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Fri, May 24, 16:11 EDT
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  • Photo: Ukrainian graduates enjoy cooling off in a fountain after the end of their last school year in the centre of Kiev, May 31, 2005. The temperature in the Ukrainian capital reached 33 degrees Celsius (91.4 Fahrenheit). (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/31/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian mothers of Soviet servicemen who perished during the war in Afghanistan, hold portraits of their sons at a meeting outside the parliament building in central Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/31/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian veterans of the war in Afghanistan, led by the former Soviet Union, hold banners as they rally next to a wheel chair, artificial limbs and crutches outside Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers in Kiev, May 31, 2005. More than 2,000 members of the Ukrainian Union of Afghan war veterans from all over the country, rallied on Tuesday with demands to improve veterans' social welfare, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/31/2005

  • Yanukovych Fails to Attend His Interrogation Today (UNIAN) 05/30/2005
  • Photo: A street vendor sells dolls resembling Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in central Kiev May 30, 2005. Tymoshenko, now premier and one of the leaders of last year's Ukraine 'Orange Revolution', is very popular in the country as she promises quick economic growth and improvement of living standards. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/30/2005
  • Photo: A brown bear plays with a stick as he swims in a pool at the zoo in Kiev, Ukraine, Monday, May 30, 2005. A heat wave is affecting most of Ukraine with temperatures rising to 35 degree Celsius (95 Fahrenheit). (AP/Yahoo) 05/30/2005

  • Photo: Dynamo Kiev's Brazilian, Diogo Rincon, right, struggles for the ball against Shakhtar Donetsk's Brazilian Matuzalem Francelino Da Silva, during their Ukraine's Soccer Cup 2005 final at the Olympiyskiy stadium in Kiev, Ukraine, Sunday, May 29, 2005. Dynamo Kiev won 1:0. (AP/Yahoo) 05/29/2005
  • Photo: Dynamo Kiev players hold the trophy as they celebrate their victory over Shakhtar Donetsk in the finals of the Ukrainian national soccer Cup, at the Olympic stadium in Kiev, May 29, 2005. Dynamo Kiev won the Ukrainian Cup for a record seventh time on Sunday as they beat arch rivals Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 in an ill-tempered final. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/29/2005
  • Photo: Dynamo Kiev players hold the trophy as they celebrate their victory over Shakhtar Donetsk in the finals of the Ukrainian national soccer Cup, at the Olympic stadium in Kiev May 29, 2005. Dynamo Kiev won the Ukrainian Cup for a record seventh time on Sunday as they beat arch rivals Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 in an ill-tempered final. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/29/2005
  • Photo: Mircea Lucescu (R), coach of Ukraine soccer team Shakhtar Donetsk, looks down after the final match of the Ukrainian Cup at the Olympic stadium in Kiev May 29, 2005. Dynamo Kiev won the Ukrainian Cup for a record seventh time on Sunday as they beat arch rivals Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 in an ill-tempered final. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/29/2005
  • Photo: Coach of Ukraine's Dynamo Kiev soccer team Josef Sabo reacts during the final match of the Ukrainian Cup at the Olympic stadium in Kiev May 29, 2005. Dynamo Kiev won the Ukrainian Cup for a record seventh time on Sunday as they beat arch rivals Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 in an ill-tempered final. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/29/2005

  • Photo: Ukrainian Marina Khorolskaya, an 18-year-old student from Lugansk smiles after winning the Miss Donbass beauty pageant in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine May 28, 2005. Thirty-six young women participated in the contest. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/28/2005

  • Tymoshenko Wipes Out Monopoly at Oil Product Market (UNIAN) 05/25/2005
  • Ukrainian elections again (Euro-Reporters) 05/25/2005
  • Ukraine's Yushchenko admits mistakes in appointing some officials (CP/National Post) 05/25/2005
  • VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT, Broadcasting Board of Governors: International Broadcaster (TV)(Ukrainian), GS-1001-12 (Two Positions) (VOA) 05/25/2005
  • Target to carry Lifeway's kefir drink [Lifeway was founded in 1986 by Ukrainian immigrant Michael Smolyansky] (Chicago Sun-Times) 05/25/2005
  • Ukrainian First Lady Asks British Prince Michael and Diplomats to Support International Sponsor Program: 'From Hospital to Hospital' (UNIAN) 05/25/2005
  • Government bill seeks to install loyalists at UkrNafta management (Ukrainian Journal) 05/25/2005
  • TNK-BP and Lukoil plan to increase Ukraine gasoline shipments (Ukrainian Journal) 05/25/2005
  • Bank loan interest rates headed lower as foreign bank competition is felt (FirsTnews) 05/25/2005
  • Village life in Ukraine falling further behind in living standards and opportunities (FirsTnews) 05/25/2005
  • Nutritek Goes for Milk to Ukraine (Kommersant) 05/25/2005
  • Photo: Soldiers from various nations lay flowers at a grave of Ukrainian soldiers, on Wednesday, May 25, 2005, at the Soviet section of Vienna's main cemetary. During a ceremony 18 Red Army soldiers from an Ukrainian unit, whose bodies were found at a construction site last year were given full military burials. It is the first time in more than 20 years that such a ceremony has been conducted. (AP/Yahoo) 05/25/2005
  • 1st Turkey - Ukraine Friendship Festival Held (AP/Turkish Press) 05/25/2005
  • Medical Services Continues to Move Into Eastern Europe [VScan HIV 1&2 test kits and its Tuberculosis (TB) test kit have been submitted for approval] (PRNewswire) 05/25/2005

  • Photo: Vladimir Malakhov and Julie Kent perform the second-act pas de deux from 'Swan Lake,' at the American Ballet Theatre's spring opening gala in New York (AP/Yahoo) 05/24/2005
  • Abortion Encouraged in Ukraine as Unborn Babies Used for Russian Beauty Treatments (LifeSite) 05/24/2005
  • Yushchenko Calls on to Invest in Education, Noting that its Level Reduced in Ukraine During 14 Years (UNIAN) 05/24/2005
  • i ii i i (VOA) 05/24/2005
  • Ѫ i i i (VOA) 05/24/2005
  • Russias TNK-BP restarts Ukrainian refinery after six-week shutdown (Ukrainian Journal) 05/24/2005
  • Ukrainian Catholics meet (National Post) 05/24/2005
  • Study finds international adoptees better adjusted (Reuters) 05/24/2005
  • National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting Blames NTN for Profiteering in Freedom of Speech (UNIAN) 05/24/2005
  • Ukraine: Divergent Views of a Looming Economic Iceberg (UNIAN) 05/24/2005
  • Oil Crisis: Enough Blame to Go Around (UNIAN) 05/24/2005
  • What Chance For Ukrainian 'Energy Independence'? (UNIAN) 05/24/2005
  • Telenor to fight new Alfa Group lawsuit over Ukraine's WellCom (Forbes) 05/24/2005
  • Foreigners banned from short-term bonds (Ukrainian Journal) 05/24/2005
  • Sorry, But No Mercy. Anatoly Kinakhs dubious apologies (Kommersant) 05/24/2005

  • Rotten Orange. Political Marriage Between Yushenko and Timoshenko Is Cracked (Kommersant) 05/23/2005
  • i i i (VOA) 05/23/2005
  • Uzhgorod incident leaves confusion, injuries and many questions (FirsTnews) 05/23/2005
  • i (VOA) 05/23/2005
  • i 15-i (VOA) 05/23/2005
  • i '': (VOA) 05/23/2005
  • Ukraine to resume asset sales soon to help sustain economic growth [Bloomberg] (Financial Express) 05/23/2005
  • Feds expand probe of abuse. Ukraine is asked for details about 2 Metro men who may have lured women. (Detroit News) 05/23/2005
  • Fuel crisis drags Yushchenko back into the fray of Ukraine's politics (Financial Times) 05/23/2005
  • Yushchenko, Tymoshenko, Lytvyn, to Joint Political Forces at Parliamentary Election in 2006 (UNIAN) 05/23/2005
  • EBRD offers financial aid to new Ukrainian government (AFP/Yahoo) 05/23/2005
  • President, PM clash at mtg with Russians (Ukrainian Journal) 05/23/2005
  • National Security Council seeks urgent measures to stop WTO failure (Ukrainian Journal) 05/23/2005
  • Germany's Slaves to Globalization (Deutsche Welle) 05/23/2005
  • U.S. Energy Secretary to travel to Russian, Azerbaijan and Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 05/23/2005
  • Jews and Cossacks Offer Their Hands in Friendship (FJC) 05/23/2005
  • Revolutionaries in Ukraine no longer singing same song (The Scotsman) 05/23/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian communists hold red flags and the portrait of Soviet state founder Vladimir Lenin during a protest in Donetsk, May 23, 2005. The communists gathered on Monday to protest against the government policies and poor living standards in the country. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/23/2005
  • Queen to cut birthday cake, view giant spiders during visit to Alberta [The show will feature a wide variety of performers, including...Ukrainian dancers] (National Post) 05/23/2005

