистою назвою 'Піар' (Радіо Свобода) 03/29/2002
  • Нові члени ЄС можуть фінансово програти від вступу (Радіо Свобода) 03/29/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainians greet Yulia Tymoshenko, former deputy prime minister and an opposition leader (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine introduces 20 percent custom duty on some Russian goods (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Harmony reigns in unexpected place [Uzhhorod [Uzhgorod]], Ukraine] (Colorado Daily) 03/29/2002
  • Checkered past of unlikely Ukrainian dissident Tymoshenko hurts her electoral chances (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Key information about Ukraine's parliamentary elections Sunday (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine chooses between risking change and scandal-ridden status quo (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine poll campaign draws to close (BBC News) 03/29/2002
  • Photo: A young Ukrainian pastes up election leaflets on the last day of campaigning for Ukraine's parliamentary elections (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] pledges cooperation with next parliament (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • Photo: Julia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's former deputy prime minister, leader of centrist opposition party Batkivshchyna (AP/Yahoo) 03/29/2002
  • WNISEF: Food industry is profitable in Ukraine (AgriUkraine) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] slams embattled Crimean speaker [Hrach] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Opposition, USA under fire in Ukraine's media - weekly [Zerkalo Nedeli] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Kuchma accused over arms to Iraq (The Times) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine: Embattled Crimean speaker [Hrach] taken to hospital with heart problems (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine: Court orders MP [Yelyashkevych] to deny his report about election-rigging (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/29/2002
  • Reform leader [Yushchenko] fears Soviet-style poll in Ukraine (Business Recorder/FT) 03/29/2002
  • Ukraine parliamentary poll to decide [President] Kuchma's fate (Business Recorder/FT) 03/29/2002
  • EU sees Ukraine poll as test of future ties (Business Recorder/FT) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian PM [Kinakh] rejects Communist leader [Symonenko]'s accusations in live election debate (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/29/2002
  • Antonov aircraft designer calls on Russia, Ukraine to combine efforts (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/29/2002
  • Armenia welcomes Ukraine's interest in gas pipeline construction - premier (BBC/FT-Yerevan) 03/29/2002
  • Ukrainian giant jets to continue flying German cargoes to Afghanistan (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/29/2002
  • World Bank allots 30m dollars to Ukrainian private sector (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/29/2002
  • Record grain exports seen for Ukraine: US attache (Business Recorder/FT) 03/29/2002
  • Прес-конференція Соціологічної асоціації України:'Передвиборні рейтинги партій і блоків та результати виборів' [Прес-конф 04.04.02] (IREX) 03/29/2002

  • Wahlprogramm: In der Ukraine finanzieren die Parteien die Medien - und greifen mit allen Mitteln in die Pressefreiheit ein (Die Zeit) 03/28/2002
  • Not the Best of Times, but Manhattan Hotels See Encouraging Signs (NY Times) 03/28/2002
  • Виборча дільниця як місце підвищеної небезпеки (Українська Правда) 03/28/2002
  • Ukraine's parliamentary front-runner wary of foreign aid, worried by anti-American sentiment (AP/Yahoo) 03/28/2002
  • Ukrainian, Lithuanian leaders agree to deepen cooperation (AP/Yahoo) 03/28/2002
  • Ukraine voters deplore poll violations (BBC News) 03/28/2002
  • Ukrainian eggs an Easter tradition (Signal Item Star) 03/28/2002
  • Захід про вибори в Україні: голосування у неділю, як референдум про правління Кучми (Радіо Свобода) 03/28/2002
  • WNISEF: Food industry is profitable in Ukraine (AgriUkraine) 03/28/2002
  • Ukraine's election frontrunners (BBC News) 03/28/2002
  • Photo: An elderly Ukrainian man reads election posters on a billboard in central Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/28/2002
  • Ukraine's parliamentary front-runner wary of foreign aid, worried by anti-American sentiment (AP/Yahoo) 03/28/2002
  • Ukrainian voters report violations, skeptical about fair election prospects (AP/Yahoo) 03/28/2002
  • Ukrainian vessel attacked by pirates off Guinea (AP/Yahoo) 03/28/2002
  • Ukraine: Election watchdog reports wide spread irregularities in voter lists (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/28/2002
  • Daily [Den] decries Russia's role in Ukraine's general election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/28/2002
  • Russia to have 70 observers at Ukrainian parliamentary elections (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/28/2002
  • Ukraine election casts spotlight on media battle (Business Recorder/FT) 03/28/2002
  • Poll reveals shifting Russian views on relations with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/28/2002
  • EUROPE: Kuchma faces new scandal on eve of election (Financial Times) 03/28/2002
  • Veteran Ukrainian MP [Suslov] reveals cash-for-vote schemes before and after election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/28/2002
  • Ukraine to mull an additional Eurobond issue (Business Recorder/FT) 03/28/2002
  • Програма 'Ми український народ: національно-етнічна мозаїка' (Радіо Свобода) 03/28/2002
  • Провідні британські видання звертаються до скандалу навколо президента Кучми у зв’язку з продажу зброї Іраку, а також автомобільних аварій з українськими політиками (Радіо Свобода) 03/28/2002
  • Особи, що встановлювали синьо-жовтий прапор на будинку столичного Інституту народного господарства у 1966 році, ще й досі не реабілітовані (Радіо Свобода) 03/28/2002
  • «Українські заробітчани в Європі: італійський акцент». Частина 5 (Радіо Свобода) 03/28/2002
  • McIlroy's men in Spain draw (TEAMTalk/Yahoo) 03/28/2002
  • FOOTBALL: Estonia shock Russian neighbours (Independent/FT) 03/28/2002
  • Chess (Independent/FT) 03/28/2002
  • Grizzly bear joins Ukrainian party ahead of vote (Business Recorder/FT) 03/28/2002
  • Прес-конференція Виборчого блоку 'Команда Озимого Покоління' [прес-конф 29.03.02] (IREX) 03/28/2002
  • 'Обмеження конституційних свобод на виборах-2002 в Шевченківському районі м. Київа' [прес-конф 29.03.02] (IREX) 03/28/2002

  • Arable hit by Black Sea rise (The Scotsman) 03/27/2002
  • New Issue of 'Narodne Mytetstvo' (Folk Art) Magazine Released (BRAMA) 03/27/2002
  • Ukrainian Dance Camp 2002 at Verkhovyna (BRAMA) 03/27/2002
  • Reporting on Sensitive Topics Risky (AP/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Ukrainian anti-fascist supporters protest idea to rehabilitate ex-Nazi veterans (AP/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Ukraine reports 18-per-cent rise in average wage (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/27/2002
  • Ukrainian TV cancels debate on controversial documentary (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/27/2002
  • Catalan cycling week third stage placings/standings (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Football: Koumas eyes Welsh spot (Guardian/FT) 03/27/2002
  • Ukraine: Pro-presidential bloc leader [Lytvyn] argues for cooperation with NATO (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/27/2002
  • Photo: Los Angeles Lakers' Brian Shaw and teammate Stanislav Medvedenko watch as Phoenix Suns' Shawn Marion scores (AP/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Photo: Daniel Pancu of Romania falls in front of Sergiy Zadorozny of Ukraine (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Photo: Sergiy Rebrov of Ukraine stops Iulian Filipescu of Romania (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Photo: Young Ukrainians hold posters with crossed Nazi swastika and the inscription 'Stop' as they protest in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Leading party in Ukraine's elections demands probe into vote violations (AP/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Reporting on Sensitive Topics Risky (AP/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Ukrainian anti-fascist supporters protest idea to rehabilitate ex-Nazi veterans (AP/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Ukraine to help Afghan earthquake victims with humanitarian aid (AP/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Ukraine's government approves import of 30,000 tons of Cuba's raw cane sugar (AP/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Pancu strikes twice as Romania crush Ukraine 4-1 (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Schaffer next Ukraine envoy? (Denver Post) 03/27/2002
  • В німецькі газеті 'Цайт' цими днями з'явилася стаття під назвою 'Після дзвінка припиняється мовлення' (Радіо Свобода) 03/27/2002
  • Мирослава Ґонґадзе: «Фільм BBC виправдав мої сподівання» (Радіо Свобода) 03/27/2002
  • У Лондоні за аншлагу відбулася прем’єра документального фільму про вбивство Георгія Ґонґадзе і «касетний скандал» в Україні (Радіо Свобода) 03/27/2002
  • Західна преса про вибори в Україні (Радіо Свобода) 03/27/2002
  • Четвертий парламент: час вибору - фільм 'ПіАр' подивилися на черзі 'Леді' (Радіо Свобода) 03/27/2002
  • В Ужгороді відкривається пам’ятник Томашу Масарикові – першому президентові Чехословаччини (Радіо Свобода) 03/27/2002
  • Про зміст фільму Пі-ар та проблеми, порушені в ньому (Радіо Свобода) 03/27/2002
  • Близькосхідний конфлікт. Парламентські вибори в Україні (Радіо Свобода) 03/27/2002
  • Ukraine: Presidential arms export control body denies gunrunning (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/27/2002
  • Family of seven stabbed to death in southern Ukrainian village (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/27/2002
  • Moldova says Ukraine's move to restrict sugar imports 'not justified' (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 03/27/2002
  • Ukraine's Hungarian leader [Kovacs] calls for 'administrative territorial base' (BBC/FT-Budapest) 03/27/2002
  • Chairman-in-Office urges restart of negotiations in Moldova (OSCE) 03/27/2002
  • Russia TV assesses nationalist mood ahead of Ukrainian election (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/27/2002
  • [President] Kuchma attacks foreign meddling in poll (The Times) 03/27/2002
  • CIS observers at Ukrainian elections report only minor irregularities (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/27/2002
  • Fitch ups Ukraine's long term ratings to B (Business Recorder/FT) 03/27/2002
  • Officials clamp down on independent paper [XXI Vek] in eastern Ukrainian Region [Luhansk] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/27/2002
  • Ukraine: [Tymoshenko bloc] Opposition activists report pressure from Security Service (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/27/2002
  • Ukraine given pre-poll upgrade (Financial Times) 03/27/2002
  • Ukraine's top judge [Boyko] criticizes official favouritism in electoral race (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/27/2002
  • Grizzly [bear] joins Ukrainian [Yabluko] party (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/27/2002
  • Fitch upgrades Ukraine's long-term ratings to 'B' from 'B-'; outlook stable (AFX Europe/FT) 03/27/2002
  • Several hundred protest in Ukrainian capital against honouring Nazi veterans (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/27/2002
  • Slovenia, Ukraine to cooperate in trade, science, technology (BBC/FT-Ljubljana) 03/27/2002
  • Sport: International Friendlies (Irish Times/FT) 03/27/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Vitrenko Bloc on 26 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/27/2002
  • Ukraine: Poorly-run private companies to change hands (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/27/2002
  • Україна в глобальних процесах на захист довкілля [прес-клуб 3.28.02] (IREX) 03/27/2002
  • Про відміну Розпорядження Київськой міськдержадміністрації про впорядкування міської маршрутної мережі [прес-конф 28.03.02] (IREX) 03/27/2002
  • Preserving the Ukrainian Language (North Port Sun) 03/27/2002

