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    Papers, Dissertations, Theses, etc.

    To include your research work for publication on the web, please submit only an abstract of your work as an attachment via e-mail here. *** The abstract is meant to inform readers about the contents of the work. *** Include your e-mail address so that interested readers may request a copy, or the URL where they may obtain a copy for downloading to their hard drive.

    Instructions in Ukrainian -- Instruktsii po-ukrains'ky CP1251

  • Volodymyr Vynnychenkoĺs Nietzschean Revolutionary Hero by Andrew Kaspryk, Ph.D.
    [ABSTRACT] - can be read on-line.

  • The Legacy of Scythians by Valentyn Stetsiuk.
    [ABSTRACT] - can be read on-line.
    [] - 310K, download the zipped Internet version Word format.

  • Metabolic Aspects of Oxygen Homeostasis Formation in Extreme States M. Tymochko, O.Yeliseyeva, L.Kobylinska, I.Tymochko
    - Lviv, 1988. - 182 p. Editor Veronika Yevtuch. ISBN 5-8326-0061-4.
    [ABSTRACT] - can be read on-line
    [Full Text] - zipped for downloading, 298K.

  • The Negotiation of Ukrainian Ethnic Identity in Two Multiethnic Settings : The Former Soviet Union (Armed Forces) and Canada by Anna Fournier.
    [ABSTRACT] - can be read on-line.

  • Research into Prehistoric Ethnogenetic Processes in East Europe by Valentyn Stetsiuk.
    [ABSTRACT] - can be read on-line.
    [CILAkorot.ZIP] - 337K, download the zipped Internet version Word format, 70 pages.

  • "Volodymyr Vynnychenko", a study of the writer and idealogue by Volodymyr Panchenko. (Ukrainian CP1251)
    We received this monograph via e-mail on two occasions, but have been unable to respond to the e-mail address that was given. Presumably, Mr. Panchenko sent the document to us in order to publish it on Brama. We offer the zipped version which retains the original formatting, as well as a text version. Both files are rather large.

    [] 354K, opens into a Word document @350 pages
    [panchenko.html] 543K, text version can be read online

    You will require CP 1251 Ukrainian fonts which are available FREE at this website.

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