  • Photo: Vocalist Roman Kalyn from Ukraine's entry, the band 'Greenjolly', sings the song 'Razom nas bahato' (We won't stand this - no!) (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/22/2005
  • Waste crackdown to cut Ukraine deficit-Yushchenko (Reuters) 05/22/2005
  • Photo: Miss Russia 2005 Natalia Nikolaeva (L) and Miss Ukraine 2005 Juliya Chernyshova practice traditional Thai crafts at the MAMA VIP Party at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok...The 54th annual Miss Universe competition (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/22/2005
  • 'The banal, the bizarre and the downright barking' [They came. They sang. They wore sequins...Eurovision...WELKOM, screamed the Ukrainian hosts] (Daily Telegraph) 05/22/2005
  • Photo: Winner of the Eurovision song contest Helena Paparizou (R) of Greece and winner of last year's contest Ruslana of Ukraine laugh after finals Ukraine's capital Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/22/2005
  • Song for Ukraine doesn't cut it as a Song for Europe [Orange revolutionary anthem 'too political' for Eurovision] (Index on Censorship) 05/22/2005
  • Photo: Ukraine's entry band 'Greenjolly' perform the song 'Razom nas bahato' (We won't stand this - no!) during a dress rehearsal of the 50th Eurovision finals at the Palace of Sports in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/22/2005

  • Photo: Ukraine director Igor Strembitskyy holds the Palm d'Or award for Short Films for his film 'Podorozhni' during the awards ceremony at the 58th Cannes Film Festival May 21, 2005. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/21/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian director Igor Strembitskyy poses after he won the Short Films prize for the film 'Podorozhni' (Wayfarers), at the 58th international Cannes film festival (AP/Yahoo) 05/21/2005
  • Winners at the 58th Cannes Film Festival [Best short film: 'Wayfarers,' (Podorozhni) Igor Strembitskyy (Ukraine)] (AP/Yahoo) 05/21/2005
  • Kyiv's construction booms appears likely to last for many years to come (FirsTnews) 05/21/2005
  • Greece's Helena Wins Eurovision Contest (AP/Yahoo) 05/21/2005
  • Ex-Ukraine PM convictions halved (BBC) 05/21/2005
  • Many U.S. charges against top Ukrainian thrown out [Lazarenko] (Reuters) 05/21/2005
  • Ex-Ukraine leader seen getting decade in U.S. jail [Lazarenko] (Reuters) 05/21/2005
  • 15 Convictions Against Lazarenko Dropped (AP/Yahoo) 05/21/2005
  • Ukraine leader dismisses notion PM should quit (Reuters) 05/21/2005
  • Photo: Supporters of Viktor Yanukovich, former Ukrainian prime minister, hold a poster while arguing with a police officer guarding the entrance to the Palace of Sports during a protest in Kiev May 21, 2005. Members of opposition parties rallied against alleged political repression by Ukraine's new authorities against the opposition outside Kiev's Palace of Sports, the venue where the final of the Eurovision song contest will be held on Saturday. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/21/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko arrives for the finals of the 50th Eurovision song contest at the Palace of Sports in the Ukrainian capital Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/21/2005
  • Photo: President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko (L) presents a special prize to singer Helena Paparaizou of Greece (R), winner of the 50th Eurovision Song Contest (AFP/Yahoo) 05/21/2005
  • On this day: 1997 Ukraine and Poland sign a reconciliation agreement to formally end conflict and put centuries of bloodshed behind them. (Sunday Times) 05/21/2005

  • i i i (VOA) 05/20/2005
  • i (VOA) 05/20/2005
  • Naftogaz Ukrayiny starts drawing on Duetschebank credit line (Ukrainian Journal) 05/20/2005
  • Ukraine to Diversify Nuclear Vendors (Kommersant) 05/20/2005
  • Vandals Destroy John Paul II Memorial in Ukraines Catholic Heartland [Lviv] (Mosnews) 05/20/2005
  • Historic Ukrainian Catholic Church confab. First such meeting in Canada (Winnipeg Sun) 05/20/2005
  • Bush Foresees Changes in Caucasus, Central Asia (Moscow Times) 05/20/2005
  • Kinakh sharply criticizes Tymoshenko but will stay in government (FirsTnews) 05/20/2005
  • Symonenko considers administrative and territorial reform a government power grab (FirsTnews) 05/20/2005
  • Kryvorizhstal sales down based on world steel market slowdown (FirsTnews) 05/20/2005
  • UkrPoshta seeks to challenge Western Union in money-transfer business (Ukrainian Journal) 05/20/2005
  • Yushchenko said to seek changes to government plan for new oil giant (Ukrainian Journal) 05/20/2005
  • Russian cos agree to oil boost supplies (Ukrainian Journal) 05/20/2005
  • Finance Minister Pinzenyk States Serious Growth of State Budget deficit in 2004 (UNIAN) 05/20/2005

  • Photo: Miss Universe 2005 contestant Juliya Chernyshova of Ukraine takes part in a photo shoot at the beach on the Thai resort island of Phuket, May 19, 2005. The Miss Universe 2005 pageant will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 31, 2005. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/19/2005
  • RFE/RL Back on FM Air in Kyiv (RFE/RL) 05/19/2005
  • Press Freedom Slipping Away in Much of Former Soviet Union (RFE/RL) 05/19/2005
  • i (VOA) 05/19/2005
  • Tymoshenko Under Fire Over Fuel Crisis (AP/Yahoo) 05/19/2005
  • Photo: A supporter of former Ukrainian Prime Minister and opposition party leader Viktor Yanukovich, breaks a fence in front of policemen guarding the Palace of Sports, during a rally against alleged political repression by Ukraine's new authorities in Kiev May 19, 2005. About 500 demonstrators made an attempt to enter Kiev's Palace of Sports but were stopped by police guarding the venue (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/19/2005
  • Photo: Supporters of Viktor Yanukovych, former Ukrainian Prime Minister and a losing candidate in last year's presidential vote, clash with riot police only hours ahead of the semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest in downtown Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 05/19/2005
  • Photo: Supporters of Viktor Yanukovych, former Ukrainian Prime Minister and a losing candidate in last year's presidential vote, stand in front of riot police lines only hours ahead of the semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest in downtown Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 05/19/2005
  • Photo: Supporters of former Ukrainian prime minister and an opposition party leader, Viktor Yanukovich, shout slogans through loud speakers during a rally against alleged political repression by Ukraine's new authorities, near the Palace of Sports, in Kie (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/19/2005
  • Photo: Viktor Yanukovich (R) former Ukrainian Prime Minister and leader of the Party of Regions, is greeted by his supporters during a meeting of opposition parties outside the parliament building in Kiev, May 19, 2005. About 5,000 activists protested against alleged political repression by Ukraine's new authorities against opposition, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/19/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian riot police stand in line in front of the supporters of Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine's former Prime Minister and a losing candidate in the last year's presidential vote, only hours ahead of the semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest in downtown Kiev, Thursday, May 19 2005. Yanukovych's supporters rallied demanding an end to what they describe as political persecution of the opposition by the authorities of President Viktor Yushchenko. (AP/Yahoo) 05/19/2005
  • US-Ukraine venture targets design. Ukrainian expertise brings down the price of optical design. (Optics) 05/19/2005
  • Eurovision Semifinals to Get Under Way (AP/Yahoo) 05/19/2005
  • (VOA) 05/19/2005
  • i (VOA) 05/19/2005
  • Photo: Miss Universe 2005 contestants Brooke Johnston of the United Kingdom and Juliya Chernyshova of Ukraine pose on the beach during a photo shoot at the Dusit Laguna Resort in Phuket, Thailand (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/19/2005
  • Revolution Is the Theme for 50th Eurovision (Moscow Times) 05/19/2005
  • Chernobyl's link to thyroid cancer confirmed [Dated 5/21/05] (New Scientist) 05/19/2005
  • Ukrainian Security Services Will Frisk Russian Oil Companiesif they wont find a common language with Viktor Yushenko (Kommersant) 05/19/2005
  • Letters: Ivan Katchanovski, Ukraine - page down to 'Safran Foer, Illuminated' (LA Weekly) 05/19/2005
  • Outstanding women honored [Valerie Pivkina came from Kiev for treatment for a leg that was damaged at birth. She has overcome many obstacles] (Commercial Appeal) 05/19/2005
  • Bias claim against reporters' group [Reporters sans frontières] (Guardian) 05/19/2005
  • Exchange of empires. Who will dare to fill the black holes being left by Russia's long retreat? (Guardian) 05/19/2005
  • -ʳ: (Ͳ) 05/19/2005
  • Yushchenko moves to end fuel row (BBC) 05/19/2005
  • Ukraine's Yushchenko blasts govt over fuel crisis (Reuters) 05/19/2005
  • GUAM [Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova] to Change Name to 'Commonwealth of Democracy and Development' (Civil Georgia) 05/19/2005
  • Bush acknowledges problems in post-war Iraq (Reuters) 05/19/2005
  • US pledges to aid new democracies (BBC) 05/19/2005
  • Intellectual Property Theft in Russia Increasing Dramatically [Sanctions have been applied against Ukraine, which has been identified as a Priority Foreign Country] (USDOS) 05/19/2005
  • EnergoAtom plans transition to alternative fuel in four years (Ukrainian Journal) 05/19/2005
  • Tarasiuk, in oil-rich Azerbaijan, trying to secure needed gas imports (Ukrainian Journal) 05/19/2005
  • Anti-cartel authority investigation targets two Russian oil companies (Ukrainian Journal) 05/19/2005
  • President signs bill lifting fuel duties (Ukrainian Journal) 05/19/2005
  • What will Terry Wogan think? Eurovision means frothy pop, doesn't it? Not any more. Dorian Lynskey reports from post-revolution Ukraine (Guardian) 05/19/2005
  • European unison. Dodgy tunes, dubious costumes, a symbolic fern, and a little bit of politics. Neil Perry looks forward to Saturday's Eurovision song contest (Guardian) 05/19/2005
  • Ukrainian hosts' high hopes for Eurovision (BBC) 05/19/2005
  • Missing Kiev Statue Touches Off Frenzy [Sholom Aleichem] (Forward) 05/19/2005
  • The Changing Face of AIDS [Russia, Ukraine, and Estonia have already passed the threshold at which more than 1 percent of the population is infected] (Transitions Online) 05/19/2005

