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Tue, July 16, 15:44 EDT
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  • Ukraine simplifies visas for U.S. citizens (Reuters) 06/30/2005
  • США допомагають українцям ставати землевласниками (VOA) 06/30/2005
  • НДП нарiкає на політичні переслідування (VOA) 06/30/2005
  • МЗС про повернення Бакая і Пукача (VOA) 06/30/2005
  • Gas deal with Turkmenistan would boost imports from that country 67% (Ukrainian Journal) 06/30/2005
  • Govt temporarily suspends natural gas exports from Ukraine to Europe (Ukrainian Journal) 06/30/2005
  • Russian pressure on Ukraine mounts (Ukrainian Journal) 06/30/2005
  • Photo: Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili (R) and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk leave to meet journalists after negotiations in Tbilisi (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/30/2005
  • Photo: Poland's President Aleksander Kwasniewski (L) shakes hand with Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko upon his arrival in Gdynia, Poland (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/30/2005
  • Pope says he is determined to pursue search for Christian unity (AFP/Yahoo) 06/30/2005
  • Німецький експерт: ігноруючи СОТ, Україна потрапить у глухий кут (Deutsche Welle) 06/30/2005
  • Дооцінка і реприватизація: ясності немає (BBC Ukrainian) 06/30/2005
  • Ukrainian Catholics threaten ecumenism, Russian Orthodox leaders warn (Catholic World News) 06/30/2005

  • Політики США - за членство України в ЄС і НАТО (BBC Ukrainian) 06/29/2005
  • Israel Confirmed that General Pukach Stays at Its Territory [Gongadze] (UNIAN) 06/29/2005
  • Ukrainian economic roundtable fails to convince investors (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 06/29/2005
  • Is justice being served - and does anybody care? [John Demjanjuk] (Ha'aretz) 06/29/2005
  • CIS military structures seen shrinking at defense ministers' meeting (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 06/29/2005
  • NATO ready to help Ukraine membership, says secretary-general (Ukrainian Journal) 06/29/2005
  • Russian TV uses old footage to back Turkmen charges against Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 06/29/2005
  • Turkmenistan agrees to 24% cut in 2005 natural gas price for Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 06/29/2005
  • Russia and Ukraine move toward gas war (Ukrainian Journal) 06/29/2005
  • Ukrainian Security Supremo Promises New Transparent Privatization Rules (Black Enterprise) 06/29/2005
  • Ukraine Says Compromise Still Possible With Russia Over Missing Gas (AP/Yahoo) 06/29/2005
  • Russian duo eye Ukraine plant (Financial Times) 06/29/2005
  • Metals Magnates Eye Ukraine (Moscow Times) 06/29/2005
  • Govt to Probe into Activities of 13 State-Owned Companies: Naftohaz, Ukrtelecom, Ukrtatnafta, and Others (UNIAN) 06/29/2005
  • IFC Provides $45 Million in Loans To AES Corporation's Electricity Utilities in Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 06/29/2005
  • Country's Biggest Steel Mill, Re-Nationalized, Prepares To Be Re-Privatized (RFE/RL) 06/29/2005
  • FYROM strengthens ties with Ukraine ( 06/29/2005
  • Philippines, Ukraine Forge Closer Ties (Asia Pulse/Yahoo) 06/29/2005
  • Ukraine to develop space industry (PhysOrg) 06/29/2005
  • Border Police Chiefs of Black Sea Countries Hold Annual Meeting (Seeurope) 06/29/2005
  • In Today's Feuilletons - Frankfurter Rundschau: Christoph Schrцder has been to Ukraine, and was impressed by the lively literary scene...Oksana Zabuzhko, Natalia Fomina, Ljubko Deresch (Signandsight) 06/29/2005
  • Dividing Russia [...after last December's successful US-funded revolution in Kiev, Stratfor observed, 'Without Ukraine, Russia's political, economic and military survivability are called into question...] (AlterNet) 06/29/2005
  • Letter: IAL writes to Ukrainian Prime Minister on methadone (Website) 06/29/2005
  • Архіваріус 'Яд Вашему' відмовляється коментувати львівську 'архівну справу' (Deutsche Welle) 06/29/2005
  • Звернення Глав традиційних християнських Церков про християнські цінності в освіті (УГКЦ) 06/29/2005

  • Paris anti-Britain plot backfires (Daily Telegraph) 06/28/2005
  • Foreign worker circumcises himself. Tells Immigration Police officers he wanted to ‘look more like Jewish men’; despite sacrifice, man still expected to be expelled from country (Ynetnews) 06/28/2005
  • Kyiv Secures Turkmen Gas Supplies For 2006 (RFE/RL) 06/28/2005
  • Боротьба з корупцією в Україні: дійшла черга до парламентарів? (Deutsche Welle) 06/28/2005
  • Ізраїль підтвердив, що генерал Пукач перебуває на території цієї країни (Deutsche Welle) 06/28/2005
  • Ternopil Deputy Blames “Communists and Jews” for Protest (RISU) 06/28/2005
  • FJC Office Attacked by Anti-Semites in Zhitomir (FJC) 06/28/2005
  • Ukraine's Jewish Women's University Produces New Set of Graduates (FJC) 06/28/2005
  • Chernobyl kids visit Norwood (Boston Herald) 06/28/2005
  • Fame & Fortune: Fuse TV's Juliya - No savings but she's 'working on it' [Juliya Chernetsky, a 23-year-old Ukranian emigrant who 'TV Guide' has labeled Fuse's 'break-out star.'] (Bankrate/Yahoo) 06/28/2005
  • Ukraine's uphill EU struggle (Euro-reporters) 06/28/2005
  • Gazprom's Missing Export Gas Is Discussed at Meeting With Ukrainian Energy Company (AP/Yahoo) 06/28/2005
  • NATO to Assist Ukraine in Joining Alliance (Mosnews) 06/28/2005
  • Letter: Doomed Russia [One Russian nation actually does not exist...] (Kavkaz Center) 06/28/2005
  • St. Petersburg on the Hudson (Playbill Arts) 06/28/2005
  • Orange alert? True blue? Gaza plan colours Israel [Pro-settler activists liken their cause to Ukraine's 2004 pro-democracy 'orange revolution' -- something Palestinians living under occupation laugh at.] (Reuters) 06/28/2005
  • Israelis Line Highways to Protest Pullout [Settlers said they adopted orange in imitation of the pro-democracy struggle in Ukraine] (AP/Yahoo) 06/28/2005
  • Photo: Ukraine's National Olympic Committee (NOC) president Sergei Bubka (R) shakes hands with Ukrainian deputy Prime Minister Mykola Tomenko after a match on the occasion of the Ukrainian Constitution Day in the east-Ukrainian town of Donetsk (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/28/2005
  • Ukrainian Minister [Pavlo Ihnatenko] Discusses Consolidation of Environmental Control Agencies (RedNova) 06/28/2005
  • US company to build sea container terminal in Ukraine (Logostics) 06/28/2005
  • Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko to Receive 2005 Philadelphia Liberty Medal. Reformist Hailed for Leading the Peaceful 'Orange Revolution' and Pledging to Deliver Radical Political and Economic Change in His Nation. President Yushchenko will accept the Medal and its accompanying $100,000 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on September 17, America's Constitution Day. (PRNewswire) 06/28/2005
  • Діаспора не здивована звільненням посла України у США (VOA) 06/28/2005
  • Jobless six months, now he's rich. [Vladimir Shemchishin] Vancouver couple win $10 million in Super 7 lottery (Vancouver Province) 06/28/2005
  • Our Europe includes Ukraine. By Yulia Tymoshenko [Dated 6/27/05] (Globe and Mail) 06/28/2005
  • US world's biggest jailer: Report [Russia had 786,900 inmates, or 550 per 100,000, the highest rate in Europe. Notably high rate of prisoners Ukraine with 416 per 100,000.] (AP/NDTV) 06/28/2005

  • OSCE: Helsinki Report Finds Human Rights Problems Plague Entire Region (RFE/RL) 06/27/2005
  • Gongadze's killer reportedly found in Israel (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 06/27/2005
  • Генерал Пукач в Iзраїлi, говорять тамтешнi ЗМI (VOA) 06/27/2005
  • Генсек НАТО вiдвiдав Київ (VOA) 06/27/2005
  • Nato chief in Ukraine bid talks [Mr Scheffer pledged support for Ukraine's reforms] (BBC) 06/27/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk (L) listens to NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer during their meeting in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/27/2005
  • Photo: NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (R) listens to Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko during their meeting in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/27/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (L) and Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski listen to the Macedonian national anthem during a welcome ceremony in front of the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev June 27, 2005. Crvenkovski arrived in Ukraine on Monday for a three-day official visit. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/27/2005
  • Photo: Four years after the Sept. 11 attacks, the Bush administration and the U.S. Congress are showing signs of complacency about the threat of a terrorist nuclear attack that could cripple a major city and shatter the economy, nuclear security experts said on Monday. At a public forum sponsored by the former Sept. 11 commission, the experts said the government must do more to secure bomb-making materials worldwide, prevent proliferation, and promote international cooperation on security. Ukrainian military engineers watch the extraction of the SS-24 nuclear missile booster from its bunker at a military base in the southern Ukrainian town of Pervomaisk August 13, 1998. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/27/2005
  • Where Eaglets Lie. The presidents of Ukraine and Poland end an 87-year controversy, three years after their last failed attempt. (Transitions Online) 06/27/2005
  • Naftogaz Ukraine Yields to Turkmenistan. To prepare for the battle with Gazprom (Kommersant) 06/27/2005
  • Ukrainian-Turkmen gas agreement brings radical change (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 06/27/2005
  • Tender Dates for Krivorozhstal Decided (Kommersant) 06/27/2005
  • Open source battles Microsoft in Ukraine (NewsForge) 06/27/2005

  • The fairest premier of them all? (Sunday Times) 06/26/2005
  • Photo: Some fifty thousand Eastern Rite Catholics gather to pray for peace at a catholic church in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2005
  • Євхаристія закликає до миру (УГКЦ) 06/26/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian newlyweds demonstrate a synchronous kiss during a wedding celebration in central Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko (L) applauds during a mass wedding celebration in central Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian newlyweds listen to Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (not in picture) during a mass wedding party in central Kiev June 26, 2005. About 200 newlyweds took part in mass wedding celebrations, marking the International Youth Day. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/26/2005
  • Five coal miners killed in explosion in Ukraine (AP/IH Tribune) 06/26/2005
  • Orthodox and Greek Catholics Can Co-exist in Kyiv, Says Greek Catholic Head (RISU) 06/26/2005
  • Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox-Canonical Elect Patriarch at First All-Church Sobor (RISU) 06/26/2005
  • Ukrainian outreach program launched (Inside Toronto) 06/26/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and girls pose for a photo after congratulating more than 200 newly married couples in front of the Maryinsky Palace presidential residence, Kiev, Ukraine, Sunday, June, 26, 2005. Yushchenko said Sunday that the authorities would offer a draft program for building housing for young families by the summer-end, ITAR-Tass news agency reported. (AP/Yahoo) 06/26/2005
  • Photo: From right: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, his wife Kateryna, and daughters, Sophiya and Khrystyna, congratulate more than 200 newly married couples in front of the Maryinsky Palace presidential residence (AP/Yahoo) 06/26/2005

