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Fri, June 21, 14:20 EDT
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  • Kyiv City Administration to create insurance company (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/31/2013
  • Ukrainian community member receives medal (Mississauga News) 01/31/2013
  • Bohoslovska: Russia won't drag Kyiv into Customs Union through gas issue (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/31/2013
  • Factbox about Russian Gazproms $7 billion bill to Ukraines Naftogaz under take-or-pay provision (Kyiv Post) 01/31/2013
  • Factbox for Ukraines landmark agreement with Shell on $10 billion shale gas project (Kyiv Post) 01/31/2013
  • Outgoing EBRD head says time is now for Ukraine to change (Kyiv Post) 01/31/2013
  • EU Commissioner and 13 EU Foreign Ministers Support Signing Association Agreement with Ukraine (Yahoo/PRNewswire) 01/31/2013
  • Recession returns, but how long will it stay? (Kyiv Post) 01/31/2013
  • Ukraine to Become Shale Gas Superpower? ( 01/31/2013
  • Telychenko: Pukach testifies he killed on Kuchmas order (Kyiv Post) 01/31/2013
  • Murder on the Ukrainian Express (Forbes) 01/31/2013
  • Ukrzaliznytsia pays over Hr 800,000 in compensation for delays of Hyundai trains (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/31/2013
  • Ukraine keen to exploit Thar coal reserves (The Nation) 01/31/2013
  • Ukrainian foreign minister: Ukraine, EU expect to sign association agreement in 2013 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/31/2013
  • British fighters can end Klitschko reign. Britains best heavyweights can succeed the dominant Ukrainian brothers (Morning Star) 01/31/2013
  • Ukraine Pitches Unique Tole Painting for UNESCO Intangible Heritage (Yahoo/PRNewswire) 01/31/2013
  • Fule 'concerned' about Ukraine probes (UPI) 01/31/2013
  • Kuchma: 'Ukraine will be taken seriously only if we curb internal strife' (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/31/2013
  • Vlasenko says there is no trial jury in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/31/2013
  • Opposition MPs to convene rump parliament (Ukrainian Journal) 01/31/2013
  • Photo: A man, dressed in a military uniform, begs for money at an intersection where cars are stopped, during a snowfall in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/31/2013
  • Sberbank of Russia to open 30-50 offices in Ukraine in 2013 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/31/2013
  • Official announces amicable arbitration court agreement with Vanco (Ukrainian Journal) 01/31/2013
  • Ukraine to pay UESU Russian debt in installments, says minister (Ukrainian Journal) 01/31/2013
  • Ukraine tries to assuage EU worries over supplies of Russian natgas (Ukrainian Journal) 01/31/2013
  • Ukraine and Russia in another heated gas row (Euronews) 01/31/2013

  • FEATURE: Ukraine sets shale gas agenda, but opposition grows (Platts) 01/30/2013
  • UK ambassador concerned about prisoners' rights in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/30/2013
  • OSCE urges Ukrainian authorities to find instigators of Gongadze murder (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/30/2013
  • Kuchma's lawyer says Pukach's statement after verdict is unsubstantiated (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/30/2013
  • Ukrainian Steelmaker Metinvest Repays $115 Million Debt (Bloomberg) 01/30/2013
  • Ukraine Sees No New IMF Loan After Trip as Recession Returns (Bloomberg) 01/30/2013
  • Danone-Ukraine wants to boost investment by 37% in 2013 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/30/2013
  • Region: Ukraine turns West for promising gas deals (Prague Post) 01/30/2013
  • Ukrainian Recession Confirmed as Fourth-Quarter GDP Shrinks 0.9% (Bloomberg) 01/30/2013
  • Ukrainian Comfort Dish Chicken Kiev Claims French Parentage (NPR) 01/30/2013
  • Ukrainian Teen's 'Monster' Sighting Leads To Unique Undersea Video (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 01/30/2013
  • Gongadze Murder Conviction Prompts More Questions. Ukrainian Ex-Police Chief Sentenced To Life For Killing Prominent Journalist (RFE/RL) 01/30/2013
  • Ukraine: Yanukovych's 'Family' spreads its tentacles (Open Democracy) 01/30/2013
  • Expert: Gongadze case could become relevant again after change of power (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/30/2013
  • Gongadze's mother says she will not accept her son's death (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/30/2013
  • In Gongadze case, a milestone toward justice (Committee to Protect Journalists) 01/30/2013
  • OSCE media freedom representative welcomes Gongadze conviction, calls for further investigations (OSCE) 01/30/2013
  • Former top cop gets life in Gongadze case (Ukrainian Journal) 01/30/2013
  • Yanukovych to pay visit to China this year, foreign minister says (Ukrainian Journal) 01/30/2013
  • State set to receive 31-60% of Yuzovska hydrocarbon PSA profits (Ukrainian Journal) 01/30/2013
  • Ukraines balance of payments deficit rose 70% last year, NBU reports (Ukrainian Journal) 01/30/2013
  • Kyiv counting on mutual understanding with Gazprom on $7 billion bill (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/30/2013
  • DTEK retains interest in privatization of Ukrainian power generating and supply companies (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/30/2013

  • Ukrainian places in Paris (The Day) 01/29/2013
  • Former Ukraine police commander convicted of killing journalist [Gongadze] (Globe and Mail) 01/29/2013
  • Facts about Russian Gazproms $7 billion bill to Ukraines Naftogaz (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/29/2013
  • Ukrainian Big Idea website matches donors with ideas (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/29/2013
  • Court sentences Pukach to life for murdering Gongadze, disregards claims against Kuchma, Lytvyn (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/29/2013
  • Former Ukrainian police officer jailed over journalist's murder. Oleksiy Pukach fourth person to be sentenced over grisly killing of Georgiy Gongadze, a 31-year-old campaigning editor (The Guardian) 01/29/2013
  • Ukrainian police office convicted of killing journalist [Gongadze] (Daily Telegraph) 01/29/2013
  • Ukraine Jails Ex-Official for Journalist Death [Gongadze] (Voice of America) 01/29/2013
  • Ukraine Jails Ex-Police Official for Life for Reporter Beheading (Bloomberg) 01/29/2013
  • Ukrainian Ex-Police Chief Sentenced To Life For Killing Prominent Journalist [Gongadze] (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 01/29/2013
  • Yanukovych replaces several Ukrainian ambassadors (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/29/2013
  • Svoboda urges Ukrainians to boycott new history textbook and not to learn Russian (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/29/2013
  • Pukach sentenced to life for killing journalist Georgy Gongadze (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/29/2013
  • Court finds Pukach guilty of abuse of power, murder of Gongadze (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/29/2013
  • 24 Ukrainian nationals to be evacuated from Syria soon (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/29/2013
  • Russia using Gazprom to drag Ukraine into Customs Union (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/29/2013
  • Ukraine hopes to resolve gas dispute with Russia out of court (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/29/2013
  • IMF mission arrives in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/29/2013
  • Risky Mars Moon Flyby Tops Europe's 2013 Space Goals [see: Ukrainian-born Soviet astrophysicist Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky] (Yahoo/ 01/29/2013
  • Mentally handicapped musicians perform in Kyiv (Press TV) 01/29/2013
  • Ukraine Gongadze case: Court convicts journalist's killer (BBC News) 01/29/2013
  • Ukraines ex-police chief [Alexei Pukach] admits to throttling journalist Gongadze (The Voice of Russia) 01/29/2013
  • Akhmetov had nothing to do with Scherban murder, his lawyers say (Ukrainian Journal) 01/29/2013
  • EU keeps cool in fresh Russian-Ukrainian gas dispute (Euractiv) 01/29/2013
  • Russias Lukoil says technical issues delay Odessa refinery startup (Ukrainian Journal) 01/29/2013
  • Azarov calls for further EU gas imports (Ukrainian Journal) 01/29/2013
  • Ukraine Kicks Off IMF Loan Push as Reserves Dip Below Key Level (Bloomberg) 01/29/2013
  • Inflationary expectations low for third consecutive quarter, NBU says (Ukrainian Journal) 01/29/2013
  • Transparency International Points To High Risks Of Corruption In Ukraine's Defence Sector (Ukrainian News Agency) 01/29/2013