  • In the Shadow of Lenin (Time) 03/26/2002
  • The Peasants' Plight (Time) 03/26/2002
  • Україна політична напередодні та після виборів-2002: надії, плани та ймовірні реалії (Політична думка) 03/26/2002
  • 25-31 березня: Адміністративний та психологічний тиск з боку влади на ЦВК, дільничі виборчі комісії а також на політичну опозицію посилюватиметься (Політична думка) 03/26/2002
  • Valuev Syndrome (День) 03/26/2002
  • 37 Journalists Killed in 2001 (AP/NY Times) 03/26/2002
  • Romania and Bulgaria Edge Nearer to NATO Membership (NY Times) 03/26/2002
  • 'Tosca' With a Sense Of Menace [Shafajinskaia] (NY Times) 03/26/2002
  • SECI Trafficking Task Force Meeting in Romania (BRAMA) 03/26/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian Serhiy Honchar crosses the finish line (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • Romania and Bulgaria Edge Nearer to NATO Membership (NY Times) 03/26/2002
  • Photo: Los Angeles Laker's Slava Medvedenko drives past Cleveland Cavaliers' Micheal Doleac (AP/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • Ukraine wins ratings upgrade ahead of elections (Financial Times) 03/26/2002
  • Agriculturists received 614 million UAH of credits from the beginning of the year (AgriUkraine) 03/26/2002
  • Photo: homeless Ukrainian woman, with her dog in a cart, reads pre-election posters in Kyiv (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • US Feb Steel Imports +2.2% By Dollar; +13.4% By Volume (Dow Jones/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • Health officials urge Ukraine's government to help fight tuberculosis epidemic (AP/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • Attempt to rehabilitate Ukrainian ex-Nazi veterans causes debate in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • EBRD to give dlrs 12 million loan to Ukrainian biggest glass producer (AP/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • Ukraine: President [Kuchma] instructs government to help election observers (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/26/2002
  • Photo: A homeless Ukrainian woman reads pre-election posters in central Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • Attacks on Journalists, Press Freedom Rise in 2001 (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • Health officials urge Ukraine's government to help fight tuberculosis epidemic (AP/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • Attempt to rehabilitate Ukrainian ex-Nazi veterans causes debate in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • U.S. steel imports rose 13.4 pct in February (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • EBRD to give dlrs 12 million loan to Ukraine's biggest glass producer (AP/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • До справи дивізії «Галичина»: Хто насправді розстрілював на Прикарпатті дідів та батьків, хто сотнями тисяч вивозив їх до Сибіру? (Радіо Свобода) 03/26/2002
  • Спеціальний випуск програми «України і Світ»: Антиамериканська 'освіта' на телеканалі ICTV: погляд на фільм 'Піар' (Радіо Свобода) 03/26/2002
  • In a State of Decline (TIME) 03/26/2002
  • Agriculturists received 614 million UAH of credits from the beginning of the year (AgriUkraine) 03/26/2002
  • Ukraine: Opposition paper [Svoboda] in trouble [Cherkasy] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/26/2002
  • Observers face challenge monitoring Ukraine poll (Financial Times) 03/26/2002
  • Ukrainian government election bloc [For a United Ukraine] profiled (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/26/2002
  • West Ukrainian mayor [Shkutyak] denies decision to honour SS Galicia [Halychyna] Division (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/26/2002
  • Ukraine: Election body [Central Electoral Commission] accused of arbitrariness (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/26/2002
  • Ukraine: Ministry says US resolution no reason for expelling ambassador (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/26/2002
  • Зняття з реєстрації кандидатів у народні депутати стало звичним явищем під час нинішньої виборчої кампанії. Опозиціонери вважають таке зняття зброєю влади (Радіо Свобода) 03/26/2002
  • Західні оглядачі не передбачають змін після виборів (Радіо Свобода) 03/26/2002
  • Лесь Танюк у «Вечірній Свободі»: «Це була заповідь Чорновола: люби Україну в собі, а не себе в Україні» (Радіо Свобода) 03/26/2002
  • Щорічний звіт комітету захисту журналістів (Радіо Свобода) 03/26/2002
  • Ukrainian defence minister [Shkidchenko] to visit Poland (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 03/26/2002
  • Ukraine: Constitutional Court bans inquiries by MPs into criminal cases (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/26/2002
  • Russia hopes Ukrainian elections will be democratic (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/26/2002
  • UEFA to plan dates for Euro 2004 qualifiers (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/26/2002
  • Congressman Schaffer to monitor Ukraine's elections (BRAMA) 03/26/2002
  • 'Zabava' to benefit Children of Chornobyl Foundation [Poster] (BRAMA) 03/26/2002

  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] to visit Turkmenistan 30 April - 1 May (BBC/FT-Ashgabat) 03/25/2002
  • EU to Impose Tariffs on Steel Imports in Response to U.S. Measure (Dow Jones/Yahoo) 03/25/2002
  • Країна-оксюморон: Симоненко захищає віруючих від Ющенка (Українська Правда) 03/25/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian soccer star Andriy Shevchenko looks at an infant in the intensive care unit at Kiev's regional hospital for children (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/25/2002
  • Photo: Boston Celtics' Vitaly Potapenko in action (AP/Yahoo) 03/25/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition bloc protest tax administration actions (AP/Yahoo) 03/25/2002
  • Mara students for Russia, Ukraine (New Straits Times/FT) 03/25/2002
  • Ukraine keen to develop high-precision weapons with EU (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/25/2002
  • Photo: Philadelphia Flyers' Keith Primeau reacts with teammate Ruslan Fedotenko of Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 03/25/2002
  • EU Readies Tariffs to Protect Steel (AP/Yahoo) 03/25/2002
  • Western film on Ukrainian political crisis ruffles US feathers (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/25/2002
  • Tax authorities accused of strangling web site (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/25/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] says opposition should not be trusted (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/25/2002
  • Ukraine not interested in military cooperation with Iraq - official (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/25/2002
  • Ukrainian court overturns candidates [Chayka]' suspension (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/25/2002
  • President [Kuchma] urges constitutional change for majority to form cabinet (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/25/2002
  • Plea for Central Europe river clean-up (BBC News) 03/25/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition bloc protest tax administration actions (AP/Yahoo) 03/25/2002
  • Ми український народ: національно-етнічна мозаїка: 'Непересічні постаті братів Мечникових', 'Московські політики і український націоналізм', 'Битва під Галичем' (Радіо Свобода) 03/25/2002
  • Президент НТКУ Ігор Сторожук: 'Приділити більше уваги опозиційним силам, ніж було приділено, я не знаю, як це можна зробити...' (Радіо Свобода) 03/25/2002
  • У Польщі однозначною є думка про те, що останні заяви російських політиків стосовно виборів над Дніпром - це втручання у внутрішні справи України (Радіо Свобода) 03/25/2002
  • Економічні перетворення на селі йдуть за чіткою схемою? (Радіо Свобода) 03/25/2002
  • 25 березня Україна вшановує пам'ять одного з найяскравіших лідерів національно-демократичних сил, ідеолога новітнього українського відродження В'ячеслава Чорновола (Радіо Свобода) 03/25/2002
  • Спогад про В'ячеслава Чорновола. 25 березня - річниця його загибелі (Радіо Свобода) 03/25/2002
  • Місце В'ячеслава Чорновола у дисидентському русі, у формуванні теперішньої України, у політичних процесах сучасності (Радіо Свобода) 03/25/2002
  • Скасування реєстрації переважної більшості кандидатів [прес-конф 26.03.02] (IREX ПроМедіа) 03/25/2002
  • Radical leftist leader demands expulsion of US ambassador (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/25/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition [Tymoshenko] bloc protest tax administration actions (AP/Yahoo) 03/25/2002
  • EU to Slap Duties on Steel in Trade Dispute with U.S. (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/25/2002
  • Student monk's defense lacking support (Miami Herald/Yahoo) 03/25/2002
  • Як боляче бути патріотом України… (Грані-плюс) 03/25/2002
  • «БРЕСТСЬКИЙ МИР» ЛЕОНІДА КУЧМИ (Дзеркало Тижня) 03/25/2002
  • Veterinary service demands from the USA to stop usage of antibiotics in feed (AgriUkraine) 03/25/2002
  • Veterinary service demands from the USA to stop usage of antibiotics in feed (AgriUkraine) 03/25/2002
  • MinAP forecasts increase of production of broilers' meat (AgriUkraine) 03/25/2002
  • Government will co-ordinate regulating of grain market (AgriUkraine) 03/25/2002
  • Ukrainian city says no decision made on recognition of SS [Halychyna division] veterans (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/25/2002
  • Ukrainian think-tank [Razumkov centre for political and economic research] predicts seven parties in parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/25/2002
  • Macedonian minister confirms no arms from Ukraine in 2002 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/25/2002
  • Ukrainian speaker, Macedonian foreign minister [Plyushch] deplore foreign interference (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/25/2002
  • The Week Ahead [Page down to Sunday 31 Ukraine elections] (Financial Times) 03/25/2002
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] urges united effort to support state interest on (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/25/2002

  • World currencies and sterling Business Recorder (Business Recorder/FT) 03/24/2002
  • TB rate reported to have stabilized in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/24/2002
  • Ukraine's most popular TV channels [One Plus One and Inter] slam US resolution on election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/24/2002
  • Prosecutor-general [Mykhaylo Potebenko] interviewed on bribe taking, high-profile cases (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/24/2002
  • Pro-government [For a United Ukraine] bloc leader [Lytvyn] dismisses vote-rigging allegations (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/24/2002
  • Popular former premier [Yushchenko] hails call by US Congress for fair Ukrainian election (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/24/2002
  • [Yabluko] Party decides to go into opposition to authorities (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/24/2002
  • Russian chief rabbi decries Ukrainian city's decision to honour SS [Halychyna division] soldiers (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/24/2002
  • Ukrainian MP asks prosecutor to look into rehabilitation of SS [Halychyna Division] veterans (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/24/2002
  • Ukraine: Pro-government [For a United Ukraine] bloc demands retraction of allegations by MP [Yelyashkevych] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/24/2002
  • World currencies and Euro (Business Recorder/FT) 03/24/2002
  • World currencies and dollar (Business Recorder/FT) 03/24/2002
  • A Virtuoso Who Favors the Fringe (NY Times) 03/24/2002

  • Ukraine's Jews protest WWII veterans status for former SS division [Halychyna] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/23/2002
  • Ukrainian energy sector posts rise in output in 2001 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/23/2002
  • Social Democrat leader [Medvedchuk] pins hope on centrist majority in new parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/23/2002
  • Ukrainian rapid reaction forces complete lengthy military training (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/23/2002
  • Opposition leader [Tymoshenko] calls US Congress resolution 'factor of influence' (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/23/2002
  • Presidential chief of staff [Lytvyn] upbeat on economy in run-up to election (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/23/2002
  • Almost 1,000 foreign observers to monitor election (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/23/2002
  • Election broadcast by United Social Democratic Party 22 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/23/2002
  • Crimean speaker [Hrach]'s election fate to be decided on 27 March (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/23/2002
  • Ukrainian prosecutor [Potebenko] defends top officials, decries foreign interference (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/23/2002
  • Ukraine continues US chicken embargo (BBC News) 03/23/2002
  • Environmentalists mull river clean-up (BBC News) 03/23/2002
  • Photo: Arsenal's Dennis Bergkamp is hugged by teammate Oleg Luzhny (AP/Yahoo) 03/23/2002
  • Photo: Arsenal's Oleg Luzhny tackles Newcastle United's Carl Cort (AP/Yahoo) 03/23/2002
  • Hoddle slams Rebrov speculation (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/23/2002
  • Photo: Serhiy Rebrov (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/23/2002
  • Arsenal and Newcastle seek cup therapy (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/23/2002
  • Slutskaya Defeats Kwan in Skating (AP/Yahoo) 03/23/2002