  • Photo: Ukrainian journalists watch a training session of the Scottish servicemen during a military exercise in the Yavoriv training centre near Lviv, Ukraine June 25, 2005. Some 1, 100 servicemen from different countries including 22 NATO member states took part in the exercise 'Cooperative best effort 2005'. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/25/2005
  • Photo: A Ukrainian firefighter in a protective suit stands by a fire in Donetsk, Ukraine June 25, 2005. Dozens of firefighters struggled with fire caused by gas escaping from a pipeline in the country's eastern city of Donetsk, according to officials. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/25/2005
  • Cycling: Rivals Get Last Shot at Lance Armstrong (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2005
  • Racism in Portugal (S.A. Daily Dispatch) 06/25/2005
  • Ukrainian regional official injured in assassination attempt [TV 5 Kanal][Mykola Ovcharenko, deputy head of the Cherkasy Region state administration for humanitarian issues, shot] (Monsters and Critics) 06/25/2005
  • Ukrainian Communists rule out election pact with major opposition parties (Monsters and Critics) 06/25/2005
  • What's Left of the Union? [Volume 52, Number 12. July 14, 2005] (NY Review of Books) 06/25/2005
  • Polish president suggests pan-European poll on EU (Reuters) 06/25/2005
  • Obituary - George Potapczuk [Born Oct. 16, 1919, in Kiev, Russia(?)] (Derrick) 06/25/2005
  • Deputy premier says Ukraine to abide by Turkmen gas deal (Monsters and Critics) 06/25/2005
  • Ukraine, Turkmenistan Solve Gas Deal Row (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2005
  • Turkmenistan to ship gas to Ukraine at lower price (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/25/2005
  • U.S. Ukraine Policy Dialogue (USUF) 06/25/2005
  • Ukraine Resists Integration Into Ex-Soviet Economic Union, Only Signs Up for Free Trade Zone (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2005
  • Ukraine government to hold repeat auction for steel giant by Nov. 20: report [Krivorozhstal] (AP/Yahoo) 06/25/2005
  • Spirit of forgiveness unites Poles and Ukrainians (Financial Times) 06/25/2005
  • Mara will still sponsor 40 CSMU medical students (Malaysia Star) 06/25/2005

  • Photo: Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko and his Polish counterpart Aleksander Kwasniwski during a reopening ceremony of the military cemetery, in Lviv, Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainiane and Polish visitors await the reopening of the military cemetery, in Lviv, Ukraine (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian and Polish visitors attend a ceremony at the restored Cemetery of Orlyats, in Lviv, Ukraine, Friday, June 24, 2005, a burial site of 2,500 Polish soldiers who struggled against Ukrainians. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and his Polish counterpart Aleksander Kwasniewski presided Friday over solemn ceremonies to remember the Poles and Ukrainians who fought each other more than a century ago. 'The day has come when the state honors one of its brightest _ but also most tragic _ pages of history,' Yushchenko said at the unveiling of a memorial to Ukrainian soldiers who fought Poland in the 1918-1920 war over control of then-independent western Ukraine. (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and his Polish counterpart Aleksander Kwasniewski pray during a service to remember soldiers that perished in the Polish-Ukrainian war between 1918 and 1919, at Orlyats cemetery in Lviv, Western Ukraine, June 24, 2005. Some 2500 Polish soldiers are buried in the cemetery. (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2005
  • Photo: Polish sailors stand at attention during a service to commemorate soldiers that perished in the Polish-Ukrainian war between 1918 and 1919, at Orlyats cemetery in Lviv (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/24/2005
  • Disputed Polish cemetery reopens (BBC) 06/24/2005
  • Ющенко i Квасневський вiдкрили спiрний меморiал (VOA) 06/24/2005
  • Polish and Ukrainian Hierarchs Release Joint Reconciliation Statement (RISU) 06/24/2005
  • Глава УГКЦ вважає недоречними закиди представників РПЦ (RISU) 06/24/2005
  • Ukrainian Hacker Detained After Stealing $300,000 From Western Bank Accounts (Mosnews) 06/24/2005
  • Ukraine assures Turkmenistan it will meet its natural gas commitments (Ukrainian Journal) 06/24/2005
  • Charges against Yanukovych only a matter of time, says police officer (Ukrainian Journal) 06/24/2005
  • Rada rejects bills for WTO accession (Ukrainian Journal) 06/24/2005
  • Винесення вироку екс-прем`єру Лазаренку вiдкладено (VOA) 06/24/2005
  • Винесено вироки у справі Скнилівської трагедiї (VOA) 06/24/2005
  • Україна серед провiдних аудiопiратiв (VOA) 06/24/2005
  • Україна, Росiя розiйшлись щодо зони вiльної торгiвлi (VOA) 06/24/2005
  • Photo: An overhead crane picks up and carries a coil of steel from a holding area where several hundred coils await shipment. Ukraine's government reportedly plans to hold a repeat auction for the Krivorozhstal steel giant, which recently returned under state control, before November 20. (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2005
  • Pilots jailed after Ukraine airshow disaster [in 2002 in which a fighter jet ploughed into a crowd in western Ukraine and killed 77 people] (Reuters/AlertNet) 06/24/2005
  • Photo: Yury Egorov, crew member of the Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet that ploughed into a crowd at an air show, looks on during court proceedings against him in Lviv (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/24/2005
  • Photo: First pilot Volodymyr Toponar, whose Sukhoi Su-27 jet fighter ploughed into a crowd at an air show, is escorted by police after his trial in Lviv, Ukraine June 24, 2005. A military court on Friday jailed for up to 14 years pilots and organisers connected with the disaster in 2002 that left 77 people dead. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/24/2005
  • Paper says fugitive Ukrainian general wanted for journalist murder is in Israel [Gen Oleksiy Pukach, wanted on charges of murdering journalist Heorhiy Gongadze] (Monsters and Critics) 06/24/2005
  • Ukraine fears the rise of new oligarchs [Prime Minister Tymoshenko is described as a former oligarch; Victor Pinchuk is not a happy tycoon] (BBC) 06/24/2005
  • Religion News in Brief. Ukrainian public schools will begin teaching about morals and faith under a new curriculum being developed in part by Orthodox church leaders. (AP/Yahoo) 06/24/2005

  • A Paris, Viktor Iouchtchenko défend les 'aspirations européennes' de l'Ukraine (Le Monde) 06/23/2005
  • [VIDEO] Українські солодощi з американської кухнi – чи навпаки? (VOA) 06/23/2005
  • Готується відкриття Цвинтаря Орлят у Львові (VOA) 06/23/2005
  • Київ i Ашхабад сперечаються за газ (VOA) 06/23/2005
  • Manager at Ukrainian TV channel denies MP sold stake before he died (Monsters and Critics) 06/23/2005
  • Group: Music Piracy a $4.6B Business (AP/Yahoo) 06/23/2005
  • Ukrainian Natural Gas Company Delegation Returns to Turkmenistan Hoping to Solve Conflict (AP/Yahoo) 06/23/2005
  • Pope Urges Support of Greek-Catholic Church in Ukraine (Zenit) 06/23/2005
  • Pope lauds support for Eastern churches (Catholic World News) 06/23/2005
  • Hope for reconciliation in Holy Land continues [Benedict XVI on the Ukrainian Catholic Church: 'Support its ecclesial journey and foster all that encourages reconciliation and brotherhood among the Christians of beloved Ukraine'] (Holy See) 06/23/2005
  • Візит до Москви ватиканського кардинала (BBC Ukrainian) 06/23/2005
  • Cycling: Armstrong's armada (Eurosport) 06/23/2005

  • Photo: French President Jacques Chirac, right, shakes hand with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko prior to holding talks at the Elysee Palace (AP/Yahoo) 06/22/2005
  • Ukrainians hope for legal status (Prague Post) 06/22/2005
  • Photo: French President Jacques Chirac, right, shares a laugh with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko during talks at the Elysee Palace, in Paris, Wednesday, June 22, 2005. At centre is an unidentified translator. (AP/Yahoo) 06/22/2005
  • Iouchtchenko : «Créer une relation stratégique avec la France» (Le Figaro) 06/22/2005
  • Bush makes headway on transatlantic breach [Divisive differences over Iraq past. Official noted working together on Ukraine and the close co-operation with France over Lebanon that resulted in a UN Security Council resolution and the withdrawal of Syrian forces.] (Financial Times) 06/22/2005
  • Russian minister rules out sanctions against Ukraine in gas dispute [Interfax] (Monsters and Critics) 06/22/2005
  • Ukraine Hit on Gas. Moscow and Ashkhabad demand payment from Kiev for energy resources (Kommersant) 06/22/2005
  • People's Union-Our Ukraine makes surprising choice to lead Kyiv branch (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 06/22/2005
  • Move of historic church underway [built by Methodists in the 1840s, (the church) was donated by its previous owner, the Holy Resurrection Ukrainian Orthodox Church, to the Olmsted Historic Society] (West Life) 06/22/2005
  • This year, Ukraine's gas woes begin early (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 06/22/2005
  • Ukrainian president unveils statue [Kiev-born French queen, Anne of Kiev, who married King Henri I of France in 1051], sees Chirac (AFX/Tocqueville Connection) 06/22/2005
  • Ex-Soviet Economic Association to Set Up a Regional Financing Bank With $1.5 Billion (AP/Yahoo) 06/22/2005
  • Ukraine Owes Turkmenistan Nearly US$600 MLN For Natural Gas (Asia Pulse/Yahoo) 06/22/2005
  • Red Star. Seattle salutes a Russian maverick director. Kira Muratova (Seattle Weekly) 06/22/2005
  • Microsoft Lays Down Law On German Spammer [A network of companies in both the U.S. and the Ukraine were used to send the spam, Microsoft alleged.][Techweb] (Messaging Pipeline) 06/22/2005
  • Springtime for Dictators? (Weekly Standard/Yahoo) 06/22/2005
  • Ющенко звільнив посла України в США [Михайла РЕЗНІКА] (УНІАН) 06/22/2005
  • Пам'ятник королеві Франції спорудили за гроші Печерського району (УНІАН) 06/22/2005
  • Ющенко прибув до Парижа (УНІАН) 06/22/2005
  • МЗС Чехії спростувало заяву Ющенка (УНІАН) 06/22/2005
  • Допит Тихонова триває з 11.00, але його обіцяють відпустити (УНІАН) 06/22/2005
  • General Prosecutor’s Office Arrested Chairman of Luhansk Oblast Council (UNIAN) 06/22/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (L) and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (2nd L) attend a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/22/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian women chat as they stroll with prams past a wall with a mural of a religious scene at the entrance to the Mykhailivsky Golden Domed Cathedral in Kiev June 22, 2005. After cold and rainy weeks, nice weather finally established itself in the Ukrainian capital (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/22/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (L) takes part in a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Kiev June 22, 2005. Ukraine on Wednesday marked the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow, the 64th anniversary of Nazi Germany's aggression against the former Soviet Union in World War Two. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/22/2005
  • Moscow Criticized In Council Of Europe Plenary Debate [Ukraine's foreign minister, Borys Tarasyuk, said in Kyiv yesterday that the draft resolution was 'provocative' and an attempt to divert attention from the debate on Russian commitments to the Council of Europe.] (RFE/RL) 06/22/2005
  • Fears that immigrants sap jobs are flawed, economic benefits high: IOM (AFP/Yahoo) 06/22/2005
  • Obit: Prof. Dr. Omelan Kuschpeta (Holland)...На 80 році життя помер Омелян Кушпета (Website) 06/22/2005
  • Rescuers Use Explosives to Reach Buried Vacationers in Crimea (Mosnews) 06/22/2005
  • Ukrainian president still optimistic on EU future (AFP/Tocqueville Connection) 06/22/2005
  • Yushchenko's premature EU application (Euro-reporters) 06/22/2005
  • Yushchenko meets Rupert Murdoch, affirms commitment to free speech (Ukrainian Journal) 06/22/2005
  • Export slowdown eases upward forex mkt pressure on Ukraine’s currency (Ukrainian Journal) 06/22/2005
  • Tymoshenko patches support for WTO bills (Ukrainian Journal) 06/22/2005
  • Controversial ex-official appointed adviser to Ukrainian railway chief (Monsters and Critics) 06/22/2005
  • State Hospital Digs Up Jewish Cemetery in Ukraine [in order to use it as a garden] (FJC) 06/22/2005
  • Ukrainian immigrant founds travel magazine (CJN) 06/22/2005
  • Ukraine seeks civil role in Iraq after troops leave (Reuters/AlertNet) 06/22/2005
  • Ukrainian opposition TV owner dies [MP Ihor Pluzhnykov, Inter TV; toxic hepatitis or atypical poisoning?] (Monsters and Critics) 06/22/2005
  • Experts say Ukraine unable to produce own warplane [Defense-Express] (Monsters and Critics) 06/22/2005
  • Russian fugitive arrested [believed to have illegally sold Ukrainian weapons to various countries] (Cyprus Mail) 06/22/2005
  • Emerging-Market Bonds Stay Hot [In the Ukraine, yields were 12% in December -- now they are 6%, based off Yushchenko's victory.] (Business Week) 06/22/2005
  • GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova) called OSCE to more active participation in Karabakh settlement (PanARMENIAN) 06/22/2005

