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Yara Arts Group brings together drama, poetry, song, historical materials and movement
to create original performance pieces that explore timely issues rooted in the East


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Virlana's blog "War Makes a Play" on the making of Underground Dreams on the New York Innovative Theatre Awards site

Yara's Underground Dreams at GogolFest Sept 14, 2014
Press release | Yara's photos| Izolyatsia's photos | press & photos

Yara's 'Underground Dreams'

presented by Izolyatsia Platform for Cultural Initiative
Les Kurbas Theatre Center in Kyiv & Yara Arts Group

featuring introduction by Broadway star André De Shields
lecture by Bernth Lindfors, author of 4 volumes on Ira Aldridge
readings by Yara Arts Group
Saturday November 1, 2014 at 6PM
The Ukrainian Museum 222 East 6th St NYC

In 1858 the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko was set free after 10 years imprisonment. He met the great African American actor Ira Aldridge and drew his portrait.

Odesa, Lviv, & Kyiv April-May, 2014 press release in English -- in Ukrainian
reviews and photos

Photos from Dark Night Bright Stars in Odesa | Lviv | Kyiv
photos from Shevchenko Museum in Kyiv | more photos from Kyiv show

Dark Night Bright Stars

Yara's "Dark Night Bright Stars"

Also: May 1 in Lviv Yara performed at Muzohraf Festival, vul Lesi Ukrainky 45
and May 5 in Lviv at the celebration of 150 years of Ruska Besida Theatre, vul Teatralna

Izolyatsia captured by terrrorists

June 9, 2014 -- Today the terrorists in Donbas seized "Izolyatsia: Platform for Cultural Initiatives," the wonderful art center on the outskirts of Donetsk where we created "Underground Dreams" last October. We were supposed to create a full-production about the deep history of Donetsk there this summer. We are outraged and mourn the loss of a very special and truly artistic community, 
See photos and a video clip of our production

Yara's workshopUnderground Dreams Oct 2013 in Donetsk photos | press
"Yara Crosses Borders: ... to Donetsk"


CURRENTLY WE ARE ALL UKRAINE: Art by Waldemart Klyzuko
on exhibit at Ukrainian Museum 222 East 6th St, New York
till July 6, 2014 Wed thru Sun 11:30-5:00 PM (212) 228-0110

press release | photos

also in Philadelphia

"Capt. John Smith Goes to Ukraine" in Cape Breton October 11, 2014

"Capt. John Smith Goes to Ukraine" at La MaMa to March 14, 2014
"Yara Crosses Borders: Capt. John Smith..." | press release | photos & reviews | more photos |
video: "Mirabile Dicta"

Capt. John Smith

photos & press in Ukraine
Sept, 2013 Lviv Book Fair at Dzyga press release
GogolFest more photos | Les Kurbas National Theatre Center in Kyiv more photos

Fire Water Night

nominated for two NY Innovative Theatre Award
as best musical and best original music

Fire Water Night - the forest sings

more info | more photos

Light & Shadow Festival

Light & Shadow Yara's Festival of New Art, Music & Performances
January 17-19, 2014 - Ukrainian Institute of America, New York | reviews
photos of art & performances | photos from performances Saturday |
photos from shadow puppet show "the curious case of the sidewalk tree"

Yara's Midwinter Night | photos from Toronto show
created by Yara Arts Group with Koliadnyky and Lemon Bucket Orkestra
Harbourfront Center, Toronto

finale of Midwinter Night in Toronto

Capt. John Smith

KOLIADA Winter Rituals in the Carpathians - information on all 2013 Koliada events
About the Koliadnyky of Kryvorivnia
"In Search of the Hutsul Koliada of Kryvorivnia" by Virlana Tkacz
"Hutsul Koliada to a Young Man" English translation

Bowery Poetry Club

"New York's Bowery Poetry Club Live" in Lviv and Kyiv | photos | book

"Epic Songs, Dumy and Hip-Hop" at Honchar Museum
on with Bob Holman, Julian Kytasty, Virlana Tkacz and Susan Hwang

Yara's Fire Water Night reviews and photos
list of partciptants | press release | photos | more photos
June 7-16, 2013 -- La MaMa Experimental Theatre, New York

fire water night

Andrea Odezynska's "Felt, Feelings and Dreams" trailer produced by Yara Arts Group
next at Museum of Moving Image in Astoria Sunday, August 4th at 2:00 PM
Rubin Museum | KinofestNYC | Princeton Film Festival

Watoku Ueno's On the Waves April 27, 2013 | photos

"Out of Tradition" Concert by Alla Zagaykevych and Julian Kytasty - June 1, 2013 - photos

photos - Our Work with Hutsul Traditional Music - Sept 2012 at Dzyga

Dream Bridge in New York May, 2012
press in New York | photos from La MaMa
Dream Bridge in Kyiv March, 2012 | Kyiv photos | more Kyiv photos
Bishkek July, 2011 | Bishkek photos | Virlana on Oleh Lysheha & Dream Bridge


Raven Kyiv June 10-14, & Lviv June 22-23, 2011
Theatre Reviews and Pictures from Kyiv and from Lviv | plus more pictures from Lviv
Raven La MaMa | plus Theatre Reviews and Pictures from La MaMa
inspired by Oleh Lysheha's poem | poem in Ukrainian | plus Virlana Tkacz on Oleh Lysheha
workshop info workshop photos


Yara's book In a Different Light
Yara's DVD Light From the East by Amy Grappell

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