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Thu, June 20, 13:59 EDT
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  • Bowing to international pressure, Rada changes local election law (Ukrainian Journal) 08/31/2010
  • German chancellor raises press freedom concerns at Yanukovych meet (Ukrainian Journal) 08/31/2010
  • Court upholds ruling against TV stations (Ukrainian Journal) 08/31/2010
  • Consumer confidence fell sharply in July, according to latest survey (Ukrainian Journal) 08/31/2010
  • Parliament Speaker: Don't overdramaticize Tax Code (Kyiv Post) 08/31/2010
  • Stolen Caravaggio painting returns to Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/31/2010
  • Ukraine invites Germany to take part in gas transit system repairs (Unian) 08/31/2010
  • Ukraine may introduce export duties on buckwheat (Kyiv Post) 08/31/2010
  • Glimpse at 2010 Beijing SportAccord Combat Games (People's Daily) 08/31/2010
  • Gazprom Sweet-talking Ukraine's Naftogaz (OfficialWire) 08/31/2010
  • People First: The latest in the watch on Ukrainian democracy (Kyiv Post) 08/31/2010
  • Ukrainian court backpedals on broadcast rights (Kyiv Post) 08/31/2010
  • Swedish court sentences drunk captain to prison (The Local) 08/31/2010
  • People's Daily: Yanukovych to visit China Sept. 2-5 (Kyiv Post) 08/31/2010
  • Ukrainian NATO membership not on agenda - Merkel (RIA Novosti) 08/31/2010
  • Gazprom sweet-talking Ukraine's Naftogaz (UPI) 08/31/2010
  • Ukraine Offers Germany Partnership in the Reconstruction of the Ukrainian Gas Transit System (PR Newswire) 08/31/2010
  • Ukraine invites Germany to take part in gas transit system repairs (RIA Novosti) 08/31/2010
  • Yanukovych eyes German investment in Ukraine (RIA Novosti) 08/31/2010
  • Ukraine's president faces straight talk in Berlin (Deutsche Welle) 08/31/2010
  • Yanukoych: Realistic to improve Ukraine's position in world competitiveness rating (Kyiv Post) 08/31/2010
  • Kazakh, Ukrainian presidents to discuss gas cooperation in Kiev (RIA Novosti) 08/31/2010
  • Rule of Law in Ukraine and Scotland (Moscow Times) 08/31/2010
  • Senchenko beats Navarro to retain WBA belt (Greenwich Time) 08/31/2010
  • Ukrainian Court Backpedals on Broadcast Rights (Epoch Times) 08/31/2010
  • LDS temple in Ukraine given 'to the Lord' (Mormon Times) 08/31/2010
  • Two Ukrainian TV Stations Have Licences Revoked (International Press Institute) 08/31/2010
  • Ukraine tweaks election rules before October vote (Kyiv Post) 08/31/2010
  • Gazprom sweet-talking Ukraine's Naftogaz ( 08/31/2010
  • American Melanie Oudin confronts expectations at US Open ( 08/31/2010
  • Title Fight Is Rescheduled (NY Times) 08/31/2010
  • New Ukrainian coach predicts great season for Pepp runners (Pepperdine Graphic) 08/31/2010
  • Senchenko beats Navarro to retain WBA beltUSA Today (USA Today) 08/31/2010
  • Klitschko-Briggs Kiev presser ( 08/31/2010
  • Ukrainian President Pledges to Tackle 'Ransacking' Corruption (BusinessWeek) 08/31/2010
  • Oudin Begins Sequel With a Win (NY Times) 08/31/2010
  • Wheat Jumps Most in Three Weeks as Argentina, Russia Crops Hurt by Drought (Bloomberg) 08/31/2010
  • France under-21 defender Paul Baysse joins Brest (USA Today) 08/31/2010
  • Ukraine tweaks election rules before October vote (Reuters Africa) 08/31/2010
  • Shannon Briggs taunts Vitali Klitschko (ESPN) 08/31/2010
  • Briggs taunts Klitschko ahead of Oct. 16 bout ( 08/31/2010
  • Poland Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Solidarity (RFE/RL) 08/31/2010
  • Following The Tracks Of The 'Disappeared' on Georgia's Abkhaz Border (RFE/RL) 08/31/2010
  • Russia's 'Federation' Myth (RFE/RL) 08/31/2010
  • Kadyrov Is Warned: 'You Can Run, But You Can't Hide' (RFE/RL) 08/31/2010
  • Tatar Youth Forum Wants To Retain Title Of Republican President (RFE/RL) 08/31/2010
  • Russian Police Investigator Jailed (RFE/RL) 08/31/2010
  • Rights Defender Detained In Belarus (RFE/RL) 08/31/2010
  • Colleague Of Missing Ukrainian Journalist Slams Investigation (RFE/RL) 08/31/2010
  • Twelve Suspected Rebels Reported Killed In Chechnya (RFE/RL) 08/31/2010
  • Nine Killed In Russia Home Fire (RFE/RL) 08/31/2010
  • The Disappeared: For Bosnian Basketball Prodigy, The Limelight Held No Protection (RFE/RL) 08/31/2010

  • Ukraine to insist upon Soviet-era Kerch Strait border demarcation (Ukrainian Journal) 08/30/2010
  • Rift widens between Yanukovych, Medjlis (Ukrainian Journal) 08/30/2010
  • Government announces tender for state-supported investment projects (Ukrainian Journal) 08/30/2010
  • Muckraking journalist gassed, stabbed and hospitalized in Zhytomyr (Ukrainian Journal) 08/30/2010
  • 'Progress' in Naftogaz-Gazprom merger (UPI) 08/30/2010
  • New Europe: Ukraine facing a cold winter after hot summer? (Kyiv Post) 08/30/2010
  • II Ukrainian Renewable Energy Forum ( 08/30/2010
  • Yanukovych expects positive results from Aug. 30 visit to Berlin (Kyiv Post) 08/30/2010
  • Yanukovych: Mine workers to control mine privatization (Kyiv Post) 08/30/2010
  • News.Az: Ukraine imports $500 million worth of Azerbaijani crude oil (Kyiv Post) 08/30/2010
  • Yanukovych leaves on visit to Germany (Kyiv Post) 08/30/2010
  • General Peter Polyakh: I am tied with Armenia (PanARMENIAN.Net) 08/30/2010
  • Deutsche Welle: Ukraine's president defends record on press freedom (Kyiv Post) 08/30/2010
  • Yanukovych congratulates Russian pop star on grandson (Kyiv Post) 08/30/2010
  • Russian motorist bites off finger of Ukraine traffic cop ( 08/30/2010
  • Ukraine opens new airport terminal for Euro 2012 (People's Daily) 08/30/2010
  • President Yanukovych wants investment to coal industry (Kyiv Post) 08/30/2010
  • Yanukovych wishes safe work to miners of occasion of their professional holiday (Kyiv Post) 08/30/2010
  • Russia-Ukraine trade up 70% in 6 months - Yanukovych (RIA Novosti) 08/30/2010
  • Mormons flock to Kiev for temple dedication (Deseret News) 08/30/2010
  • Yanukovych: Current constitution should be observed while introducing constitutional amendments (Kyiv Post) 08/30/2010
  • Stakhovsky wins twice to reach Pilot Pen semis (CBS Sports) 08/30/2010
  • Transport Ministry hopes to launch third stage of railway ticket sales through Internet by end of 2010 (Kyiv Post) 08/30/2010
  • Opposition to demand energy minister report on talks on signing new gas contracts (Kyiv Post) 08/30/2010
  • Ukrainian championship results and standings (Reuters) 08/30/2010
  • Gazprom affirms advancement in joint venture negotiations with Naftogaz. (Itar-Tass) 08/30/2010
  • Gazprom promises cheap gas for Ukraine after JV with Naftogaz (RIA Novosti) 08/30/2010
  • 'Nightmare' promises sweet dreams for Klitschko (Stuff) 08/30/2010
  • Gazprom-Neftegaz union to supply Ukrainians with gas at Russian home prices (Itar-Tass) 08/30/2010
  • Lyon Enter Race for Dynamo Kyiv Defender Pape Diakhate (Inside Futbol) 08/30/2010
  • Dinosaurs 'wiped out by meteor shower lasting thousands of years' ( 08/30/2010
  • Festival features Ukrainian food and culture (Danbury News Times) 08/30/2010
  • Double Whammy: Dinosaurs made extinct by two impacts (HULIQ) 08/30/2010
  • 2010 US Open: Monday's Must See Opening Round Matches (Bleacher Report) 08/30/2010
  • Ex-head of Ukraine's central bank tells what's behind Russia's smiling face (ZIK) 08/30/2010
  • Ukraine : a cold winter after the hot summer? (New Europe) 08/30/2010
  • Oudin Will Play First at Ashe Stadium (NY Times) 08/30/2010
  • Ukraine 70 Great Britain 66 ( 08/30/2010
  • Wozniacki, Stakhovsky win titles in New Haven (Associated Press) 08/30/2010
  • LDS Church members celebrate Kyiv, Ukraine temple dedication (KSL-TV) 08/30/2010
  • Donetsk Pre-Fight Notes: A Jubilee Is Coming Up ( 08/30/2010
  • [VIDEO] Ukrainian Life with Jack Perkins. Report on North Port, FL Ukrainian community (YouTube) 08/30/2010

  • Op-ed: Independent Ukraine 2010 (BRAMA) 08/27/2010
  • - .. 19- ( -, 24.08.2010 .) / Independence Day speech by Consul General S.O. Pohoreltsev at The Ukrainian Museum in New York (BRAMA) 08/27/2010
  • Black Sea LNG terminal construction a 4-yr priority, says president (Ukrainin Journal) 08/27/2010
  • Regions, BYT top six parties likely to win Rada seats, says poll (Ukrainin Journal) 08/27/2010
  • Minister: Missing editor killed by cops (Ukrainin Journal) 08/27/2010
  • Russian cites differences with Ukraine over Kerch demarcation (Ukrainin Journal) 08/27/2010
  • Ukrainian Customs Service to limit both grain and flour exports (AgriMarket) 08/27/2010
  • Police suspected over missing Ukraine journalist (Kyiv Post) 08/27/2010
  • Ukraine court delays decision on controversial TV frequencies ( 08/27/2010
  • Ukraine officials suspected in missing editor case (Kyiv Post) 08/27/2010
  • Top-seed Baghdatis upset in Pilot Pen quarters ( 08/27/2010
  • Russian-Ukrainian gas deal (RIA Novosti) 08/27/2010
  • Blake Bows Out: Fan favorite falls in second round of Pilot Pen (New Haven Register) 08/27/2010
  • Ex-Arsenal star Eduardo looking forward to Shakhtar showdown ( 08/27/2010
  • Ria Novosti: Ukrainian energy minister travels to Moscow for talks (Kyiv Post) 08/27/2010
  • Ukrainian energy minister to arrive in Moscow for gas talks (Unian) 08/27/2010
  • Ukraine insists on preserving border in Kerch Strait (Kyiv Post) 08/27/2010
  • Update: Prime minister emphasizes nation's buckwheat supplies suffice (Kyiv Post) 08/27/2010
  • German ambassador: Documents to be signed in Berlin (Kyiv Post) 08/27/2010
  • Christian Today: Touching lives in Ukrainian bible camp (Kyiv Post) 08/27/2010
  • Ukraine harvests 29.2 million tonnes of grain as of August 26, 2010 (Kyiv Post) 08/27/2010
  • Ukraine, Russia draft declaration on strategic partnership (People's Daily) 08/27/2010
  • Ukraine not to demarcate border with Russia at expense of national interests (RIA Novosti) 08/27/2010
  • Nation marks 19th birthday (Kyiv Post) 08/27/2010
  • President Yanukovych notes problems with preschool education in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/27/2010
  • Yanukovych worried over quality of education, proposes cut in number of higher education establishments (Kyiv Post) 08/27/2010
  • Kiev holds steady on grain (UPI) 08/27/2010
  • Ukrainian energy minister to arrive in Moscow for gas talks (Focus News) 08/27/2010
  • Stakhovsky topples top seed (SkySports) 08/27/2010
  • Wheat Climbs as Council Cuts Harvest Estimate on Russia, Ukraine Droughts (Bloomberg) 08/27/2010
  • Black Sea drought widens global wheat deficit (Reuters India) 08/27/2010
  • Ukraine - President conducts meeting of Committee on Economic Reforms (ISRIA) 08/27/2010
  • Kiev wants cheaper gas from Russia ( 08/27/2010
  • Douglas Southgate: Stalin's Harvest (Wall Street Journal) 08/27/2010
  • Police suspected over missing Ukraine journalist (Ynetnews) 08/27/2010
  • Ukrainian Journalists, Artists In Censorship Protest (RFE/RL) 08/27/2010
  • Wheat Crop Will Be 1.1% Smaller on Russia, Australia (BusinessWeek) 08/27/2010
  • Wheat Crop Estimate Lowered 1.1% on Record Demand, Council Says (BusinessWeek) 08/27/2010
  • IGC cuts forecasts for global wheat crop, stocks (Reuters) 08/27/2010
  • Building LNG terminal is Ukraine's top priority, says president (Platts) 08/27/2010
  • Ukraine's interior minister suspects law enforcement involved in journalist's (Winnipeg Free Press) 08/27/2010
  • Russia - Young Guard Attacked For Fake Video (RFE/RL) 08/27/2010
  • If The Hospital Is Bad In Russia, Then Blog It (RFE/RL) 08/27/2010
  • Russian Governor Withdraws Lawsuit After Winning Case (RFE/RL) 08/27/2010
  • Armenia Warns Azerbaijan Over New UN Resolution (RFE/RL) 08/27/2010
  • Russian President Responds To Outcry Over Contested Highway Plan (RFE/RL) 08/27/2010

