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Fri, June 21, 14:27 EDT
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  • Ukraine to move 9 million tons of Venezuelan crude to Belarus (Ukrainian Journal) 09/30/2010
  • Ukraine denies reports of blocking extra natgas supplies to Poland (Ukrainian Journal) 09/30/2010
  • Hundreds gather to commemorate Babi Yar (Ukrainian Journal) 09/30/2010
  • NTRP develops rail wheel manufacturing technology for Indian plant (Ukrainian Journal) 09/30/2010
  • Yanukovych says he will fulfil any ruling by Constitutional Court on political reform (Kyiv Post) 09/30/2010
  • Ukraine forecasts average annual imported gas price of $266.50 (Kyiv Post) 09/30/2010
  • Electoral Code to be adopted in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/30/2010
  • Bank Kyiv needs Hr 3 billion additional capitalization, Ukrgasbank Hr 3.7 billion (Kyiv Post) 09/30/2010
  • Ukraine honours victims of Nazi massacre (Brisbane Times) 09/30/2010
  • Ukraine honors victims of Nazi massacre (Kyiv Post) 09/30/2010
  • Ukraine honours Nazi massacre victims (Perth Now) 09/30/2010
  • Ceremony in Kiev honors Jews killed in mass execution 69 years ago today ( 09/30/2010
  • Ukraine unveils Nazi records on looting, could help trace stolen works back to rightful owners (Canadian Press) 09/30/2010
  • What Liberals must learn from Ukraine's Orange Revolution (Huffington Post) 09/30/2010
  • Ukraine honours victims of 1941 massacre at Babi Yar (Canadian Press) 09/30/2010
  • Presidents of Ukraine, Poland to meet in Crimea in Oct.1 (Unian) 09/30/2010
  • Ukraine marks anniversary of Nazi massacre near Kiev (People's Daily) 09/30/2010
  • Yanukovych: Country needs effective reforms (Kyiv Post) 09/30/2010
  • Prime-Minister of Ukraine entertains a possibility of imposition of grain (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/30/2010
  • Regal's Ukraine wells disappoint, CEO resigns (Reuters Africa) 09/30/2010
  • President Yanukovych: IMF tranche of USD 2 b will be spent on development (BSANNA NEWS) 09/30/2010
  • Ukraine to cut gas purchase from Russia (RIA Novosti) 09/30/2010
  • Sheriff vs Dynamo Kyiv (Live Soccer TV) 09/30/2010
  • Two electricians die in Ukraine library mishap (Kyiv Post) 09/30/2010
  • Ukraine: Where HIV runs rampant (GlobalPost) 09/30/2010
  • Youzhny struggles to win in Malaysian Open (Free Malaysia Today) 09/30/2010
  • Ousted Moscow Mayor 'To Challenge Dismissal' (RFE/RL) 09/30/2010
  • Azerbaijan And The West: Beyond Interest, Toward Commitment (RFE/RL) 09/30/2010
  • Change Of Tone From Georgian Veterans On Anniversary Of Sukhumi's Downfall (RFE/RL) 09/30/2010
  • United Russia Opponents Rally (RFE/RL) 09/30/2010
  • Georgia Rankles NY Philharmonic (RFE/RL) 09/30/2010
  • Russians To Patrol S.Kyrgyz Border (RFE/RL) 09/30/2010
  • Protests, Strikes Spread In Europe (RFE/RL) 09/30/2010
  • World Chess Chief Reelected To Post (RFE/RL) 09/30/2010
  • Kremlin's Ruling Party Boosts Ties Across The Former Soviet Union (RFE/RL) 09/30/2010

  • Alexander J. Motyl Op-De: Yanukovych in Wonderland (Atlantic Council) 09/29/2010
  • Alexander J. Motyl Op-Ed: The ProFFessor's Latest Flub (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Opposition parties warn of election fraud (Ukrainian Journal) 09/29/2010
  • Deputy prime minister touts speediness of reforms at Kiev conference (Ukrainian Journal) 09/29/2010
  • Government to put its entire Ukrtelecom state stake up for sale (Ukrainian Journal) 09/29/2010
  • Azarov government unsure of outcome of South Stream pipeline talks (Ukrainian Journal) 09/29/2010
  • U.S. Ambassador: We are ready to finance Ukrainian groups to monitor local elections (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Couple continues fundraising for Ukrainian adoption (New Britain Herald) 09/29/2010
  • Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union: Mercedes, Cadillacs ... charitable contributions (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Our Ukraine started national action in defense of Ukrainian language (Unian) 09/29/2010
  • Yanukovych signs law to increase election funding (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Ukrainian - Polish economic consultations start in Warsaw today (Unian) 09/29/2010
  • Presidents of Ukraine, Poland to meet in Crimea in Oct.1 press service of Komorowski (Unian) 09/29/2010
  • Economy Ministry proposes limits for procurement tenders (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Ukraine asks Cameroon to help release four Ukrainian sailors (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • As of September 27, Ukraine produced 4 mln tonnes of sunflower oil (AgriMarket) 09/29/2010
  • Brazil to play Ukraine in friendly in England (Central Chronicle) 09/29/2010
  • Azarov: Ukraine and Russia to restore merchant fleets jointly (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Ukraine produces 262,000 tonnes of sugar (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Azarov promises state-led investment boom in 2011 (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Good news! Fewer people smoking in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Ukrainian mission doubts Ashton's statement about Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Kuchma against introduction of second national language in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Government cuts value added tax refund arrears to Hr 4 billion (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Ukraine Will Decide on Grain Export Restrictions Next Week, Minister Says (Bloomberg) 09/29/2010
  • Current regime blocs Ukraine's way to Europe, Yulia Tymoshenko says (ZIK) 09/29/2010
  • Indian eves ground third seeds Ukraine in Chess ( 09/29/2010
  • In Kyiv diplomats look for ways to help Lithuanian exporters (Baltic Course) 09/29/2010
  • In the current year, Ukraine exported nearly 3 mln tonnes of grains (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/29/2010
  • President meets PACE Monitoring Committee co-rapporteur on Ukraine (UNIAN News Agency) 09/29/2010
  • A tourist spot so hot it's radioactive (Sydney Morning Herald) 09/29/2010
  • Japan Tobacco Says Cigarette Demand Recovering in Russia, Eastern Europe (Bloomberg) 09/29/2010
  • Couple continues fundraising for Ukrainian adoption (Bristol Press) 09/29/2010
  • New bra doubles as gas mask ( 09/29/2010
  • Indian girls ground third seeds Ukraine in Chess Olympiad (Times of India) 09/29/2010
  • Fernandez Bonds Beat `Fading Momentum' of Ukrainian Debt: Argentina Credit (Bloomberg) 09/29/2010
  • Coronado's Alex Buya gets toughness, grit from life in Ukraine (AZ 09/29/2010
  • How uplifting: The bra that can be converted into a life-saving face mask (Daily Mail) 09/29/2010
  • 2010 Chess Olympiad: Ukraine takes sole lead in round 7 (Chessbase News) 09/29/2010
  • Brazil to play exhibition against Ukraine (Sports Network) 09/29/2010
  • Ukraine Is Not Headed Toward Europe (Wall Street Journal) 09/29/2010
  • European Union Says Its Policy On Ukraine Remains Unchanged (Ukrainian News Agency) 09/29/2010
  • Kuchma: Ukraine should have parliamentary-presidential form of government (Kyiv Post) 09/29/2010
  • Derby County to host Brazil-Ukraine friendly (BBC News) 09/29/2010
  • Ukraine seeks $1.25-1.5 bln for telecom stake (Reuters) 09/29/2010
  • What Liberals must learn from Ukraine's Orange Revolution (Huffington Post) 09/29/2010
  • One killed, another wounded in Ukrainian Village shooting (Chicago Sun-Times) 09/29/2010
  • Brazil to play Ukraine in friendly in England (USA Today) 09/29/2010

  • Activists to stage protest at SBU office (Ukrainian Journal) 09/28/2010
  • Ukrainian and Turkish diplomats discuss joint transport projects (Ukrainian Journal) 09/28/2010
  • Ship with crew of 12 Ukrainians said to escape Somali pirates (Ukrainian Journal) 09/28/2010
  • Ukraine’s balance of payments close to equilibrium, says NBU advisor (Ukrainian Journal) 09/28/2010
  • Gazprom, Naftogaz, lobby for consortium (UPI) 09/28/2010
  • Gas Giants to Appeal to Kiev (St. Petersburg Times) 09/28/2010
  • Ukrainian sailors break free from Somali pirates (People's Daily) 09/28/2010
  • Dilmah to double share in Ukrainian market by 2013 (Kyiv Post) 09/28/2010
  • Louis Dreyfus Commodities (Ukraine) to become the sponsor of Ukrainian Grain Congress (AgriMarket) 09/28/2010
  • Ukraine Has Enough Gas For Europe (OfficialWire) 09/28/2010
  • Denmark backs Ukraine's initiative to sign roadmap for economic cooperation (Kyiv Post) 09/28/2010
  • Ukrainian Diaspora must learn how to play hardball with Yanukovych (Kyiv Post) 09/28/2010
  • Medvedev, Yanukovych discuss preparation for Russia-Ukraine forum (Kyiv Post) 09/28/2010
  • Ukraine interested in trade and economic cooperation with Senegal (Kyiv Post) 09/28/2010
  • Ukraine sows 47% areas with winter grain crops (Kyiv Post) 09/28/2010
  • New World Grain - Golden Sponsor of Ukrainian Grain Congress (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/28/2010
  • Transport Ministry Opens Kyiv's Darnytskyi Bridge To Railway Traffic (Ukrainian News Agency) 09/28/2010
  • Ukraine: no threats for food safety (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/28/2010
  • Crew foils Somali pirates (AFP) 09/28/2010
  • Greece may simplify visa issue for Ukrainian tourists (BSANNA NEWS) 09/28/2010
  • Fitch affirms Ukraine's B rating ( 09/28/2010
  • Azarov opens railway traffic on Darnytsia bridge (Kyiv Post) 09/28/2010
  • Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Senegal spoke about broadening of relations (UNIAN News Agency) 09/28/2010
  • Kiev says it has clout over South Stream ( 09/28/2010
  • Ukraine offers to sell dollars at 7.9400/$ (Reuters) 09/28/2010
  • Reforms and order, Ukrainian style (The Day Weekly Digest) 09/28/2010
  • Ukraine Harvests 34 Million Tons Grain To Sept 27 (NASDAQ) 09/28/2010
  • The emergency bra (Sydney Morning Herald) 09/28/2010
  • Ukraine's Fuel Ministry Denies Blocking Gas Flows to Poland (Bloomberg) 09/28/2010
  • Ukrainians tour courts as Rotary delegates (Journal and Courier) 09/28/2010
  • Cutler, Cavallari Spotted Around Town (SB Nation Chicago) 09/28/2010
  • "Emergency Bra" Doubles as Gas Mask, Might Save You From Terrorists (Take Part) 09/28/2010
  • Tourists flock to Chernobyl 25 years after disaster hit Ukraine (Daily Mail) 09/28/2010

