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Sat, October 25, 2014, 09:23 EDT
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     ·  Lustration law faces sabotage, legal hurdles (Kyiv Post)
     ·  Ukraine appeals to WTO over Russian ban on fruit and vegetable imports (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Polls show Communists, Svoboda, Right Sector heading for defeat in Oct. 26 parliamentary election (Kyiv Post)
     ·  Poroshenko bloc to take big lead Sunday (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  Ukraines Home Front Grows War Weary (Daily Beast)
     ·  FT: Russian soldiers disclosed their goal in Ukraine during 'truce' (Ukrinform)
     ·  Kiev could substitute reverse flow for lost Russian gas, says PM (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  Ukraine Liveblog Day 248: Shells Fall on Outskirts of Mariupol (The Interpreter)
     ·  Russia keeps its powder dry as Ukraine votes (Global Post/AFP)
     ·  New faces in parliament possible with Samopomich Party (Kyiv Post)
     ·  Exclusive - Charred tanks in Ukraine point to Russian involvement (Reuters)
     ·  Wake Up, Europe. By George Soros [NYRB, November 20, 2014 issue] (The New York Review of Books)
     ·  OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine successfully completes the first flight of its Unarmed/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (OSCE)
     ·  Whose “widespread use of cluster munitions”? (KHPG)
     ·  Ukrainian PM warns Russia may try to disrupt Sunday's election (Reuters)
     ·  Tigipko's Strong Ukraine party stands for pragmatism (Kyiv Post)
     ·  Russian Stock Index Drops as Ukraine Tensions Are Reignited (Bloomberg)
     ·  If Moscow Returned Crimea to Ukraine, What Else Might It Have to Give Back – and to Whom? (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  PM directs EnergoAtom to complete reactors using European companies (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  5,000 Yanukovich Supporters Who Fled with Him to Russia Await Return (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  ‘Poker Player’ Putin Bluffed and Won, French Envoy Says (Yahoo/Bloomberg)
     ·  Russia spy plane intercepted in NATO airspace (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Ukraine Pins Hopes on a New-Look Parliament (ABC/AP)
     ·  Campaigning for the Dark Side… but not everyone's happy: Young boy bursts into tears meeting Darth Vader as he goes on campaign trail for Ukrainian election (Daily Mail)
     ·  EU leaders expected to urge Russians to do more to stabilize Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  GEORGE SOROS: 'Wake Up, Europe!' (Business Insider)
     ·  Special Report: Why Ukraine's revolution remains unfinished (Reuters)
     ·  From The Streets To The Rada: Euromaidan Activists Enter Politics (RFE/RL)
     ·  45% in Donetsk oblast will not vote (KHPG)
     ·  Russian antagonism and suspicion of USA and EU at all time high (KHPG)
     ·  Elections In Ukraine: A Challenging, But Important, Vote (RFE/RL)
     ·  EU Parliament Approves Zero Tariff Extension for Ukraine Exports (Wall Street Journal)
     ·  Doubts arise over HRW cluster bomb report in Ukraine (Deutsche Welle)
     ·  With Russia, Fight Fire With Fire (Voice of America)
     ·  Ukraine: Elections Amid Ceasefire and Conflict (Teleconference, Friday October 24 10-11 am ET - RSVP link) (Wilson Center)
     ·  Russia takes bite out of McDonald's with US ties in deep freeze (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Will Kremlin’s Next Wave of ‘Little Green Men’ be Outsourced to ‘Private’ Firms? (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  Donbas Bansky: New images reveal brutality of Kremlin-backed insurgents in east Ukraine (VIDEO) (Ukraine Today)
     ·  AP Interview: Russia's Navalny vows to fight Putin (Yahoo/AP)
     ·  Russian Jets Unnerve Estonia: Talinn demands answers over incursion (VIDEO) (Ukraine Today)
     ·  Heads roll in Russia over Total crash (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Head of the Roman Catholics of Ukraine urged the faithful to vote for those who want to take responsibility for the fate of Ukraine (RISU)
     ·  Cabinet of Ministers approved a draft law on moratorium of construction in the protected zones of world heritage sites (RISU)
     ·  UOC-Kyiv Patriarchate hierarchs urge Ukrainians to expose corrupt officials (RISU)
     ·  Ukraine Crisis Fosters New Political Breed (Yahoo/Bloomberg)
     ·  The west will have to co-operate to stop Putin and should do so now, writes Anders Aslund (Financial Times)
     ·  Russia blocks monitoring of more Ukraine border checkpoints: US (Reuters)
     ·  Ukraine rebels dream of New Russia (BBC)
     ·  Polish politician facing storm over claims that Putin wanted to divide Ukraine with Poland. Radek Sikorski's career is under threat following controversy over his claims that Vladimir Putin wanted Russia and Poland carve up Ukraine (Daily Telegraph)
     ·  Massive Debris From Stadium in Ukraine Just Misses an Unsuspecting Girl (Mashable)
     ·  Jewish leader compares eastern Ukraine to Gaza (Jerusalem Post)
     ·  Why I'm Not a 'Patriotic' Ukrainian (Huffington Post)
     ·  New Kyiv Center Aims to Consolidate Pro-Ukrainian Muslims and Pro-Islamic Ukrainians (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  No Evidence of Cluster Munition Use in Ukraine, OSCE Says (Bloomberg)
     ·  Mezhyhiria-2: Palaces for Son of Yanukovych Are Being Constructed in Kyiv's Elite Suburb (
     ·  Latest from the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (based on information received as of 18:00, 21 October) (OSCE)
     ·  Poll: Ukraine Leader's Bloc Holds Election Lead, Tymoshenko Threatened (Voice of America/Reuters)
     ·  Poroshenko party short of majority in Ukraine vote: poll (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Ukrainian Intelligence Seize Arms Cache as They Uncover 'Russian' Plot to Attack Kiev (Newsweek)
     ·  Finger-pointing fails to improve Russia's dreadful air safety record (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Russia shares reverse gains on gas impasse, rating fears (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Farce, defense cuts highlight hard task in Sweden submarine hunt (Reuters)
     ·  EU to call on Russia to help stabilize Ukraine: statement (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Poroshenko Bloc, Radical Party and People's Front to enter parliament, latest poll says (Kyiv Post)
     ·  Ukrainians See Election Reviving Ardor for Change (Yahoo/Bloomberg)
     ·  Ukraine’s Parliamentary Shake-Up (
     ·  Ukraine Election Carries Peril for Dollar Bondholders (Bloomberg)
     ·  Weekly update from OSCE Observer Mission at Russian Checkpoints Gukovo and Donetsk based on information as of 08:00, 22 October 2014 (OSCE)
     ·  Russia Loses Oil Ally in De Margerie After Moscow Crash (Yahoo/Bloomberg)
     ·  OSCE Permanent Council decided on extension of OSCE Observer Mission at Russian Checkpoints Gukovo and Donetsk for one month (OSCE)
     ·  Ukraine relies on South African coal to stay warm during winter (Kyiv Post)
     ·  Russia says Ukraine should find money to pay for gas within a week (Reuters)
     ·  Naftogaz asks Stockholm arbitration court to change Gazprom contract (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  Russia calls Europe's bluff on Ukraine gas deal (Fortune)
     ·  Ukraine’s winter gas package almost settled, but cash still an issue (EurActiv)
     ·  70 Percent of Ukrainians but Only 26 Percent of Russians Say There is a War Between Their Countries (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  Can Ukraine Get Crimea and the Donbass Back? (The Moscow Times)
     ·  Putin Given Country Estates in Crimea (The Moscow Times)
     ·  Russians Need a History of the Russian People and Not Just of the Russian State, Butakov Says (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  All-Ukraine Council of Churches is concerned about persecution of religious freedom in Crimea (RISU)
     ·  Putin wants to annex Donbas - ex-Pentagon chief (Ukrinform)
     ·  Acting Chief Observer of OSCE Observer Mission at Russian Checkpoints Gukovo and Donetsk to hold press conference in Rostov on Friday (OSCE)
     ·  Ukraine needs additional four million tonnes of coal - Yatseniuk (Ukrinform)
     ·  Ukraine has evidence that cluster bombs were used by Russian troops (Ukrinform)
     ·  Op-ed: Why Putin Is So Angry (The Moscow Times)
     ·  Column of about 50 tanks and APCs [from Russia] arrives in Donbas (Ukrinform)
     ·  Ukraine Liveblog Day 247: Ukraine Claims That It Has Evidence Of Use Of Russian Cluster Munitions (The Interpreter)
     ·  Moskal proposes special status for 150 settlements in Luhansk region (Ukrinform)
     ·  Sikorski retracts his statement on Ukraine's division [BRAMA: sort of] (Ukrinform)
     ·  Thousands of soldiers prevented from voting (KHPG)
     ·  Ukraine crisis: Separatists plan breakaway elections (BBC)
     ·  Surviving 'Europe's Last Dictator' in Belarus (The Moscow Times)
     ·  The Slow, Dangerous Work Of Recovering Ukraine's War Dead (RFE/RL)
     ·  Kerry Says Freedoms 'Threatened' In Europe (RFE/RL)
     ·  Few Crimean representatives in next parliament (Kyiv Post)
     ·  At Berlin Wall, Kerry warns against Cold War redux (Yahoo/AP)
     ·  NATO intercepts Russian jets over Baltic Sea (Yahoo/AP)
     ·  Poroshenko signs bill for ousted predecessor to be tried in absentia (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  PM: It will take years to restore control over eastern regions (Ukrainian Journal)
     ·  Russia and Ukraine fail to reach gas deal (Ukrainian Journal)


