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Tue, July 16, 15:40 EDT
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  • Lines Form at Russia-Ukraine Border Following Customs Changes (RIA Novosti) 10/31/2013
  • IMF still wants Ukraine to increase energy tariffs and exchange rate flexibility (Interfax-Russia) 10/31/2013
  • Kiev upbeat about EU prospects ( 10/31/2013
  • Polish FM warns Kiev of possible delay in EU deal (Focus News) 10/31/2013
  • Ukrainian Ski Resort Ends Mobile Phone Service Due to Radiation (RIA Novosti) 10/31/2013
  • Ukraine's Prisoner's Dilemma (Project Syndicate) 10/31/2013
  • EXCLUSIVE-EU, IMF coordinate on Ukraine as Russia threat looms (Reuters) 10/31/2013
  • Stalin starved Ukraine in terror (Albany Times Union) 10/31/2013
  • State Bureau of Investigation to be established in Ukraine (ForUm) 10/31/2013
  • Ukraine Vows to Curb Reserves Plunge as IMF Repeats Loan Demands (Bloomberg) 10/31/2013
  • Fr. Kurt Burnette made head of Ruthenian Eparchy of Passaic (RISU) 10/31/2013
  • A Monastery by the Devil’s Rock. The walls of the True Cross Monastery in Pidkamin are like an open history book bearing traces of the Batu Khan invasion, two world wars and Soviet occupation (Ukrainian Week) 10/31/2013
  • A mighty change of heart in the Ukraine (Huntersville Herald) 10/31/2013
  • Jason Kenney, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau to Address Ukrainian Canadians in Toronto Nov 8th, 2013 at Weekend Congress ( 10/31/2013
  • IMF Recommends Ukraine Cut Energy Subsides, Liberalize Foreign Exchange Market ( 10/31/2013
  • Olympic medalist among seven arrested for child abduction [Larysa Moskalenko, 50, originally of Ukraine, who won a bronze medal in sailing at the Seoul Olympics in 1988] (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno) 10/31/2013
  • UPDATE 1-IMF presses Ukraine government to raise gas prices at ... (Reuters) 10/31/2013
  • Russia: 24 threats. Pressing and volleys of 'information war' (The Day) 10/31/2013
  • Eric RUBIN: 'We want to do everything we can to help Ukraine cross the finish line in Vilnius' (The Day) 10/31/2013
  • Jewish Film Festival: Erased Ukrainian town with central Ohio connections (Columbus Dispatch) 10/31/2013
  • Is the 'Dzhemilev era' over? The new kurultai of Crimean Tatars changes its style, not strategic goals (The Day) 10/31/2013
  • IMF urges Ukraine government to raise gas prices at home (Reuters) 10/31/2013
  • Russia, Ukraine Tensions Linger as EU Summit Approaches (ICTSD) 10/31/2013
  • Metalist wins through to Ukrainian Cup quarterfinals (Interfax-Russia) 10/31/2013
  • 'Society of the Independent Artists' is back to Ukraine for the first time since 1919. Exhibition of art works of Ukrainian avant-garde artists of the early 20th century opened at the National Art Museum on October 31 (The Day) 10/31/2013
  • Association with Europe is a challenge for ourselves. What in-depth processes happen within the government, opposition, and society as Ukraine moves towards the European Union? Experts look for answers at The Day’s roundtable (The Day) 10/31/2013
  • Cox, Kwasniewski meet with Yanukovych in Kyiv (Interfax-Russia) 10/31/2013
  • Putin More Mighty than Obama, Ukraine Gets Another Fracking Partner (Transitions Online) 10/31/2013
  • President appoints Salo as Lviv regional governor, Shemchuk becomes presidential advisor (Interfax-Russia) 10/31/2013
  • Fitch Predicts Hryvnia To Devaluate To 8.5 UAH/USD, FX Reserves To Shrink From USD 17.8 Billion To USD 12.9 Billion In 2014 (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/31/2013
  • Ukraine's GDP down 1.5% in Q3, 2013 (UkrAgroConsult) 10/31/2013
  • Ukrainian Railways to start developing a short electrified way to the Black Sea ports in 2014 (UkrAgroConsult) 10/31/2013
  • The Deal: Chevron Invests in Ukrainian Shale Gas ( 10/31/2013
  • Chevron inks shale gas deal in Ukraine (UPI) 10/31/2013
  • Italian police bust ex-special forces child smuggling ring (Yahoo/AFP) 10/31/2013
  • Олександр Довженко [101 ПРИЧИНА ЛЮБИТИ УКРАЇНУ] (День) 10/31/2013
  • Янукович призначив губернатором Львівщини Олега Сала замість Шемчука (День) 10/31/2013
  • Питання боргу за російський газ має вирішитися в четвер - міністр (BBC) 10/31/2013
  • Самотня Троянда. «Не та ще Україна, за яку ми боролися», — каже колишня зв’язкова УПА Ольга Горошко (Україна Молода) 10/31/2013
  • Скандального Сала призначили головою Львівщини (ТСН) 10/31/2013

  • SWISS resumes flights from Zurich to Kiev Boryspil ( 10/30/2013
  • Ukraine, Russia in talks over use of foreign passports (ZIK) 10/30/2013
  • Is Russia really going to reignite a gas war with Ukraine? (Quartz) 10/30/2013
  • Japan launches WTO dispute over Ukraine's auto duties (Expatica Switzerland) 10/30/2013
  • Rosselkhoznadzor restricts meat supply from two Ukrainian companies to Russia (Interfax-Russia) 10/30/2013
  • Ukraine remains in recession in third quarter (GlobalPost/AFP) 10/30/2013
  • Ukraine to provide itself with biofuels (ForUm) 10/30/2013
  • Motion Picture Association of America ranked Ukrainian website #1 to distribute illegal content (Ukrainian Week) 10/30/2013
  • Exhibition 'Holy Faces' at the Art and Charity Gallery in Sevastopol (The Day) 10/30/2013
  • UPDATE 1-Ukraine to sign $10 billion shale deal with Chevron (Reuters) 10/30/2013
  • Ukranian and Cuban Young Communists Meet in Havana (Radio Cadena Agramonet) 10/30/2013
  • Razom 2 tour: Watch the best Ukrainian dancers from across Canada in one room (MetroNews Canada) 10/30/2013
  • Tymoshenko Release: Ukraine's Geopolitical Future Hangs on Deal (Spiegel) 10/30/2013
  • Mentor Griffin welcomed to Ukraine by former students (Platte County Record Times) 10/30/2013
  • Ukraine's Third Recession Since 2008 Confirmed on Industry Drop (Bloomberg) 10/30/2013
  • Ukraine And Chevron To Develop Shale Gas (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/30/2013
  • Why Ukraine? Positive effects of FIFA sanctions (The Day) 10/30/2013
  • 'Street Eurouniversities' to be exported. The IWP summarizes the results of its action and awards a diploma to Den for active informational support (The Day) 10/30/2013
  • Ukraine resumes gas transit through Poland (Warsaw Business Journal) 10/30/2013
  • UPDATE 1-Ukraine says hopes to settle Russian gas bill row soon (Reuters) 10/30/2013
  • Gazprom’s Demands Shouldn’t Scare Europe (Wall Street Journal) 10/30/2013
  • Russia's Energy Policy: Expanding Influence (Diplomatic Courier) 10/30/2013
  • Moscow raises temperature of energy supply row with Ukraine (Irish Times) 10/30/2013
  • Head of UGCC Proposes to Culture Minister to Speed Up Adoption Process of Concept of Church-State Relations (RISU) 10/30/2013
  • Bohoslovska: Russia to use Tymoshenko gas contract to deprive Ukraine of its right of choice (Interfax-Russia) 10/30/2013
  • Ukraine makes progress, but country has to do many things, experts comment on Doing Business 2014 (Interfax-Russia) 10/30/2013
  • Totsky appointed SBU first deputy chief (Interfax-Russia) 10/30/2013
  • Roshen denies rumors about its acquisition by Norway's Orkla (Interfax-Russia) 10/30/2013
  • Origin looks to the Ukraine. Acquisition will give agri-business group geographic diversifiction (Irish Times) 10/30/2013
  • Ukraine film festival [Molodist] targeted by anti-LGBT protesters (The Guardian) 10/30/2013
  • Ukraine moves up 28 positions in World Bank rating (ForUm) 10/30/2013
  • No one has right to change Ukraine’s choice, U.S. ambassador considers (ForUm) 10/30/2013
  • Brash Ukraine Oligarch Vadim Rabinovich Challenges Europe's Jewish Leaders (Jewish Daily Forward) 10/30/2013
  • Ukrainian delegation to tour East Texas (The Longview News-Journal) 10/30/2013
  • No more 'Mr Nice Guy': Gazprom hits Ukraine with huge $1bn gas bill (Business New Europe) 10/30/2013
  • Leadership of Lemko Organizations Passes to Next Generation (BRAMA) 10/30/2013
  • Київ сплатить за газ 'найближчими днями' (BBC) 10/30/2013
  • «Зникне інститут — зникне науковий напрям» (День) 10/30/2013
  • Польща попереджає, що підписання асоціації можуть перенести на рік через 'комбінації' Януковича (Тиждень.ua) 10/30/2013
  • Батьківщина наїхала на МОЗ – той привласнює інтелектуальні здобутки Юлії Тимошенко (ПІК) 10/30/2013
  • Roshen спростовує повідомлення про свій продаж (BBC) 10/30/2013
  • Боксерська рукавичка у скрині Пандори. Сварка щодо фальсифікації «антикличківських» поправок до Податкового кодексу дісталася прокуратури. А сам «резидент» починає перший тур перед виборами–2015 (Україна Молода) 10/30/2013
  • Государ під грифом «секретно». Відкритий під Харковом пам’ятник Олександру ІІІ обіцяють перетворити на «магістраль руського світу» (Україна Молода) 10/30/2013
  • Ukrainian Chocolates Caught in Trade War Between Europe and Russia (New York Times) 10/30/2013

  • Ukraine improves missile export controls (IHS Jane's 360) 10/29/2013
  • Putin’s adviser: Gas-pumping consortium between Ukraine and Russia cannot be created (ZIK) 10/29/2013
  • Hunger, Longing, Celebration: New Book Explores Soviet Relationship With Food (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) 10/29/2013
  • Kiev Residents Protest Screenings of LGBT Films (Hollywood Reporter) 10/29/2013
  • Internment camp memorial unveiled at Exhibition Park. The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation dedicated a special memorial to all those held captive. (Global News) 10/29/2013
  • Might be time to pay your bills, Russia warns West-looking Ukraine (The Christian Science Monitor) 10/29/2013
  • Ukrainian court seizes building owned by Tymoshenko's daughter (RAPSI) 10/29/2013
  • EU Makes New Bid for Deal on Tymoshenko (The Moscow Times/Reuters) 10/29/2013
  • Russia may have Ukraine pay for gas in advance if arrears not settled soon (Interfax-Russia) 10/29/2013
  • Russia threatens Ukraine over gas bills (Europe Online Magazine/DPA) 10/29/2013
  • Adiyiah's Arsenal Kiev file for bankruptcy (Citifmonline) 10/29/2013
  • Kyiv lacks in information from Russia on investigation into Sea of Azov incident (Interfax-Russia) 10/29/2013
  • U of L doctor to fix Ukrainian woman's disfiguring cancer misdiagnosis (Louisville Courier-Journal) 10/29/2013
  • The 16 Biggest Tech Intern Fails (Entrepreneur) 10/29/2013
  • Russia Beyond The Headlines: Can Ukraine afford a divorce from Russia? (Kyiv Post) 10/29/2013
  • Rybak: Ratification of Ukraine-EU Association Agreement to take 2-3 years (Interfax-Russia) 10/29/2013
  • Ukraine gas consumption down 7.2% in Jan-Sept, imports down 19.8%, transit – 0.4% (Interfax-Russia) 10/29/2013
  • Moscow Presses Ukraine On Gas Payments (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/29/2013
  • Medvedev Says $882M Ukraine Gas Debt Situation 'Critical' (The Moscow Times) 10/29/2013
  • Ukraine says problems in gas payments to Russia not 'critical' (Global Times/Xinhua) 10/29/2013
  • Russia frustrated with Ukraine over gas payments ( 10/29/2013
  • Ukraine and Russia find new model of economic partnership (ForUm) 10/29/2013
  • Elusive Black Sea Gas Boom Heralds Emancipation from Russian Energy (The Moscow Times) 10/29/2013
  • Weary of EU deal, Russia warns Ukraine over gas debt (Yahoo/AFP) 10/29/2013
  • Russia demands Ukraine payment, raising fears of new gas war (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/29/2013
  • Russia and Ukraine mulling resumption of An-124 aircraft production (Ukrainian Journal) 10/29/2013
  • Tymoshenko's Daughter's Restaurant Seized (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/29/2013
  • A DW survey shows that Ukrainians want a planned EU association agreement, as well as a customs agreement with Russia. But support for the EU deal has receded. (Deutsche Welle) 10/29/2013
  • Russia's Gazprom demands Ukraine pay off overdue gas bill (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/29/2013
  • UPDATE 3-Russia demands Ukraine payment, raising fears of new gas war (Reuters) 10/29/2013
  • Moscow Presses Ukraine On Gas Payments (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/29/2013
  • Russia to ask Ukraine to pre-pay for gas (Yahoo/AP) 10/29/2013
  • EU makes new bid to reach deal on Ukraine's jailed Tymoshenko (Reuters) 10/29/2013
  • Udar leader calls for Tymoshenko release (Ukrainian Journal) 10/29/2013
  • Pat Cox: European Parliament Monitoring Mission to Ukraine will do its best to facilitate release of Tymoshenko (ENPI Info Centre) 10/29/2013
  • Ukraine Lauded In World Bank Business Report (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/29/2013
  • Ukraine to issue promissory notes to pay VAT, budget deficit (Ukrainian Journal) 10/29/2013
  • Ukraine foreign minister: EU association will help Russians too (Ukrainian Journal) 10/29/2013
  • Glazyev: Russia-Ukraine gas transportation consortium not possible (ForUm) 10/29/2013
  • Russia tells Ukraine: We want money for gas up front ( 10/29/2013
  • US Reveals Mass Visa Fraud in Ukraine (Voice of America) 10/29/2013
  • Ukrainian thugs scam State Dept, highlighting flaws in ‘diversity visa’ program (Daily Caller) 10/29/2013
  • [PDF] Gallery talk this Saturday, November 2 at 7 pm...Propaganda and Slogans: The Political Poster in Soviet Ukraine, 1919-1921 (Ukrainian Museum) 10/29/2013
  • Ukraine to join European Federation of Journalists (NRCU) 10/29/2013
  • Russian, Ukrainian FMs to Meet in Russia (Tasnim News Agency) 10/29/2013
  • The Master of Musical Compromise. Composer Myroslav Skoryk talks about the decline of avant-garde and the mystery of music (Ukrainian Week) 10/29/2013
  • Protestants to Hold ‘National Prayer for Ukraine’ (RISU) 10/29/2013
  • Mustafa Dzhemilev: Extremist Islamic Propaganda Has No Place in Crimean Mosques (RISU) 10/29/2013
  • Yara Arts Group: Dreams and Destinations Sunday Nov 3, 2013 [Toronto] (BRAMA) 10/29/2013
  • Tennis-Paris Masters men's singles results (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/29/2013
  • Колючий дріт між Україною і Росією - перший крок до нової стіни в Європі, - La Repubblica (День) 10/29/2013
  • Anonymous заявили про злом пошти МЗС України (Кореспондент) 10/29/2013
  • Газпром у вівторок вирішить, що робити з Україною (BBC) 10/29/2013
  • Попіл науки. Причиною пожежі в Аграрному університеті міліція вважає підпал (Україна Молода) 10/29/2013
  • У Путіна прогнозують Україні дефолт і різке падіння курсу гривні (ТСН) 10/29/2013