  • Ukraine moves closer to Energy Community (Ukrainian Journal) 09/27/2010
  • Naftogaz Ukrayiny goes to Supreme Court to stave off RUE gas return (Ukrainian Journal) 09/27/2010
  • Yanukovych urges UN members to follow Ukraine disarmament lead (Ukrainian Journal) 09/27/2010
  • 19-yr-old Israeli fatally stabbed in altercation with Uman residents (Ukrainian Journal) 09/27/2010
  • Donaire ikakasa sa Ukrainian boxer (Pilipino Star Ngayon) 09/27/2010
  • Somali pirates hold ship with Ukrainians on board (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Bulgarian Busted in Ukraine for Antique Smuggling ( 09/27/2010
  • Azarov upbeat about Ukraine's economic prospects (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Thugs attack pro-Ukrainian rock festival (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Ernst & Young partner: Revised Tax Code is an improvement (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Ukraine wants Poland's help for European integration, soccer tournament (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Where's the evidence of Ukrainian wartime atrocities against Jews? (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Stray dogs: sleep or keep? ( 09/27/2010
  • EU insists on 'unbundling' Ukraine's Naftogaz (EurActiv) 09/27/2010
  • Gazprom, Naftogaz to Reinvigorate Venture (Moscow Times) 09/27/2010
  • Ukraine Stops Going to NATO. NATO Goes to Ukraine (Pravda) 09/27/2010
  • Soccer-Ukrainian championship results and standings (Reuters) 09/27/2010
  • Kidnapped Ukraine, Congo pilots freed in DR Congo: Red Cross (AFP) 09/27/2010
  • Two strong men set Ukrainian national record of pulling plane (People's Daily) 09/27/2010
  • The Solution No One Wants by James Dunnigan September 26, 2010 (Strategy Page) 09/27/2010
  • Travel - Kiev-Narita charter flights to start in 2011: Ukrainian deputy PM (Japan Today) 09/27/2010
  • Polish president visits Ukraine to honor Soviet victims (RIA Novosti) 09/27/2010
  • PR Newswire: Investment conference in Kyiv on Tuesday (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Newly-appointed Ukrainian Ambassador to Armenia promises support to Armenian community of Ukraine (PanARMENIAN.Net) 09/27/2010
  • Ukrainian foreign minister attends high-level meeting at session of UN General Assembly (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Bust of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko unveiled in Copenhagen (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • AFP: Ukraine, Congo pilots 'freed in Congo' (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Ukraine, Russia resume work of gas consortium (Itar-Tass) 09/27/2010
  • Ukraine gives assurances on grain exports (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Yanukovych: We hope for Ukraine-U.S. cooperation (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Ukraine's Yanukovych hails 'democratic gains' of orange revolution (RIA Novosti) 09/27/2010
  • Ukrainian employers to pay wages twice a month (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • International Monetary Fund managing director to visit Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Denmark backs Ukraine's initiative to sign roadmap for trade cooperation (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Yuschenko fears restoration of authoritarianism in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • Ukrnafta sells entire amount of oil at Friday auction (Kyiv Post) 09/27/2010
  • The Foundation for Effective Governance and Financial Times to Host 'Ukraine: Reforms, Competitiveness, Investments ... (PR Newswire) 09/27/2010
  • As Ukrainians force Russians to turn their back on their language and change (Daily Mail) 09/27/2010
  • John Murray Stops Andriy Kudryavtsev, Retains Title ( 09/27/2010
  • Ukraine , Japan intending to open direct air communication (NRCU) 09/27/2010
  • Somali pirates leave Greek-operated vessel (Reuters Africa) 09/27/2010
  • Ukraine's accession to Energy Community gives it access to cheap credits (NRCU) 09/27/2010
  • Pirates release Panama-flagged, Greek-operated MV Lugela (Channel 6 News Online) 09/27/2010
  • Foreign ministers of Ukraine , Turkey mull over transport projects (BSANNA NEWS) 09/27/2010
  • Ukraine holds two over suspected anti-Semitic murder (Ha'aretz) 09/27/2010
  • Stock Market - First Ukraine , Next Georgia (The FINANCIAL) 09/27/2010
  • Ukraine to Increase Food Production (Wisconsin Ag Connection) 09/27/2010
  • Ukraine joins Energy Community (EMportal) 09/27/2010
  • Ukraine and Russia resume work of gas consortium (SteelGuru) 09/27/2010
  • Iron will, iron effort (Augusta Chronicle) 09/27/2010
  • Shas ministers trying to prevent Breslov man's autopsy (Jerusalem Post) 09/27/2010
  • Ukrainian wins Ironman (Augusta Chronicle) 09/27/2010
  • Billionaire Russian Vodka Maker Tariko Considers Expansion of Distribution (Bloomberg) 09/27/2010
  • Soto on Murray's wanted list (Clubcall) 09/27/2010
  • Court bars foreign insurer's agent from selling policies (Sify) 09/27/2010
  • Report: Israeli stabbed to death in Ukraine while on Jewish pilgrimage (Canadian Press) 09/27/2010
  • A Russian city abroad (RIA Novosti) 09/27/2010
  • Ukraine joins European energy community (WAM) 09/27/2010
  • Haredi pilgrim stabbed to death at rabbi's tomb in Ukraine (Ha'aretz) 09/27/2010
  • Obama Signals Foreign-Policy Shift With Focus On Human Rights, Freedom (RFE/RL) 09/27/2010
  • The Gathering Storm - The parallels between today's Russia and the early perestroika period are clearly visible. But that is no guarantee that the script will play out as it did in the 1980s and early 1990s. In fact, it probably won't. History, to paraphrase Mark Twain, doesn't always repeat itself. But it often rhymes. (RFE/RL) 09/27/2010
  • Give Him 8 Minutes, He'll Give You Moldova! (RFE/RL) 09/27/2010
  • Russian Hunger Strikers Receive Back Wages (RFE/RL) 09/27/2010
  • Tatarstan Parliament Introduces New Islam Holiday (RFE/RL) 09/27/2010
  • FAO Meets On Grain Prices Worries (RFE/RL) 09/27/2010
  • Obama, Aliyev Meet In New York As Washington Seeks To Improve Ties (RFE/RL) 09/27/2010
  • Russia Boosts Powerful Investigative Agency (RFE/RL) 09/27/2010

  • President answers questions of US Atlantic Council members (Atlantic Council) 09/24/2010
  • President Yanukovych Addresses Atlantic Council (Atlantic Council) 09/24/2010
  • Ukrainians in USA welcome Yanukovych (Epoch Times) 09/24/2010
  • [VIDEO] ij - (VOA) 09/24/2010
  • [VIDEO] (VOA) 09/24/2010
  • [VIDEO] ³ (VOA) 09/24/2010
  • Yanukovych aide asks Constitutional Court to correct 2004 ‘mistake’ (Ukrainian Journal) 09/24/2010
  • Interpipe receives consent of bondholders in $200 million restructure (Ukrainian Journal) 09/24/2010
  • Prosecutor probing criminal activities of Ukrainian peacekeepers (Ukrainian Journal) 09/24/2010
  • US Diaspora groups snub Yanukovych in NY (Ukrainian Journal) 09/24/2010
  • Yanukovych: Ukraine implementing European language charter (BSANNA NEWS) 09/24/2010
  • Ukranian government's new laws to boost film industry (Screen International) 09/24/2010
  • Ukraine not to increase prices for sunflower oil (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/24/2010
  • Ukraine gives assurances on grain exports-EBRD-UPDATE 1 (Forexyard) 09/24/2010
  • Oil Transit Through Ukraine Drops One-Third (Oil and Gas Industry Latest News) 09/24/2010
  • John Murray wants the Marquez vs. Katsidis winner ( 09/24/2010
  • After Delhi, stand by for a Poland- Ukraine fiasco (First Post) 09/24/2010
  • Yanukovych finished his working visit to USA and left for Kyiv (UNIAN News Agency) 09/24/2010
  • Ukraine starts building new sarcophagus for Chernobyl nuclear plant (People's Daily Online) 09/24/2010
  • Yanukovych Urges UN To Develop Mechanisms To Fight Naval Piracy (Ukrainian News Agency) 09/24/2010
  • Russia Quietly Takes Over Ukraine ( 09/24/2010
  • Ukrainian -Americans reject meeting with Yanukovych (Kyiv Post) 09/24/2010
  • Ukraine , China sign memorandum on cooperation in coal industry (Xinhua) 09/24/2010
  • Kazakov's Grant Thornton: 'Competition has certainly become more intense' (Kyiv Post) 09/24/2010
  • Ukraine to host UN-backed forum marking Chernobyl anniversary (UN News Centre) 09/24/2010
  • Murray eyeing world stage (SkySports) 09/24/2010
  • Hearings of Ukraine's Constitutional Reform of 2004 Start Today (PR Newswire) 09/24/2010
  • EBRD praises Nibulon for fulfillment of investment program (NRCU) 09/24/2010
  • Ukraine : exporters almost stopped maize purchasing (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/24/2010
  • Ukraine back on track with Euro 2012 preparations (Monsters and 09/24/2010
  • Ukraine Food And Drink Report Q4 2010 - New Market Report Published (OfficialWire) 09/24/2010
  • State Special Communications Service To Start Up 'Electronic Ukraine ' System (Ukrainian News Agency) 09/24/2010
  • Ban Ki-moon praises Ukraine's participation in UN programs (NRCU) 09/24/2010
  • Ukraine , Romania strengthening cooperation in military sector (BSANNA NEWS) 09/24/2010
  • Azarov: Ukraine to harvest 39 m tonnes grain in 2010 (UkrAgroConsult) 09/24/2010
  • NATO, Russia Discuss Cooperation (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Interview: Zakayev Says ‘No Irresolvable Issues’ Between Russia, Chechnya (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Georgian Parliament To Debate Constitutional Amendments In First Reading (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Abkhaz Vice President Survives Fourth Assassination Attempt (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Armenian Coalition Parties Downplay Rumors Of Discord (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Russian Woman Issues Video Appeal To U.S. Over Home Demolitions (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Belarusian Catholic Activists Detained (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Moscow Judges Seek Protection (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Alleged Hizb Ut-Tahrir Members Arrested In Tatarstan (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Armenia Officer Prosecuted Over Hazing Video (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Moldova Says Transdniester Separatists Not Ready To Compromise (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Russo-Kyrgyz Pact Signed By March (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Moldova's Voronin May Face Prosecution (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • EU Deputies Urge 'Neighborhood' Rethink (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Complaint Withdrawn In Belarus Language Case (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010
  • Belarus Activist Fined Over Handouts (RFE/RL) 09/24/2010

  • Protest Against Yanukovych at Ukraine's UN Mission in New York (BRAMA) 09/23/2010
  • [SLIDESHOW] Protest at Ukraine's UN Mission in New York (BRAMA) 09/23/2010
  • Op-ed: Opposition Blues in Ukraine. By Boris Danik (BRAMA) 09/23/2010
  • Yanukovych orders government to speed up value-added reimbursements (Ukrainian Journal) 09/23/2010
  • Russia’s TVEL beats Westinghouse for nuclear fuel fabrication plant (Ukrainian Journal) 09/23/2010
  • Yanukovych pledges to boost food exports (Ukrainian Journal) 09/23/2010
  • Pavlohrad Chemical Plant forced to borrow for SS-24 recycling (Ukrainian Journal) 09/23/2010
  • Russia's TVEL to build Ukrainian nuclear fuel plant (Reuters) 09/23/2010
  • The Newberg Graphic: Ukrainian pianist returns for concert series (Kyiv Post) 09/23/2010
  • Craft and Venders fair (Wilmington Town Crier) 09/23/2010
  • Ukraine President Tangles With Communist-Era Famine (Epoch Times) 09/23/2010
  • Bloomberg: Poland, Ukraine to discuss gas transit (Kyiv Post) 09/23/2010
  • Securities Commission to encourage Ukrainian companies to be traded publicly (Kyiv Post) 09/23/2010
  • General Prosecutor's Office: Gongadze investigation continues (Kyiv Post) 09/23/2010
  • John Murray aims to take on the world (Tameside Advertiser) 09/23/2010
  • The Art of Ukrainian Folk Dance (Epoch Times) 09/23/2010
  • Yanukovych orders to improve custom formalities for grain export (Kyiv Post) 09/23/2010
  • Ukraine estimates 2010 grain harvest (RosBusinessConsulting) 09/23/2010
  • Cabinet preparing for budget losses if deputies adopt Tax Code (Kyiv Post) 09/23/2010
  • Ukraine to complete the sowing campaign till October 10 (AgriMarket) 09/23/2010
  • Yanukovych describes as successful fulfillment by Ukraine of its tasks (Kyiv Post) 09/23/2010
  • EurActiv: Ukraine shifting geopolitics (Kyiv Post) 09/23/2010
  • Ukrainian specialists warn about significant tremor in Vrancea area (Nine O'Clock) 09/23/2010
  • AP Interview: Yanukovych seeks deeper US ties (Associated Press) 09/23/2010
  • CSTO ready to give special status to Ukraine , consider its entry (ITAR-TASS) 09/23/2010
  • Azarov to pay working visit to Odessa Oblast today (UNIAN News Agency) 09/23/2010
  • Lemons became an upmarket product in Ukraine (Agricultural Marketing Project) 09/23/2010
  • CSTO ready to deepen cooperation with Ukraine (Aysor) 09/23/2010
  • Tourists flock to Chernobyl radiation zone (AFP) 09/23/2010
  • Poland, Ukraine to Discuss Gas Transit Next Week, Dziennik Says (Bloomberg) 09/23/2010
  • Ukraine on right track to achieving MDGs, says president (People's Daily Online) 09/23/2010
  • Ukraine President Tangles With Communist-Era Famine (Epoch Times) 09/23/2010
  • PM Azarov To Visit Estonia On October 5-6 (Ukrainian News Agency) 09/23/2010
  • Russia's government avoids Norilsk Nickel battle (BBC News) 09/23/2010
  • Ukraine -Russia aviation company may be created in October (BSANNA NEWS) 09/23/2010
  • Russia to build nuclear fuel plant in Ukraine (ZIK) 09/23/2010
  • Ukraine President Eyes EU (Wall Street Journal) 09/23/2010
  • Ukraine restores electricity export to Russia (BSANNA NEWS) 09/23/2010
  • Ukraine gas peace threatens to unravel (Financial Times) 09/23/2010
  • Yanukovych describes as successful fulfillment by Ukraine of its tasks (Kyiv Post) 09/23/2010
  • Basket Case Ukraine Bonds Yield Less than Greece (Sovereign Society) 09/23/2010
  • Turchynov goes to State Security Service for interrogation (Kyiv Post) 09/23/2010
  • Ukraine in talks with IMF to scrap loan demands (RIA Novosti) 09/23/2010
  • Ukraine : 1 tonne of grain cargo delay in the ports to total 1 USD/day (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/23/2010
  • Results for some, a show for others (The Day Weekly Digest) 09/23/2010
  • Azerbaijan -- A Questionable Partner For The West (RFE/RL) 09/23/2010
  • Cycle Protest At Russia's Khimki Forest (RFE/RL) 09/23/2010
  • Hate-Crimes Trial Postponed In Moscow (RFE/RL) 09/23/2010
  • Nominee For U.S. Envoy To Azerbaijan Wins Key Backing (RFE/RL) 09/23/2010
  • Russia Hosts International Arctic Forum (RFE/RL) 09/23/2010
  • Interview: Khodorkovsky's Mother Urges Medvedev To 'Realize He's President' (RFE/RL) 09/23/2010

