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Thu, January 29, 2015, 13:22 EST
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     ·  Russia warns West support for Kiev could lead to 'catastrophe' (Reuters)
     ·  Russia's LUKOIL responds to Ukraine security service investigation (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  Ceasefire no more. Renewed heavy fighting suggests that Russia has abandoned any pretence of sticking to the Minsk peace deal (The Economist)
     ·  Secretary General stresses NATO’s solidarity with Ukraine (NATO)
     ·  Coal miners converge on Ukraine cabinet to demand support for industry (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  Ukrainian Pilot In Russian Custody Transferred To Prison Hospital [Nadia (Nadiya) Savchenko] (RFE/RL)
     ·  Ukraine Live Day 346: Russian-Backed Forces Fight To Encircle Debaltsevo (The Interpreter)
     ·  Nadiya Savchenko’s final bullet will thunder with a deafening roar [World Media] (Euromaidan Press)
     ·  US signs off on $2 billion loan guarantee (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  Deputy Chairman of Crimean Tatar Mejlis Detained (RFE/RL)
     ·  Personal story: A JOURNEY THROUGH MY EYES [Ray Mancini photos, dated July 16, 2011] (Facebook)
     ·  Ukraine says five serviceman killed, 29 wounded in past 24 hours (Reuters)
     ·  UPDATE 2-Gazprom profits hit by Ukraine dispute and weaker rouble (Reuters)
     ·  Belarus Says Ukraine Talks To Be Held January 30 (RFE/RL)
     ·  Ukraine hires Lazard to advise on possible debt restructuring (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  Kremlin Seethes Over Polish WWII Commemoration Plan (RFE/RL)
     ·  Russia Update: Defense Ministry Plans New Computer Programs to Monitor, Analyze Social Media (The Interpreter)
     ·  Polish Defense Minister Says Ukraine Peace Hopes Fading. Minister Claims Conflict Poses Europe’s Biggest Security Threat Since the Cold War (Wall Street Journal)
     ·  Ukraine Hires Lazard to Assist With Debt Restructuring [Ukraine to Restructure as Much as $20 Billion of Eurobond Debt] (Wall Street Journal)
     ·  Performance — Yara Arts Group at 25! (Friday, Jan 30 in New York) (Ukrainian Museum)
     ·  Scholars at Odds on Ukraine [BRAMA: Article about “Putin’s American toady” Stephen F. Cohen] (New York Times)
     ·  Column: Ukraine needs military aid (Philadelphia Inquirer)
     ·  OSCE leader is tired of restraints to Ukraine mission by separatists [World Media] (Euromaidan Press)
     ·  Ukraine Foreign Minister Warns of New Spiral of Violence. Pavlo Klimkin’s Comments Come as EU Officials Meet to Discuss Russia Sanctions (Wall Street Journal)
     ·  Canada Extends Additional Economic Aid to Ukraine. Second C$200 Million Low-Interest Loan Part of a Broader Western Financing Package for Kiev (Wall Street Journal)
     ·  The West can't placate Putin; it needs to help Kiev fight back (Los Angeles Times)
     ·  EU rebuffs Greek criticism of Ukraine statement (Reuters)
     ·  Ukraine rebels claim key victory is within grasp (The Columbian)
     ·  Ukrainian Brides May Solve China's Gender Gap, Chinese Media… (Foreign Policy)
     ·  Deja vu in Ukraine: Russia is on the move (again) (PRI)
     ·  Moscow accuses Kiev of targeting civilians, escalating clashes (PressTV)
     ·  Kyiv, Moscow Trade Barbs Over Escalation of Conflict in E. Ukraine (Voice of America)
     ·  Hasenstab Sees $3 Billion Vanish in Ukraine as Big Bet Sours (Bloomberg)
     ·  Paul Goble: When Is An Invasion Not An Invasion? (Rufabula)
     ·  Fighting Intensifies In Eastern Ukraine (NPR)
     ·  Ukraine Clamps Down on Travel to and From Rebel Areas (New York Times)
     ·  European watchdog and the US call on Russia to free jailed Ukrainian officer on hunger strike [Savchenko] (U.S. News & World Report/AP)
     ·  Russian Spy Scandal Pulls Back Curtain On Often Humdrum World Of Espionage (RFE/RL)
     ·  New Greek Government Has Deep, Long-Standing Ties With Russian 'Fascist' Dugin (RFE/RL)
     ·  Ukraine hospitals 'under attack', says MSF (BBC)
     ·  U.S. To Provide Ukraine $2 Billion In Loan Guarantees (RFE/RL)
     ·  Ukrainian troops were shot at during May 9 protests in Mariupol, report finds (Kyiv Post)
     ·  Pseudo-States, War Crimes and Winter in Ukraine (The Interpreter)
     ·  Ukrainian Students Call On Russian Counterparts To End 'Information War' (RFE/RL)
     ·  Russia Considers Condemning 'Annexation' of East Germany (The New York Times/AP)
     ·  Obama, Merkel want Russia held accountable for violence in Ukraine (Reuters)
     ·  Editorial: Europe's trials bring lessons for Ukraine war (Christian Science Monitor)
     ·  Three more Ukrainian soldiers killed in fighting with separatists (Reuters)
     ·  Exclusive-EU Draft Would Extend Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine Escalation (The New York Times/Reuters)