  • Shakhtar look to make amends against Leverkusen (UEFA) 10/28/2013
  • The man who brought coffee to Europe. A monument to Yurii Kulchytsky unveiled in Lviv (The Day) 10/28/2013
  • Lviv city council backs proposed Ukrainian bid to host 2020 Winter Olympics (Yahoo/CP) 10/28/2013
  • IMF Recommends That Ukraine Postpone Plan To Reduce Rates Of VAT And Profit Tax In 2014 (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/28/2013
  • “I want to live calmly in a good European country...” Vadym Novynsky on commercial relations with Russia, change of citizenship, and further plans for work (The Day) 10/28/2013
  • A memorial plaque honoring George Shevelov to be installed in Lviv (The Day) 10/28/2013
  • “Don’t give up, any retreat is temporary”. On how Mikheil Saakashvili changed Georgia's political system but failed to destroy its societ (The Day) 10/28/2013
  • One London, two kinds of Ukraine. What it is like and how residents of the European capital saw our country (The Day) 10/28/2013
  • Lavrov Warns Ukraine Over EU deal (The Moscow Times) 10/28/2013
  • Web piracy: Sites in Russia, China, Ukraine, Canada top MPAA list (Los Angeles Times) 10/28/2013
  • The opposition believes that amnesty for Tymoshenko will allow Yanukovych to save face (Ukrainian Week) 10/28/2013
  • Head of German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ukraine: European Integration of Ukraine Is Inevitable (RISU) 10/28/2013
  • 300-Year-Old Mosque Restored in Crimea (RISU) 10/28/2013
  • Ukrainian far-right party upstages FIFA with visit to Zurich headquarters (World Jewish Congress) 10/28/2013
  • Ukrainian communists denounce the 'myth of the EU' (EurActiv) 10/28/2013
  • Yanukovych and Putin in surprise meeting (Ukrainian Journal) 10/28/2013
  • Ukraine to issue promissory notes to pay for heat and water subsidies (Ukrainian Journal) 10/28/2013
  • Azarov calls for free trade with both EU and the Customs Union (Ukrainian Journal) 10/28/2013
  • Kiev's Energy Community chairmanship to deal with natural gas issues (Ukrainian Journal) 10/28/2013
  • Paris says Ukraine will sign agreement with EU at summit in Vilnius (Interfax-Russia) 10/28/2013
  • Popov: First land auction in Kyiv could be held in early 2014 (Interfax-Russia) 10/28/2013
  • Russian inspectors have woeful impression of products of Roshen's Ukrainian factories - Onishchenko (Interfax-Russia) 10/28/2013
  • Citizens of Russia, Ukraine should use foreign travel passports to cross Russian-Ukrainian border - Lavrov (Interfax-Russia) 10/28/2013
  • Margvelashvili wins presidential elections in Georgia - CEC (Interfax-Russia) 10/28/2013
  • Saakashvili says he doesn't intend to leave Georgia (Interfax-Russia) 10/28/2013
  • In decisive vote, Georgia puts a turbulent era firmly behind it (Christian Science Monitor) 10/28/2013
  • Russia expects Ukraine to remain true to its nonalignment priorities - Lavrov (Interfax-Russia) 10/28/2013
  • Chubarov elected chairman of Mejlis of Crimean Tatars (Interfax-Russia) 10/28/2013
  • Polish experts: EU must act if it wants to see wealthier and more democratic Ukraine (Ukrainian Week) 10/28/2013
  • SS. Cyril and Methodius Ukrainian Catholic Church caps 125th anniversary celebrations (Scranton Times-Tribune) 10/28/2013
  • All Ukrainian Presidents lay flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (ForUm) 10/28/2013
  • Ukraine Is Reforming Its Army Faster Than Russia (The Moscow Times) 10/28/2013
  • Політолог: Янукович вмовляє Путіна на свій сценарій (Тиждень.ua) 10/28/2013
  • Свободівці, що прорвалися в будівлю МВС, зірвали портрет одного з міністрів внутрішніх справ ( 10/28/2013
  • Кличко: у мене є погане передчуття щодо Тимошенко (BBC) 10/28/2013

  • 40 years of decline closes Wilmerding church. Parish community was ‘center of social life’ for Ukrainian residents (Pittsburgh Post Gazette) 10/27/2013
  • [AUDIO] 'Just For Fun,' Lively Song And Dance In Kiev Metro Station (NPR) 10/27/2013
  • EP: Offering Ukraine European perspective is of great significance for both parties (EIN News) 10/27/2013
  • Takes the Biscuit (Gulf Daily News) 10/27/2013
  • Bvlgari's Kyiv director talks luxury, fashion (Kyiv Post) 10/27/2013
  • 22 Epic Places You Didn't Know Existed (Huffington Post) 10/27/2013
  • У Сочі триває зустріч Януковича з Путіним (Кореспондент) 10/27/2013

  • EU Eastern Partnership broke into pieces without competition with GUAM or similar projects (Azerbaijan Business Center) 10/26/2013
  • SS Cyril and Methodius Ukrainian Catholic Church celebrates 125 years (Scranton Times-Tribune) 10/26/2013
  • Ukrainian court rules that Torah scrolls expropriated by the Soviet state in the 1920s will remain in the hands of the Jewish community (European Jewish Press) 10/26/2013
  • Ukraine: Unique Copy of Quran Found in Volyn (Ahlul Bayt) 10/26/2013
  • Foreign Ministry: US government hopes Ukraine, EU will sign Association Agreement (Interfax-Russia) 10/26/2013
  • Pinchuk: Over 25,000 people attend [Party of Regions'] nationwide memorial march [69th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from the Nazi forces] (Interfax-Russia) 10/26/2013
  • Party of Regions holding march commemorating Ukraine's liberation from Nazis in Kyiv (Interfax-Russia) 10/26/2013
  • Local pastor reflects on recent mission to the Ukraine (Salisbury Post) 10/26/2013
  • Fictional series preserves Ukrainian heritage [Baba's Babushka] (Regina Leader-Post) 10/26/2013
  • Assumption Ukrainian Catholic School Celebrates 50th Anniversary [Perth Amboy] (NJ TODAY) 10/26/2013
  • Saakashvili era ends in Georgia (Deutsche Welle) 10/26/2013
  • New film recounts kidnapping of LDS missionaries [The low-budget film was shot primarily in Utah, but parts were shot in Ukraine...They couldn't get visas to Russia.] ( 10/26/2013
  • Ihor W. Bardyn Awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (BRAMA) 10/26/2013
  • Release of Stamp Honouring Paul Yuzyk, Father of Multiculturalism, Celebrated at the Senate of Canada (BRAMA) 10/26/2013
  • Президент Польщі закликав українську владу зробити можливим виїзд Тимошенко на лікування за кордон ( 10/26/2013
  • Ukraine Setting Clocks One Hour Back On Night Of October 27 (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/26/2013
  • В Україні у ніч на неділю переводять годинники (BBC) 10/26/2013

  • EU Restates Desire To Sign Ukraine Deal (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/25/2013
  • Will EU Surround Russian-Speaking Island in Eastern Europe? (Voice of America) 10/25/2013
  • Interview: Lithuanian President Says Ukraine Under 'Huge Pressure' From Russia (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/25/2013
  • Putin: Ukraine's Foreign-Policy Choice Of Intention To Sign Association Agreement With EU Is Sovereign (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/25/2013
  • British Court Sentences Ukrainian To 40 Years For Murder, Bombs (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/25/2013
  • European Investment Bank Lends Ukraine EUR 152 Million To Complete Underground Construction In Dnipropetrovsk (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/25/2013
  • Briefs: Ukrainian dance; fundraising dinner [Carnegie, PA] (Tribune-Review) 10/25/2013
  • EU-Ukraine association agreement hits snag over Tymoshenko (RAPSI) 10/25/2013
  • Ukraine nationalists' flag stunt vexes FIFA (Yahoo/AFP) 10/25/2013
  • Questioning War Monuments. By Alexander J. Motyl (World Affairs Journal) 10/25/2013
  • Rospotrebnadzor Finishes Inspecting Ukrainian Confectioneries (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/25/2013
  • Photo: Natalia Popova of Ukraine skates during her ladies short program at the Skate Canada International figure skating competition in Saint John, New Brunswick (Yaghoo/Reuters) 10/25/2013
  • Boxing Champ Running For President in Ukraine (TIME) 10/25/2013
  • Yanukovych Proposes Joint EU-Customs Union-Ukraine Council (The Moscow Times) 10/25/2013
  • How Russia Lost Ukraine [dated 10/23/2013] (The Moscow Times) 10/25/2013
  • [PDF] Film "Holodomor: Technology of Genocide" this Sunday, October 27, at 2 pm in New York (Ukrainian Museum) 10/25/2013
  • [PDF] "Songs of Truth: The Art of the Kobzari", concert this Saturday, October 26, at 7:30 pm in New York (Ukrainian Museum) 10/25/2013
  • EU Barroso: Ukraine Must Still Find 'Suitable Solution' to Tymoshenko Case (Wall Street Journal) 10/25/2013
  • US Ambassador: Association with the EU Will Stimulate Ukraine's Economy [Worldwide News Ukraine press release] (Sacramento Bee/PRNewswire) 10/25/2013
  • Ukraine can restore normal relations with Russia in the future - Azarov (NRCU) 10/25/2013
  • Social payments in Ukraine remain steady (ForUm) 10/25/2013
  • Putin: Ukraine can't join CU if signs AA with EU (ForUm) 10/25/2013
  • Ukrainian parliament speaker blames opposition for blocking agreement with EU (Interfax-Russia) 10/25/2013
  • Ukraine: New vegetable storage facility opens in Kirovograd region (FreshPlaza) 10/25/2013
  • Ukrainian banana consumption increased (FreshPlaza) 10/25/2013
  • Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble leaps to 50th anniversary. Dance troupe presents concert at the Concert Hall on Sunday, Oct. 27 at 2 p.m. ( 10/25/2013
  • Putin Meets With Belarus, Ukraine Leaders (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/25/2013
  • Ukrainian white supremacist planned 'one-man race war' in the UK. Pavlo Lapshyn admits murdering Muslim pensioner and detonating three homemade bombs near mosques ( 10/25/2013
  • UN uses Ukraine as example in fight against HIV/AIDS in other countries (ForUm) 10/25/2013
  • Ukraine to chair Energy Community in 2014, propose construction of Central European gas hub (Interfax-Russia) 10/25/2013
  • US Department of State: Ukraine can maintain good relations with neighbors after signing Association Agreement with EU (Interfax-Russia) 10/25/2013
  • Signs of mounting Ukraine nationalism seen in reported beating of Jewish man by police (New Jersey Jewish Standard) 10/25/2013
  • Ukraine's Kernel sees its profits fall further on crop prices (Reuters) 10/25/2013
  • Kell plans to school Ukranian hard man [Senchenko] (The Star) 10/25/2013
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  • Ukraine's CIS chairmanship will not hinder EU Association Agreement implementation (Interfax-Russia) 10/25/2013
  • Rospotrebnadzor leaves Ukraine without signing off on results of Roshen inspection, says ministry (Interfax-Russia) 10/25/2013
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  • VIDEO: В Лондоне грандиозным этно-фестивалем закрывают Дни Украины в Великобритании - Подробности - Интер [Report in Russian, some Ukrainian] (YouTube) 10/25/2013
  • Як убити двох зайців, один з яких – Кличко (Тиждень.ua) 10/25/2013
  • Лукаш: Тимошенко не помилують до закінчення судових процесів (BBC) 10/25/2013
  • Юрій Гримчак: Вороги опозиції — не тільки зовні, а й усередині. Колишній «батьківщинівець» розповідає про причини, які змусили його порвати з партією, вирушити в самостійне плавання й балотуватися на довиборах у парламент (Україна Молода) 10/25/2013
  • Кличко йде в президенти. Хоча Верховна Рада вчора ухвалила хитру поправку, яка не дозволяє балотуватися резидентам інших країн (Україна Молода) 10/25/2013
  • Хата на 2 мільйони. Верховна Рада викликає «на килим» черкаського «губернатора», щоб пояснив правомірність руйнування історичної пам’ятки на батьківщині Кобзаря (Україна Молода) 10/25/2013
  • Україна і ЄС узгодили новий маршрут поставок газу в обхід Росії (ТСН) 10/25/2013