  • WEBCAST Statement by Viktor Yanukovych, President of Ukraine at the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals [in Ukrainian] (UN) 09/22/2010
  • Statement by Viktor Yanukovych, President of Ukraine at the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (UN) 09/22/2010
  • Top court to rule on presidential power (Ukrainian Journal) 09/22/2010
  • Yanukovych administration announces plan for Singapore visit (Ukrainian Journal) 09/22/2010
  • Government spends $1.2 billion of $2 billion VTB bridge loan (Ukrainian Journal) 09/22/2010
  • Ukraine and US begin to dismantle Scud missiles stored in Vinnytsia (Ukrainian Journal) 09/22/2010
  • European rights watchdog urges Ukraine's leaders to better protect media freedom (Canadian Press) 09/22/2010
  • Russia Says CIS Aid Will Continue (RFE/RL) 09/22/2010
  • Concerns Mount About Press Freedom In Ukraine As Journalist Attacked (RFE/RL) 09/22/2010
  • New Google Censorship Monitoring Tool (RFE/RL) 09/22/2010
  • Not In The Job Description - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has sacked a general who was working for the Interior Ministry after he reportedly pulled out a gun and shot it outside a Moscow store while drunk. (RFE/RL) 09/22/2010
  • EU Energy Plan Under Debate (RFE/RL) 09/22/2010
  • Accused Russian Policeman Attacked (RFE/RL) 09/22/2010
  • Activists Protest Building Near Kremlin (RFE/RL) 09/22/2010
  • Who's Afraid of Ukrainian History? By Timothy Snyder (NYRB) 09/22/2010

  • Ukraine government brings RICO case against US pharma company (Ukrainian Journal) 09/21/2010
  • Yulia knocks prez to sr European official (Ukrainian Journal) 09/21/2010
  • Yanukovych: 'I'd like to learn from Singapore's experience' (Ukrainian Journal) 09/21/2010
  • EU, US urge that Ukraine take measures to ensure journalists’ safety (Ukrainian Journal) 09/21/2010
  • Yanukovych to report on democracy in Ukraine at UN General Assembly (Unian) 09/21/2010
  • Copernicus Opens New International Business Office in Kiev, Ukraine (Newswire Today) 09/21/2010
  • The Guardian: Impunity poses serious threat to press freedom in post-Soviet states (Kyiv Post) 09/21/2010
  • Craft and Venders fair (Wilmington Town Crier) 09/21/2010
  • Yanukovych writes Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (Kyiv Post) 09/21/2010
  • EU concerned at disappearance of Ukrainian journalist (EurActiv) 09/21/2010
  • Israel expects more Ukrainian tourists after dropping visa requirements (Kyiv Post) 09/21/2010
  • BYuT-Batkivschyna parliament faction expels 28 members (Kyiv Post) 09/21/2010
  • Ukraine, United States begin to scrap Scud missiles stored in Vinnytsia region (Kyiv Post) 09/21/2010
  • Defense Ministry: Ukraine preparing for rotation in European Union battle group in 2011 (Kyiv Post) 09/21/2010
  • MM Lee starts 2-day official visit to Kiev, Ukraine (Channel NewsAsia) 09/21/2010
  • Azarov encourages Singaporean businessmen to invest in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/21/2010
  • Ukrainian banks see 56% fall in net losses January through August (Kyiv Post) 09/21/2010
  • People First: The latest in the watch on Ukrainian democracy (Kyiv Post) 09/21/2010
  • Muslims stage anti-US rally in Ukraine (Press TV) 09/21/2010
  • NEWS SCAN: Vaccine corruption charges; H1N1 in India, Thailand; H1N1 seroprevalence; more dengue in France (Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy) 09/21/2010
  • Ukraine requests World Trade Organization to settle tobacco dispute with Armenia (Kyiv Post) 09/21/2010
  • Yanukovych to report on democracy in Ukraine at UN General Assembly (RIA Novosti) 09/21/2010
  • Ukrainian opposition calls on parliament to spurn language bill (RIA Novosti) 09/21/2010
  • Viktor Yanukovych: Ukraine estimates highly Armenia's achievements (PanARMENIAN.Net) 09/21/2010
  • High-speed motion Kiev - Moscow is intensifying business links between Ukraine and Russia (BSANNA NEWS) 09/21/2010
  • Ukraine sharply decreased fruit imports (Agricultural Marketing Project) 09/21/2010
  • KYIV BLOG: Against the grain (business new europe) 09/21/2010
  • Are you looking to contact steel makers in Ukraine (SteelGuru) 09/21/2010
  • Kiev Symphony Orchestra and Chorus scheduled to perform Oct. 5 (TCPalm) 09/21/2010
  • Wheat Prices Drop as Rain Improves Soil Moisture for Russia, Ukraine Crops (Bloomberg) 09/21/2010
  • Vesnina through to second round (Press Association) 09/21/2010
  • People First: The latest in the watch on Ukrainian democracy (Kyiv Post) 09/21/2010
  • District Councils Eliminated in Kyiv (NTDTV) 09/21/2010
  • EU concerned at disappearance of Ukrainian editor (Reuters Africa) 09/21/2010
  • Datagroup to Expand Broadband Service Reach Powered by BTI Systems (Business Wire) 09/21/2010
  • MM Lee starts 2-day official visit to Kiev , Ukraine (Channel News Asia) 09/21/2010
  • Kiev , Moscow eye new gas relationship ( 09/21/2010
  • Grain production in Ukraine to total 40 mln tonnes (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/21/2010
  • Confidence of world's largest financial investors in Ukraine growing (NRCU) 09/21/2010
  • 50 million dollars allegedly missing from Ukraine swine flu fund (Monsters and 09/21/2010
  • Elena Vesnina advances at Tashkent (ESPN) 09/21/2010
  • Ukraine -PACE cooperation goes successfully: Yanukovych (Xinhua) 09/21/2010
  • The Iron Ceiling: Sexism Still Strong In Russia (RFE/RL) 09/21/2010
  • Russia’s Second Life Democracy (RFE/RL) 09/21/2010
  • North Caucasus: Umarov Dismisses Renegade Commanders (RFE/RL) 09/21/2010
  • 'Shots Fired' At Ukraine Party Offices (RFE/RL) 09/21/2010
  • Russian Provincial Governor Sues Journalist For Libel (RFE/RL) 09/21/2010
  • Mothers Protest Russian Conscripts' Deployment To Daghestan (RFE/RL) 09/21/2010
  • Russian Gay-Rights Activist Released (RFE/RL) 09/21/2010
  • Tatar Strongman's Departure Boosts Chechen Ambitions To Become Top Muslim Region (RFE/RL) 09/21/2010

  • PM cites 'all-time record' bid for Ukraine $2billion Eurobonds (Ukrainian Journal) 09/20/2010
  • 'It's a lot,' MF representative says of Ukrainian public debt level (Ukrainian Journal) 09/20/2010
  • Phone call to Tymoshenko triggers probe (Ukrainian Journal) 09/20/2010
  • Ukraine natgas price won't rise much next year, says Gazprom official (Ukrainian Journal) 09/20/2010
  • Ukraine ready to launch joint ventures with Russia - Yanukovych (RIA Novosti) 09/20/2010
  • Mormon musician takes up unfamiliar instrument to serve in Ukraine (Mormon Times) 09/20/2010
  • Russia notes 'radical improvement' in relations with Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/20/2010
  • Europa League match in Ukraine sparks fan violence ( 09/20/2010
  • Community's relations with Ukraine call for more selectivity (Kyiv Post) 09/20/2010
  • Russia's Medvedev, Ukraine's Yanukovych 'race' in classic cars ( 09/20/2010
  • Ukraine's Security Service preparing to file Naftogaz-related case to court (Kyiv Post) 09/20/2010
  • Medvedev looks to ease Russian-Ukrainian border controls (RIA Novosti) 09/20/2010
  • Ukraine PM praises 'successful' 2-billion Eurobond deal (AFP) 09/20/2010
  • Medvedev, Yanukovych lead motor rally across Russian-Ukrainian border (RIA Novosti) 09/20/2010
  • Russia, Ukraine leaders in 'friendly' car race (AFP) 09/20/2010
  • Language bill may split Ukraine - deputy (RIA Novosti) 09/20/2010
  • United Press International: Shell blast wounds four on Ukrainian warship (Kyiv Post) 09/20/2010
  • The US-Ukraine Relationship (VOA) 09/20/2010
  • David Beckham's return to Galaxy eclipses Dema Kovalenko's heroics (LA Times) 09/20/2010
  • Gymnastics body warns US, Ukraine on doping rules (USA Today) 09/20/2010
  • PACE President starts two-day visit to Ukraine today (UNIAN News Agency) 09/20/2010
  • Ukraine , Russia to sign new security and energy deals next month (RIA Novosti) 09/20/2010
  • Ukraine Offers Its Carbon-Emission Permits to World Bank, Kommersant Says (Bloomberg) 09/20/2010
  • Tymoshenko slams Ukraine's security services (Hurriyet Daily News) 09/20/2010
  • Impunity poses serious threat to press freedom in post-Soviet states (The Guardian) 09/20/2010
  • Kiev Symphony draws diverse crowd (Beckley Register-Herald) 09/20/2010
  • Medvedev Chases Putin in Vintage Sedan (Moscow Times) 09/20/2010
  • Zarya Lugansk vs Dynamo Kyiv Live Streaming (WOW Sports World) 09/20/2010
  • Downtown Ukrainian street fest (Toronto Sun) 09/20/2010
  • MM Lee meets Russian entrepreneurs, Skolkovo students in Moscow (Channel News Asia) 09/20/2010
  • Gebhart: Ukrainian built his own American Dream (Delaware County Daily Times) 09/20/2010
  • NTV group wins Ukrainian -Russian motor rally (ITAR-TASS) 09/20/2010
  • Clergy reach out to help forgotten children of Ukraine (Daytona Beach News-Journal) 09/20/2010
  • Kiev Symphony concert today to aid United Way (Beckley Register-Herald) 09/20/2010
  • Carl Frampton Blasts Away Yuri Voronin in Three Rounds ( 09/20/2010
  • Ukraine pledges food aid to Georgia, Armenia, hit by Russian grain ban (RIA Novosti) 09/20/2010
  • Church Controversy Fuels Fresh Turkey-Armenia Tensions (RFE/RL) 09/20/2010
  • Georgia-Azerbaijan - What Does ‘Confederation’ Mean In The South Caucasus? (RFE/RL) 09/20/2010
  • Belarus Writer To Run For President (RFE/RL) 09/20/2010
  • Milinkevich Won't Run For Belarus Prez (RFE/RL) 09/20/2010
  • Russian Skinheads Charged With Hate Crimes (RFE/RL) 09/20/2010
  • Armenia, Iran To Build Power Plant (RFE/RL) 09/20/2010
  • New START Treaty Headed To Floor Of U.S. Senate (RFE/RL) 09/20/2010
  • Polish Police Arrest Chechen Exile Zakayev (RFE/RL) 09/20/2010