  • (VOA) 08/26/2010
  • (VOA) 08/26/2010
  • : (VOA) 08/26/2010
  • : (VOA) 08/26/2010
  • Ukraine to seek changes in ‘extremely unfavorable’ 10yr natgas deal (Ukrainian Journal) 08/26/2010
  • Eurointegration a ‘priority aspect’ for Ukraine, says Yanukovych (Ukrainian Journal) 08/26/2010
  • Law enforcement to audit Treasury in carbon dioxide emission probe (Ukrainian Journal) 08/26/2010
  • Yanukovych calls for election law revamp (Ukrainian Journal) 08/26/2010
  • Ukraine puts off grain export quota plans (Deepika) 08/26/2010
  • Ukrainian minister says no need to limit grain exports, decision still pending (Canadian Business) 08/26/2010
  • Ukraine, Syria to boost relations (People's Daily) 08/26/2010
  • Ukraine: No need to limit grain exports (Post-Bulletin) 08/26/2010
  • One of Europe's largest solar power plants to open in Ukraine in 2010 (Kyiv Post) 08/26/2010
  • No export limit for Ukraine grain (BBC News) 08/26/2010
  • Ukraine not to limit grain exports - deputy PM (RIA Novosti) 08/26/2010
  • Technical conditions of St. Sophia ship threaten Ukrainian sailors (Kyiv Post) 08/26/2010
  • Minorities and Bystroye Canal issues blocking Romanian-Ukrainian relations (Nine O'Clock) 08/26/2010
  • Ukraine Wants Review of Gas Price (Moscow Times) 08/26/2010
  • Ajax Amsterdam vs Dynamo Kyiv Live Online: Dutch Giants Close To ... (Breaking Football News) 08/26/2010
  • Sven Goran Eriksson eyes Ukraine top job as they prepare to co-host Euro 2012 (Daily Mail) 08/26/2010
  • Ukraine Agribusiness Report Q4 2010 - New Market Report Published (OfficialWire) 08/26/2010
  • Ajax striker Mounir El Hamdaoui ecstatic after Champions League win against ( 08/26/2010
  • Bedding down in The Ukraine (BBC News) 08/26/2010
  • Nonaligned Ukraine Dances With Both East and West (Epoch Times) 08/26/2010
  • Wozniacki opens New Haven defense with easy win (Reuters) 08/26/2010
  • Dementieva battles through (SkySports) 08/26/2010
  • Tottenham cruise past Young Boys (ESPN) 08/26/2010
  • Ajax 2-1 Dynamo Kiev (3-2 agg.) (Peace FM Online) 08/26/2010
  • Ajax vs Dynamo Kiev UEFA Champions League Qualifying Football Match (Live Football) 08/26/2010
  • Uranium smuggling ring broken up in Moldova police sting (The Guardian) 08/26/2010
  • Soccer-Kalitvintsev named Ukraine caretaker coach (Yahoo! Eurosport UK) 08/26/2010
  • Ukraine Asks to Review 'Unfavorable' Russia Gas Price (BusinessWeek) 08/26/2010
  • Champions League: Dynamo Kyiv Prez Raises Bonuses For Reaching Group Stage (Peace FM Online) 08/26/2010
  • Ballack to miss Ukraine (AFP) 08/26/2010
  • Profile: Viktor Bout, The 'Merchant Of Death' (RFE/RL) 08/26/2010
  • Interview: 'Merchant Of Death' Author Discusses Viktor Bout (RFE/RL) 08/26/2010
  • Pressure On Abkhaz Leader Intensifies (RFE/RL) 08/26/2010
  • The Kaliningrad Syndrome (RFE/RL) 08/26/2010
  • Georgian IDPs Sew Mouths Shut In Protest (RFE/RL) 08/26/2010
  • Russia Protest Breakup Investigated (RFE/RL) 08/26/2010
  • EU Pressures Azerbaijan On 'Donkey Bloggers' (RFE/RL) 08/26/2010
  • Belarusian Investigator Moved To House Arrest (RFE/RL) 08/26/2010
  • Armenia Downplays Azeri Missile Deal (RFE/RL) 08/26/2010

  • Moscow residents reported buying up apartments in South Crimea (Ukrainian Journal) 08/25/2010
  • President calls for strengthened powers (Ukrainian Journal) 08/25/2010
  • Farmers’ group protests introduction of grain export quotas (Ukrainian Journal) 08/25/2010
  • Yanukovych denies responsibility for ‘obstacles’ facing journalists (Ukrainian Journal) 08/25/2010
  • The Voice of Russia: Moscow expects returns from Russia-Ukraine potential (Kyiv Post) 08/25/2010
  • IRC: Symtech Racing Barum Rally preview ( 08/25/2010
  • The Belarus Digest: Belarus and Ukraine enter 20th year of Independence (Kyiv Post) 08/25/2010
  • Pressconnects: Ukrainian independence celebrated in Binghamton (Kyiv Post) 08/25/2010
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: Back to the Stalinist future (Kyiv Post) 08/25/2010
  • Prime Minister Mykola Azarov: Ukraine to seek revision of price formula for Russian gas (Kyiv Post) 08/25/2010
  • Agriculture Minister: Grain export quotas 'unecessary' (Kyiv Post) 08/25/2010
  • Ukrainian PM hopes to review gas contract with Russia (RIA Novosti) 08/25/2010
  • Ajax Coach Martin Jol Desperate To Make Champions League Group Stage By Beating Dynamo Kiev ( 08/25/2010
  • Ukrainian PM: Kiev to insist on gas price revision (RosBusinessConsulting) 08/25/2010
  • Yanukovych backs improvement of Constitution (Kyiv Post) 08/25/2010
  • Yanukovych seeks to draw attention to his reforms in Ukraine's regions (Kyiv Post) 08/25/2010
  • Medvedev greets Ukrainian counterpart Independence Day (Kyiv Post) 08/25/2010
  • RIA Novosti: Yanukovych vows to continue democratic reforms in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/25/2010
  • In July, Ukraine produced over 200 thsd tonnes of vegetable oils (AgriMarket) 08/25/2010
  • Ukraine marks 19th anniversary of independence (People's Daily) 08/25/2010
  • Palanca problem solved only politically ( 08/25/2010
  • Ukrainian Independence Celebrated (WBNG Binghamton) 08/25/2010
  • Games Beat: Ukraine's Gameprom scores big with iPhone pinball (Kyiv Post) 08/25/2010
  • Soccer Betting Preview: Ajax Versus Dynamo Kyiv (SBR Forum) 08/25/2010
  • Wheat Rises, Erases Decline on Forecast for Smaller German Grain Harvest (Bloomberg) 08/25/2010
  • Champions League: Martin Jol Desperate To Beating Dynamo Kiev (Peace FM Online) 08/25/2010
  • Ukraine wants to revise gas deal with Russia-PM (Reuters) 08/25/2010
  • Ukraine to Reach Decision on Eurobond Next Month, Finance Minister Says (Bloomberg) 08/25/2010
  • Ukraine Puts Off Decision on Quotas for Grain Exports (BusinessWeek) 08/25/2010
  • Ukraine Celebrates 19 Years of Independence (NTDTV) 08/25/2010
  • Ukraine sees no immediate grain export quotas (Reuters) 08/25/2010
  • Dollar goes a long way in Kiev (Toronto Sun) 08/25/2010
  • Boxing's Land of the Giants (Boxscore News) 08/25/2010
  • Ukranian Flag Raising (WBGH) 08/25/2010
  • Wheat Falls as Rainfall in Russia, Australia May Boost Output (BusinessWeek) 08/25/2010
  • Interview: Scholar Says Ukraine's Greatest Achievement 'Survival' (RFE/RL) 08/25/2010
  • The Wider Implications Of The Russian-Armenian Defense Deal (RFE/RL) 08/25/2010
  • In Armenia 20 Years Of Independence (RFE/RL) 08/25/2010
  • Russians Protest Mayor's Removal - Dozens of residents of the Siberian city of Barnaul have held a protest rally in support of suspended city Mayor Vladimir Kolganov. (RFE/RL) 08/25/2010
  • Minsk Church Again Under Pressure (RFE/RL) 08/25/2010
  • Armenian Opposition Concerned About Russian Deal (RFE/RL) 08/25/2010
  • Ukraine Celebrates Independence Day (RFE/RL) 08/25/2010
  • Russian Opposition Leader Faces Court Hearings - Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov has been charged in two separate courts in connection with helping organize unsanctioned protests in Moscow. (RFE/RL) 08/25/2010

  • ó (VOA) 08/24/2010
  • Yanukovych: State has nothing to do with pressure on media freedom (Kyiv Post) 08/24/2010
  • 'Everything is drenched in garlic' (The Sudbury Star) 08/24/2010
  • Telegraf Belarus: Lukashenko is Sure of Ukraine's Support to Belarus (Kyiv Post) 08/24/2010
  • Ukraine's leader calls for improving Constitution (RosBusinessConsulting) 08/24/2010
  • Yanukovych: Ukraine will not depart from democratic path (Kyiv Post) 08/24/2010
  • Yanukovych vows to continue democratic reforms in Ukraine (RIA Novosti) 08/24/2010
  • Yanukovych backs improvement of Constitution (Kyiv Post) 08/24/2010
  • Ukraine: the steps of the State Customs Service are illegal (AgriMarket) 08/24/2010
  • Head of National Congress of Armenians of Ukraine met with Ukrainian President (PanARMENIAN.Net) 08/24/2010
  • Ukraine's rolled steel product consumption rises by 34 percent in January-July (Kyiv Post) 08/24/2010
  • Chairman of Ukrainian State Committee of National Religion met with head of Ukrainian Diocese of AAC (PanARMENIAN.Net) 08/24/2010
  • Ukraine's Independence Day (US Department of State) 08/24/2010
  • No hope for national football team - Ukraine coach ( 08/24/2010
  • Football Federation of Ukraine : Markevych's resignation rejected (Kyiv Post) 08/24/2010
  • Newsdesk - Troubles for Poland Euro 2012 Preparations; Irish FA in Turmoil (World Football Insider) 08/24/2010
  • Ukrainian president says wants more powers (Reuters) 08/24/2010
  • International Book Fair Opens In Kyiv , Ukraine (NTDTV) 08/24/2010
  • Ukraine marks Independence Day on Tuesday (ITAR-TASS) 08/24/2010
  • Gazprom tries for gas merger with Kiev ( 08/24/2010
  • Ajax's Urby Emanuelson Optimistic Ahead Of Dynamo Kiev Clash (Peace FM Online) 08/24/2010
  • Ukraine And Malaysia Can Benefit From Education And Tourism (Bernama) 08/24/2010
  • 3P International Energy Corp. Announces New Management Appointments (MarketWatch) 08/24/2010
  • Reimagining Ukraine (Center For American Progress) 08/24/2010
  • Press Group Concerned About Fate Of Missing Ukrainian Journalist (RFE/RL) 08/24/2010
  • The Shadowy Life Of Magomedali Vagabov - Russia's National Counterterrorism Committee says security forces have killed Magomedali Vagabov, a top militant suspected of organizing the suicide bombings on the Moscow Metro in March. (RFE/RL) 08/24/2010
  • Moscow Opposition Activists Released (RFE/RL) 08/24/2010
  • New Shevchenko Museum In Ukraine (RFE/RL) 08/24/2010
  • Protesters Stage Moscow Rally Despite Heavy Police Presence (RFE/RL) 08/24/2010
  • Turkmenistan Tips Its Hand On Future Energy Exports (RFE/RL) 08/24/2010

