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7 April, 1999
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President Of Ukraine Welcomes Yugoslav Cease-Fire, But Thinks More Steps Are Needed

On April 6, 1999, in reaction to the announcement by the government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia of a unilateral cease-fire, President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma made the following comments:

"Ukraine welcomes the announcement by the FRY leadership of its peaceful initiative -- unilateral cease-fire. I would like to believe that it has been induced to a certain extent by mediation efforts of our nation.

I urge Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to follow up with next steps, that is to start withdrawing his troops and security forces from the territory of Kosovo, permit the return of all refugees to the province, and allow the deployment of a group of international observers. Ukraine stands ready to send its representatives to participate in such a group. At the same time, the bombing should be stopped, too.

We are sure that the peoples of Yugoslavia, the Europeans and the international community as a whole are waiting for that kind of actions. I have reasons to believe that this will bring about the cessation of hostilities and return the conflicting sides to the negotiation table. On its part, Ukraine will continue to exert all efforts to this end.

Ukraine Sends Humanitarian Aid To Kosovo Refugees

The Ukrainian government has decided to deliver humanitarian aid to Kosovo refugees. On April 7, 1999 first five trucks with tents, blankets and medicines from the reserves of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry left Kyiv for Macedonia. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Borys Tarasyuk, Ukrainian Foreign Minister, stressed that the delivery of the first tranche of humanitarian aid to Kosovars testifies to Ukraine’s readiness to come to the aid of all those who need it.

Presidential Elections In Ukraine Scheduled For October 31, 1999

On April 7, 1999 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the date set for next presidential elections. The third elections of the president of independent Ukraine will be held on October 31, 1999. In accordance with the Ukrainian Constitution, the president is elected for a five-year term. Under Ukraine’s Law on Elections of President approved by the parliament last March, the election campaign starts 180 days prior to the date set for the elections. The candidates must be nominated 90 days before the voting takes place.

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