  • Police stop march memorializing journalist murder 10th anniversary (Ukrainian Journal) 09/17/2010
  • Lawyer calls grain classification system a threat to traders (Ukrainian Journal) 09/17/2010
  • Russian: We’ll build South Stream pipeline whatever Kiev offers (Ukrainian Journal) 09/17/2010
  • Four new judges pack Constitutional Court (Ukrainian Journal) 09/17/2010
  • Russia increased purchasing prices for Ukrainian sunflower oil (AgriMarket) 09/17/2010
  • UEFA Launches Euro 2012 Ticket Registration; Intersport Appointed Retail Licensee (World Football Insider) 09/17/2010
  • Presidents of Ukraine and Russia will participate (BSANNA NEWS) 09/17/2010
  • Dynamo Kyiv vs BATE Borisov Live Online: Belarussians Face Tough Ukrainian Test (Breaking Football News) 09/17/2010
  • Metalist hammer Hungarian opponents (FIFA) 09/17/2010
  • President vows to end Ukraine status as European outsider (People's Daily) 09/17/2010
  • European People's Party 'deeply concerned' about Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/17/2010
  • Ukraine: Animal massacre feared ahead of Euro 2012 (Boise Weekly) 09/17/2010
  • Medvedev, Yanukovych to discuss energy, transport and investment (Kyiv Post) 09/17/2010
  • Russia notes 'radical improvement' in relations with Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/17/2010
  • Ukrainian has German touch at Oleg's Tavern (Cincinnati Enquirer) 09/17/2010
  • Poland Sells Euro Bond, Beating Spanish Yields, as Ukraine Revives Plans (Bloomberg) 09/17/2010
  • Sargsyan: Ukraine can contribute to stability in South Caucasus (Aysor) 09/17/2010
  • Yanukovych and Medvedev to take part in international auto race (UNIAN) 09/17/2010
  • Ukraine raises $2bn in eurobonds (Financial Times) 09/17/2010
  • Ukraine , Armenia could soon triple bilateral trade, President Serzh Sargsyan says (Public Radio of Armenia) 09/17/2010
  • Dynamo 2-2 BATE In First Match Day Of Europa League's Group Stage (Ukrainian News Agency) 09/17/2010
  • Mexico, Ukraine taking first steps to build ties (Kyiv Post) 09/17/2010
  • Top lawyers offer keys for success in profession (Kyiv Post) 09/17/2010
  • Foreign Ministry sorry for Rosh Hashana violence in Uman (Jerusalem Post) 09/17/2010
  • Kazakhstan to resume oil transit through Ukraine (Central Asia Online) 09/17/2010
  • Kazakhstan to join Russia- Ukraine space program (RIA Novosti) 09/17/2010
  • Ukraine says late minister ordered Gongadze murder (CPJ Press Freedom Online) 09/17/2010
  • Bistrong Pleads Guilty to FCPA Charges (Main Justice) 09/17/2010
  • Ukraine Minister Criticizes Russia Gas Pipeline Project (Wall Street Journal) 09/17/2010
  • Ukraine needs to develop public event security system (NRCU) 09/17/2010
  • Ukraine Calls Gazprom Pipeline `Wasteful' as It Defends Gas Transit Route (Bloomberg) 09/17/2010
  • Media watchdogs call on Ukraine to keep investigating journalist's murder (Kyiv Post) 09/17/2010
  • Missing journalist stokes fears of Soviet-era media crackdown in Ukraine (Deutsche Welle) 09/17/2010
  • Samsung Breathes Life Into Euro WiMax Market (Light Reading) 09/17/2010
  • Ukraine May Sell Five-Year, 10-Year Eurobonds Today in Return to Debt Plan (Bloomberg) 09/17/2010
  • Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine lowered the forecast (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/17/2010
  • Ageas Reaches Deal On Sale Of Ukrainian Life Activities (Wall Street Journal) 09/17/2010
  • Poland Sells Euro Bond, Beating Spanish Yields, as Ukraine Revives Plans (Bloomberg) 09/17/2010
  • Ukraine's Privatbank launches $200 mln bond-source (Reuters) 09/17/2010
  • Ukraine calls on Russia to respect its European Union ambitions (Kyiv Post) 09/17/2010
  • Ukraine to keep maize production at the previous year level (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/17/2010
  • Kyiv hosts exhibition about Ukraine's UEFA EURO 2012 preparations (NRCU) 09/17/2010
  • Kremlin Wants Him Out, But Moscow's Mayor Isn't Going Without A Fight (RFE/RL) 09/17/2010
  • The Fall Of Yury Luzhkov (RFE/RL) 09/17/2010
  • N. Ossetia Protesters Want Better Security (RFE/RL) 09/17/2010
  • NATO 'Untroubled' By Russia-Armenia Defense Pact (RFE/RL) 09/17/2010
  • Gorbachev Backs New Political Alliance (RFE/RL) 09/17/2010
  • Russian NGOs Get Document Demand (RFE/RL) 09/17/2010
  • Armenian Opposition Dissatisfied With Election Reforms (RFE/RL) 09/17/2010
  • Waving The Banner Of Azerbaijan's New Oil Boom (RFE/RL) 09/17/2010
  • Kazakhstan - President Times Infinity (RFE/RL) 09/17/2010

  • Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus initiate carbon market (Ukrainian Journal) 09/16/2010
  • State Customs Service opens smuggling case against ArcelorMittal (Ukrainian Journal) 09/16/2010
  • PM orders ministries to draft cooperation projects with Kazakhstan (Ukrainian Journal) 09/16/2010
  • Gongadze’s widow seeks additional probes (Ukrainian Journal) 09/16/2010
  • Analyze mistakes to try something new (The Day Weekly Digest) 09/16/2010
  • Russia, Ukraine FMs to discuss vital cooperation issues (Itar-Tass) 09/16/2010
  • LawNewsEurope (Mondaq) 09/16/2010
  • Justice Ministry registers Ukraine's 184th political party (Kyiv Post) 09/16/2010
  • Mansfield 5 to play St. Peter & St. Paul Fall Fling (Signal Item) 09/16/2010
  • Ukraine: decision of the Government to cancel VAT for grain traders is right (AgriMarket) 09/16/2010
  • Shakhtar Donetsk 1:0 Partizan Belgrade (PanARMENIAN.Net) 09/16/2010
  • Samsung Wins Ukrainian Mobile WiMAX Contract ( 09/16/2010
  • Ukrainian soldiers suspected of crime (B92) 09/16/2010
  • Russia to stand by South Stream under any circumstance - Shmatko (Itar-Tass) 09/16/2010
  • Ukraine: blocking of grain exports to paralyze grain trading on the domestic market (AgriMarket) 09/16/2010
  • ELEKS Software Sponsors Central and Eastern Europe IT Outsourcing Review 2009 (SBWire) 09/16/2010
  • EU Backs Reforms For Ukrainian Gas Sector (OfficialWire) 09/16/2010
  • Kazakhstan Resumes Oil Transit Through Ukraine (OfficialWire) 09/16/2010
  • Medvedev, Yanukovych to meet in Russia and Ukraine on Sept. 17 (Kyiv Post) 09/16/2010
  • Ukraine mother murdered four newborn, left remains on balcony ( 09/16/2010
  • Medvedev, Yanukovich to attend St Pete-Moscow-Kiev car race (Itar-Tass) 09/16/2010
  • As of September 1, Ukraine harvested 28.7 mln tonnes of grains and leguminous plants (AgriMarket) 09/16/2010
  • As of September 1, Ukraine sowed winter crops throughout 425 thsd ha (AgriMarket) 09/16/2010
  • Helsinki Union demands investigation of the assault on a colleague from Kherson (VIDEO) (Kyiv Post) 09/16/2010
  • Ukraine to spend over Hr 1 billion on local elections (Kyiv Post) 09/16/2010
  • Mother murdered four newborn in Ukraine, left remains on balcony (Gulf Times) 09/16/2010
  • Kyiv Symphony Orchestra Concert offers mix of music (Rocky Mount Telegram) 09/16/2010
  • Ukrainian Journalist's Murder Still Raw, and Unresolved, Ten Years On (Epoch Times) 09/16/2010
  • 31.13 million tons of grain harvested in Ukraine (NRCU) 09/16/2010
  • Azarov: Ukraine hopes Bulgaria will support its EU integration aspirations (BSANNA NEWS) 09/16/2010
  • Ukraine : decision of the Government to cancel VAT for grain traders is right (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/16/2010
  • Russia, Ukraine FMs to discuss vital cooperation issues (ITAR-TASS) 09/16/2010
  • Chiefs of Yanukovych, Medvedev's administrations meeting in Moscow (BSANNA NEWS) 09/16/2010
  • New citizen on career path at Genworth (Richmond Times Dispatch) 09/16/2010
  • Altium to acquire Morfik (Computerworld Australia) 09/16/2010
  • Russians in Ukraine reject Russia (GlobalPost) 09/16/2010
  • Kazakhstan to resume oil transit through Ukraine (Central Asia Online) 09/16/2010
  • Ukraine and the EU set a date for the next summit (The Day Weekly Digest) 09/16/2010
  • Ukraine virtuosos open Moorings Hyacinth series (Naples Daily News) 09/16/2010
  • Friends of EURO draws youthful support ( 09/16/2010
  • Ukraine: buckwheat imports not to affect prices (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/16/2010
  • Klychko brothers lend heavyweight backing ( 09/16/2010
  • PACE President to visit Ukraine (NRCU) 09/16/2010
  • Ukraine decreased output of agricultural products by 4.1% (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/16/2010
  • Ex-President Kuchma: Murder of journalist Gongadze is 'international provocation' (BSANNA NEWS) 09/16/2010
  • Draft-dodgers removed from Uman-bound planes (Ynetnews) 09/16/2010
  • Moldova's President Wants Voronin Tried (RFE/RL) 09/16/2010
  • Russian Officers Fired For Hazing Reinstated To Military (RFE/RL) 09/16/2010
  • Armenia Denies Trade Deal With Iran (RFE/RL) 09/16/2010
  • Turkmenistan: More Charitable Than I Knew (RFE/RL) 09/16/2010
  • The Kremlin Performs A Luzhkovectomy (RFE/RL) 09/16/2010
  • Moscow Mosque Sparks Controversy (RFE/RL) 09/16/2010
  • Belarusian Activist Fined For Distributing Independent Newspapers (RFE/RL) 09/16/2010
  • Belarus Sentences For Highway Killings (RFE/RL) 09/16/2010
  • Ukrainian Official Arrested On Charges Of Bribe-Taking (RFE/RL) 09/16/2010

