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5 October 1998
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Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine (the GUAM countries) reiterate their aspiration for further development of their cooperation

Heads of delegation from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine held a meeting on October 5, 1998, in the course of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. Economic, political and security issues of common concern were discussed at the meeting.

The delegationís heads noted the importance of cooperation among the four states in areas of economic and financial stabilization because of the recent deepening of the world economic crisis and expressed their concern over the growing challenges and threats to global as well as regional stability and security. The four parties stated their mutual support in overcoming the negative impacts on their national economies and bilateral commercial and economies ties.

The group underlined that the G7ís assistance in overcoming the crisis manifestations in the GUAM statesí economies, as well as deepening and widening cooperation with international financial organizations, such as IMF and the World Bank, are major factors for economic stabilization and provide a clear the direction for resolution of the existing social and economic difficulties.

The four sides confirmed their adherence to the path of economic to the path of economic reforms aimed at developing democratic societies, free markets and the active integration of their countries into the global economy.

The participants in the meeting recognized the importance of the further development of quadrilateral cooperation, particularly, in creating the Eurasian Transportation Corridor, which is seen not solely as a tool to extended economic cooperation, but also as a serious means for strengthening the economic and political sovereignty of the states.

The special importance of settling all the issue related to the development of the hydrocarbon resources of the Caspian basin and the creation of multiple pipelines carrying Caspian oil and gas the world markets was emphasized. The participants reiterate their commitment to mutual cooperation in providing security of transport communications.

Participants of the meeting positively assessed the quadrilateral cooperation within the OSCE framework and agreed on the necessity of further cooperation in the framework of other international organizations.

The heads of the delegations stressed that continuing conflicts present a serious obstacle for regional cooperation and confirmed the readiness of their states to employ joint efforts to attain a peaceful resolution based on respect of the territorial integrity principle at the earliest possible time.

The GUAM group their concern over increasing acts of terror and violence which are not only aimed against individuals and undermine sovereignty and independence of states, but also threaten the entire world community and therefore should be treated as crimes against humanity. Heads of the four delegations confirmed their readiness to work together with al states and international organizations for the resolution of this serious problem.

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