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    Scholarships for Students of Ukrainian Ancestry or Citizenship

    Scholarships in North America

    Eugene & Elinor Kotur Scholarship Trust Fund (Ukrainian Fraternal Association):

    Scholarship for a student enrolled in the sophomore or higher year or graduate school of about thirty leading colleges and universities in the USA listed on the application form. Applicants may have to be members of the Ukrainian Fraternal Association for two years. Minimum amount of award is $1,000. For an application write to:

    Ukrainian Fraternal Association Scholarship Program
    PO Box 350
    Scranton, PA 18501-0350
    Phone: 1-717-342-0937

    Ivan Franko Scholarship Fund (Ukrainian Fraternal Association):

    Scholarship for a high school senior or already attending an accredited college or university. Applicants may have to members of the Ukrainian Fraternal Association for two years. Address as above.

    Marusia Yaworska Entrance Scholarship

    Scholarship for two graduate level students in music from Ukraine or Canada to study anywhere in the world. Two one-time awards of $5,000(Can) per year. Must submit recordings. Deadline is March 31. For information and application write to:

    Chair, Department of Music, Faculty of Arts
    University of Ottawa
    50 University Private
    Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5

    Chopivsky Fellowship Yale University

    Partial scholarships in graduate degree programs leading to Master's degrees at the Yale School of Management, at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and in the departments of International Relations and in International Economics and Developmental Economics. Applicants must be Ukrainian citizens and be first admitted to the appropriate faculties at Yale. Graduate school application deadlines at Yale are usually January 1.

    Chopivsky Fellowships,Yale-Ukraine Initiative Committee
    Russian and East European Studies
    PO Box 208206
    New Haven, CT 06520-8606
    Phone: 1-203-432-3423
    Fax: 1-203-432-5963

    Alberta Ukrainian Centennial Commemorative Scholarship

    Two nonrenewable scholarships for one Ukrainian graduate student to study in Alberta and one Canadian graduate student from Alberta to study in Ukraine. Scholarships are awarded every other year. Deadline: February 1. For more information:

    Director, Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund
    9940 106th Street
    Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 2V1
    Phone 1-403-427-5538
    Fax: 1-403-422-4516

    John Sopinka Scholarship

    This scholarship named in honor of a former Supreme Court Justice of Canada is administered by the Chair of the Ukrainian Studies Foundation. For the exact requirements of this scholarship please write to:

    Ukrainian Studies Foundation.
    620 Spadina Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario M5S 2H4
    Phone: 1-416-234-9111
    Fax: 416-234-9114
    attn: Chair Foundation

    Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program (CUPP) Internship Scholarship

    Scholarships for a three month internship for Ukrainian undergraduates with a Member of Parliament of the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada. This internship is open only to citizens of Ukraine. Proficiency in English or French as well as in Ukrainian is a requirement. This internship is run by the Chair of Ukrainian Studies Foundation, 620 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2H4. fax No.: (416) 234-9114. E-mail: No telephone number is provided. The application is available on line at:

    Mychajlo Dmytrenko Fine Arts Foundation

    The Foundation has been awarding annual grants to art students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv. Beginning in the year 2000, the Mychajlo Dmytrenko Fine Arts Foundation will be expanding the competition for these grants to all art students in the Diaspora. The winners of these grants will have their artwork displayed on the pages of the Foundation's web site:

    University Partnership Program in Ukraine

    Professional Development Division School of Business Administration Wayne State University in cooperation with The Lviv Institute of Management, Ivan Franko University, State University Lviv Polytechnic
    Both Ukrainian and American MBA student internships

    Scholarships in Western Europe

    Ukraine Centre at the University of North London

    The Scholarship for the coming (1999/2000) academic year are sponsored by the International Renaissance Foundation in Ukraine, the Relief Board for Ukrainian Students in Gt Britain, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the University of North London.

    Applications are invited for a one year scholarship to study towards a Masters degree in Public Policy (Аналіз державної політики) at the University of North London. The deadline for receipt of applications is 29 October 1999. This scholarship pays full costs of travel, accommodation and subsistence, as well as tuition fees. Detailed information about the MA in Public Policy is available in the UNL Postgraduate Prospectus.