  • 'Піар' для кого? [Роман Купчинський, Вашингтон] (Українська Правда) 03/22/2002
  • Американський Маніфест (Українська Правда) 03/22/2002
  • Electoral body says preliminary results will be known early on 1 April (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/22/2002
  • Ukraine offers Russia upgraded engines for training plane (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/22/2002
  • Ukraine short of cash to protect borders (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/22/2002
  • Russian Duma slams rehabilitation of SS [Halychyna division] veterans in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/22/2002
  • Ukraine urges world community's respect ahead of polls (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/22/2002
  • Weekly [Zerkalo Nedeli] compares Russian, US influence on Ukrainian election campaign (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/22/2002
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] sums up performance ahead of election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/22/2002
  • Ukrainian navy holds exercise (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/22/2002
  • Reformer [Our Ukraine bloc]'s campaign manager decries political pressure (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/22/2002
  • Government bloc [For a United Ukraine] leader [Lytvyn] predicts sweeping victory (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/22/2002
  • [Our Ukraine] Bloc denies financial scheme funded studies of former PM [Yushchenko]'s daughter (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/22/2002
  • President Kuchma blasts foreign interference in Ukrainian election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/22/2002
  • Moldovan, Ukrainian, Russian officials discuss joint border checkpoints (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 03/22/2002
  • Ukraine will not allow US poultry imports - chief veterinary surgeon (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/22/2002
  • Нещасні виборці! Що вони, бідолашки, слухають! (Радіо Свобода) 03/22/2002
  • Прес-конференція народного депутата України Валерія Коломойцева-Рибалки (Радіо Свобода) 03/22/2002
  • Епідемія створення фінансових пірамід не відійшла в небуття: Шостка (Радіо Свобода) 03/22/2002
  • 85 років тому було створено Українську Центральну раду, перший український національний уряд у 20 столітті (Радіо Свобода) 03/22/2002
  • Ми український народ: національно-етнічна мозаїка (Радіо Свобода) 03/22/2002
  • Історія: Незбагнуті уроки Центральної Ради (Радіо Свобода) 03/22/2002
  • Rebrov losing patience with Hoddle, substitute's role (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/22/2002
  • Ukraine: Eastern city [Luhansk] council defies court verdict on mayor's reinstatement (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/22/2002
  • Ukraine Elections resolution passed unanimously by U.S. Senate [S.Res. 205 PDF - March 20, 2002] (GPO) 03/22/2002
  • Russian nationalist [Zhirinovskiy] surprisingly backs pro-Westerner [former PM Viktor Yushchenko's bloc, Our Ukraine] in Ukrainian elections (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/22/2002
  • Ukraine: Pro-government [For a United Ukraine] bloc protests against 'untrue' media reports (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/22/2002
  • Ukrainian Socialist [Moroz], Social Democrat [Medvedchuk] leaders meet in live TV debate (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/22/2002
  • Ми майбутнє твоє, Україно! [круглий стіл 27.03.02] (IREX ПроМедіа) 03/22/2002
  • Підсумки 39-ї сесії Європейського Молодіжного Парламенту [прес-конф 25.03.02] (IREX ПроМедіа) 03/22/2002

  • Photo: Japan's defender Naoki Matsuda and Ukraine's forward Andry Vorobei (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/21/2002
  • Photo: Japanese striker Naohiro Takahara struggles for the ball with Ukraine's defender Olexandr Holovko (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/21/2002
  • Photo: Brazilian-born Japanese midfielder Alessandro blasts a free-kick at a wall of Ukrainian defenders (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Former PM [Viktor Yushchenko]'s brother [Petro Yushchenko] said involved in financial scheme (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Front-running [Our Ukraine] bloc slams election rivals over foul-play accusations (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/21/2002
  • Ukrainian city [Dniprodzerzhynsk] under threat from poorly stored radioactive waste (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/21/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition leader [Tymoshenko]'s car crash officially declared accidental (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Top brass canvassing [breaking ban on electioneering in the military] for government party [For a United Ukraine bloc] - daily [Ukrayina Moloda] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/21/2002
  • Ukrainian speaker [Plyushch] invites US Congress to monitor polls (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Pro-president electoral bloc [For a United Ukraine] dismisses accusations of state support (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Prosecutors prohibit prominent parliamentary candidate [Yevhen Chervonenko, Our Ukraine bloc candidate] to travel (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Police detain prominent parliamentary candidate [Yevhen Chervonenko, Our Ukraine bloc] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/21/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition appeals for OSCE help (BBC News) 03/21/2002
  • Regular irregularities mar Ukraine poll (BBC News) 03/21/2002
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] concerned at standoff in Crimean parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/21/2002
  • Moscow mayor signs cooperation agreement with Ukrainian Sevastopol (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/21/2002
  • Moldovan leader names conditions for new talks with breakaway region (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Supreme Court head [Boyko] accuses prosecution of pressurizing judges (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/21/2002
  • Moldovan, Ukrainian leaders discuss coming customs meeting by phone (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 03/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Yabluko party on 21 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/21/2002
  • News in brief: Simon Wiesenthal Center appeals to Ukraine to revoke decision by Ivano-Frankivsk city council (Jerusalem Post/FT) 03/21/2002
  • Ukrainian official [V. Lytvyn] calls for balanced approach on nationalist veterans (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/21/2002
  • Opposition appeals to OSCE to ensure fairness in Ukraine's parliamentary elections (AP/Yahoo) 03/21/2002
  • U.S. House of Representatives votes in the resolution on Ukraine elections by a margin of 408 to 1: 'Urging the Government of Ukraine to ensure a democratic, transparent, and fair election process leading up to the March 31, 2002, parliamentary elections' [PDF, 3/20/02] (GPO) 03/21/2002
  • Eggs-citing exchange (BRAMA) 03/21/2002
  • Мати загиблого журналіста Георгія Ґонґадзе, Леся Ґонґадзе, обурена змістом і монтажем фільму 'Піар', який було показано на каналі ICTV (Радіо Свобода) 03/21/2002
  • Російський фактор в українських парламентських виборах; в Україні створено нову профспілку «Журналіст України» (Радіо Свобода) 03/21/2002
  • German Police Warn EU of Rise in People Smuggling (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/21/2002
  • Japan Edges Ukraine 1-0 in Friendly (AP/Fox Sports) 03/21/2002
  • Photo: Elena Grushina and Ruslan Goncharov of Ukraine perform at the World Figure Skating Championships (AP/Yahoo) 03/21/2002
  • Tennis: Qualifier Perebiynis Shocks Aussie (Sporting Life/Yahoo) 03/21/2002
  • Soccer: Birthday gift for Troussier as Japan beat Ukraine (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/21/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Serhii Shyschenko and Japan's Daisuke Ichikawa battle for the ball (AP/Yahoo) 03/21/2002
  • Russia frets over rehabilitation of Ukrainian World War II nationalists [Ukrayinska Povstanska Armiya (UPA) - Ukrainian Insurgent Army] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/21/2002
  • Ukrainian GDP, positive trade balance up in January 2002 [Uraydovyy Kuryer] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Front-running former PM [Our Ukraine electoral bloc leader Yushchenko] says Savings Bank close to collapse (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Election frontrunner [Our Ukraine electoral bloc leader Viktor Yushchenko] speaks for partnership with Russia (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/21/2002
  • Half of candidates to Ukrainian parliament criminals - prosecutor-general [Potebenko] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Moscow mayor makes slip of tongue in Crimea (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/21/2002
  • Ukraine: Embattled Crimean speaker [Hrach] meets Moscow mayor (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/21/2002
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] says country ready to employ Lithuanian nuclear specialists (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/21/2002
  • Ukrainian arms dealing rumours spread by competitors - defence industry chief [Horbulin] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/21/2002
  • Paper [Zerkalo Nedeli] profiles leader of Ukrainian United Social Democratic Party [Viktor Medvedchuk] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/21/2002

  • New Daughter for Stovbchataya and Shamenko (Int'l Gymnast) 03/20/2002
  • Senators Call for Fair Elections in Ukraine (National Journal News Service) 03/20/2002
  • Photo: Arsenal's Oleg Luzhny, Sol Campbell, Patrick Viera and Kanu walk off the pitch (Empics/Yahoo) 03/20/2002
  • (Corrected) Authors [Charles Clover and John Cooper] of US film on Ukrainian tape scandal deny distorting facts (BBC/FT) 03/20/2002
  • Authors [Charles Clover and John Cooper] of US film on Ukrainian tape scandal deny distorting facts (from 3/19/2002) (BBC/FT) 03/20/2002
  • Luxury Mercedes cars to be built in Ukraine (Financial Times) 03/20/2002
  • Moscow favours pro-Russian parties in Ukrainian elections, says [Russian] ambassador (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/20/2002
  • Ukrainian police say [Donetsk] election official [Ihor Avdiyenko] died from 'domestic injury' (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/20/2002
  • Ukraine: District election official [in Donetsk Region, Ihor Avdiyenko,] found dead (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/20/2002
  • Election frontrunner [Our Ukraine electoral bloc leader, Viktor Yushchenko] slams intrusion by Russian politicians (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/20/2002
  • Senior Russian MP blasts Ukrainian nationalists (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/20/2002
  • Ukraine: [NGO-sponsored] TV adverts warn against election fraud (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Hundreds of election candidates face suspension over tax returns (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Legal mess, politics to blame for latest church row - weekly [Zerkalo Nedeli] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/20/2002
  • West Ukrainian city [Ivano-Frankivsk] bestows honours on [][Halychyna division] veterans (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/20/2002
  • Депутати Івано-Франківської міської ради визнали ветеранів Української дивізії 'Галичина' учасниками бойових дій за свободу й незалежність України з наданням відповідних пільг та допомог (Радіо Свобода) 03/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Opposition frontrunner [leader of the Our Ukraine election bloc, Viktor Yushchenko,] dismisses president [Leonid Kuchma]'s view of ruling [pro-government For a United Ukraine] party (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/20/2002
  • Tensions mount in Ukraine ahead of parliamentary elections (AP/Yahoo) 03/20/2002
  • Ukrainian tax chief [Azarov] takes swipe at West for 'moralizing' about money-laundering (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/20/2002
  • Ukraine Struggles with TB Epidemic, Needs Funds (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/20/2002
  • Ukraine's unemployment drops 7.8 percent over year (AP/Yahoo) 03/20/2002
  • A new technique of grain quality definition will be put in action by May 1 (AgriUkraine) 03/20/2002
  • Talks with the USA on import of poultry are adjourned (AgriUkraine) 03/20/2002
  • Поет, що загинув молодим. 30 березня виповнюється 80 років від народження українського поета Мирослава Кушніра (Радіо Свобода) 03/20/2002
  • Нинішні парламентські вибори в Україні можуть зайняти гідне місце у книзі рекордів Гінесса – як найбільш брутальні і непрозорі за десятирічну історію української держави (Радіо Свобода) 03/20/2002
  • Чи готова молодь, як вона обіцяє, витягнути Україну з болота? (Радіо Свобода) 03/20/2002
  • Лідер українських комуністів Петро Симоненко зустрівся у Кремлі з президентом Росії Володимиром Путіним (Радіо Свобода) 03/20/2002
  • Нещодавно Чеській Республіці відбувся суд над поліцейським, котрий грубо побив громадянку України (Радіо Свобода) 03/20/2002
  • Міністерство закордонних справ України заявляє, що Україна не збирається до Євразійського економічного співтовариства (Радіо Свобода) 03/20/2002
  • Україна і НАТО – нові гості, нові плани? (Радіо Свобода) 03/20/2002
  • Ukraine imposes tariff on Russian cement imports (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/20/2002
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] commends Lithuanian political stability (BBC/FT-Tallinn) 03/20/2002
  • Election manifesto by United Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Unity party on 20 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/20/2002
  • Paper profiles leader of Ukrainian United Social Democratic Party [Medvedchuk] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/20/2002
  • Russia, Ukraine launch mass production of new military plane [Aviant state-owned aircraft plant based in Kyiv] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/20/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean parliament in crisis over local election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/20/2002
  • Ukrainian reactor reconnected to grid after repairs (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/20/2002
  • Tennis: On-Song Lee Is Pick of Qualifiers (Sporting Life/Yahoo) 03/20/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Elena Liashenko spins in the air at the World Figure Skating Championships (AP/Yahoo) 03/20/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Elena Liashenko performs during the women's qualifying free skate (AP/Yahoo) 03/20/2002
  • Former owners of Arsenal Kiev charged with fraud (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/20/2002