  • Ukrainian championship results and standings (Reuters) 08/23/2010
  • Commerzbank says Ukraine needs to accelerate privatization (Kyiv Post) 08/23/2010
  • Missing Ukrainian Journalist Threatened Before Disappearance (Epoch Times) 08/23/2010
  • Medvedko: constructive dialogue on extradition will facilitate development of Ukrainian-German relations (Kyiv Post) 08/23/2010
  • Heritage thrives at Ukrainian festival (The Intelligencer) 08/23/2010
  • The Epoch Times: Missing Ukrainian journalist threatened before disappearance (Kyiv Post) 08/23/2010
  • Motyl's response to Karatnycky: 'Would you buy a used car from Yanukovych?' (Kyiv Post) 08/23/2010
  • Ukraine: the steps of the State Customs Service are illegal (AgriMarket) 08/23/2010
  • Ajax ready to pounce on Dynamo (UEFA News) 08/23/2010
  • Medvedko: constructive dialogue on extradition will facilitate development of Ukrainian-German relations (Kyiv Post) 08/23/2010
  • A shoe flies, a leader ducks ... a trend is born? (Associated Press) 08/23/2010
  • Shevchenko 'upset by resignation of Ukraine national side coach' (Earthtimes) 08/23/2010
  • New databases ease tracking of Jewish roots (Boston Globe) 08/23/2010
  • Mystery as Ukraine editor vanishes (The Guardian) 08/23/2010
  • Poland behind in preparations to co-host Euro 2012 (USA Today) 08/23/2010

  • (VOA) 08/22/2010
  • - (VOA) 08/22/2010
  • ij (VOA) 08/22/2010
  • - : (VOA) 08/22/2010
  • Media watchdogs concerned over missing journo (Independent Online) 08/22/2010
  • Svoboda Association to put forward its candidate for Kharkiv mayor (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • Ukrainian books in demand on Russian market (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • High risk of fire expected in Ukraine over next few days (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • Health minister supports paid services at hospitals (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • Yanukovych: Assistance of law enforcers from neighboring countries needed to find journalist Klymentyev (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation to condemn the possible establishment of quotas for grain exports (AgriMarket) 08/22/2010
  • Ukrainian farmers demand that grain export quota not be imposed (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • In 2010, maize production in Ukraine to total 11 mln tonnes (AgriMarket) 08/22/2010
  • Ukraine, Germany discuss extradition of Germans (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • Economic decline in Ukraine almost halted, says first vice premier (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • Russian-Ukrainian gas deal (RIA Novosti) 08/22/2010
  • Ukrainian president urges search for journalist (INO News) 08/22/2010
  • Kyiv to mark Independence Day with fireworks (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • Ukrainian championship results and standings (Reuters) 08/22/2010
  • UPDATE 1-Soccer-FA refuses to accept Ukraine coach's resignation (Reuters) 08/22/2010
  • International Football - Ukraine refuse coach resignation ( 08/22/2010
  • Homemade food all part of Ukrainian fest (Ocean County Observer) 08/22/2010
  • Football Federation says it will not accept national football coach Markevych's resignation (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • Fewer Ukrainians connect themselves with Soviet past, according to survey (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • Ukraine coach resigns over match-fixing (AP) 08/22/2010
  • Naftogaz, Gazprom discuss workload for Ukraine's gas transport system, says Ukrainian energy ministry (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • Regions Party MP suggests expanding application of ratings, cutting number of rating agencies (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • Several Ukrainian universities get status of national establishments, according to orders (Kyiv Post) 08/22/2010
  • Ukraine manager resigns over match-fixing row (Soccer Way) 08/22/2010
  • Ukraine coach quits over match-fixing sanctions (Sports Illustrated) 08/22/2010
  • International Football - Ukraine refuse coach resignation ( 08/22/2010
  • Ethnic groups come together for parish International Festival in Parma Heights (Parma Sun Post) 08/22/2010
  • Soccer-Ukrainian championship results and standings (Reuters) 08/22/2010
  • Ukrainian championship results and standings (Reuters) 08/22/2010
  • Ukraine ready to discuss grain quota volumes (Reuters) 08/22/2010
  • Ukraine offers nuclear studies at the UG level! ( 08/22/2010
  • Ukraine is failing the democracy test (The Guardian) 08/22/2010
  • Independence Day of Ukraine (Manila Bulletin) 08/22/2010
  • Russia's Gazprom says in new talks on JV with Ukraine's Naftogaz (Tehran Times) 08/22/2010
  • Flavours of Ukraine festival (Toronto Sun) 08/22/2010
  • Three Tourneys, Upcoming Fights, More ( 08/22/2010
  • Sidorenko vs Matumla Set For August 28 in Ukraine ( 08/22/2010
  • Ukraine's State Asset Sales Are at Less Than 7% of Goal for Entire Year (Bloomberg) 08/22/2010
  • Ukraine's Next VAT Bonds Will Exceed $1.65 Billion, Finance Ministry Says (Bloomberg) 08/22/2010
  • Castillo uses MLS to fulfill promise (Houston Chronicle) 08/22/2010
  • Ukraine : Searching for a Missing Journalist (NY Times) 08/22/2010
  • GB Women ease to 57-49 Euro qualifying win over Ukraine (BBC Sport) 08/22/2010
  • Ukraine APCs coming soon (Bangkok Post) 08/22/2010
  • Bielsa drops Suazo for Ukraine friendly (AFP) 08/22/2010
  • Aug.24- Ukrainian Indep. Day Flag Raising at Binghamton City Hall (WBGH) 08/22/2010
  • Ukraine May Also Cut Grain Export Due to Drought (Wisconsin Ag Connection) 08/22/2010
  • Wheat prices not yet a threat to inflation: FAO (Reuters) 08/22/2010
  • Gazprom, Naftogaz To Start New Round Of Talks On Joint Venture (Wall Street Journal) 08/22/2010
  • GB women looking for EuroBasket revenge against Ukraine ( 08/22/2010
  • Rights Group Concerned About Jailed Ethnic Uzbek Journalists (RFE/RL) 08/22/2010
  • Russia's Weather Extremes Push Electricity Grid To Limits (RFE/RL) 08/22/2010
  • Investigation Of Belarusian Activist's Case 'Nearing Completion' (RFE/RL) 08/22/2010
  • Ex-Soviet Leaders Meet In Yerevan (RFE/RL) 08/22/2010
  • Viktor Bout - Thailand Orders Arms Dealer Extradition (RFE/RL) 08/22/2010
  • Deal Signed On Extending Russian Military Presence In Armenia (RFE/RL) 08/22/2010
  • Azeri Court Upholds Blogger Sentences (RFE/RL) 08/22/2010
  • Iranian 'Spy' Collapses In Armenian Court (RFE/RL) 08/22/2010
  • All The President's Men - Is President Dmitry Medvedev about to overhaul the ranks of presidential envoys to Russia's regions to advance his modernization agenda? (RFE/RL) 08/22/2010

  • Acting Moldovan President Calls For Unity (RFE/RL) 08/21/2010
  • Moscow Bans Khimki Protest Concert (RFE/RL) 08/21/2010
  • Russia Downplays Armenia Pact (RFE/RL) 08/21/2010
  • Russia, Armenia To Sign Defense Pact (RFE/RL) 08/21/2010
  • Tax Officials Invade Russia's Defense Ministry (RFE/RL) 08/21/2010
  • Daghestan Deterioration Epitomizes Medvedev's North Caucasus Dilemma (RFE/RL) 08/21/2010

  • Naftogaz to appeal against ruling ordering return of natgas to RUE (Ukrainian Journal) 08/20/2010
  • Kharkiv editor vanishes, raising concern (Ukrainian Journal) 08/20/2010
  • Share of bad loans in Ukraine bank portfolios up to 11.5% in July (Ukrainian Journal) 08/20/2010
  • Yanukovych off to Germany Aug. 30 to push for eurointegration (Ukrainian Journal) 08/20/2010
  • The ins and outs of Lviv - Ukraine's historical pearl (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • Ukraine says 'no more territorial concessions' in Romania disputes (Nine O'Clock) 08/20/2010
  • Prosecutors to investigate case of fire at appliance warehouses (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • President approves staff of commission on citizenship (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • International high schools attract Ukrainians, foreigners (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • Ukraine's police search for missing journalist (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • Domino's Pizza will come to Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • Pair involved in international, BMV fraud sentenced Thursday (Cleveland Plain Dealer) 08/20/2010
  • Sorochyntsi Fair held to promote Ukrainian traditional culture (People's Daily) 08/20/2010
  • Man Sentenced In Ohio Driver's License Scheme (WCMH Columbus) 08/20/2010
  • Have Russians, Firtash snapped up top Ukrainian chemical plant? (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • Health minister supports paid services at hospitals (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • Yanukovych: Assistance of law enforcers from neighboring countries needed to find journalist Klymentyev (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • GAFTA to raise concern on Ukraine trade barrier (AgriMarket) 08/20/2010
  • Ukrainian State Border Service to build new hospital in Odesa (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • Foreign Ministry of Ukraine to help Ukrainian sailors sentenced for drug smuggling in Venezuela (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • Ukraine's Yanukovych to head to Berlin to push for EU membership (RIA Novosti) 08/20/2010
  • Ukrainian Grain Association appeals to the Government to regulate the market of grains (AgriMarket) 08/20/2010
  • Ukrainian President Set For Key German Tour (INO News) 08/20/2010
  • One Russian's view of Ukrainian statehood (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • One American's view of Ukrainian independence and how to keep it (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • Russia May Buy 2.5 Million Tons of Grains This Year, National Union Says (Bloomberg) 08/20/2010
  • Marist grad Fitz signs contract to play in Ukraine (Poughkeepsie Journal) 08/20/2010
  • Radioactive Boars Part of Chernobyl's Legacy (CBS News) 08/20/2010
  • Vannykova: Yanukovych not informed about situation in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/20/2010
  • Wheat Gains as U.S. Export Sales Rise, Russia Says to Boost Grain Imports (Bloomberg) 08/20/2010
  • EL: Lech cause upset in Ukraine (Polish SOCA) 08/20/2010
  • How grain markets sow the spikes they fear (Financial Times) 08/20/2010
  • Town to celebrate Ukrainian -American day (Foothills Media Group) 08/20/2010
  • Ukraine to consider grain export quotas ( 08/20/2010
  • Ukraine signs deal on 10% stake in Siberian uranium center (RIA Novosti) 08/20/2010
  • Klitschko announces Hamburg date for defense against American Briggs (CNN International) 08/20/2010
  • Ukraine's police search for missing journalist (BusinessWeek) 08/20/2010
  • Ukrainian President Set For Key German Tour (RTT News) 08/20/2010
  • Newsdesk - Ukrainian Match-Fix Scandal; UEFA Praise Arsenal; Beckenbaue= (World Football Insider) 08/20/2010
  • Ukraine's Anti-Monopoly Regulator Starts Investigation Into Alfa (Bloomberg) 08/20/2010
  • Bad Weather, Grain Losses in Russia and Ukraine Help Kansas Farmers (Kansas Farmer) 08/20/2010
  • Metinvest-Ilyich merger gets approval from Ukrainian watchdog (SteelOrbis) 08/20/2010