  • UN to increase financial assistance to Ukraine [Viktor Kryzhanovsky, Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN] (RBC) 06/21/2005
  • Стівен Пайфер: «Вiдсутнiсть єдиної позиції дещо спантеличує» (VOA) 06/21/2005
  • Перший інвестиційний форум “Україна-Росія 2005” (VOA) 06/21/2005
  • США нададуть Українi правоохоронну допомогу (VOA) 06/21/2005
  • Тарасюк звинувачує росiян у провокацiї (VOA) 06/21/2005
  • Yushchenko Encourages Murdoch to Invest in Nation's Media (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2005
  • Таємничі плани медіа-магната Мердока в Україні (УНІАН) 06/21/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (L) and media tycoon Rupert Murdoch shake hands as they meet in Kie (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/21/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian rescue workers sift through piles of sand at the site of a landslide at a beach near the Black Sea port of Sevastopol June 21, 2005. A landslide sent a wall of sand and earth cascading down onto a beach in Ukraine's Crimea peninsula on Tuesday, killing at least one person and leaving up to nine missing. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/21/2005
  • Landslide Hits Beach [near Sevastopol] in Ukraine, Kills 1 (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2005
  • Turkmen President Says Ukraine May Be Required to Pay Cash for Gas Deliveries (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (L) welcomes Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht during their meeting in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/21/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk (L) shakes hands with his Belgian counterpart Karel De Gucht during their meeting in Kiev June 21, 2005. De Gucht is in Ukraine on an official visit. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/21/2005
  • Vatican Envoy, Orthodox Leaders to Meet (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2005
  • CRIMEAN WAR 2005: MPs trade barbs over medical council action (New Straits Times) 06/21/2005
  • Tymoshenko pushes Central Asia pipeline (Ukrainian Journal) 06/21/2005
  • Judge Rules Accused Ex-Nazi Deported [But the judge made clear that John Demjanjuk has the right to fight any possible deportation order against him] (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2005
  • Judge accused Nazi Demjanjuk can be deported (Reuters) 06/21/2005
  • Russians Hear From Ukraine Officials (AP/Yahoo) 06/21/2005
  • Regal rocked by ex-chairman's secret sale of Ukrainian assets (Independent) 06/21/2005
  • Ukraine IT Outsourcing Myths Dispersed (I-Newswire) 06/21/2005
  • Mice to get dioxin dose as part of Yushchenko poisoning investigation (Ukrainian Journal) 06/21/2005
  • There will be no privatization replay, Tymoshenko assures investors (Ukrainian Journal) 06/21/2005

  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (R) and Mexican President Vicente Fox toast after signing documents during a meeting in the Mariinsky Palace (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/20/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and Mexican President Vicente Fox inspect guard of honour during a welcoming ceremony in front of the Mariinsky Palac (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/20/2005
  • Photo: Mexican's President Vicente Fox wife Marta, right, and Ukrainian's President Viktor Yushchenko wife Kateryna, left, watch their husbands during a welcoming ceremony in front of the Mariinsky Palace (AP/Yahoo) 06/20/2005
  • Photo: Mexican President Vicente Fox during a ceremony at the Tomb of Unknown Soldier in Ukrainian capital Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 06/20/2005
  • Fox, Yushchenko Pledge Economic, Political Ties in Kiev Meeting (VOA) 06/20/2005
  • Yushchenko's Disappearing Moment (Transitions Onlne) 06/20/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Defence Minister Anatoly Hrytsenko and Estonian Defence Minister Jaak Joeruut review the guard of honour during a welcoming ceremony in Kiev, June 20, 2005. Joeruut arrived in Ukraine on Monday with a two-day official visit to discuss bilateral cooperation. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/20/2005
  • Key concerns for Eastern churches: Ukraine, Holy Land, seminaries (Catholic World News) 06/20/2005
  • Supervisory board chairman appointed at major Ukrainian oil company [Interfax] (Monsters and Critics) 06/20/2005
  • [VIDEO] Скiфи: Iрландська музика з українським присмаком (VOA) 06/20/2005
  • Ukraine's Ukrnafta aims to explore new oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan (Monsters and Critics) 06/20/2005
  • Turkmenistan says Ukraine not fulfilling obligations of gas-for-goods deal (AFX/Forbes) 06/20/2005
  • Ukraine, Turkmenistan may sign gas pact (AP/Yahoo) 06/20/2005
  • ПАРЄ розглянe, чи переслiдують опозицiю в Українi (VOA) 06/20/2005
  • У Києвi обговорено розвиток громадянського суспiльства (VOA) 06/20/2005
  • Legal Eye: The EU-Ukraine Action Plan (Warsaw Business Journal) 06/20/2005
  • В Українi проводять навчання сил НАТО (VOA) 06/20/2005
  • Chair shaky under Ukraine's Chief Prosecutor (Jamestown Foundation) 06/20/2005

  • Photo: Mexican President Vicente Fox tastes traditional welcoming bread and salt presented by Ukrainian girls in national costumes upon his arrival at Kiev airport. Fox is on a two day visit to Ukraine (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/19/2005
  • Ukrainian investigators find evidence of journalist death [1+1] (Monsters and Critics) 06/19/2005
  • Biography of Bl. Władysław Findysz [Ukr] (Holy See) 06/19/2005

  • Повернення Василя Барвінського (День) 06/18/2005
  • Ukraine trump young Turks to advance (2:2) (FIFA) 06/18/2005
  • Government Seeks To Recover Investors' Trust (RFE/RL) 06/18/2005
  • Ukrainian premier urges coalition talks with president, speaker (Monsters and Critics) 06/18/2005
  • Ukrainian propresidential party leaders mull election options (Monsters and - Glasgow,UK) 06/18/2005
  • Ukraine's Klochkova Is Back From Break [Winner of Olympic 200 and 400 medleys returns to training during stay in Southern California] (LA Times) 06/18/2005
  • Spain, China on top, Morocco, Ukraine right behind (FIFA) 06/18/2005

  • Заключний день економiчного форуму в Києвi (VOA) 06/17/2005
  • Photo: Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili, left and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, during the air show in Kiev...The presidents of Poland, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia and Azerbaijan visited a two-day conference organized by the World Economic Forum, along with 145 business leaders. (AP/Yahoo) 06/17/2005
  • Joint declaration buries ‘reprivatization’ (Ukrainian Journal) 06/17/2005
  • Yushchenko sees economic growth accelerating to 8% on year in 2005 (Ukrainian Journal) 06/17/2005
  • Ukraine to seek grater access for its steel in U.S., E.U. markets (Ukrainian Journal) 06/17/2005
  • Ukraine's leaders vow to speed up reform (Reuters) 06/17/2005
  • EU and Ukraine launching project on the destruction of landmines (EuropaWorld) 06/17/2005
  • Планується акт українсько-польського примирення (VOA) 06/17/2005