  • Ukraine President Transforming Country into a Nation of God (Christian Today) 05/18/2005
  • Gul In Ukraine (Turkish Press) 05/18/2005
  • Greek Catholic Church to Work for Ukrainian/Polish Reconciliation [Cardinal Husar] (RISU) 05/18/2005
  • Bush admits spreading democracy will take time (AFP/Yahoo) 05/18/2005
  • OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine organizes conference on gender equality and law enforcement (OSCE) 05/18/2005
  • Poles Upset by 'Stalinist' Take on History (AP/Yahoo) 05/18/2005
  • Living in a moldy home [Dated 5/17/05][In 1931, horses of some villages in Ukraine became ill and subsequently died...The disease was thought to occur in horses only, but in later years it was also reported in sheep, swine and calf. After a long investigation, it was found that the cause of death was straw infected with a mold toxin that is now known as Stachybotrys chartarum.] (Hollister Free Lance) 05/18/2005
  • Control Is the Best Form of Trust. The Black List of Ukrainian Re-Privatization (Kommersant) 05/18/2005
  • Angry Poles to Send Putin Postcards With Greetings for Putinocchio (Mosnews) 05/18/2005
  • Report: Software Piracy Cost $8B in Asia [Vietnam topped the global BSA hitlist, with 92 percent of all software used coming from pirates. It was followed by the Ukraine (91 percent)...] (AP/Yahoo) 05/18/2005
  • He's our sonofabitch. The west's support for the Uzbek regime exposes its destructive reliance on despots and tyrants (Guardian) 05/18/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (2nd L) looks at a protective uniform of an 'Alfa' special police unit officer during his visit to a training centre near Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/18/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and Ukraine's entry for the Eurovision 2005 song contest, the band 'GreenJolly' with Roman Kalyn, Andriy Pisetskyi and Roman Kostyuk (RtoL) flash victory signs and hold the national blue-and-yellow flag after attending a concern in the Arena hall in Kiev May 17, 2005. Ukraine hosts the 50th international song contest this year. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/18/2005
  • Tymoshenko sums up governments first 100 days (FirsTnews) 05/18/2005
  • Minister says rising exports will push GDP an extra 2 percent/yr after WTO (Ukrainian Journal) 05/18/2005
  • PM, Poroshenko comments at odds over privatization hit list existence (Ukrainian Journal) 05/18/2005
  • Kiev Lifts Import Duty to Increase Flow of Oil (Reuters/Moscow Times) 05/18/2005
  • Rada nixes fuel import duty, cuts excise (Ukrainian Journal) 05/18/2005
  • UAOC-Diaspora Hierarchs Elect New Coadjutor Archbishop (Website) 05/18/2005
  • ( ) 05/18/2005
  • Betraying a Revolution. By Anders Aslund (Wash Post) 05/18/2005
  • Two down, one to go? Ukrainian officials target another oligarchic clan (Jamestown Foundation) 05/18/2005
  • Ukraine moving to reduce Russian monopoly on oil market (Jamestown Foundation) 05/18/2005
  • Ukrainian firebrand starts off cool, then cooks [pianist Alexander Gavrylyuk] (Miami Herald) 05/18/2005

  • Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine create inter-parliamentary assembly, joint battalion (Jamestown Foundation) 05/17/2005
  • Photo: An Ukrainian couple embrace on the banks of the Dnipro River, near a sand sculpture of Katigoroshka, a Ukrainian fairy tale hero, at Trukhanov Island, in downtown Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 05/17/2005
  • Trukhaniv Islands ecosystem is in danger, ecologists say (FirsTnews) 05/17/2005
  • Visegrad Group gives cautious advice on the pace of Ukrainian reforms (FirsTnews) 05/17/2005
  • -1 i (VOA) 05/17/2005
  • ? (VOA) 05/17/2005
  • i (VOA) 05/17/2005
  • Poroshenko adopts Primakov's concept for Transnistria settlement (Jamestown Foundation) 05/17/2005
  • Tony Nominee Liev Schreiber Pens and Directs 'Everything Is Illuminated' Film [Eugene Hutz of 'Gogol Bordello' in the cast] (Playbill) 05/17/2005
  • , , (Proua) 05/17/2005
  • 11 (Ͳ) 05/17/2005
  • Ukrtelecom Is on Air Again (Kommersant) 05/17/2005
  • Chief of Party - Ukraine [USAID rule of law project in the Ukraine] (FPA) 05/17/2005
  • Ukraines Yushchenko Blames His Team for Fuel Crisis (Mosnews) 05/17/2005
  • Tymoshenko Vows to End Fuel Crisis (Reuters/Moscow Times) 05/17/2005
  • They Give 10 Liters of Gasoline in Ukraine (Kommersant) 05/17/2005
  • Victories - kind of - in the fight against spam [Much of the spam that Americans receive in their inboxes comes from the Bahamas, Europe, or the Ukraine.][Dated 5/16/05] (CSM) 05/17/2005
  • Strangers at the Summit of Life. Russia has nothing to say to Europe (Kommersant) 05/17/2005
  • Eurovision Song Contest Officially Opens in Ukraine (Mosnews) 05/17/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian folk dancers perform traditional dancing with sabres during the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev (AFP/Sinchew) 05/17/2005
  • U.S. Reiterates Threat to Bring Iran Nuclear Issue Before UN [Russia took over the Bushehr contract after Ukraine pulled out of an agreement to supply turbines for the plant in 1998 because of pressure from the U.S. and Israel.] (Bloomberg) 05/17/2005
  • US 'disturbed' by Uzbek violence [Ukrainian television crew that reached Andijan soon after the shooting reported seeing many bodies in the streets, and said many children had been killed.] (BBC) 05/17/2005
  • Ukraine seeks Russian talks on deepening fuel crisis (Financial Times) 05/17/2005
  • Russia resumes oil shipments to Ukraine after frenzied telephone talks (Ukrainian Journal) 05/17/2005
  • Prime Minister unveils new fuel plan (Ukrainian Journal) 05/17/2005

