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April 7, 1999 President Of Ukraine Welcomes Yugoslav Cease-Fire, But Thinks More Steps Are Needed
Other Headlines:
  • Ukraine Sends Humanitarian Aid To Kosovo Refugees
  • Presidential Elections In Ukraine Scheduled For October 31, 1999
  • April 1, 1999 Foreign Minister Tarasyuk Visits European Capitals To Discuss Ukraine’s Mediation Efforts On Kosovo
    March 28, 1999 Sea Launch Successfully Tested
    March 26, 1999 Statement by H.E. Mr. Volodymyr Yel’chenko, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations at the 3989th Meeting of the United Nations Security Council
    March 25, 1999 Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Statement on NATO air strikes on Kosovo
    March 25, 1999 Foreign Minister Tarasyuk Discussed Possibility of Ukraine’s Mediation in Kosovo Settlement with Foreign Minister of the FRY
    March 24, 1999 On Restitution of Former Property of Religious and Ethnic Communities in Ukraine
    March 17, 1999 IMF management recommends to resume EFF lending program with Ukraine
    Other Headlines:
  • Ukraine Paid Its Eurobond Coupon on Time
  • Statement of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine on Nato Enlargement
  • March 3, 1999 "Air Ukraine" And "Uzbekistan Airways" Have Reached An Agreement
    February 25, 1999 Battling Corruption In Ukraine: Remarks by Mr. Vasyl Durdynets, Director of the National Bureau of Investigation
    February 24, 1999 On The Activities Of Ukraine’s Government Bodies In An Effort To Combat Corruption
    February 23, 1999 Foreign Ministry Of Ukraine Condemns Bombing In Tashkent
    February 12, 1999 Address By H.E. Mr. Leonid D.Kuchma, The President Of Ukraine, To The Heads Of Diplomatic Missions
    February 10, 1999 On The Activities Of Ukraine’s Government Bodies In An Effort To Combat Corruption
    February 9, 1999 Foreign Minister Tarasyuk Speaks On Security Interests Of Ukraine At Munich International Conference On Security Policy
    February 1, 1999 Minister For Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Meets with a Diplomatic Corps
    January 29, 1999 Statement Of The Foreign Ministry Of Ukraine on
    Russian Federal Assembly defers approval of Friendship Treaty
    January 28, 1999 More Personnel Changes In Ukrainian Government
    January 26, 1999 Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry Condemns Violence In Kosovo
    January 25, 1999 Important Events That Have Occured Recently In Ukraine
    January 21, 1999 Bio: Ambassador Anton Buteiko
    January 21, 1999 President Clinton Replies to Ambassador Anton Buteiko
    January 21, 1999 Ambassador Anton Buteiko Presents Credentials to President Clinton
    January 15, 1999 Personnel Changes In The Ukrainian Government
    January 15, 1999 Personnel Changes In The Ukrainian Government
    January 6, 1999 Parliament Adopts 1999 Budget
    Other Headlines:
  • Finance Minister: 1998 Budget Revenues Expected To Total 27 Billion Hryvnia
  • President Kuchma Signs Decree Creating Special Economic Zone In Reni
  • Prime Minister Pustovoitenko Discloses Cabinet's Restructuring Scheme
  • Government To Tighten Control Over Management Of State Assets
  • Deadline For Using Privatization And Compensation Certificates Extended Till February 15
  • President Kuchma Approves 1999 Privatization Program
  • President Kuchma Signs Decree Improving Customs Operations
  • Government Tightens Control Over Importation Of Precious Metals
  • NBU Will Not Change Hryvnia Exchange Rate In First Half Of January
  • NBU Lowers Mandatory Reservation Requirements And Lombard Rate To 70%
  • Crimean Prime Minister Notes Improvements In Crimean Economy
  • Ukraine Creates Shipping Security Organ
  • January 4, 1999 Foreign Policy of Ukraine in 1998
    January 3, 1999 Law On Crimean Constitution Signed
    Other Headlines:
  • Prime Minister Pustovoitenko To Initiate Creation Of All-Ukrainian Public Association In January
  • Ukraine's Population Is At 50,09 Million Level