  • President of Ukraine: Vitali Klitschko? (FightSaga) 10/24/2013
  • The joke’s over for Russia’s top doctor. The Kremlin’s point man for trade wars and comedic relief is stepping down [Gennady Onishchenko] (Global Post) 10/24/2013
  • Photo: Russia's President Vladimir Putin (3rd R), Belarus' President Alexander Lukashenko (4th R), Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovich (2nd R), Tajikistan's President Emomali Rakhmon (R), Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev (3rd L) and Armenia's President Serzh Sargsyan (2nd L) pose for a family photo as they attend the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council at the Palace of Independence in Minsk (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/24/2013
  • Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin (front -R), Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko (front-L) with the other participants: Armenian President Serzh sargsyan (background-L), Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich (background-C), Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev (behind Putin) and Tajikistan's President Emomali Rakhmon (background-R) enter the hall during the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council summit in Minsk, Belarus (Yahoo/POOL) 10/24/2013
  • Klitshcko Wants To Run For Ukrainian Presidency (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/24/2013
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  • Parliament passes law that could prevent Klitschko from running for president (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
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  • The Angel of Central Europe is flying to Ukraine [Oksana Zabuzhko] (The Day) 10/24/2013
  • Verkhovna Rada amends Tax Code to keep Klitschko out of presidential race (Ukrainian Week) 10/24/2013
  • October 25 hearing of Tymoshenko's UESU case postponed as judge is ill, says source (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Presidential pardons commission didn't consider Cox-Kwasniewski's petition to pardon Tymoshenko, says Yemelyanova (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • MP Hrynevetsky: Pardons Commission not to consider Tymoshenko issue on Thursday (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Ukrainian president's administration receives 53 requests for pardoning Tymoshenko in 2013 (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Opposition ready for any compromise when it comes to real scenario of Tymoshenko's release, says Yatseniuk (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Ukraine lawmaker: pact with EU may go ahead before Tymoshenko problem solved (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • European experts: Nobody will benefit from non-signing of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Russia warns Ukraine against 'EU dream' (The Voice of Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Ukraine cannot have both Customs Union and EU free trade zone - Shuvalov (The Voice of Russia) 10/24/2013
  • EP considering conditional approval for Ukraine association deal (Ukrainian Journal) 10/24/2013
  • Ukraine backs strategy of NATO's mission in Afghanistan (NRCU) 10/24/2013
  • Official sets ambitious grain export goal (Ukrainian Journal) 10/24/2013
  • Ukraine to begin imports of natural gas via Slovakia by end of year (Ukrainian Journal) 10/24/2013
  • Ukraine's GDP growth should accelerate in H2, says first DPM (Ukrainian Journal) 10/24/2013
  • Ukraine, Belarus boost trade ties (ForUm) 10/24/2013
  • Kyiv's Ocean Plaza mall enters four finalists of MAPIC Awards-2013 contest (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Ukraine first in Eastern Europe to reduce number of new HIV infections (NRCU) 10/24/2013
  • Crimean Tatars: Ukraine Must Address Crimean Tatars Issues In Light Of EU Cooperation (UNPO) 10/24/2013
  • Ukraine Jews Lose Court Bid for Return of 110-Year-Old Shul in Balta (Jewish Daily Forward) 10/24/2013
  • Azarov: Kyiv, Moscow want to build bridge across Kerch Strait (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Defense lawyers of arrested crew of Seaman Guard Ohio request release of clients on bail, says Foreign Ministry (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Crimea, UNDP to cooperate in next three years (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Kyiv sees EP resolution as key for signing of Association Agreement with EU, says Foreign Ministry (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Agriculture ministry indignant at presence of Russian confectioners among Rospotrebnadzor's inspectors at Roshen (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Bilous appointed as first deputy prosecutor general, Andreyev as deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine, says press service (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
  • Novus Ukraine retailer expands chain to 27 stores in Ukraine (Interfax-Russia) 10/24/2013
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  • 120000 guests visited the Days of Ukraine in London (The Day) 10/24/2013
  • AUCCRO and Batkivshchyna Share Vision for EU and Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage (RISU) 10/24/2013
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  • Макаров: У разі підписання Угоди про асоціацію Росія кине шалені ресурси на дестабілізацію українського суспільства (Тиждень.ua) 10/24/2013
  • Кличко: я йду в президенти, а влада хоче мене не пустити (BBC) 10/24/2013
  • Прокляття труби. Індустріальний Донбас поволі кидає радянську звичку витрачати енергію не рахуючи (Україна Молода) 10/24/2013
  • Бій не відлунав. Пікетування «простроченої» Київради пройшло без бійок. Опозиція обіцяє протестні акції і на наступне засідання (Україна Молода) 10/24/2013
  • Кличко в Раді заявив, що балотуватиметься в президенти України (ТСН) 10/24/2013
  • Про Русь і руську спадщину [«Очима культури» / OCHYMA KULTURY] (Kontakt) 10/24/2013

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  • Confederation of Builders of Ukraine signs cooperation agreements with European Economic Senate, Taxpayers Association of Europe (Interfax-Russia) 10/23/2013
  • Ukraine abandons bid to join NATO (Stars and Stripes) 10/23/2013
  • Photo: Riot police block opposition supporters carrying a flag with the portrait of jailed former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko from entering the city hall during a rally in Kiev October 23, 2013. Ukrainian opposition supporters take part in a rally, protested against a decision to postpone the Kiev mayoral election until 2015. Hundreds of protesters holding waving flags rallied outside of Kiev city hall, as police in riot gear moved in to block the crowd. (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/23/2013
  • Photo: Phoenix Suns' Alex Len, of the Ukraine, shoots over Oklahoma Thunder center Hasheem Thabeet, of Tanzania, during the second half of an NBA preseason basketball gam (Yahoo/AP) 10/23/2013
  • FFU calls on FARE to remove red and black flag from list of banned symbols (KYIV Post) 10/23/2013
  • Lytvyn: Ukraine gets $354 m from UN in ten years for participation in peacekeeping operations, nothing comes to Defense Ministry's special fund (Interfax-Russia) 10/23/2013
  • Taking Measure of the Holodomor 80 Years Later. Conference to highlight the latest research on the death of millions of Ukrainians under the Soviet regime (BRAMA) 10/23/2013
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  • Ukraine cuts gas imports from Poland, Hungary after Russians cut price (Ukrainian Journal) 10/23/2013
  • Stakhanov wagon plant idles workers, citing poor CIS conditions (Ukrainian Journal) 10/23/2013
  • Ukraine gas storage less than planned due to rising Europe demand (Ukrainian Journal) 10/23/2013
  • Ukrainian grain exports to exceed 40 mln tonnes by 2020 - Prysiazhniuk (UkrAgroConsult) 10/23/2013
  • Ukraine's livestock population reaches 5.2 million heads (ForUm) 10/23/2013
  • ФФУ закликає FARE вилучити червоно-чорний прапор зі списку забороненої символіки (Майдан) 10/23/2013
  • Директор Freedom House: надії Януковича підписати угоду з ЄС без вирішення питання Тимошенко - марні (Тиждень.ua) 10/23/2013
  • Європарламент - за Угоду про асоціацію, якщо Київ виконає обіцяне (BBC) 10/23/2013
  • Олігархічна тяжба по–українськи. Мільярдер Віктор Пінчук позивається у Високому суді Лондона до мільярдерів Ігоря Коломойського і Геннадія Боголюбова через металургійний комбінат, половина акцій якого вже належить мільярдеру Рінату Ахметову (Україна Молода) 10/23/2013
  • Юля виходить — вони бояться? У Партії регіонів заявляють, що опозиція загальмувала роботу Верховної Ради, бо та підійшла впритул до розв’язання «проблеми Тимошенко» (Україна Молода) 10/23/2013
  • Віддайте зарплату! Та ще й з відсотками Конституційний Суд зобов’язав працедавців індексувати несвоєчасно виплачені зарплати без терміну давності. Однак заборгованість лише зростає (Україна Молода) 10/23/2013

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  • Three views on cinema development by legendary directors presented at Molodist Film Festival (Interfax-Russia) 10/22/2013
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  • Cheap natural gas for chemical industry a top priority, says PM (Ukrainian Journal) 10/22/2013
  • Labor market demonstrates stability, says social policy minister (Ukrainian Journal) 10/22/2013
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  • 'Such films give an example of faith in one’s abilities.' Docudays UA visits correctional facilities in Donetsk oblast (The Day) 10/22/2013
  • Тимошенко згодна на часткове помилування, - Яценюк (День) 10/22/2013
  • Янукович в останню хвилину вирішив зустрітися з європейськими міністрами (Тиждень.ua) 10/22/2013
  • В Україні 2013 року відбулася рекордна кількість протестів проти свавілля міліції (Тиждень.ua) 10/22/2013
  • «Ювілейний» погром. У Моринцях зрівняли із землею хату чумака, ровесницю Шевченка. Чиновники запевняють: починаємо реставрацію (Україна Молода) 10/22/2013

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  • LEAD: EU mulls Ukraine relations amid Tymoshenko, Russia questions Eds: Meeting has started, adds ministers' quotes; changes slugs to reflect (Europe Online Magazine) 10/21/2013
  • Commission under President will consider the European Parliament’s request of pardon for Tymoshenko on October 24 (Ukrainian Week) 10/21/2013
  • Ukraine leader unwilling to pardon Yulia Tympshenko for EU deal (CBS News/AP) 10/21/2013
  • 'Torture' May Be Over for Tymoshenko, Daughter Says (The Moscow Times/Reuters) 10/21/2013
  • UOC-KP Communicates with Hierarchs of Other Orthodox Churches in Secret (RISU) 10/21/2013
  • Video: Ukrainian police pounce on suspected kidnappers in traffic [on October 15] (Belfast Telegraph) 10/21/2013
  • Legendary movie 'Chasing Two Hares' with original sound track in Ukrainian language to be shown on last day of 'Molodist' film festival (NRCU) 10/21/2013
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  • Government approves plan to increase exports of grain by 2020 (Ukrainian Journal) 10/21/2013
  • Eni, EDF, ChornomorNaftoGaz, Water of Ukraine to work Black Sea fields (Ukrainian Journal) 10/21/2013
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  • Commission under President will consider the European Parliament’s request of pardon for Tymoshenko on October 24 (Ukrainian Week) 10/21/2013
  • Yanukovych appoints four new ambassadors (ForUm) 10/21/2013
  • Kharkiv Tractor Plant's managers denies untimely submission of auxiliary documents confirming customs cost (Interfax-Russia) 10/21/2013
  • Глава МЗС Польщі назвав країни, які не погодяться на асоціацію без вирішення проблеми Тимошенко (Тиждень.ua) 10/21/2013

  • VIDEO: Evdokhia Marych, born March 15, 1925 or 1927, place unknown, describes the death of her father from starvation and life in an orphanage during the Holodomor. (Kyiv Post) 10/20/2013
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  • European Parliament's Vice President calls on the opposition to come to terms with Yanukovych on Tymoshenko despite old grudges (Ukrainian Week) 10/20/2013
  • President wants Germany to guarantee that Tymoshenko will not get into politics while getting medical treatment there (Ukrainian Week) 10/20/2013
  • A genocide documented and an artist's view of tragedy. New exhibitions open at The Ukrainian Museum in New York (BRAMA) 10/20/2013
  • Municipal court orders extradition custody of former Ukrainian MP [ Oleksandr Shepelev] ( 10/20/2013
  • The River Styx of Lviv. Once a major turbulent waterway of Lviv, the Poltva is now locked in a subterranean concrete tunnel (Ukrainian Week) 10/20/2013