  • Ukraine wants full EU membership as early as 2010 - PM [Kinakh] (AFX/FT) 03/19/2002
  • Ex-premier leading Ukraine polls (TOL/CNN) 03/19/2002
  • Russian, Ukrainian and Moldovan heads discuss border controls [[breakaway] Dnestr region settlement] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/19/2002
  • Ukraine faces victims' families' claims for downing Russian airliner (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/19/2002
  • Authors of US film on Ukrainian tape scandal deny distorting facts (BBC/FT) 03/19/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] opposes privatization of energy distributors (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/19/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] advocates domestic market protection (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/19/2002
  • Ukrainian privatization unlikely to yield good results in 2002 - paper [Zerkalo Nedeli] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/19/2002
  • Ukraine, Lithuania to step up transport cooperation (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/19/2002
  • Вибори 2002: поразка чи шанс для демократії (Радіо Свобода) 03/19/2002
  • 20 березня у США мають набрати чинності нові митні тарифи на імпорт виробів із сталі (Радіо Свобода) 03/19/2002
  • Російська економічна експансія в Україні (Радіо Свобода) 03/19/2002
  • Українські заробітчани у Європі – італійський акцент. Частина 4 (Радіо Свобода) 03/19/2002
  • Психічний терор, приниження, постійне упослідження працівника, тримання його в страхові – це моббінг (Радіо Свобода) 03/19/2002
  • Колишній голова Печерського райсуду столиці Микола Замковенко: 'Я готовий сісти на лаву підсудних... але разом з Гайсинським та Потебеньком!' (Радіо Свобода) 03/19/2002
  • Ukraine: Prosecution goes after judges in former deputy premier [Tymoshenko]'s case (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/19/2002
  • Ukraine: President [Kuchma] wants majority in parliament based on his [For a United Ukraine] bloc (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/19/2002
  • Paper [Fakty i Kommentarii] accuses USA of favouring former PM [Yushchenko], opposition in Ukrainian polls (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/19/2002
  • Election broadcast by For a United Ukraine bloc on 19 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/19/2002
  • Our Ukraine campaigner reportedly beaten by police (page down to this item) (RFE/RL) 03/19/2002
  • Opposition leader urges clerics to pray for Ukraine ahead of vote (AP/Yahoo) 03/19/2002
  • Ukraine wants full EU membership as early as 2010 - PM (Ananova) 03/19/2002
  • Ukraine: Election chief [Ryabets] dismisses alleged vote-rigging scheme (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/19/2002
  • Ukrainian paper [Ukrayina Moloda] sees presidential circles behind film on missing journalist [Gongadze] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/19/2002
  • Ukraine intends to become associated EU member by 2007 - premier [Kinakh] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/19/2002
  • Charges brought against maverick Ukrainian judge [Zamkovenko] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/19/2002
  • French wheat competes with Russian and Ukraine (Le ble francais fauche par les records de l'Ukraine et de la Russie) (Les Echos/FT) 03/19/2002
  • Moldovan to get cut-price Russian electricity from April (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/19/2002
  • India regain Rashid title (Gulf News/FT) 03/19/2002
  • Photo: Elena Grushina and Ruslan Goncharov of Ukraine perform at the World Figure Skating Championships (AP/Yahoo) 03/19/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Elena Grushina and Ruslan Goncharov perform during their second compulsory dance (AP/Yahoo) 03/19/2002
  • Russian metal producers ask government to protect local market (AP/Yahoo) 03/19/2002
  • Захистити Дунайський заповідник [прес-конф 21.03.02] (IREX ПроМедіа) 03/19/2002
  • Результати акції 'Вчимося обирати владу' [прес-конф 22.03.02] (IREX ПроМедіа) 03/19/2002
  • Результати парламентських виборів – 2002 [презентація 21.03.02] (IREX ПроМедіа) 03/19/2002
  • Передвиборча прес-конференція [20.03.02] (IREX ПроМедіа) 03/19/2002

  • Від такої 'замазки' немає 'відмазки' (Українська Правда) 03/18/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] sees no alternative to joint arms production with Russia (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/18/2002
  • Regional activist [Oleksandra Kravchenko] for [Our Ukraine] election front-runner reportedly beaten by police (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/18/2002
  • Ukrainian [communist] opposition sees Putin's visit as interference (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/18/2002
  • Transport plane piloted by Ukrainians crashes in eastern Africa (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/18/2002
  • Ukraine: Local body refuses to cancel candidacy of disqualified Crimean speaker [Hrach] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/18/2002
  • Putin meets Ukrainian and Russian communist leaders (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/18/2002
  • Ukraine president [Kuchma] wants to develop new weapons jointly with Russia (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/18/2002
  • Election broadcast by All-Ukrainian Party of Workers (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/18/2002
  • OSCE awaiting go-ahead from Moldova's Dnestr region to begin destroying munitions (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 03/18/2002
  • Ukrainian, Macedonian leaders confirm ongoing cooperation by phone (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/18/2002
  • Ukrainian president's chief of staff defends government campaign record (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/18/2002
  • Pintusevich-Block Receives Ukrainian Sports Person of the Year Award - a first! (IAAF) 03/18/2002
  • Відверта заява пана Тигипка про бажання ратифікувати в Україні Європейську хартію щодо державної багатомовності вразила, навіть, журналістів російськомовних мас-медіа (Радіо Свобода) 03/18/2002
  • Скандал довкола блоку «За єдину Україну» та зняття з реєстрації кандидатів у народні депутати. Приїзд до України президента Росії Володимира Путіна у розпалі виборчої кампанії (Радіо Свобода) 03/18/2002
  • Специфіка цьогорічних виборів до місцевих органів влади в Україні може вразити західного спостерігача, звиклого до усталених норм демократії (Радіо Свобода) 03/18/2002
  • Що означає сенсаційна заява керівника президентської адміністрації Росії Олександра Волошина щодо співробітництва його країни із українськими передвиборчими блоками? (Радіо Свобода) 03/18/2002
  • Про те як одесити витримали візит 'трьох'... (Радіо Свобода) 03/18/2002
  • До історії релігійних постів (Радіо Свобода) 03/18/2002
  • Як виглядає передвиборчий процес у Чеській республіці (Радіо Свобода) 03/18/2002
  • В Одесі не вщухає скандал довкола зараження у місцевому онкологічному диспансері хворих на вірус імунодефіциту людини, який спричиняє СНІД (Радіо Свобода) 03/18/2002
  • 2002 TWG/Ukrainian Embassy Summer Internship (BRAMA) 03/18/2002
  • Українські організації в Чеській Республіці розпочали процес об'єднання (BRAMA) 03/18/2002
  • Weekly [Zerkalo Nedeli] profiles Communist Party of Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/18/2002
  • Ukraine: Kiev mayor [Omelchenko] praises front-running reformer [Yushchenko] on Transcarpatian tour (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/18/2002
  • Talks with the USA on import of poultry start today (AgriUkraine) 03/18/2002
  • Ukrainian Social Democrat leader [Medvedchuk] demands release of Belarusian counterpart (BBC/FT-Minsk) 03/18/2002
  • Boxing (Guardian/FT) 03/18/2002
  • India to take on Iran in final [Volleyball] (Gulf News/FT) 03/18/2002
  • Volleyball: India stun Ukraine (PTI/Yahoo) 03/18/2002

  • Deryugina Awarded; Ukraine Sweeps Deryugina Cup (Int'l Gymnast) 03/17/2002
  • Ukraine: TV programme [produced by FT journalist Charles Clover] says Honhadze [Gongadze] case PR job to unseat president [Kuchma] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/17/2002
  • Ukraine: Election campaign front-runner [Yushchenko] rubbished on TV by main opponent [Medvedchuk] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/17/2002
  • Ukraine: Pro-presidential MP [Volkov] hails disqualification of candidates to parliament (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/17/2002
  • [Russian president] Putin hopes coming election will not affect relations with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/17/2002
  • Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan leaders issue statement on Odessa summit (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/17/2002
  • Ukrainian, Russian, Moldovan leaders praise outcome of their summit (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/17/2002
  • Ukrainian, Romanian defence ministers discuss military cooperation (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/17/2002
  • Russia, Ukraine, Moldova leaders issue joint statement on free trade zone [in Odesa] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/17/2002
  • Polish servicemen [and military equipment on Ruslan transport planes] arrive in Afghanistan, set up camp (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 03/17/2002
  • Moldovan president offers separatist Dnestr region 'high status' (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/17/2002
  • Putin, Kuchma seek more efficient gas transit across Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/17/2002
  • Putin arrives in Ukraine (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/17/2002
  • Ukraine overcome Pakistan in thriller (Gulf News/FT) 03/17/2002
  • Moldova applies for membership in regional economic forum (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/17/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Odessa (AP/Yahoo) 03/17/2002
  • Photo: Wladimir Klitschko defeats Frans Botha (DPA/Yahoo) 03/17/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko connects with South African Frans Botha (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/17/2002
  • Presidents of Ukraine, Russia and Moldova meet in Odessa (AP/Yahoo) 03/17/2002
  • Photo: Wladimir Klitschko knocks out Frans Botha (DPA/Yahoo) 03/17/2002
  • Petition Opposing Cooper Union's Proposed Demolition of the Hewitt Memorial Building at Taras Shevchenko Place (BRAMA) 03/17/2002

  • Klitschko bids to face Lewis for real (The Scotsman) 03/16/2002
  • World Champion Yerofeyeva Wins At Home (Int'l Gymnast) 03/16/2002
  • Ukraine: More candidates excluded from election race (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/16/2002
  • Soccer: Ukrainian premier division result/standings (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/16/2002
  • Soccer: Leading scorers in Ukrainian premier division (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/16/2002
  • Klitschko stops Botha in eighth round (AP/Yahoo) 03/16/2002
  • Klitschko Stops Botha to Retain WBO Crown (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/16/2002
  • Photo: Wladimir Klitschko of Ukraine lands the knock-out punch (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/16/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian WBO heavyweight world champion Wladimir Klitschko and South Africa's Frans Botha (AP/Yahoo) 03/16/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian WBO heavyweight world champion Wladimir Klitschko holds up the champion's belt (AP/Yahoo) 03/16/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko and his brother Vitali give their thumbs up (AP/Yahoo) 03/16/2002
  • Photo: Wladimir Klitschko retains world title (Bongarts/Yahoo) 03/16/2002
  • Heavyweight division lurches ahead (Contra Costa Times) 03/16/2002
  • Ukrainian nuclear reactor stopped for unscheduled repairs (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/16/2002
  • Arms of Steel Net Neck Full of Gold - Paralympics (Salt Lake Tribune) 03/16/2002
  • Шевченківські Дні в Москві (BRAMA) 03/16/2002
  • Registration of opposition bloc [Yuliya Tymoshenko] candidates cancelled (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/16/2002
  • Influential regional politician [Donetsk mayor Volodymyr Rybak of pro-presidential bloc For a United Ukraine] denies collusion with Communists (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/16/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Communist Party on 15 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/16/2002
  • Moldovan leader hopes for change in 'destructive position' of breakaway region (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/16/2002
  • Ukrainian defence industry chief [and election bloc leader, Horbulin,] profiled on TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/16/2002
  • Russian television cutoff in Ukraine 'technical question' - foreign minister Ivanov (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/16/2002

