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    Metabolic Aspects of Oxygen Homeostasis Formation in Extreme States
    M. Tymochko, O.Yeliseyeva, L.Kobylinska, I.Tymochko - Lviv, 1988. - 182 p. Editor Veronika Yevtuch

    ISBN 5–8326–0061–4

    The monograph gives the analysis of biological constants and alternative values, which lay the basis for the energetic exchange and support oxygen homeostasis and adapted compensatory processes of the organism. New non-traditional data, which state, that in the mechanism of regulatory processes of the functioning systems essentional role belongs to the intensification of oxydation-redaction and free-radical reactions, are given. These reactions, in their turn, in the system of high-coupling catabolic and anabolic exchange assure reconstruction of the old and formation of the new, more powerful functional structures. From the point of view of the new data, there was made an attempt to consider the postulates of the law-governed metabolism of oxygen-dependent processes, their importance in intensification and plastic exchange and in the formation of the new structuraly-functional stationary states.

    The monograph is focused on the biochemical-physiological essense of the adaptation processes under extremal influences and stresses new possibilities to control and correct them, the latter being traced on the basic of complex (many-factor) analysis of biochemical mechanisms of neurohumoral regulation of homeostasis of the organism.

    Scientific achievements, published lately, and the data, based on investigations , made by the department of biochemistry and the central scientific-research laboratory of the Lviv Medical University, lay the basis of the monograph.

    The book is aimed to attract attention of scientist in different fields, university lecturer and students of medico-biological subjects, who are interested in the mechanisms of support and disorder of oxygen and energetic homeostasis under different influences. Doctors of intensive therapy, surgeons, diagnosts will find it helpful in their practical activity, while correcting hypoxic and ichemic states and evaluating their adequacy.

    Pic.21. Tabl. 24. Refer.: p. 144-181.

    ISBN 5–8326–0061–4

    [Full Text] - zipped for downloading, 298K.

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