  • January 2, 1999 President Of Ukraine And Prime Minister Of Great Britain Send A Message To Leaders Of Major Nations Urging Their Contributions To The Chornobyl Shelter Implementation Plan
    Other Headlines:
  • President Kuchma Awards "Order Of Merit" To Foreign Minister Tarasyuk
  • Economization Is Major Trend In Ukrainian - Russian Relations, Foreign Minister Tarasyuk Says Sizing Up 1998
  • President Kuchma Receives Letter From U.S. Vice President Al Gore
  • Ukraine To Seek Closer Ties With European Union In 1999
  • Ukraine's Foreign Policy Over 1998 Has Been Consistent, Predictable And Anything But Sensational
  • Canadian Prime Minister To Visit Ukraine In January
  • December 27, 1998 Statement of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Ukraine
    December 26, 1998 President Leonid Kuchma's Official Visit To Macedonia
    Other Headlines:
  • President Kuchma Welcomes Ratification Of Russian-Ukrainian Friendship And Cooperation Agreement
  • Verkhovna Rada Speaker Welcomes Ratification Of Ukrainian-Russian Friendship And Cooperation Treaty
  • Ukraine Hoping To Complete Delimitation Of Its Border With Russia Before Mid-1999
  • President Kuchma: Ukrainian-Turkmen Relations Determined By Economics Not Finance
  • Crimean Parliamentary Speaker Expresses Satisfaction With Adoption Of Crimean Constitution
  • Verkhovna Rada Passes Bill To Set Armed Forces' Total Strength For 1999 And 2000
  • Ukraine's Ambassador To Us Meets With Representatives Of Ukrainian-American Public Organizations
  • Ukrainian Ambassador Meets Leaders Of The American Jewish Community In Washington, DC
  • December 25, 1998 President Kuchma Warns Against Reversing The Course Of Economic Reforms
    Other Headlines:
  • Prime Minister Pustovoitenko Addresses "Congress Of Ukrainian Business Circles"
  • Prime Minister Pustovoitenko: Economy's Future Depends On Resolution Of Social Problems
  • Prime Minister Pustovoitenko: Ukraine Must Cooperate With International Financial Organizations
  • NBU Chairman: Hryvnia Will Be Allowed To Float Freely Only When Conditions Are Right
  • National Budget For FY 1999 To Be Adopted This Week
  • Chernobyl NPP's Third Reactor To Be Shut Down For Repair
  • VR Fails To Override President's Veto Involving Bill On Determining Poverty Line And Minimal Wage
  • Cabinet Endorses Draft Law On Setting Poverty Line At 90.7 UAH
  • Parliament Sets Poverty Line And Minimal Wage For 1999
  • Government Revises Its 1998 GDP Forecast From 1.5% To 2% Decline
  • President Kuchma's Economic Decree Effective, Says Prime Minister
  • NBU Lowers Refinancing Rate From 82 To 60%
  • December 23, 1998 President Kuchma Calls For Referendum On Constitution
    Other Headlines:
  • President Kuchma: I Oppose Parliamentary Fractions' Attempt To Monopolize Nomination Of Presidential Candidates
  • Ukrainian Holocaust Survivors Get 400 Dollars From Swiss Fund
  • Ukraine And Malawi Establish Diplomatic Relations
  • Cabinet Of Ministers Approves Social Welfare And Anti-Aids Measures
  • Foreign Ministry Rejects Allegation Of Inaction In Ex-Prime Minister Lazarenko's Case
  • December 17, 1998 Prime Minister Valery Pustovoitenko Begins Working Visit To Italy
    Other Headlines:
  • Prime Minister Pustovoitenko To Promote Practical Development Of Ukrainian-Italian Relations
  • Italy Pledges Continuing Support For Ukraine's Bid For Integration Into European And Euro-Atlantic Organizations
  • December 15, 1998 President Kuchma’s Visit To Belarus
    Other Headlines:
  • Presidents Of Ukraine And Belarus Sign Long-Term Economic Cooperation Program In Minsk
  • Ukrainian-Belarussian Summit In Minsk Dominated By Economic Issues
  • President Kuchma To Hold Working Meeting With Turkmen Head Of State Niazov In Ashgabat On December 23-24
  • EU To Present Its Strategy In Relations With Ukraine In June Of 1999
  • December 14, 1998 Ukrainian Ambassador Meets With W. Tailor, US State Dept's Coordinator Of The US Assistance To The NIS
    Other Headlines:
  • United States To Increase Investment In Ukrainian Agricultural Sector If Administrative Barriers Are Lifted