  • Run, Regionnaire, Run. By Alexander J. Motyl (World Affairs Journal) 01/28/2013
  • Ukraine and Russia's gas wrangle ignites again (euronews) 01/28/2013
  • Ukraine doesnt want to pay its gas bills (The Voice of Russia) 01/28/2013
  • Two thirds of Ukrainians believe most foods contain GMOs (Kyiv post/Interfax-Russia) 01/28/2013
  • Customs Service charges anti-AIDS group Hr 3.3 million for syringes (Kyiv post/Interfax-Russia) 01/28/2013
  • Activists urge Yanukovych not to 'entangle' Ukraine in Customs Union (Kyiv post/Interfax-Russia) 01/28/2013
  • Photo: A member of security rushes to an unidentified woman moments after she threw sauerkraut into Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Vladimir Zhirinovsky during a news conference (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/28/2013
  • Photo: Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Vladimir Zhirinovsky attempts to turn away from sauerkraut thrown by an unidentified woman during a news conference in the Ukrainian capital (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/28/2013
  • Zhirinovsky: Free gas for Ukraine out of question (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/28/2013
  • Gazprom bills Ukraine $7bn (Russia Today) 01/28/2013
  • Ukraine weakened in IMF loan talks after Russia gas bill (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/28/2013
  • IMF Stand-By negotiations could face lengthy delays, says S&P (Ukrainian Journal) 01/28/2013
  • Bondarchuk: Our Ukraine acted in Regions Party's interests in parliamentary elections in 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/28/2013
  • Yuschenko to announce plan of withdrawing Ukraine from crisis at Our Ukraine's political council meeting on Feb. 9 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/28/2013
  • Yatseniuk sees good chances for Tiahnybok at 2015 presidential election (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/28/2013
  • Friends of imprisoned father, son petition Obama (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/28/2013
  • Zaliv shipyard launches hulls of 2 ships to supply drilling rigs (Ukrainian Journal) 01/28/2013
  • Government growth forecast too optimistic, says former trade minister (Ukrainian Journal) 01/28/2013
  • Wizz Air Ukraine applies for 18 new international routes (The FINANCIAL) 01/28/2013
  • Ukrainian airlines sees 8% rise in passenger transportation in 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/28/2013
  • Memo to Gun Rights Advocates: Take Note of What Reagan and Scalia Had to Say (Huffington Post) 01/28/2013
  • Coach: Arsenal Kyiv's management doing all to save club (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/28/2013
  • Yanukovych: President calls on Ukrainians to fight totalitarian ideologies and xenophobia (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/28/2013
  • Gazprom hits Ukraine with $7 billion fine (Ukrainian Journal) 01/28/2013
  • Gazprom Sends Ukraine $7 Billion Bill as Gas Dispute Deepens (Businessweek) 01/28/2013
  • Russia Demands $7 Billion From Ukraine For Unused Natural Gas (RFE/RL) 01/28/2013
  • Ukraine 'refuses to pay' $7 billion Russia gas bill: source (Hurriyet Daily News) 01/28/2013
  • Journalist throws sauerkraut at Zhirinovsky in Kyiv (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/28/2013

  • The Dart: Organizing Ukrainian history (The Advocate) 01/27/2013
  • Ukrainian club looks to future at annual raffle (Prince Albert Daily Herald) 01/27/2013
  • Eastern Europe: Ukraine's Doomsday Bay (OCRegister) 01/27/2013
  • Jailed Yulia Tymoshenko set to face murder charges in Ukraine (The Guardian) 01/27/2013
  • Three Ukrainian women stage topless protest in Davos ( 01/27/2013
  • His Eminence Metropolitan Antony Enthroned at St. Andrew the First Called Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral as the 4th Metropolitan of the UOC of the USA (UOCofUSA) 01/27/2013
  • Arts.21: The Jewish legacy in Ukraine (Deutsche Welle) 01/27/2013
  • Gazprom hits Ukraine with surprise $7bln gas bill (MENAFN/AFP) 01/27/2013
  • Ukraine's Gamera-Shmyrko wins Osaka marathon (Business Recorder) 01/27/2013

  • London, Kyiv have among worst hotels in 100-city survey (Kyiv Post/Reuters) 01/26/2013
  • Gazprom Bills Ukraine $7 Bln for Unused Gas - Naftogaz (RIA Novosti) 01/26/2013
  • Naftogaz confirms sending bill by Gazprom for failing to import agreed amount of gas (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/26/2013
  • Russian $7 bln gas bill dampens Ukraine's glee at shale deal (Reuters) 01/26/2013
  • Gazprom hits Ukraine with surprise $7bln gas bill (AFP) 01/26/2013
  • Lukoil negotiating launch of Odesa oil refinery with Ukrainian government (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/26/2013
  • Shell bets big on Ukrainian shale gas (UPI) 01/26/2013
  • Shell for shale: Ukraine signs major deal (euronews) 01/26/2013
  • Ukraine and Shell sign '$10bn' shale gas deal (BBC News) 01/26/2013
  • Ukraine's State Debt Grew 3% in December, Finance Ministry Says (Bloomberg) 01/26/2013
  • Food and Politics in Davos (Forbes) 01/26/2013
  • Zlata Ognevich sings Ukrainian national lullabies ( 01/26/2013
  • Ukranian feminist group protests topless against Davos meet (India Today) 01/26/2013

  • 9th Davos Ukrainian Lunch 'Ukraine: East or West The Wrong Dilemma?' (Pinchuk Fund) 01/25/2013
  • Defense: Akhmetov not involved in high-profile murders (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/25/2013
  • Sterling debut by Ukrainian soprano [Liudmyla Monastyrska at the Met in NYC] (Independent Online) 01/25/2013
  • THE GUARDIAN OF THE PAST, A documentary by Malgorzata Potocka to screen in New York at The Ukrainian Museum (Polish Cultural Institute) 01/25/2013
  • Ukraine preparing for 1025th anniversary of Kievan Rus Baptism (NRCU) 01/25/2013
  • Gongadze murder: Will search for guilty end with Pukach? (Kyiv Post) 01/25/2013
  • EU ambassador in Kyiv: Tymoshenko, Lutsenko among biggest burdens for Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 01/25/2013
  • Opposition seeks dismissal of interior minister and SBU chief (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/25/2013
  • Foreign minister: Ukraine still hopes for partial accession to Customs Union (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/25/2013
  • Yanukovych to skip Davos panel discussion (Ukrainian Journal) 01/25/2013
  • Authorities arrest Ukraine bank account funds of Aerosvit Airlines (Ukrainian Journal) 01/25/2013
  • Ukraine signs landmark shale gas deal with Shell (Globe and Mail) 01/25/2013
  • Naftogaz to be broken up as part of energy sector reform program (Ukrainian Journal) 01/25/2013
  • Royal Dutch Shell PSA opens way for major shale gas extraction project (Ukrainian Journal) 01/25/2013
  • Ukraine, Shell ink $US10bn shale gas deal (The Australian) 01/25/2013
  • Ukraine and Shell sign '$10bn' shale gas deal (BBC News) 01/25/2013
  • Kyiv Could 'Face Default' In 2013 (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 01/25/2013
  • Ukraine Signs Major Shale-Gas Deal (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 01/25/2013
  • Israel joins UN's Kiev Protocol (Ynetnews) 01/25/2013
  • Magnitsky's mother thanks Obama for legislation (Kyiv Post/AP) 01/25/2013
  • Poland and Ukraine rebuild war-torn Carpathian observatory (The News Poland) 01/25/2013
  • Ukraine Lost 4th Highest Number Of Cases At European Court Of Human Rights In 2012 (Ukrainian News Agency) 01/25/2013
  • 'Holodomor' opera explores horror, redemption found during Ukraine famine (Las Vegas Review-Journal) 01/25/2013

  • Record numbers injured as Kiev turns to ice rink (euronews) 01/24/2013
  • Ukrainians say EU nations still too stingy with visas (Kyiv Post) 01/24/2013
  • Ukraine-Shell gas deal: more to come? (Financial Times) 01/24/2013
  • Ukraine Signs $10 Billion Shale Gas Deal with Shell (VOA News) 01/24/2013
  • Back Story: Another challenging period ahead for Kyiv Post (Kyiv Post) 01/24/2013
  • Ukraine hopes to resume purchase of Turkmen gas (Salon/AP) 01/24/2013
  • Govt okays PSA with Royal Dutch Sell to tap vast shale gas deposits (Ukrainian Journal) 01/24/2013
  • Ukraine Readies More Cases Against Tymoshenko, Segodnya Reports (Bloomberg) 01/24/2013
  • Tymoshenko's lawyer Vlasenko not allowed to leave Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/24/2013
  • Groups push for Rada emergency session (Ukrainian Journal) 01/24/2013
  • Popesku: Ukrainian opposition's intention to raise issue of political prisoners wasn't supported by Council of Europe (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/24/2013
  • Tymoshenko murder accusations overshadow upcoming EU-Ukraine summit (EurActiv) 01/24/2013
  • Kuzmin: Shkil's consent needed to close criminal case against him (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/24/2013
  • Yanukovych meets with Kissinger in Davos (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/24/2013
  • Viktor Pinchuk to sponsor Ukraine panel discussion in Davos (Ukrainian Journal) 01/24/2013
  • Udovychenko to Be Ukrainian Deputy Central Banker, Izvestia Says (Bloomberg) 01/24/2013
  • NBU Council to consider appointment of central bank's new deputy heads (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/24/2013
  • NBUs monetary gold reserves rise 26.5% on year in 2012 (Ukrainian Journal) 01/24/2013
  • EU energy proposals frustrate Russia (UPI) 01/24/2013
  • Ukraine set to sign landmark $10 bln shale gas deal with Shell (Reuters) 01/24/2013
  • Ukraine approves PSA with Shell ( 01/24/2013
  • Ukraines Privatbank Plans to Open 200 Branches This Year (Bloomberg) 01/24/2013
  • Ukrainian Economy to Contract This Year, Goldman Sachs Predicts (Bloomberg) 01/24/2013
  • THE INSIDERS: Difficult choices lie ahead for Ukraine (BNE) 01/24/2013
  • Swissport under hostile corporate raider attack in Ukraine (The Sofia Globe) 01/24/2013
  • Ukraine Europe's Top Freelance Country (Elance/PRNewswire) 01/24/2013
  • Italian buyer purchases 3,000 T Ukrainian soybeans (Business Recorder) 01/24/2013
  • Muslims in Ukraine celebrate birthday anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (Press TV) 01/24/2013
  • Brazil to manufacture insulin with Ukraine's help (Xinhua) 01/24/2013
  • Kazakhstan sent international investigation request to Ukraine over AN-72 crash (Tengrinews) 01/24/2013
  • Saskatchewan comedy figure Les 'Metro' Pavelick dead at 71 (Calgary Herald) 01/24/2013
  • Eyewitness: Tragedy of Soviet nuclear submarine K-27 (BBC) 01/24/2013