    The Ukraine Centre was established in May 1997 at the University of North London to promote co-operation between British and Ukrainian institutions and individuals in fields of mutual interest and benefit to both countries. The Centre's efforts are initially directed to co-operation in education, research and training

    Full information about the centre can be downloaded from our website URL:

    Scholarships in Ukraine

    Economics Education and Research Consortium, Master's Program in Economics
    National University of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy

    Scholarships for Westerm caliber English language MA Program are available. For more information and deadlines: vul. Skovorody 2, korpus 3, kim 304, Kyiv 254070; tel: 417-4174, 416-6936, 416-6865; tel/fax:417-7395;

    International Renaissance Foundation GRE Scholarship Program:

    25 vouchers per year given to students to take the official GRE exam. Awards based upon a competitive exam given September, November and February. Applicant needs to have taken the official TOEFL previously. Applicants must be applying to graduate school. For application requirements: International Renaissance Foundation OSVITA, vul. Volodymyrska 60, room 223, 252033 Kyiv, Ukraine. Phone: 044-225-7182.

    International Renaissance Foundation TOEFL Scholarship Program:

    TOEFL scholarship voucher for those students applying to a university requiring a TOEFL exam. All applicants must take a pre-TOEFL exam that is given three times a year in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, Simferopol, Odesa, Lviv, and Kharkiv. For applications and dates: OSVITA Center, vul. Volodymyrska 60, room 223, 252033 Kyiv. Phone: 044-225-2251,

    Coordinator: Nataliya Eremeeva

    Marusia Yaworska Entrance Scholarship

    see above

    Sources of Information in Ukraine for Study in the English Speaking Countries

    Undoubtedly your friends and relatives in Ukraine expect you to be an expert on obtaining scholarships to the United States, Canada, and the rest of the English speaking world. These addresses might help you to look good. The book Scholarship Opportunities was published by USA/USA 1994 seminar alumni/ae in Zaporizhzhia. It is available free of charge.

    Information Centers often with Home Pages

    International Educational Advising Center (Kyiv): 380-44-224-8549 or

    ACTR/ACCELS (Kyiv): 380-44-225-7182

    IREX (Kyiv): 380-44-229-3479 or

    Center "Osvita" (Kyiv): 380-44-225-2251

    America House (Kyiv): 380-44-213-2532 or

    British Council, (Kyiv): 044-247-7235 or or

    ACTR/ACCELS/FSAFLEX (Kyiv): 380-44-224-7356 or 225-8549? or 225-7182

    ACTR/ACCELS/FSAFLEX (Lviv): 380-32-227-1125

    Soros Education Information Center OSVITA (Lviv): 380-32-297-1206 or 227-1206?

    ACTR/ACCELS/FSAFLEX (Kharkiv): 380-57-212-7437

    Soros Education Information Center OSVITA (Kharkiv): 380-57-212-8227

    ACTR/ACCELS/FSAFLEX (Odesa): 380-48-232-1516

    Soros Education Information Center OSVITA (Odesa): 380-48-223-6427

    Educational Information & Advising Center "Osvita"
    Oktyabrskaya ploshcha 2, office 16,
    Dnipropetrovsk, 49027
    tel/fax: (38 056) 744-62-42

    Soros Education Information Center OSVITA (Donetsk): 380-62-294-6096, or 299-4148

    Soros Education Information Center OSVITA (Simferopol): 380-65-222-8760 or 225-9442

    ZRRCCO Center (Zaporizhzhia): 380-61-264-6735 or

    Internet Sites

    How to Apply to a U.S. University: and

    Extensive materials on how to apply for higher education in the USA. contains a page for international students. It is discouraging to international students. It does contain information on student loans for international students and some other useful information but it does not represent a goldmine of funding. has information about TOEFL test score requirements for most colleges under the international heading for each college. has information about scholarships available to international students in the online college directory.

    Books Scholarships

    Scholarship Opportunities, Kyiv 1997 Vipol Publishers, available from ZRRCO, 330006 Zaporozhye, ul. Zhukovskoho 55A, kv 408. A book about scholarship opportunities from high school to advanced study. Published in Ukraine by USA/USA alumni who are studying in Ukraine it is surprisingly good and well put together. It shows what we can do if we put our minds together. It includes scholarships all over the world and is free.

    Funding for US Study is a paper book published by the CIEE and available at This book is about $40.00 and contains information a whole range of scholarship available to international students. It deals primarily with graduate school programs.

    Internships and Summer Employment

    Petersons's Summer Jobs for Students (Annual), Princeton 1998, Petersons's.

    This has an excellent section about summer job opportunities for international applicants. Students do not have to be students in the USA and can obtain temporary summer visas for employment and travel in the USA. If you have a friend or young relative in Ukraine whom you would want to help visit you in the USA (for free) then this is the book for you.

    A note from Dr. Bohdan A. Oryshkevich, who compiled much of the information on this page

    Please bring any errors to our attention. Sources on Ukraine may contain discrepancies that are beyond our control and our ability to verify at this time. I would welcome any suggestions that would make this information more useful to you.

    To find out how you can help support this effort please write to:

    PO Box 250093
    Columbia University Station
    New York, New York 10025-1531.

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