  • З Банкової викрадено конфіденційний сценарій виборів-2002 (Українська Правда) 03/15/2002
  • Photo: Memphis Grizzlies' Shane Battier gets manhandled by Boston Celtics' Vitaly Potapenko (AP/Yahoo) 03/15/2002
  • Photo: Ukraine's Svitlana Tryfonova pumps her fist after crossing the finish line (Salt Lake Tribune) 03/15/2002
  • Ukraine: Clinic infects patients with AIDS in southern city [Odessa] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • New Ukrainian parliament must end infighting - president [Kuchma] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] previews summit with Putin, Middle East tour (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition MP [Vasyl Chervoniy, head of the Our Ukraine in Rivne] says regional authorities plan mass vote rigging [Ukrayina Moloda] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Polish premier receives meets Ukrainian foreign minister [Zlenko] (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 03/15/2002
  • Ukraine needs to scrap 200 tonnes of old munitions (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/15/2002
  • Moldova denies export certificates to breakaway region's companies (BBC/FT-Chisinau) 03/15/2002
  • Russian, Ukrainian cooperation in active phase - deputy premier [Matviyenko] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/15/2002
  • Russia considers steel duties [against Ukraine and Kazakhstan] (Financial Times) 03/15/2002
  • Ensemble provides a joyous concert (Canberra Times) 03/15/2002
  • Anti-terrorist exercises held in western Ukraine [Lviv Region] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Communist Party on 14 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Afghanistan mission risky, difficult, Polish deputy defence minister says (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 03/15/2002
  • Moldova prepares to ban US chicken imports (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/15/2002
  • Egg art bridges cultures and beliefs (Chicago Tribune) 03/15/2002
  • Klitschko faces Botha, but knockout may not sway skeptics (AP/Fox Sports) 03/15/2002
  • Klitschko to Defend WBO Title (AP/Yahoo) 03/15/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko and South Africa's Frans Botha pose for photographers (AP/Yahoo) 03/15/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (AP/Yahoo) 03/15/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko and South Africa's Frans Botha (AP/Yahoo) 03/15/2002
  • Ідіотизм передвиборчого життя (Радіо Свобода) 03/15/2002
  • Як уявляють поляки демократію по-українськи? (Радіо Свобода) 03/15/2002
  • Адвокати екс-прем'єра Павла Лазаренка: «Маніпуляції Пінчука проходили в набагато більших масштабах» (Радіо Свобода) 03/15/2002
  • Максим Стріха: 'Така зухвала акція – намагання поставити поза закону УПЦ Київського патріархату – блискучий шанс, щоб люди перестали дбати про законність виборів' (Радіо Свобода) 03/15/2002
  • Віце-прем'єр міністр України Василь Роговий відвідав Німеччину з робочим візитом (Радіо Свобода) 03/15/2002
  • 'Америка може позитивно вплинути на парламентські вибори в Україні': Мадлен Олбрайт (Радіо Свобода) 03/15/2002
  • Законно чи незаконно утворилася 10 років тому УПЦ Київського патріархату? (Радіо Свобода) 03/15/2002
  • Вибори: Сьогодні останній день опитувань (Радіо Свобода) 03/15/2002
  • Lithuanian police arrest traffickers in women (BBC/FT-Tallinn) 03/15/2002
  • Ukraine: Two-month mean poll shows former PM's bloc, Communists out in lead (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • RCC Political Review Election Poll Update - Mar 15 (BRAMA) 03/15/2002
  • Election manifesto by [Viktor Yushchenko's] Our Ukraine bloc (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian minister [Smyrnov] notes problems in fighting illegal migration (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian Social Democrat leader Medvedchuk vows to support Russian language (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Ukraine: Government bloc leader [Lytvyn] dismisses vote-rigging allegations (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian election watchdog [Voters' Committee of Ukraine] reports campaign violations [mostly abuses of official position in favour of the For a United Ukraine bloc] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] blasts administrative interference in election (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] downplays difference between Yuschenko, Kinakh cabinets (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast of Party of Depositors, Social Protection 14 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] slams parliament, tape scandal initiators (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Parliamentary republic [government] would destabilize Ukraine, PM [Kinakh] warns (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian official [Azarov] casts doubt on parties' tax promise (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] notes growth in economic cooperation with Russia (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/15/2002
  • Ukraine's Communist leader [Symonenko] attacks presidential bloc [For a United Ukraine] in live debate (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Ukraine allows Germany to use air space in anti-terrorist action (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian navy launches new corvette vessel (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Ukraine: MP [Yelyashkevych] says pro-government [United Ukraine] bloc to rig election (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/15/2002
  • Polls: Ex-premier's bloc, communists lead in Ukraine's parliamentary elections (AP/Yahoo) 03/15/2002
  • Ukraine: Election frontrunner [Our Ukraine bloc, Viktor Yushchenko] denied airtime in westernmost region (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian parliamentary hopeful [Mykola Hladkyy, Cherkasy Region] survives bomb attack (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/15/2002
  • Ukraine not to yield in island dispute with Romania - premier [Kinakh] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Ukraine: Former premier [Yushchenko]'s [Our Ukraine] bloc, Communists lead campaign - opinion poll (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] sceptical about big pro-government party (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/15/2002
  • Потреби виборців у дзеркалі ЗМІ [прес-конф 19.3.02] (IREX ProMedia) 03/15/2002
  • Ukrainian agriculture ready for sowing - ministry (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/15/2002
  • Premier [Kinakh] denies arms trade accusations against Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/15/2002
  • Tunisia prevail over a fighting Pakistan (Gulf News/FT) 03/15/2002
  • The Forgotten Ukrainians: Chornobyl and Aids [Multimedia Presentation] (The Digital Journalist) 03/15/2002

  • Спроба ліквідувати УПЦ КП: влада (Українська Правда) 03/14/2002
  • Паскуалю жінки плакалися, як їх гвалтують політики (Українська Правда) 03/14/2002
  • Whose Ukraine? The favorites, dark horses, and free-riders from 33 parties and coalitions jockey for position ahead of elections in the region's second-largest country. (Transitions Online) 03/14/2002
  • Ukrainian leader [Semynozhenko] warns against intrusion into church matters (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/14/2002
  • Чи причетний президент України до нелегальної торгівлі зброєю? (Радіо Свобода) 03/14/2002
  • Із наближенням виборів порушення виборчого процесу набувають дедалі гостріших форм (Радіо Свобода) 03/14/2002
  • Проекти і програми виведення країни з системної кризи [прес-конф 18.3.02] (IREX ProMedia) 03/14/2002
  • Ukrainian president denied officials trying to influence elections (AP/Yahoo) 03/14/2002
  • Спеціальна передача 'Українські заробітчани в Європі: італійський акцент'. Частина 3. Як і хто може захистити десятки тисяч українських нелегалів у Італії? (Радіо Свобода) 03/14/2002
  • OSCE PA President Severin concludes visit to Ukraine (OSCE) 03/14/2002
  • Українські жінки є однією з найнезахищеніших соціальних прошарків (Радіо Свобода) 03/14/2002
  • Ukrainian leader [Kuchma] hopes for US 'common sense' on steel tariffs (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/14/2002
  • Ukraine: Journalist leader [Lubchenko] decries media manipulation (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/14/2002
  • Ukraine has 36.8m voters, 33,000 polling stations - electoral body [Ryabets] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/14/2002
  • Ukraine reports forex reserves at over 3bn dollars (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/14/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] denies arms supplies to Iraq (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/14/2002
  • Ukrainian daily predicts massive election fraud (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/14/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] rules out third term in office (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/14/2002
  • US analyst urges Ukraine to drop anti-Western stereotypes (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/14/2002
  • Ukraine beat UAE to reach semis (Gulf News/FT) 03/14/2002
  • Oneline: Interior Ministry Undersecretary Ecemis visits Ukraine (Turkish Daily News/FT) 03/14/2002
  • Troussier picks Santos for Ukraine (Yomiuri Shimbun/FT) 03/14/2002
  • Rep. Schaffer Introduces Ukraine PNTR Bill: new bill would lift restrictions, normalize trade status with Ukraine (BRAMA) 03/14/2002
  • Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) (BRAMA) 03/14/2002
  • The Ivaniv Crushed Rock Project (Photo/s) (BRAMA) 03/14/2002

  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] tells OSCE official of resolve to hold democratic polls (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/13/2002
  • East and west, Fokine is best [Matviyenko, Malakhov] (Financial Times) 03/13/2002
  • Ukraine: Popular bloc leader [Boyko] dismisses coup accusations as 'paranoid' (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/13/2002
  • Election broadcast by the Communist Party of Ukraine on 13 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Election broadcast by For a United Ukraine bloc on 13 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Ukraine welcomes UN Security Council resolution on Middle East (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/13/2002
  • Belarusian foreign minister [Khvastow] advocates pragmatic relations with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Minsk) 03/13/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition to pressurize authorities with false opinion polls - pundit (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Statue of Ukrainian national poet unveiled in Polish capital (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 03/13/2002
  • Ukraine: Premier [Kinakh] wants cheap credits, pension reform (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Ukraine: Patriarch [Filaret] sees Communist plot behind move against his church (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Ukraine: Election frontrunner [Viktor Yushchenko] declines invitation to live TV debates (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Polish war cemetery in Ukraine likely to be ceremonially opened in May 2002 (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 03/13/2002
  • Bosnia, Ukraine sign protocol on cooperation (BBC/FT-Sarajevo) 03/13/2002
  • Over 150 CIS observers to monitor Ukrainian election (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/13/2002
  • Sport: Newslines: McIlroy must wait (Irish Times/FT) 03/13/2002
  • Ukrainian tax chief [Azarov] dismisses MPs' evidence against him as forgery (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Ukrainian tax chief [Azarov] denies discussing arms trade with president (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Лідер громадського комітету 'Прозора влада' А. Сенченко заявив журналістам, що володіє інформацією про можливість його убивства (Радіо Свобода) 03/13/2002
  • Гість ранку лідер гурту 'Таліта Кум' Юлія Міщенко (Радіо Свобода) 03/13/2002
  • Нечесність українських виборів (Радіо Свобода) 03/13/2002
  • Російський чинник українських виборів напередодні зустрічі Путіна і Кучми в Одесі (Радіо Свобода) 03/13/2002
  • Українські заробітчани в Європі: італійський акцент. Частина 2: 'Чому в Італії найбільше заробітчан із західної України?' (Радіо Свобода) 03/13/2002
  • Українські заробітчани в Європі: італійський акцент. Частина 1 (Радіо Свобода) 03/13/2002
  • Навколо тристоронньої президентської зустрічі в Одесі 17 березня (Радіо Свобода) 03/13/2002
  • Рада безпеки ООН підтримала концепцію палестинської держави (Радіо Свобода) 03/13/2002
  • Парламентська слідча комісія у справі Гонгадзе має аудіозаписи, зроблені у кабінеті президента України, стосовно продажу зброї до Іраку на суму сто мільйонів доларів (Радіо Свобода) 03/13/2002
  • Photo: Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko gives the thumbs up (AP/Yahoo) 03/13/2002
  • OSCE top official concerned about Ukraine's parliamentary election campaign (AP/Yahoo) 03/13/2002
  • UEFA Cup spotlight on San Siro as Inter host Valencia (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/13/2002
  • Gabala Radar Station: Somebody is watching us (Turkish Daily News/FT) 03/13/2002
  • The Bandurist Chorus announces auditions in Chicago (BRAMA) 03/13/2002
  • Чорнобильська проблематика [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/13/2002
  • A mortgage bank to be established in Rivne region (AgriUkraine) 03/13/2002
  • Cabinet of Ministers is going to strengthen regulation of markets of sugar and grain (AgriUkraine) 03/13/2002
  • Ukrainian daily [Kievskiye Vedomosti] questions US embassy's role in elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Right-wing bloc leader [Bohdan Boyko of the People's Movement of Ukraine] says US wants to disrupt election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Russian business interests are at stake in Ukrainian parliamentary election (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/13/2002
  • Whistle-blower [Melnychenko]'s testimony irrelevant to ex-PM [Lazarenko]'s trial - prosecutor (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/13/2002
  • Ukraine's 2001 budget revenue below target (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/13/2002
  • Election broadcast by United Social Democratic Party 12 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Ukrainian defence chief Horbulin explains his election bid [pro-presidential Democratic Union party] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Ukrainian paper [Zerkalo Nedeli] examines downfall of Crimean parliament speaker [Hrach] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Paper [Den] examines dynamics of Ukrainian debt, currency, exports (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Election broadcast by Ukrainian National Assembly on 12 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/13/2002
  • Hard-fought win for holders Ukraine (Gulf News/FT) 03/13/2002

