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BRAMA - gateway to a global Ukrainian space through which everyone is invited to enter.

BRAMA is the product of a merger of two other websites: Infomeister-Ukrainian, the vanguard among Ukrainian websites on the Internet that for more than three years had been devoted to showcasing Ukrainian arts, language, culture, news and more, has joined a Ukrainian business and law site to form this new source on the web. BRAMA was created in order to provide a centrally accessible hub on the Internet where everyone from potential commercial interests to academic researchers, students and professionals alike can find wide-ranging practical information for acquainting themselves with Ukraine and Ukrainians. Specifically, BRAMA's focus is two-fold: 1) the fostering of economic development with and within Ukraine and 2) contributing toward cultural evolution among Ukrainians throughout the world.

BRAMA is committed to a particular set of objectives:

  • to nurture the growth of Ukraine's commerce within and beyond its borders.
  • to participate in the acquaintance and re-acquaintance of Ukrainian culture.
  • to bring together two symbiotic elements: business and culture, each providing essential sustenance for the other.
  • to present and support the artistic talents that probe untraditional values and venture beyond the norm.
  • to serve as a crossroads between the various components that have developed among Ukrainians living in Ukraine and those in the Diaspora.
  • to provide a forum for exploration and for the exchange of ideas.

    To this end, BRAMA offers a valuable compendium of substantive information about Ukraine and Ukrainians along with a set of complementary internet-related services. In particular, BRAMA continues the standards established by its forebears in offering as much of its site as possible in a bilingual format - both Ukrainian and English. BRAMA endeavors to present current, up-to-date information for all who enter its domain and to service the global community with the highest level of quality in all of its offerings.

    Hanya Krill
    Max Pyziur

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