  • - - -: 𳿻 (VOA) 09/15/2010
  • Ukrainian Democracy in Peril. By Alexander J. Motyl (WSJ) 09/15/2010
  • - - -: 𳿻 (VOA) 09/15/2010
  • Golf buddies [Bo Turynsky, Andrey Sonevytsky and Nestor Paslawsky] venture in Freddy's@Pierce Sports Bar in Franklin ( 09/15/2010
  • Ex-interior minister tied to 2000 murder (Ukrainian Journal) 09/15/2010
  • Kazakhstan to boost crude oil supply to Europe via Ukraine pipelines (Ukrainian Journal) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine and Russia set to OK Khmelnytsky financial arrangements (Ukrainian Journal) 09/15/2010
  • EC president lauds diplomatic progress between Ukraine and Russia (Ukrainian Journal) 09/15/2010
  • Minister 'ordered Ukraine murder' (BBC News) 09/15/2010
  • Tymoshenko takes part in summit of European People's Party (Unian) 09/15/2010
  • Ex-minister ordered Ukraine journalist's murder: Prosecutors (Vancouver Sun) 09/15/2010
  • Melfort to host Ukrainian dance group (Melfort Journal) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine, Kazakhstan agree to increase Kazakh oil transit (Itar-Tass) 09/15/2010
  • Ukrainian authorities trying to bury Gongadze's case (Kyiv Post) 09/15/2010
  • Kazakhstan resumes oil transit through Ukraine (UPI) 09/15/2010
  • Yanukovych: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia to enrich nuclear fuel ( 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine eyeing nuclear fuel production with Russia, Kazakhstan (RosBusinessConsulting) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine eyes aircraft, nuclear fuel joint ventures with Kazakhstan (People's Daily) 09/15/2010
  • Ukrainian, Kazakh presidents meet in Kiev (People's Daily) 09/15/2010
  • Klychko brothers become 'Euro 2012 friends' (Kyiv Post) 09/15/2010
  • Wall Street Journal: Ukraine questions leading opposition figure (Kyiv Post) 09/15/2010
  • Viktor SHENDEROVICH: Ukraine must assert the rules of the political game (The Day Weekly Digest) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine mother murdered four newborn, left remains on balcony ( 09/15/2010
  • Medvedev, Yanukovych to meet in Russia and Ukraine on Sept. 17 (Kyiv Post) 09/15/2010
  • Medvedev, Yanukovich to hold talks on sidelines of int'l motor rally (Itar-Tass) 09/15/2010
  • Kazakhstan Resumes Oil Transit Through Ukraine (OfficialWire) 09/15/2010
  • Ukrainian land market: juridical aspect (AgriMarket) 09/15/2010
  • EU Backs Reforms For Ukrainian Gas Sector (OfficialWire) 09/15/2010
  • Brazilian delegation arrives in Ukraine for military, space talks (RIA Novosti) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine, Kazakhstan to restart oil transit to Europe (Kyiv Post) 09/15/2010
  • Voice of Russia: Ukraine's journalist Gongadze was killed on orders of interior minister (Kyiv Post) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine , Kazakhstan to restart oil transit to Europe (Reuters Africa) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine may tap Eurobond mkt in coming days-sources (Reuters) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine mother murdered four newborn, left remains on balcony (Monsters and 09/15/2010
  • Kyiv Picks 5 Finalists For Best Slogan For City For EURO 2012 (Ukrainian News Agency) 09/15/2010
  • Medvedev, Yanukovich to attend St Pete-Moscow- Kiev car race (ITAR-TASS) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine to Sell $2 Billion of Eurobonds This Month , Expects 7% Yield Cap (Bloomberg) 09/15/2010
  • Kyiv to build Ukraine's highest hotel by UEFA EURO 2012 (NRCU) 09/15/2010
  • Bulgarian parliamentary delegation meets with Bulgarian community in Ukraine (Focus News) 09/15/2010
  • Rabbi rolling in his grave (Ynetnews) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine : Ex-Minister Ordered Journalist's Murder (Voice of America) 09/15/2010
  • Mining Industry: Supatcha To Buy Ukraine Gold Property (Benzinga) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine - Hanna Herman: Traditions of mutual tolerance must be continued (ISRIA) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine Says Former Minister Ordered Journalist's Killing (Wall Street Journal) 09/15/2010
  • Ukraine Infrastructure Report Q4 2010 - New Market Report Published (OfficialWire) 09/15/2010
  • Tymoshenko Accuses West of Overlooking Ukraine Abuses (Wall Street Journal) 09/15/2010
  • Yanukovych: Ukraine , Kazakhstan, Russia to enrich nuclear fuel (Monsters and 09/15/2010
  • Kiev to profit from Russian grain ban ( 09/15/2010
  • EU backs reforms for Ukrainian gas sector ( 09/15/2010
  • Polish nationals among six dead in Ukraine road accident (Monsters and 09/15/2010
  • Russian Owners Of Ruined Homes To Watch Rebuilding Online (RFE/RL) 09/15/2010
  • Kiosk Operators Demonstrate In Kazan (RFE/RL) 09/15/2010
  • Russia: Negligence Charges Over Bomb (RFE/RL) 09/15/2010
  • Moscow Court Hears Kadyrov's Slander Case Against Rights Activist (RFE/RL) 09/15/2010
  • Armenian Leaders Praise Ties With U.S. (RFE/RL) 09/15/2010
  • Belarus Sets December Presidential Vote (RFE/RL) 09/15/2010
  • Russian: Arms For Kyrgyz Military Space (RFE/RL) 09/15/2010
  • EU Deputies Press For Action On Beslan Mothers (RFE/RL) 09/15/2010
  • Moscow Mayor Defiant Amid Scandal (RFE/RL) 09/15/2010
  • Belarus Prosecutors: Byabenin Could Have Been Killed (RFE/RL) 09/15/2010

  • Ukrainian bank net worth shrank 1.7% last month, according to NBU (Ukrainian Journal) 09/14/2010
  • State Customs Service denies creating obstacles to grain exports (Ukrainian Journal) 09/14/2010
  • Crimeans ask EBRD to create office in Simferopol to boost investment (Ukrainian Journal) 09/14/2010
  • Yanukovych assures EU over gas supplies (Ukrainian Journal) 09/14/2010
  • Yanukovych: Vladimir Klitschko inspires young people to be physically healthy and courageous (Kyiv Post) 09/14/2010
  • Mel Gibson may hold better hand (Chicago Sun-Times) 09/14/2010
  • Ukraine: Customs Service to deny all prosecutions (AgriMarket) 09/14/2010
  • Prosecutor's General Office: Prosecutors completing pre-trial investigation into murder of journalist Gongadze (Kyiv Post) 09/14/2010
  • Deutsche Welle: No accused or suspects in case on disappearance of Kharkiv journalist (Kyiv Post) 09/14/2010
  • Ex-Ukraine Minister Kravchenko Ordered Reporter's Murder, Prosecutor Says (Bloomberg) 09/14/2010
  • Ukrainian president welcomes Nazarbayev to Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 09/14/2010
  • Paul Goble: In western Ukraine, even ethnic Russians vote for pro-Ukrainian parties (Kyiv Post) 09/14/2010
  • Agreement on Ukraine-EU Association to include free trade zone (Itar-Tass) 09/14/2010
  • Bulgari's National Assembly Seaker Tsetska Tsacheva, Ukrainian PM discuss on trade-economy cooperation (Focus News) 09/14/2010
  • EU hails Ukraine stability, Yanukovych pledges gradual integration ( 09/14/2010
  • Russia absorbing Ukraine, leader says (UPI) 09/14/2010
  • Yanukovych: Ukraine may join Energy Community in late September (Kyiv Post) 09/14/2010
  • Azarov: Ukraine hopes for Bulgaria's support in free trade zone with EU (Kyiv Post) 09/14/2010
  • Ukraine Reconfirms its Aspiration for Closer Integration With the European Union (PR Newswire) 09/14/2010
  • 10 Hasids deported to Israel from Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/14/2010
  • Kiev, EU to cooperate in modernizing Ukraine's gas transit pipes (RIA Novosti) 09/14/2010
  • 10 Hasids deported to Israel, 3 arrested amid Rosh Hoshana violence in Ukraine (Times & Transcript) 09/14/2010
  • Media: Prosecutors claim ex-Interior Minister Kravchenko ordered Pukach to kill Gongadze (Kyiv Post) 09/14/2010
  • Regions Party planning to sign memorandum on cooperation with Communist Party of China (Kyiv Post) 09/14/2010
  • UAVtormet anxious about illegal creation of regional association of scrap metal companies (Kyiv Post) 09/14/2010
  • EU hails Ukraine stability, Yanukovych pledges gradual integration (Monsters and 09/14/2010
  • Ukraine moves to stabilise hryvnia (Reuters) 09/14/2010
  • Ukraine Holds Ships at its Ports (Truth about Trade Technology) 09/14/2010
  • Ex- Ukraine Minister Kravchenko Ordered Reporter's Murder, Prosecutor Says (Bloomberg) 09/14/2010
  • Russian Banks to Take Business to Ukraine (St.Petersburg Times) 09/14/2010
  • Bulgarian parliamentary delegation's visit to Ukraine continues (Focus News) 09/14/2010
  • Euro 2012: Ukraine's Stray Animal Problem (World Cup Blog) 09/14/2010
  • The strange and wonderful Hasidic pilgrimage to Uman, Ukraine . (Slate) 09/14/2010
  • Wheat Rises as U.S. Exports May Gain on Weather Threats in Rival Shippers (Bloomberg) 09/14/2010
  • Ukrainian and Russian businesses agree to solve problems together (The Day Weekly Digest) 09/14/2010
  • Ukraine Proposes Creating a Joint Carbon Market With Russia, Kazakhstan (Bloomberg) 09/14/2010
  • Germany: Demjanjuk trial meets after summer break (Associated Press) 09/14/2010
  • Ukraine's Yanukovych Pledges Reliability for Russian Natural Gas Transit (Bloomberg) 09/14/2010
  • Exports of Ukrainian rapeseed (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/14/2010
  • Foreign Minister of Ukraine to visit Russia on September 16 (NRCU) 09/14/2010
  • Nickelodeon Branded Block to Launch in Ukraine (World Screen) 09/14/2010
  • Speaker Lytvyn: Ukraine , Bulgaria need new level of cooperation (BSANNA NEWS) 09/14/2010
  • USDA to increase grain export forecast for Ukraine in 2010/11 (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/14/2010
  • Lifting visa regime is very important to closer business contacts with Ukraine (Focus News) 09/14/2010
  • TV Documentary Targets Moscow Mayor (RFE/RL) 09/14/2010
  • Borat's Return, Kazakh-Style (RFE/RL) 09/14/2010
  • Turkey Referendum Triumph Paves Way For Third AKP Term, New Constitution (RFE/RL) 09/14/2010
  • Move And Strategies: Chess Becomes Political (RFE/RL) 09/14/2010
  • Raid On Wife Of Jailed Moldova Journalist (RFE/RL) 09/14/2010
  • Rally For Schooling In Belarusian Brings Results (RFE/RL) 09/14/2010
  • U.S., EU Welcome Turkish Referendum Results (RFE/RL) 09/14/2010
  • Ukrainian President Quietly Downgrades EU Ambitions (RFE/RL) 09/14/2010