  • Karpatnaftokhim to start making polyethylene, ethylene this month (Ukrainian Journal) 08/19/2010
  • Ukraine may reverse Odessa pipeline flow if Venezuelan volume rises (Ukrainian Journal) 08/19/2010
  • Ukraine postpones decision on grain quota (Ukrainian Journal) 08/19/2010
  • Regulator okays creation of medical insurance agent for foreigners (Ukrainian Journal) 08/19/2010
  • Klitschko will fight Briggs on Oct 16 in Hamburg (The Star) 08/19/2010
  • Ukrainian Orphans in Central PA (WTAJ-TV Altoona) 08/19/2010
  • Vitali Klitschko to fight Briggs for WBC title (Concord Monitor) 08/19/2010
  • Sports Legend Revealed: Were a group of Ukranian athletes executed (LA Times) 08/19/2010
  • Prosecutor General's Office opens criminal case against officials of enterprise of Health Ministry (Kyiv Post) 08/19/2010
  • Heritage Park dedication planned for Sunday in Parma's Ukrainian Village (Parma Sun Post) 08/19/2010
  • Ukrainian military sailors training to extinguish fire at military facilities (Kyiv Post) 08/19/2010
  • One miner dies, another injured at coalmine in Donetsk region (Kyiv Post) 08/19/2010
  • Vitali Klitschko confirms Shannon Briggs defence (Unian) 08/19/2010
  • Ura-Inform: Gogol Bordello will represent Ukraine at Eurovision? (Kyiv Post) 08/19/2010
  • Kliuyev warns of threat of flooding in western Ukraine because of heavy rain (Kyiv Post) 08/19/2010
  • Defense Ministry: No fireworks display on Independence Day (Kyiv Post) 08/19/2010
  • Prosecutor General's Office opens criminal case against officials of enterprise of Health Ministry (Kyiv Post) 08/19/2010
  • Yanukovych: Talk of censorship in Ukraine being used for political point scoring (Kyiv Post) 08/19/2010
  • Ukraine: expected quota grain export establishment to slow down wheat price growth rates (AgriMarket) 08/19/2010
  • Ex-minister Danylyshyn hiding in Germany (Kyiv Post) 08/19/2010
  • Kiev looks to domestic oil and gas (UPI) 08/19/2010
  • Russia grain imports to soar in 2010/11-analysts (Reuters) 08/19/2010
  • Ukraine delays grain export quotas decision (Financial Times) 08/19/2010
  • India Seeks Stronger Economic Ties with Ukraine (NTDTV) 08/19/2010
  • Super Cultural Russian and Ukrainian Fundraiser (San Francisco Chronicle) 08/19/2010
  • Metallist FC (Kharkiv) Demands Ukrainian Football Federation Cancel Decision (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/19/2010
  • USA announces Oct. 9 friendly against Poland in Chicago (USA Today) 08/19/2010
  • Wheat Again Rising as Ukraine Weighs Export Limits (ABC News) 08/19/2010
  • Wheat Rises, Halting Slide, as Russia, Ukraine Shipments Slow (BusinessWeek) 08/19/2010
  • Dynamo Kyiv's Andriy Shevchenko: Draw With Ajax Suits Us (Peace FM Online) 08/19/2010
  • First Russia, then Ukraine , now Australia? (Agriculture Online) 08/19/2010
  • Vitali Klitschko to fight Shannon Briggs (USA Today) 08/19/2010
  • Former Official Downplays New Russian-Armenian Military Pact (RFE/RL) 08/19/2010
  • Disappearance Raises Fresh Questions About Media Climate In Ukraine - The disappearance of a journalist in Ukraine is raising new questions about the deteriorating climate for press freedom since voters repudiated the Orange Revolution by electing a pro-Moscow president earlier this year. (RFE/RL) 08/19/2010
  • Moscow: Dancing In The Streets? (RFE/RL) 08/19/2010
  • Kazakh Businessman Missing (RFE/RL) 08/19/2010
  • Jailed Georgians On Hunger Strike (RFE/RL) 08/19/2010
  • Visits Promised After Kazakh Prison Riot (RFE/RL) 08/19/2010
  • Moldovan Court Backs Voting Abroad (RFE/RL) 08/19/2010

  • Ammunition to be removed from Kharkiv region depot within a year (Ukrainian Journal) 08/18/2010
  • Ukraine may toughen grain export quotas (Ukrainian Journal) 08/18/2010
  • Banking recovery possible only in several years, says Credit-Rating (Ukrainian Journal) 08/18/2010
  • Ukraine to boost natural gas output 50% over 3 years, says 1st DPM (Ukrainian Journal) 08/18/2010
  • Dynamo Kiev 1-1 Ajax: Ten-Man Ukrainians Stage Brilliant Comeback ( 08/18/2010
  • Dynamo draws 1-1 with Ajax in 1st leg of playoff (Greenwich Time) 08/18/2010
  • Roddick is not so hot (Star) 08/18/2010
  • The 19th annual Ukrainian Folk Festival, celebrating Ukrainian Independence Day, will run noon to 8 p.m. Sunday at the Ukrainian American Sport Center, County Line and Lower State roads in Horsham. Admission is $15 for adults, free for 13 and under. (Morning Call) 08/18/2010
  • Segares set to rejoin Fire lineup (Chicago Sun-Times) 08/18/2010
  • Segares eager for Fire re-emergence (SouthtownStar) 08/18/2010
  • Kliuyev warns of threat of flooding in western Ukraine because of heavy rain (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Court confirms unlawfulness of ruling on use of Russian as regional language in Donetsk region (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Defense Ministry: No fireworks display on Independence Day (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Yanukovych: No grounds for rise in prices of bread (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Kliuyev instructs Finance Ministry to send Hr. 800 million to pay wages to miners (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Prosecutor General's Office opens criminal case against officials of enterprise of Health Ministry (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Ukrainian trade unions rallying outside IMF office in Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Ukraine to focus on domestic hydrocarbon production (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Agriculture minister: Ukraine to introduce grain export quota of 2.5 m tonnes for period until late 2010 (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Heatwave to start subsiding in Ukraine on Wednesday (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Manneken Pis in Brussels to wear Ukrainian national costume on Independence Day of Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Yanukovych outlines goals for judicial reform in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Pharm-Olam Ranked Sixth Among 300,000 Companies in Ukraine ( 08/18/2010
  • Two Ukrainian clubs fined for match-fixing (Boston Herald) 08/18/2010
  • Yanukovych orders government, local authorities to improve living conditions at boarding schools (Kyiv Post) 08/18/2010
  • Ukraine plans 2.5 mln T 2010 grain export cap-source (Reuters) 08/18/2010
  • Kulczyk Oil Ventures spuds M-19 well in Ukraine ( 08/18/2010
  • Wheat Gains, Ending Three-Day Drop, on Speculation Ukraine to Curb Exports (Bloomberg) 08/18/2010
  • Wheat Advances on Speculation Ukraine to Impose Export Curbs (San Francisco Chronicle) 08/18/2010
  • Four-times European champions Ajax held by Dynamo Kyiv (The Guardian) 08/18/2010
  • Tottenham fight back after Berne horror show; Ajax draw in Kiev (CNN International) 08/18/2010
  • Dynamo draws 1-1 with Ajax in 1st leg of playoff (USA Today) 08/18/2010
  • EU WHEAT: Fall As Russian Rain Takes Heat Off Ukraine Quotas (Wall Street Journal) 08/18/2010
  • Dynamo Kyiv vs Ajax: Coach Martin Jol Wants His Boys To Score In Ukraine (Live Soccer TV) 08/18/2010
  • Ukraine to limit grain exports due to drought: official (AFP) 08/18/2010
  • Ukraine to halve grain exports, Egypt seeks suppliers (Ynetnews) 08/18/2010
  • Ukraine to Limit Exports of Wheat, Barley Through Dec. 31; Corn Is Exempt (Bloomberg) 08/18/2010
  • Research and Markets: Ukraine Energy Report (Business Wire) 08/18/2010
  • Ukraine's Jan-July imports of coking coal up 46% on year (Platts) 08/18/2010
  • Well-Known Ukrainian Journalist Missing (RFE/RL) 08/18/2010

  • Odessa port business receives 9.2% boost from Venezuelan crude oil (Ukrainian Journal) 08/17/2010
  • Government forecasts slowdown of consumer inflation to 8.9% next year (Ukrainian Journal) 08/17/2010
  • Economy, boosted by steel prices, grows robustly in 2nd quarter (Ukrainian Journal) 08/17/2010
  • Kiev court postpones frequencies ruling (Ukrainian Journal) 08/17/2010
  • All grass and peat fires in Kyiv region put out (Kyiv Post) 08/17/2010
  • Police investigating fire at warehouses near Nyvky subway station (Kyiv Post) 08/17/2010
  • Most migrants detained by Ukrainian border guards are citizens of CIS countries (Kyiv Post) 08/17/2010
  • Ukrainian Economy Expanded Annual 6% in Second Quarter, Spurred by Exports (Bloomberg) 08/17/2010
  • Oil&Gas Eurasia: Shell seeks to ease Ukrainian shale gas legislation to promote production (Kyiv Post) 08/17/2010
  • Ukraine harvests 28.7 million tonnes of grain (Kyiv Post) 08/17/2010
  • Venezuela court sentences two Ukrainian sailors to nine years in jail for drug smuggling (Kyiv Post) 08/17/2010
  • Roddick beats Stakhovsky in three sets (Fox Sports) 08/17/2010
  • Daryna Zevina swims to first Ukrainian gold (People's Daily) 08/17/2010
  • Roddick overcomes Stakhovsky in Cincinnati (Toronto Sun) 08/17/2010
  • Roddick, Dent advance at Cincinnati Masters ( 08/17/2010
  • Ukrainian trade unions rallying outside IMF office in Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 08/17/2010
  • Drop in air temperatures expected in Ukraine by weekend (Kyiv Post) 08/17/2010
  • Hryvnia, Tenge to Gain 6% as Inflation Loosens Controls, UniCredit Says (Bloomberg) 08/17/2010
  • Russia, Ukraine to Ban Grain Exports (Epoch Times) 08/17/2010
  • Liverpool interested in rated Dynamo Kiev striker Artem Milevskiy ( 08/17/2010
  • Kulczyk Oil Ventures Spuds First Ukraine Exploration Well (SYS-CON Media) 08/17/2010
  • Europe's Stars Dazzle at Ukraine's International Film Festival (NTDTV) 08/17/2010
  • SBU Targets Opposition in Ukraine (Georgiandaily) 08/17/2010
  • Ukrainian Economy Expanded Annual 6% in Second Quarter, Spurred by Exports (Bloomberg) 08/17/2010
  • Ukraine , EU Likely To Start Free Trade Zone Talk In Oct (AHN - All Headline News) 08/17/2010
  • The consequences of American weakness for Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/17/2010
  • Symbolizing Ukraine's History: a 700-Year-Old Oak Tree (NTDTV) 08/17/2010
  • Ukraine journalists threaten strike over press freedom (China Post) 08/17/2010
  • Ukraine's trade unions call for IMF loan review (BusinessWeek) 08/17/2010
  • Luol Deng helps seal another vital win for Team GB ( 08/17/2010
  • Daryna Zevina swims to first Ukrainian gold (Xinhua) 08/17/2010
  • Wheat prices dip as investors take profit (Associated Press) 08/17/2010
  • Russian wheat crop could fall further (Southwest Farm Press) 08/17/2010
  • Champions League Preview: Dynamo Kiev vs Ajax (SBR Forum) 08/17/2010
  • Ukraine's trade unions demand review of terms for $15 billion IMF loan ( 08/17/2010
  • Ukraine Economy Expands At Faster Pace In Q2 (Daily Markets) 08/17/2010
  • Edge of Climate Change (Cutting Edge) 08/17/2010
  • A5 Laboratories Inc. Appoints Senior Managers (MarketWatch) 08/17/2010
  • Credit Suisse Sells Ukraine's Donetsk Railways Debt Alternative (BusinessWeek) 08/17/2010
  • Analysts: Impact Of Russian Drought, Fires Will Be Offset (RFE/RL) 08/17/2010
  • Russia: Rap Against The Machine (RFE/RL) 08/17/2010
  • Chris De Burgh, Mikheil Saakashvili, And 'Russian Vodka' (RFE/RL) 08/17/2010