    21 жовтня 2014
     ·  Успіхи та розчарування останнього дня роботи Верховної Ради
     ·  "Гречана" психологія: чому виборець продає голос за новий асфальт і солодку вату
    Поступ у Львові
     ·  Яценюк у Львові розповів про втрачені Крим і Донбас та бажання Путіна заморозити Україну
    Поступ з краю
     ·  Чи буде підписана газова угода між Україною і Росією: останні домовленості
    Поступ у світі
     ·  Австралія направить спецназ в Ірак
    Тема Поступу
     ·  Інша реальність
    Поступ життя
     ·  Комунікація та взаємини: знайти складне у простому
    Калейдоскоп Поступу
     ·  Туры в Египет – пляжный отдых плюс познавательные экскурсии
     ·  Доставка еды на дом или в офис обеспечит полноценное питание и сэкономит время
     ·  Ліга Чемпіонів. Шок для Борисова і бенефіс Адріано
     ·  Занятия в футбольных секциях укрепляют здоровье, повышают самооценку
     ·  Головними брехунами назвали представників сфери продажів
     ·  Тантра клубы помогут расслабиться и отвлечься от проблем
    КуПол: новини
     ·  Картриджи к лазерным и струйным принтерам, их особенности и используемые расходные материалы
    Сьогодні у світі
     ·  Прокси гарантирует анонимность
     ·  Покупка скрипки: выбираем «свой» музыкальный инструмент