  • U.S.-Ukraine Foundation YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM 2005 (BRAMA) 06/16/2005
  • Закарпаття святкує наплив iноземних iнвестицiй (VOA) 06/16/2005
  • У Києві вiдкрився економічний форум (VOA) 06/16/2005
  • Presidents, Business Leaders Gather in Ukraine for Special Economic Forum (AP/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Jewels from the Mountains Part 2: Carpatho-Ukraine (Gibbons Stamp Monthly) 06/16/2005
  • Branding the Hutsuls (Transitions Online) 06/16/2005
  • The Viktor and Yulia show (Economist) 06/16/2005
  • Ukrainian President Addresses Religious Issues, Speaks on National Orthodox Church (RISU) 06/16/2005
  • Letter: Immigrants' English [Michael W. Savchak] (NY Times) 06/16/2005
  • [AUDIO] Eugene Hutz...born in Ukraine in 1972; Gogol Bordello (Here & Now) 06/16/2005
  • Gogol Bordello (Here & Now) 06/16/2005
  • Your Move, Counselor. Real-life lawyers act up on the small screen. [Rikki Klieman - daughter of Ukrainian immigrants] (Backstage) 06/16/2005
  • Lemko revival (Polskie Radio) 06/16/2005
  • Photo: A woman soars against the Kiev skyline as she jumps on a trampoline set up in the center of the city. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Andriy Shevchenko pledges support for SOS Children's Villages (FIFA) 06/16/2005
  • Poland urges EU not to close door on new members (Financial Times) 06/16/2005
  • Revolutions Spark Short-term Media Improvements in Georgia and Ukraine, as Development Gap Remains Between Media in Southeast Europe and Central Asia (PRNewswire/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Ukraine to sell stakes in all but few state firms, official says [Rybachuk] (AFX/Forbes) 06/16/2005
  • Ukraine's Yushchenko says will not seek mass re-nationalization (AFX/Forbes) 06/16/2005
  • Ukraine pushes mass sell-off plan (BBC) 06/16/2005
  • Post-revolution Ukraine on display at world forum (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Ukrainian leader urges investors to put their funds into new Ukraine (AFP/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Put your fears aside and your money here, Ukraine tells foreign investors (AFP/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Business Leaders Gather for Ukraine Forum (AP/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Leaders Meet in Ukraine for Economic Forum (AP/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (C), parliamentary speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn (L)and Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko answered journalists' questions in the Mariinsky palace in Kiev June 16, 2005. President Yushchenko signed a memorandum on Thursday guaranteeing property rights, a move intended to end uncertainty over privatisations inhibiting investment in ex-Soviet Ukraine. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Photo: President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko speaks during the opening of the Plenary Session of the Extraordinary Ukraine Roundtable of World Economic Forum in Kiev. Yushchenko urged investors to pour their money into a new, pro-Western Ukraine, at the start of a two-day conference in Kiev to promote what he has described as a 'Klondike' of an investment opportunity. (AFP/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Photo: World Economic Forum in Kiev Jun 16, 2005. UKraine's new leaders, under pressure to make good on reforms promised during the 'Orange Revolution', pledged on Thursday to create proper conditions for investment and allayed concerns about overturning privatisations. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Photo: UKrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (L) addresses a roundtable of the World Economic Forum in Kiev June 16, 2005. Ukraine's new leaders, under pressure to make good on reforms promised during the 'Orange Revolution', pledged on Thursday to create proper conditions for investment and allayed concerns about overturning privatisations (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Oleh Rybachuk delivers a speech during the opening ceremony of an Extraordinary Ukraine Roundtable of the World Economic Forum in Kiev June 16, 2005. Ukraine, its reforms increasingly bogged down six months after the Orange Revolution, put its leadership and prospects on display on Thursday at a meeting attended by top economists and a half dozen presidents. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/16/2005
  • Government to hold steel crisis meeting (Ukrainian Journal) 06/16/2005
  • SBU: Previous government may have artificially inflated last yr’s GDP (Ukrainian Journal) 06/16/2005
  • Speedy Ukraine WTO accession may force Russia to impose new tariffs (Ukrainian Journal) 06/16/2005
  • Alfa and Telenor clash over Ukraine (Financial Times) 06/16/2005
  • Telenor Was Caught Lying. Analysts do not believe Norwegians (Kommersant) 06/16/2005
  • Книга Маларека «Наташi» вийшла українською (VOA) 06/16/2005
  • Вацлав Клаус побував у Львовi (VOA) 06/16/2005
  • Київські депутати припиняють голодування (VOA) 06/16/2005
  • Опитування: Ющенку довіряють більше ніж Путіну (VOA) 06/16/2005
  • Фальсифiкацiя справи Гонгадзе на найвищому рiвнi? (VOA) 06/16/2005
  • У Києвi вiдзначено американську рiчницю (VOA) 06/16/2005
  • Український уряд закликають реформувати паливну галузь (VOA) 06/16/2005
  • Росiя остерiгає Україну перед раннiм вступом до СОТ (VOA) 06/16/2005
  • EU and Ukraine launching project on the destruction of landmines (Europa) 06/16/2005
  • Jewish Center in Kyiv Vandalized (RISU) 06/16/2005
  • No to medical courses from Ukraine's Crimea State Medical University (Malaysia Star) 06/16/2005
  • In Bush II, interests trump friendships (Christian Science Monitor) 06/16/2005

  • Ukrainian Deputies to Listen to Piskun Talking in Private (Kommersant) 06/15/2005
  • Kiev struggles to draw in foreign investors (Financial Times) 06/15/2005
  • Ruslan Jets to Be Given New Wings (Kommersant) 06/15/2005
  • Owner of Ukrainian TV channel critically ill - MP [Ihor Pluzhnykov of Inter] (Monsters and Critics) 06/15/2005
  • Nazis wanted to send Jews to Soviet Union, says historian (Gulf Times) 06/15/2005
  • Corruption schemes exposed at Ukraine's state-run companies (Monsters and Critics) 06/15/2005
  • Backing Ukraine's efforts towards integration in the EU (Radio Praha) 06/15/2005
  • Yushchenko Walks Political Tightrope On Privatization Reviews (RFE/RL) 06/15/2005
  • ВАТ 'Укрнафта' спростувала інформацію британської газети 'Financial Times' про негативні результати фінансово-господарської діяльності компанії (Урядовий портал) 06/15/2005
  • Setback for Kiev's drive to join WTO (Financial Times) 06/15/2005
  • Ukrainian Deputy Premier [Bezsmertniy] Says All Villages Will Have Elected Officials (Black Enterprise) 06/15/2005
  • The Odd Couple Of Kiev [Yushchenko and Tymoshenko] (Business Week/Yahoo) 06/15/2005
  • CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR DEMOCRACY IN FORMER SOVIET COUNTRIES. New Freedom House Study Warns of Obstacles From Authoritarian Regimes (Freedom House) 06/15/2005
  • Czechs to extend fast-track residency for 'qualified' Serb, Canadian, and Ukrainian workers (Radio Praha) 06/15/2005
  • A grim tourist hot spot: Chernobyl. By C.J. Chivers The New York Times (IH Tribune) 06/15/2005
  • Kiev Patriarch Urges Church Cooperation (AP/Yahoo) 06/15/2005
  • Church Cautioned Against Fearing Vatican (AP/Yahoo) 06/15/2005
  • Photo: Patriarch Filaret, who heads the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyivan Patriarchate during interview with The Associated Press, in Kiev, Ukraine, Wednesday, June 15, 2005. Filaret said that the Orthodox Church should not fear the Vatican, saying that he sees no obstacles to greater cooperation between the two Christian churches. (AP/Yahoo) 06/15/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainians admire military vehicles on sale at a military base in the Dubliany village near Ukraines western city of Lviv June 15, 2005. Ukraines defence ministry organized sale of excessive military uniforms, equipment and vehicles discarded after recent Ukrainian Army reforms. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/15/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainians look at military vehicles on sale at a military base in the Dubliany village near Ukraines western city of Lviv June 15, 2005. Ukraines defence ministry organized sale of excessive military uniforms, equipment and vehicles discarded after recent Ukrainian Army reforms. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/15/2005
  • Bidders vie for Czech steelmaker [The last bidder, Trinecke Zelezarny, was supposedly bidding in a consortium with Ukraine's Industrial Union of Donbass, though the Osinek spokeswoman was unable to explain why the Ukrainian firm did not appear on the list.] (Deal) 06/15/2005
  • U.S. confirms passport requirements delay (AP/Business Week) 06/15/2005
  • New Monument Honors 3500 Slain Jews in Crimean Port City (FJC) 06/15/2005
  • Chicago bars and clubs: Sak's Ukrainian Village Restaurant and Lounge (Chicago Tribune) 06/15/2005
  • New Sight in Chernobyl's Dead Zone: Tourists (NY Times) 06/15/2005

  • Questioned Again [Aluminum of Ukraine, Nikolaev Aluminum Works] (Kommersant) 06/14/2005
  • Yushchenko Pushes for Ownership Rights (AP/Yahoo) 06/14/2005
  • It Didn't Fly Us Here. The Paris air show [The only consolation for the designers and sellers of the An-148 was yesterday's visit to their combined stand of Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko, who arrived at Le Bourget in one of the largest motorcades...] (Kommersant) 06/14/2005
  • A cyclist's life - in three acts. Vasilli Davidenko [...parents were born in the Ukraine. My father is from Ukraine and my mother is from Russia] (Cyclingnews) 06/14/2005
  • Ukraine To Extract Oil In Kazakhstan (Asia Pulse/Yahoo) 06/14/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (R) and Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus inspect the guard of honour during a welcoming ceremony in front of the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev June 14, 2005. Klaus arrived in Ukraine on a five-day state visit to take part in the World Economic forum. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/14/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (R) and Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus look on after signing bilateral documents (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/14/2005
  • Russia, US blocked NATO call for probe into Uzbek massacre: report (AFP/Yahoo) 06/14/2005
  • Republicans press for a vote on UN nominee Bolton (AFP/Yahoo) 06/14/2005
  • Photo: A demonstrator shouts during a protest against drug abuse in the city centre of Donetsk June 14, 2005. A Ukrainian non-governmental organisation and a religious group organised the protest rally against drugs on Tuesday. The poster reads: 'Drugs killed him'. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/14/2005
  • Film: 'Podul Peste Tisa' - A mother in Ukraine shouts across the river Tisza to her son in Romania. (Website) 06/14/2005
  • Ukraine Iraq force ex-head held (BBC) 06/14/2005
  • Ukraine Troop Leader Accused of Smuggling (AP/Yahoo) 06/14/2005
  • Kazakh deputies back NGOs law to prevent [U.S.-funded] revolution [aimed at gaining control of Kazakh oil riches] (Reuters/AlertNet) 06/14/2005
  • Klaus supports Ukraine's EU, NATO integration (Prague Monitor) 06/14/2005
  • Obit: Mike Wowk, Sterling Heights: News writer known for thoroughness (Detroit News) 06/14/2005
  • Government Attempts To Get Grip On Corruption (RFE/RL) 06/14/2005
  • Gongadze Killers Confess, But Who Ordered Murder? (RFE/RL) 06/14/2005
  • Worsening market situation idles nine Ukrainian blast furnaces (Ukrainian Journal) 06/14/2005
  • PM joins Yushchenko aviation merger push (Ukrainian Journal) 06/14/2005
  • Ukraine and Russia fail to settle question of missing natural gas (Ukrainian Journal) 06/14/2005
  • U.S. aviation authority announces plan to lower Ukraine safety rating (Ukrainian Journal) 06/14/2005