  • 3 TV channels stage protest strike action (Ukrainian Journal) 08/16/2010
  • China and Ukraine to boost military cooperation to $1.2b by 2012 (Ukrainian Journal) 08/16/2010
  • EnergoAtom considering resumption of 28 Donuzlav wind power units (Ukrainian Journal) 08/16/2010
  • New Boryspil Airport passenger terminal to start operation Oct. 1 (Ukrainian Journal) 08/16/2010
  • Heatwave and high fire risk to remain in Ukraine early next week (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • Ukrainian government approves new draft agreement with Britain on air communication (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • Ukrainian championship results and standings (Reuters) 08/16/2010
  • MI5 'vetoed Security Minister Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones over links to Ukrainian oligarchs' (Daily Mail) 08/16/2010
  • Camp targets adoption policies (Altoona Mirror) 08/16/2010
  • Ukrainian hanging up flag-raising duties after 2010 ceremony (Register Citizen) 08/16/2010
  • Western Information Agency: Three Ukraine TV channels go on strike (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • The Register Citizen: Ukrainian hanging up flag-raising duties after 2010 ceremony (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • Ukrainian government approves new draft agreement with Britain on air communication (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • Ukrainian President dismisses Air Force commander (Itar-Tass) 08/16/2010
  • Government of Ukraine discusses the possibility of quota allocation (AgriMarket) 08/16/2010
  • Chinese journalists on Ukrainians' traditional sentiments for China (People's Daily) 08/16/2010
  • Ukrainian Egg Producer Avangardco Seeking 600,000 Tons of Wheat for Feed (Bloomberg) 08/16/2010
  • High Administrative Court dismisses appeals against illegal award of Hero of Ukraine title to Soviet soldiers (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • Palestinian ambassador: Palestinians with Ukrainian education take good posts at home (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • Yanukovych streamlines presidential administration's control over army (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • Foreign Ministry: Body of Ukrainian climber found in Pamir Mountains (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • Higher wheat price to boost Landkom (ShareCast) 08/16/2010
  • Town named for poetic hero (Daily Item) 08/16/2010
  • Kharkiv police searching for local newspaper chief editor (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • Police investigating fire at warehouses near Nyvky subway station (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • Drop in air temperatures expected in Ukraine by weekend (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • Yanukovych cuts number of economic courts of appeals (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • All grass and peat fires in Kyiv region put out (Kyiv Post) 08/16/2010
  • MI5 'vetoed Security Minister over links to Ukrainian oligarchs' (Daily Mail) 08/16/2010
  • Russia bans grain exports, Ukraine to follow suit (Arirang News) 08/16/2010
  • Ukraine to increase steel production in September (SteelGuru) 08/16/2010
  • Russia's Livestock Farmers May Import Corn From US (BusinessWeek) 08/16/2010
  • Team GB look good for Eurobasket qualification after defeating Ukraine ( 08/16/2010
  • IMF loan may hasten VAT refunds to Ukrainian steelmakers (Steel Business Briefing) 08/16/2010
  • Russia's Grain Export Ban Begins (Wall Street Journal) 08/16/2010
  • Volatility returns to world wheat markets COMMODITY WATCH (Business Times) 08/16/2010
  • Ukrainian journalists threaten strike - paper (RIA Novosti) 08/16/2010
  • Ukraine journos threaten strike (Daily Star) 08/16/2010
  • Ukrainian television stations strike over state censorship (Earthtimes) 08/16/2010
  • Three Ukraine TV channels go on strike (ZIK) 08/16/2010
  • Ukrainian orphans, athlete bond (Cary News) 08/16/2010
  • Hawkley Oil: Gas expects to hit pay zone at Ukraine well within days (Proactive Investors Australia) 08/16/2010
  • Ukraine doubles ferroalloy output in 7 months (SteelGuru) 08/16/2010
  • For Top Seeds, No Guarantee of Victory, or Success (NY Times) 08/16/2010
  • Armenian Central Bank Revises Up Economic Outlook (RFE/RL) 08/16/2010
  • Aliyev's Azerbaijani Empire Grows, As Daughter Joins The Game (RFE/RL) 08/16/2010
  • Chechen Commanders Rebel Against Umarov (RFE/RL) 08/16/2010
  • Russian 'Day Of Wrath' Activists Detained (RFE/RL) 08/16/2010
  • Russia Battles Fires As Crops Wither (RFE/RL) 08/16/2010

  • Finance ministry promises to speed VAT reimbursements next year (Ukrainian Journal) 08/13/2010
  • Two US groups to join Yanukovych critics (Ukrainian Journal) 08/13/2010
  • Dollarization level of economy fell in H1, according to NBU (Ukrainian Journal) 08/13/2010
  • NBU report prioritizes hryvnia, economy and honoring IMF agreements (Ukrainian Journal) 08/13/2010
  • Ukraine doubles ferroalloy output in 7 months (Kyiv Post) 08/13/2010
  • Ukraine meeting deadlines for Euro 2012 but work still to be done in key areas (Canadian Press) 08/13/2010
  • On Location Kyiv (Kiev): Practical Facts For Visiting The Ukrainian Capital (eTravelBlackboard) 08/13/2010
  • Ukrainian students file police report against store about pay (WWAY 3 Wilmington) 08/13/2010
  • Ukrainian President dismisses Air Force commander (Itar-Tass) 08/13/2010
  • Government of Ukraine discusses the possibility of quota allocation (AgriMarket) 08/13/2010
  • Chinese journalists on Ukrainians' traditional sentiments for China (People's Daily) 08/13/2010
  • Peat bogs on fire in Kyiv region (Kyiv Post) 08/13/2010
  • Heatwave and high fire risk to remain in Ukraine early next week (Kyiv Post) 08/13/2010
  • Ukraine: Kernel forecasts wheat production to total 18 mln tonnes (AgriMarket) 08/13/2010
  • IMF targets gas sector reform in Ukraine (UPI) 08/13/2010
  • Yanukovych expected to attend Sorochyntsi Fair on August 18 (Kyiv Post) 08/13/2010
  • New head of National Memory Institute: Conferring title of hero to Bandera and Shukhevych is big mistake (Kyiv Post) 08/13/2010
  • Akimova: Draft Tax Code should be reviewed to protect rights and freedoms of businesses (Kyiv Post) 08/13/2010
  • Yanukovych invites Platini to Ukraine to show off progress in preparations for Euro 2012 (Kyiv Post) 08/13/2010
  • Local Organization Finds Families For Ukrainian Orphans ( 08/13/2010
  • Russophile agenda rising once again (Kyiv Post) 08/13/2010
  • One man's rise from villager to farm giant (Kyiv Post) 08/13/2010
  • Debt woes sap Europe's big-dream investments (Associated Press) 08/13/2010
  • Despite water, US sees good crops ( 08/13/2010
  • Government of Ukraine discusses the possibility of quota allocation (Agrimarket Consulting) 08/13/2010
  • Ukraine : there is no threat for food safety (Agrimarket Consulting) 08/13/2010
  • Fires near Chernobyl "not dangerous" (Xinhua) 08/13/2010
  • Fears rise over fires in Chornobyl forests (Kyiv Post) 08/13/2010
  • Ukraine meeting deadlines for Euro 2012 but work still to be done in key areas (Canadian Press) 08/13/2010
  • Russian wildfires reach nuclear disaster zone (Hindustan Times) 08/13/2010
  • Russia wildfires: Blaze just a mile from Russian secret nuclear town (Daily Mail) 08/13/2010
  • Gas reform part of IMF Ukrainian financing (Oil & Gas Journal) 08/13/2010
  • World Wheat-Surplus Estimate Cut as Drought Hurts Russia Crop (Bloomberg) 08/13/2010
  • UEFA praises Ukraine's preparations for Euro 2012 (USA Today) 08/13/2010
  • World Wheat-Surplus Estimate Is Cut by U.S. as Drought Hurts Russia Crop (Bloomberg) 08/13/2010
  • IMF targets gas sector reform in Ukraine ( 08/13/2010
  • Ukraine mulls wheat, barley export quota -traders (Reuters Africa) 08/13/2010
  • Wheat Resumes Rally as USDA May Cut Worldwide Supply Forecast (BusinessWeek) 08/13/2010
  • Ukraine considers grain export ban (Calgary Herald) 08/13/2010
  • Closer Military Ties With Armenia To Boost Russia's Regional Clout (RFE/RL) 08/13/2010
  • Displaced Georgians Protest Evictions (RFE/RL) 08/13/2010
  • Moldova Shrugs Off Russia Criticism (RFE/RL) 08/13/2010
  • Russia Marks 'Kursk' Anniversary (RFE/RL) 08/13/2010
  • Turkmen Oil Enters BTC Pipeline (RFE/RL) 08/13/2010
  • Kursk - Interview: 'If Putin Was Told Everything Was Under Control, He Was Deceived' (RFE/RL) 08/13/2010
  • As State Fumbles Fire Response, Russia Discovers A New Strength: People Power (RFE/RL) 08/13/2010
  • Interview: Russian Forest Ranger Discusses Challenges Of Firefighting (RFE/RL) 08/13/2010

  • " " (BBC) 08/12/2010
  • " " (BBC) 08/12/2010
  • Group knocks press freedom deterioration (Ukrainian Journal) 08/12/2010
  • Ukrenergo announces auction for September power line access (Ukrainian Journal) 08/12/2010
  • Tyhypko: We’ll fulfill our IMF obligations ‘to the last kopeck’ (Ukrainian Journal) 08/12/2010
  • Traders cease purchasing grain due to wheat export ban uncertainty (Ukrainian Journal) 08/12/2010
  • Draft concept of national public television, radio broadcasting posted on Ukrainian president's website (Kyiv Post) 08/12/2010
  • Export ban of grains and flour from Russia to provide the excellent chance to Ukrainian flour millers (AgriMarket) 08/12/2010
  • Committee for economic reforms to consider issue of deregulation in September (Kyiv Post) 08/12/2010
  • Ukraine eyes 4.5 percent growth in gross domestic product in 2011 (Kyiv Post) 08/12/2010
  • Tajik rescuers find two of three Ukrainian mountain climbers (Kyiv Post) 08/12/2010
  • Ukraine faces another painful gas price hike (INO News) 08/12/2010
  • Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and agrarian organizations to sign the Memorandum (AgriMarket) 08/12/2010
  • Fellowship Foundation Aids Mariupol Youngsters (FJC) 08/12/2010
  • Ukraine considers grain export quotas for 10/11 (Kyiv Post) 08/12/2010
  • Ukraine: grain traders froze wheat purchasing (AgriMarket) 08/12/2010
  • Ukraine: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and grain traders to come to arrangement (AgriMarket) 08/12/2010
  • Ukraine to remain on wildfire alert through Aug. 15 (Kyiv Post) 08/12/2010
  • International Press Institute calls upon Yanukovych to stop pressure on Ukrainian mass media (Unian) 08/12/2010
  • IFC Helps Open New Markets for Ukraine's Fruit Producers (Media Newswire) 08/12/2010
  • Credit card fraud man nabbed (Straits Times) 08/12/2010
  • The Day: Bread may become more expensive (Kyiv Post) 08/12/2010
  • Ukrainian orphans, athlete bond on a U.S. soccer field (The News & Observer) 08/12/2010
  • Three killed by fire in Luhansk region (Kyiv Post) 08/12/2010
  • Winning ways: Burtt Jr. coming off big season in Ukraine (New York Post) 08/12/2010
  • Grad students from Ukraine working on Ind. farms (Chicago Tribune) 08/12/2010
  • Ukraine To Impose Export Ban On Barley (India 08/12/2010
  • Wheat in Chicago Resumes Rally Ahead of USDA Estimate on Global Inventory (Bloomberg) 08/12/2010
  • Gas price for public in Ukraine to rise by 50pct from April 2011 (SteelGuru) 08/12/2010
  • Russians fear worst as fires reach Chernobyl fallout zone (New Zealand Herald) 08/12/2010
  • Cameroon beats Poland 3-0 in football friendly (USA Today) 08/12/2010
  • Report: Ukraine v Netherlands - International Friendly (ESPN) 08/12/2010
  • Ukraine to introduce tractors, farm machinery in Pakistan (Pakistan Times) 08/12/2010
  • Russia starts police-renaming trend: Ukraine may follow suit (RT) 08/12/2010
  • Dutch held to 1-1 draw by Ukraine in friendly (USA Today) 08/12/2010
  • Netherlands vs Ukraine International Friendly Football Match (Live Football) 08/12/2010
  • Russian wildfires raise Chernobyl radiation fears (Associated Press) 08/12/2010
  • Top UEFA official praises Ukraine's Euro 2012 efforts (Canadian Press) 08/12/2010
  • Russia says fires burn Chernobyl-tainted forests (Reuters) 08/12/2010
  • Ukraine May Start Grain Export Quotas, Minister Says (BusinessWeek) 08/12/2010
  • US wheat rises ahead of USDA report (Reuters) 08/12/2010
  • Russia Ready To Assist Ukraine In Extinguishing Of Forest Fires If Necessary (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/12/2010
  • Dogs say (or bark) 'I do' in Ukraine (Baltimore Sun) 08/12/2010
  • Ukraine Will Consider Grain Export Quotas Today, Agriculture Minister Says (Bloomberg) 08/12/2010
  • Russia - FSB - A Law On Lawlessness? (RFE/RL) 08/12/2010
  • Georgian Privatization Plan Falls Short (RFE/RL) 08/12/2010
  • Moscow Prices Surge Amid Heat, Smog (RFE/RL) 08/12/2010
  • Armenian Ruling Party Slams Church Service In Turkey (RFE/RL) 08/12/2010
  • Tatarstan Announces Dramatic Drop In Grain Harvest (RFE/RL) 08/12/2010
  • Russia Says Fires In Radioactive Region (RFE/RL) 08/12/2010
  • Russia Deploys Missiles In Abkhazia (RFE/RL) 08/12/2010
  • Georgia's Lonely Unilateralisms (RFE/RL) 08/12/2010
  • New Blueprint Proposed For Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia (RFE/RL) 08/12/2010