  • Elena Pinchuk appeals an order to pay half a million to design firm (Kyiv Post) 01/23/2013
  • VIDEO: Ukrainian New Year (The Rick Mercer Report) 01/23/2013
  • Explainer: What Defines A Political Prisoner? (RFE/RL) 01/23/2013
  • Paris Slams Tymoshenko Murder Charge (RIA Novosti) 01/23/2013
  • Kyiv Turns To 'Unconventional' Natural Gas To Wean Itself From Gazprom (RFE/RL) 01/23/2013
  • Ukraine Hopes to Resume Purchase of Turkmen Gas (ABC/AP) 01/23/2013
  • Ukraine, EU Advance on Visa Facilitation Agreement (PRNewswire) 01/23/2013
  • Ukrainian officials are trying to take over Jewish TV station, owner alleges (JTA) 01/23/2013
  • Ukrainian Canadian entertainer 'Metro' dies (CKOM) 01/23/2013
  • Penitentiary service: Lutsenko undergoes surgery in Kyiv (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/23/2013
  • Boy in Ukraine makes amazing long-distance, deep-sea discovery ( 01/23/2013
  • Detention of suspect in Putin murder plot extended (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/23/2013
  • Ukrainian women held for suspected prostitution (The Borneo Post) 01/23/2013
  • Halifax's Ukrainian community celebrates Feast of Jordan (Halifax Evening Courier) 01/23/2013
  • Ex-PM fingers Yanukovych in murder case (Ukrainian Journal) 01/23/2013
  • Ukraine: a choice between the European embrace and the Russian bearhug (Financial Times) 01/23/2013
  • Tombinski hopes EU-Ukraine Association Agreement be signed in November (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/23/2013
  • Minister: Ukraine fulfills all European Court's rulings on material compensation (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/23/2013
  • Yuschenko still leads Our Ukraine Party, says press service (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/23/2013
  • Yanukovych to discuss Ukraines energy infrastructure at Davos forum (Ukrainian Journal) 01/23/2013
  • Ukrainian government empowers finance minister to borrow on foreign markets (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/23/2013
  • DTEK fires 5 top officials after probe finds safety violations (Ukrainian Journal) 01/23/2013
  • EBRD lowers Ukraines 2013 GDP growth forecast to 1%, down from 2.5% (Ukrainian Journal) 01/23/2013
  • Ukraine eyes new state development bank (People's Daily Online) 01/23/2013
  • Ukraine International Airlines takes over Aerosvits flights to Astana ( 01/23/2013

  • Old Comrades in the New Government. The latest reshuffles in the top offices of key government institutions have reinforced the Family to no ones surprise and highlighted an interesting trend: people with Russian background are being appointed to the government en masse. (The Ukrainian Week) 01/22/2013
  • Ukrainian New Year (Aldergrove Star) 01/22/2013
  • [Outgoing U.S. Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton sends jailed Ukrainian ex-PM message of support (Reuters) 01/22/2013
  • Ukrainian Jewish Congress: Gvn't grabbing TV (Jerusalem Post) 01/22/2013
  • Unity Day celebrations in Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 01/22/2013
  • Kiev marks Unity and Liberty Day (euronews) 01/22/2013
  • Yanukovych: Constitutional reform a community project in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/22/2013
  • Yanukovych: Ukraine steadily moving into family of European nations (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/22/2013
  • Ukraine's Tymoshenko Denies Murder Charges (Naharnet) 01/22/2013
  • Tymoshenko Killed Ukrainian MP over Gas Feud Prosecutor (Novinite) 01/22/2013
  • Head of voters committee says: Elections for Kyiv Mayor must take place by end of spring (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/22/2013
  • Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Boiko meets with Gazprom chief (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/22/2013
  • Ukraine Considers Importing Gas From Slovakia (The Herald) 01/22/2013
  • Ukraine Grain Exports Slowed in December, UkrAgroConsult Says (Bloomberg) 01/22/2013
  • Danone Expects to Invest 30 Million Euros in Ukrainian Plants (Bloomberg) 01/22/2013
  • Ukraine airline grounds most flights, readies for bankruptcy [AeroSvit, Ukraine's largest airline] (Reuters) 01/22/2013
  • Wizz Air Ukraine applies for 18 new international routes (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/22/2013
  • Prosecutors try to pin 1996 murder of lawmaker on Tymoshenko (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/22/2013
  • Tymoshenko allies under fire (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/22/2013
  • Tymoshenko probe angers opposition groups (Ukrainian Journal) 01/22/2013
  • Regions Party accuses opposition of trying to disrupt EU-Ukraine summit (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/22/2013
  • European rights court orders Ukraine to pay EUR500,000 for 5 lawsuits (Ukrainian Journal) 01/22/2013
  • Ukraine's foreign minister to visit Brussels next week (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/22/2013
  • Monthly Ukraine industrial decline accelerated to 7.6% in December (Ukrainian Journal) 01/22/2013
  • Ukraines natgas output rose 0.25% last year, government reports (Ukrainian Journal) 01/22/2013
  • EBRD lowers Ukraine's 2013 growth forecast to 1% (People's Daily Online/Xinhua) 01/22/2013

  • High Economic Court upholds rulings obliging Ukraine to pay UESU debt to Russian Defense Ministry (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/21/2013
  • Jailed Former Ukrainian PM's Lawyer Faces Criminal Charges (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 01/21/2013
  • Lawyer of former Ukraine PM Yulia Tymoshenko 'faces criminal charges'. Serhiy Vlasenko told reporters that he had been accused of car theft, robbery and failing to obey a court ruling (The Guardian) 01/21/2013
  • Tymoshenko's lawyer faces legal action in Ukraine (Yahoo/AP) 01/21/2013
  • Popesku reelected as head of Ukrainian permanent delegation to PACE (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/21/2013
  • Where are you going, Ukraine? (EurActiv) 01/21/2013
  • Ukraine to create new unified public broadcaster ( 01/21/2013
  • Rabynovych: Ukrainian authorities trying to deprive him of his Jewish TV channel (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/21/2013
  • Legal cigarette market in Ukraine to continue narrowing in 2013 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/21/2013
  • Ukrainian Ex-Minister's Wife Not Allowed To See Jailed Husband Before Surgery [Lutsenko] (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 01/21/2013
  • Rabynovych: Three financial groups offering assistance to Arsenal Kyiv (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/21/2013
  • Shell, Ukraine sign shale gas production sharing act (Your Industry News) 01/21/2013
  • Ukraine continuing gas imports via Poland (UPI) 01/21/2013
  • Obama Inaugurated For Second Term As U.S. President (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 01/21/2013

  • Video: Celebrate Orthodox Epiphany the Ukranian way (MetroNews Canada) 01/20/2013
  • Event on 20 January tragedy held in Kiev (News.Az) 01/20/2013

  • Former Ukraine PM Tymoshenko named as suspect in 1996 murder case (Irish Examiner) 01/19/2013
  • Ukrainian ex-PM suspected in murder case (Yahoo/AP) 01/19/2013
  • Ukraine begins to cover Russian gas bill (UPI) 01/19/2013
  • Yanukovych wishes Ukrainians pure thoughts and good health on Epiphany (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/19/2013
  • New charges being brought to Tymoshenko to preempt ECHR ruling - Ukrainian opposition statement (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/19/2013
  • State Penitentiary Service: Yevhenia Tymoshenko may visit her mother on Monday (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/19/2013
  • Azarov: PSA with Shell for Yuzovska field to be signed January 24 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/19/2013
  • Pidhrushna second in women's pursuit at Biathlon World Cup (Kyiv Post) 01/19/2013

  • The Yanukovych Ruin and Its Aftermath, Part 2. By Alexander J. Motyl (World Affairs Journal) 01/18/2013
  • Azarov: Ukraine steaming ahead with diversification of gas sources (Kyiv Post) 01/18/2013
  • Check it out: Ukrainian New Year, model trains, music, more (Sacramento Bee) 01/18/2013
  • Ukraine: edging towards IMF deal (Financial Times) 01/18/2013
  • Ukraine Government Plans to Charge Ex-Premier With Murder [Tymoshenko] (New York Times) 01/18/2013
  • Prosecutor Says Tymoshenko Suspected Of Ordering Lawmaker's Murder (RFE/RL) 01/18/2013
  • Ukraine ex-PM accused of contract killing [Tymoshenko] (Herald Sun/AAP) 01/18/2013
  • Ukrainian ex-PM Tymoshenko may face life in prison for 'ordering murder' (RT) 01/18/2013
  • Ukraine prosecutor accuses Tymoshenko of murder (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/18/2013
  • Pshonka: Tymoshenko's health state allows involving her in investigatory, court proceedings (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/18/2013
  • Ukraine's Tymoshenko accused of organising 1996 murder (France24/AFP) 01/18/2013
  • Prosecutor wants life in prison for Tymoshenko for ordering a murder (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/18/2013
  • Ukraine Prosecutors Say Tymoshenko May Face Murder Charge (Bloomberg) 01/18/2013
  • Ukrainian opposition MP sprayed with green antiseptic as Tymoshenko's trial is delayed after health declines to 'critical' level (Daily Mail) 01/18/2013
  • Parliamentarians forcibly removed from Tymoshenko hospital (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/18/2013
  • Shkil to ask for political asylum in Czech Republic (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/18/2013
  • President accuses officials of 'sabotage' (Ukrainian Journal) 01/18/2013
  • Hryvnia will slide 8.75% in value this year, World Bank predicts (Ukrainian Journal) 01/18/2013
  • Kharkiv regional council vote helps clear way to shale gas deal (Ukrainian Journal) 01/18/2013
  • 2012 growth will be lower than government forecast, World Bank says (Ukrainian Journal) 01/18/2013
  • Ukraine, Shell expected to sign $10 bln shale deal Jan 24-PM (Reuters) 01/18/2013
  • Ukraine already receiving gas from Europe via Poland, eyeing two more routes (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/18/2013
  • Firtash flexes energy muscles (Kyiv Post) 01/18/2013
  • Anti-shale gas campaign gets new momentum with Svoboda (Kyiv Post) 01/18/2013
  • Azarov: Ukraine ready to borrow internationally, not ready to concede to IMF demands (Kyiv Post) 01/18/2013
  • Ukrainian railways not to be privatized, says minister (Kyiv Post) 01/18/2013
  • Vacancy rate in Kyiv offices amounted to 14.5% in 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/18/2013
  • Shell ready to use Ukrainian pipes (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/18/2013
  • Ukraine's macroeconomic situation in 2012 (Kyiv Post) 01/18/2013
  • Shell, Ukraine Sign Shale Gas Production Sharing Act (The Herald) 01/18/2013
  • Ukraine Grain Output Seen by UN Poised to Rise on Winter Crop (Bloomberg) 01/18/2013
  • Expats to Watch: Siemens Ukraine CEO sees big needs, potential ahead (Kyiv Post) 01/18/2013
  • Ukranian far-right party says 'This is a safe place for Zhids' (Jewish Chronicle) 01/18/2013
  • Pope raises Ukrainian Exarchate in Great Britain to status of Eparchy (Catholic Herald) 01/18/2013
  • Ukrainian choirs and vocal groups performed Sunday in Parma (Cleveland Plain Dealer) 01/18/2013
  • Kazakhstan defeats Ukraine ( 01/18/2013
  • Made in Ukraine netsuke coveted by collectors (Kyiv Post) 01/18/2013
  • Author of sex guide finds Ukrainian women feminine but also corpse-like (Kyiv Post) 01/18/2013
  • Kyiv history museum reopens after 9 years (Kyiv Post) 01/18/2013