  • Ukrainian-American JV I.B.E. Rokyta Reported Contemplating Scheme To Boost Manufacture Of Grain Combine Harvesters
  • London Plays Host To 6th Meeting Of Chornobyl Donor-Nations
  • EU To Allocate Ukraine 150 Million ECU Only After Resumption Of IMF Financing
  • Russian Aerospace Companies Expected To Have Stakes In Khartron
  • December 12, 1998 EBRD's New President, Visits Kyiv To Gather First-Hand Information About Economic Situation In Ukraine
    Other Headlines:
  • President Kuchma Meets With EBRD President Keller
  • Prime Minister Pustovoitenko Meets With EBRD President
  • First Deputy Parliament Speaker Adam Martynyuk Meets With EBRD President
  • EBRD President Horst Keller Signs Agreement With W-Kyiv Company To Finance Hotel Construction Project For Kyiv
  • December 5, 1998 The International Conference on "Nazi Gold" Problems
    December 2, 1998 Ukraine’s State Program of Cooperation with NATO presented in Brussels
    November 24, 1998 Ukrainian military observers at Bender (Moldova)
    November 23, 1998 President Kuchma Addresses the Parliament
    October 30, 1998 Meeting Of BSECO Foreign Ministers To Be Held In Bulgaria
    Other Headlines:
  • Ukraine Reached Preliminary Agreement With Japan On Provision Of 80 Million Dollars
  • UN European Economic Commission Head Arrived In Ukraine
  • Ten Ukrainian Military Observers Sent To Transdniestria
  • Ukrainian And Polish Foreign Ministers Held Telephone Conversation To Arrange Joint Meeting For Commemorating Victims Of WWII And Political Repressions
  • Prague Hosts International Conference On Eurointegration
  • Resource Center Set Up In Simferopol, Crimea's Capital, To Facilitate Reintegration Of Crimean Tartar Returnees
  • President Kuchma Visits Budapest
  • Ukrainian-Hungarian Negotiations Begin In Budapest
  • Ukrainian And Hungarian Leaders Discuss European Union Expansion
  • October 30, 1998 President Kuchma Holds Working Meetings With Odessa Mayor Bodelan And Crimean Head Of Government Kunitsyn
    Other Headlines:
  • President Leonid Kuchma Visits TV Company "Inter" On Occasion Of Its Second Anniversary
  • Parliament Has Given The Government Vote Of Confidence Which Allows It To Work Normally, States Premier Pustovoitenko
  • VR Raises Poverty Line And Minimal Wage
  • President Kuchma Signs Decree Enacting Decision By National Security & Defense Council On Cushioning Crisis Phenomena's Impact On Power Industry Of Ukraine
  • Government Submits Package Of Program Documents On Ukraine's Social And Economic Development To Parliament For Consideration
  • Government Sends 1999 State Budget And Its Action Program To Parliament
  • IMF Mission Begins Consultations With Ukrainian Government
  • Government: Economy Declined In September Following Period Of Stability In January-August
  • October 29, 1998 Chisinau Statement of the Presidents of Ukraine, The Republic of Moldova and Romania on Trilateral Cooperation
    October 28, 1998 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Statement On Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations
    October 28, 1998 President Leonid Kuchma Held Meeting With Leading Austrian Business Figures
    Other Headlines:
  • Agreement Signed With World Bank To Modernize Kyiv's Heating System
  • Ukraine Expects To Attract 2.5 Billion Dollars In Foreign Loans Next Year
  • Current Production Decline At Least Twice That Of Great Depression, Says Leonid Kuchma
  • President Kuchma: Ukraine Lacks Sufficient Investment For Serious Reform In Agricultural Sector
  • Cabinet Of Ministers To Reorganize Economic Management System
  • Financial Situation In Ukraine Under Control, Says Prime Minister Pustovoytenko
  • President Kuchma Signs Decree Aimed At Reducing Barter
  • Special Economic Zone To Be Created On Basis Of Mykolaiv Shipyards
  • Parliament Approves Bill On Writing Off And Restructuring Of Domestic Agricultural Producers' Debts
  • October 27, 1998 European Union Pledged Political And Economic Assistance To Ukraine
    Other Headlines:
  • President Kuchma Attended Ukrainian-Austrian Summit In Vienna
  • President Kuchma On The Outcome Of The Summit
  • President Kuchma And Austria's Foreign Minister Schuessel Discussed European Stability
  • Foreign Minister Tarasyuk Stated Ukraine's Intention To Contribute To Achievement Of OSCE's Goals
  • Austria Welcomed European Union's Decision To Grant Loan To Ukraine
  • Ukraine Has Everything Necessary For Membership In The European Union, Says Deputy Foreign Minister Buteyko
  • October 16, 1998 Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s Statement On Crisis In Kosovo
    Other Headlines:
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Holds Telephone Conversation With His Bulgarian Counterpart
  • Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister V. Khandogiy Briefs On Ukraine's Diplomatic Effort Toward Peaceful Settlement In Kosovo
  • Parliament Issues Statement On Crisis In Kosovo
  • Ukraine Favors Peaceful Resolution Of Kosovo Crisis, But Will Support Any Security Council Resolution
  • Foreign Minister Tarasyuk Meets With Nigerian State Minister Of Foreign Affairs Alkhaji Bakhari Bala
  • Two-Day Conference Opens In Kyiv On WEU-Ukrainian Relations
  • NSDC Secretary Horbulin Meets With WEU Undersecretary-General
  • Non-Ratification Of Convention On Prohibition Of Chemical Weapons Is Parliament's Yet Another Blunder, States NSDC Secretary Horbulin
  • Igor Kharchenko Appointed Ukraine's Ambassador To Romania
  • Ukrainian Armed Forces Need Reshuffling Top Personnel, Defense Minister Kuzmuk Argues
  • 105-Strong Company Leaves Yavoriv Training Ground On Rotation Mission To Ukrainian-Polish Battalion In Slovenia
  • October 14, 1998 Change Of Government Under Existing Conditions Is Certain To Lead To Political Crisis, States Leonid Kuchma
    Other Headlines:
  • Tkachenko Calls Upon Initiators Of Government's Resignation To Withdraw Their Signatures
  • Cabinet Of Ministers Is Ready To Accept Any Constructive Proposals By Verkhovna Rada Aimed At The Economy's Stabilisation
  • President Kuchma Says Currency Exchange Rate Is Main Budget Issue
  • Parliament Approves Draft Law On Regulation Of Barter Operations In Foreign Trade
  • Verkhovna Rada Endorses Bill On Procedures For Setting Tax And Duty Rates
  • Amendments To Law On Excise And Importation Duty Rates Expected To Protect Domestic Oil Refineries
  • Verkhovna Rada Has Turned Down Only 9 Of President's 61 Economics-Related Decrees
  • Parliament Rejects New Draft Of Law On Foreign Economic Operations Involving Give-And-Take Raw Materials
  • European Union Granting Ukraine 150 Million ECU In Loans
  • Foreign Investors Convert 1,070 Million Hryvnia In Ukrainian Domestic Bonds
  • Official Inflation Rate For September Stated At 3.8%
  • Procedures Of Working Group For Administrative Reform Approved

  • October 12, 1998 President Kuchma Meets With UNICEF Director
    Other Headlines:
  • UNICEF Executive Director Reiterates Children Fund's Intention To Closely Cooperate With Ukraine
  • Sadako Ogata, UN High Commissioner For Refugees, Thanks President Kuchma For Aiding Crimean Tartars
  • Margaret Thatcher To Visit Ukraine
  • Slavutych Playing Host To International Conference On Shelter’s Upgrading
  • Donor-Nations Hold Deliberations In London To Appraise Availability Of Chornobyl Funds
  • Political Party "For A Beautiful Ukraine" Registered In Ukraine
  • "Transukraina-98" Expo To Be Held In Odessa
  • Lviv Poised To Celebrate 80th Anniversary Of West-Ukrainian Popular Republic
  • Ukrainian Pedagogical Institute In Prague Commemorates Its 75th Anniversary
  • Ukrainian Women Embark On Humanitarian Tour Of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian-Language School Opens In Minsk
  • October 7, 1998 Washington DC Speech: Valery Pustovoitenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine
    October 5, 1998 Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine (the GUAM countries) reiterate their aspiration for further development of their cooperation

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