  • Ukraine temporarily stops accepting new applications for adoptions by foreigners (AP/Pasadena Star News) 06/13/2005
  • Top Ukrainian lawmaker [Lytvyn] backs return of Jewish property (AP/Ha'aretz) 06/13/2005
  • Журналiсти критикують нову владу (VOA) 06/13/2005
  • Нова концепція боротьби з корупцією в Українi (VOA) 06/13/2005
  • [Video] Пiдсумки вашингтонської конференцiї, присвяченiй дiалогу мiж Україною i США [US-Ukraine Foundation-sponsored conference on Political Dialogue Between the US and Ukraine] (VOA) 06/13/2005
  • Poroshenko touts progress in Ukraine effort to develop combat jet (Ukrainian Journal) 06/13/2005
  • Putin add personal touch to gas talks (Ukrainian Journal) 06/13/2005
  • New ANTONOV Aircraft Takes Flight with help of PTC PLM Solutions (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 06/13/2005
  • Ukrainian saving grace [AwtoZAZ] (Polskie Radio) 06/13/2005
  • UA International Group Announces the Retention of Galileo Asset Management SA as Its Investment Banker (BusinessWire/Yahoo) 06/13/2005
  • Photo: Shakhtar Donetsk's players celebrate their victory over Chernomorets Odessa in their Ukrainian league soccer match on their arrival in Donetsk, Ukraine in the early hours of June 13, 2005. Shakhtar Donetsk secured the Ukrainian league title with a game to spare on Sunday after a 3-1 victory over Chernomorets Odessa. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/13/2005
  • Der Freischu'tz, Carnegie Hall, New York [Vitalij Kowaljow...imbued Caspar with booming black tone, an easy semblance of evil intensity and a sure command of the German text. Even in a formal concert setting, the Ukrainian bass exuded theatrical menace.] (Financial Times) 06/13/2005
  • Photo: French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin (R) gestures before a meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (L) at the Hotel Matignon offices of the prime minister in Paris (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/13/2005
  • Photo: French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin (L) greets Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (R) in the courtyard at the Hotel Matignon offices of the prime minister in Paris (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/13/2005
  • Czech Republic to abolish visa fees for Ukrainians (Prague Daily Monitor) 06/13/2005
  • Number of foreigners in Czech Republic markedly rising [1-Vietnamese, 2-Slovaks, 3-Ukrainians] (Prague Daily Monitor) 06/13/2005
  • Medically speaking, they're liars; an explosive vintage; lightning reactions [1986 — the year of Chernobyl, wines from eastern France, nearer to the scene of the disaster in Ukraine, had ten times more caesium-137...] (Sunday Times) 06/13/2005
  • Events worldwide: Festivities of Ruthenian-Ukrainian Culture in Svidnik (Slovak Spectator) 06/13/2005
  • Doctor gets healing hand from American friend. Ukrainian needed care he couldn't get at home (Charlotte Observer) 06/13/2005
  • Who’s Blix To Us? [President Viktor Yushchenko’s meeting with Hans Blix, the head of the Chernobyl Shelter Fund Donor Assembly, was slated for 1.p.m. June 6. Half an hour before the meeting was to begin, it was canceled without any explanations or apologies.] (Dzerkalo tyzhnia) 06/13/2005
  • The Mariinsky Project (Dzerkalo tyzhnia) 06/13/2005
  • As You Sow, You Shall Mow (Dzerkalo tyzhnia) 06/13/2005
  • Литвин про справу Гонгадзе: 'Я найбільш зацікавлений' (УНІАН) 06/13/2005
  • Уряд України зацiкавлений в об'єднаннi авiапiдприємств в єдину корпорацiю (Урядовий портал) 06/13/2005
  • Orange Revolution loses a little lustre [the government has...allowed (Ukraine) to remain an economic colony (of Russia)] (Finanial Times) 06/13/2005
  • Ukraine Takes Step to Void Privatization [Viktor Pinchuk's Interpipe Corporation bought a 25 percent stake and won the right to control the government's 25 percent plus one stake in the factory in a 2003 tender in which no other bidders were allowed to participate. The tycoon paid 205 million hryvna ($40.6 million; euro33 million).] (AP/Yahoo) 06/13/2005
  • Govt orders Justice Ministry to rush seizure of privatized steel mill (Ukrainian Journal) 06/13/2005
  • Women pioneers from Ukraine. Museum tells tale of women whose roles expanded on Canadian Prairies (Western Catholic Reporter) 06/13/2005
  • Ukraine tries to cancel 'illegal' purchase of villa for Putin (Australian) 06/13/2005
  • Women pioneers from Ukraine: Museum tells tale of women whose roles expanded on Canadian Prairies (Western Catholic Reporter) 06/13/2005

  • 'Lilya 4-Ever' critically acclaimed feature-length film about trafficking to be screened in East Village [SPECIAL] (BRAMA) 06/12/2005
  • The Ukrainian Museum in New York toured by women's group from the United Nations [FOTO/S] (BRAMA) 06/12/2005
  • Ukrainian Museum in New York [website] toured by women's group from the United Nations June 3 2005 [SLIDESHOW] (BRAMA) 06/12/2005
  • Embroidery kaleidoscope at the UNWLA Convention, May 27-30 2005 [SLIDESHOW] (BRAMA) 06/12/2005
  • McGill Baptist Church sends group on Ukraine mission trip (Charlotte Observer) 06/12/2005
  • Experts and Analysts Speak on National Orthodox Church in Ukraine (RISU) 06/12/2005
  • Russia: Rock's Revolutionary Influence ['They have learned from the events in Ukraine that popular music can be a very powerful force.] (RFE/RL) 06/12/2005
  • Area attorney recounts recent visit to Ukraine ['Let's get one thing straight, or my Ukrainian hosts would never forgive me,' he said. 'The name of the country is Ukraine, not the Ukraine. They were referred to as the Ukraine before independence, and it has a lot of negative connotations. It is a huge country, basically the biggest in Europe, and we are unaware of it for the most part -- can't even get the name right!] (Jonesboro Sun) 06/12/2005
  • Shakhtar Donetsk win Ukrainian league title (Reuters) 06/12/2005
  • Shakhtar secure league (Eurosport) 06/12/2005
  • Photo: From left, Ukraine's Anna Bessonova, placed second, Ukraine's Natalia Godunko, winner of the event, and Belarus' Irina Zhukova, placed third, in the ribbon event of the European Rhythmic Gymnastics, in Moscow (AP/Yahoo) 06/12/2005
  • Photo: Ukraine's Anna Bessonova performs with ball during the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, Moscow (AP/Yahoo) 06/12/2005
  • Photo: Ukraine's Natalia Godunko performs with a ribbon during the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships (AP/Yahoo) 06/12/2005
  • Ukraine triumph as Turkey slip (UEFA/Noticias) 06/12/2005
  • The Little Kingdom of Nesting Dolls [Surma the Ukrainian Shop feature] (NY Times) 06/12/2005
  • Bell found 2 blocks from church (St. Paul Pioneer Press) 06/12/2005
  • Becoming an American (NWA) 06/12/2005
  • Ukrainian Deputy PM [Roman Bezsmertnyy] Says Local Government Reform is Essence of Political Reform (BBC/Black Enterprise) 06/12/2005
  • Ukrainian PM arrives in France, hopes for EU membership (AFP/Tocqueville Connection) 06/12/2005
  • Ukraine to launch repeat auction of steel giant next week: PM (AFP/Yahoo) 06/12/2005
  • Cycling: Coach Seeks Talent to Follow Armstrong (NY Times) 06/12/2005

  • Church leader welcomed [Metropolitan Stefan Soroka] (Bridgeton News) 06/11/2005
  • Fledgling political party mimics GOP (Wash Times) 06/11/2005
  • 'Disgusting business' in Ukraine [criminalization of human embryo trade] (Forum) 06/11/2005
  • Photo: U.S. Health Secretary Mike Leavitt, right, and Ukraine's first lady Kateryna Yushchenko, center, give presents to children at Ukraine's Clinic No. 1 where HIV- positive children and infants born with other immune deficiencies are treated, in Kiev (AP/Yahoo) 06/11/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko's wife, Kateryna, right, holds a child while U.S. Health Secretary Mike Leavitt, center, smiles to the baby at Ukraine's Hospital for HIV-positive children and infants born with other immune deficiencies during his visit in Kiev. (AP/Yahoo) 06/11/2005
  • Photo: U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Leavitt (L) holds a baby as Ukrainian first lady Yekaterina (s.b. Kateryna) Yushchenko smiles as they visit a special hospital for HIV infected children in Kiev. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/11/2005
  • Photo: U.S. Health Secretary Mike Leavitt, right, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko's wife, Kateryna, second left bottom, and Ukraine's Health Minister Mykola Polishchuk, second left, talk with children at Ukraine's Clinic No. 1 where HIV- positive children and infants born with other immune deficiencies are treated, in Kiev. Mike Leavitt pledged American support on Saturday for the fight against AIDS and HIV in Ukraine, which has one of the fastest growing rates in Eastern Europe. (AP/Yahoo) 06/11/2005
  • Photo: U.S. Health Secretary Mike Leavitt, right, holds presents for young patients of Ukraine's Clinic for HIV-positive children and infants born with other immune deficiencies, during his visit in Kiev, as Ukraine's Health Minister Mykola Polishchuk, left, looks on (AP/Yahoo) 06/11/2005
  • Ukraine brush aside overpowered Panama (3:1) (FIFA) 06/11/2005

  • Rhetoric Poll. Ukrainians confirm their readiness to enter the EU (Kommersant) 06/10/2005
  • Ukraine Reviews Language Ties with Russia (Angus-Reid) 06/10/2005
  • In 2005, the Ukrainian Market for Pharmaceuticals Is Estimated at US$951 Million, or US$20 Per Capita (PRNewswire) 06/10/2005
  • V4 for Ukraine (Polskie Radio) 06/10/2005
  • Moldova: Parliament Approves Kyiv's Plan For Transdniester (RFE/RL) 06/10/2005
  • Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Says Gongadze Case 'Solved' (RFE/RL) 06/10/2005
  • Ukraine to press ahead in drive to join EU (Financial Times) 06/10/2005
  • CIS Prime Ministers' Meeting: When Irrelevance Makes News (Georgia Messenger) 06/10/2005
  • Trade mission to Ukraine [New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch...first U.S. governor to visit Ukraine] (Portsmouth Herald) 06/10/2005
  • Putin, Yushchenko Discuss Missing Gas (AP/Yahoo) 06/10/2005
  • Russia Addresses Neighbors Joining NATO (AP/Yahoo) 06/10/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (L) invites Italian Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini to negotiations during their meeting in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/10/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Boris Tarasyuk and his Italian counterpart Gianfranco Fini (R) smile during their meeting in Kiev, June 10, 2005. The two officials held negotiations on bilateral relations. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/10/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Prime Minister Julia Tymoshenko (L) waves to the crowd as Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka walks along side in Kazimierz Dolny, south-eastern Poland June 10, 2005. Tymoshenko joined the four Prime Ministers of the so-called Visegrad group, to discuss closer EU integration and the bloc's budget plans. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/10/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Prime Minister Julia Tymoshenko (C) blows a kiss to the crowd as Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka (R) and Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany (L) watch during a photo opportunity in Kazimierz Dolny, south-eastern Poland (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/10/2005
  • Visegrad group to meet in Poland on EU constitution crisis, enlargement (AFP/Yahoo) 06/10/2005
  • Speech by Dr. Anatoliy Grytsenko, Minister of Defence of Ukraine at Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council Meeting (NATO) 06/10/2005
  • Ukraine and NATO discuss defence reform, operations (NATO) 06/10/2005
  • Official group photograph: Meeting of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) at the level of Ministers of Defence (NATO) 06/10/2005
  • Spotlight: A banker's victories across Europe [Herbert Stepic][Last September, the autocrat Leonid Kuchma, then president of Ukraine, awarded Stepic a medal for his early engagement in that country's banking sector, only months before Viktor Yuschenko won a hard-fought victory for democracy.] (IH Tribune) 06/10/2005
  • Concorde Capital Marks First Half-Year of Operation with Extending its International Reach (PRWeb/Yahoo) 06/10/2005
  • Yushchenko coalition would win majority at election, new poll shows (Ukrainian Journal) 06/10/2005
  • Yushchenko trying to revive Russian interest in stalled pipeline JV (Ukrainian Journal) 06/10/2005
  • Russia calls for steep gas price hike (Ukrainian Journal) 06/10/2005
  • [VIDEO] Пiдсумки вашингтонської конференцiї «Полiтичний дiалог України i США» (VOA) 06/10/2005
  • Спiвробiтництво мiж Україною та НАТО посилюється (VOA) 06/10/2005
  • Ющенко скасував контроверсiйний наказ (VOA) 06/10/2005
  • Ukrainian Education Minister [Stanislav Nikolayenko] Pledges to Fight Corruption (Black Enterprise) 06/10/2005
  • Nazi slaves and forced labourers get full payouts (Reuters) 06/10/2005
  • Sea Launch could use a lift (Seattle Times) 06/10/2005
  • Mail-Order Bride [Review of Marina Lewycka's 'A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian] (Moscow Times) 06/10/2005
  • Ukraine’s President and Constantinople Patriarch Discuss Religious Issues (RISU) 06/10/2005
  • Media bias decreases in Ukraine, but through dubious means (Jamestown Foundation) 06/10/2005
  • PORTUGAL: New Campaign Debunks Immigration Myths (IPS) 06/10/2005