  • 75% of Ukrainian sewage plants fail to meet standards, officials say (Ukrainian Journal) 09/13/2010
  • Pro-Western former SBU chief expected to rise to Our Ukraine leader (Ukrainian Journal) 09/13/2010
  • 3 more judges quit Constitutional Court (Ukrainian Journal) 09/13/2010
  • Lviv Council asks European Parliament, OSCE to monitor local votes (Ukrainian Journal) 09/13/2010
  • Nikulin, Nonaka collide tomorrow ( 09/13/2010
  • Kudukhov wins wrestling gold for Russia (AP) 09/13/2010
  • First Ukrainian APCs here on Friday (Bangkok Post) 09/13/2010
  • The Jerusalem Post: Riot erupts between pilgrims and Ukranian police in Uman (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • Boxing-Klitschko knocks out Peter to retain titles (Reuters) 09/13/2010
  • Longtime pastor of Ukrainian church in Perth Amboy bids sad farewell after 30 years ( 09/13/2010
  • A good zombie franchise gone boringly bad (Philadelphia Inquirer) 09/13/2010
  • Number of Ukrainian schoolchildren hospitalized with food poisoning reaches 63 (RIA Novosti) 09/13/2010
  • Saviour of Scotland explains his actions ( 09/13/2010
  • Ukraine may deliver engines for Russian UAVs (RIA Novosti) 09/13/2010
  • Russia pressures Ukraine but Ukraine has no alternative to cooperation with Russia - former Ukrainian president (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • Kuchma: Ukraine not prepared for increase in retirement age (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • RIA Novosti: Ukraine may deliver engines for Russian UAVs (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • The Solution No One Wants (Strategy Page) 09/13/2010
  • Kiev letting Gazprom in? (UPI) 09/13/2010
  • Okean Elzy and Bi-2 to rock Maidan (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • Ukrainian woman dies in suicide bomb blast in Vladikavkaz (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • BYT-Batkivschyna to insist parliament consider prime minister's dismissal (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • Kliuyev: Regions Party ready to form coalition with People's Party in local councils after election (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • Lytvyn proposes law enforcers be involved in unblocking work of parliament (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • President misses lessons (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • A good zombie franchise gone boringly bad ( 09/13/2010
  • Wladimir Klitschko could face tough test from Peter ( 09/13/2010
  • Hurriyet: Ukraine sends back Turkish flowers (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • Swedes take over domination of Univest Grand Prix (CBS Sports) 09/13/2010
  • Foreign minister to visit Moscow on Sept. 16 (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • Net worth of Ukrainian banks drops in August (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • Germes-Trading sponsor of Ukrainian Grain Congress (AgriMarket) 09/13/2010
  • Fernandinho Injury Blow For Shakhtar Donetsk ( 09/13/2010
  • Khasids in Uman (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • Israeli Diamonds: Ukraine intercepts batch of diamonds smuggled (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • Eurasia Review: In Western Ukraine, even ethnic Russians vote for Pro-Ukrainian parties (Kyiv Post) 09/13/2010
  • Missing, presumed dead: disappearance of Ukrainian journalist deepens media fears (Guardian Unlimited) 09/13/2010
  • Shakhtar's Fernandinho out for season with broken leg (Sports Illustrated) 09/13/2010
  • Swedes take over domination of Univest Grand Prix (Allentown Morning Call) 09/13/2010
  • Ukrainian President arrives on working visit to Brussels (NRCU) 09/13/2010
  • Bulgarian parliament speaker to visit Ukraine (Focus News) 09/13/2010
  • Ukraine : Animal massacre feared ahead of Euro 2012 (GlobalPost) 09/13/2010
  • DUPD Acquires Share in Ukraine Shopping Center Portfolio (Property Xpress Newswire) 09/13/2010
  • Ukraine's president expected in Brussels for trade talks (Hurriyet Daily News) 09/13/2010
  • Kiev police probing possible murder of Israeli (Ynetnews) 09/13/2010
  • Locals Celebrate at the Ukrainian Festival (WGRZ-TV) 09/13/2010
  • Tourist Held at Kiev Airport (Moscow Times) 09/13/2010
  • Ukraine's Timoshenko leads on day IV (Republica) 09/13/2010
  • 63 kids fall ill after eating lunch in Ukraine (Sify/RIA Novosti) 09/13/2010
  • Klitschko pummels Peter (SkySports) 09/13/2010
  • Six drown in Black Sea in Crimea, Ukraine (ITAR-TASS) 09/13/2010
  • Tug of war in Ukraine (New Europe) 09/13/2010
  • Report: Israeli pilgrim stabs local in Ukraine (Ynetnews) 09/13/2010
  • Fight club ( 09/13/2010
  • Wladimir Klitschko defeats Samuel Peter in Frankfurt (BBC News) 09/13/2010
  • Kudukhov wins wrestling gold for Russia (USA Today) 09/13/2010
  • Israeli in custody for stabbing Ukrainian man in Uman (Jerusalem Post) 09/13/2010
  • Press Freedom Under Threat In Ukraine (RFE/RL) 09/13/2010
  • Kremlin: Destroy N. Caucasus 'Bandits' (RFE/RL) 09/13/2010
  • Russia - Defining Democracy Down (RFE/RL) 09/13/2010
  • Ukraine Museum Head Investigated (RFE/RL) 09/13/2010
  • Armenia Reacts To Georgian 'Concerns' Over Deal With Russia (RFE/RL) 09/13/2010

  • Tymoshenko threatens to boycott elections in four Ukrainian regions (Ukrainian Journal) 09/10/2010
  • UkrEnergo announces auction for October interstate power line access (Ukrainian Journal) 09/10/2010
  • President pledges local government reform (Ukrainian Journal) 09/10/2010
  • Ukraine nears a deal with Kazakhstan over crude supplies to EU (Ukrainian Journal) 09/10/2010
  • Official: Ukrainian-Kazakh construction of liquified natural gas terminal postponed (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • Premier: Ukraine will not introduce grain export quotas (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • Ukrainian opposition protests utility hikes in parliament (RIA Novosti) 09/10/2010
  • Tens of thousands of Hasidic celebrate Jewish New Year at spiritual leader's tomb in Ukraine (Fox News) 09/10/2010
  • 50,000 Hasidic mark Jewish New Year in Ukraine (Seattle Times) 09/10/2010
  • Ukraine: Government to refund VAT (AgriMarket) 09/10/2010
  • Ukrainian parliament in session amid standoff btw factions (Itar-Tass) 09/10/2010
  • Hasidic Jews flock to rabbi's Ukrainian tomb (Beverly Hills Courier) 09/10/2010
  • Ukraine's PM vows to learn to speak Ukrainian (RIA Novosti) 09/10/2010
  • Yanukovych: Ukraine not seeking opponents on world stage, trying to regain credibility (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • British Placebo in Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • Business Sense: Companies catching on to corporate responsibility (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • St. Mary's celebrates 100 years in Hardware City (New Britain Herald) 09/10/2010
  • Shakhtar Donetsk snap up Villarreal midfielder Bruno Renan ( 09/10/2010
  • Azarov: Ukraine wants Russia to lower natural gas prices (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • Yanukovych says his favorite school subject was physical education (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • Yanukovych promises Ukrainian children to have worthy education and happy future (Unian) 09/10/2010
  • EURO backed to deliver multiple benefits (UEFA News) 09/10/2010
  • Azarov promises to study Ukrainian language together with Mogilyov (Unian) 09/10/2010
  • Education Minister: 1931-1933 famine was not genocide (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • Russian motorist bites off figner of Ukrainian traffic cop given the finger (The Star) 09/10/2010
  • ONLY ON 3 UPDATE: Ukrainian women leave NC without pay (WWAY 3 Wilmington) 09/10/2010
  • Old ideas in a new format (The Day Weekly Digest) 09/10/2010
  • Yanukovych lets Russia reassert control over nation, Moldova (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • Russia strengthens control over nation's nuclear power industry (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • Billion-dollar Conflicts (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • Yanukovich denies political repressions against previous govt (Itar-Tass) 09/10/2010
  • Tymoshenko meets U.S. envoys in Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • Prime minister: Nothing can rock Ukraine's economic boat (Kyiv Post) 09/10/2010
  • Boxing: Nigerian Peter eyes Klitschko upset (TVNZ) 09/10/2010
  • SES ASTRA Expands Satellite Broadband Service ASTRA2Connect to Ukraine (NewsBlaze) 09/10/2010
  • Ukrainian Security Service Launches Criminal Case Against Lviv Museum Head (RFE/RL) 09/10/2010
  • Ukraine PM says no grain export limits in 2010/11-UPDATE 1 (Forexyard) 09/10/2010
  • Ukraine - President meets US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (ISRIA) 09/10/2010
  • Ukraine holds international investment forum (People's Daily Online) 09/10/2010
  • Supatcha Resources, Inc. (SAEI.OB) Begins Drilling Program at Vynohradiv (International Business Times) 09/10/2010
  • Ukraine - President takes part in unveiling Taras Shevchenko statue in Bucha (ISRIA) 09/10/2010
  • Ukraine is 89th in World Economic Forum's competitiveness ranking (NRCU) 09/10/2010
  • Higgins cleared of match-fixing (Reuters UK) 09/10/2010
  • Tymoshenko: Ukrainian Authorities' Actions Violate Charter (Ukrainian News Agency) 09/10/2010
  • Ukraine's Yanukovych to visit EU, snub NATO for second time (Earthtimes) 09/10/2010
  • 50000 Hasidic mark Jewish New Year in Ukraine (Associated Press) 09/10/2010
  • Blast At Market In Russian Caucasus City (RFE/RL) 09/10/2010
  • North Caucasus - Umarov Explains His Seeming Inconsistency (RFE/RL) 09/10/2010
  • North Caucasus - Hagiography, Bomb-Making, And A Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe (RFE/RL) 09/10/2010
  • Argument Over Moscow-St. Pete Highway Route (RFE/RL) 09/10/2010
  • Belarus Invites OSCE On Journalist Death (RFE/RL) 09/10/2010
  • Kyiv Does Away With District Councils (RFE/RL) 09/10/2010
  • Clinton Notes Foreign Policy Successes (RFE/RL) 09/10/2010

  • Secrets case launched against Ukraine museum head (Reuters/Kyiv Post) 09/09/2010
  • () 09/09/2010
  • Deputy PM denies reports of Firtash Regions Party financing (Ukrainian Journal) 09/09/2010
  • Tymoshenko criticizes govt plan to sign deal with Vanco Energy (Ukrainian Journal) 09/09/2010
  • Ukraine rejects Russian proposal to merge Nafotaz Ukrayiny, Gazprom (Ukrainian Journal) 09/09/2010
  • Lviv council sacks president’s appointee (Ukrainian Journal) 09/09/2010
  • Carolina Capital Markets Inc. Joins US-Ukraine Business Council ... (The FINANCIAL) 09/09/2010
  • Adult film star protests parliament building in Kiev (Toronto Sun) 09/09/2010
  • Ukraine may hold early parliamentary elections next year - expert (RIA Novosti) 09/09/2010
  • Ria Novosti: Opposition deputies walk out of parliament (Kyiv Post) 09/09/2010
  • Ukraine move on Russian language may fuel tension (Kyiv Post) 09/09/2010
  • Volatile hryvnia highlights Ukraine policy concerns (Kyiv Post) 09/09/2010
  • Ukrainian BYUH student say new temple in their homeland is blessing (Ke Alakai) 09/09/2010
  • Vasyl Stus couldn't have acted differently, says Iryna Kalynets (The Day Weekly Digest) 09/09/2010
  • Ukrainian president conditionally backs merger with Russian energy giant (People's Daily) 09/09/2010
  • Balloonists plan first-ever Black Sea crossing ( 09/09/2010
  • The Guardian: Ukrainian journalist missing, presumed dead (Kyiv Post) 09/09/2010
  • Official: Government to consoldidate investors' rights (Kyiv Post) 09/09/2010
  • Pirates capture ship with Ukrainian and Russian crew (Kyiv Post) 09/09/2010
  • Ukrainian lawmakers try to disrupt parliament (RIA Novosti) 09/09/2010
  • Huge crowds mark Jewish New Year in Ukrainian city (Kyiv Post) 09/09/2010
  • Ukraine: over 20 vessels to be delayed in the ports without official explanations (AgriMarket) 09/09/2010
  • Ukraine ready to listen to opposition - prime minister (RIA Novosti) 09/09/2010
  • Kyiv and Moscow mull assets of future energy joint venture (Kyiv Post) 09/09/2010
  • Language bill to expand Russian-speakers' rights in Ukraine (RIA Novosti) 09/09/2010
  • Draft law on languages registered in Supreme Rada (Itar-Tass) 09/09/2010
  • Supporters of opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko attend a rally in front of the Ukrainian parliament (Kyiv Post) 09/09/2010
  • Official: Tax laws and customs problems hinder investment in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/09/2010
  • Ukrainian Government to reject a bill and decree regarding grains export moratorium (AgriMarket) 09/09/2010
  • Belarus, Ukraine to consider exchange of border treaty instruments Sept (Itar-Tass) 09/09/2010
  • Ukraine : will the tax revolution come? (Financial Times) 09/09/2010
  • Nestle's reaffirms emerging markets commitment with new service (Reuters) 09/09/2010
  • Opposition protests against 'anti- Ukrainian ' Yanukovych in Kiev (Hurriyet Daily News) 09/09/2010
  • Ukrainian opposition lawmakers walk out of parliament (RIA Novosti) 09/09/2010
  • Hryvnia May Slip 20% as IMF Urges Flexible Exchange Rate, Commerzbank Says (Bloomberg) 09/09/2010
  • New Bid for Russian in Ukraine (Moscow Times) 09/09/2010
  • The Guardians of America's Front Lawn (NY Times) 09/09/2010
  • Ukraine in Talks With Exxon, Chevron on Black Sea Gas Fields (Bloomberg) 09/09/2010
  • Ukrainian Government Formulates Liberal Tax Reform (Georgiandaily) 09/09/2010
  • Miners watch Chile- Ukraine soccer match (CNN International) 09/09/2010
  • Tens of thousands celebrate Jewish New Year at spiritual leader's tomb in Ukraine (Canadian Press) 09/09/2010
  • Ukraine Security Agency Questions an Opposition Leader (Wall Street Journal) 09/09/2010
  • Kiev says no need for South Stream ( 09/09/2010
  • Ukraine Petrochemicals Report Q4 2010 - New Market Report Published (OfficialWire) 09/09/2010
  • Moldovan Leader To Call Early Elections (RFE/RL) 09/09/2010
  • U.S. 'Regrets' Russian Activist In Jail (RFE/RL) 09/09/2010
  • Ukraine Plan To Upgrade Russian (RFE/RL) 09/09/2010
  • Georgian President Rejects Venice Commission Criticism Of New Constitution (RFE/RL) 09/09/2010
  • LUKoil Official Found Not Guilty In Deadly Car Crash (RFE/RL) 09/09/2010
  • Russian Court To Consider Complaint Against Ruling Party (RFE/RL) 09/09/2010
  • Armenian Court Refuses To Lift Rally Ban (RFE/RL) 09/09/2010
  • Judge Shot Dead In North Caucasus (RFE/RL) 09/09/2010