  • Fearless … and topless: Femen activists to bring 'sextremism' to the UK. Femen ambushed Putin and invaded a catwalk. Now they plan to shock Britain into action over female genital mutilation (The Guardian) 10/19/2013
  • Valentina Lisitsa: The pianist who won the Internet (Washington Post) 10/19/2013
  • Oliinyk: Rudkovskyi Quits Parliamentary Party Of Regions Faction (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/19/2013
  • Tymoshenko's Husband Says Draft Bill Not Enough (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/19/2013
  • 100th anniversary of Europe's last blood libel trial marked in Kiev (Jerusalem Post) 10/19/2013
  • Maksim Chmerkovskiy confirms 'romantic' pairing with Kate Upton (Los Angeles Times) 10/19/2013
  • NASA: Small Chance Doomsday Asteroid Will Hit Earth In 2032 (Brevard Times) 10/19/2013
  • An eyewitness to the Holodomor, an artist, and you... (Ukrainian Museum) 10/19/2013
  • Fictional series [Baba's Babushka] preserves Ukrainian heritage (StarPhoenix) 10/19/2013
  • Ukrainian contemporary art exhibition opens in London's Saatchi Gallery (Interfax-Russia) 10/19/2013
  • Our place is in Europe, says Ukraine deputy PM ( 10/19/2013
  • Patriot Games. Successfully tested by Leonid Kuchma over a decade ago, the below scenarios can help Yanukovych win the presidential race in 2015 (Ukrainian Week) 10/19/2013
  • Usurpation in the Name of Europe. Under the cover of European integration, the government has pushed lobbied initiatives through parliament (Ukrainian Week) 10/19/2013
  • Yanukovych: Molodist Film Festival means new names, new inspiration, new understanding of human existence (Interfax-Russia) 10/19/2013
  • Ukraine seeks compromise with Russia on gas deal ( 10/19/2013
  • Awesome Vigilantes Show Why You Need A Dash Cam In Ukraine (Jalopnik) 10/19/2013
  • Soccer-Ukrainian championship results and standings (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/19/2013

  • Member of Roosh V Forum makes world map of 'easy to bang' women ['Bang Ukraine, Don't Bang Latvia, Bang Poland and Don't Bang Denmark'] ( 10/18/2013
  • Will the world ACTUALLY end in 2032? Find out! [Ukrainian astronomers have discovered a large asteroid that could hit Earth...] (Daily Bhaskar) 10/18/2013
  • Tymoshenko exit bill submitted to Ukraine parliament (AFP) 10/18/2013
  • Government approves program to develop Ukrainian villages [primary health care facilities] (ForUm) 10/18/2013
  • Quincy dentist makes Ukrainian mission trips - Quincy Herald-Whig ... (Quincy Herald Whig) 10/18/2013
  • UPDATE 1-Ukraine's jailed Tymoshenko offered ticket abroad but no pardon (Reuters) 10/18/2013
  • Ukrainian Draft Bill Submitted For Tymoshenko's Treatment Abroad (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/18/2013
  • Ukraine Bill May Allow Tymoshenko To Seek Treatment Abroad (Eurasia Review) 10/18/2013
  • London Discovers Ukrainian Art [Worldwide News Ukraine press release] ( 10/18/2013
  • Waco: Providence Hosts Doctors From Ukraine (KWTX) 10/18/2013
  • OSCE Ministerial Council to meet in Kyiv on 5-6 December, media accreditation opens (OSCE) 10/18/2013
  • Ukraine's decision time approaches (Baltic Times) 10/18/2013
  • Slavery Plagues Former Soviet Union, Tymoshenko to Leave Jail for Treatment (Transitions Online) 10/18/2013
  • The Dramatic Rise and Fall of Mikheil Saakashvili (Transitions Online) 10/18/2013
  • Recipes for Consolidation. Sarmite Elerte, ex-Minister of Culture of Latvia, talks about the successes and challenges in integrating the Russian-speaking community in Latvian society (Ukrainian Week) 10/18/2013
  • Ukraine or Tymoshenko? The ex-premier’s intention to run in the presidential election may discourage Yanukovych from releasing her in exchange for the Association Agreement (Ukrainian Week) 10/18/2013
  • Expert: Ukraine’s non-bloc status should be supported by the development of regional defense cooperation with NATO and EU countries (Ukrainian Week) 10/18/2013
  • Hopes fade for leader of Ukraine revolution Yuliya Tymoshenko (The Times) 10/18/2013
  • Mayor Mallory a TV celebrity in Ukraine ( 10/18/2013
  • Asteroid could collide with Earth in 2032, say Ukrainian astronomers ( 10/18/2013
  • New Yanukovych plan would free Tymoshenko (Ukrainian Journal) 10/18/2013
  • Italian and French companies to start talking over Black Sea projects (Ukrainian Journal) 10/18/2013
  • Ukraine: President Weighs Rival's Release (New York Times/AP) 10/18/2013
  • Ukraine will double gas production within 7yrs, says president (Ukrainian Journal) 10/18/2013
  • Most Ukrainians support entry into European Union, poll shows (Ukrainian Journal) 10/18/2013
  • Ukraine leader says will sign law to release Tymoshenko (Reuters) 10/18/2013
  • Life:) Ukraine claims new speed record on 2G network (Telecompaper) 10/18/2013
  • Ukrainian crude steel output to go down in November from September level (SteelOrbis) 10/18/2013
  • Ірина Лашкевич: Батьківська хата (Майдан) 10/18/2013
  • «Асоціація з ЄС — це шлях до виходу з буферної зони». Професор–міжнародник Григорій Перепелиця — про вигоди для України від інтеграції з Євросоюзом та нові виклики часу (Україна Молода) 10/18/2013
  • Путiвник по «Молодостi». Найполiтичнiшi подiї кiнофестивалю (Україна Молода) 10/18/2013

  • Ethiopia receives more tanks from Ukraine (IHS Jane's 360) 10/17/2013
  • Lviv’s, and a Family’s, Stories in Architecture (New York Times) 10/17/2013
  • With eye on accession, Ukraine's Yanukovych ready to release rival (Blouin News) 10/17/2013
  • Ukraine leader floats plan for releasing jailed ex-PM Tymoshenko (Greenfield Daily Reporter/AP) 10/17/2013
  • On Crimea, Kyiv's Parallel Universe (Transitions Online) 10/17/2013
  • Odessa's Catacombs: A Hidden Jewel in Ukraine. In Ukraine, a 1,500-mile-long tangle of corridors and rooms beneath Odessa wraps under and over and in upon itself. A tour reveals hidden treasures long forgotten (Wall Street Journal) 10/17/2013
  • Defending Ukrainian at Odesa’s Universities. College students in Odesa campaign against Ukrainophobia in local high schools (Ukrainian Week) 10/17/2013
  • Tymoshenko Cleared for Foreign Care to Unlock Ukraine's EU Pact (Bloomberg) 10/17/2013
  • Ukrainian Figure Skater Oksana Baiul Files Massive Lawsuit in NY (RIA Novosti) 10/17/2013
  • Ukraine leader signals OK for jailed rival's treatment abroad (Europe Online Magazine/DPA) 10/17/2013
  • Chevron Defends Record Amid Attacks In Three Countries (ValueWalk) 10/17/2013
  • Ukrainian astronomers say asteroid might collide with Earth -- in 2032 (Los Angeles Times) 10/17/2013
  • Food, culture centerpiece of Ukrainian festival (Utica Observer Dispatch) 10/17/2013
  • Widespread poverty persists in Ukraine (Press TV) 10/17/2013
  • Ukraine president: I would free Tymoshenko (Irish Examiner) 10/17/2013
  • Poll: Over half of Ukrainians do not recognize OUN-UPA as independence fighters (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 10/17/2013
  • In Memory of the Victims: Genocide in Ukraine 1932-1933. Commemorative Evening Friday November 1, 2013 at 7 pm. [Chicago] (BRAMA) 10/17/2013
  • Ukraine close to EU deal, risking clash with Russia (GlobalPost/AFP) 10/17/2013
  • End of myth? Svoboda Party frozen on a teenage level, unable or unwilling to reform? (The Day) 10/17/2013
  • IN EXPECTATION… Kostiantyn HRYSHCHENKO: 'I cannot see any problems in the prolongation of the mission' (The Day) 10/17/2013
  • Ukraine egg imports undermine EU welfare rules, claim British ... ( 10/17/2013
  • The End of the Tymoshenko Saga in the Ukraine – or Just the Beginning? (Modern Tokyo Times) 10/17/2013
  • Ukrainian president urges efforts to accelerate rural development (APA) 10/17/2013
  • SOCAR Ukraine's gas station named best in CIS (AzerNews) 10/17/2013
  • Louis Dreyfus agrees JV to develop Ukraine commodities terminal (Reuters) 10/17/2013
  • Ukrainian confectionary to return to Russia in November, Prysiazhniuk hopes (ForUm) 10/17/2013
  • IMF Mission Arrives In Ukraine For Meetings With Authorities (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/17/2013
  • Ukraine 86th On Global Slavery Index 2013 (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/17/2013
  • IMF Starts 12-Day Review of Ukraine's Finances (Wall Street Journal) 10/17/2013
  • Molasses can supply 1/3 of Ukraine's biofuel need, says official (Ukrainian Journal) 10/17/2013
  • Kharkiv plant completes first batch of Oplot tanks for Thailand (Ukrainian Journal) 10/17/2013
  • Former Polish president expresses confidence about Tymoshenko release (Ukrainian Journal) 10/17/2013
  • Batkivshchyna chooses election candidates (Ukrainian Journal) 10/17/2013
  • Big debts and dwindling cash: Ukraine tests creditors' nerves (Reuters) 10/17/2013
  • FACTBOX-Ukraine's external financing requirements (Reuters) 10/17/2013
  • Welcome to the troll factory. An agency that pays 'operators' to post pro-state messages online is exposed in Russia (New Zealand Listener) 10/17/2013
  • EU Official, Daughter Say Ukraine To Free Tymoshenko Next Month (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/17/2013
  • Ukraine's Tymoshenko should be free in a month: daughter (Reuters) 10/17/2013
  • How do you solve a problem like Russia? (The Guardian) 10/17/2013
  • Російські ЗМІ: про кінець державності в Україні (BBC) 10/17/2013
  • ГПУ просить США про екстрадицію Мельника (BBC) 10/17/2013
  • Одне селище — чотири гетьмани. Унікальний монумент встановили у Тальному (Україна Молода) 10/17/2013

  • Cambridge Makes Way for Taras Shevchenko (University of Cambridge) 10/16/2013
  • Shevchenko in a new format. Kyiv Museum is preparing for the celebration of the poet’s anniversary in a modern way... (The Day) 10/16/2013
  • EBRD resolves conflict between Ukrenergo and Ukrainian villagers (The FINANCIAL) 10/16/2013
  • Column: In Ukraine, a choice of civilizations (Reuters Blogs) 10/16/2013
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  • Ukraine, Russia to speed up construction of bridge across Kerch Strait (BSANNA NEWS) 10/16/2013
  • Russia and Ukraine Agree on Trade Partnership ( 10/16/2013
  • Ukraine Tries To Subtly Shift Westward Without Upsetting Russian Bear (World Crunch) 10/16/2013
  • Top Ukrainian dance group to visit PA (Prince Albert Daily Herald) 10/16/2013
  • Estonia's PM: Ukraine is facing important choices (The Baltic Course) 10/16/2013
  • Ukraine strikes a pose on the global catwalk (Evening Standard) 10/16/2013
  • Egg production growth in Ukraine ( 10/16/2013
  • Celebrate all things Ukrainian during the 39th Yarmarok festival ( 10/16/2013
  • European Parliament Monitoring Mission to Ukraine delivers preliminary findings (ENPI Info Centre) 10/16/2013
  • Usyk vs Romero / Uzelkov vs Codrington doubleheader on November 9th in Kyiv, Ukraine ( 10/16/2013
  • Eggs, Ukrainian-style (The Trinity Journal) 10/16/2013
  • Ukraine's transportation sector attracts the most investment (ForUm) 10/16/2013
  • Suspense grows in EU-Ukraine gamble (euractiv) 10/16/2013
  • Holodomor victims’ monument in Kharkiv region will not be demolished. Still, the public will keep watch on the developments (The Day) 10/16/2013
  • 398 years in Europe’s educational space. Students and faculty celebrate Kyiv Mohyla Academy Day (The Day) 10/16/2013
  • How to cling to a 'cobweb'. Hennadii DRUZENKO: 'European integration is not a magic wand but we now have a chance to build a decent society' (The Day) 10/16/2013
  • Rivne honored the memory of the Red Cross activist and Ukrainian Insurgent Army supporter Kharytia Kononenk (The Day) 10/16/2013
  • Returning to feelings… Lviv will host the First International Oleh Krysa Violinists Contest (The Day) 10/16/2013
  • Yatseniuk: Tymoshenko backs nomination of single opposition candidates in by-elections to parliament (Interfax-Russia) 10/16/2013
  • Ukraine, Gazprom and the Return of Dmytro Firtash ( 10/16/2013
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  • Giving New Life to Old Traditions [Virlana Tkacz, an American theatre director with Ukrainian roots, talks about experimental and accessible theatre, culture on the edge, and the struggle to build an audience] (Ukrainian Week) 10/16/2013
  • Ukraine could become a hostage of the German-Russian energy cooperation (Ukrainian Week) 10/16/2013
  • Crimean Mufti Calls on Muslims Not to Be Provoked by Mosque Fires (RISU) 10/16/2013
  • Two authors who symbolise humanism and the national pride of Ukraine. Taras Shevchenko, the Bard of Ukraine, is celebrated with an evening of readings (Evening Standard) 10/16/2013
  • DAYS OF UKRAINE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM 17-19 OCTOBER 2013, LONDON (website) 10/16/2013
  • EU-Ukraine Association Agreement not to be signed unless Tymoshenko is released (APA) 10/16/2013
  • Ukraine, Russia planning to resume joint production of aircraft AN-124 (BSANNA NEWS) 10/16/2013
  • Foreign Ministry: Venice Commission praises Ukrainian bill on prosecutor's office (NRCU) 10/16/2013
  • Ukraine invited to Vilnius summit (ForUm) 10/16/2013
  • Kyiv gives Russian law enforcers over 30 petitions and appeals regarding fisherman Fedorovych (Interfax-Russia) 10/16/2013
  • Ukrainian club in The Haulgh wins CAMRA award for real ale (The Bolton News) 10/16/2013
  • Bildt: Cox, Kwasnieski find Ukraine not fulfills EU requirements (ForUm) 10/16/2013
  • EnergoAtom extends operating life of Yuzhnoukrainsk nuclear plant (Ukrainian Journal) 10/16/2013
  • NBU expands mandatory sales of incoming foreign currency revenue (Ukrainian Journal) 10/16/2013
  • Russia and Ukraine to form group of regional grain exporting countries (Ukrainian Journal) 10/16/2013
  • Ukrainian parish desecrated (Catholic Culture) 10/16/2013
  • EU Tymoshenko release team gets extension (Ukrainian Journal) 10/16/2013
  • Ukraine to ask IMF to drop demand it hike household natural gas (SteelGuru) 10/16/2013
  • Kyiv pledges further support to Cox-Kwasniewski mission, says Foreign Ministry (Interfax-Russia) 10/16/2013
  • Ukrainian customs intercepts illegal cargo (ForUm) 10/16/2013
  • Ukraine reduces foreign trade balance deficit (ForUm) 10/16/2013
  • Голодомор хочуть внести у шкільну програму штату Массачусетс в США (Майдан) 10/16/2013
  • З Музеем Тараса Шевченка все гаразд! (Майдан) 10/16/2013
  • Безпритульний Пінзель? Депутати та єпархія УГКЦ мiркують, чи не виселити їм музей майстра з костелу кларисок (Україна Молода) 10/16/2013
  • Щогодини 15 українок страждають від катувань та побоїв у сім'ях (ТСН) 10/16/2013