  • i (VOA) 05/16/2005
  • Yushchenko shares plans with the nation (Jamestown Foundation) 05/16/2005
  • Pro-Kremlin Youth Group: Orange Revolution, Go Home! (Mosnews) 05/16/2005
  • (VOA) 05/16/2005
  • : '' i ? (VOA) 05/16/2005
  • Ukraine premier blames Russia for petrol crisis (Financial Times) 05/16/2005
  • Ukraine raps Russia oil 'bullies' (BBC) 05/16/2005
  • Tymoshenko working on Kazakh solution to gasoline problems with Russia (FirsTnews) 05/16/2005
  • Ukrainian President Calls for Talks With Russia Over Fuel Shortages (AP/Yahoo) 05/16/2005
  • Polish Leader Urges Europe to Help East Become More Democratic (VOA) 05/16/2005
  • Digital photo show attempts to expand use of digital technology in Ukraine (FirsTnews) 05/16/2005
  • Abu Ghraib Whistleblower Wins JFK Award (AP/Yahoo) 05/16/2005
  • Photo: Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko is seen on the video screen during the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award presentation at John F. Kennedy Library and Museum in Boston, Monday, May 16, 2005. Yushchenko received his award during his visit to the United States last April. (AP/Yahoo) 05/16/2005
  • Photo: Unidentified contestants for the Eurovision 2005 applaud to an artist dressed as a Ukrainian cossack during the official opening of the song contest in the Ukrainian capital Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/16/2005
  • Yushchenko wants visa-free Europe (Reuters/CNN) 05/16/2005
  • Interview -- 61 Years After Deportations, Crimean Tatar Leader Still Seeking Justice (RFE/RL) 05/16/2005
  • Ukraine's Timoshenko denies govt plans to review 29 privatisations (AFX/Forbes) 05/16/2005
  • Ukraine unveils plan on privatisations [Ukraine's government has identified 29 privatised companies it plans to re-auction because it believes the previous sales were flawed.][Dated 5/14/05] (Financial Times) 05/16/2005
  • Two Cultures Clash Over the Scarcity of Caviar (LA Times) 05/16/2005
  • Ukrainian future lies in united Europe - Yushchenko (Interfax-Russia) 05/16/2005
  • Tiraspol backs Kyiv's settlement initiatives (Interfax-Russia) 05/16/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko speaks to the media in Kiev, Monday, May 16, 2005. Tymoshenko on Monday pledged that the country would seek oil suppliers in the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan in an attempt to ease acute fuel shortages. She earlier accused key Russian exporters of suspending fuel deliveries to Ukraine. (AP/Yahoo) 05/16/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko gestures while answering a reporter's question during the Council of Europe Heads of State and Government Summit in Warsaw May 16, 2005. Sixty years after the end of World War Two, heads of state from 46 countries are meeting in Warsaw for a pan-European summit to define future priorities in a new political mandate for the Council of Europe. Yushchenko has promised leaders of the Council of Europe member countries that Ukrainian parliamentary elections in 2006 will be fair and transparent. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/16/2005
  • Photo: Poland's President Alexander Kwasniewski, left, shakes hands with Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko during a group photo at the Council of Europe Summit in Warsaw (AP/Yahoo) 05/16/2005
  • Photo: Austrian President Heinz Fischer meets his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yushchenko during the Council of Europe Heads of State and Government Summit in Warsaw (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/16/2005
  • Photo: (L-R) Austrian President Heinz Fischer, President of Serbia and Montenegro Svetozar Marovic, Prince Albert II of Monaco and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko pose for a group photograph during the Council of Europe Heads of State and Government Summit in Warsaw (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/16/2005
  • Poroshenko: Govt has 29 companies on secret privatization hit list (Ukrainian Journal) 05/16/2005
  • Former TransCarpathia governor, a Kuchma backer, taken into custody (Ukrainian Journal) 05/16/2005
  • Ukraine Wants to Buy Kazakh Crude Oil to Combat Fuel Shortages, Prime Minister Says (AP/Yahoo) 05/16/2005
  • Photo: Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski (2ndR) talks to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk (R)... (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/16/2005
  • Ukraine scrambles to buy Kazakh crude (Ukrainian Journal) 05/16/2005

  • 'This is the one'. Parents share stories of adopting from Ukraine (Salisbury Post) 05/15/2005
  • Photo: A woman holds a poster of Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko during a concert in Warsaw (AP/Yahoo) 05/15/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian girls wave pro Viktor Yushchenko orange flags during a special concert in support of Ukraine's' EU ambitions in Warsaw (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/15/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian girls wave their national flags during a special concert to support for Ukraine's' EU ambitions in Warsaw, May 15, 2005, prior to the Council of Europe meeting. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/15/2005
  • Photo: Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski (L) and his Moldovian counterpart Vladimir Voronin sign an orange ribbon in support of Ukraine's' EU ambitions in Warsaw, May 15, 2005, prior to the Council of Europe meeting. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/15/2005
  • Leaders gather in Poland for Council of Europe 'unity' summit (AFP/Yahoo) 05/15/2005
  • Photo: Hot air balloon rises in the air during an international balloon cup near the Ukrainian city of Kamyanets-Podilsky, about 420 km (263 miles) west of the capital Kiev, May 15, 2005. About 20 teams of balloon enthusiasts are taking part in the 9th international 'Air Brotherhood' competition. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/15/2005
  • Photo: Southern California's Iryna Vashchuk, right, of Ukraine, crosses the finish line ahead of Stanford's Sara Bei to win the women's 1,500-meter run during the Pac-10 track and field championships at UCLA's Drake Stadium Sunday, May 15, 2005, in Los Angeles. (AP/Yahoo) 05/15/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko tours the historical museum Pirogovo just outside the capital Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 05/15/2005

  • Yushchenko stresses that reprivatization is not a goal (FirsTnews) 05/14/2005
  • Eurovision Song Contest getting off-key before the contest starts (FirsTnews) 05/14/2005
  • Ukraine unveils plan on privatisations [Ukraine's government has identified 29 privatised companies it plans to re-auction because it believes the previous sales were flawed.] (Financial Times) 05/14/2005
  • Photo: Hot air balloons are seen in front of an ancient fortress during a night show in the Ukrainian city of Kamyanets-Podilsky (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/14/2005
  • Photo: A hot air balloon is prepared for lift-off during an international balloon cup near the western Ukrainian city of Kamyanets-Podilsky (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/14/2005
  • Ukrainian PM Blames Russia for Oil Woes (AP/Yahoo) 05/14/2005
  • Tymoshenko claims Russia to blame for gasoline shortage in Ukraine (FirsTnews) 05/14/2005
  • Increasing inflation casts dark shadow over future of Yushchenko administration (FirsTnews) 05/14/2005
  • Luhansk miners march on Kyiv over unpaid wages and working conditions (FirsTnews) 05/14/2005
  • Photo: Miss Universe 2005 contestant Juliya Chernyshova of Ukraine arranges her hair while visiting the floating markets in Thailand's Ratchaburi Province, nearly 105 km (65 miles) southwest of Bangkok, May 14, 2005. The Miss Universe 2005 pageant will take place in Thailand on May 31. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/14/2005
  • U.S. Embassy Rejects Spying Allegations (AP/Yahoo) 05/14/2005
  • Uzbek Protesters Killed as Soldiers Attack [A human rights monitor said at least 200 people have been killed in the unrest.] (AP/Yahoo) 05/14/2005
  • Ukrainian economy grows 5% in 4 mths (Interfax-Russia) 05/14/2005

  • i (VOA) 05/13/2005
  • (VOA) 05/13/2005
  • i i i (VOA) 05/13/2005
  • I-i (VOA) 05/13/2005
  • Violent Protests Break Out in Uzbekistan (AP/Yahoo) 05/13/2005
  • More than 1,000 museums to pass sleepless night [At the main museum in the Ukrainian city of Odessa fireworks will light up fashion shows...] (AFP/Yahoo) 05/13/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko visits an exhibition marking his first 100 days in office (AP/Yahoo) 05/13/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko gestures speaking at a news conference in Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 05/13/2005
  • [Toronto Mayor David] Miller kibitzes with Yushchenko during Kiev visit (Globe and Mail) 05/13/2005
  • Ohio's chief justice defends system. 'Shrill voices' criticizing American judiciary pose dangers, Moyer says [Ukraine Supreme Court Judge Oleksandr Potylchak] (Toledo Blade) 05/13/2005
  • , - (Ͳ) 05/13/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk (L) talks to his Swedish counterpart Laila Freivalds during their meeting in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/13/2005
  • Photo: Ukranian visa broker Anatoli Barg is pictured at the regional court in Cologne May 13, 2005. Barg is accused, along with German insurance agent Heinz Martin Kuebler, of involvement in people trafficking into Germany from Ukraine in a case linked to a recent scandal over a lax visa policy instigated under German Foreign Minister Joshka Fischer. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/13/2005
  • Paris Club Agrees on Deal on Debt Buyback (AP/Yahoo) 05/13/2005
  • Sigh of relief. [Vitaly Potapenko forced Tim Duncan into a missed 4-footer at the horn, lifting the Sonics to a 92-91 win over the San Antonio Spurs] (CNN/Sports Illustrated) 05/13/2005
  • Immigrants stuffed into tiny places (AP/Detroit Free Press) 05/13/2005
  • AMC urges govt to lift petroleum import duties as output declines (Ukrainian Journal) 05/13/2005
  • In Ukraine, past is present (Cleveland Jewish News) 05/13/2005
  • The Chekists Will Save Us (Mosnews) 05/13/2005
  • Violent Protests Break Out in Uzbekistan (AP/Yahoo) 05/13/2005
  • Yushchenko pledges EU, Nato vote (BBC) 05/13/2005
  • Majority of Ukrainians Believe that President and Government Are Fighting Corruption Poll (UNIAN) 05/13/2005
  • Former PM grilled in Donetsk boss case (Ukrainian Journal) 05/13/2005
  • List of Enterprises for Repeat privatization Includes 29 Objects Yushchenko (UNIAN) 05/13/2005
  • Payouts due for Prague victims. Victims of the 1968 Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia are to receive compensation from the Czech government. (BBC) 05/13/2005
  • Fusion signs partnership agreement in the Ukraine [Internet penetration in the Ukraine up 1,300% since 2000] (European Communications) 05/13/2005
  • Leading Ukraine bankers predict further hrynvia rise v. dollar (Ukrainian Journal) 05/13/2005
  • Ukrainians Want Jews Probed on War Crimes (Forward) 05/13/2005