     ·  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine an attack on democracy (KHPG)
     ·  Russian Government Details Spending Cuts in View of Crisis (The New York Times/AP)
     ·  Responsibility for Mariupol Starts But Doesn’t End with Putin, Eidman Says (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  By Labeling Russia an Aggressor, Ukraine has Gained a Great Deal, Analysts Say (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  Russian activists jailed for demanding Nadiya Savchenko’s release (KHPG)
     ·  Putin is Not a Rational Actor and Will Continue the War Despite His Interests or Russia’s, Oreshkin Says (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  Opinion: Ukraine looking more like Poland on the brink of World War Two. By John Lloyd (Reuters)
     ·  600 Ukrainians captured by terrorists, talks are tense - ATO spokesman (Ukrinform)
     ·  Ukraine to privatize remaining state coal mines by end of year (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  Plunging oil strengthens Ukraine's hand in Russia gas talks (Reuters)
     ·  Klimkin: Ukraine not to repeat Georgia's mistake in conflict with Russia (Ukrinform)
     ·  Tsipras has first clash with EU – over Russia (Euractiv)
     ·  Ukraine says 3 soldiers killed in fighting in the east (Associated Press)
     ·  After Three Russians Are Charged, the Prospect of a Spy Swap Surfaces (The New York Times)
     ·  Brothers in Arms: Film Stories of the Russian-Ukrainian War screening at Columbia University Wednesday Jan 28 at 7:30 pm. Meet the filmmakers! (Ukrainian Museum)
     ·  Poroshenko and US press Putin on Ukraine violence (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Ukrainian users ask Facebook for fair moderation of Russia-related posts (Kyiv Post)
     ·  Russian spies center stage in 'The Americans' (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Poroshenko and US press Putin on Ukraine violence (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Freedom in the world 2015: No civil liberties in Crimea after annexation (Kyiv Post)
     ·  Athletics: Bubka to take on Coe for IAAF presidency (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Ukraine Live Day 345: Russian-Backed Forces Continue Offensive In Donetsk Region (The Interpreter)
     ·  Rebel advance in Ukraine prompts push for more Russia sanctions (Euractiv)
     ·  Ukraine: E.U. Sends Humanitarian Aid to East (The New York Times)
     ·  Putin eyes benefits as rebels gain in Ukraine (Reuters)
     ·  Record number of Russians ‘positive’ about Joseph Stalin (KHPG)
     ·  Trade minister touts prospects for free-trade deal with Canada (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  EU finance ministers pledge Hr1.8 million to help Kiev avoid bankruptcy (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  Rada labels Russia an 'aggressor state' (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  Ukraine moves to shut Russia-backed rebels out of talks (The State/AP)
     ·  Greek government complains about EU Ukraine statement (Reuters)
     ·  Russia And Ukraine Battle Over The The Holocaust (BuzzFeed)
     ·  Putin Needles Ukraine as He Shuns Wartime Allies at Auschwitz (Bloomberg)
     ·  UPDATE 1-EU agrees 1.8 billion euros for Ukraine, to consider more (Reuters)
     ·  Cargill likely to stay private, commits to Ukraine: CEO (Reuters)
     ·  As shelling batters Ukraine's cities, country's children increasingly in danger - UN (United Nations)
     ·  In response to Ukraine crisis, Berlin to launch new think tank (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Mariupol, Ukraine residents defiant as Russia threat looms over crucial export hub (Washington Times)
     ·  Schauble Urges Ukraine to Start Talks With Creditors (Wall Street Journal)
     ·  US Official:' A Free Europe Rises or Falls With Ukraine' (Voice of America)
     ·  Ukrainian soldiers forced to EAT their uniform after they are captured and humiliated by Russian 'separatist' commander during battle for Donetsk airport (Daily Mail)
     ·  Disturbing Videos Raise War-Crimes Concerns In Ukraine (RFE/RL)
     ·  Putin Goes All In as Ukraine Fights for Funding to Avert Default (Bloomberg)
     ·  Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 26 January 2015 (OSCE)
     ·  Putin's Fantasy Island (RFE/RL)
     ·  Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 27 January 2015 (OSCE)
     ·  A Good SWIFT Kick [for Russia] (Streetwise Professor)
     ·  Dutch judge approves Russian hacking suspect's extradition to US (Yahoo/AP)
     ·  Russia announces anti-crisis plan after rating downgrade (Yahoo/AP)
     ·  New Index Ranks 178 Countries By Economic Freedom [Russia’s economy was deemed “mostly unfree” and was ranked at 143rd] (RFE/RL)
     ·  Russia dismisses U.S. espionage charges against alleged NYC spy ring (Yahoo/Reuters)