  • State of the Arts: Production celebrates 85-year history of Ukrainian Hall. 10th annual Heart of the City Festival serves up music, arts, Bread & Salt (Vancouver Courier) 10/15/2013
  • Saskatoon man charged after child abducted from Ukraine (StarPhoenix) 10/15/2013
  • MEP's Ukraine mission extended by one month (euronews) 10/15/2013
  • EU expects leeway with Ukraine's Tymoshenko ( 10/15/2013
  • Medvedev: Ukraine not interested in Russia's help to modernize Ukrainian gas transport system (Interfax-Russia) 10/15/2013
  • Kyiv proposes Moscow and Minsk to create panel to stop spread of African swine fever (Interfax-Russia) 10/15/2013
  • Weak Economy Makes Ukraine Tax Cut Unlikely (The Moscow Times/Reuters) 10/15/2013
  • 125th Anniversary Committee Officers: SS. Cyril and Methodius Ukrainian Catholic Church, Olyphant,PA (PA homepage) 10/15/2013
  • Shutdown keeps U.S. anti-Semitism envoy from Ukraine conference (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine - EU agreement could be 'milestone' in regional cooperation ( 10/15/2013
  • Estonia Assures Ukraine Of Benefits Of Free Trade Area With EU (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/15/2013
  • EU embrace of Ukraine fuels Russia tensions (BBC News) 10/15/2013
  • EU confident of Tymoshenko release (Yahoo/AFP) 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine sees no obstacle in width of railway track to transport cooperation with Europe (Interfax-Russia) 10/15/2013
  • Moscow Warns Kiev Over EU Deal (RIA Novosti) 10/15/2013
  • 23:33 CET Ukraine face playoffs despite thrashing San Marino 8-0 (euronews) 10/15/2013
  • Gilbert volleyball star is right at home after moving from Ukraine [Yuliya Ivanytska] ( 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine's last conscripts (Reuters) 10/15/2013
  • Ukrainian Police Accused of Violence and anti-Semitism (Shalom Life) 10/15/2013
  • Unbeaten Russia and Ukraine take Group 13 spoils (UEFA) 10/15/2013
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  • Germany’s Gamble With Ukraine (Carnegie Europe) 10/15/2013
  • Opinion: Ukraine's time for action is now (Lithuania Tribune) 10/15/2013
  • President trailing main opponents in poll (Ukrainian Journal) 10/15/2013
  • Investment needed to adopt EU technical standards, prime minister says (Ukrainian Journal) 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine and Russia JV to produce Ruslan heavy transport aircraft (Ukrainian Journal) 10/15/2013
  • Cancellation of Russian certificates politically motivated, says KCBW (Ukrainian Journal) 10/15/2013
  • Ukrainian prosecutors reopen another case against Tymoshenko - report (RAPSI) 10/15/2013
  • Ukrainian GTS, storage facilities of strategic importance to Europe (ForUm) 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine, Russia to expand trade partnership (ForUm) 10/15/2013
  • Yanukovych: Ukraine will soon feel the advantages of working with the EU (ForUm) 10/15/2013
  • Don't forget China in the EU-Russia-Ukraine triangle (EurActiv) 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine, Estonia to develop corridor between Baltic Sea, Black Sea (ForUm) 10/15/2013
  • Ukrainian Agrarian Index: MHP released Q3 2013 operational results, UAIndex indicated growth (UkrAgroConsult) 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine boss Mikhail Fomenko admits his side is preparing for the play-offs ( 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine won't cut ties with Russia because of European integration (NRCU) 10/15/2013
  • EU to help make Ukrainian economy green (ForUm) 10/15/2013
  • launches global OTT service for Russian and Ukrainian speakers ( 10/15/2013
  • Arsonists Attack Mosque In Crimea (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/15/2013
  • Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan Building Alliances Against Moscow? (Belarus Digest) 10/15/2013
  • Raiffeisen keeps options open in Ukraine (Reuters) 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine marks Day of Ukrainian Cossacks (NRCU) 10/15/2013
  • Vilkul assess investment potential of Ukraine's transport sector at billions of dollars (Interfax-Russia) 10/15/2013
  • Ambassador Pyatt decides not to speak at public events in Kyiv due to US government shutdown (Interfax-Russia) 10/15/2013
  • Ukrainian scientists have made their contribution to the Nobel Prize in physics of 2013 (The Day) 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine to abolish compulsory military services in 2014 (APA) 10/15/2013
  • President Zeman wants to boost Ukraine's alliance with EU (Prague Daily Monitor) 10/15/2013
  • Kuchma wants Russia, Ukraine to be partners (ForUm) 10/15/2013
  • Russia Has No Plans to Talk Ukraine Out of EU Bid – Gov't (RIA Novosti) 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine harvests 44.5 mln T grain as of Oct.14 (Agri.EU) 10/15/2013
  • Model Call: Cate Underwood (Women's Wear Daily) 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine's Sergiy Stakhovsky causes upset at Kremlin Cup, knocking out seventh seed Joao Sousa ( 10/15/2013
  • Ukrainian fugitive in San Marcos? [Petro Melnyk] (U-T San Diego) 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine introduces 'mobile parking' (ForUm) 10/15/2013
  • Ukraine must clear CCS hurdles now lest it run into a brick wall later (Bellona) 10/15/2013
  • 'Love and hate' of Ukrainian electorate. The Day’s experts on how voters in various regions will react to the president’s evolution (The Day) 10/15/2013
  • Temistokl VIRSTA: 'I am French but I have always remained Ukrainian!'. The Chernivtsi Art Museum opened an exhibit and presented a documentary about the master on the occasion of his 90th birth anniversary (The Day) 10/15/2013
  • Union of Artists celebrates its 75th anniversary. 500 works of artistic Ukraine are on display in Kyiv to celebrate the anniversary (The Day) 10/15/2013
  • Local & foreign talents show S/S lines at Ukrainian FW ( 10/15/2013
  • EU expects leeway with Ukraine's Tymoshenko (UPI) 10/15/2013
  • Фюле: Тимошенко мають відпустити до Вільнюса (BBC) 10/15/2013
  • На чолі «Довженколенду». Співробітники Національної кіностудії на пост директора пропонують не чергового чиновника, а режисера Олеся Янчука (Україна Молода) 10/15/2013
  • Покрова без червоних. Націоналісти провели Марш боротьби УПА в Києві без опонентiв та ексцесiв. У Львовi натомiсть були сутички (Україна Молода) 10/15/2013

  • Spotlight On the Ukrainian Museum: Ukrainian Art and Culture in the East Village [The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation] (GVSHP) 10/14/2013
  • Russia: Not in my backyard (GlobalPost) 10/14/2013
  • Photo: Activists of Ukrainian nationalist parties burn communist flags as they take part in a rally marking the 71st anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), which fought both Nazi and Soviet forces in World War Two, and the feast of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God in central Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/14/2013
  • Container throughput of Ukrainian seaports up 8.1% to 578,190 TEUs Jan-Sep’13 (PortNews IAA) 10/14/2013
  • EU to help Ukraine implement Association Agreement (NRCU) 10/14/2013
  • Russia remains Ukraine's biggest trade partner (UkrAgroConsult) 10/14/2013
  • Commissioner: Association Agreement will mark new beginning for Ukraine (ENPI Info Centre) 10/14/2013
  • Ukrainian nationalists march on Holy Virgin holiday (euronews) 10/14/2013
  • Ukraine Keen On Training Foreign Peacekeepers (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/14/2013
  • Cat Rental Launched in Ukraine's Capital (RIA Novosti) 10/14/2013
  • No Ukraine-EU Association Means EU's Eastern Partnership Failure - European Experts [Worldwide News Ukraine press release] ( 10/14/2013
  • EU will help Ukraine finance GTS modernization, says official (Ukrainian Journal) 10/14/2013
  • Twenty-eight's a crowd. The EU is extending its hand to Ukraine and Moldova, but no one’s talking about membership. (GlobalPost) 10/14/2013
  • Ukraine may join Visegrad Group, Czech president says (ForUm) 10/14/2013
  • UPA veterans action held in Kyiv (ForUm) 10/14/2013
  • Ukrainian Agrarian Index: Agrogeneration and Harmerlia holdings have completed merger, index capitalization declined (UkrAgroConsult) 10/14/2013
  • Comment: Russia food inspector advances 'food patriotism' (SBS) 10/14/2013
  • Klitschko and Panettiere to wed in December (Information-Analytic Agency 10/14/2013
  • Ukrainian Bondarenko announced best European Athlete of 2013 (Interfax-Russia) 10/14/2013
  • Ukraine marks Day of Ukrainian Cossacks (BSANNA NEWS) 10/14/2013
  • EU, Russia trade barbs ahead of key summit (Business Recorder/AFP) 10/14/2013
  • Feast of Intercession Celebrated in Ukraine as Religious and National Holiday (RISU) 10/14/2013
  • Ukraine: Yanukovych the European? The president may have stiff-armed Russia and opted for Europe, but his autocratic tendencies remain (GlobalPost) 10/14/2013
  • Russia remains Ukraine's biggest trade partner (ForUm) 10/14/2013
  • Ukrainian stabs Russian vice consul in Panama (ForUm) 10/14/2013
  • EU calls for movement on Tymoshenko case (Ukrainian Journal) 10/14/2013
  • Ukraine to ask IMF to drop demand it hike household natural gas rates (Ukrainian Journal) 10/14/2013
  • Hryvnia stabilization bodes well for economy, says NBU advisor (Ukrainian Journal) 10/14/2013
  • У Сімферополі спалили прапор УПА (УНН) 10/14/2013
  • Video: Свято Покрови. Чим займаються на Київщині справжні козаки (ICTV) 10/14/2013
  • Українські козаки написали листа 'кремлівському хану' (Ukranews) 10/14/2013
  • Вінницькі козаки зустріли Покрову фестивалем звитяги і гарту (Укрінформ) 10/14/2013
  • У Львові відзначать річницю УПА та День Українського козацтва (Львівська газета) 10/14/2013
  • Депутати Львівської облради поклали квіти до пам’ятника Шухевичу (ФОТО) (Вголос) 10/14/2013
  • Сьогодні - День Українського козацтва (Ukrinform) 10/14/2013

  • PHOTOS: Ukraine Fashion Week from Kiev (San Jose Mercury News media center) 10/13/2013
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  • Shale gas extraction in Ukraine threatens to pollute Russian rivers (The Voice of Russia) 10/13/2013
  • Pressure increases on government to pardon Tymoshenko (New Europe) 10/13/2013
  • England v Poland: Ukraine manager Mikhail Fomenko says Poland are not good enough to win ( 10/13/2013