  • Good Intentions [Ukraine and Russia joint inspections of pipeline operation in Ukraine] (Kommersant) 05/12/2005
  • i (VOA) 05/12/2005
  • World donors pledge more cash to make Chernobyl safe (Reuters) 05/12/2005
  • Press freedoms said greatly improved under Yushchenko presidency (FirsTnews) 05/12/2005
  • European Human Trafficking Ring Broken Up (AP/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Photo: Russian soldiers march through Moscow's Red Square in a parade commemorating the end of World War II, May 9, 2005. Moscow's spy chief said on May 12, 2005 foreign intelligence services were planning uprisings on the lines of Ukraine's 'Orange Revolution' to further undermine Russian influence in the former Soviet Union. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Berezovsky: French Police Raided Villa (AP/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Russia Said to Uncover Spying by 4 Nations [United States, Britain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia]['Our opponents are steadily and persistently trying to weaken Russian influence in the Commonwealth of Independent States and the international arena as a whole,' Patrushev said. 'The latest events in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan unambiguously confirm this.'] (AP/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Russia fears foreign Belarus plot [Foreign pro-democracy activists are secretly plotting revolution in Belarus, Russia's spy chief has said] (BBC) 05/12/2005
  • Georgia warns on bases, Russia threatens retaliation (AFP/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (L) welcomes Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul during their meeting in Kiev, May 12, 2005. Gul arrived in Ukraine on a two-day official visit. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Photo: An officer of the 7th mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces embraces his daughter after landing at the military ground of Kiev's Boryspil airport, May 12, 2005. A group of Ukrainian troops returned home on Thursday as Ukraine continues withdrawal of its peacekeeping contingent from Iraq. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko speaks to the media in Kiev, Ukraine, in this March 1, 2005 file photo. Viktor Yushchenko, speaking during a live, televised call-in show marking his first 100 days in office, urged Ukrainians to have patience with his new government, saying Thursday that three months in office isn't enough time to make sweeping changes. (AP/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Photo: Masked protesters dressed in mock strait-jackets with placards reading: 'Anti-democrat' attend a rally of protest in central Donetsk, May 12, 2005. About a dozen protesters on Thursday staged an anti-governmental action called 'Ukraine without Yushchenko' in central Donetsk demanding freedom of speech. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Photo: People gather to watch a live phone-in TV show featuring Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, seen on a screen in the background, as they listen to fellow Ukrainians questioning Viktor Yushchenko during the show, in downtown Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday, May 12, 2005. Viktor Yushchenko, speaking during the live, televised call-in show marking his first 100 days in office, said Thursday that he would let Ukrainians decide for themselves in plebiscites, if the former Soviet republic should seek membership in the European Union and NATO. (AP/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Ukraine Gov't Wants Privatization Reviews [29 companies] (AP/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Yushchenko: Ukraine to Vote on EU Status (AP/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Today in History - May 12 [In 1995, President Clinton, during a stopover in Ukraine, visited Babi Yar, the site where more than 30,000 Kiev Jews were massacred by the Nazis in 1941.] (AP/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Parading Against Reconciliation. President Yushchenkos initiative to reconcile Soviet veterans and veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army has been repulsed, but the issue is likely to trouble future Victory Day celebrations. (Transitions Online) 05/12/2005
  • Chernobyl Shelter Fund: Commission announces additional €49 million (Europa) 05/12/2005
  • Austria Smashes Human Trafficking Ring (The Scotsman) 05/12/2005
  • Photo: The engine compartment of one of the vehicles used by a human trafficking ring for smuggling people from East to West. On Thursday, May 12, 2005, Austrian authorities announced they smashed a major human trafficking ring led by Romanian, Moldovan and Ukrainian criminals... (AP/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • Smugglers target Slovakia borders (BBC) 05/12/2005
  • Sex trade's reliance on forced labour (BBC) 05/12/2005
  • Charity box [destined for the Friends of Chernobyl's Children] taken at funeral (Beverly Today) 05/12/2005
  • Chernobyl Pilot Soars Above His Obstacles (Moscow Times) 05/12/2005
  • Ukrainian firemen mistake boa for hose (Mail&Guardian) 05/12/2005
  • Anthony Federov Knocked Off 'Idol' (AP/Yahoo) 05/12/2005
  • [Icelandic representative Selma Bjornsdottir] supports SOS-Children Village in Ukraine (Esctoday) 05/12/2005
  • Official Opening of Eurovision to take Place at Square in front of Mariyinski Palace in Kyiv on 16 May (UNIAN) 05/12/2005
  • Forward to VE Day. Our memory wars will never end, but a common future is possible (Guardian) 05/12/2005
  • Video interview Michel Duray, Director of the NATO Information and Documentation Center in Kyiv, Ukraine (NATO) 05/12/2005
  • ̳ (NATO) 05/12/2005
  • Government to unveil new formula pegging gas, diesel to world market (Ukrainian Journal) 05/12/2005
  • Dentist cuts his teeth in Formula One [Russian-born Canadian billionaire Alex Shnaider made a fortune in steel exports from Russia and Ukraine] (Reuters) 05/12/2005

  • Rebel Army Insurgents Might Be Likened to WW2 Veterans in Ukraine (Kommersant) 05/11/2005
  • New tent camp city for Eurovision with the flavor of the Orange Revolution (FirsTnews) 05/11/2005
  • Victory Was Theirs. How the world leaders were greeted in Moscow (Kommersant) 05/11/2005
  • Ukraine receives S&P upgrade (Financial Times) 05/11/2005
  • SBU Allowed Melnychenko to Bear Witness in USA Turchynov (UNIAN) 05/11/2005
  • i i (VOA) 05/11/2005
  • i i i (VOA) 05/11/2005
  • Interior Minister Lutsenko Positive About Changes in Ministry During His First 100 Days in Office (UNIAN) 05/11/2005
  • Agricultural Minister Baranovski Believes His Main Achievement is Transparent Distribution of Funds (UNIAN) 05/11/2005
  • Zvarych should resign (RFE/RL) 05/11/2005
  • Zvarychs educational accomplishments continue to raise more questions than answers (FirsTnews) 05/11/2005
  • Russian language issue remains a tricky question in Ukraine (FirsTnews) 05/11/2005
  • Opinion: Bush in Europe (Deutsche Welle) 05/11/2005
  • (Ͳ) 05/11/2005
  • The cult of Genghis Khan [Russians not too keen on glorifying a man who burnt and plundered the cradle of Slav civilisation: Kiev.] (Independent) 05/11/2005
  • U.S. Democracy Aid for Ex-Soviet States Falls Despite Bush Call [ U.S. funding for Ukraine dropped from $140 million in 2003 to $97 million in 2004 to $80 million in 2005. Congress last week passed $60 million in one-time supplemental assistance...] (Bloomberg) 05/11/2005
  • Another look into Putin's soul (Berkshire Eagle) 05/11/2005
  • Ukraine Expects EU to Confirm Its Right for Membership (UNIAN) 05/11/2005
  • Cooling of Polish-Russian Relations Due to Poland's Major Involvement in Last Fall's Political Crisis in Ukraine (UNIAN) 05/11/2005
  • Europe stages nuclear crisis test [Lessons of Chernobyl] (BBC) 05/11/2005
  • Ukraine: Songs, 'revolution' and human rights (Amnesty International) 05/11/2005
  • OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine supports creation of new investment promotion agency (OSCE) 05/11/2005
  • Pinzenyk Believes Main Achievement of His First 100 Days in Government is Adoption of Balanced Budget (UNIAN) 05/11/2005
  • Belarus deports 5 Ukrainians for joining Minsk protest rally (Ukrainian Journal) 05/11/2005
  • Troubles far from over as released Ukrainian protesters vow return to Belar (FirsTnews) 05/11/2005
  • Shell and Naftogaz Ukrayiny agree to join to find energy in Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 05/11/2005
  • Bucks' 'Ukrainian Cowboy' better than some flagging 'Idol' foes [Anthony Fedorov] (Allentown Morning Call) 05/11/2005
  • Mother who pleaded guilty to child abuse to be sentenced today [Marina Ivanova] (WOODTV) 05/11/2005