  • Ukraine's Opposition Leaders Make Their Case to the Ukrainian-American Diaspora (BRAMA) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine to lift forex market limitations in Q4, according to IMF (Ukrainian Journal) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine committed to energy cooperation with IMF, government asserts (Ukrainian Journal) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine to repay $2b Russian loan in 2010 (Ukrainian Journal) 08/11/2010
  • Traders report continued customs problems plaguing wheat exports (Ukrainian Journal) 08/11/2010
  • Jordan, Ukraine discuss transport cooperation (Zawya) 08/11/2010
  • Weather center issues storm warning in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/11/2010
  • Spain presents Ukrainian hospitals with 7 lung ventilators (Kyiv Post) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine: Kernel to forecast wheat, barley and rapeseed production decrease by 16% (AgriMarket) 08/11/2010
  • The Dickinson Press: A look back on Ukraine's famine (Kyiv Post) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine considers grain export quotas for 10/11 (Kyiv Post) 08/11/2010
  • Justice Ministry publishes draft bill on migration policy (Kyiv Post) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine: grain traders froze wheat purchasing (AgriMarket) 08/11/2010
  • Cabinet replaces Naftogaz's supervisory board (Kyiv Post) 08/11/2010
  • Naftogaz Ukrainy reduces net losses by 86 percent during first six months of 2010 (Kyiv Post) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and grain traders to come to arrangement (AgriMarket) 08/11/2010
  • International Press Institute calls upon Yanukovych to stop pressure on Ukrainian mass media (Unian) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine to remain on wildfire alert through Aug. 15 (Kyiv Post) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine faces another painful gas price hike (AP) 08/11/2010
  • Shakhtar Donetsk: Russia and Ukraine need joint cup tournament ( 08/11/2010
  • It is possible to become drunk while drinking kvass during heat period (Unian) 08/11/2010
  • Prosecutor general to personally oversee investigation into student's death at police department (Kyiv Post) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine to repay $2 billion loan to VTB Bank at the end of 2010, memo with IMF reads (Kyiv Post) 08/11/2010
  • Kiev Bans Russian in Trials (Moscow Times) 08/11/2010
  • Winning ways: Burtt Jr. coming off big season in Ukraine (New York Post) 08/11/2010
  • Regime of enhanced surveillance introduced at coalmines in Ukraine (ForUm) 08/11/2010
  • Ruble, Hryvnia and Kazakh Tenge to Gain on Drought (BusinessWeek) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine May Seek to Extend $2 Billion VTB Loan If Eurobond Outlook Worsens (Bloomberg) 08/11/2010
  • Russian wildfires raise radiation fears (Associated Press) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine: grain traders froze wheat purchasing (Agrimarket Consulting) 08/11/2010
  • Fear of Radioactivity in Russia Fires (NY Times) 08/11/2010
  • Berdych breezes through (SkySports) 08/11/2010
  • Russian Fires Raise Fears of Radioactive Smoke (NY Times) 08/11/2010
  • Kiev Bans Russian in Trials (Moscow Times) 08/11/2010
  • Sergiy Stakhovsky vs. Tomas Berdych (Toronto Sun) 08/11/2010
  • Research and Markets: Ukraine Mining Report 2010 ( 08/11/2010
  • Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov congratulated the Head of the .. (ISRIA) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine export warning lifts wheat prices off lows ( 08/11/2010
  • Ukrainian Grain Association Admits Cabinet's Temporary Ban On Wheat Export (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/11/2010
  • Luzhkov Again Raises Russian Right to Sevastopol (Georgiandaily) 08/11/2010
  • Ukraine - Mykola Azarov held a meeting with the Heads of Chernivtsi Oblast (ISRIA) 08/11/2010
  • Russia - The Land Of Smoke And Honey (RFE/RL) 08/11/2010
  • Russia - The Fire This Time? (RFE/RL) 08/11/2010
  • Four Jailed In Azeri Academy Killings (RFE/RL) 08/11/2010
  • Armenia Seeks Long-Range Weapons (RFE/RL) 08/11/2010
  • Tatar Nationalists Protest In Kazan (RFE/RL) 08/11/2010
  • Russia - Police Break Up New Khimki Protest (RFE/RL) 08/11/2010

  • NBU cuts key rate for 3rd time since June (Ukrainian Journal) 08/10/2010
  • EnergoAtom to tap EBRD, Euratom for EUR1 billion for safety program (Ukrainian Journal) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine to increase pension age for women, according to IMF memo (Ukrainian Journal) 08/10/2010
  • Household natgas prices to rise another 50% in April, IMF announces (Ukrainian Journal) 08/10/2010
  • On Location Kyiv (Kiev): Art Meets Sex〞In Kyiv? Ukraine's Surprisingly Avante Garde (eTravelBlackboard) 08/10/2010
  • Azarov ordered creation of interagency group to build bridge across Kerch Strait (Kyiv Post) 08/10/2010
  • Boxing Prediction: Devon Alexander Will Knockout Timothy Bradley (Bleacher Report) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine expects to get loans for universal nuclear safety program (People's Daily) 08/10/2010
  • Radio Free Liberty: Ukraine introduces safety measures after mine accident (Kyiv Post) 08/10/2010
  • Armenian-Ukrainian business forum to be conducted in Kiev (BSANNA NEWS) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine controls causing wheat export delays - trade (Reuters) 08/10/2010
  • Ukrainian Central Bank Cuts Rates Third Time This Year as Inflation Slows (Bloomberg) 08/10/2010
  • Rollin' on a Ukrainian river (Canoe Travel) 08/10/2010
  • Ukrainian delegation goes to Singapore to participate in Junior Olympic Games (Unian) 08/10/2010
  • Kolomoisky boosts stake in JKX Oil & Gas to 23 percent (Kyiv Post) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine: grain export ban from the Russian Federation to have positive impact (AgriMarket) 08/10/2010
  • Gas price hikes, pension reforms part of deal with International Monetary Fund (Kyiv Post) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine's Armenians: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow conference to be held in Simferopol (PanARMENIAN.Net) 08/10/2010
  • Further rise in gas price in memorandum with IMF (Unian) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine meets July gas payments (UPI) 08/10/2010
  • What politicians could learn from business training (Kyiv Post) 08/10/2010
  • Minister Safiullin: Birth of second child should become norm for Ukrainian family (Kyiv Post) 08/10/2010
  • Yanukovych wants more effective work on legal child adoption and organ transplantation in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine controls causing wheat export delays - trade (Reuters) 08/10/2010
  • Ukrainian Central Bank Cuts Rates Third Time This Year as Inflation Slows (Bloomberg) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine to raise retirement age for women to 60 to secure IMF aid (Hurriyet Daily News) 08/10/2010
  • The Netherlands rests WCup stars against Ukraine (USA Today) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine controls causing wheat export delays (Business Times) 08/10/2010
  • Gas price hikes and pension reforms in Ukraine (SteelGuru) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine - President Yanukovych meets IAAF President Diack (ISRIA) 08/10/2010
  • Wheat Falls as Traders Assess Supply Situation (Wall Street Journal) 08/10/2010
  • Bleach - Ukraine - Market Report - new market report and analysis released ( 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine's Nadra Bank Finishes Restructuring Foreign-Debt to Win State Aid (Bloomberg) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine wheat forecasts cut (Reuters UK) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine meets July gas payments (UPI) 08/10/2010
  • FACTBOX - Weather impact on Europe, CIS wheat crop (Reuters India) 08/10/2010
  • Ukraine's synchronized swimmers won bronze medals at European Swimming (NRCU) 08/10/2010
  • Azerbaijani Exclave Cracks Down On Street Vendors (RFE/RL) 08/10/2010
  • Russian Musicians, Journalist Angry Over Rapper's Arrest (RFE/RL) 08/10/2010
  • Poland, Russia, And Visa-Free Travel (RFE/RL) 08/10/2010
  • Detained Belarusian Investigator Hospitalized (RFE/RL) 08/10/2010
  • Former Armenian Officials Jailed For Accepting Bribes (RFE/RL) 08/10/2010
  • Russia-Georgia: The Little War That Actually Didn't Shake The World (RFE/RL) 08/10/2010
  • North Caucasus - Following U-Turn, Umarov Turns On Udugov (RFE/RL) 08/10/2010

  • Heat wave to continue throughout August, forecaster predicts (Ukrainian Journal) 08/09/2010
  • Troops move into threatened Kharkiv base (Ukrainian Journal) 08/09/2010
  • VAT bonds to go to taxpayer accounts this month, says tax official (Ukrainian Journal) 08/09/2010
  • IMF Ukraine representative knocks new NBU bank capital requirements (Ukrainian Journal) 08/09/2010
  • Ukrainian championship results and standings (Reuters) 08/09/2010
  • Andrukhovych: Yanukovych is Putin (Kyiv Post) 08/09/2010
  • Ukraine: prices for grains on the domestic market to increase (AgriMarket) 08/09/2010
  • Two killed in Ukrainian mine collapse (Kyiv Post) 08/09/2010
  • Electrolux Buys Ukrainian Factory For EUR19 Million (FOX Business) 08/09/2010
  • Ukraine extinguishes large fire in Dnepropetrovsk Region (Itar-Tass) 08/09/2010
  • Ukraine: grain export limitation is inexpedient (AgriMarket) 08/09/2010
  • The Edmonton Journal: Ukrainian leader puts economic recovery ahead of democracy (Kyiv Post) 08/09/2010
  • Stopping bribery in Ukraine - and the UK (Kyiv Post) 08/09/2010
  • Aug. 9 weather forecast for Ukraine - HOT (Kyiv Post) 08/09/2010
  • Times of Malta: German citizens take part in Ukraine apology (Kyiv Post) 08/09/2010
  • Two MI-8 helicopters temporarily transferred to emergencies ministry's management due to fire risk in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/09/2010
  • Operations group created at Joint Staff due to high fire risk, says defense ministry (Kyiv Post) 08/09/2010
  • Ukrainian police probe into Lankan tea trader's death (Sunday Observer) 08/09/2010
  • Soccer-Ukrainian championship results and standings (Reuters) 08/09/2010
  • Feeding Fewer Than 9 Billion (NY Times) 08/09/2010
  • Ukraine To Raise Consumer Gas Prices Another 50 Percent in April 2011 (Oil and Gas Industry Latest News) 08/09/2010
  • Indian Flour Mills May Stop Wheat Imports From Australia, Ukraine on Price (Bloomberg) 08/09/2010
  • Search for remaining miner suspended in Ukraine mine collapse (Hurriyet Daily News) 08/09/2010
  • Electrolux Buys Ukrainian Factory For EUR19 Million (Automated Trader) 08/09/2010
  • Jennifer Kingsley Neighbors: Recalling a couple's arduous journey from Ukraine (Elmira Star-Gazette) 08/09/2010
  • Foreign countries join firefighting in Russia (Xinhua) 08/09/2010
  • Drought doubles price of barley in six weeks (Financial Times) 08/09/2010
  • Otman Bakkal To Miss Ukraine -Netherlands Tie Due To Injury (Peace FM Online) 08/09/2010
  • IAAF slashes budget due to economic crisis (USA Today) 08/09/2010
  • IAAF slashes budget due to economic crisis (Times of India) 08/09/2010
  • Devon Alexander retains light-welterweight titles (BBC Sport) 08/09/2010
  • Ukraine's Beresnyova wins 25K swim at Europeans (USA Today) 08/09/2010
  • Russian Military Seeks to Reduce Dependence on Ukrainian Production and Facilities (Georgiandaily) 08/09/2010
  • Crimean Tatars fear for future ( 08/09/2010
  • ECS Ukrainian Dance Academy (Edmonton Journal) 08/09/2010
  • Alexander Defeats Kotelnik, Retaining Titles (NY Times) 08/09/2010
  • Red Bulls-Fire Preview ( 08/09/2010
  • 5 Minute Delay Scuttles Chance at $40 Billion Air Force Deal (ABC News) 08/09/2010
  • The GoldeGate Park Band - Ukrainian -American Day (San Francisco Chronicle) 08/09/2010