  • Gold still shines brightly for Ukrainian pianist [Vadym Kholodenko, 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, Fresno State Concert Hall] (Fresno Bee) 10/12/2013
  • Video: Putin vs. EU: The Fight for the Ukraine (Bloomberg) 10/12/2013
  • Photo: Vasyl Lomachenko holds the flag of the Ukraine after knocking out Jose Ramirez in the fourth round to win their featherweight bout at the Thomas & Mack Center (Yahoo/Getty) 10/12/2013
  • Crimea authority prohibited to photograph for passport in headdress (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) 10/12/2013
  • Colourful bliss at Ukraine Fashion Week (NitiCentral) 10/12/2013
  • EU-Ukraine Association Agreement will not be signed if Tymoshenko not released in coming week, says EPP vice president (Interfax-Russia) 10/12/2013
  • Ukraine 1-0 Poland In 9th Qualifying Round Of World Cup 2014 (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/12/2013

  • Ukraine's Future Path May Hinge on One Bitter Political Rivalry (Voice of America) 10/11/2013
  • UPDATE 1-Soccer-Ukraine set to finish in top two after Yarmolenko winner (Reuters) 10/11/2013
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  • Putin Leads Assault on Ukraine Favoring EU Over Russian Ties (Bloomberg) 10/11/2013
  • EU, Ukraine inch forward on 'common innovation area' (EurActiv) 10/11/2013
  • Little progress reported on Yulia release (Ukrainian Journal) 10/11/2013
  • Ukraine asks EU to help resolve delays on Slovakian natural gas route (Ukrainian Journal) 10/11/2013
  • Major gasoline retailer to expand filling station chain in 2014 (Ukrainian Journal) 10/11/2013
  • Average natural gas import price reported up 3.4% in September (Ukrainian Journal) 10/11/2013
  • EU, opposition leaders press Ukraine's Yanukovich on Tymoshenko (Reuters) 10/11/2013
  • Ukraine could be the test case that upsets Russia's gas monopoly (Crain's Cleveland Business) 10/11/2013
  • Ukraine Minister: ‘People tend to see the EU through rose-coloured glasses’ (EurActiv) 10/11/2013
  • EU-Ukraine: dispelling the myths about the Association Agreement (ENPI Info Centre) 10/11/2013
  • Berlin insists on Tymoshenko's exit from Ukraine (Deutsche Welle) 10/11/2013
  • Rematch With Povetkin Possible, But Only in Kiev – Klitschko (RIA Novosti) 10/11/2013
  • Nazdorovya! That's cheers, as Ukraine's first beer festival in Britain Nazdorovya! That's cheers, as Ukraine's first beer festival in Britain is planned (Bradford Telegraph and Argus) 10/11/2013
  • Ukrainian Fashion Week (Reuters) 10/11/2013
  • Russia Hits Back After Ukraine Threatens to Cut Gas Ties (APA) 10/11/2013
  • Steven Pifer: this is no time for Yanukovych to miscalculate (Ukrainian Week) 10/11/2013
  • Maximilian Kolbe Society to Honor the Victims of Totalitarian Regimes in Lviv (RISU) 10/11/2013
  • Solution to Tymoshenko problem proposed by Party of Regions not perfect, but a good signal, says Yatseniuk (Interfax-Russia) 10/11/2013
  • Yanukovych: Ukraine at final stage of fulfilling ‘Fule list’ (Interfax-Russia) 10/11/2013
  • Fule: Ukraine needs to show progress in all areas to sign Association Agreement (Interfax-Russia) 10/11/2013
  • Yanukovych: Kyiv looking for ways to settle Tymoshenko’s issue, will find solution soon (Interfax-Russia) 10/11/2013
  • Ukrainian Bronze Age stone revealed to be oldest sundial ever found - and could mark the location of a sacrificial grave. Carved stone is believed to date back to 13th Century BC Srubna culture (Daily Mail) 10/11/2013
  • Association will strengthen Ukraine, EU says (UPI) 10/11/2013
  • Янукович: доля Тимошенко скоро вирішиться (BBC) 10/11/2013
  • Сир у посередницькiй «мишоловцi». Як здійснюють закупки продуктів для дітей і чому це часто залишається таємницею (Україна Молод) 10/11/2013
  • Афери розкривають... Правоохоронна система вибірково реагує на протизаконні дії антигероїв журналістських розслідувань (Україна Молод) 10/11/2013
  • «Люди хочуть бачити оригінал, а не копію». Художник Анатолій Гайдамака обурений осучасненням Національного музею Шевченка, на реконструкцію якого виділено десятки мільйонів гривень (Україна Молод) 10/11/2013

  • The Economist: Signs of aesthetic rebellion appear in the Ukrainian culture. When it comes to culture venues, Ukraine is garish, but the signs of new “alternative” culture like Gogol’fest festival start to appear, The Economist reports (Ukrainian Week) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine start with big win (Business Standard) 10/10/2013
  • Putin Aide Warns of Visa Restrictions for Ukrainians (The Moscow Times) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine’s Future Foundation launches national grant competition 'Ukraine’s Intellectual Capital' (EurActiv) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine Threatens to End Russian Gas Imports Over Prices (RIA Novosti) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine's Flagship Joins NATO Antipiracy Operations (APA) 10/10/2013
  • German minister says talks in Ukraine on Tymoshenko 'complicated' (Reuters) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine scolded by Russia for turn towards EU (Baltic Times) 10/10/2013
  • Adoption brings two Ukrainian girls to Raleigh ( 10/10/2013
  • Чим загрожує Україні пошук росіянами своєї ідентичності. Або Чи здатна вітчизняна еліта боротися за бренд «Київська Русь»? (День) 10/10/2013
  • Photo: Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich (L) welcomes German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle during their meeting in Kiev October 10, 2013. German President Joachim Gauck said on Wednesday he expected to see progress towards the release of Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, whose detention in prison threatens to derail a free trade deal between Ukraine and Brussels. A German Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday Germany hoped for a pardon for Tymoshenko, and that Westerwelle would discuss her case during a visit to Ukraine on Thursday and Friday. (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine to help draft new CIS convention on cooperation in space sector (Interfax-Russia) 10/10/2013
  • EU officials close to securing deal to free Ukrainian opposition politician Yulia Tymoshenko (The Independent) 10/10/2013
  • On this day: Ukraine defeat 10-man England (Sports Mole) 10/10/2013
  • Ukrainian christians address Kazakhstan ambassador in support of Grace Church pastor (Tengrinews) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine - Reporters Without Borders [RWB] protests against harassment of representative in Ukraine (Reuters AlertNet) 10/10/2013
  • Literary Evening, 7 pm Saturday, October 12 at The Ukrainian Museum (Ukrainian Museum) 10/10/2013
  • Dognalists Anathematize Ukrainian Religious Leaders for Their Sympathy for EU (RISU) 10/10/2013
  • Tymoshenko’s chances (The Day) 10/10/2013
  • Come cheer on the Ukrainians as they match up with the Poles, 2-3PM Bar will Open at 1:30 PM [Ukrainian League of Philadelphia] (BRAMA) 10/10/2013
  • Fire-damaged thermal power plant puts generating unit into operation (Ukrainian Journal) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine looks to EU but seeks cheaper Russian gas (Yahoo/AP) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine warns EU that Tymoshenko's fate should not block historic trade deal ( 10/10/2013
  • EP Committee on Foreign Affairs recommends signing the Association Agreement if Ukraine meets all EU requirements (Ukrainian Week) 10/10/2013
  • International co-operation in fight against terrorism theme of OSCE conference in Kyiv (OSCE) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine to talk with Russia, Kazakhstan (Ukrainian Journal) 10/10/2013
  • Gazprom reinstates Ukrainian tycoon as gas broker (EurActiv) 10/10/2013
  • Gazprom to Supply Gas To Ukrainian Tycoon (The Moscow Times/Reuters) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine. EBRD may boost financing of Myronivsky Hliboproduct to USD 100 Ml (UkrAgroConsult) 10/10/2013
  • Delegation led by NBU chief to attend key World Bank and IMF meetings (Ukrainian Journal) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine could be CERN member if it pays membership fee, says official (Ukrainian Journal) 10/10/2013
  • Ukraine, Turkey completing work on free trade area - Yanukovych (BSANNA NEWS) 10/10/2013
  • Around the Tiers: Ukrainian Friday Dinners [Binghampton, NY] (WBNG-TV) 10/10/2013
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  • Rasmussen: EU, NATO keeping doors open for Ukraine (ForUm) 10/10/2013
  • 'Меморіал жертв Голодомору має державне значення' (Майдан) 10/10/2013
  • Депутати вирішили відправляти рейдерів за ґрати. Верховна Рада ввела кримінальну відповідальність за захоплення бізнесу (ТСН) 10/10/2013

  • Don't listen to Russia's horror stories about Ukraine (EurActiv) 10/09/2013
  • October 8 marks the 125th birth anniversary of the Ukrainian artist Serhii Kolos (The Day) 10/09/2013
  • On living tradition. Ivan Honchar Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary without any officious moments and has already made known to public the 20 priorities in its work for the near future (The Day) 10/09/2013
  • EU ratifies deal with Ukraine on cooperation as part of Galileo navigation system (NRCU) 10/09/2013
  • Mount Shasta family looks to adopt Ukrainian orphans (Mount Shasta Herald) 10/09/2013
  • After 2 Olympic gold medals, Ukraine’s Vasyl Lomachenko is on a short road to pro boxing glory (Washington Post/AP) 10/09/2013
  • Ukrainian Artist Declared ‘Honorary Texan’ after Restoring Catholic Mural (RIA Novosti) 10/09/2013
  • Putin talks about help to 'Ukrainian friends' with a USD 750mn loan and a discount for gas (Ukrainian Week) 10/09/2013
  • Expert on Putin’s gas discount statement: Gazprom is trying to save itself through Firtash’s group, its agent in Ukraine (Ukrainian Week) 10/09/2013
  • Ukraine And Serbia Need IMF Aid Soon, UniCredit Says (Bloomberg) 10/09/2013
  • Prime Minister: Ukraine has enough grain (ForUm) 10/09/2013
  • Photo: Models present creations by Ukrainian designer Victoria Gres during Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/09/2013
  • Ukraine speeds up winter sowing to profit from good weather (Business Recorder) 10/09/2013
  • Report: Ukrainian police assaulted, urinated on Jewish man (Jerusalem Post) 10/09/2013
  • VIDEO: HIV patients protest Ukraine's decision to close medical clinic (Press TV) 10/09/2013
  • Azarov says HIV/AIDS patients in Kyiv should be immediately provided with necessary medical aid (Interfax-Russia) 10/09/2013
  • Local Councils Can Now Provide Churches with Tax Exemptions for Residential Real Estate (RISU) 10/09/2013
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  • Ukraine invests in large turkey farm ( 10/09/2013
  • Middle class struggle central to Ukraine's continued development (Farmers Advance) 10/09/2013
  • German president expects progress on Ukraine's Tymoshenko (Reuters) 10/09/2013
  • Ukraine to become full member of CERN after paying membership fee of UAH 500 m (Interfax-Russia) 10/09/2013
  • Ukrainian premier [Azarov] suggests drafting roadmap for cooperation with Russia, Customs Union (Interfax-Russia) 10/09/2013
  • Prysiazhniuk: Ukrainian products will be readily accepted by the EU (ForUm) 10/09/2013
  • Envoys Near Deal to Free Ex-Premier of Ukraine (New York Times) 10/09/2013
  • State registers secure after data breach, Justice Ministry reports (Ukrainian Journal) 10/09/2013
  • Moscow helping Ukraine despite tensions, Putin tells Bali summit (Ukrainian Journal) 10/09/2013
  • Steel consumption projected to fall 7.9% this year, trade group says (Ukrainian Journal) 10/09/2013
  • Putin softens stance on Ukraine EU deals (Ukrainian Journal) 10/09/2013
  • UPDATE 1-Ukraine's Naftogaz pays blocked bond coupon, averts default (Reuters) 10/09/2013
  • German president expects progress on Ukraine's Tymoshenko (Reuters) 10/09/2013
  • Квасневський: справа Тимошенко 'принципова для компромісу' (BBC) 10/09/2013
  • Юрій Андрухович: У стилі 'фейк' (Майдан) 10/09/2013
  • Пішов 33–й Тиждень... Сьогодні в «Мистецькому арсеналі» відкривається черговий український тиждень моди. «УМ» дізналася про сюрпризи і плани UFW iз перших рук (Україна Молода) 10/09/2013
  • Архітектор національної пам’яті. До 100–річчя від дня народження видатного пам’яткоохоронця, дослідника української історико–культурної спадщини, митця–зодчого Олеся Силина (Україна Молода) 10/09/2013
  • В Раді хочуть відкрити для всіх інформацію про власників нерухомості в Україні (ТСН) 10/09/2013