  • Photo: A model displays a creation by Ukrainian designer Oleksander Gapchuk (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/12/2002
  • Photo: A model displays an outfit by Ukrainian designer Oleksander Gapchuk (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/12/2002
  • Questioning notions of past and place (Business Day-SA/FT) 03/12/2002
  • Photo: A model sports a set of a long skirt, crocheted top, a cloak and a skull-cap by Ukrainian designer Kristina Gusina (AP/Yahoo) 03/12/2002
  • Photo: A model presents a ribbon-decorated dress by Azard Fashion House (AP/Yahoo) 03/12/2002
  • Левко Лук'яненко: 'Влада в Україні переходить від демократії до фашизму у ставленні до опозиції...' (Радіо Свобода) 03/12/2002
  • Перебування в Україні представників парламентської асамблеї ОБСЄ (Радіо Свобода) 03/12/2002
  • Фінансування виборчих кампаній; теледебати – рупор демократії чи брудні технології? (Радіо Свобода) 03/12/2002
  • Чи відбудеться комерціалізація нафтопроводу 'Одеса-Броди'? Підсумки досліджень (Радіо Свобода) 03/12/2002
  • В сфері боротьби з відмиванням грошей Україна досі не повністю виконала поради Ради Європи та ОБСЄ (Радіо Свобода) 03/12/2002
  • Чому російські шовіністи не посилаються при згадках про Україна на Кіндрата Рилєєва? (Радіо Свобода) 03/12/2002
  • Засоби інформації і демократія (Радіо Свобода) 03/12/2002
  • Photo: A model sports a white dress decorated with artificial flowers by Ukrainian designer Aina Gasse (AP/Yahoo) 03/12/2002
  • Photo: A model displays a set from the collection by Ukrainian designer Yulia Guralchuk (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/12/2002
  • Photo: A model displays an outfit from the collection by Ukrainian designer Aina Gasse (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/12/2002
  • Call for Action to the Ukrainian American Community from the Action Ukraine Coalition - Help lift Jackson-Vanik trade restrictions (BRAMA) 03/12/2002
  • Ukrainian MPs' call for graft probe based on forged letter - prosecution (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/12/2002
  • Prosecutor [Potebenko] says enough evidence for case against opposition leader [Tymoshenko] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/12/2002
  • Eastern Europe Facing Healthcare Crisis-Survey (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/12/2002
  • У чию дев'ятку? Уроки дня, який увійшов в історію (Українська Правда) 03/12/2002
  • Ukrainian, Russian, Moldovan presidents to meet in mid-March (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/12/2002
  • Ukraine stages antiterrorist exercises (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/12/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition cites poll violations to top OSCE figure [Severin] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/12/2002
  • Ukrainian foreign minister [Zlenko] to visit Poland (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 03/12/2002
  • UEFA to resolve Romania's Euro 2004 qualifier row (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/12/2002
  • Закрито 'притон української опозиції' (Українська Правда) 03/12/2002
  • Блок Новий світ [прес-конф 14.03.02] (IREX ProMedia) 03/12/2002
  • Кандидат Галина Шульга [прес-конф 14.03.02] (IREX ProMedia) 03/12/2002
  • Передвиборні настрої та погляди населення України [прес-конф 14.03.02] (IREX ProMedia) 03/12/2002

  • Governor [Yanukovych] of [Donetsk] Ukrainian industrial region calls US steel tariffs (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/11/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] pledges to reform grain market (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/11/2002
  • OSCE top official [Severin] arrives in Ukraine to study election campaign (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/11/2002
  • Opposition bloc [Yuliya Tymoshenko] intends to impeach Ukrainian president [Kuchma] after election - MP (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/11/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] orders improvements to work of oil and gas sector (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/11/2002
  • Ukraine: Premier [Kinakh] confirms sugar imports will be restricted (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/11/2002
  • Ukraine exported almost 7m tonnes of grain from 2001 harvest - PM [Kinakh] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/11/2002
  • Bill to be introduced in U.S. Congress that would lift Jackson-Vanik restrictions, normalize trade status with Ukraine (BRAMA) 03/11/2002
  • Photo/s: World Federation of Ukrainian Womens' Organizations attend 46th Commission on the Status of Women at the UN (BRAMA) 03/11/2002
  • Громадська дискусія 'Культура протесту': [PDF] (BRAMA) 03/11/2002
  • Ukraine opposition attacks media 'bias' (BBC News) 03/11/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition leader criticizes election campaign as undemocratic (AP/Yahoo) 03/11/2002
  • Масові порушення виборчого процесу (Радіо Свобода) 03/11/2002
  • В Івано-Франківську напередодні виборів усе частіше лунають погрози на адресу журналістів, які висвітлюють передвиборчі події (Радіо Свобода) 03/11/2002
  • Про аварію, в яку потрапив кандидат в депутати В'ячеслав Білоус (Радіо Свобода) 03/11/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean leader [Hrach] meets OSCE official over election dispute (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/11/2002
  • 11 березня у президентському Палаці у Варшаві Александр Кваснєвський вручив державну нагороду Республіки Польща українському офіцерові Віктору Ганущаку (Радіо Свобода) 03/11/2002
  • EU To Shield Eastern Europe From Steel Protectionism (Dow Jones/Yahoo) 03/11/2002
  • Івано-Франківськ: 'Становище в галузі культури в регіоні украй злиденне' (Радіо Свобода) 03/11/2002
  • Нинішня одеська влада оголосила війну Едуарду Гурвіцу (Радіо Свобода) 03/11/2002
  • Про ситуацію, що склалася довкола запровадження Земельного кодексу (Радіо Свобода) 03/11/2002
  • Українська Прага – особлива сторінка в історії стосунків між Україною та Чеською Республікою (Радіо Свобода) 03/11/2002
  • Чи вербував Марчук працівників ООН? (Радіо Свобода) 03/11/2002
  • Photo: A model displays an outfit from the collection by Ukrainian designer Roksolana Bogutska during Kiev's fashion week (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/11/2002
  • Photo: A model displays an outfit from the collection by Ukrainian designer Roksolana Bogutska (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/11/2002
  • Photo: A model sports a creation by Ukrainian designer Oleksander Gapchuk (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/11/2002
  • Photo: A model presents a red see-through dress, a green jacket and a hat to match by Ukrainian designer Olga Gromova (AP/Yahoo) 03/11/2002
  • Photo: A model sports white-and-blue swimming trunks designed by the VD One Fashion House (AP/Yahoo) 03/11/2002
  • Photo: A model sports a white wedding dress presented by Ukrainian pop-star Iryna Bilyk during her debut as a designer (AP/Yahoo) 03/11/2002
  • Photo: A model sports a set of a see-through oil-cloth pants, a yellow veil and a green builder helmet presented by Ukrainian pop-star Iryna Bilyk (AP/Yahoo) 03/11/2002
  • Photo: A model sports a wedding outfit presented by Ukrainian pop-star Iryna Bilyk (AP/Yahoo) 03/11/2002
  • Government of Ukraine Extends Offer of Support to The Ukrainian Museum in New York City [Photo/s] (BRAMA) 03/11/2002
  • Photo: South Africa's heavyweight boxer Frans Botha and WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko of Ukraine (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/11/2002
  • Diving - Grand Prix meet results (FINA) 03/11/2002
  • Polish minister urges ethnic minorities to declare origin for census (BBC/FT-Warsaw) 03/11/2002
  • Ukraine: Premier [Kinakh] confirms sugar imports will be restricted (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/11/2002
  • Ukraine exported almost 7m tonnes of grain from 2001 harvest - PM (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/11/2002
  • Rashid international volleyball begins today (Gulf News/FT) 03/11/2002
  • Cooperation with Armenia possible only after liberation of lands, Azeri envoy (BBC/FT-Baku) 03/11/2002
  • ... After the Ball - 46-ті Вечорниці 'Червоної калини' [Photo/s] (BRAMA) 03/11/2002
  • Запрошення: Бібліотека української літератури в Москві [PDF] (BRAMA) 03/11/2002

  • The Shackles of Freedom: The end of communism was supposed to make life better for women. Has it? (Newsweek) 03/10/2002
  • McKeever races to cross-country skiing gold at Paralympics (Globe and Mail) 03/10/2002
  • Hockey - women's World Cup draw (Sporting Life/Yahoo) 03/10/2002
  • US steel tariffs may spark global trade war - popular Ukrainian TV channel [Inter TV] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/10/2002
  • Rashid tourney from tomorrow (Gulf News/FT) 03/10/2002
  • Photo: New York Knicks' Othella Harrington attempts to block a shot by Los Angeles Lakers' Slava Medvedenko of Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 03/10/2002
  • Photo: Two models display new creations by Ukrainian designer Oleksiy Zalevsky (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/10/2002
  • Russian, Chinese Lead in Diving (AP/Yahoo) 03/10/2002
  • Photo: Washington Wizards' Jahidi White shoots over Boston Celtics' Vitaly Potapenko of Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 03/10/2002
  • Boston 98, Washington 91 (Ticker/Yahoo) 03/10/2002
  • Photo: A model shows a set from the Spring/Summer 2002 collection created by Ukrainian designer Oleksander Moniak (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/10/2002
  • Photo: A model displays an outfit created by Ukrainian designer Oleksander Moniak (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/10/2002
  • Photo: A model displays an outfit from the Spring/Summer 2002 collection created by Ukrainian designer Oleksander Moniak (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/10/2002
  • Photo: A model sports a set created by Ukrainian designer Oksana Karavanska (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/10/2002
  • Photo: A model presents an outfit created by Ukrainian designer Oksana Karavanska (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/10/2002
  • Rashid tourney from tomorrow (Gulf News) 03/10/2002
  • Chess: Dull draws at Linares (Chennai Online/Yahoo) 03/10/2002