  • Viy, Ukrainian-Swiss premiere (Kyiv Post) 01/17/2013
  • Ambassador of Ukraine [Motsyk] to open Consular Office in Tucson [Exhibit: HOLODOMOR THROUGH THE EYES OF CHILDREN] (Tucson Citizen) 01/17/2013
  • Ukraine and Russia working with Syria to save Ukrainian Journalist (Center for Research on Globalization) 01/17/2013
  • Less bail for release of Ukraine journalist demanded (The Voice of Russia) 01/17/2013
  • Berthoud organization reaches out to help orphans in Ukraine (Reporter Herald) 01/17/2013
  • Yanukovych slams government, local authorities for 'sabotage' (Kyiv Post) 01/17/2013
  • President denies planned trip to Moscow (Ukrainian Journal) 01/17/2013
  • Syrian insurgents ready to release Kochneva for $300,000 ransom, says her realtive (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/17/2013
  • Syrian Embassy: Kochneva was kidnapped for objective coverage of events in Syria (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/17/2013
  • Ukraine doing its utmost for release of female journalist captured in Syria - diplomat (The Voice of Russia) 01/17/2013
  • Renaissance Group reported planning to close Ukrainian division (Ukrainian Journal) 01/17/2013
  • Vote of Donestk local council moves Ukraine closer to PSA with Shell (Ukrainian Journal) 01/17/2013
  • Shell Close to Signing $10 Billion Shale Gas Deal with Ukraine (OilPrice) 01/17/2013
  • Ukraine moves closer to US$10b shale gas deal with Shell (Business Times) 01/17/2013
  • Rada may hold hearings on shale gas environmental problems in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/17/2013
  • Fighting Unabashed Criminal Dictatorship in Ukraine's Coal Mining Region (Global Voices Online) 01/17/2013
  • Latvia to probe controversial supplier to Ukraine's Naftogaz (BNE) 01/17/2013
  • Novus to open eight supermarkets in Ukraine in 2013 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/17/2013
  • Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine : Hennady Temnyk: Debt caused by divergences in tariffs for the last year must be repaid completely (4-Traders) 01/17/2013
  • Ukraine should bring antismoking law to conformity with international standards - expert (BSANNA) 01/17/2013
  • Ukrainian students design bed-making robot (NZweek) 01/17/2013
  • Ukraine ready to take part in EU's anti-piracy operation (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/17/2013
  • Ukrainian asks Russia for asylum (Yahoo/IANS/RIA Novosti) 01/17/2013
  • Rare Amur Tigers Born At Ukrainian Zoo (RFE/RL) 01/17/2013
  • Ukrainian president adjusts secretariat structure (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/17/2013
  • Azarov unhappy about implementation of national action plan in 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/17/2013
  • Arturo Francisco Babenko appointed Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/17/2013
  • EU should take note of Ukraine's new referendum law (EurActiv) 01/17/2013
  • Protracted conflicts, human trafficking and media freedom amongst Ukraines OSCE 2013 priorities (OSCE) 01/17/2013
  • Houses prices in Kyiv increased up to 8% in 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/17/2013
  • Sales of houses in Kyiv region up almost 30% in 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/17/2013
  • Ukraine in talks with Korean Gas and Chinas CNPC over LNG terminal (Ukrainian Journal) 01/17/2013

  • AeroSvit to service 6 routes itself by late January (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/16/2013
  • Freedom House Laments Eurasian Declines, 'Return Of Iron Fist' In Russia (RFE/RL) 01/16/2013
  • First deputy foreign minister: Kyiv doing its utmost to release journalist Kochneva (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/16/2013
  • Gryshchenko: Kyiv successfully fulfilling action plan on visa liberalization with EU (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/16/2013
  • Newly adopted Ukraine teenager reunites with best friend in Louisville (WAVE) 01/16/2013
  • Louisville family adopts 16-year-old Ukrainian daughter (WDRB) 01/16/2013
  • Family adopting 3 sisters from Ukraine discover 2 more siblings ( 01/16/2013
  • Travel 101 ... Kyiv. How to spend $101 (you big spender, you) in a day in Eastern Europe (TODAYonline) 01/16/2013
  • Ukrainian railway workers hold protest (Press TV) 01/16/2013
  • Pipeline links up with Germany. Multibillion-dollar investment in Gazela gives better access to Russian gas; cuts dependence on supplies coming through Ukraine (Prague Post) 01/16/2013
  • Kyiv to attract investor to set up TV screen in center of Kyiv (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/16/2013
  • An Opportunity for Ambition: Ukraines OSCE Chairmanship (Carnegie Endowment) 01/16/2013
  • Photo: Maryland center Alex Len, top left, of Ukraine, and guard Nick Faust make their way through fans who stormed the court after an NCAA college basketball game against North Carolina State (Yahoo/AP) 01/16/2013
  • Ukrainian National Referendum: Direct Democracy or Constitutional Abuse? (JURIST) 01/16/2013
  • Dangerous hobby or Peculiarities of ice fishing (ForUm) 01/16/2013
  • Big John too big for Kyiv mall (Kyiv Post) 01/16/2013
  • Ukrainian legal persons allowed to form NGOs (ForUm) 01/16/2013
  • Official expected to keep job despite $1 billion LNG terminal fiasco (Ukrainian Journal) 01/16/2013
  • Police: Top Russian mafia boss killed in Moscow (AP) 01/16/2013
  • No visit to Moscow in Yanukovych's schedule for February (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/16/2013
  • Activist who sprayed police at language protest gets one-year suspended sentence (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/16/2013
  • Svoboda demands probe into police actions during Ukrainian, Russian foreign ministers' visit to Chernivtsi (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/16/2013
  • Azerbaijani ruling party hopes for Ukraines assistance in settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict ( 01/16/2013
  • Chinese Defense Minister visits Ukraine (Global Times/Xinhua) 01/16/2013
  • Ukraine, China Intensify Cooperation (PRNewswire) 01/16/2013
  • Playground devoted to Ukraine's two-sided economy at Peizazhna Alley opens (Kyiv Post) 01/16/2013
  • Arbuzov: Ukraine plans on asking the IMF for 10 billion SDR loan (Ukrainian Journal) 01/16/2013
  • Ukraine to issue UAH8 billion of 5yr 14.3% bonds to prop up Naftogaz (Ukrainian Journal) 01/16/2013
  • Ukrainian onions successfully compete on Russian and Romanian markets (Fresh Plaza) 01/16/2013
  • Ukrainian brothers now the big cheese [Andriy and Taras Kogut, owners of Blue Bay Cheese in Australia] (Weekly Times Now) 01/16/2013
  • Women-parliamentarians visit Kachanivska prison, says penitentiary service (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/16/2013
  • Klitschko has highest rating in Kyiv mayoral election, but Popov has best chance of victory (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/16/2013
  • Kolobov, Tefft discuss prospects for economic development in Ukraine (ForUm) 01/16/2013
  • When faced with the need to transfer sovereignty to Moscow, Ukraines political class will choose to continue negotiations with the IMF - expert (The Voice of Russia) 01/16/2013
  • Freedom House notes decline in democracy in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/16/2013
  • Ukraine's biggest donor over many years has been Russia (The Voice of Russia) 01/16/2013
  • Ukraine Will Sign Agreement With EU. Reforms needed to meet EU requirements (The Epoch Times) 01/16/2013
  • Ukraine Will Sign Agreement With EU. Reforms needed to meet EU requirements (The Epoch Times) 01/16/2013
  • Former envoy calls for pressure on prez (Ukrainian Journal) 01/16/2013