  • Shell signs agreement for gas exploration in Ukraine (AFP/Yahoo) 05/10/2005
  • U.S. Needs To Continue Outreach To Oppressed, Official Says. Under Secretary [Paula] Dobriansky cites progress, challenges for democracy in address (USDOS) 05/10/2005
  • Trans-border Trans-Dniester (BBC) 05/10/2005
  • Former Soviet Republics - Growing Pains - Adrian Karatnycky on PBS NewsHour (PBS) 05/10/2005
  • Czech relations warm in the afterglow of the Orange Revolution (FirsTnews) 05/10/2005
  • 13 ( ) 05/10/2005
  • Top US Consular official to visit Ukraine (Government portal) 05/10/2005
  • (Ͳ) 05/10/2005
  • : ' ' (Ͳ) 05/10/2005
  • G7 seeks Ukraine clarity on Chernobyl 'sarcophagus' (Reuters) 05/10/2005
  • Poles shun Bolshoi over 'slight' (BBC) 05/10/2005
  • Ruslana becomes first ever UNICEF National Ambassador in Ukraine FOTO/S (BRAMA) 05/10/2005
  • Time for a Return to Yalta. By Mikheil Saakashvili (Wash Post) 05/10/2005
  • Ukraine Justice Minister Has No Master's (AP/Wash Post) 05/10/2005
  • AUDIO: U.S.- Russia Relations [includes comments on Ukraine] (NPR/WBUR) 05/10/2005
  • Zvarych Does Not Rule Out Diaspora Is Involved in His Disgracing (UNIAN) 05/10/2005
  • : ' ' (Ͳ) 05/10/2005
  • Letter: The truth, the half-truth, and the lie.. - a response to 'The good, the bad and the ugly' (BRAMA) 05/10/2005
  • Thorny legacy of 'Soviet Man' [Dated 5/9/05] (BBC) 05/10/2005
  • CIS and Baltic countries celebrate World War II victory [In Ukraine, tens of thousands of people gathered in the country's capital to celebrate the event with fireworks and concerts] (Vietnam News Agency) 05/10/2005
  • Soviet flags fly as Russia remembers (Mail&Guardian) 05/10/2005
  • Russia, EU Strike Partnership Accord (AP/Yahoo) 05/10/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk (L) greets his Czech Republic counterpart Cyril Svoboda during their meeting in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/10/2005
  • Shell, Naftogaz sign pact to search for gas in Ukraine's Dniepr-Donets basin (AFX/III) 05/10/2005
  • Kiev Will Recreate Orange Revolution Camping Area for Eurovision Song Contest (Mosnews) 05/10/2005
  • Video: American Idol contender Anthony Fedorov (Website) 05/10/2005
  • 'Idol' finalist Fedorov lucky to be talking, let alone singing (AP/Intelligencer) 05/10/2005
  • EU and Russia forge closer ties (BBC) 05/10/2005
  • Ukrproduct sales, profit higher in 2003 (Aroq) 05/10/2005
  • Kuchma Visits Russia (RFE/RL) 05/10/2005
  • U.N. assembly recalls Hitler and Stalin at ceremony [Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus soldiers praised; 1938 Munich Agreement, Stalin, and Hitler blasted by Poland's Foreign Minister Adam Daniel Rotfeld] (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/10/2005
  • Lest we forget, trust but verify (JWR) 05/10/2005

  • Photo: This undated photo supplied by Fox shows Anthony Fedorov performing on Fox's 'American Idol' television talent show. Born in Ukraine, the 'American Idol' finalist moved from to the United States with his parents, Vladimir and Natalia, and older brother Denis when he was 9. (AP/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Victory Day 2005 - Part 2 (FirsTnews) 05/09/2005
  • Victory Day 2005 - Part 1 (FirsTnews) 05/09/2005
  • Khmelnitsky arsenal fire suspected arson: Hrytsenko (FirsTnews) 05/09/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (arm raised) waves while Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (R) looks on as they walk with World War Two veterans (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (2nd L) and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (2nd R) toast vodka with World War Two veterans (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (R) waves as she walks with World War Two veterans (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (L) with his daughter Sofia (2nd L) and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (R) walk with World War Two veterans (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian woman holds a portrait of former Soviet dictator Stalin (AP/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Buddhists Picket State Security Building in Kyiv (RISU) 05/09/2005
  • Nothing Is Hate Speech When Directed Against Arabs [Ukrainophobia] (Arab News) 05/09/2005
  • Memorial Rises Amid Protest [why West Hollywood...would want to erect a memorial to Soviet soldiers] (LA Times) 05/09/2005
  • Odessa looks back on wayward past (BBC) 05/09/2005
  • Economic uncertainty brews in Ukraine (Financial Times) 05/09/2005
  • After 19 years of planning and work, Ukrainians finally open new institution [The Ukrainian Museum] (Website) 05/09/2005
  • Lenin landmark obscured during victory parade (Mail&Guardian) 05/09/2005
  • Hospital that diagnosed Yushchenko settles lawsuit filed by fired doctor (CP/National Post) 05/09/2005
  • For Victims Of Stalin's Deportations, War Lives On (RFE/RL) 05/09/2005
  • Bush has pride of place at Russian parade (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • World Leaders Honor Soviet WWII Sacrifice (AP/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Putin urges unity after summit flop (Guardian) 05/09/2005
  • Russia, Ukraine Argue About Future of CIS (Mosnews) 05/09/2005
  • VE Day Highlights Russia's Glory, Troubles (AP/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Photo: U.S. President George W. Bush (R) walks with his wife Laura (2nd R) while Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (2nd L) talks to Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov (L) before a military parade in Red Square (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (C) reviews a military parade in Red Square...former President Boris Yeltsin (R) and his wife Naina (L) (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) and his wife Lyudmila (R) greet Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko on his arrival for the military parade in Moscow (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Photo: A historical enthusiast takes part in re-enactment of a World War Two battle near Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian World War II veteran Alexander Geroev, left, sings as he takes part in a solemn march to mark the 60th anniversary of Victory Day in Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 05/09/2005
  • Ukrainians taking control of their destiny: MP (Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal) 05/09/2005
  • Political Developments Should Strengthen National Church in Ukraine, Says UOC-KP Orthodox Head (RISU) 05/09/2005
  • Appeal Court Postpones Bulgarian Ex PM Murder Trial [two Ukrainians appealing against life sentences] (Novinite) 05/09/2005
  • Holocaust Victims Commemorated in Kyivs Babyn Yar (RISU) 05/09/2005

  • Photo: Left to right, actors playing Nazi and Soviet soldiers fights against each other in a dress rehearsal performance on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in the World War II, outside Ukraine's capital Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 05/08/2005
  • Photo: Leaders of Commonwealth of Independent States pose for a family picture in Moscow's President Hotel (AP/Yahoo) 05/08/2005
  • Bush: U.S. Had Hand in European Divisions (AP/Yahoo) 05/08/2005
  • Fake Papers Can Certify Ukraine Revolution (AP/Yahoo) 05/08/2005
  • Ukrainian president urges reforms in relations between ex-Soviet republics (AP/San Diego Union-Tribune) 05/08/2005
  • Odd mix of ex-Soviet rulers meet, some stay away (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/08/2005
  • Putin Urges Ex-Soviet Bloc to Preserve CIS (AP/Yahoo) 05/08/2005
  • Putin Questions NATO Enlargement (AP/Yahoo) 05/08/2005
  • Double the fun: After 22 child-free years, a local couple adopts a pair (Register-Guard) 05/08/2005
  • Yushchenko crafts Victory Day compromise to please Moscow and Ukraine (Firstnews) 05/08/2005
  • Photo: People pass by tents in a protest camp across from the Cabinet building in Ukraine's capital (AP/Yahoo) 05/08/2005
  • Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko seen during their meeting in Moscow (AP/Yahoo) 05/08/2005
  • Ukraine Struggles With WWII Legacy (JTA/Baltimore Jewish Times) 05/08/2005