  • Russian here and there; Love him or loathe him, Alexei Mikhailichenko entertained during his stay at Ibrox (Herald/FT) 03/09/2002
  • Ukraine, South Africa agree to broaden trade ties (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/09/2002
  • Food: JEREMY WAYNE doesn't find these Russians revolting (Guardian/FT) 03/09/2002
  • Ukraine, South Africa agree statements on terrorism, Middle East (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/09/2002
  • More than half of Ukrainians favour union with Russia, Belarus - poll (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/09/2002
  • Some CIS countries concerned by NATO eastward expansion - Tajik commentary (BBC/FT-Sughd) 03/09/2002
  • South Africa: Deputy foreign minister meets Ukrainian counterpart [Volodymyr Yelchenko] (BBC/FT-Johannesburg) 03/09/2002
  • Photo: A model sports a blue outfit designed by Ukrainian designer Anna Babenko (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2002
  • Shooting woes sting McKeever (Calgary Herald) 03/09/2002
  • Photo: A model sports a set of a white skirt and a pink jacket designed by Ukrainian designer Anna Babenko (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2002
  • Photo: Model displays a dress by Ukrainian designer Oleksiy Zalevsky (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/09/2002
  • Photo: A model sports a white set designed by Ukrainian designer Lilia Pustovit (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2002
  • Deryzemlja Wins Men's 20K Event (AP/Yahoo) 03/09/2002

  • Blaze destroys single-family Hanover [NJ] home (Parsippany Daily Record) 03/08/2002
  • Ukraine: Former PM [Yushchenko] stretches lead in latest poll (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/08/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition leader Tymoshenko under fire in live TV debate (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/08/2002
  • Ukrainian weekly [Zerkalo Nedeli] overviews ballot-rigging techniques (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/08/2002
  • Ukraine: Former PM [Yushchenko]'s campaign chief [Bezsmertnyy] confident of victory, denies split rumours (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/08/2002
  • Photo: Boston Celtics forward Vitaly Potapenko goes over Detroit Piston forward Ben Wallace (AP/Yahoo) 03/08/2002
  • Ukrainian security chief [Marchuk] vows to sue over arms dealing allegations (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/08/2002
  • Ukrainian chief prosecutor [Potebenko] denies arms smuggled to Moldova (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/08/2002
  • Leading Russian daily ponders US domination of post-Soviet political map (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/08/2002
  • On the eve of International Women's Day, four female writers offer snapshots of life in their countries. Their stories are of rape, back-street abortion and human rights abuses: Russia (Guardian/FT) 03/08/2002
  • Chess: Tame clash of the titans (Chennai Online/Yahoo) 03/08/2002
  • Spartak held at home in season opener (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/08/2002
  • A Step Forward for Ukraine? (Time) 03/08/2002
  • 400 homes near landmark status: Ukrainian Village character at issue (Chicago Tribune) 03/08/2002
  • IOM Official [Irena Omelaniuk] Highlights Challenges Faced By Women (UN Wire) 03/08/2002
  • Ukrainian Kobzar-Lirnyk tours the US (Photo/s) (BRAMA) 03/08/2002
  • Sport (Rugby/News Round-up): Harmony on discipline sought (Irish Times/FT) 03/08/2002
  • Ukraine's foreign policy in dire need of overhaul - weekly (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/08/2002
  • Certification Problems in Ukraine Lead to Border Crossing (Polish News Bulletin/FT) 03/08/2002

  • Ukrainian parliamentary candidate [Olena Solod, who supports the legalization of prostitution] sheds most of her clothes in appeal to voters (AP/Yahoo) 03/07/2002
  • Одеський міський штаб блоку Віктора Ющенка 'Наша Україна' відвідали спостерігачі від ОБСЄ на березневих виборах в Україні у 2002 році (Радіо Свобода) 03/07/2002
  • Ukrainian socialist party warned over campaign video (RFE/RL) 03/07/2002
  • Pro-presidential TV host says US plotting to thwart Ukrainian election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/07/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by Winter Crop Generation Team 7 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/07/2002
  • Ukraine: Two polls predict five parties winning parliament seats (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/07/2002
  • Юлія Тимошенко персона нон-грата для влади у Миколаєві (Радіо Свобода) 03/07/2002
  • У виборчих перегонах політики, їхні партії та блоки, безперечно, звертають серйозну увагу на те, як поведуть себе біля виборчих урн віруючі різних віросповідань і церков (Радіо Свобода) 03/07/2002
  • TV blasts Ukrainian former premier [Yushchenko]'s campaign (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/07/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by New World bloc on 6 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/07/2002
  • Ще раз про наслідки скандалу навколо контрабанди зброєю (Радіо Свобода) 03/07/2002
  • Football: Bayern see an answer in Song [Kaladze: I will accept Ukrainian citizenship] (Guardian/FT) 03/07/2002
  • Кучму і Марчука знову звинувачують у нелегальній торгівлі зброєю: хронологія 7-го березня (Радіо Свобода) 03/07/2002
  • Студенти не витримали антиукраїнського нахабства влади в Одесі (Радіо Свобода) 03/07/2002
  • Football: Bayern see an answer in Song (Guardian/FT) 03/07/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition leader Tymoshenko appears in live TV debate (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/07/2002
  • Ukrainian security chief [Marchuk] denies being named in arms trade verdict (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/07/2002
  • No reason to probe Ukrainian officials - chief prosecutor [Potebenko] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/07/2002
  • Professionals make up 12.5 per cent of Ukrainian armed forces (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/07/2002
  • Russian-Ukrainian commission discusses mass production of An-70 transport plane (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/07/2002
  • Ukraine posts record real wage growth in 2001 (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/07/2002
  • Практично у всіх регіонах України можна знайти чимало прикладів 'чесного' проведення виборчої кампанії і підготовки до не менш 'чесного' голосування (Радіо Свобода) 03/07/2002
  • Italy Investigates Alleged Internet Organ Sales (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/07/2002
  • Вибори до Верховної Ради України привертають дедалі більшу увагу західних оглядачів (Радіо Свобода) 03/07/2002
  • У Запоріжжі розгорівся новий передвиборчий скандал (Радіо Свобода) 03/07/2002
  • Права людини в Україні. Звіт Державного департаменту США не змальовує райдужної картини (Радіо Свобода) 03/07/2002
  • Anti-communist 'provocation' prompts police crackdown in Crimean capital (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/07/2002
  • Ukrainian police rule out evil plot behind arms trade chief [Malyev]'s death (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/07/2002
  • Ukraine: Banker [Kravets] arrested on graft charges (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/07/2002
  • Ukrainian parliament sets up ad hoc body to investigate wiretaps (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/07/2002
  • Ukraine set to incur big losses from US steel tariffs - official (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/07/2002
  • COMPANIES & FINANCE INTERNATIONAL: Deutsche Telekom puts Ukraine takeover on hold (Financial Times) 03/07/2002
  • Imperial strikes 5.8 bln euro Reemtsma deal (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/07/2002

  • Ukraine: Crimean speaker [Hrach] refuses to accept election ban (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/06/2002
  • Ukraine: TV lauds pro-presidential oligarch Volkov's election tour (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/06/2002
  • Ukraine: Local TV closed after broadcasting election frontrunner's address (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/06/2002
  • Crimean speaker [Hrach]'s disqualification final - Ukrainian Supreme Court (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/06/2002
  • Ukraine: PACE official [Severinsen] finds campaign irregularities in Kiev constituency (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/06/2002
  • Election broadcast by Reformed Liberal Party of Ukraine 5 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/06/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean speaker [Hrach] appeals against election disqualification again (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/06/2002
  • Ukraine: Two Socialist leaders [Vitrenko and Moroz] lock horns in live TV debate (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/06/2002
  • Atanas T. Kobryn Column: Our neighbors -- the Ukrainians (Sun-Herald) 03/06/2002
  • Ukrainian parliament urges more top-level probes... (RFE/RL) 03/06/2002
  • Photo: Boston Celtics' Vitaly Potapenko tries to drive past the arms of Orlando Magic's Don Reid (AP/Yahoo) 03/06/2002
  • Photo: Boston Celtics' Vitaly Potapenko is sandwiched between Orlando Magic's Pat Garrity and Andrew DeClercq (AP/Yahoo) 03/06/2002
  • Photo: The Orlando Magic's Darrell Armstrong drives to the basket around the Boston Celtics' Vitaly Potapenko (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/06/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] decrees measures to fight shadow business (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/06/2002
  • Ukrainian TV reports intimidation of Crimean journalists (BC/FT-Kyiv) 03/06/2002
  • Ukrainian lawmakers call for prosecution of top government official (AP/Yahoo) 03/06/2002
  • Head of Ukraine's state arms export company killed in car accident (AP/Yahoo) 03/06/2002
  • Ukrainian lawmakers call for prosecution of top government official (AP/Yahoo) 03/06/2002
  • Деякі аспекти перебігу засідання Верховної Ради України 5 березня (Радіо Свобода) 03/06/2002
  • Держдепартамент США: 'В Україні продовжується порушення прав людини, проте зроблено й поступ у деяких аспектах цієї сфери' (Радіо Свобода) 03/06/2002
  • В Україні не зникли проблеми зі свободою слова: новий звіт Державного департаменту США (Радіо Свобода) 03/06/2002
  • Президент Білорусі Аляксандр Лукашенка досі не підтримав проголошення 2002 року 'Роком Тараса Шевченка в Білорусі' (Радіо Свобода) 03/06/2002
  • Сполучені Штати вирішили впровадити мито на сталеві вироби, імпортовані з-за кордону, у тому числі з України (Радіо Свобода) 03/06/2002
  • US steel tariffs a blow for world trade - Ukrainian daily [Kievskiye Vedomosti] (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/06/2002
  • Ukrainian-American Organizations to Focus on Youth During 2002 Summit (BRAMA) 03/06/2002
  • UN says 'STOP' to sex trade (BRAMA) 03/06/2002
  • Head of Ukraine's state arms export company killed in car accident (AP/Yahoo) 03/06/2002
  • Interest rates on privileged credits issued by 'Aval' bank were compensated by 53% (AgriUkraine) 03/06/2002
  • MinAP forecasts decrease of export of livestock produce in 2002 (AgriUkraine) 03/06/2002
  • Photo: AC Milan's Kakha Kaladze (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/06/2002
  • З нагоди Міжнародного дня 8 Березня та чергової акції Міжнародної Амністії на захист прав жінок [круглий стіл 03.11.02] (IREX ProMedia) 03/06/2002
  • Ukrainian daily [Den] critical of US national security adviser [Condoleezza Rice]'s interview (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/06/2002
  • Ukrainian arms exports chief [Ukrspetseksport company's Valeriy Malyev] killed in car crash (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/06/2002
  • Line repairs force Ukrainian nuclear station to cut output (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/06/2002
  • Polls Open Today for the First Global Vote to Determine New Color In 'M&M's'(R) Bag - Purple, Pink, Aqua ... How Will You Decide? - (PR Newswire/FT) 03/06/2002
  • Russia to join Black Sea freight transport regulations harmonization plan [signed by Ukraine] (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/06/2002
  • Ukraine: MPs urge another [assassination] probe against president [Kuchma] (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/06/2002
  • [Environment] Award receives 140 submissions (Gulf News/FT) 03/06/2002
  • Matsuda, Morioka back on Troussier's squad (Yomiuri Shimbun/FT) 03/06/2002
  • Третій сектор України: проблеми становлення [презентація 03.12.02] (IREX ProMedia) 03/06/2002
  • Bush Imposes Hefty Steel Tariffs (AP/Yahoo) 03/06/2002