  • Mexico investigating disappearance of Ukrainian married couple, says ministry (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Lifestyle Blog: Ukraines popular Shchedryk lives new life beyond the country's borders (Kyiv Post) 01/15/2013
  • Daughter of jailed Ukrainian leader Tymoshenko target of 'hacking attack'. Over 4,000 emails of Eugenia Tymoshenko posted online as part of smear campaign (The Independent) 01/15/2013
  • Memo to No 10: On Europe, we're damned if we do, and we're damned if we don't (Daily Telegraph) 01/15/2013
  • US official: Washington's policy on Ukraine won't change during Obama's second presidency (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • European Comission: Visa free regime with Ukraine will be in place 'in due course' (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Photo: A doctor inspects HIV-positive patients at the state-run Lavra clinic, Ukraine's main HIV treatment centre, in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/15/2013
  • Patients of Ukraine's main AIDS clinic at risk of losing medication (Kyiv Post) 01/15/2013
  • Academic 'Ghostwriting' Still Going Strong In Russia (RFE/RL) 01/15/2013
  • Ukraine repays record sum of $3.7 billion to IMF in 2012, payments to grow to $5.8 billion in 2013 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Kiev aims to cut emissions from gas pipes (UPI) 01/15/2013
  • Troika Brokerage Fined by Ukraine Stock Market Regulator (Bloomberg) 01/15/2013
  • Children unconvinced by smuggling scorpion's pro-tax payment message (Kyiv Post) 01/15/2013
  • Siberian tiger cubs born in Ukraine - video (The Guardian) 01/15/2013
  • Prison chief: Tymoshenko agrees to medical procedures, camera won't be removed from her ward (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Lavrov Talks Customs Union With Ukraine (The Moscow Times) 01/15/2013
  • News Analysis: Russian FM's visit to Ukraine improves Kiev-Moscow ties (APA) 01/15/2013
  • Moscow pins hopes on Ukraines OSCE presidency (Armenian News) 01/15/2013
  • Ukrainian lawmakers offer to introduce criminal charges for violation of voting procedure (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Tymoshenko undergoing medical procedures in full, says doctor (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Prison chief promises to remove cameras from Tymoshenko's ward (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Lawmakers fail to meet Tymoshenko (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Opposition questions NBU chief approval (Ukrainian Journal) 01/15/2013
  • Kyiv Court of Appeals upholds Volha's 5-year prison sentence (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Official calls for creation of national police force by 2015 (Ukrainian Journal) 01/15/2013
  • IMF mission to arrive in Ukraine for round of talks on Jan. 25 (Ukrainian Journal) 01/15/2013
  • Monetary base will grow 6-8% this year, according to cenbank forecast (Ukrainian Journal) 01/15/2013
  • MP Kinakh (Party Of Regions) Predicts Trade Deficit Of At Least USD 15 Billion For 2012 (Ukrainian News Agency) 01/15/2013
  • Cabinet Reprimands National Projects Agency Chairman Kaskiv (Ukrainian News Agency) 01/15/2013
  • 'Poultry' standard is obstacle on way of Ukrainian products to EU (UkrAgroConsult) 01/15/2013
  • Ukraine increases agricultural export 40% (Fresh Plaza) 01/15/2013
  • Renaissance Group to close office in Ukraine, says media report (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • AeroSvit returns over 12,000 delayed passengers to Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • AeroSvit Decides To Suspend Kyiv-Moscow Flights From January 15 (Ukrainian News Agency) 01/15/2013
  • Foreign Ministry advises Ukrainians not to travel to Mali (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Annie Leibovitz photographs Stella Artois [Tanya Ruban, a Ukranian model] (Houston Chronicle) 01/15/2013
  • 250 cinema halls could be open in Ukraine by 2017, Yanukovych junior says (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Eight injured in Ukraine café shooting (The Voice of Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Young man opens gunfire in Rivne Oblast café (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/15/2013
  • Dmitry Krivenko Wins the BBL Dunk Contest 2013! (Hoopsfix) 01/15/2013
  • Shakhtar Donetsk prepared to sell Willian to Chelsea or Tottenham for 20m (The Independent) 01/15/2013

  • Boxing: Brown shows bottle in Kiev (The Scotsman) 01/14/2013
  • Russia's Muddled Policy Driving Migrant Workers Into Shadows (RFE/RL) 01/14/2013
  • Ukrainian impact on EU-Russia relations is getting stronger (EurActiv) 01/14/2013
  • Lavrov sees no contradiction between Russia, Ukraine integration within EU, CIS (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/14/2013
  • Kolesnichenko wants to brief EP on growth of fascism threat in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/14/2013
  • Ukraine reportedly seeking $15 billion IMF loan (Yahoo/AP) 01/14/2013
  • New OSCE Chairperson, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara, to present priorities in Vienna on Thursday (OSCE) 01/14/2013
  • Olesia's Place in North Royalton offers fare with Ukrainian flare: Restaurant Row (Cleveland Plain Dealer) 01/14/2013
  • Six people freeze to death in Lviv region (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/14/2013
  • Warm spell in Ukraine followed by hard frosts (ForUm) 01/14/2013
  • Malanka celebrated in Pirogovo (Kyiv Post) 01/14/2013
  • Register online before crossing Polish-Ukrainian border (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/14/2013
  • Czech Republic opens new pipeline that will help bring Russian gas to wider EU (Fox/AP) 01/14/2013
  • Ambassador: EU interested in Ukrainian GTS (ForUm) 01/14/2013
  • Arbuzov: Ukraine hopes to negotiate new program for cooperation with IMF (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/14/2013
  • Ukraine International Airlines launches 10 international routes earlier occupied by AeroSvit (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/14/2013
  • Lavrov for ties with Ukraine and Europe (The Voice of Russia) 01/14/2013
  • Russia open for strategic partnership with Ukraine Lavrov (The Voice of Russia) 01/14/2013
  • Ukraine is expected to export 200000 tonnes of wheat (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/14/2013
  • Ukraine wants to get Lithuania's Siauliai arena project (The Baltic Course) 01/14/2013
  • Over 300 thousand applicants to submit documents to Ukrainian universities (ForUm) 01/14/2013
  • Batkivschyna Party urges US, UK, Germany to investigate falsification of correspondence of Tymoshenko's daughter (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/14/2013
  • Razvozzhayev leaves Russia for Ukraine on brother's passport (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/14/2013
  • Dispelling the myths of Ukraine, EU relations (EurActiv) 01/14/2013
  • Photo: Elina Svitolina of Ukraine hits a return to Angelique Kerber of Germany during their women's singles match at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/14/2013

  • Kyiv, Ukraine Unveils an Ice Sculpture Park: Photos (The Epoch Times) 01/13/2013
  • Kyiv, Ukraine Unveils an Ice Sculpture Park: Photos (The Epoch Times) 01/13/2013
  • Lehighton: A traditional Ukrainian Christmas with food and caroling led by the Kazka Folk Ensemble (Republican Herald) 01/13/2013
  • Photo: A man drinks from the a bottle as he walks in a snow covered park after snowfall in Kie (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/13/2013
  • Parma's St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral celebrates Christmas (Cleveland Plain Dealer) 01/13/2013
  • Femen Protests Pope's Stand Against Same-Sex Marriage (RFE/RL) 01/13/2013
  • Mass Paris rally against gay marriage in France (BBC) 01/13/2013
  • Ukrainian Film Club at Columbia University will open its 2013 season with a program of films never before screened in the US (BRAMA) 01/13/2013
  • Vestnik Kavkaza: Ukraine to join Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan (Kyiv Post) 01/13/2013
  • Rebuilding Radio Liberty (The Moscow Times) 01/13/2013
  • Armenian News Network: AeroSvit pledges to operate Kyiv-Yerevan-Kyiv flight (Kyiv Post) 01/13/2013
  • Five myths about leaving Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 01/13/2013
  • Topless feminists in Vatican gay protest (The Australian) 01/13/2013
  • Ten silent films you may not have seen (and may want to) (New Statesman) 01/13/2013
  • Ukrainian Teen's Gypsy Lifestyle Stigmatized (Women's eNews) 01/13/2013
  • Sky Sports: Ukraine defeated Great Britain in the World Series of Boxing (Kyiv Post) 01/13/2013
  • Ukraine: Ukrainer oder Asiaten? (Radio Vatikan) 01/13/2013

  • Edmontonians celebrate winter on Alberta Avenue (Global Edmonton) 01/12/2013
  • Malanka in Scranton Not Your Average Celebration (Scranton Times Tribune) 01/12/2013
  • Mission of Ukraine to the European Union: Seven myths on EU-Ukraine association agreement (Kyiv Post) 01/12/2013
  • Heritage Foundation says Ukraine remains 'repressed' economy (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/12/2013
  • European integration priority for all parliamentary parties in Ukraine, Rada speaker tells U.S. ambassador (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/12/2013
  • NBU head elected legitimately, but Rada should have used full procedure, says first deputy speaker (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/12/2013
  • Chernivtsi City Council requests ban on rallies during Russian, Ukrainian foreign ministers' meeting (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/12/2013
  • Tymoshenko searched twice during her prison stay, say officials (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/12/2013
  • USDA upgrades Ukraine's wheat export forecast for 2012 by 200000 tonnes (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/12/2013
  • AeroSvit opens anti-crisis center two weeks after launch of bankruptcy proceedings (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/12/2013
  • World Series Boxing: British Lionhearts defeated in Ukraine (BBC) 01/12/2013
  • Lomachenko and Usyk delight in classy Ukraine victory over Great Britain (4-1) ( 01/12/2013
  • Everything you always wanted to know about Hava Nagila but were afraid to ask (The Huntsville Times) 01/12/2013