  • Ministry forecasts 21.8% rise in exports, 20.3% spike in imports (Ukrainian Journal) 09/08/2010
  • Russia’s OJSC TVEL wins tender for VVER-1000 nuclear fuel technology (Ukrainian Journal) 09/08/2010
  • Yanukovych tightens Kiev government grip (Ukrainian Journal) 09/08/2010
  • Ukrainians hope to meet Russian president two times this year (Ukrainian Journal) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine: over 20 vessels to be delayed in the ports without official explanations (AgriMarket) 09/08/2010
  • The Huffington Post: Circus at the Rada (Kyiv Post) 09/08/2010
  • Ynet: Sight unseen en route to rabbi's tomb (Kyiv Post) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine: agrarians harvested 1 mln tonnes of maize (AgriMarket) 09/08/2010
  • Premier: Housing tariffs hikes are speculation (Kyiv Post) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine ready to listen to opposition - prime minister (RIA Novosti) 09/08/2010
  • Kyiv and Moscow mull assets of future energy joint venture (Kyiv Post) 09/08/2010
  • Language bill to expand Russian-speakers' rights in Ukraine (RIA Novosti) 09/08/2010
  • Draft law on languages registered in Supreme Rada (Itar-Tass) 09/08/2010
  • Supporters of opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko attend a rally in front of the Ukrainian parliament (Kyiv Post) 09/08/2010
  • Kiev looks to bring trade with Russia up to pre-crisis level in 2010 (RosBusinessConsulting) 09/08/2010
  • Ukrainian and Polish presidents set October meeting in Yalta (Kyiv Post) 09/08/2010
  • Russia may sign strategic partnership deal with Ukraine by end of year (RIA Novosti) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine sees signs of economic stabilization, president says (RosBusinessConsulting) 09/08/2010
  • Lazarenko planning to return to Ukraine to participate in local elections (Kyiv Post) 09/08/2010
  • Kiev Halts Gas Exports To Poland (OfficialWire) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania planning to set up joint peacekeeping brigade (Kyiv Post) 09/08/2010
  • Grishchenko says South Stream is not necessary (Itar-Tass) 09/08/2010
  • Inksure Helps Ukrainian Govt. Recover $200M in Tax Revenues (redOrbit) 09/08/2010
  • Lazarenko's lawyer denies reports of his return to Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine lawmakers throw punches over austerity (Kyiv Post) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine : buckwheat prices increase is not anticompetitive confederacy (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/08/2010
  • LDS official calls German temple catalyst for 'cataclysmic change' in Europe (Deseret News) 09/08/2010
  • 'Every facet of Judaism' at gathering around Rabbi's grave (Jerusalem Post) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine vs Chile (Live Soccer TV) 09/08/2010
  • Eerie Ukrainian Salt Mines House Convalescing Asthmatics (Wired News) 09/08/2010
  • Germany, France fail to reach Olympics (Associated Press) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine beats Chile 2-1 in friendly in Kiev (USA Today) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine , Russia plan to ramp up efforts in international arena (BSANNA NEWS) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine : Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada to be against grain export quotas (Agrimarket Consulting) 09/08/2010
  • Kiev halts gas exports to Poland ( 09/08/2010
  • Pamela Anderson joins panel at Miss Ukraine beauty pageant (Daily Mail) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine fully pays for Russia August gas (Reuters) 09/08/2010
  • Ukraine lawmakers throw punches over austerity (Associated Press) 09/08/2010
  • First Sunday open house to feature Ukranian eggs (Lansing State Journal) 09/08/2010
  • Russian Duma Deputy Downplays Threat To Tatarstan's Sovereignty (RFE/RL) 09/08/2010
  • Russian fires - Technological Transparency -- In Theory (RFE/RL) 09/08/2010
  • Partner Of Missing Ukrainian Journalist 'Under Pressure' (RFE/RL) 09/08/2010
  • Bashkir TV Chief Reaches Out To Local Tatar Groups (RFE/RL) 09/08/2010
  • Russia 'Flash Mob' On Candidates Ban (RFE/RL) 09/08/2010
  • Catholic Church Impounded In Ukraine (RFE/RL) 09/08/2010

  • Yanukovych to push euro-integration in EU headquarters on Sept. 13 (Ukrainian Journal) 09/07/2010
  • Yanukovych touts Transit Corridor potential as lure for Chinese capital (Ukrainian Journal) 09/07/2010
  • Chinese newspaper gives kudos to Yanukovych four-day state visit (Ukrainian Journal) 09/07/2010
  • Yulia calls on diplomats to police voting (Ukrainian Journal) 09/07/2010
  • Rally of adherents of opposition started near parliament (Unian) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine: supporters, opponents of pres picketing Rada building (Itar-Tass) 09/07/2010
  • Government sets terms for construction of new terminal at Boryspil airport (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine finds gas price unfair and hopes for revision (RosBusinessConsulting) 09/07/2010
  • Customs delays departure of two dozen grain vessels (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Mohyliov: Police to respond appropriately during election process (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Ukrainian opposition wants to destabilize country - Azarov (RIA Novosti) 09/07/2010
  • Kiev looks to bring trade with Russia up to pre-crisis level in 2010 (RosBusinessConsulting) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine: buckwheat deficit to total 60 thsd tonnes (AgriMarket) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine: Customs Service to block nearly 1 mln tonnes of grains in the ports (AgriMarket) 09/07/2010
  • Yanukovych to discuss Ukraine's EU entry bid in Brussels (RIA Novosti) 09/07/2010
  • The president's Independence Day speech reveals what kind of Ukraine is being built (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Armenian, Ukrainian Chambers of Commerce and Industry to sign cooperation agreement (PanARMENIAN.Net) 09/07/2010
  • PR rescuers end search for missing Ukraine sailor (Canadian Press) 09/07/2010
  • Another three foreigners claim post of Ukraine squad manager (BSANNA NEWS) 09/07/2010
  • Ukrainian villages hosts rare European ostrich race ( 09/07/2010
  • Chinese experience helps Ukraine stage football games: Ukrainian President (People's Daily) 09/07/2010
  • New Europe: Now or never for Ukraine's pipelines (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • The Record: Ukrainian Catholic University Rector changes mould (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Tymoshenko: We are helping former officials avoid arrest (VIDEO) (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Ukrainian president visits Hong Kong port (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine launches campaign to promote UEFA Euro 2012 (Unian) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine: buckwheat deficit to total 60 thsd tonnes (AgriMarket) 09/07/2010
  • Gogolmania.2: cultural creativity in Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • China Daily: Ukraine-China ties rejuvenated by 'epochal' state visit (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine, Hong Kong sign agreement on cancellation of visas (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Mark holidays in Ukrainian style (North Shore News) 09/07/2010
  • Ukrainian president visits HK to seek investment (People's Daily) 09/07/2010
  • Fowl play (Times of Malta) 09/07/2010
  • China, Ukraine to strengthen economic, parliamentary cooperation (People's Daily) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine, Hong Kong agree to scrap visas (RIA Novosti) 09/07/2010
  • China Daily: Ukraine-China ties rejuvenated by 'epochal' state visit (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine, Hong Kong sign agreement on cancellation of visas (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Yanukovych leaves Hong Kong for Shanghai (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Kolesnikov criticizes Kyiv policemen for not knowing foreign languages (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Top Chinese legislator meets Ukrainian President (People's Daily) 09/07/2010
  • Ukrainian government puts forward tax reform bill ( 09/07/2010
  • Transport Ministry: Regular railway traffic on Darnytsia Bridge expected to start on October 1 (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Ukrainian Grain Congress continues accepting applications (AgriMarket) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine to have lowest taxes in Europe due to new tax code (New Kerala) 09/07/2010
  • Government appoints two deputy heads of National Agency for Euro 2012 (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • China, Ukraine to strengthen economic, parliamentary cooperation (People's Daily) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine, Hong Kong agree to scrap visas (RIA Novosti) 09/07/2010
  • Chinese approve $950 million railway loan (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Protesters: We are banned from Sept. 7 rally in Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine to cancel VAT for grain trading (AgriMarket) 09/07/2010
  • People First: The latest in the watch on Ukrainian democracy (Kyiv Post) 09/07/2010
  • Ukrainian-Born Piano Virtuoso Opening CSC Galaxy Series (KCSR) 09/07/2010
  • Effort to fight Ukraine's HIV/AIDS delayed (Winnipeg Free Press) 09/07/2010
  • 7th session of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of 6th convocation starts today (UNIAN) 09/07/2010
  • Forbes Signs Deal to Launch Forbes Ukraine (Trading Markets) 09/07/2010
  • Romania, Ukraine May See Strong Eurobond Demand After Czech Sale Yesterday (Bloomberg) 09/07/2010
  • 5771 a busy year for Hasidim making yearly pilgrimage to Ukraine (Haaretz) 09/07/2010
  • Missing Ukrainian Journalist Feared Dead (Epoch Times) 09/07/2010
  • Series to review LDS history in Eastern Europe (Mormon Times) 09/07/2010
  • Misapprehensions abound ahead of Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine (Deutsche Welle) 09/07/2010
  • Ukrainian president to visit EU headquarters on association agreement ( 09/07/2010
  • Schoolchildren in Ukraine Choose Future Professions (NTDTV) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine says wants Russia to scrap new pipeline (Forexyard) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine's crude steel output improves in August after three-month decline (SteelOrbis) 09/07/2010
  • Higgins to learn his fate (Press Association) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine - President meets with CPC Shanghai Committee Secretary (ISRIA) 09/07/2010
  • Milla up for fifth Resident Evil (Press Association) 09/07/2010
  • Yanukovych to discuss Ukraine's EU entry bid in Brussels (RIA Novosti) 09/07/2010
  • Prep football: No explaining is needed for Apollo athlete (St. Cloud Times) 09/07/2010
  • Ukraine - President invites Hong Kong businessmen to cooperation (ISRIA) 09/07/2010
  • Monster Azerbaijani Flag Is No More...For Now (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010
  • Russia - Potemkinism (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010
  • Suicide Car Bomber Hits Tajik Police Station (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010
  • Chechen Diaspora Upstages Kadyrov (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010
  • Abkhazia: Refugee Return 'Impossible' (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010
  • Armenian Opposition Rally In Key Yerevan Square Banned (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010
  • Police Summon Russian Protest Singer (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010
  • Russian Firm Accused Of Deforestation (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010
  • Armenia Church To Boycott Turkey Mass (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010
  • Turkmenistan Launches Campaign To Justify 'Olympic City' (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010
  • Turnout Dooms Moldovan Presidential Reform (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010
  • Belarusian Colleagues Remember Byabenin As Talented Journalist Who Was 'High On Life' (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010
  • Is Armenia Russia's Partner Or Pawn? (RFE/RL) 09/07/2010

  • Naftogaz Ukrayiny halts exports of its natural gas to Poland (Ukrainian Journal) 09/06/2010
  • New tax code seeks Ukraine haven status (Ukrainian Journal) 09/06/2010
  • Cabinet of ministers readying for prime minister’s visit to China (Ukrainian Journal) 09/06/2010
  • Ukraine may abrogate natgas deal if Russians refuse to renegotiate (Ukrainian Journal) 09/06/2010

