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Gala Presentation Opera Cavalleria Rusticana ...

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Thu, August 21, 2014, 00:20 EDT
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     ·  After food ban, Russia markets shrimp “from Belarus” (EurActiv)
     ·  Ukraine conflict is draining economy, hampering reforms - PM Yatseniuk (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Ukraine Fight With Rebels Intensifies as Deaths Mount (Bloomberg)
     ·  Opinion: Showdown in Minsk (Deutsche Welle)
     ·  Ukraine conflict: Fierce battle for town of Ilovaisk (BBC)
     ·  Donetsk Cathedral Mosque Damaged, No Injuries (RISU)
     ·  Independence Day will be intensely protected (Ukrinform)
     ·  Not Content to Let Minority Languages Die, Moscow is Actively Killing Them, Buryat Activist Says (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  Four protesters fly Ukrainian flag from Stalin-era Moscow landmark (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Activists paint Moscow's 'Stalin Tower' with Ukraine colours...and then get arrested for it (Guardian)
     ·  Maids, Crooks, And Working Girls: How Hollywood Portrays Ukraine (RFE/RL)
     ·  Ukraine's rebel capital seeks ersatz normality [Donetsk] (Yahoo/AP)
     ·  Op-ed: Russia Is Trapped In 1991 (The Moscow Times)
     ·  Insight - Ukraine rebel movement faces uncertain future (Reuters)
     ·  Ruslana - Appeal to All Ukrainians in the USA #IndependenceDayUkraine 2014 [FLASHMOB GATHERINGS at NYC Battery Park, Lincoln Memorial in Wash DC, Philadelphia City Hall: 7pm Friday, August 22] (VIDEO) (YouTube)
     ·  President and deputies of faction 'Batkivshchyna' discussed the prospects of ratification of the Association Agreement with the EU (
     ·  Punitive psychiatry used against Crimean ‘terrorist plot’ suspect? (KHPG)
     ·  Remembrance of Victims of Stalinism and Nazism banned in Simferopol (KHPG)
     ·  Russia's MTS cuts full-year targets due to Ukraine (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Protesters plant Ukraine flag on Moscow skyscraper (Yahoo/AP)
     ·  Russian Climbers Could Face Years in Jail For Ukraine Flag on Stalinist Building (The Moscow Times)
     ·  Stalin Tower Painted In Ukrainian Blue And Yellow (RFE/RL)
     ·  Russia economic funk ripples out through ex-Soviet states (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Dozens killed in Ukraine as army fights to shatter rebels (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Journalists’ safety remains biggest media freedom challenge in Ukraine, says OSCE representative (OSCE)
     ·  Rebel city: 34 killed in fighting in 24 hours (Yahoo/AP)
     ·  Street battles in eastern Ukraine town kill nine - ministry (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Ukraine crisis: What does the footage tell us? (BBC)
     ·  Ukraine maternity ward nurtures new life as the shells fall (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Advancing Ukraine troops take fight to heart of pro-Moscow rebellion (Reuters)
     ·  Clashes kill 34 civilians in Ukraine's Donetsk region: official (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  American Donbas Battalion member dies in fierce fighting near Donetsk [Mark Paslavsky, a.k.a Franko] (UPDATES) (Kyiv Post)
     ·  Estonia says Finland, Russia meeting could undermine EU unity (Baltic Times)
     ·  Merkel Ukraine role mirrors rising German ambition (PA Herald Stndard/AP)
     ·  Russian humanitarian aid still not cleared (Ukrinform)
     ·  Terrorists shell village in Donetsk region from Russian Grad (Ukrinform)
     ·  Nadiya Savchenko’s defence hopes for a swap of prisoners (KHPG)
     ·  Abducted street artist released briefly, then imprisoned again (KHPG)
     ·  Russia Must Federalize or Face Disintegration, Shtepa Says (Window on Eurasia)
     ·  Beers, ducks and talk of war on Donetsk beach (Yahoo/AFP)
     ·  Ukraine asks IMF to combine two aid tranches for total of $2.2 billion: IFX (Yahoo/Reuters)
     ·  Photo: Mark Paslavsky, 55, was an American of Ukrainian decent who got Ukrainian citizenship so he could fight in the Donbas battalion. Mark Paslavsky was killed in Illyvisk on August 20th fighting Russian invaders. (Facebook) (Stop Putin's Aggression)
     ·  Is the Kremlin's two-avenue 'diplomacy' in Ukraine paying off? (+video) (Christian Scientist Monitor)
     ·  Crash in Oil Prices Deals Blow to Sanctions-Hit Russian Economy ['Russia has balanced its budget at $114 a barrel this year...(but prices are) falling well below $100 a barrel] (The Moscow Times)
     ·  How Russian State TV Linked Satanists To Ukraine's Leadership (RFE/RL)
     ·  Op-ed: U.S. still has time to stake out a position of strength on Ukraine. What happens in Ukraine won't stay in Ukraine -- Obama needs to be unequivocal. By JOHN BOLTON (Los Angeles Times)
     ·  Putin's Achilles' Heel: Tighter Energy Sector Sanctions (Huffington Post)
     ·  Donetsk's Guerrilla Separatists Kidnap the Ukrainian Guerrilla Artist Who Dared to Mock Them (Global Voices)
     ·  German Leader Emerges as Key Figure in Ukraine Talks (New York Times)
     ·  Russia, Iran and Egypt Heckle U.S. About Tactics in Ferguson (New York Times)