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  • Ukrainian Peacekeepers to Fight Piracy Off African Coast (RIA Novosti) 10/08/2013
  • Buy Venezuela, Sell Ukraine: Societe Generale (ValueWalk) 10/08/2013
  • International co-operation in fighting terrorism to be discussed in Kyiv on Thursday (OSCE) 10/08/2013
  • Ukraine planning to develop relations with Russia after signing of Association Agreement (NRCU) 10/08/2013
  • Don't stray too far west, Putin tells Kiev ( 10/08/2013
  • Putin ventured the world’s conditioner. Is the West ready to oppose anything to Russia's 'sovereignty' in Arctic (The Day) 10/08/2013
  • Klitschko & Povetkin: collision of different worlds (The Day) 10/08/2013
  • 'I am already composing music dedicated to Paris…'. Nine-year-old violinist Varvara Vasylieva visited the French capital thanks to Den/The Day (The Day) 10/08/2013
  • More than a tour. Streets and houses in Kharkiv tell the story about the Ukrainian period in life of George (Yurii) Shevelov (The Day) 10/08/2013
  • Between avant-garde and tradition. National Art Museum of Ukraine launched the exhibit of Vasyl Krychevsky's works. The exhibit Vasyl Krychevsky. Between Avant-Garde and Tradition will be held till November 10. (The Day) 10/08/2013
  • Tymoshenko’s trip for treatment in Germany not negotiated officially, says Kozhara (Interfax-Russia) 10/08/2013
  • Viktor and Yulia Feud Holds Key to EU Deal With Ukraine (The Moscow Times) 10/08/2013
  • Ukrainian minors shouldn't be afraid of curfew (ForUm) 10/08/2013
  • Income from copyright increases in Ukraine (ForUm) 10/08/2013
  • Ukraine's finest arrives in the capital. A spectacular three-day festival of Ukrainian art, fashion and music comes to London between 17th-19th October 2013 (London Evening Standard) 10/08/2013
  • Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union: Transport workers limited in their right to hold strikes (Interfax-Russia) 10/08/2013
  • Russia's Putin Seeks to Woo EU-Looking Ukraine (Yahoo/AP) 10/08/2013
  • Why does Ukraine buy trash from abroad but cannot handle its own? (ForUm) 10/08/2013
  • Poland needs guarantees from Ukraine to return to Odesa-Brody oil pipeline project (NRCU) 10/08/2013
  • Yatseniuk proposes Ukraine give up participation in Common Economic Space (Interfax-Russia) 10/08/2013
  • Fule to discuss Ukraine's EU integration prospects in Kyiv on October 11 (NRCU) 10/08/2013
  • Putin: Gazprom gives Ukraine discount on gas injections (ForUm) 10/08/2013
  • Five regions to present Ukraine at European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels (NRCU) 10/08/2013
  • Expert: Ukraine lacks unified policy for intellectual property protection (ForUm) 10/08/2013
  • Europe ready to give all its Roma to Ukraine ( 10/08/2013
  • Ukraine's agreement with EU won't influence its political relations with Russia - Putin (Interfax-Russia) 10/08/2013
  • FIFA suspend ticket sale ban for Ukraine versus Poland match ( 10/08/2013
  • Ukrainian children often brought to police for smoking and heavy drinking (ForUm) 10/08/2013
  • Ukraine's reengagement with IMF depends on diplomats (NRCU) 10/08/2013
  • Komorowski hopes Ukraine will succeed at Vilnius summit (ForUm) 10/08/2013
  • RPT-Fitch: Ukraine's external finances are key weakness for rating (Reuters) 10/08/2013
  • Ukraine will continue to seek Customs Union observer status, says PM (Ukrainian Journal) 10/08/2013
  • World Bank paints bleak picture of Ukraine economic outlook (Ukrainian Journal) 10/08/2013
  • There'll be no natural gas supply cataclysms this winter, DPM predicts (Ukrainian Journal) 10/08/2013
  • Belarus leader: No problem with EU deals (Ukrainian Journal) 10/08/2013
  • The World Bank: Without urgent reforms, Ukraine's budget and current-account deficits will widen beyond the government’s control (Ukrainian Week) 10/08/2013
  • Oleksandr YELIASHKEVYCH: The Kuchma family is outplaying Yanukovych's team (The Day) 10/08/2013
  • Врадіївська справа: підозрюваним висунули звинувачення (BBC) 10/08/2013
  • В Києво-Могилянській академії відбулась прем’єра вистави «Бояриня» (Майдан) 10/08/2013
  • Німеччина нам допоможе. Юля Тимошенко погодилася виїхати на лікування до ФРН заради Угоди про асоціацію. Але вирішення цієї проблеми може розтягнутися до кінця листопада (Україна Молода) 10/08/2013
  • Росія, яку ми побили. Побиття Володимиром Кличком російського депутата Повєткіна породило безліч анекдотів і навіть висновок про безнадійність «імперської» цивілізаційної моделі (Україна Молода) 10/08/2013

  • Dirty tricks undermine media freedom in Ukraine (European Council on Foreign Relations) 10/07/2013
  • Gravetop Sundial Reveals Lost Civilization's Tech Savvy ( 10/07/2013
  • Photo: Shoes of people who are sick or have died from HIV/AIDS are seen as activists from the All-Ukrainian Network of People Living With HIV/AIDS, a non-governmental group, take part in a rally in front of the Ukrainian cabinet of ministers building in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/07/2013
  • Photo: A supporter of jailed former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko stands at a protest tent camp in central Kiev October 7, 2013. The bad blood between President Viktor Yanukovich and Tymoshenko, his jailed opponent, seems the only real bar to a landmark deal with Europe that offers Ukraine an escape from centuries of Russian influence. The banner reads, 'Tymoshenko remains behind bars. She hasn't given in. Have you?'. (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/07/2013
  • Ukraine: Reform Now Rather Than Delaying Adjustment, Says The World Bank (World Bank Group) 10/07/2013
  • After Them the Deluge. While the economic crisis in Ukraine escalates, the government focuses exclusively on replenishing the current budget deficit (Ukrainian Week) 10/07/2013
  • The Economist: Ukraine is the most valuable prize left for the EU in Eastern Europe (Ukrainian Week) 10/07/2013
  • The Economist: Ukrainian oligarchs see the Association Agreement as protection not only against Russia but against Yanukovych (Ukrainian Week) 10/07/2013
  • Edward Lucas: the EU has enough strength to respond to Russia’s pressure (Ukrainian Week) 10/07/2013
  • Wheat Rises as Rain to Curb Russian, Ukraine Output; Corn Gains (Businessweek) 10/07/2013
  • Ukraine Wintry Weather Closes Grain-Sowing Window, Martell Says (Bloomberg) 10/07/2013
  • Russia Gets Black Eye in Heavyweight Bout (Bloomberg) 10/07/2013
  • UPDATE 1-Viktor, Yulia feud holds key to EU deal with Ukraine (Reuters) 10/07/2013
  • Ukraine ranks 3rd among CIS countries in terms of Belarusian exports volume (TVR) 10/07/2013
  • World Bank lowers Ukraine's 2013 growth forecast to zero (APA) 10/07/2013
  • World Bank Revises Ukraine GDP Growth Forecast From 1% To 0% For 2013 (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/07/2013
  • World Bank slams Ukraine's economic prospects (euronews) 10/07/2013
  • EU raises pressure on Ukraine to free Tymoshenko before key summit (Irish Times) 10/07/2013
  • Ukraine's economic imbalances unsustainable, World Bank says (Deseret News) 10/07/2013
  • Bionic University Opens at Kyiv Mohyla Academy an Academic-Corporate Partnership. The institution will train over a thousand specialists annually in collaboration with leading companies. (Kyiv Mohyla Foundation) 10/07/2013
  • Klitschko retains world heavyweight titles with points win over Povetkin (ANINEWS) 10/07/2013
  • Top envoy: Russia can offer Ukraine more than the EU (EurActiv) 10/07/2013
  • Viktor, Yulia feud holds key to EU deal with Ukraine. It's a vicious feud that has poisoned Ukrainian politics for a decade. (Reuters) 10/07/2013
  • Rybak undecided yet whether he should sign petition to pardon Tymoshenko (Interfax-Russia) 10/07/2013
  • The Economist: Ukraine is the most valuable prize left for the EU in Eastern Europe (Ukrainian Week) 10/07/2013
  • West or east? The European Union should sign a deal with Ukraine—but only if Yulia Tymoshenko is freed [dated 10/5/2013] (The Economist) 10/07/2013
  • Back to Europe Project [Lithuania’s Prime-Minister Algirdas Butkevicius talks about the importance of the Association Agreement for Ukraine] (Ukrainian Week) 10/07/2013
  • Azarov: Ukraine may join CU after signing Association with EU (ForUm) 10/07/2013
  • Tymoshenko accepts med release proposal (Ukrainian Journal) 10/07/2013
  • Over 7,000 Kiev homes could lack heat, hot water soon, says Kyinenergo (Ukrainian Journal) 10/07/2013
  • Ukraine's Klitchko beats Russian to defend heavyweight titles (Ukrainian Journal) 10/07/2013
  • Signing paves way for Ukraine's associate membership in CERN (Ukrainian Journal) 10/07/2013
  • Ukraine Economic Imbalances Are Unsustainable, World Bank Says (Bloomberg) 10/07/2013
  • Ukraine's deputy prime minister says no gas problems for winter (UPI) 10/07/2013
  • UPDATE 2-Russia halts Lithuanian dairy imports before EU summit (Reuters) 10/07/2013
  • Petroleum Products Market Association Of Ukraine Expecting Sudden Gasoline Price Hikes After Introduction Of Mandatory Adding Bioethanol (Ukrainian News Agency) 10/07/2013
  • World Bank cuts Ukraine 2013 economic growth forecast to zero (Chicago Tribune/Reuters) 10/07/2013
  • CEC chairman: Tymoshenko may apply for registration as President’s candidate (ForUm) 10/07/2013
  • US 'shutdown' puts transatlantic trade deal talks on ice (EurActiv) 10/07/2013
  • Haruna scores as Dynamo Kyiv hit nine (SuperSport) 10/07/2013
  • Ukrainian Deputy PM Rules Out Gas Conflict With Russia (RIA Novosti) 10/07/2013
  • Solution emerging on Tymoshenko’s case: reports (EurActiv) 10/07/2013
  • European Politicians Discuss with Church Leaders Necessary Conditions for Ukraine’s Association Agreement with EU (RISU) 10/07/2013
  • World Bank downgrades forecast of GDP growth in Ukraine in 2013 to zero (Interfax-Russia) 10/07/2013
  • Yanukovych Meets Polish Counterpart Before Summit (RFE/RL) 10/07/2013
  • Проти Яценюка збунтувалися cоратники по 'Фронту змін' (BBC) 10/07/2013

  • Klitschko not entirely happy after win (IOL/SAPA) 10/06/2013
  • Two Jews beaten in Ukraine (Jerusalem Post) 10/06/2013
  • 'I miss Ukraine sometimes' – Fernandinho admits being homesick ( 10/06/2013
  • Boxing: Klitschko wants improvement after Povetkin win (GlobalPost/AFP) 10/06/2013
  • Israel's national poet Bialik honored in Odessa (Jerusalem Post) 10/06/2013
  • Klitschko beats Povetkin by unanimous decision ( 10/06/2013
  • Vladimir Radyuhin: Farming goes beyond border (Gulf Today) 10/06/2013
  • Vladimir Klitschko retains world heavyweight titles (Deutsche Welle) 10/06/2013

  • West or east? The European Union should sign a deal with Ukraine—but only if Yulia Tymoshenko is freed (The Economist) 10/05/2013
  • Russian intransigence has helped Ukraine's integration into Europe (The Economist) 10/05/2013
  • Boxing - Klitschko retains world titles (Buenos Aires Herald) 10/05/2013
  • Klitschko retains world titles with points win (Reuters) 10/05/2013
  • Gallery View:Boxing Photos (Yahoo) 10/05/2013
  • EU Officials In Kyiv Ask For Tymoshenko Pardon (Journal of Turkish Weekly) 10/05/2013
  • Russia is planning to cope with 2014 crisis at the expense of Ukraine default (Azerbaijan Business Center) 10/05/2013
  • Sixty years of Ukrainian School is celebrated (Bradford Telegraph and Argus) 10/05/2013
  • Ukrainian film fest kicks off (Pittsburgh Post Gazette) 10/05/2013
  • EU preparing to charge Gazprom in antitrust case (Business Recorder) 10/05/2013