    28 січня 2015
     ·  Резонансні обстріли мирних кварталів на Донбасі: реакція України та світу
     ·  "Надзвичайна ситуація" на Донбасі: що дасть такий режим регіону
    Поступ у Львові
     ·  Мобілізація на Львівщині: як іде процес
    Поступ з краю
     ·  Війна суперечностей. Частина І
    Поступ у світі
     ·  Хусити звільнили главу адміністрації президента Ємену
    Тема Поступу
     ·  Війна суперечностей. Частина ІІ
    Точка зору
     ·  Російський "куля": навіщо Путіну Придністровський баласт і нахлібники з Донбасу
    Калейдоскоп Поступу
     ·  Ставки на НБА: как дать прибыльный прогноз
     ·  Нашого цвіту - та по всьому світу. На чиє повернення чекає український футбол?
     ·  Одиноким жителям Сан-Франциско запропонували взяти шефство над тарганами
     ·  Конференц залы Киева: выбираем оптимальный вариант
    КуПол: новини
     ·  Выездное проведение банкетов – хорошая альтернатива традиционному застолью в ресторане
    Сьогодні у світі
     ·  З обмінника у центрі Львова викрали 650 тис. грн
     ·  Для эффективного поиска работы все средства хороши

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    #FreeSavchenko video by Adriana Luhovy [Twitter storm Jan 26 2015]


    Twitter storm day Jan 26 2015

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    Live map of Ukraine

    Live map of Ukraine

    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.

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    Happy Kyiv (inspired by Pharrell Williams 'Happy')

    Inauguration of Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, June 7, 2014

    The Kyiv Post

    День The Day Newspaper

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     ·  03/30/2014 thru 02/22/2015 Exhibition — No Other Home: The Crimean Tatar Repatriates [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  05/11/2014 thru 02/01/2015 Exhibition — Life in Wood [NY-NJ-Metro]
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     ·  01/16/2015 thru 02/01/2015 Viktor Gurniak: The Road from Maidan: Exhibit of Original Photos from Maidan to ATO at the Ukrainian National Museum [Chicago-Midwest]
     ·  01/24/2015 thru 03/08/2015 Yara at 25: Looking Back/Moving Forward [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  01/25/2015 thru 03/01/2015 Exhibition — Yara at 25: Looking Back / Moving Forward [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  01/30/2015 Pub Nite at the Ukrainian League [Phila-Metro]
     ·  01/30/2015 Performance — Yara Arts Group at 25! [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  01/30/2015 "Yara at 25" [NY-NJ-Metro]
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