  • KrasnodonVuhillya receives EUR589,000 from sale of emission credits (Ukrainian Journal) 08/06/2010
  • Ukrainian cabinet cancels UAH400 million Crimean bond issue (Ukrainian Journal) 08/06/2010
  • Tymoshenko calls for court challenge to natural gas price hike (Ukrainian Journal) 08/06/2010
  • Troops deployed to block entry to forests (Ukrainian Journal) 08/06/2010
  • At least 625 hectares of forest hit by wildfire as of Thursday morning (Kyiv Post) 08/06/2010
  • Over 200 Ukrainian soldiers sent to put out fire outside Pavlohrad (Kyiv Post) 08/06/2010
  • Ukrainian farmers find the familiar on Pajaro Valley farm (Salinas Californian) 08/06/2010
  • Ukrainian doctors arrested in transplant scandal (Kyiv Post) 08/06/2010
  • Germans visit Ukraine in WWII apology (Kyiv Post) 08/06/2010
  • Bloomberg: Ferrexpo plans to fund $1.3 billion project (Kyiv Post) 08/06/2010
  • Weather forecast for Ukraine: Hot until late August (Kyiv Post) 08/06/2010
  • Kyrylo Kulykov heads Kyiv branch of United Center party (Kyiv Post) 08/06/2010
  • President returning to Kyiv to monitor fire prevention measures in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/06/2010
  • Ukraine, China to discuss space cooperation in Beijing on August 23-27 (Kyiv Post) 08/06/2010
  • Kiev says South Stream too costly (UPI) 08/06/2010
  • 4 Ukrainian doctors arrested in organ transplant probe (Times & Transcript) 08/06/2010
  • Over 200 Ukrainian soldiers sent to put out fire outside Pavlohrad (Kyiv Post) 08/06/2010
  • Germans gather in Ukraine for Nazi apology (Stuff) 08/06/2010
  • Germans visit Ukraine in WWII apology (Jackson Sun) 08/06/2010
  • Ukraine LDS Temple open house announced (ABC 4) 08/06/2010
  • Snap analysis -Race for Russia's grain business after export ban (Reuters) 08/06/2010
  • Archer Daniels, Monsanto, Potash Shares Advance After Grain Prices Rally (Bloomberg) 08/06/2010
  • Emerson Awarded Automation Contract to Modernize 100 Hydroelectric Turbine (MarketWatch) 08/06/2010
  • Ukraine Mining Report 2010 - New Market Report Published (OfficialWire) 08/06/2010
  • European Bank to Grant Road Loan to Ukraine (LogisticsWeek) 08/06/2010
  • Wheat Futures May Surge to $10 a Bushel, CWA Says (BusinessWeek) 08/06/2010
  • Moldovan Journalist Healthy, But Still Jailed (RFE/RL) 08/06/2010
  • Tatar Lawyer Sues Police - A Tatar lawyer specializing in human rights and freedom of speech cases has filed a lawsuit against police after he says they beat him while in detention. (RFE/RL) 08/06/2010
  • Germans March In Kyiv To Commemorate Nazi Victims - Two hundred Germans took part in the "March of Life" today in Kyiv, an event aimed at asking forgiveness from the victims of the Holocaust. (RFE/RL) 08/06/2010
  • Moldova Coalition Shows Strain (RFE/RL) 08/06/2010
  • US, Russia - A Tale Of Two Leaks (RFE/RL) 08/06/2010
  • New South Ossetian Defense Chief Opposes Further Downsizing Of Armed Forces (RFE/RL) 08/06/2010
  • Rights, The Reset, And The Gathering Storm - The United States came out this week with its harshest public criticism of Russia since President Barack Obama reset relations with Moscow. The U.S. criticism comes at a time when rights activists are increasingly worried that optimism about the liberalizing noises coming from President Dmitry Medvedev may have been premature. (RFE/RL) 08/06/2010
  • Tajik Politician Acquitted Of Trafficking - A court in southern Tajikistan has ruled that a regional leader of the opposition Islamic Renaissance Party and another man are not guilty of human trafficking. (RFE/RL) 08/06/2010
  • Four Arrested In Probe Of Armenian Officer's Death (RFE/RL) 08/06/2010
  • Russia Sackings Over Wildfires (RFE/RL) 08/06/2010

  • Ukraine delays privatization of Ukrtelecom; September tender now set (Ukrainian Journal) 08/05/2010
  • Austria considers cancelling visa registration fees for Ukrainians (Ukrainian Journal) 08/05/2010
  • Continued heat wave plagues most of Ukraine, boosting fire worry (Ukrainian Journal) 08/05/2010
  • Officials told to get ready for wildfires (Ukrainian Journal) 08/05/2010
  • Ukraine says own gas transit project to be cheaper than South Stream (RIA Novosti) 08/05/2010
  • An invitation to corruption: Constitutional turmoil (Kyiv Post) 08/05/2010
  • 425 wildfires registered in Ukraine in past 24 hours (Itar-Tass) 08/05/2010
  • Emergency Situations Ministry: Fire danger high in Donetsk region (Kyiv Post) 08/05/2010
  • Ferrexpo sees pellet output up 9 pct at 9.5 mln T in 2010 (Reuters) 08/05/2010
  • Ferrexpo profits soar as demand recovers (ShareCast) 08/05/2010
  • Government postpones start of hunting season due to fire risk (Kyiv Post) 08/05/2010
  • Ukrainian farmers find the familiar on Pajaro Valley farm: Foreign delegation taps into expertise of local growers (Santa Cruz Sentinel) 08/05/2010
  • Eleven Ukrainian sailors detained in Georgia returning home today (Kyiv Post) 08/05/2010
  • Government forbids Crimea to issue domestic loan bonds (Kyiv Post) 08/05/2010
  • Ferrexpo Plans to Fund $1.3 Billion Project in Ukraine With Its Own Money (Bloomberg) 08/05/2010
  • Yanukovych sets strategic tasks for Crimea's development (Kyiv Post) 08/05/2010
  • Mining Weekly: Korab takes full ownership of Ukraine gold mine (Kyiv Post) 08/05/2010
  • Slauta: No grounds for grain export restrictions from Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/05/2010
  • SteelOrbis: Ukraine's ferroalloy producers on verge of halting operations (Kyiv Post) 08/05/2010
  • Firefighters extinguishing peat fire in Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky district (Kyiv Post) 08/05/2010
  • Ukraine: VTB may finance joint investment projects (RBC) 08/05/2010
  • Yanukovych signs amendments to land renting law and Land Code (Kyiv Post) 08/05/2010
  • Ukrainian aircraft, fire engines helping extinguish Russian forest fires (Kyiv Post) 08/05/2010
  • Naftogaz owes $780 million for July gas (UPI) 08/05/2010
  • Ukraine Adopts Law Exempting Hotels from Income Tax (Property Xpress Newswire) 08/05/2010
  • British clubs await European draws (BBC Sport) 08/05/2010
  • Wheat Cargo From Black Sea to Philippines Said to Be Canceled (BusinessWeek) 08/05/2010
  • South Korean Feed Makers 'Not Rushing' to Buy Wheat Amid Surge (BusinessWeek) 08/05/2010
  • Ukrainian boxer's career path resembles Alexander's (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) 08/05/2010
  • US Aerospace protests tanker bid rejection (Seattle Post Intelligencer) 08/05/2010
  • Floods, Fires, Hipsters (Huffington Post) 08/05/2010
  • Naftogaz owes $780 million for July gas ( 08/05/2010
  • First batch of AN-32s in Ukraine for upgrade (Zee News) 08/05/2010
  • Historian doubts Demjanjuk's wartime account (Associated Press) 08/05/2010
  • Ukrainian computer programmer accused of gouging out grandmother's eyeballs (Daily Mail) 08/05/2010
  • Ukraine's DEMZ reaches pre-crisis output level in July (SteelOrbis) 08/05/2010
  • Russia - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with crews (ISRIA) 08/05/2010
  • Ukraine Telecommunications Report (TMC Net) 08/05/2010
  • Azerbaijan's Beach Bummer: Loophole Lets Businesses Charge Hefty Entry Fees (RFE/RL) 08/05/2010
  • North Caucasus: Umarov's U-Turn (RFE/RL) 08/05/2010
  • Russia's Gangsters With Convictions (RFE/RL) 08/05/2010
  • Russian State News Agency Honors Barack Obama On His Birthday (RFE/RL) 08/05/2010
  • Russia, Ukraine To Demarcate Border (RFE/RL) 08/05/2010
  • Ukrainian Sculptor Unveils Yanukovych Bust (RFE/RL) 08/05/2010
  • Azeris Demand Soldier's Body Return (RFE/RL) 08/05/2010
  • Deadly Fires, Heat Bear Down Further On Moscow (RFE/RL) 08/05/2010
  • Video Claims Chechen Rebel Reversal (RFE/RL) 08/05/2010
  • Activists Say Demolition of Moscow Mansion Foreshadows Fate Of Other Historic Buildings (RFE/RL) 08/05/2010

  • Tyhypko calls for punishment in grain export delay controversy (Ukrainian Journal) 08/04/2010
  • Tatar leaders snub meeting with president (Ukrainian Journal) 08/04/2010
  • Yanukovych meets with foreign minister over diplomatic priorities (Ukrainian Journal) 08/04/2010
  • Ukraine receives second cash installment on sale of carbon emissions (Ukrainian Journal) 08/04/2010
  • Mining Weekly: Korab takes full ownership of Ukraine gold mine (Kyiv Post) 08/04/2010
  • Slauta: No grounds for grain export restrictions from Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/04/2010
  • Metals Mover: ArcelorMittal Ukraine gets new chief executive officer (Kyiv Post) 08/04/2010
  • Vietnamese women beat Ukrainian team to take volleyball title (Thanh Nien Daily) 08/04/2010
  • Bloomberg: Ukrainian, Russian wheat supply 'draining out' (Kyiv Post) 08/04/2010
  • Portland transplant loves life in Staunton (The Staunton News Leader) 08/04/2010
  • Ukrainian subsidiary hurts PKO BP (Warsaw Business Journal) 08/04/2010
  • Yanukovych sets strategic tasks for Crimea's development (Kyiv Post) 08/04/2010
  • Anti-Yanukovych blogger: I was too emotional, misunderstood (Kyiv Post) 08/04/2010
  • SteelOrbis: Ukraine's ferroalloy producers on verge of halting operations (Kyiv Post) 08/04/2010
  • Ukraine Commercial Banking Report Q3 2010 now available at Fast Market Research ( 08/04/2010
  • Metallurgprom: Ukrainian steelmakers may face losses due to gas price hike (SteelOrbis) 08/04/2010
  • Korab takes full ownership of Ukraine gold mine (Creamer Media's Mining Weekly) 08/04/2010
  • Wheat Exports From Russia, Ukraine Are 'Draining Out', Flour Miller Says (Bloomberg) 08/04/2010
  • Wildfires rage in parched Russia (Monsters and 08/04/2010
  • Ukraine postpones delivery of Taurus-II launch vehicle's first stage to US (Xinhua) 08/04/2010
  • Wheat Prices Drop After US Rally Turns Off Buyers; Corn Falls and western Europe fueled a 38 percent rally in wheat prices last month. (BusinessWeek) 08/04/2010
  • Wheat Halts Rally as Buyers Balk at Highest Price Since 2008 (BusinessWeek) 08/04/2010
  • The Future Of Football Is Russia, Ukraine China - Nevio Scala (Peace FM Online) 08/04/2010
  • Medvedev sanctions use of foreign aircraft in firefighting (ITAR-TASS) 08/04/2010
  • Research and Markets: Payment Cards in Ukraine ( 08/04/2010
  • Stallone, Rourke, Statham, Lundgren to arrive in Kyiv on August 7 (Kyiv Post) 08/04/2010
  • In 2014, Ukraine is going to submit an application to host the 2022 Winter Olympics (ZIK) 08/04/2010
  • Baku to help Russia to combat wildfires (Trend News Agency) 08/04/2010
  • Russia Lowers Grain Forecast Amid Fires (Wall Street Journal) 08/04/2010
  • Armenia Sees Leap In Tax Revenues (RFE/RL) 08/04/2010
  • Moldovan PM May Run For President (RFE/RL) 08/04/2010
  • Rights Lawyer Detained In Tatarstan (RFE/RL) 08/04/2010
  • Russia Registers Rise In Lending (RFE/RL) 08/04/2010
  • Crimean Tatars Avoid Yanukovych Meeting (RFE/RL) 08/04/2010
  • Jailed Azerbaijani Activists Begin Hunger Strike (RFE/RL) 08/04/2010