    19 серпня 2014
     ·  Про переговори та зустрічі під час війни. Звідки очікувати на результат?
     ·  Переговори стримують Росію від прямого вторгнення
    Поступ у Львові
     ·  До Львова загиблих під час АТО почали привозити десятками
    Поступ з краю
     ·  Чи зупинить мінська зустріч Порошенка і Путіна кровопролиття на Сході України?
    Поступ у світі
     ·  США визнали успіхи ісламістів Іраку в державному будівництві
    Точка зору
     ·  У Європі виступили проти переговорів з терористами і розповіли, як стримати Путіна
    Кулінарний Поступ
     ·  І смачно, і корисно. Кілька ідей на літо. Частина Х
    Калейдоскоп Поступ
     ·  Покорять Интернет начинайте с сайта-визитки
     ·  Втрата Коноплянки, рекорд Кравця, голи Громова. Підсумки 4-го туру УПЛ
     ·  Китайський виробник лікеру підмішував у напої засіб для потенції
     ·  Головне на RoboForex – надійний брокер
    КуПол: Новини
     ·  Готовые сумки в роддом
    Сьогодні у світі
     ·  Forex, RoboForex!

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    Live map of Ukraine

    Live map of Ukraine

    Звернення Президента України Петра Порошенка
    14 червня 2014

    Address by Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine: Today the Ukrainian army made its first offensive move against the terrorists

    WATCH LIVE: Hromadske TV at Russian Embassy
    June 14, 2014

    Inauguration of Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, June 7, 2014

    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.

    Prof. Paul Robert Magocsi 'Little Russia or Ukraine: The Eurasian East versus the European West', University of Toronto, 7 April 2014

    Maidan LIVE -

    Громадське радіо

    Громадське радіо

    Громадське телебачення

    Громадське телебачення



    Happy Kyiv (inspired by Pharrell Williams 'Happy')

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    Facebook Євромайдан

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     ·  03/29/2014 thru 10/26/2014 Exhibition — In Shevchenko's Land [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  03/30/2014 thru 10/05/2014 Exhibition — No Other Home: The Crimean Tatar Repatriates [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  05/11/2014 thru 11/09/2014 Exhibition — Life in Wood [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  05/24/2014 thru 08/31/2014 FREE Admission for Military Personnel and Their Families [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  06/27/2014 thru 08/25/2014 “Ukraine through the eyes of the National Geographic Society” [Chicago-Midwest]
     ·  06/29/2014 thru 11/30/2014 Exhibition — Taras Shevchenko: Poet, Artist, Icon (1814–1861) [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  08/22/2014 Xmel Wildwood Zabava [NY-NJ-Metro]
     ·  08/23/2014 Ukrainian independence Day Celebration-San Diego [USA-West]
     ·  08/23/2014 Music at the Grazhda [USA-Northeast]
     ·  08/24/2014 Ukrainian Independence Day Celebration-Los Anglese [USA-West]
     ·  08/24/2014 Ukrainian Independence Day Celebration-Salt Lake City [USA-West]
     ·  08/24/2014 UKRAINIAN FOLK FESTIVAL – 23rd Annual [USA-Northeast]
     ·  08/24/2014 UKRAINIAN FOLK FESTIVAL – 23rd Annual [Phila-Metro]
     ·  08/24/2014 Children's Religious Education at Hillside (Union County), NJ Ukrainian Catholic Church - Ages 3 years old to 18 years old [NY-NJ-Metro]
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