  • Ukraine MPs back murder probe (BBC News) 03/05/2002
  • Election broadcast by [Yushchenko's] Our Ukraine bloc on 4 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/05/2002
  • OSCE notes improved election laws, more openness in Ukraine - TV (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/05/2002
  • Ukraine: Leftist party reports beating of member [Honcharuk] over elections (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/05/2002
  • Regional paper [Vysokyy Zamok in Lviv] whose editor [Stepan Kurpil] runs for parliament cries foul (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/05/2002
  • OSCE mission notes improvement in Ukraine's election campaign (AP/Yahoo) 03/05/2002
  • OSCE/ODIHR Director concludes assessment visit ahead of Ukrainian parliamentary elections (OSCE) 03/05/2002
  • «Передвиборні скандали - Крим, СПУ» (Радіо Свобода) 03/05/2002
  • Застосування найрізноманітніших виборчих технологій набуває напередодні виборів щоразу більшого розмаху (Радіо Свобода) 03/05/2002
  • Прямий ефір: «Скандали виборів 2002 - Олександр Мороз» (Радіо Свобода) 03/05/2002
  • OSCE mission notes improvement in Ukraine's election campaign (AP/Yahoo) 03/05/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] vetoes law on mandatory election debates (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/05/2002
  • Ukraine: Students ask for calm in dispute over speaker [Hrach]'s registration (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/05/2002
  • Turkish defence minister holds news conference after meeting German counterpart [NATO and Ukraine] (BBC/FT-Ankara) 03/05/2002
  • U.N. Insists No Police Ties to Bosnia Prostitution (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/05/2002
  • Kaladze to become Ukrainian in kidnap protest (Onefootball) 03/05/2002
  • Countries Criticize Steel Tariffs (AP/Yahoo) 03/05/2002
  • Ukrainian security chief [Marchuk] speaks for NATO-Russia-Ukraine triangle (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/05/2002
  • Press Briefing by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick (PR Newswire/FT) 03/05/2002
  • Ukrainian nuclear power industry plagued by untimely payments (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/05/2002
  • Russian Customs Committee suspends customs clearance of US poultry (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/05/2002
  • Golden Telecom Results (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/05/2002
  • Government of Ukraine to open Consulate in Michigan with gala event featuring Bandurist Chorus (BRAMA) 03/05/2002
  • Україна підтримує започаткування Місії Європейського Союзу в Боснії і Герцеговині [ООН] (BRAMA) 03/05/2002
  • 'Financial Collection' in action at 'AES KievOblEnergo' (BRAMA) 03/05/2002
  • Прямий ефір: «Питання статусу російської мови в Україні перед виборами, ситуація у Харкові» (Радіо Свобода) 03/05/2002
  • Саміт СНД (Радіо Свобода) 03/05/2002
  • Українсько-китайське співробітництво у контексті візиту спікера парламенту Івана Плюща до КНР (Радіо Свобода) 03/05/2002
  • Лукашенка заклопотаний проблемами України (Радіо Свобода) 03/05/2002
  • Коли Україну запросять до НАТО? (Радіо Свобода) 03/05/2002
  • Ukrainian deputy [Rohovyy] PM tells Swedish counterpart of progress in joining WTO (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/05/2002
  • Ukraine: Charges brought against official who stole election files (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/05/2002
  • Ukrainian parliament wants president [Kuchma] probed for corruption (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/05/2002
  • Ukraine cuts weapons under European agreements (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/05/2002
  • Ukraine's first mass-produced AN-140 ready for dispatch (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/05/2002
  • Ukrainian premier [Kinakh] discusses trade, reforms with Swedish deputy PM (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/05/2002
  • New Sight to regain fleet from Ukraine shipmanager (Lloyds List/FT) 03/05/2002
  • Ukrainian Second Woman across finish line in LA Marathon (AP/Yahoo) 03/05/2002
  • Trans-Dniester 'Nation' Resents Shady Reputation (NY Times) 03/05/2002

  • BOXING: Oakey ends long wait by winning WBU title (Independent) 03/04/2002
  • Gulf attracts diverse mix of tennis fans Letter From Dubai (Independent) 03/04/2002
  • Athletics: Gardener pushed for gold by Mark (Birmingham Post/FT) 03/04/2002
  • Photo: Inter Milan's Ivan Cordoba jumps for the ball as A.C. Milan's Andrij Shevchenko looks on (AP/Yahoo) 03/04/2002
  • Next Ukrainian parliament unlikely to speed up army reform (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/04/2002
  • (Corrected) Ukraine: Election manifesto by the Green Party (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/04/2002
  • Ukrainian opposition leader Yuliya Tymoshenko profiled (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/04/2002
  • Ukraine: Election broadcast by the New Force party 1 Mar 02 (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/04/2002
  • (Correction) Ukraine: Crimean speaker [Hrach] backtracks on separatist call (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/04/2002
  • Так чи помер Микола Гоголь? (Радіо Свобода) 03/04/2002
  • Рішення Харківської міської ради щодо статусу російської мови (Радіо Свобода) 03/04/2002
  • Польські політичні еліти не без стурбованості стежать за ходом виборчої кампанії в Україні (Радіо Свобода) 03/04/2002
  • «Відносини Україна-НАТО. До візиту прем’єр-міністра України Анатолія Кінаха до Брюсселя» (Радіо Свобода) 03/04/2002
  • US national security adviser [Rice] urges fair election race in Ukrainian interview (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/04/2002
  • Russia and Ukraine to supply energy to Moldova and beyond (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/04/2002
  • Ukraine faces long-term gas shortfall (BBC/FT-Moscow) 03/04/2002
  • Reactor at South-Ukrainian nuclear plant halted for scheduled repairs (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/04/2002
  • French Foreign Legion illegally recruiting in southern Ukraine - newspaper (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/04/2002
  • Ukrainian rightist politician compares Putin's role to Hitler's, slams rivals (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/04/2002
  • Ukraine, Vietnam sign cooperation protocol (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/04/2002
  • Communist leader [Symonenko] denied airtime in eastern Ukraine (BBC/FT-Kyiv/UNIAN) 03/04/2002
  • EUROPE: Nato to help Ukraine overhaul forces (Financial Times) 03/04/2002
  • U.S. Finds Fault with Allies in 'War on Terrorism' (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/04/2002
  • Tha Art of the Egg (San Diego Union-Tribune) 03/04/2002
  • Yalta Travel and Excursion Agency seeks U.S. investors in building 5-star chain hotel (BISNIS) 03/04/2002
  • Vidrodjennya: Automotive Parts Dealer seeks experienced U.S. partner (BISNIS) 03/04/2002
  • First back-to-back winner in L.A. Marathon (AP/Yahoo) 03/04/2002
  • L.A. Marathon results (AP/Sportserver) 03/04/2002
  • Diving - Grand Prix meet results (FINA) 03/04/2002
  • Amount of credits issued to APK in 2002 will reach 8 billion UAH (AgriUkraine) 03/04/2002
  • Forecast of export of grain harvested in 2001 improved up to 9 million tons (AgriUkraine) 03/04/2002

  • 'Україна без Кучми' — це демократична революція. Яка ще не закінчилась (Грані-плюс) 03/03/2002
  • Photo: Ottawa Senators' Radek Bonk collides with Washington Capitals' Dmitri Khristich (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/03/2002
  • Photo: Anatoliy Dovgal Third in 60 Meters Final in Vienna (AP/Yahoo) 03/03/2002
  • Ceplak Breaks Second Oldest Indoor Track Record (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/03/2002
  • 'Soros' (NY Times) 03/03/2002
  • Iouri Mouchinski: In Pursuit of a Dream (NY Times) 03/03/2002
  • Athletics - European indoor championships results (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/03/2002

  • Photo: Arsenal's Sol Campbell celebrates their win with team mate Oleg Luzhny (Empics/Yahoo) 03/02/2002
  • You only live twice [Yuliya Tymoshenko] (The Scotsman) 03/02/2002
  • Photo: Charlotte Hornets' David Wesley drives toward the basket around Boston Celtics' Vitaly Potapenko (AP/Yahoo) 03/02/2002
  • Photo: Indiana Pacers' Jonathan Bender pulls down an offensive rebound against Los Angeles Lakers' Slava Medvedenko (AP/Yahoo) 03/02/2002
  • Ukrainian president [Kuchma] pledges toreform grain market (RFE/RL) 03/02/2002
  • Photo: Arsenal's Oleg Luzhny reacts (Empics/Yahoo) 03/02/2002
  • Ukrainian Gold Cross appeal to President Kuchma: 'Our Ukraine' campaigner Iryna Senyk attacked in Lviv (BRAMA) 03/02/2002
  • Photo: Leonid Kuchma with Shevardnaze, Putin and Nazarbayev in Chimbulak Kazakstan (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/02/2002
  • Photo: PM Anatoliy Kinakh with NATO SG Robertson (AP/Yahoo) 03/02/2002
  • Russia's Latest Export: Bad Jokes About U.S. Chickens (NY Times) 03/02/2002
  • Cycling-Tour of Valencia fifth stage results (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/02/2002
  • Gunners maintain title challenge (TEAMtalk/Yahoo) 03/02/2002
  • Athletics-European indoor championships results (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/02/2002

  • Longing for God: Mother Teresa's letters reveal isolation, doubts (Catholic News Service) 03/01/2002
  • Council of Europe optimistic about elections in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2002
  • Едуарда Гурвіца знову намагаються зняти з реєстрації (Радіо Свобода) 03/01/2002
  • Кримський виборчком саботує вибори? (Радіо Свобода) 03/01/2002
  • Pre-election agricultural fuss (AgriUkraine) 03/01/2002
  • Russian leader [Putin] confirms CIS states to send observers to Ukrainian elections (BBC/FT-Almaty) 03/01/2002
  • Ukraine: Crimean speaker [Hrach] vows to fight for re-election (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/01/2002
  • Soltys Confirmed Dead by Hanging (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2002
  • Canadian Emilie Heymans wins silver in Grand Prix diving event (CP/ 03/01/2002
  • Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the media while Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev listen (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2002
  • Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with Georgian President Eduard Shevarnadze while Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma looks on (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2002
  • Photo: Presidents of former Soviet countries Eduard Shevardnadze of Georgia, Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine, Nursaltan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan and Vladimir Putin of Russia (Reuters/Yahoo) 03/01/2002
  • Photo: NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson and Ukraine Prime Minister Anatoli Kinakh (AP/Yahoo) 03/01/2002
  • Українці в Америці закликають Верховну Раду в Києві більше опікуватися долею книгодруку рідною мовою (Радіо Свобода) 03/01/2002
  • Компанія Lohika Systems - українські комп’ютерники в Америці (Радіо Свобода) 03/01/2002
  • Реалізацію найбільшого інвестиційного проекту в своїй історії виробник кабельних систем для автомобілів, німецький концерн “Леоні”, відважився розпочати в Україні (Радіо Свобода) 03/01/2002
  • Photos: Visit to NATO of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mr. Anatoliy Kinakh (NATO) 03/01/2002
  • Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission with H.E. Mr.A. Kinakh, Prime-Minister of Ukraine (NATO) 03/01/2002
  • У Нью-Йорку розпочалося будівництво Українського музею [Photo/s] (BRAMA) 03/01/2002
  • Action Ukraine Coalition and Jewish leaders meet to discuss the removal of the Jackson-Vanick restrictions (BRAMA) 03/01/2002
  • Master sleuth helps fill in the 'white spaces' in Ukraine's history [NEW BOOK] (BRAMA) 03/01/2002
  • Візита Папи і нездійснені сподівання (BRAMA) 03/01/2002
  • 'Khlib Ukrayiny' proposed to creditors to rent grain elevators as reimbursement of company's debts (AgriUkraine) 03/01/2002
  • Lougansk region will receive grant from USAID for privatization of land (AgriUkraine) 03/01/2002
  • Seminars improve observance of international human rights standards in Ukrainian courts (OSCE) 03/01/2002
  • Ukrainian, Russian presidents discuss energy at CIS summit (BBC/FT-Kyiv) 03/01/2002
  • Russian leader [Putin] hails gas deal with Central Asian states, says progress made with Ukraine (BBC/FT-Almaty) 03/01/2002
  • Chess Piece (BusinessWorld/FT) 03/01/2002
  • EUROPE: Clarification: Victor Yushchenko NEWS DIGEST (Financial Times) 03/01/2002
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