  • Ukrainian men acted in contempt over Sean Quinn-linked deal (RTE News) 01/11/2013
  • Zoloti Vorota metro station in Kyiv included in list of most impressive stations in Europe (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/11/2013
  • Azarov promises to personally oversee cooperation between Ukraine, EU (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/11/2013
  • Kyiv Activists Occupy Business Center In Support Of Miners' Protest (RFE/RL) 01/11/2013
  • Ukraine reduces oil production 1.4% in 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/11/2013
  • Svoboda faction refuses to recognize Sorkin's appointment as NBU Governor (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/11/2013
  • Lawsuit heats up battle between Kvit, Tabachnyk (Kyiv Post) 01/11/2013
  • Opposition leaves parliament after failure to pass bill decriminalizing Tymoshenko article (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/11/2013
  • Women from parliamentary opposition want to meet with Tymoshenko (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/11/2013
  • 'The Family,' Akhmetov rise in Cabinet reshuffle (Kyiv Post) 01/11/2013
  • Hacked PR documents accelerate political war (Kyiv Post) 01/11/2013
  • Gryshchenko: Ukraine's success in introduction of European standards to help country play special role in Europe (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/11/2013
  • EU free-trade is incompatible with Customs Union, says Ukraine envoy (Ukrainian Journal) 01/11/2013
  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry upbeat on planned Chernivtsi meeting (Ukrainian Journal) 01/11/2013
  • Kyiv refuses to extradite Georgian ex-official to Tbilisi (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/11/2013
  • Drop in 2012 Russian natgas imports more pronounced than projected (Ukrainian Journal) 01/11/2013
  • Ukraine slightly ups electricity consumption in 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/11/2013
  • Ukraine Increases Agricultural Export by 40% - Agriculture Minister (Yahoo/PR Newswire) 01/11/2013
  • Ukraine to send peacekeepers to Cote d'Ivoire (People's Daily Online/Xinhua) 01/11/2013
  • Ukraine: Illichivsk Port Dredging Contract Awarded (Dredging Today) 01/11/2013
  • LOT airline halts cooperation with AeroSvit (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/11/2013
  • Prosecutor General: Kharkiv judge's coin collection probably was motive for his murder (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/11/2013
  • Ukraine to answer for accusations of neglect involving baby in prison (Kyiv Post) 01/11/2013
  • The incredible treasures buried at a Black Sea fortress 2,000 years ago to save them from invading Romans [Crimean settlement of Artezia, in modern day Ukraine] (Daily Mail) 01/11/2013
  • Ukraine Experiences (Website) 01/11/2013
  • Play it again, Viktor: Ukraine votes (twice) to appoint central bank governor (Financial Times) 01/11/2013
  • Turchynov says Regions Party has 14 duplicates of voting cards to vote for absent lawmakers (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/11/2013
  • Photo: Parliament members scuffle over the appointment of Central Bank Deputy Chairman Ihor Sorkin as the new chairman of the central bank, during a session of the Ukrainian parliament (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/11/2013
  • President rebuffed by Parliament on NBU (Ukrainian Journal) 01/11/2013

  • EU still fails to get Tymoshenko out of prison (Presseurop/Gazeta Wyborcza) 01/10/2013
  • Relatives of kidnapped journalist Anhar Kochneva unaware of her fate (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/10/2013
  • The Yanukovych Ruin and Its Aftermath, Part 1. By Alexander J. Motyl (World Affairs Journal) 01/10/2013
  • Ukraine's monetary policy is shockingly incompetent (Kyiv Post) 01/10/2013
  • Ukraine Demoted in Gas Transit (The Moscow Times) 01/10/2013
  • Ukrainian Parties Block Central Bank Vote in Tymoshenko Protest (Bloomberg) 01/10/2013
  • Poll: Almost half of Ukrainians back Ukraine's accession to EU (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/10/2013
  • Depardieu's Passport Irks Russians Who Have Waited Years For Citizenship (RFE/RL) 01/10/2013
  • Experts: Ukraine could join Customs Union if association agreement with EU is not signed in November (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/10/2013
  • Ukraine to send peacekeepers to Ivory Coast again (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/10/2013
  • World in Ukraine. Indian businesses reach out to Yanukovych during visit (Kyiv Post) 01/10/2013
  • Ukraines Aerosvit Cancels Flights, Government Helps Passengers (Bloomberg) 01/10/2013
  • Ukraine's Faster GDP Growth May Help Avoid IMF Loan, RenCap Says (Businessweek) 01/10/2013
  • Ukraine's Embassy in Mexico will check media reports about murder of Ukrainian tourist (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/10/2013
  • Tymoshchuk hints at Bayern exit (Goal) 01/10/2013
  • Opposition demands that 'Tymoshenko article' be decriminalized, Ukraine's course to Europe be confirmed (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/10/2013
  • Tymoshenko in 'disobedience campaign' (Herald Sun/AAP) 01/10/2013
  • Tymoshenko: president 'destroying Ukraine' (UPI) 01/10/2013
  • Chervony Partyzan mine management asking police to evict protesters from director's office (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/10/2013
  • Miners seize Chervony Partyzan coalmine director's office with demands for Akhmetov, regional authorities (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/10/2013
  • Skubashevsky, Herman appointed Ukrainian president's non-staff advisors (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/10/2013
  • Yakymenko named by president to replace Kalinin as SBU chief (Ukrainian Journal) 01/10/2013
  • Batkivschyna, UDAR won't support Sorkin's candidacy for NBU governor (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/10/2013
  • Sorkin nominated to succeed NBU governor (Ukrainian Journal) 01/10/2013
  • Russia's Lavrov congratulates Kozhara on his appointment as Ukraine's foreign minister (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/10/2013
  • Party of Regions MPs Poliachenko, Zats, Blahodyr Inaugurated (Ukrainian News Agency) 01/10/2013
  • President authorizes nuke power plant safety deal with EBRD, Euratom (Ukrainian Journal) 01/10/2013
  • Sea-based $400 million natgas drilling rig arrives in Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 01/10/2013
  • Ukraine saw deflation in 2012 for 1st time in 10yrs, says government (Ukrainian Journal) 01/10/2013
  • Good start for Ukraine grains lifts harvest hopes ( 01/10/2013
  • AeroSvit claims plane delays at foreign airports unjustified (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/10/2013
  • Ukraine's AeroSvit to stop flights on Kiev-Baku-Kiev route from February (APA) 01/10/2013

  • Local Filmmakers Documentary Selected For Princeton Environmental Film Festival [Andrea Odezynska] (Princeton Town Topics) 01/09/2013
  • Wizz Air to launch daily Kyiv-Budapest flights by March 14 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/09/2013
  • Ukraine's forex reserves remain at sufficient level, says NBU (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/09/2013
  • Foreign Ministry doing everything to release Kochneva [Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva was kidnapped by rebels in Syria in October 2012] (NRCU) 01/09/2013
  • Ukraine becomes second post-soviet country to lead the OSCE (Press TV) 01/09/2013
  • Kwasniewski: Ukraine closest to European standards among former Soviet Union countries (BSANNA/UKRINFORM) 01/09/2013
  • Russia, Ukraine sell arms to Syria, Iraq (UPI) 01/09/2013
  • Russian gas transit through Ukraine will not be lower than in 2012 - Stavytsky (NRCU) 01/09/2013
  • Controversy Looms As Work Begins On Polish Film About Smolensk Plane Crash (RFE/RL) 01/09/2013
  • Prosecutor General's Office resumes criminal proceedings against Melnychenko (NRCU) 01/09/2013
  • AeroSvit resumes flights between Tel Aviv and Kyiv (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/09/2013
  • Russia restricts poultry imports from Ukraine (World Poultry) 01/09/2013
  • Polish Next-Day Power Drops for Second Day on Ukraine Flows (Bloomberg) 01/09/2013
  • AeroSvit's bankruptcy changes Ukraine's air market (Press TV) 01/09/2013
  • Can you be 'a little bit pregnant?': Customs Union diplomacy heats up (Ukrainian Journal) 01/09/2013
  • Invigorated Customs Union Presents Russia's Neighbors With Stark Choice (RFE/RL) 01/09/2013
  • Ukrainian-EU free trade area incompatible with Ukraine's accession to Customs Union, diplomat says (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/09/2013
  • Ukrainian investigative journalist says he found listening device in his apartment (Kyiv Post) 01/09/2013
  • Stalled oil refining and metals sectors will revive in 2013, PM says (Ukrainian Journal) 01/09/2013
  • Ukraine cancels plan to hire Washington PR firm for LNG project (Ukrainian Journal) 01/09/2013
  • Jailed former PM to boycott prosecutors (Ukrainian Journal) 01/09/2013
  • Lukashenka and Yanukovichs smuggling schemes? (Charter97) 01/09/2013
  • Ukraines Yanukovych Nominates Sorkin to Head Central Bank (Businessweek) 01/09/2013
  • Ukraine's national budget revenues 10% up in 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/09/2013
  • Azarov orders vice premier to look into situation with AeroSvit (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/09/2013
  • Investigations intensify against Ukrainian presidential bodyguard accused of espionage (RAPSI) 01/09/2013
  • Foreign Ministry: Ukraine's Ambassador to Cuba Tetiana Sayenko dies (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/09/2013
  • Comment: Ukrainian eurobond market as of 8 January (Cbonds) 01/09/2013
  • Ukraine Reassures Taxpayers On New Property Tax (Tax-News) 01/09/2013
  • Macroeconomic indicators - Deflation in Ukraine (SteelGuru) 01/09/2013
  • Azarov: Ukraine could increase winter crop harvest by 20-30% in 2013 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/09/2013
  • Italys foreign minister says 3 Italians, 1 Ukrainian kidnapped Dec. 23 off Nigeria freed (Washington Post/AP) 01/09/2013
  • Ukraine investigates Sherlock (C21Media) 01/09/2013
  • Oh no Femen's opened a branch in Brazil: Topless activists pictured being dragged from Sao Paulo shopping mall protest (Daily Mail) 01/09/2013
  • Bubka hints at ties between Qatar and Ukraine in sports (Peninsula On-line) 01/09/2013
  • Ethnic pride fuels new Shumka dance (St. Albert Gazette) 01/09/2013
  • Local Filmmaker's Documentary Selected For Princeton Environmental Film Festival (Town Topics) 01/09/2013