  • Zhytomyr reserve tries to save some of Ukraines vanishing wildlife (Firstnews) 05/07/2005
  • Ukraine Plans to Build 11 Nuclear Reactors (The Scotsman) 05/07/2005
  • Photo: Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko (L) toasts World War II veterans after an award ceremony in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/07/2005
  • Minority stockholders place future of Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant in greater d (Firstnews) 05/07/2005
  • Photo: An elderly Ukrainian woman begs for money in front of a communist poster in central Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/07/2005

  • Mentor for Ukraine. Patricia Joy says Ukraine is a beautiful and welcoming country with warm and friendly people (Daily Telegraph) 05/06/2005
  • Public Broadcasting Facing Unexpected Challenges in Ukraine (RFE/RL) 05/06/2005
  • Photo: German shoemaker Georg Wessels (L) presents a pair of shoes to Ukraine's Leonid Stadnyk, who stands at a height of 2.53 metres (eight feet four inches) and may be considered the world's tallest living man (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/06/2005
  • Photo: Two elderly sisters Galina, left, and Maria Shchura carry a portrait of legendary Soviet marshal Georgiy Zhukov (AP/Yahoo) 05/06/2005
  • Photo: A woman, with many medals, carries an icon as she takes part in a religious procession in Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 05/06/2005
  • Japanese Monk Denied Entry to Ukraine (RISU) 05/06/2005
  • Ukrainian Consulate responds to 'The good, the bad, and the ugly...' (BRAMA) 05/06/2005
  • Controversy Follows Ukrainian Official [Roman Zvarych] (AP/Yahoo) 05/06/2005
  • Ukraine's Embattled Tycoon Wants Settlement [Viktor Pinchuk] (AP/Yahoo) 05/06/2005
  • Dubious dacha sale raises tricky questions over Ukrainians fleeing to Moscow (Financial Times) 05/06/2005
  • Ukraine Realizes Democratic Values, Without Tying Them with Entrance to EU or NATO Top Deputy FM [Buteyko] (UNIAN) 05/06/2005
  • U.S. Concerned over Treatment of Ukrainian Detainees in Belarus (USDOS) 05/06/2005
  • How to help Yushchenko. By Jennifer Moroney and Taras Kuzio (IH Tribune) 05/06/2005
  • President Yuschenko: Jews of Ukraine Must Feel Jewish (FJC) 05/06/2005
  • History shows this drive to the east could bring disaster. Denial of Russia's role in defeating Hitler feeds a dangerous mentality [Reichskommissar Erich Koch: 'If I find a Ukrainian who is worthy of sitting at the same table with me, I must have him shot'.] (Guardian) 05/06/2005
  • World War II -- 60 Years After: Mykola Lebed And The Ukrainian Partisan Army (RFE/RL) 05/06/2005
  • On May 9 Yushchenko to Take Part in Solemn Measures on Occasion of Victory Day in Moscow and Kyiv (UNIAN) 05/06/2005
  • 9 () 05/06/2005
  • EU takes swipe at Russia in barbed Victory message [... the fall of the Berlin Wall, rather than Nazi Germany, was the 'end of dictatorship' in Europe...] (Reuters) 05/06/2005
  • White House Tries to Allay Russian Anger (AP/Yahoo) 05/06/2005
  • Europe's 'last dictator' defies calls for change (Guardian) 05/06/2005
  • Trapped between Hitler and Stalin: East remembers the day Europe split in two (Independent) 05/06/2005
  • Putin Calls Josef Stalin a Tyrant (AP/Yahoo) 05/06/2005
  • Polish president slams Moscow for refusing to acknowledge Baltic occupation (AFP/Yahoo) 05/06/2005
  • Jailed Ukrainians in Minsk face deportation, five-year entry ban; another former Ukrainian official placed on international wanted list [ Volodymyr Scherban, former governor of Sumy Oblast] (RFE/RL) 05/06/2005
  • Uzbekistan withdraws from group of former Soviet republics [GUUAM now GUAM: Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova; All five GUUAM members also belong to the CIS, a largely ineffectual body.] (AP/Yahoo) 05/06/2005
  • Ten killed in Congo plane crash [plane's crew, who were all killed, were Ukrainian] (Australian) 05/06/2005
  • Lviv firm developing bond market for medium-sized firms (Firstnews) 05/06/2005
  • Kazakhstan shuts down opposition paper [ahead of a possible election in December] (Reuters/SD Tribune) 05/06/2005

  • Spaghetti dinner to benefit orphans ['Hope for Ukraine'] (Salisbury Post) 05/05/2005
  • Olga's Restaurant: Ukrainian fare with a flourish (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle) 05/05/2005
  • Ukrainian President Wants Border Compromise With Russia (RFE/RL) 05/05/2005
  • Ukraine factions still at odds 60 years on [Red Army v. World War II nationalist militias] (AFP/Yahoo) 05/05/2005
  • Russia: Cossack Revival Gathers Momentum (RFE/RL) 05/05/2005
  • U.S., Ukraine Medical Communities Step Up Cooperation, Reports International Clinic of Rehabilitation (PRNewswire) 05/05/2005
  • i [i ] (VOA) 05/05/2005
  • Russia need not apologise to Baltics States: Putin (AFP/Yahoo) 05/05/2005
  • A year on, EU's eastern frontier holds up (Reuters) 05/05/2005
  • Kyrgyzstan: Ethnic minorities say they face an uncertain future (Reuters/AlertNet) 05/05/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian veterans march in Victory Day celebrations last year. Rancour between rival factions of World War II veterans in the Ukraine still boils... (AFP/Yahoo) 05/05/2005
  • Photo: Timofey Leonov, 88, communist and World War II veteran, smiles as he takes part in the communist rally outside of the Presidential building in downtown Kiev...Ukraine's Communists are protesting against the Ukrainian government's plans to give anti-Soviet partisans the same recognition offered to World War II veterans. (AP/Yahoo) 05/05/2005
  • Thousands in silent march to remember Holocaust (AFP/Yahoo) 05/05/2005
  • Photo: A young woman holds a torch in front of the Menorah monument at Babiy Yar square, during the minute of silence marking the annual Holocaust Remembrance Day in Kiev, May 5, 2005. Babiy Yar, the site where Nazis killed more than hundreds of thousands Jews, has become one of the most terrible symbols of the Holocaust in Ukraine. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/05/2005
  • Photo: An Ukrainian woman reacts as she sits at the railway tracks in the former Nazi death camp of Birkenau (Auschwitz II) (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/05/2005
  • Bush: US seeks free election in Belarus (AFP/Yahoo) 05/05/2005
  • Ukrainian Steel Corp. Dispute Widens [Interpipe; Viktor Pinchuk] (AP/Yahoo) 05/05/2005
  • Yushchenko Assails Minsk on Jailings (AP/Moscow Times) 05/05/2005
  • TV interview prompts inquiry into SS soldier [83-year-old man who had admitted in a television interview that he took part in the shootings of Jews in Ukraine during World War Two] (Expatica) 05/05/2005
  • 'Svoboda' demands correction on Ukrainian Internet news site (BRAMA) 05/05/2005
  • UAOC comments on latest statement of Russian Orthodox Church (BRAMA) 05/05/2005
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly - A retrospective look at the Yuschenko visit to Boston Special (BRAMA) 05/05/2005
  • Remarks of Senator Edward M. Kennedy at the 2005 Profile in Courage Award Presentation to Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko (April 5, 2005) -/- ³ (BRAMA) 05/05/2005
  • Remarks of Caroline Kennedy at the 2005 Profile in Courage Award Presentation to Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko (April 5, 2005) -/- ³ (BRAMA) 05/05/2005
  • Address of President Viktor Yushchenko at the presentation of the Profile in Courage Award, John F. Kennedy Library, April 5, 2005 (BRAMA) 05/05/2005
  • Miracle smiles on Easter Sunday at Ukrainian church FOTO/S (BRAMA) 05/05/2005
  • 'Orange revolutionaries' add color on Easter Sunday FOTO/S (BRAMA) 05/05/2005
  • Mayor of Toronto to visit Kyiv (May 9-11) (BRAMA) 05/05/2005
  • A Pianist and a Concerted Effort [Stephanie Charczenko - decorator; dated 5/1/05] (NY Times) 05/05/2005
  • () (в) 05/05/2005
  • '' [- 10 2005 10.00 ̳ ] ( ) 05/05/2005
  • Pinchuk industrial empire may be attacked on new front (Firstnews) 05/05/2005
  • i i i (VOA) 05/05/2005