  • Спільна заява - За підсумками засідання Комісії Україна--НАТО на рівні міністрів закордонних справ Брюссель (НАТО) 06/09/2005
  • [AUDIO - Original] Joint press point by NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and Anatoliy Gritsenko, Minister of Defence of Ukraine (NATO) 06/09/2005
  • [AUDIO - English] Joint press point by NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and Anatoliy Gritsenko, Minister of Defence of Ukraine (NATO) 06/09/2005
  • Photos: Joint press point by the NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and the Ukrainian Minister of Defence, Anatoliy Gritsenko after the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NATO) 06/09/2005
  • Joint press point by NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and Anatoliy Gritsenko, Minister of Defence of Ukraine (NATO) 06/09/2005
  • Statement - Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Defence Ministers Session (NATO) 06/09/2005
  • [AUDIO] Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC): Opening remarks by Anatoliy Gritsenko, Minister of Defence of Ukraine (NATO) 06/09/2005
  • [AUDIO] Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC): Opening remarks by the NATO Secretary General (NATO) 06/09/2005
  • Opening remarks by the Secretary General; Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Defence Ministers’ Session (NATO) 06/09/2005
  • Photos: Meeting of Defence Ministers NATO-Ukraine Bilateral meeting (18) (NATO) 06/09/2005
  • Photos: Meeting of Defence Ministers NATO-Ukraine Bilateral meeting (3) (NATO) 06/09/2005
  • Контроверза навколо львiвського замку (VOA) 06/09/2005
  • Українцi стали менше довiряти владi (VOA) 06/09/2005
  • Photo: A sand sculpture by Ukraine's Andrei Kudrin is displayed during a sand sculpture competition of artists from all over the world in the northern Israeli town of Haifa (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/09/2005
  • Richard Gere, Russian, and Ukrainian leaders come together to call attention to surging HIV/AIDS epidemic in Eurasia FOTO/S (BRAMA) 06/09/2005
  • Tall ships sailing in for 25th anniversary party [Parade of Sail on Sunday: sail training vessel Khersones, a three-masted full rigged windjammer from the Ukraine] (Liverpool Echo) 06/09/2005
  • Ernst & Young Quits CIS Law Operations [preparing to split from its parent company] (Moscow Times) 06/09/2005
  • NATO: Defense Ministers Discuss Alliance Reforms, Ongoing Operations (RFE/RL) 06/09/2005
  • Solzhenitsyn: Russia may face a Ukraine-style revolution (The Age) 06/09/2005
  • FAA Lowers Safety Rating for Ukraine [does not comply with international safety standards][Dated 6/7/05] (FAA) 06/09/2005
  • Hotel's war secret back on the radar [A historian has claimed that war criminals were brought to the nearby town of Haddington to be trained as spies against the Russians. In his book, Morningside Mata Haris, Douglas Macleod alleged that 1000 Ukrainian SS men were brought to the county posing as genuine refugees at the end of the war. A former German prisoner camp in the town's Amisfield Park was adapted to house the men as the Cold War began to hot up. Mr Macleod claimed they worked as agricultural labourers between 1948 and 1951, but through the Scottish League for European Freedom, some were trained as agents. They were dropped into the Soviet Union, where there was a bloody civil war between Ukrainian nationalists (who backed the Nazis in the war) and the Russians. The book alleges that an unknown number of operations involving Haddington-trained spies were run by double agent Kim Philby.] (Edinburgh Evening News) 06/09/2005
  • Voronin requests NATO IPAP, western support to resolve Transnistria (Jamestown Foundation) 06/09/2005
  • Moldova Asks the West to Protect It from Russia (Seeurope) 06/09/2005
  • Russia, Ukraine Fail to Agree on Gas Prices, Dispute Escalates (Mosnews) 06/09/2005
  • President: EU constitution row has not discouraged Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 06/09/2005
  • Special commission to probe reports of $600 m of missing natural gas (Ukrainian Journal) 06/09/2005
  • Kyivan Administration Won’t Help Caves Monastery Because of Budget Code (RISU) 06/09/2005
  • RISU Responds to Open Letter of Press Service of Diaspora Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (RISU) 06/09/2005
  • Kazakh senate snubs West, backs security bill (Reuters/AlertNet) 06/09/2005
  • Photo: Alla Yaroshinskaya, a Ukrainian-Russian author and journalist speaks during an interview with The Associated Press, Thursday, June 9, 2005, in Salzburg, Austria. 75 experts who have won the alternative Nobels are gathered in Salzburg for a six-day meeting to mark the 25th anniversary of the Right Livelihood Awards. Yaroshinskaya won the award in 1992. (AP/Yahoo) 06/09/2005
  • Is Vitali Klitschko the Worst Heavyweight Champion of All-Time? (East Side Boxing) 06/09/2005
  • Grand Rapids woman sentenced for leaving kids in filthy apartment [Marina Ivanova] (WOODTV) 06/09/2005
  • Ukraine journalists making most of visit (Huntsville Times) 06/09/2005
  • St Andrew is finished, no bones about it [Andreas later preached the gospel in Greece and also in Scythia, as the Ukraine] (Glasgow Herald) 06/09/2005
  • Russia’s Largest Car Maker to Launch Assembly Lines in Ukraine, Egypt [AvtoVAZ] (Mosnews) 06/09/2005
  • Soros: Velvet Revolutions do not Bring Democracy (Zaman) 06/09/2005
  • Stuck in traffick: gangs profit from global trade in sex slaves (Janes) 06/09/2005
  • Cycling: Armstrong's team gets ready for life after Lance (IH Tribune) 06/09/2005
  • Medical education opportunities galore in Ukraine (Newindpress) 06/09/2005

  • Україна не розглядала і не розглядає питання управління українською газотранспортною системою з боку газотранспортного консорціуму (Урядовий портал) 06/08/2005
  • Київські податківці викрили підпільний цех з виробництва отрутохімікатів (Урядовий портал) 06/08/2005
  • Українські миротворці в Іраку виявили велику схованку боєприпасів (Урядовий портал) 06/08/2005
  • Our Neighbors - The Ukrainians [Atanas T. Kobryn column] (Sun-Herald) 06/08/2005
  • Ukraine to Transform Interior Troops into National Guard (Black Enterprise) 06/08/2005
  • Віктор Янукович про помаранчеву революцiю (VOA) 06/08/2005
  • Ukraine resident visits Kansas City area (Kansas City Kansan) 06/08/2005
  • Harris Interactive and IMAS International Conduct Thirteen-Country Survey in Remembrance of 60th Anniversary of World War II [Ukraine (60%) are much more inclined than people in other countries to say that they have had close relatives who lost their lives in the war] (PRNewswire/Yahoo) 06/08/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (C), accompanied by his wife Kateryna Chumachenko (rear L), kisses Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the spiritual leader of the Greek Orthodox world, during his visit to the patriarchate in Istanbul June 8, 2005. Ukrainian President Yushchenko earlier met Pariarch Bartholomew at his hotel in the city before paying a visit to the spiritual leader of the Greek Orthodox faith at the patriarchate. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/08/2005
  • Photo: Ukraine's Andriy Husin (L) celebrates with his teamate Andriy Shevchenko after scoring against Greece during their World Cup 2006 football qualifier at the Karaiskaki stadium in Piraeus. Ukraine won 1-0. (AFP/Yahoo) 06/08/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko meets Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the spiritual leader of the Greek Orthodox world, Istanbul June 8, 2005. Yushchenko addressed a luncheon organized by the Foreign Economic Relations Board in which Turkish and Ukrainian businessmen attended in Istanbul on Wednesday. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/08/2005
  • Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians, left, shakes hands with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko in Istanbul, Turkey, Wednesday, June 8, 2005. Viktor Yushchenko stressed that despite the failed votes on the European Union constitution, his country will press forward with its goal of EU membership. (AP/Yahoo) 06/08/2005
  • Preparation of Sale of “Kryvorozhstal” Mill and Contest Likely to Take Not Less than 100 Days (UNIAN) 06/08/2005
  • В Українi розгортається новий скандал (VOA) 06/08/2005
  • Ukraine Launches Investigation Into U.S. Ambassador’s [John Herbst] Tapped Telephone Conversations (Mosnews) 06/08/2005
  • Пiдсумки вiзиту президента Ющенка до Туреччини (VOA) 06/08/2005
  • Criminal charges filed against former Ukrainian People's Democratic Party [Taras Kuzio] (Jamestown Foundation) 06/08/2005
  • Kremlin shadow looms over Kazakh-Ukrainian talks (Jamestown Foundation) 06/08/2005
  • Is Ukraine resuming double-vector discourse for oil's sake? (Jamestown Foundation) 06/08/2005
  • Russia, Ukraine WTO membership in doubt for 2005 [Cato Adrian: 'At the moment I would say Ukraine is ahead of Russia.'] (Reuters) 06/08/2005
  • Ukrainian Minister Says Quality Higher Education is Priority (Black Enterprise) 06/08/2005
  • NATO battles to agree Darfur support with EU [NATO ministers will meet with...Ukrainian Defence Minister Anatoly Grytsenko, whose country is keen to boost ties with NATO after last year's Orange Revolution.] (AFP/Yahoo) 06/08/2005
  • Ukraine Takes Control of Steel Mill (AP/Yahoo) 06/08/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko gestures as she talks to the media during a news conference in Kiev, Ukraine, Wednesday, June 8, 2005. Tymoshenko said that Ukraine's government has taken full control of the Kryvorizhstal steel mill, which was sold last year in this ex-Soviet republic's most controversial privatization deal. (AP/Yahoo) 06/08/2005
  • Ukrainian Visits Fellow EU Aspirant Turkey (AP/Yahoo) 06/08/2005
  • 'Orange' Cooperation with Ukraine in Space as well (Zaman) 06/08/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko addresses Turkish and Ukrainian businessmen in Istanbul June 8, 2005. Yushchenko addressed a luncheon organized by the Foreign Economic Relations Board in which Turkish and Ukrainian businessmen attended in Istanbul on Wednesday. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/08/2005
  • Helping Crimean Tatars feel at home again (Reuters/AlertNet) 06/08/2005
  • There are now 18 million mobile communication users in Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 06/08/2005
  • Gazprom to boost natural gas supplies 5 billion cubic meters in 2005 (Ukrainian Journal) 06/08/2005
  • Ukraine seeks to step up oil, gas transit cooperation with Turkey (Ukrainian Journal) 06/08/2005
  • Russia pushing switch to cash for gas (Ukrainian Journal) 06/08/2005
  • Ukraine, Russia Did Not Sign Any Documents on Increased Gas Price (UNIAN) 06/08/2005
  • Ukraine Churches Unite to Defend Christian Ethics Curriculum in Schools (Christian Today) 06/08/2005
  • Ukrainian Jewish Newspaper Amongst Year's Best ['Sholom Aleichem'; Ukrainian National Union of Journalists] (FJC) 06/08/2005
  • The Plan of Victory Over Moldova...was developed in Security Council of Russia (Kommersant) 06/08/2005
  • Ukrainians invade Las Vegas (Secondsout) 06/08/2005
  • 'Fear of God' is Pope's audience topic (Catholic World News) 06/08/2005