  • Mila Kunis - Mila Kunis cooks Ukrainian food ( 01/08/2013
  • Statistics Service: Deflation in Ukraine, at 0.2%, seen for first time in 10 years (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/08/2013
  • Olympic Champion Usyk to line-up for Ukraine versus Great Britain ( 01/08/2013
  • 100s Stranded in Kiev After Heading to the Tziyun of the Bal HaTanya (Yeshiva World News) 01/08/2013
  • Photos: Orthodox Christians Celebrate Christmas (RFE/RL) 01/08/2013
  • Ukrainian Winter Crops Seen by Oil World Facing Frost Threat (Bloomberg) 01/08/2013
  • The Gazette traveled to the Ukraine (Shore News Today) 01/08/2013
  • OSCE final report on Oct. 28 parliamentary election cites need for improved transparency, fairness (Kyiv Post) 01/08/2013
  • China Invests in Ukraine Coal Gasification (Oil Price) 01/08/2013
  • Ukraine: 3-year-old boy falls eight storeys, survives due to snow (IBN Live) 01/08/2013
  • Artur Miranyan scores screamer in Ukraine U18s v Lithuania U18s clash ( 01/08/2013
  • State secret disclosure case against Melnychenko sent for additional investigation (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/08/2013
  • Energy ministry orders heads of 13 coalmines to prepare property for privatization by early March (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/08/2013
  • Mobile phone ads with Lenin spark anger in Poland (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/08/2013
  • Tymoshenko suspects poison in her cosmetics, experts reject her suspicions, says penitentiary service (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/08/2013
  • Case against 'Dykayev gang' closed due to deaths of defendants, trial of law enforcers continues (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/08/2013
  • Local Ukrainian Community Observes Malanka to Mark New Year (Scranton Times Tribune) 01/08/2013
  • Elena V to launch Ukrainian line during NY Fashion Week [at The Ukrainian Museum in NYC] (Fibre2Fashion) 01/08/2013
  • Weather Center announces storm warning in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/08/2013
  • President: says Ukraine will develop close partnership with Customs Union this year (NRCU) 01/08/2013
  • Foreign Ministry: 152 passengers to arrive in Kyiv from New York on Jan. 8 via Aerosvit (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/08/2013
  • Oman, Ukraine sporting ties on the anvil (Oman Daily Observer) 01/08/2013
  • UN praises Ukraines help to Syrians (ForUm) 01/08/2013
  • 'Good Samaritans' seek Ukrainian wives. In the West Bank, the world's few remaining Samaritans are starting to marry women from outside to expand the gene pool (Al Jazeera) 01/08/2013
  • OSCE recognized elections in Ukraine, but reported on shortcomings (NRCU) 01/08/2013
  • Crimean Republican 'Black Sea Undersea Research Center' can get UNESCO status (NRCU) 01/08/2013

  • A surprising map of the best and worst countries to be born into today [Best: Switzerland, Australia and Norway; Worst: Nigeria, Kenya and Ukraine] (Washington Post) 01/07/2013
  • Bankrupt Airline Leaves Israelis Stranded in Ukraine (Arutz Sheva) 01/07/2013
  • At a crossroads between Moscow and the EU (Deutsche Welle) 01/07/2013
  • [North Port] Church bazaar caters to memories of home (Herald Tribune) 01/07/2013
  • Ukrainian church robbed on Christmas Day [Australia] (Cape Breton Post) 01/07/2013
  • Thief robs Sydney church on Ukrainian Christmas Day (The Chronicle Herald) 01/07/2013
  • Christmas greetings of President Yanukovych to Ukrainian nation (Kyiv Post) 01/07/2013
  • Ukraine leaders take part in Christmas service (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/07/2013
  • Steven Korn's Wasteful Personal Spending at RFE/RL (World Affairs Journal) 01/07/2013
  • Inside Chernobyls abandoned hospital, 27 years after Ukrainian nuclear plant went into meltdown (Daily Mail) 01/07/2013
  • Foreign Ministry: Over 200 Ukrainians cannot return to Ukraine because of cancellation of AeroSvit's flights (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/07/2013
  • Premium chocolate to lead Ukrainian confectionery resurgence, says Leatherhead (Confectionery) 01/07/2013
  • International Sailing Federation: Ukraine's Izarov and Kalinchuk take narrow cadet worlds victory over compatriots (Kyiv Post) 01/07/2013
  • First case of swine flu recorded in Kyiv this year (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/07/2013
  • Protracted conflicts, arms control, trafficking in human beings top agenda as Ukraine takes over OSCE Chair (Public Radio of Armenia) 01/07/2013
  • FC Dynamo Kyiv's halfback to continue carrier in France's Evian (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/07/2013
  • India's Ukrainian queen of Amway (BRW) 01/07/2013

  • Flowers and ice in the Ukraine (Sky News Australia) 01/06/2013
  • Sask. Ukrainian community begins Christmas celebrations (CBC) 01/06/2013

  • Azarov honored with superior honor award of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/05/2013
  • Is Ukraine a lazy nation? (Kyiv Post) 01/05/2013
  • Kyiv Mohyla Academy versus Ministry of Education (Kyiv Post) 01/05/2013
  • Ukrainian Sold Kidneys To Sri Lanka (Sunday Leader) 01/05/2013
  • Folk rockers Zrada look beyond Ukrainian roots (CBC) 01/05/2013
  • FC Dynamo Kyiv general secretary Babiychuk dies (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/05/2013

  • The Ukrainian Canadian Congress wishes all Ukrainian Canadians a joyous Ukrainian Christmas! (Canada NewsWire) 01/04/2013
  • Gérard Depardieu en visite en Ukraine? (Le Figaro) 01/04/2013
  • Depardieu visite l'Ukraine en catimini (Le Point) 01/04/2013
  • Ukrainian New Year's in the Border City [celebrate the Ukrainian New Year Jan. 12] (Lloydminster Source) 01/04/2013
  • AeroSvit continues operations, fulfilling current liabilities to contractors (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/04/2013
  • Boryspil airport suspends AeroSvit's flights due to non-payment of services (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/04/2013
  • Kyiv To Introduce Contactless Travel Documents For Overland Transport Before 2014 (Ukrainian News) 01/04/2013
  • Decades of Devotion [Monsignor Stephen Hrynuck celebrated his 101st birthday] (The Valley Advantage) 01/04/2013
  • Reform Jews to open community center in Kiev (JTA) 01/04/2013
  • Ukrainian President: Adoption Should Not Be Politicized (RIA Novosti) 01/04/2013
  • Photo: Alexandr Dolgopolov of Ukraine hits a return to Kei Nishikori of Japan during their men's singles match at the Brisbane International tennis tournament January 4, 2013 (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/04/2013
  • Wet, wild waiting game (The Mercury) 01/04/2013
  • Yanukovych: Ukrainian language should be protected in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/04/2013
  • What Yanukovych could learn from Gorbachev (Kyiv Post) 01/04/2013
  • Hostynny Dvir: A microcosm of Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 01/04/2013
  • From Jan 1, 2013 minimum wage, pension in Ukraine increased (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/04/2013
  • English-language translation of Yanukovych's New Year's message to Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 01/04/2013
  • Reports of Depardieu's visit to Kyiv unconfirmed (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/04/2013
  • Depardieu arrives in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/04/2013
  • Depardieu to visit Paris Circus in Kiev (The Voice of Russia) 01/04/2013