  • President orders diplomats to unblock EU free-trade zone talks (Ukrainian Journal) 08/03/2010
  • Zaporizhia Ferroalloy Plant to suspend production of silicomanganese (Ukrainian Journal) 08/03/2010
  • Grain exports halt after licensing fracas (Ukrainian Journal) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine’s real GDP could rise 3.8% in 2010, according to economists (Ukrainian Journal) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine hold talks with Gazprom to settle RosUkrEnergo gas row (RIA Novosti) 08/03/2010
  • Finance Ministry: Ukraine more than doubles state borrowing in first six months of 2010 (Kyiv Post) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine hopes to seal deal on gas consortium with Russia soon - minister (RIA Novosti) 08/03/2010
  • Yanukovych working actively on vacation (Kyiv Post) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine offers help in fighting wildfires in Russia (Itar-Tass) 08/03/2010
  • Russia appreciates Ukraine's preparedness to help extinguish forest fires (Kyiv Post) 08/03/2010
  • Tehran Times: Ukraine Football Federation apologizes to Iran (Kyiv Post) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine discussing with Gazprom painless implementation of Stockholm court's decision (Kyiv Post) 08/03/2010
  • Ukrainian Health Ministry recommends siestas (Kyiv Post) 08/03/2010
  • Interpipe offers to restructure 2010 notes for seven years at 10.25% per annum (Kyiv Post) 08/03/2010
  • World Class gymnast, Nahant resident lands at Marblehead's Lynch/Van Otterloo YMCA (Swampscott Reporter) 08/03/2010
  • Klitschko calls for 'little dog' Haye to commit to a fight (Star) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine increases pipe production by 1.7% over seven months (Kyiv Post) 08/03/2010
  • Ukrainian-Russian agreement on mutual border demarcation comes into force (Kyiv Post) 08/03/2010
  • No end in sight for Ukraine's heat wave (Kyiv Post) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine pres instructs govt to grant aid to fire-hit Russian reg (Itar-Tass, Sun, 01 Aug 2010 23:04 PM PDT) 08/03/2010
  • Weather Center: Polluted air masses moving over Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/03/2010
  • EUR 900 ln to Support Road Rehabilitation in Ukraine (Property Xpress) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine : the responsible for grain export preventing to become punished (Agrimarket Consulting) 08/03/2010
  • Stakhanov Exhibition Opens In Ukraine (RFE/RL) 08/03/2010
  • Ukrainian seamless steel casing and tubing import quota utilization (SteelOrbis) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine's real GDP could rise 3.8% in 2010, according to economists (UkrAgroConsult) 08/03/2010
  • WorldCompliance and The Cherry Group Form Alliance to Help Fight Corruption in Ukraine (PR Newswire) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine Insists That International Recognition Of Kosovo Cannot Be Precedent (Ukrainian News Agency) 08/03/2010
  • Market Report, "Foodservice in Ukraine to 2012", published ( 08/03/2010
  • Ukrainian Championships (International GYMNAST) 08/03/2010
  • Sweet rural wedding ceremony in (Xinhua) 08/03/2010
  • Weather woes spark fears for wheat (Financial Times) 08/03/2010
  • The Mongol Rally: Europe and Ukraine (Reuters India) 08/03/2010
  • Wheat price rises fastest since 1973 (Financial Times) 08/03/2010
  • Scorching Wheat Prices Breach $7 A Bushel On Russia Droughta style=3D"text-decoration:none;color:#777777;cursor:default" href=3D""> (Wall Street Journal) 08/03/2010
  • Veteran Ukraine Diplomat Appointed Ambassador To Kazakhstan (RFE/RL) 08/03/2010
  • Market changes vex Russian gas policies (Oil & Gas Journal) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine issues H1 steel export data (SteelOrbis) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine issues January-July production results (SteelOrbis) 08/03/2010
  • Wheat prices hit 2-year high (Financial Times) 08/03/2010
  • Rodman Renshaw Acts as Financial Advisor to Zaporizhstal Group (MarketWatch) 08/03/2010
  • Ukraine hopes to seal deal on gas consortium with Russia soon (Focus News) 08/03/2010
  • Themes Of War And Reconciliation Featured At Sarajevo Film Festival (RFE/RL) 08/03/2010
  • After Decade In Obscurity, Modern Dance Steps Out In Russia - Modern dance is relatively new in Russia. But a rising generation of young choreographers is blazing a trail in an effort to change the country's conservative attitudes toward the medium. (RFE/RL) 08/03/2010
  • Umarov Bows Out As North Caucasus Emir (RFE/RL) 08/03/2010
  • Lawyers in Daghestan Demand Immunity From Police Violence (RFE/RL) 08/03/2010
  • Medieval Georgian Sites Placed On UNESCO Endangered List (RFE/RL) 08/03/2010
  • Azeri Journalists Barred From Office Due To Debt (RFE/RL) 08/03/2010
  • Belarusian Activists Detained For Flying Flag (RFE/RL) 08/03/2010
  • Chechen Site Claims Umarov Steps Down (RFE/RL) 08/03/2010

  • Meeting IMF demand, government hikes household natural gas price 50% (Ukrainian Journal) 08/02/2010
  • President meets with city official about problems affecting capital (Ukrainian Journal) 08/02/2010
  • Prime minister refuses to rule out further consumer gas rate hikes (Ukrainian Journal) 08/02/2010
  • Blogger silenced by SBU security service (Ukrainian Journal) 08/02/2010
  • Ukraine to help Russia smother wildfires (RIA Novosti) 08/02/2010
  • Ukraine pres instructs govt to grant aid to fire-hit Russian reg (Itar-Tass) 08/02/2010
  • Madonna directs her new movie (Malay Mail) 08/02/2010
  • High fives (Viat Nam News) 08/02/2010
  • Strategic Opportunity Analysis of the Russian and Ukrainian Passenger Car and Light Commercial Vehicle Tyre Aftermarket (PR Newswire) 08/02/2010
  • Yanukovych talks up free trade zone with European Union (Kyiv Post) 08/02/2010
  • Weather Center: Polluted air masses moving over Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 08/02/2010
  • Klitschko: Haye 'owes it to the fans' (RTE News) 08/02/2010
  • "Compared to the Kyiv Post, [the Ukrainian information agency UNIAN] is a lightweight when it comes to criticism of ... (Kyiv Post) 08/02/2010
  • Ukraine hold talks with Gazprom to settle RosUkrEnergo gas row (RIA Novosti) 08/02/2010
  • Ukrainian businessman could buy bankrupt Bulgarian steel giant Kremikovtzi (Kyiv Post) 08/02/2010
  • Russia and the wheat market ( 08/02/2010
  • Ukraine sees 7.8 percent drop in ferroalloy exports in June over May (Alibaba News Channel) 08/02/2010
  • Fighting Fires (BSANNA NEWS) 08/02/2010
  • Press conference summing up Patriarch Kirill's visitation of Ukrainian (Interfax-Religion) 08/02/2010
  • Ukraine Plans Returning to Eurobond Market Once Rates Ease, Tigipko Says (Bloomberg) 08/02/2010
  • Kiev Collector Gathers 10000 Pairs of Shoes (NTDTV) 08/02/2010
  • No 'Bones' about it as Jones wins in TKO (San Diego Union Tribune) 08/02/2010
  • Wheat Surges on Speculation Drought-Hit Russia May Curb Exports (BusinessWeek) 08/02/2010
  • Ukraine pres instructs govt to grant aid to fire-hit Russian reg (ITAR-TASS) 08/02/2010
  • A family at last ( 08/02/2010
  • Global wheat shortfall affects Bangladesh (Daily Star) 08/02/2010

  • Haye's hopes of a Klitschko fight are dashed yet again (Daily Mail) 08/01/2010
  • Ukraine's ambassador to Kuwait appointed (Kyiv Post) 08/01/2010
  • Ukraine sees Iran as a major trading partner ( 08/01/2010
  • Russia, Ukraine send not enough funds for creation of An-70, says Motor Sich head (Kyiv Post) 08/01/2010
  • Independent Ukraine starts from Helsinki process, says Lytvyn (Kyiv Post) 08/01/2010
  • Photo gallery: Ukrainian Festival in Elmira Heights (Elmira Star-Gazette) 08/01/2010
  • Startsev solves Metalist keeper crisis (UEFA News) 08/01/2010
  • Ukrainian championship results and standings (Reuters) 08/01/2010
  • Ukrainian Spirit back in the reckoning after Sardinia race (Times of Malta) 08/01/2010
  • Defense industry complex should be reformed in line with requirements of contemporaneity, says Ukraine's president (Kyiv Post) 08/01/2010
  • Independent Ukraine starts from Helsinki process, says Lytvyn (Kyiv Post) 08/01/2010
  • Abkhazia protests over seizure of Ukrainian dry cargo ship by Georgia (Itar-Tas) 08/01/2010
  • Financial Times: Remittances home are no small deal (Kyiv Post) 08/01/2010
  • Haye foiled in bid for Klitschko clash as brothers line up other options (Scotsman) 08/01/2010
  • Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation reports halt to customs registration of ships with grain at Ukrainian ports (Kyiv Post) 08/01/2010
  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Kiev needs an ally in negotiations with Moscow (Kyiv Post) 08/01/2010
  • President to hold meeting on Crimea's strategic development on August 3 (Kyiv Post) 08/01/2010
  • Couple heading to the Ukraine to bring home a child (Monroe News Star) 08/01/2010
  • Britain tastes triple gold at European Championships (AFP) 08/01/2010
  • Ennis sets European record to take heptathlon (USA Today) 08/01/2010
  • IMF approves new $15 billion Ukraine loan program (Reuters) 08/01/2010
  • Puyol to play on for Spain for two more years (Times of India) 08/01/2010
  • Ukraine Football Federation apologizes to Iran (Persian Football) 08/01/2010
  • Madonna in Paris to direct her new movie (Associated Press) 08/01/2010
  • Russian Activists Pledge To Hold Rally Despite Official's Warning (RFE/RL) 08/01/2010
  • Russian Opposition Plans 'Day Of Wrath' (RFE/RL) 08/01/2010
  • Russian Forces Detain Hijack Suspect (RFE/RL) 08/01/2010
  • Six Dead In Armenia 'Army Shooting' (RFE/RL) 08/01/2010
  • Forest Fires Kill Five In Russia (RFE/RL) 08/01/2010
  • Medvedev's Top Rights Adviser Quits (RFE/RL) 08/01/2010
  • Will Moldova Be The Next Ukraine? (RFE/RL) 08/01/2010
  • Russian Press Posts 'Spy' Mug Shots (RFE/RL) 08/01/2010
  • In The Heatwave, Getting Information From Moscow Hospitals Is Not Easy (RFE/RL) 08/01/2010
  • Russian Scholar Warns Of 'Secret' U.S. Climate Change Weapon (RFE/RL) 08/01/2010
  • Armenian Activists Picket Mining Project (RFE/RL) 08/01/2010
  • Police: Russian 'Rambo' Confesses (RFE/RL) 08/01/2010
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

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    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.



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