  • Photo: Discovery Channel team rider Lance Armstrong (L) of the U.S chats with team mate Yaroslav Popovych (C) of Ukraine during the second stage of the 57th Dauphine Libere cycling race from Givors to Chauffailles, France (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/07/2005
  • Український уряд турбується Приднiстров`ям (VOA) 06/07/2005
  • The Ukraine-Moldova border (Euro-reporters) 06/07/2005
  • Photo: Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin (R) and European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana hold a joint news conference after a meeting in Brussels June 7, 2005. Voronin said he had handed Solana a letter signed by himself and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko asking the EU to get involved in monitoring the border of Moldova's breakaway Dnestr region. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/07/2005
  • Українськi фермери готують протестну акцiю (VOA) 06/07/2005
  • Цiни на газ в Українi можуть зрости втричi (VOA) 06/07/2005
  • Young eagles. A historic Polish cemetery in the Ukrainian city of Lviv will be officially opened on June 24 after a protracted tug of war between Poland and Ukraine (Polskie Radio) 06/07/2005
  • Photo: Ukranian President Viktor Yushchenko reviews an honour guard during a welcoming ceremony in Ankara (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/07/2005
  • Applications Being Accepted for the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation's Youth Leadership Program 2005 (USUF) 06/07/2005
  • Yanukovych questioned Monday over separatism, misuse of funds (Ukrainian Journal) 06/07/2005
  • PM orders immediate start to re-auction of state Kryvorizhstal stake (Ukrainian Journal) 06/07/2005
  • Ukraine pushing to build new pipeline (Ukrainian Journal) 06/07/2005
  • Ukraine's Prime Minister Orders Mill Resale [Kryvorizhstal] (AP/Yahoo) 06/07/2005
  • Ukraine 'ready for steel resale' [Kryvorizhstal] (BBC) 06/07/2005
  • Itching to Sell Krivorozhstal Again (Kommersant) 06/07/2005
  • CIS struggles for cohesion (PINR/Eurasianet) 06/07/2005
  • Tractor fan? Read this. Critics of the prizewinning novel A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian have complained of an absence of information about said agricultural machinery. Here we rectify this with our own brief history (in English). (Guardian) 06/07/2005
  • PABSEC [Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation] General Assembly Meets in Kiev (Civil Georgia) 06/07/2005
  • Op-Ed: Lifting Yushchenko's Log (Moscow Times) 06/07/2005
  • Ukraine Establishes Commission to Address Concerns of Turkmenistan (NCA) 06/07/2005
  • Key advocate of Caspian Sea oil option named to lead UkrTransNafta (Ukrainian Journal) 06/07/2005
  • Ukraine to re-auction nation's steel giant [Kryvorizhstal] (AFP/Yahoo) 06/07/2005
  • Ukrainian police go after Yanukovych, Medvedchuk (Jamestown Foundation) 06/07/2005
  • Ukraine pipeline trouble hits Regal (Guardian) 06/07/2005
  • Ukraine biggest export destination in CIS region (Bangladesh News) 06/07/2005
  • Ukrainian elections in 2006 test of democracy (Prague Daily Monitor) 06/07/2005
  • Yushchenko puts energy exports and visas on agenda for Turkey visit (AFP/Lebanon Daily Star) 06/07/2005
  • Photo: President Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine, 2nd right, his wife Katerina, left, Turkish counterpart Ahmet Necdet Sezer, 2nd left, and his wife Semra, right, pose for cameras at the end of a welcoming ceremony for Yushchenko at the Cankaya presidential palace in Ankara on Tuesday, June 7, 2005. Yushchenko is on a three-day visit to boost political and economic ties between the two Black Sea countries. (AP/Yahoo) 06/07/2005
  • Photo: Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer (2nd L) and his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yushchenko (2nd R) pose with their wives Semra Sezer (R) and Kateryna Chumachenko (L) after a welcoming ceremony in Ankara, June 7, 2005. During his three-day state visit to Turkey, Yushchenko will discuss issues of economic collaboration between Ukraine and Turkey. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/07/2005

  • Lufthansa Teams with the Wheelchair Foundation to Deliver Close to 300 Wheelchairs to Needy Recipients in the Ukraine. New York First Lady Libby Pataki to Lead Delegation to Kiev FOTO/S (BRAMA) 06/06/2005
  • New York's First Lady Libby Pataki leading delegation to deliver 280 wheelchairs to Ukraine FOTO/S (BRAMA) 06/06/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian opposition party leader and former premier Viktor Yanukovich (R) is greeted by supporters as he arrives at Kiev's Department for Fighting Organized Crime, June 6, 2005. Yanukovich appeared on Monday at the department of Ukraine's Interior Ministry for interrogation. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/06/2005
  • Symbols of power: Viktor Yushchenko Gets Cossacks’ Horse, while Yulia Tymoshenko has become “bereginya” (Kommersant) 06/06/2005
  • Ukrainian Government Regulated SUAL's Revenues with the use of power rates (Kommersant) 06/06/2005
  • Moscow and Kiev try to end gas dispute (Financial Times) 06/06/2005
  • Оцiнка свободи слова за нової i старої влади (VOA) 06/06/2005
  • «Квалофікована опозиція» критикує дії нового уряду (VOA) 06/06/2005
  • Американський експерт про інвестиційний клімат в Україні (VOA) 06/06/2005
  • Photo: Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan (2nd R) and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (2nd L) pose with their wives Kateryna Chumachenko (L) and Emine Erdogan before a dinner in Ankara June 6, 2005. During his three-day state visit to Turkey, Yushchenko has intent to discuss issues of economic collaboration between Ukraine and Turkey. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/06/2005
  • Photo: President Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine, left, and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan look pose for the media before their meeting at Erdogan's official residence in Ankara on Monday, June 6, 2005. Yushchenko arrived in Turkey for a three-day visit to boost political and economic ties between the two countries who long Black Sea coastlines. (AP/Yahoo) 06/06/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian opposition party leader and former premier Viktor Yanukovich, answers journalists' questions in front of Kiev's Department for Fighting Organized Crime building, June 6, 2005. Yanukovich appeared on Monday at the department of Ukraine's Interior Ministry for interrogation. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/06/2005
  • Photo: The former Ukrainian Prime Minister Viiktor Yanukovych talks to media near Police Department, Ukraine, Kiev, Monday, June 6, 2005, before being questioned in connection with the alleged mishandling of government funds. Yanukovych was summoned before anti-organized crime investigators to testify about last summer's transfer of 4.8 million hryvna (US$950,000; euro 740,000) from the state budget to the airport in his hometown of Donetsk. (AP/Yahoo) 06/06/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk (R) greets Vuk Draskovic, Foreign Minister of Serbia and Montenegro during their meeting in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/06/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko talks to journalists during her interview in Tbilisi, Georgia, June 3, 2005. Ukraine's government have announced a re-auction of the nation's largest steelworks, seen as a litmus test of the new authorities' approach after the dubious privatizations of the previous Kuchma regime. (AFP/Yahoo) 06/06/2005
  • Premier to soon meet with SPF to arrange Kryvorizhstal sale (Ukrainian Journal) 06/06/2005
  • Naftogaz chief: Caspian crude may move via Odessa pipeline next year (Ukrainian Journal) 06/06/2005
  • Consumer price increase slows to lower-than-expected level in May (Ukrainian Journal) 06/06/2005
  • Ukraine refuses to sign CIS trade accord (Ukrainian Journal) 06/06/2005
  • Debut novelist takes comic prize [Marina Lewycka won the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian.] (BBC) 06/06/2005
  • Orange Prize list shows diversity [Marina Lewycka's reading from A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian brought widespread laughter from the Hay audience.] (BBC) 06/06/2005
  • Proposals on Ukrainian Reprivatization All Fall Short of Ideal (BBC/Blackenterprise) 06/06/2005

  • Україна готується до виведення з Iраку (VOA) 06/05/2005
  • Today in History: 2000 - President Clinton visited the former Soviet republic of Ukraine, the last stop in his weeklong European tour, where he dispensed $80 million in American aid to help entomb the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, scene of the world's worst nuclear accident. (AP/Yahoo) 06/05/2005
  • Томенко визначає деякi прiоритети уряду (VOA) 06/05/2005

  • Soccer: Ukraine beat Kazakhstan in World Cup qualifier [2-0] (AFP/Yahoo) 06/04/2005
  • Photo: Ukraine's Andriy Shevchenko (R) challenges Aleksandr Familtsev of Kazakhstan during their World Cup European Zone Group two qualifying soccer match in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/04/2005
  • Soccer: Ukraine on Course for World Cup Berth (AP/Yahoo) 06/04/2005
  • Photo: Ukraine Sergei Bubka, top, and France's Jeremy Chardy return the ball to Argentina's Leonardo Mayer and compatriot Emiliano Massa during the final match of the boy's doubles at the French Open tennis tournament in Paris (AP/Yahoo) 06/04/2005
  • Photo: Oleg Gusev of the Ukraine (top) jumps over Aleksandr Familtsev of Kazakhstan during their FIFA World Cup 2006, Group 2 qualifier, in Kiev. Ukraine won 2-0. (AFP/Yahoo) 06/04/2005
  • Photo: Ukraine's Andriy Shevchenko (R) challenges Andrey Travin of Kazakhstan during their World Cup European zone Group Two qualifying soccer match in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/04/2005
  • Photo: Ukraine's Andriy Shevchenko (R) is challenged by Dmitriy Lyapkin of Kazakhstan during their World Cup European Zone Group two qualifying soccer match in Kiev (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/04/2005
  • On this day: 1990 – Ukrainian Communist Party chief Vladimir Ivashko is elected president of the Soviet Union's second largest republic. (Mercury) 06/04/2005
  • Money laundering ring smashed [Ukrainian-run gang in Madrid] (Australian) 06/04/2005

