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28 October 1998
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On October 26, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a statement on the conclusion of the latest round of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations that took place in Wye River, USA.

In its statement, the Foreign Ministry welcomed the negotiations between the Israeli Prime Minister B.Natanyahu and the President of the Palestinian Authority Y.Arafat, as well as the agreements reached by the two sides.

It was stated that the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations became a significant step forward in implementing the Oslo accords that had been reached five years ago. Having signed a Memorandum on the results of the negotiations, the two sides demonstrated a political will to continue their movement toward mutually acceptable resolution of the Middle East problems, in spite of the attempts by the radical political forces to undermine the process of reaching a consensus.

The Foreign Ministry expressed its hope that reactivation of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiation process, as well as the specific and positive agreements reached by the Israeli and Palestinian leadership, will be supported by the Israeli and Palestinian peoples and international community at large.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations also noted that the resumption of the Middle East peace process became possible as a result of the active mediation efforts exerted by the USA and personally by President Clinton. This fact is considered by Ukraine as yet another prove that even most difficult and prolonged conflicts can and should be resolved by political means and through negotiations.


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