  • Photo: Ukraine's Bogdan Savenko celebrates his game winning goal during third period action against Denmark at the IIHF World Ice Hockey Championships in Innsbruck, Austria, Wednesday, May 4, 2005. Ukraine won 2-1. (AP/Yahoo) 05/04/2005
  • Close-Up on Brighton Beach (Village Voice) 05/04/2005
  • Moscow plays down Soviet seizures (BBC) 05/04/2005
  • Ballet's Top Male Dancers Highlight Orange County Performing Arts Center's Dance Season [Kiev Ballet of the National Opera of Ukraine, also making its OCPAC debut, performs The Nutcracker in December] (PlaybillArts) 05/04/2005
  • US urges Russia to repudiate Nazi-Soviet pact [1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop] (AFP/Yahoo) 05/04/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian demonstrator shouts outside Belarussian embassy in Kiev, May 4, 2005. A few dozen youth protesters gathered outside the Belarussian embassy in Kiev on Wednesday demanding the release of their comrades recently detained during a rally in the Belarussian capital Minsk. (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/04/2005
  • Sight, sound and taste mark Carassauga's 20th [Canadian Idol runner-up Teresa Sokyrka at Ukraine] (Mississauga News) 05/04/2005
  • No Thank You to Veterans (Moscow Times) 05/04/2005
  • More problems for Yushchenko government as justice minister caught exaggerating his academic record (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 05/04/2005
  • Bush Plans to Visit Ex-Soviet Republics [not Ukraine] (AP/Yahoo) 05/04/2005
  • Still the Tyrant, Stalin Refuses to Be Wished Away (NY Times) 05/04/2005
  • Ukraine Steel Corp. Appeals to Government [Kryvorizhstal] (AP/Yahoo) 05/04/2005
  • For Sale: Ukrainian Billionaire Assets? [Kryvorizhstal] [Dated 5/3/05] (Forbes) 05/04/2005
  • Recipe: Ukrainian Festive Walnut Torte (Website) 05/04/2005
  • Mom's Best Cake: Grand Prize Winner, the Ukrainian Festive Walnut Torte (Country Living) 05/04/2005
  • Fans says Fedorov has it all ['American Idol' finalist] (Philadelphia Intelligencer) 05/04/2005
  • Did you know this about Anthony? ['American Idol' finalist Fedorov] (Philadelphia Intelligencer) 05/04/2005
  • i i (VOA) 05/04/2005
  • Reporters Without Borders: 15th World Press Freedom Day Ukraine (UNIAN) 05/04/2005
  • Trying to prolong a golden era: Most immigrants from Ukraine no longer can afford to live in the East Village, but their cultural hubs remain [Jaroslaw Kurowyckyj] (Newsday) 05/04/2005

  • i i i (VOA) 05/03/2005
  • i i (VOA) 05/03/2005
  • (VOA) 05/03/2005
  • i (VOA) 05/03/2005
  • i i (VOA) 05/03/2005
  • Helsinki Commission leaders cite central role of media in building democracy (CSCE) 05/03/2005
  • United States Celebrates World Press Freedom Day May 3 [In Ukraine, the courage of journalists who rejected attempts by the previous regime to manipulate reports about the presidential election helped launch the Orange Revolution and led directly to the country's democratic breakthrough.] (USDOS) 05/03/2005
  • i (VOA) 05/03/2005
  • i i (VOA) 05/03/2005
  • ` i i i (VOA) 05/03/2005
  • Viktor Yushchenko marks first 100 days as Ukraine's president (CP/National Post) 05/03/2005
  • Yushchenko marks first 100 days (BBC) 05/03/2005
  • Media hail Ukraine leader's 100 days (BBC) 05/03/2005
  • Ukraines Viktor Yushchenko Marks First 100 Days of Presidency (Mosnews) 05/03/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, left, and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko at a news conference in Kyiv (AP/Yahoo) 05/03/2005
  • Tensions Between Minsk And Kyiv Over Jailed Ukrainians (RFE/RL) 05/03/2005
  • [PDF] Mothers Day Brunch at Soyuzivka! Sunday, May 8th, 2005 (Website) 05/03/2005
  • Stalin Has Foot Back on the Pedestal [Dated 5/1/05] (LA Times) 05/03/2005
  • Hero, monster, money spinner: Stalin resurrects in modern Russia (AFP/Yahoo) 05/03/2005
  • Jaruzelski recalls Honecker's 'disgusting' kisses (Reuters) 05/03/2005
  • Huge march at Auschwitz death camp to remember victims of Holocaust (AFP/Yahoo) 05/03/2005
  • Hitler's nurse describes last days in Berlin bunker (Expatica) 05/03/2005
  • Public Appeal: Belarus Chernobyl commemoration ends in large-scale arrests [5 Ukrainians] (Amnesty International) 05/03/2005
  • Medical students protest against career limitation, higher education costs (Firstnews) 05/03/2005
  • TNK-BP May Stop Oil Sales To Ukraine - Vedomosti (iWon/Dow Jones) 05/03/2005
  • Mail-Order Marriage (NBC4) 05/03/2005
  • Chamber judgments concerning Ukraine (ECHR) 05/03/2005
  • The fake Heroes of Chernobyl [The official tournament site has games, results and pictures...except that apparently the event never happened] (Chessbase) 05/03/2005
  • Primavera showcases Pratt students' talent [Zirka dancers] (South Peace News) 05/03/2005

  • Universal Catholics [Some are Ukrainian Catholic, not Roman Catholic] (Wash Post) 05/02/2005
  • Photo: Models strike a pose during the Fourth International Carnival of the Bodyart in the streets of Ukraine's Black Sea resort of Odessa (AFP/Yahoo) 05/02/2005
  • Ukraine Creates Investment Climate for Russia (Kommersant) 05/02/2005
  • Putting a face to a victim: the World War II identity hunter (AFP/Yahoo) 05/02/2005
  • Ex-Times Sq. Restaurateur to Be Deported [Jack Reimer, ethnic German, born in Ukraine] (AP/Yahoo) 05/02/2005
  • Ex-Official to Ukraine Criticizes Visa Policy [Germany's Joschka Fischer] (Deutsche Welle) 05/02/2005
  • TNK-BP Threatens to Leave Ukraine (Kommersant) 05/02/2005
  • FSB Hoping To Put Revolution On Hold? (RFE/RL) 05/02/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainians dresses in national costumes practice folk combat arts in Pirogovo, open air ethnographic museum (AP/Yahoo) 05/02/2005
  • Problems persist despite Yushchenko's success (AFP/IOL) 05/02/2005
  • TV Dispute Casts Glare On Broader Problem (RFE/RL) 05/02/2005

  • Yushchenko sends Easter greetings, orders complaint offices established (Firstnews) 05/01/2005
  • Chess makes mates of Israelis, Americans and Ukranians (Israel21c) 05/01/2005
  • Photo: Communists and their supporters celebrate May Day in downtown Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 05/01/2005
  • Russians Mark May Day with Protests Against Government (VOA) 05/01/2005
  • The Problem With Putin [May 9 issue] (Newsweek) 05/01/2005
  • Aspects of Europe's Mind [May 9 issue] (Newsweek) 05/01/2005
  • How to Handle Russia? [May 9 issue] (Newsweek) 05/01/2005
  • Simply the best [Andriy Shevchenko] (The Scotsman) 05/01/2005
  • What's in your Easter basket? SLIDESHOW (BRAMA) 05/01/2005
  • Photo: An Orthodox priest sprays holy water over painted eggs and kulichi, traditional cakes prepared for Easter, after an early morning mass in a military base in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 05/01/2005
  • Photo: The head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the Moscow Patriarchate, Volodymyr, lights candles in Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 05/01/2005
  • Russians, Ukrainians celebrate Easter (AP/Aberdeen News) 05/01/2005
  • For Orthodox Christians, midnight is hour of rejoicing (Post-Tribune (Northwest Indiana)) 05/01/2005
  • Greek Orthodox church in sight (Charlotte Observer) 05/01/2005
  • Pope makes first appearance at window overlooking St. Peter's Square (AP/IH Tribune) 05/01/2005
  • Walesa says he averted Ukraine clashes (Guardian) 05/01/2005
  • Sheva brace puts Milan clear (Clubcall) 05/01/2005
  • [Book excerpt] 'A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian' by Marina Lewycka (NY Times) 05/01/2005
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