  • Op-ed: Can Diaspora Activists Help Ukraine? (BRAMA) 09/03/2010
  • Parliament denies media reports of high-cost repairs to session hall (Ukrainian Journal) 09/03/2010
  • Ukraine to buy offshore drilling rig from Chinese for Black Sea use (Ukrainian Journal) 09/03/2010
  • Yanukovych secures $4 billion from China (Ukrainian Journal) 09/03/2010
  • Naftogaz Ukrayiny extracts its first crude from Egyptian deposit (Ukrainian Journal) 09/03/2010
  • China, Ukraine stage trade forum, explore business co-op (China Economic Net) 09/03/2010
  • Yanukovych attends business forum in Beijing (Kyiv Post) 09/03/2010
  • China gives Ukraine $3 million education (Kyiv Post) 09/03/2010
  • Train steward jailed for smuggling military airplane parts (Kyiv Post) 09/03/2010
  • As of September 1, 5 oblasts of Ukraine started wheat sowing campaign (AgriMarket) 09/03/2010
  • Something smells here... (Warsaw Business Journal) 09/03/2010
  • Yanukovych: Ukrainian premier to visit China (Kyiv Post) 09/03/2010
  • Yanukovych signs deal to finance construction of railway from Kyiv to Boryspil (Kyiv Post) 09/03/2010
  • Naftogaz Ukrainy halts gas exports to Poland (Kyiv Post) 09/03/2010
  • Renewed program of Ukrainian Grain Congress (AgriMarket) 09/03/2010
  • Chinese approve $950 million railway loan (Kyiv Post) 09/03/2010
  • As of September 1, Ukraine produced 29.5 mln tonnes of grains (AgriMarket) 09/03/2010
  • Ukraine: due to the informal grain export limitations, losses of agrarians to total 350 UAH/t (AgriMarket) 09/03/2010
  • Azarov: Ukrainian government to present draft Tax Code on Sept. 3 (Kyiv Post) 09/03/2010
  • Ukraine opposes Taiwan's independence (Kyiv Post) 09/03/2010
  • Ukraine, China sign 'road map' of bilateral cooperation (Itar-Tass) 09/03/2010
  • Chinese, Ukrainian presidents agree to boost ties (RIA Novosti) 09/03/2010
  • Miss Ukraine beauty pageant (Kyiv Post) 09/03/2010
  • China and Ukraine to raise bilateral relations to a new level (New Kerala) 09/03/2010
  • Mountain hideouts sheltered Ukrainian freedom fighters (Kyiv Post) 09/03/2010
  • SC research lab collaborating with Ukraine (Live 5 News Charleston) 09/03/2010
  • China, Ukraine agree to upgrade friendly cooperative relations (Xinhua) 09/03/2010
  • Ukraine's Metinvest boosts steel output (Reuters Africa) 09/03/2010
  • China, Ukraine stage trade forum, explore business co-op (Xinhua) 09/03/2010
  • Ukraine's Opposition Feeling the Squeeze (Epoch Times) 09/03/2010
  • Ukraine ties rejuvenated by 'epochal' state visit (People's Daily Online) 09/03/2010
  • VimpelCom in Deal Talks as Profit Drops (Wall Street Journal) 09/03/2010
  • SRS lab, Ukraine announce joint effort (Augusta Chronicle) 09/03/2010
  • Ukraine targets gas prices, transit fees in talks with Russia (Platts) 09/03/2010
  • A first round to remember at the U.S. Open (ESPN) 09/03/2010
  • Gazprom counts on Ukraine to stick to existing gas agreements (RIA Novosti) 09/03/2010
  • Cheerleader coverup intensifies at hoops World Championships (USA Today) 09/03/2010
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife Japanese Premiere Pictures (Monsters and 09/03/2010
  • TURKEY: Cheerleaders go for modesty at Iran-US basketball game (LA Times) 09/03/2010
  • Ukraine to export 40000 tons gourds and vegetables (FreshPlaza) 09/03/2010
  • Ukraine Goes On Crash Course In English For Euro 2012 (Bernama) 09/03/2010
  • VimpelCom Second-Quarter Profit Climbs 11% on Revenue Growth (BusinessWeek) 09/03/2010
  • Azerbaijan Unfurls Huge National Flag (RFE/RL) 09/03/2010
  • Russia Intensifies Focus On Misuse Of Funds In South Ossetia (RFE/RL) 09/03/2010
  • Dolphins, Snowballs, And Zombie Bunnies -- Sochi Searches For A Mascot (RFE/RL) 09/03/2010
  • Ukraine President Begins China Trip (RFE/RL) 09/03/2010
  • Independent Belarusian Weekly 'Facing Closure' (RFE/RL) 09/03/2010
  • Price Of Bread Increases In Russia's Far East (RFE/RL) 09/03/2010
  • European Parliamentarian 'Shocked' By Moscow Protest (RFE/RL) 09/03/2010
  • Tense Days As Medvedev Visits Baku (RFE/RL) 09/03/2010
  • Police Raid On Russian Magazine (RFE/RL) 09/03/2010
  • Nagorno-Karabakh Marks Anniversary (RFE/RL) 09/03/2010
  • Driven To Distraction: Putin's Lada Stunt Backfires (RFE/RL) 09/03/2010

  • Key witness in journalist case disappears (Ukrainian Journal) 09/02/2010
  • Experts to examine returned Caravaggio ‘Taking of Christ’ painting (Ukrainian Journal) 09/02/2010
  • TV channels plan to file appeals of Kiev court frequency ruling (Ukrainian Journal) 09/02/2010
  • Ukraine to seek lower prices, higher transit tariffs in natgas talks (Ukrainian Journal) 09/02/2010
  • Tennis-Last year's Cinderella shown the door at U.S. Open (Larry Fine) 09/02/2010
  • Caravaggio: The Taking Of Christ (Times of Malta) 09/02/2010
  • Ukrainian president arrives in China for state visit (People's Daily) 09/02/2010
  • Parliament's press service says repair funds accounted for (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • History of Russian-Ukrainian Relations (RIA Novosti) 09/02/2010
  • President starts state visit to China (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • The Sun Gazette: Sister city trip recruits sought for Ivan Frankivsk (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • Azarov: Ukraine wants Russia to lower natural gas prices (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • Ukrainian army to be smaller, but more effective (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • Yanukovych promises Ukrainian children to have worthy education and happy future (Unian) 09/02/2010
  • Azarov promises to study Ukrainian language together with Mogilyov (Unian) 09/02/2010
  • Education Minister: 1931-1933 famine was not genocide (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • Ukraine hopes to revise gas contract with Russia says PM (RIA Novosti) 09/02/2010
  • U.S. State Department delegation to arrive in Kyiv Sept. 8 (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • Lyovochkin: Yanukovych to be first of Ukraine's presidents to make state visit to China (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • First Russian aircraft carrier could be built in cooperation with Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • Lyovochkin: Talks continue with Russia on better gas deal (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • The Sun Gazette: Sister city trip recruits sought for Ivan Frankivsk (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • Jewish United Fund: Chicagoan explores family history in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • Ria Novosti: The other side of diversification (Kyiv Post) 09/02/2010
  • Fear for fans as Ukraine announces budget cut in Euro 2012 plans (The Guardian) 09/02/2010
  • VimpelCom Ltd Announces Second Quarter 2010 Operating and Financial Results (MarketWatch) 09/02/2010
  • Bulgaria's New Wheat Sales Doubled in 2010 on Russian, Ukrainian Drought (Bloomberg) 09/02/2010
  • Ukraine issues July coke import and export data (Alibaba News Channel) 09/02/2010
  • Ukraine harvests 29.5 million tons of grain as of August 31 (UkrAgroConsult) 09/02/2010
  • Last year's Cinderella shown the door at U.S. Open (Reuters) 09/02/2010
  • Ukraine - President: Modern Ukrainians have much to learn from WWII history (ISRIA) 09/02/2010
  • When Turkey Plays, Dancers Are Absent (NY Times) 09/02/2010
  • Maxim Integrated reaches Russian distribution deal (BusinessWeek) 09/02/2010
  • Dancers won't perform in Turkey's games at worlds (Associated Press) 09/02/2010
  • Klitschko vs. Briggs: Shouldn't We Expect More? (Pro Boxing Fans) 09/02/2010
  • Harrison Breaks Through in Upset (NY Times) 09/02/2010
  • Forbes Signs Deal to Launch Forbes Ukraine in First Quarter 2011 (Business Wire) 09/02/2010
  • The secret of Ukraine's independence ( 09/02/2010
  • Historic Hopes for China's Li Dashed by Ukrainian Bondarenko (Jakarta Globe) 09/02/2010
  • Ukraine in tough talks with Russia on lower gas price: PM (People's Daily Online) 09/02/2010
  • Newsdesk - UEFA Bans Vuvuzelas; Euro 2012 Essential to Ukraine's Future (World Football Insider) 09/02/2010
  • Ukraine hopes to revise gas contract with Russia says PM (RIA Novosti) 09/02/2010
  • Ukraine - President meets National Youth Olympic Team (ISRIA) 09/02/2010
  • Porn Again: Filmmaker Chooses Belarus's Beleaguered Lukashenka As Next Target (RFE/RL) 09/02/2010
  • Umarov Names New Daghestan Front Commander (RFE/RL) 09/02/2010
  • Russian Eco-Activists' Website Hacked (RFE/RL) 09/02/2010
  • Lone Student Opts For Belarusian In Eastern City (RFE/RL) 09/02/2010
  • Azerbaijan Says Five Killed In Nagorno-Karabakh (RFE/RL) 09/02/2010

  • Media group demands Prosecutor General probe of missing journalist (Ukrainian Journal) 09/01/2010
  • Stolen Caravaggio returned to Ukraine by presidential aircraft (Ukrainian Journal) 09/01/2010
  • Reversing pledge to IMF, minister rules out natgas price hikes (Ukrainian Journal) 09/01/2010
  • President calls for food price rise probe (Ukrainian Journal) 09/01/2010
  • Kiev wants Germany to modernize gas grid (UPI) 09/01/2010
  • Ukraine may introduce export duties on buckwheat (Kyiv Post) 09/01/2010
  • Gazprom Sweet-talking Ukraine's Naftogaz (OfficialWire) 09/01/2010
  • People First: The latest in the watch on Ukrainian democracy (Kyiv Post) 09/01/2010
  • As of August 30, Ukraine produced 29 mln tonnes of grains (AgriMarket) 09/01/2010
  • Kiev in gas transit talks with Berlin (UPI) 09/01/2010
  • This is independent Ukraine? (Kyiv Post) 09/01/2010
  • Ups & Downs ( 09/01/2010
  • Ukraine to face extremely hot summers for next eight years, this winter not to surprise (Kyiv Post) 09/01/2010
  • Federer, V.Williams, Roddick Win At US Open (NPR) 09/01/2010
  • Chinese eighth seed Li ousted from US Open (AFP) 09/01/2010
  • Ukrainian civil activists to mark Aug. 31 with picket of Russian embassy (Kyiv Post) 09/01/2010
  • Protesters arrested outside Russian embassy in Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 09/01/2010
  • Dynamo Kyiv's Pape Diakhate Loaned To Olympique Lyonnais (Peace FM Online) 09/01/2010
  • Shannon Briggs Promises to KO Vitali ( 09/01/2010
  • Kiev wants Germany to modernize gas grid ( 09/01/2010
  • Lyon signs Pape Diakhate on loan (USA Today) 09/01/2010
  • Boxing Betting on Briggs and Klitschko (Bookmakersinc) 09/01/2010
  • Football: Poland and Ukraine overcoming Euro 2012 jitters (AsiaOne) 09/01/2010
  • Beaten Li Na says she wilted in U.S. Open heat (Reuters) 09/01/2010
  • Alleged Ransomware Gang Investigated by Moscow Police (PC World) 09/01/2010
  • Russian Embassy In Belarus Firebombed (RFE/RL) 09/01/2010
  • Experts Point To More Flaws In Georgian Constitutional Amendments (RFE/RL) 09/01/2010
  • Russian Workers Strike Over Living Conditions (RFE/RL) 09/01/2010
  • Belarus Evangelical Church Bank Account 'Frozen' (RFE/RL) 09/01/2010
  • Activist Detained In Belarus (RFE/RL) 09/01/2010
  • Is There A Foundation For Peace Between Russia And Georgia? (RFE/RL) 09/01/2010
  • Russian Rights Activist Battles On In Chechnya (RFE/RL) 09/01/2010
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