  • [PDF] 2005 Trafficking in Persons Report (USDOS) 06/03/2005
  • Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000: Trafficking in Persons Report 2005 (USDOS) 06/03/2005
  • Trafficking in Persons Report. Ukraine: Tier 2 Watchlist ['The Government of Ukraine does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking...'] (USDOS) 06/03/2005
  • Kiev court upholds Kryvorizhstal ruling (Ukrainian Journal) 06/03/2005
  • Сорос: Путiн радив розстрiляти українську революцiю (VOA) 06/03/2005
  • Тимошенко, як прем`єр, вперше вирушила за кордон (VOA) 06/03/2005
  • [PDF] Will the Orange Revolution bear fruit? by Grzegorz Gromadzki, Oleksandr Sushko, Marius Vahl, Kataryna Wolczuk and Roman Wolczuk (Batory Foundation) 06/03/2005
  • Ukraine seeks to take back firms (Reuters/IHT) 06/03/2005
  • Group honored for dedication, donations to unwed mothers [Columbus Pokrova Council 13561] (Bucks County Courier Times) 06/03/2005
  • No official cause found from September church blast [St. Mary's Ukrainian Church] (WTNH) 06/03/2005
  • (Concert) Promoter [Mark Zurevinski] pleads guilty in tax case (Chronicle-Journal) 06/03/2005
  • Obit: Jaroslaw Opyriuk (Globe and Mail) 06/03/2005
  • St. Thomas Orchestra to Play Beethoven, Dvorak - June 12. Ukrainian-born Violinist Peter Krysa Featured as Guest Soloist (Larchmont Gazette) 06/03/2005
  • FBI sting nets three in scheme. Owner of Buffalo Grove restaurant [Lev Stratievsky] charged in money laundering plot (Chicago Daily Herald) 06/03/2005
  • Tempers Ran High [Krivorozhstal, Pinchuk] (Kommersant) 06/03/2005
  • It Is Yours for Keeps [Massandra Tsar Palace, Crimea] (Kommersant) 06/03/2005
  • Shevchenko appointed advisor to Ukraine President [Note: Striker Andrij Shevchenko supported Yushchenko's rival candidate Viktor Yanukovych in the 2004 presidential election] (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/03/2005
  • EU Constitution Worries Aspiring Members (AP/Yahoo) 06/03/2005
  • CIS leaders in Tbilisi but not optimistic (Georgia Messenger) 06/03/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (L) talks to Russia's Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov during their meeting in Tbilisi (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/03/2005
  • Photo: ...Ukraine's Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (center)...pose for an official photograph during a CIS summit in Tbilisi (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/03/2005
  • Ukraine didn’t sign the protocol on removal of commercial restrictions: Tbilissi sitting of CIS PMs (Kazinform) 06/03/2005
  • 23 documents signed at the Tbilisi meeting by CIS PMs (Kazinform) 06/03/2005
  • Ukrainian PM: GUAM not an Alternative to CIS (Civil Georgia) 06/03/2005
  • Yanukovych site fudges former PM itinerary as he skips interrogators (Ukrainian Journal) 06/03/2005
  • ChevronTexaco to gradually increase shipments of crude via Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 06/03/2005
  • Ukraine to seal Transnistria? (Euro-reporters) 06/03/2005
  • Soros: Putin Advised Kuchma to Apply Force Against Participants of Orange Revolution (UNIAN) 06/03/2005
  • Credit card frauds, an interview with Vladimir Golubev (Computer Crime Research Center) 06/03/2005
  • An Artwork Orange. Featuring art from Kiev and Odessa, a festival at a Moscow gallery tries to cash in on the vogue for all things Ukrainian (Moscow Times) 06/03/2005
  • Separate Train Crashes in Ukraine Kill 17 (AP/Yahoo) 06/03/2005
  • India, Ukraine target $5 billion trade by 2010 (Hindustan Times) 06/03/2005
  • Hollywood Actor [Richard Gere] and European Football Icon [Andriy Shevchenko] Join Hands for Tibetans (Phayul) 06/03/2005

  • Ukrainian Tycoon Seeks Compromise With Government to Hold Onto Massive Steel Mill (AP/Yahoo) 06/02/2005
  • Photo: Ukraine and India pledged to increase trade between the two countries as Indian President Abdul Kalam (left) met with his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yushchenko (right) in Kiev (AFP/Yahoo) 06/02/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk (R) listens to Indian President Abdul Kalam during their meeting at the Mariinsky palace in Kiev, June 2, 2005. Kalam arrived in Ukraine on a four-day official visit. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/02/2005
  • Kazak Women Sold as Sex Slaves (IWPR) 06/02/2005
  • Ukraine supports India's bid for UN Security Council membership (ANI/Yahoo) 06/02/2005
  • Human Traffickers Targeting Cayman (Cayman Net News) 06/02/2005
  • Government vows to push ahead with aviation merger despite opposition (Ukrainian Journal) 06/02/2005
  • Government predicts rapid 2006 GDP rise (Ukrainian Journal) 06/02/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian tycoon Viktor Pinchuk talks to media in Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday, June 2, 2005. Pinchuk said Thursday that he had proposed a compromise with Ukraine's new government that would allow him to keep control over the country's biggest steel mill. Kryvorizhstal was sold in 2004 to Pinchuk, the son-in-law of former President Leonid Kuchma, and another tycoon for US$800 million (665 million), despite reportedly higher offers from major steel bidders in the United States and Russia, sparking outrage in Ukraine and abroad. (AP/Yahoo) 06/02/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian tycoon Viktor Pinchuk is seen prior to his meeting with media in Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday, June 2, 2005. Pinchuk said Thursday that he had proposed a compromise with Ukraine's new government that would allow him to keep control over the country's biggest steel mill. Kryvorizhstal was sold last year to Pinchuk, the son-in-law of former President Leonid Kuchma, and another tycoon for US$800 million (665 million). The sale went through despite reportedly higher offers from major steel bidders in the United States and Russia and sparked outrage in Ukraine and abroad. (AP/Yahoo) 06/02/2005
  • Steel Tycoon Warns Ukraine: Act 'European'--Not Russian (Forbes) 06/02/2005
  • Створено асоцiацiю древнiх мiст України (VOA) 06/02/2005
  • Бiзнес i влада в Українi -- партнери? (VOA) 06/02/2005
  • Суд визнав приватизацiю «Криворiжсталi» незаконною (VOA) 06/02/2005
  • Yushchenko moves to create new cabinet-level Construction Ministry (Ukrainian Journal) 06/02/2005

  • Dreams of a bigger EU dashed by voters’ fears for lost jobs (The Times) 06/01/2005
  • Ukraine's NATO flirting (Euro-reporters) 06/01/2005
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, left, listens to U.S. billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros during their meeting in Kiev, Wednesday June 1, 2005. Soros, whose foundation runs many charity programmes in Ukraine, arrived on a private visit to the country on Wednesday. (AP/Yahoo) 06/01/2005
  • Photo: Young Ukrainians, with banners reading 'A Free Belarussian' attached to their backs, take part in a flashmob action as police officers stand aside near the Belarussian embassy in Kiev June 1, 2005. Activists of Ukraine's National Alliance youth organization staged a meeting to show their support to opposition students in neighbouring Belarus. (Reuters/Yahoo) 06/01/2005
  • Gogolwhack adventures (Guardian) 06/01/2005
  • A Man Incapable of Adapting to Injustice [Dr. James Mace] (The Day) 06/01/2005
  • When Will They Get It? [The film director Ihor Strembitsky turned out to be a principled individual. When he appeared on stage to receive the award, he refused to speak Russian, despite the interpreter’s request, saying, “I’m Ukrainian and I will speak my language.”] (The Day) 06/01/2005
  • Успiхи у США українського стоматолога-iммiгранта (VOA) 06/01/2005
  • On this day: 1996 – Ukraine became a nuclear weapons-free nation with the transfer of the last of its warheads to Russia. (Herald Sun) 06/01/2005
  • Underground Mysteries. Cossack catacombs are being explored in Vinnytsia oblast (The Day) 06/01/2005
  • Верховна Рада рекомендує звільнити прокурора Закарпаття Юрія Бенцу і начальника Управління МВС області Юрія Раховського у зв’язку із застосуванням сили щодо народних депутатів в Ужгороді 21 травня (Радіо Свобода) 06/01/2005
  • Дослiдження про торгiвлю людьми в Українi (VOA) 06/01/2005
  • В Українi планують допитати екс-чиновникiв (VOA) 06/01/2005
  • Амнiстiя в Українi викликає неоднозначну реакцiю (VOA) 06/01/2005
  • Україна надiється на пiдтримку США (VOA) 06/01/2005
  • Watergate-Era 'Deep Throat' Steps Forward [former FBI official W. Mark Felt] (AP/Yahoo) 06/01/2005
  • Former security chief reveals details about violence during Ukrainian presidential election (Jamestown Foundation) 06/01/2005
  • Blue-collar region suspicious of Yushchenko regime (Financial Times) 06/01/2005
  • Russian government sets sights on 'subversion' (Christian Science Monitor) 06/01/2005
  • Interior Ministry Summons Medvedchuk and Surkis Brothers to Explain Building Sanatorium in Zakarpattia (UNIAN) 06/01/2005
  • Drug Policy and the HIV Pandemic in Russia and Ukraine (EurasiaHealth) 06/01/2005
  • Creator of Ruslan Giant Seen Off (Kommersant) 06/01/2005
  • Visas for Ukraine (Euro-Reporters) 06/01/2005
  • Parliament rejects nationalization of Kryvorishstal, Ukrrudprom (Ukrainian Journal) 06/01/2005
  • Kazakhstan agrees to send half its oil exports to Ukraine refineries (Ukrainian Journal) 06/01/2005
  • Deal with Kazakhstan would open door for Ukrainian investors there (Ukrainian Journal) 06/01/2005
  • IFC to Support Improved Corporate Governance Practices in Ukraine’s Banking Sect (Website) 06/01/2005
  • Atanas Kobryn column: Our neighbors - The Ukrainians (Sun-Herald) 06/01/2005
  • Український уряд змiнює позицiю щодо ЄЕП (VOA) 06/01/2005
  • Vital industry faces up to trying times [metals] (Financial Times) 06/01/2005
  • Magnitogorsk Metals Combine Bears the Cost of rail transit of Ukrainian raw materials (Kommersant) 06/01/2005
  • Ukraine -- It Would Be A Crimea Not To Go! [Bazhanyy, pryyemnyy, vitaty-laskavo prosymo!] (Frommers) 06/01/2005
  • UAOC-Diaspora Sends First Shippment of Supplies to Ukraine Orphanage (Website) 06/01/2005
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