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    U.N. General Assembly: Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk 9/24/2014 (C-SPAN)

    President Barack Obama, UNGA (New York, 24-30 September 2014)

    Live map of Ukraine

    Ukraine Today TV LIVE on Youtube

    Live map of Ukraine

    Live map of Ukraine

    Address by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to the Joint Session of the United States Congress 9/18/2014

    Звернення Президента України Петра Порошенка
    14 червня 2014

    Address by Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine: Today the Ukrainian army made its first offensive move against the terrorists

    WATCH LIVE: Hromadske TV at Russian Embassy
    June 14, 2014

    Inauguration of Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, June 7, 2014

    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.

    Prof. Paul Robert Magocsi 'Little Russia or Ukraine: The Eurasian East versus the European West', University of Toronto, 7 April 2014

    Maidan LIVE -

    Громадське радіо

    Громадське радіо

    Громадське телебачення

    Громадське телебачення



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    Mirror Weekly/Дзеркало Тижня


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     ·  03/29/2014 thru 10/26/2014 Exhibition — In Shevchenko's Land [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  03/30/2014 thru 11/30/2014 Exhibition — No Other Home: The Crimean Tatar Repatriates [NY-NJ-Metro]
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     ·  10/20/2014 thru 10/27/2014 Art Exhibit "MAIDAN. UKRAINE. ROAD TO FREEDOM" [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  10/25/2014 Вечір вишиванок - An Embroidered Evening [NY-NJ-Metro]
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     ·  10/25/2014 Autumnal Zabava [USA-Northeast]
     ·  10/25/2014 Autumnal Zabava [Phila-Metro]
     ·  10/25/2014 Two lectures by Yuri Yanchyshyn and Dr. Olha Yarema Wynar [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  10/25/2014 Concert — 'Shevchenko’s Sources. 2014' [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  10/25/2014 Наші Предки – Nashi Predky Our Ancestors 2014 Family History Group Conference [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  10/26/2014 Roundtable — The Art of Taras Shevchenko: Style, Genre, Meaning [NY-NJ-Metro]
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