  • Man charged with murder of Ukrainian immigrant music teacher Yuriy Kozak (Manchester Evening News) 01/03/2013
  • Is 2013 the End for Ukraine's Regionnaires? By Alexander J. Motyl (World Affairs Journal) 01/03/2013
  • Ukraine to harmonize laws with Customs Union (The Voice of Russia) 01/03/2013
  • Photo: People drink coffee in a cafe in central western Ukrainian city of Lviv (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/03/2013
  • Sommelier Oleksiy Dmitriyev: There are good wines in Ukrainian supermarkets (ForUm) 01/03/2013
  • Containing Chernobyl: the mission to difuse the world's worst nuclear disaster site (Wired) 01/03/2013
  • Moscow Sheremetyevo bans Ukrainian AeroSvit Airlines (ATW) 01/03/2013
  • Ukraine wins women's biathlon World Cup relay (Yahoo/AP) 01/03/2013
  • Biathlon - Ukraine's women romp to win in Oberhof (Yahoo/Eurosport) 01/03/2013
  • Vita Semerenko seals Ukraine win in women's biathlon World Cup relay (SI/AP) 01/03/2013
  • Dynamo Kyiv snare Vorskla pair (UEFA) 01/03/2013
  • The National Radio Company of Ukraine: Oleh Blokhin among world's best national coaches in 2012 (Kyiv Post) 01/03/2013
  • Maryland's Alex Len trying not to zone out (Washington Examiner) 01/03/2013
  • Regal's SV53 Well in Ukraine Hits Target Depth (Rigzone) 01/03/2013
  • Ukrainian Corn Exports Jumped 20% to 2 Million Tons in December (Bloomberg) 01/03/2013
  • Russian Foreign Min to Go to Ukraine over Post-Soviet Customs Bloc (Novinite) 01/03/2013
  • Gas explosion rips through Ukraine mine (UPI) 01/03/2013
  • Photo: Lesia Tsurenko of Ukraine hits a return to Daniela Hantuchova of Slovakia during their women's singles match at the Brisbane International tennis tournament (Yahoo/Reuters) 01/03/2013
  • Rada speaker: Parliamentary factions preparing joint statement on European integration (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/03/2013
  • Russian language status may be put to referendum, Rada should have final say (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/03/2013
  • Prison service: Tymoshenko allowed to use dosimeter, radiation levels normal at hospital (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/03/2013
  • Cabinet favors single window principle (ForUm) 01/03/2013
  • Ukraine to tackle frozen conflicts at OSCE (UPI) 01/03/2013
  • [Russian Foreign Minister] Lavrov to Discuss Ukraines Participation in Post-Soviet Customs Bloc (RIA Novosti) 01/03/2013
  • Russian Foreign Ministry's comments about gas price for Ukraine to be insulting (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/03/2013
  • One Miner Dead, Two Missing in Ukraine Coalmine Blast (RIA Novosti) 01/03/2013
  • Ukraine reduced winter grain acreage by 3.5% (Black Sea Grain) 01/03/2013
  • Ukraine. Creative Group planning to expand existing soybean crushing capacities in 2013 (Black Sea Grain) 01/03/2013
  • Ukrainian Corn Exports Jumped 20% to 2 Million Tons in December (Businessweek) 01/03/2013
  • YEAR IN REVIEW: power industry approaching market (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/03/2013
  • Sean Quinn released from prison (Independent) 01/03/2013
  • Ukraiński parlament zgodnie chce do UE (Rzeczpospolita) 01/03/2013
  • Ura U za Ukrajino v EU (Delo) 01/03/2013
  • Jellyfish plague invades Black Sea bay (ITN) 01/03/2013
  • Biometric passport start issued after series of preparations (ForUm) 01/03/2013
  • Prosecutors: Ukrainian trafficker in human organs sell donors in Ecuador and Costa Rica (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/03/2013
  • Mazamet. Chœur d'Ukraine : une nuit pour les perles d'Odessa (La Dépêche) 01/03/2013
  • The first Gallery Walk of 2013 rolls around [North Adams, Massachusetts, Brooks Memorial Library: Ukrainian childrens artwork 'Happy Birthday, Ukraine!'] (North Adams Transcript) 01/03/2013
  • New 'Voice of Ireland' judge Jamelia makes TV comeback on X Factor Ukraine (Independent) 01/03/2013
  • Femen in Paris: Ukraine's Topless Warriors Move West (The Atlantic) 01/03/2013
  • Plain sailing for Ukraine (The Mercury) 01/03/2013

  • Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak wins Russian Golden Gramophone Award (ESC Today) 01/02/2013
  • Photo: Walking on water, thanks to Ukraine's freezing weather (NBC News/AP) 01/02/2013
  • Declaration on Kyiv's unchanged EU integration course could be signed at EU-Ukraine summit, says Yeliseyev (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/02/2013
  • Putin Orders Change in Election Rules ['In neighboring Ukraine, the adoption of a mixed electoral system like the one proposed by Mr. Putin helped President Viktor F. Yanukovichs Party of Regions win more seats in elections this fall, despite public opinion polls and even election results'] (New York Times) 01/02/2013
  • After The Storm: Trends To Watch In Russia In 2013 (RFE/RL) 01/02/2013
  • The Dark State Part II [Belarus] (New Eastern Europe) 01/02/2013
  • Wife of Ukrainian immigrant teacher stabbed in Salford pays tribute to 'loving husband, father and brother' (Manchester Evening News) 01/02/2013
  • Ukraine Winter Grain Seen Emerging on 96% of Planted Area (Bloomberg) 01/02/2013
  • Ukraine in 2012 increased its gas mining in the Azov and Black Sea by 11.2% (Focus) 01/02/2013
  • Ukraine looks to replace gas with coal (UPI) 01/02/2013
  • Dynamo Kyiv bring in Vida (UEFA) 01/02/2013
  • Revising the Cold War Revisionists [Anne Applebaum's 'Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 19441956'] (The National Interest) 01/02/2013
  • Yanukovych orders to prepare and publish Great Ukrainian Encyclopedia in 2013-2020 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/02/2013
  • Opposition to prevent ratification of documents on Ukraine's accession to Customs Union, says UDAR (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/02/2013
  • Ukraine ready for dialogue on all matters of integration into EU, says Yanukovych (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/02/2013
  • Svoboda celebrates Bandera's birth anniversary with torchlight procession in Kyiv (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/02/2013
  • 'The case of Bandera wins!': Ukraine celebrated the birthday of the leader of the OUN (Baku Today) 01/02/2013
  • Kyiv prosecutor's office brings 185 corrupt officials to justice in 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/02/2013
  • List of laws taking effect from Jan 1, 2013: Real estate and land utilization (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/02/2013
  • Ukraine Combines State Tax and Customs Ministries (Tax-News) 01/02/2013
  • Employment law comes into force in Ukraine (ForUm) 01/02/2013
  • Russian FM: Gas contract with Ukraine was initially quite favourable (ForUm) 01/02/2013
  • EBRDs $70m loan for Ukrainian coal sector (Energy Live News) 01/02/2013
  • EcoSeed: Germany supports Ukraines bioenergy sector (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/02/2013
  • YEAR IN REVIEW: Telecommunications in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/02/2013
  • AP interview: daughter urges sanctions on Ukraine [Tymoshenko] (Las Vegas Sun/AP) 01/02/2013
  • The Disappeared. Even the Soviet Union eventually acknowledged Stalin's Great Famine. Why does China still hide evidence of its own mass starvation under Mao? (Foreign Policy) 01/02/2013
  • First ever Russian tourist plane arrives in Jamaica (Stabroek News/Jamaica Gleaner) 01/02/2013
  • Airport translators help foreign passengers sort things out ['Other, more obscure languages spoken by ambassadors include Arabic, Chinese, Moldavian, Romanian and Ukrainian.'] (Orlando Sentinel) 01/02/2013
  • Ukraine makes fight against human trafficking a priority (New Europe) 01/02/2013
  • Ukrainian Christmas - Bilingual Cultural Program in Public Library, San Francisco [Saturday, January 12] (BRAMA) 01/02/2013
  • UPDATE 3-Tennis-Brisbane International men's singles round 2 results (Reuters) 01/02/2013
  • Mmmmm, chicken kiev: triumphant return of a Seventies sizzler (London Evening Standard) 01/02/2013

  • EU's Fuele On Keeping 'The Momentum Of Enlargement' Alive In 2013 (RFE/RL) 01/01/2013
  • VIDEO: Nationalists march with torches in Kiev (Yahoo/AFP) 01/01/2013
  • Happy New Year 2013! (New Eastern Europe) 01/01/2013
  • Amendments to laws on rights of disabled come into force in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/01/2013
  • Grandmother in Ukraine sees baby Emily via Skype from BRMC [Bristol, VA] (Bristol Herald Courier) 01/01/2013
  • Edmonton Food Notes: Southern barbecue pit to warm Byzantine Winter Festival (Edmonton Journal) 01/01/2013
  • Taste Alberta: Tradition the heart of Ukrainian Christmas. Twelve meatless dishes expected at the table (Edmonton Journal) 01/01/2013
  • Caroling scheduled for Ukrainian Heritage Park in Parma [on Jan. 13; dated 12/31/2012] (Sun Star Courier) 01/01/2013
  • Ukraine nationalists celebrate Bandera's birth anniversary (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/01/2013
  • Ukraine starts its OSCE chairmanship [dated 12/31/2012] (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/01/2013
  • Steven Korn's Disastrous Tenure at Radio Liberty. By Judy Bachrach [dated 12/31/2012] (World Affairs Journal) 01/01/2013
  • Protracted conflicts, arms control, trafficking in human beings top agenda as Ukraine takes over OSCE Chair (OSCE) 01/01/2013
  • Transit tariffs for Russian oil through Ukraine go up 8% on January 1 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/01/2013
  • Russia opposes Ukraine cheaper gas claims (The Voice of Russia) 01/01/2013
  • Diplomat: Russia won't lower gas price for Ukraine unless it joins Customs Union (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 01/01/2013
  • Villagers try to save animals starving on Ukrainian farm (Kyiv Post) 01/01/2013
  • From Brezhnev To Putin -- 30 Years In Russia. Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev died on November 10, 1982. In the three decades since, Russia has experienced glasnost, perestroika, an attempted coup, hyperinflation, an oil-price boom, and what some fear is a return to Soviet-style rule. RFE/RL presents a series of images illustrating how some things have changed in the past 30 years [dated 12/31/2012] (RFE/RL) 01/01/2013
  • Presenting the Wider Picture. A conversation with Halik Kochanski, historian, and author of 'The Eagle Unbowed: Poland and the Poles in the Second World War' (New Eastern Europe) 01/01/2013
  • Human rights concerns mar Ukraine's OSCE presidency [dated 12/31/2012] (Deutsche Welle) 01/01/2013
  • Ukranian crews ruling cadets (The Mercury) 01/01/2013
  • Fesenko Close To Signing In Ukraine (RealGM) 01/01/2013
  • Injured Sharapova quits Brisbane International [place handed to Ukraine`s Lesia Tsurenko] (Zee News/IANS) 01/01/2013
  • 'Modern-day Miracle' for Immigrants from Former Soviet Union (Chabad) 01/01/2013
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

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