  • Звернення до Ради Міністрів ОБСЄ (Асоціація Українських Правників Америки ) 10/04/2013
  • Is Europe with Russia or with Putin? (World Affairs Journal) 10/04/2013
  • Envoys ask Ukraine leader to pardon jailed rival to save EU deal (Reuters) 10/04/2013
  • Tymoshenko Backs EU Idea for German Care to Help Ukraine Accord (Bloomberg) 10/04/2013
  • Tymoshenko's agreement to treatment in Germany opens way to signing Association Agreement, says MEP Kowal (Interfax-Russia) 10/04/2013
  • Tymoshenko's prosecutor gets another job. What's behind the scenes? (EurActiv) 10/04/2013
  • Building International Bridges [Ivano-Frankivsk Open World Delegation visited Arlington] (Virginia Connection Newspapers) 10/04/2013
  • Orthodox, Reform donors open new synagogues in Kiev (St. Louis Jewish Light) 10/04/2013
  • 2 New Synagogues Open in Kiev for Reform and Orthodox Jews (Jewish Daily Forward/JTA) 10/04/2013
  • Two Days: Festivals celebrate garlic, Ukrainian culture, hooked rugs ... (The Star-Ledger) 10/04/2013
  • EU calls for Ukraine opposition leader Tymoshenko to be freed (BBC News) 10/04/2013
  • Ukraine may face default in 2014 after signing AA with EU (Journal of Turkish Weekly) 10/04/2013
  • Ukraine fires key Tymoshenko prosecutor (GlobalPost/AFP) 10/04/2013
  • Tymoshenko moves to end impasse (European Voice) 10/04/2013
  • Swiss Freight Forwarder Drives into the Eastern European Automobile Market (The Handy Shipping Guide) 10/04/2013
  • Tottenham set for the signing of Dynamo Kiev ace (GiveMeSport) 10/04/2013
  • FIFA lifts stadium closure for Ukraine qualifier (New Zealand Herald/AP) 10/04/2013
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Russia's Sentiments Are Not Economic (ERR News) 10/04/2013
  • Council actions clear way for Chevron PSA (Ukrainian Journal) 10/04/2013
  • Ukraine delegation to travel to Washington for further talks with IMF (Ukrainian Journal) 10/04/2013
  • Ukraine natgas imports from Europe up 40.5%, UkrTransGaz reports (Ukrainian Journal) 10/04/2013
  • Crimea Titan denies rumored halting of titanium dioxide production (Ukrainian Journal) 10/04/2013
  • FIFA lifts ban against Ukraine's fans for racism (Business Standard) 10/04/2013
  • Ukraine art, fashion and literature arrives in London (Evening Standard) 10/04/2013
  • Ukraine signs off on shale gas deal with Chevron ( 10/04/2013
  • Man Blows Himself Up On Ukraine Border (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/04/2013
  • Ukrainian festival in Whippany features pierogis, traditional dance and boxing star ( 10/04/2013
  • Visegrad Group urges Ukraine not to be afraid of Russia (ForUm) 10/04/2013
  • Klitschko takes swipe at Brit duo (Shropshire Star) 10/04/2013
  • Russian intransigence has helped Ukraine's integration into Europe (The Economist) 10/04/2013
  • Ukraine signs off on shale gas deal with Chevron ( 10/04/2013
  • Russian intransigence has helped Ukraine's integration into Europe (The Economist) 10/04/2013

  • RPT-Fitch affirms Ferrexpo plc at 'B'; outlook negative (Reuters) 10/03/2013
  • Andrea Boughton gets education about Ukraine farming (Battle Creek Enquirer) 10/03/2013
  • The German Election and Yanukovich's Choice in Ukraine (Modern Tokyo Times) 10/03/2013
  • Brussels round of Transdniestrian settlement talks focuses on freedom of movement (OSCE) 10/03/2013
  • London's Ukrainian Oligarch Court Battle Is Getting Explosive (Business Insider) 10/03/2013
  • Viktor Yushchenko, Former Ukrainian president speaks on country's future (The Michigan Daily) 10/03/2013
  • After Them the Deluge. While the economic crisis in Ukraine escalates, the government focuses exclusively on replenishing the current budget deficit (Ukrainian Week) 10/03/2013
  • Ukraine moves closer to second shale gas deal (Reuters) 10/03/2013
  • Lviv regional council to vote on Chevron shale gas deal Oct. 3 (Ukrainian Journal) 10/03/2013
  • Price of natural gas imports from Russia to rise in fourth quarter (Ukrainian Journal) 10/03/2013
  • Ukraine police use tear gas to break up Kiev scuffles (euronews) 10/03/2013
  • Yanukovych appreciates EC support for Kyiv's European aspirations (ForUm) 10/03/2013
  • Ukraine becomes associate member of CERN (Interfax-Russia) 10/03/2013
  • Paul Goble: Ukrainian branch of Moscow Patriarchate backs Kyiv’s European course (Ukrainian Week) 10/03/2013
  • Bronislaw Komorowski: Ukraine signing EU agreement would be 'success for all’ (Ukrainian Week) 10/03/2013
  • The German Election and Yanukovich's Choice in Ukraine (Modern Tokyo Times) 10/03/2013
  • Political dialogue between Latvia and Ukraine is 'very active' (The Baltic Course) 10/03/2013
  • 'Gender, Politics and Society in Ukraine,' book presentation Saturday, Oct. 5 (Ukrainian Museum) 10/03/2013
  • Lithuania kicks back at Russian pressure (Ukrainian Journal) 10/03/2013
  • Ukraine will be able to pay external debt on time, says NBU official (Ukrainian Journal) 10/03/2013
  • Нашестя наших. Кінофестиваль «Молодість» відібрав українське кіно не лише в національний конкурс, а й у всі три секції міжнародного змагання (Україна Молода) 10/03/2013
  • Коса на камінь і газ. Опозиція спробувала взяти «прострочену» Київраду штурмом. «Беркут» отримав на горіхи, але натовп на сесію не допустив (Україна Молода) 10/03/2013
  • Freedom House: український інтернет став менш вільним (BBC) 10/03/2013

  • Potter and museum worker received Borys Voznytsky Prize (The Day) 10/02/2013
  • Polish and Ukrainian Courage at Auschwitz (The Epoch Times) 10/02/2013
  • Hepatitis C Treatment in Ukraine: A Victory For Patients (Huffington Post) 10/02/2013
  • As trade deal with Ukraine nears, EU official cautious over political climate (euronews) 10/02/2013
  • ‘Did I Drag You by the Tongue?’ A presidential order, hasty arrests, retracted confessions, and disregarded alibis mar a murder trial in Ukraine. (Transitions Online) 10/02/2013
  • Polish and Ukrainian Courage at Auschwitz (The Epoch Times) 10/02/2013
  • Міліція визнала застосування спецзасобів під Київрадою (BBC) 10/02/2013
  • Ukraine police fire tear gas to disperse protest in Kiev (Reuters) 10/02/2013
  • Andrei: Made in Ukraine ( 10/02/2013
  • Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Manchester United: Live Score, Highlights, Recap (Bleacher Report) 10/02/2013
  • Global AgeWatch Index: Old people in Ukraine live better than in Russia, but worse than in Vietnam. (Ukrainian Week) 10/02/2013
  • UOAC Metropolitan of Lviv of Explains Why He Supports UOC-MP in Transfer of Building to Moscow Patriarchate (RISU) 10/02/2013
  • Global Music Lunchtime Concert Series 'DakhaBrakha: Ukrainian World Music Quartet' (Boston University) 10/02/2013
  • Popesku: PACE deputies hail reforms in Ukraine on road to signing Association Agreement with EU (Interfax-Russia) 10/02/2013
  • Ukraine hopes for EU assistance in implementing provisions of Association Agreement (Interfax-Russia) 10/02/2013
  • 90% Chance Ukraine Signs EU Association at November Summit - Standard Bank (Yahoo/PRNewswire) 10/02/2013
  • Russia Charges Greenpeace Activists With Piracy (Voice of America) 10/02/2013
  • American Chamber of Commerce calls on Ukrainian government to stop discrimination of business (Ukrainian Week) 10/02/2013
  • No progress in return of Roshen products to Russia – Onishchenko (Interfax-Russia) 10/02/2013
  • Ukraine promises to repay IMF this year (Ukrainian Journal) 10/02/2013
  • Moscow pledges hands off of Ukraine's Roshen's one factory in Russia (Ukrainian Journal) 10/02/2013
  • Odessa Oil Refinery back on line after finishing startup work (Ukrainian Journal) 10/02/2013
  • Ukraine's consumer watchdog to start monitoring appliances next year (Ukrainian Journal) 10/02/2013
  • Photo: Activists of Ukrainian opposition parties clash with riot police as they attempt to get into the mayoral office during a rally against the Kiev mayoral election, which was earlier postponed until 2015, in Kiev October 2, 2013. Ukrainian police used tear gas in the centre of capital Kiev on Wednesday to prevent incursion into the building of the city council of thousands of protesters who believe the current council meeting is illegitimate. (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/02/2013
  • Photo: Activists of Ukrainian opposition parties clash with riot police as they attempt to get into the mayoral office during a rally against the Kiev mayoral election, which was earlier postponed until 2015, in Kiev October 2, 2013. Ukrainian police used tear gas in the centre of capital Kiev on Wednesday to prevent incursion into the building of the city council of thousands of protesters who believe the current council meeting is illegitimate (Yahoo/Reuters) 10/02/2013
  • '30 YEARS IN FIBER': An illustrated lecture by award winning, internationally recognized fiber artist VALYA, TODAY at 7 pm FREE admission (Ukrainian Museum) 10/02/2013
  • ‘Did I Drag You by the Tongue?’ A presidential order, hasty arrests, retracted confessions, and disregarded alibis mar a murder trial in Ukraine. (Transitions Online) 10/02/2013
  • Засідання Київради закрито (BBC) 10/02/2013
  • Заява ініціативної групи з ушанування Юрія Шевельова (ВІДЕО) (Майдан) 10/02/2013
  • Поголять одного з сотні. Розпочалася остання призовна кампанія на строкову військову службу (Україна Молода) 10/02/2013

  • 2 Ukrainian women say nightclub owner forced them to work as strippers (Detroit Free Press) 10/01/2013
  • Russia Grants Ukraine Extension on Loan (The Moscow Times/RIA Novosti) 10/01/2013
  • Ukrainian Institute Documents Artists' Response to Genocide ( 10/01/2013
  • Expert: Russia gas price for Ukraine is inaccurate (ForUm) 10/01/2013
  • Klitschko warns Ukraine president as EU deal looms (Yahoo/AFP) 10/01/2013
  • Pics: Train for Ukraine ( 10/01/2013
  • Yanukovych: New Ukrainian professional army to be created in 2014 (Interfax-Russia) 10/01/2013
  • Last calling up for military service starts in Ukraine (ForUm) 10/01/2013
  • Insight: As Ukraine looks west to Europe, Russia's shadow looms. When Russia wants to get its point across, it tends not to leave room for misunderstanding. (Reuters) 10/01/2013
  • Due West: Black Clouds on the Horizon for Russia and Its Neighbors [Dated 9/30/2013] (RIA Novosti) 10/01/2013
  • Ukraine Starts Last Mandatory Draft (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 10/01/2013
  • Alain REMY: 'The more forthright approach Ukraine will take, the better its relations with Russia will be' (The Day) 10/01/2013
  • Putin aide threatens loss of $12b trade (Ukrainian Journal) 10/01/2013
  • Ukraine may create venture capital fund to support IT, says official (Ukrainian Journal) 10/01/2013
  • LINIK, sitting idle, starts to overhaul technological facilities (Ukrainian Journal) 10/01/2013
  • Subjugated Europe. Stalin’s moves to establish communist governments in Central and Eastern Europe relied largely on local elements and tools already tested in the USSR [Dated 9/30/2013] (Ukrainian Week) 10/01/2013
  • A photograph to remember forever and a day. One of the leaders of 'Ukraine without Kuchma!' campaign shaking hands with Kuchma himself became a notable event in political life of the country (The Day) 10/01/2013
  • Oleksandr Usyk turns professional (The Day) 10/01/2013
  • Hammers instead of court proceedings. Memorial plaque for George (Yurii) Shevelov in Kharkiv was brutally destroyed on September 2 (The Day) 10/01/2013
  • 'Leninfall'. The lack of adequate commemoration policy in Ukraine provokes the new tide of the 'war of monuments' (The Day) 10/01/2013
  • Industry of free breathing. The Seventh Festival of Contemporary Art 'GogolFest' ended in Kyiv (The Day) 10/01/2013
  • Difficult to organize reverse gas supplies through Slovakia excluding Gazprom, says energy minister (Interfax-Russia) 10/01/2013
  • Interest rates for foreign currency deposits falling down in Ukraine (ForUm) 10/01/2013
  • Rain Threatens Ukraine's Sunflowers as Oil World Cuts Forecast (Businessweek) 10/01/2013
  • National agency on Ukraine's accreditation meets European standards (ForUm) 10/01/2013
  • Court rejects appeal by Klitschko and other UDAR members to invalidate Kyiv City Council meeting on October 2 (Interfax-Russia) 10/01/2013
  • Yanukovych launches anti-tank missiles during exercises in Lviv region (Interfax-Russia) 10/01/2013
  • Bill in Parliament would set 12 year minimum farmland leasing term (Ukrainian Journal) 10/01/2013
  • 5+2 talks on Transdniestrian settlement to take place in Brussels on 3 October (OSCE) 10/01/2013
  • The Ukrainian Parliament should finalise the creation of preconditions for signing the Association Agreement with the European Union. Parliamentary Assembly's written declaration No.554 (Ukrainian Week) 10/01/2013
  • The Washington Post: Former Soviet states stand up to Russia. Will the U.S.? [Dated 9/30/2013] (Ukrainian Week) 10/01/2013
  • Росія відмовилась відпустити додому українського рибалку (BBC) 10/01/2013
  • У США через відсутність бюджету закривають установи (BBC) 10/01/2013
  • 'Проти спроб повернути Україну в тюрму народів – СРСР': Заява-протест (Майдан) 10/01/2013
  • Європейські організації благодійників занепокоєні законопроектом №3100 (Майдан) 10/01/2013
  • Страшний суд... Мирський. За рукоприкладство священику присудили громадські роботи (Україна Молода) 10/01/2013
  • «Я не згодний був міняти свою шкуру й душу». Ток-шоу «Шустер Live» змусило вкотре стати на захист Юрія Шевельова (Україна Молода) 10/01/2013
  • Червоне з фіолетовим відтінком. На зборах з ініціювання референдуму за союз Медведчук підкуповував школярів грішми, а група підтримки Титушка голосувала за Симоненка. Втім усе це знову даремно (Україна Молода) 10/01/2013
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

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    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.

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