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Sun, June 16, 08:47 EDT
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  • Poland, Ukraine Staged 'Fantastic' Euro 2012 (RFE/RL) 06/30/2012
  • Poland, Ukraine hail image boost as Euro 2012 ends (New Straits Times) 06/30/2012
  • Review: Queen with Adam Lambert Perform in Kiev, Ukraine (Gather) 06/30/2012
  • Relaxed Platini hails "fantastic" Euro (Yahoo! Sports) 06/30/2012
  • Ukraine football chief blasts Campbell for 'back in a box' claim (Daily Mail) 06/30/2012
  • Italy seeking to end Spain's domination in final (San Francisco Chronicle) 06/30/2012
  • UEFA urges delay, calls for more debate before goal-line technology decision due next week (Washington Post) 06/30/2012
  • ESPN convinced US football audience has knowledge (San Francisco Chronicle) 06/30/2012
  • Column: Balotelli challenging minds with his feet (Lexington Herald Leader) 06/30/2012
  • UEFA president says Euro 2020 could be held in '12 or 13' cities ( 06/30/2012
  • Elton John urges Ukraine to stop attacks on gays (Reuters) 06/30/2012
  • ESPN convinced US soccer audience has knowledge (MiamiHerald) 06/30/2012
  • UEFA urges delay before goal-line tech decision (Bradenton Herald) 06/30/2012

  • Ukraine Close to Kazakh Eurocopter Deal (RIA Novosti) 06/29/2012
  • Pedro Proenca to referee Euro 2012 final (FOXSports) 06/29/2012
  • Image a problem despite Ukraine's soccer party success (Reuters) 06/29/2012
  • Ukraine: Corruption blamed for AIDS non-treatment (San Francisco Chronicle) 06/29/2012
  • Image a Problem Despite Ukraine's Soccer Party Success (New York Times/Reuters) 06/29/2012
  • Tens of thousands of AIDS patients untreated in Ukraine because of corruption, activists say (Yahoo/AP) 06/29/2012
  • Ukrainian nightclub owner must pay restitution to women forced to work as strippers in Detroit (Detroit Free Press) 06/29/2012

  • Ukraine Has No Love For Dmitry Medvedev (RFE/RL) 06/28/2012
  • Russia's Gazprom denies deal with Ukraine on gas supply cuts for 2013 (Platts) 06/28/2012
  • Playing with ambiguities: Ukraine's language law (Open Democracy) 06/28/2012
  • Not funny, just peculiar (Economist) 06/28/2012
  • Amnesty Blasts Ukraine, China for S. Sudan Violence? (RIA Novosti) 06/28/2012
  • EURO 2012 true festival in Ukraine (NRCU) 06/28/2012
  • Photo: Olesya Povh of Ukraine celebrates her second place in the women's 100 metres final at the European Athletics Championships in Helsinki (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/28/2012
  • Photo: Oleksiy Kasyanov of Ukraine competes during the javelin throw heats of the men's decathlon at the European Athletics Championships in Helsinki (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/28/2012
  • English fans show rowdy side, while Dutch and Swedes charm (Kyiv Post) 06/28/2012
  • Photo: Kateryna Bondarenko of Ukraine hits a return to Ana Ivanovic of Serbia during their women's singles tennis match at the Wimbledon tennis championships in London (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/28/2012
  • Schreder Lighting, Partner of a Successful Euro 2012 (MarketWatch) 06/28/2012
  • Ukrainian nightclub owner must pay restitution to women forced to work as strippers in Detroit (Detroit Free Press) 06/28/2012
  • Amnesty: Arms Supplies From China, Sudan, Ukraine Fuel South Sudan Unrest (RTT News) 06/28/2012
  • EURO 2012 LIVE: Italy beats England on pens (Denver Post) 06/28/2012
  • Column: Boring? Winning is everything for Spain (Bradenton Herald) 06/28/2012
  • Column: Super Mario salvages Euro's sorry strikers (Lexington Herald Leader) 06/28/2012
  • Spain just Euro 2012 final away from history (Lexington Herald Leader) 06/28/2012
  • Euro 2012 fans take aim at Kiev shooting range (Reuters) 06/28/2012

  • Gongadze's Widow Makes Strasbourg Appeal (RFE/RL) 06/27/2012
  • Ukraine orphans: A life trapped in care (BBC News) 06/27/2012
  • Russia refuses to let Ukraine cut gas imports (Reuters) 06/27/2012
  • Germany's style winning over Ukrainian fans (The Seattle Times) 06/27/2012
  • Washington Supports Reforms in Ukraine - Ukrainian Finance Minister (Sacramento Bee) 06/27/2012
  • Spain tops Portugal in shootout to make Euro final (Bradenton Herald) 06/27/2012
  • Ukraine to Sell $1 Billion of Eurobonds in July, Kostin Says (Bloomberg) 06/27/2012
  • Ukraine has no complaints against Russia over 2009 gas deal, says PM (Ukrainian Journal) 06/27/2012
  • Hryvnia-dollar peg may be abandoned in favor of currency basket (Ukrainian Journal) 06/27/2012
  • Tymoshenko appeal postponed until July 12 (Ukrainian Journal) 06/27/2012
  • President to meet Medvedev Wednesday before meeting Russian president (Ukrainian Journal) 06/27/2012
  • Ukrainian orphans cared for through volunteers, faith (Montgomery Advertiser) 06/27/2012
  • AvtoVAZ May Assemble Lada Granta in Ukraine, Kommersant Says (Bloomberg) 06/27/2012
  • Ukraine's Metinvest sees steel outshining iron ore (Reuters) 06/27/2012
  • Washington Supports Reforms in Ukraine - Ukrainian Finance Minister (MarketWatch) 06/27/2012
  • Russia refuses to review gas deal with Ukraine (Reuters) 06/27/2012
  • Outcast Belarus leader to attend Euro 2012 finals (Reuters) 06/27/2012

  • Two investors said to be interested in TNK-BP Ukrainian oil refinery (Ukrainian Journal) 06/26/2012
  • Football: Team's Defeat Fails to Spoil Ukraine Party (Jakarta Globe) 06/26/2012
  • Ukraine chief happy with country's image (Goal) 06/26/2012
  • Ukraine still enjoying spotlight (iAfrica) 06/26/2012
  • Ukraine Cuts Natural Gas Import 50 Percent (MarketWatch) 06/26/2012
  • TEXT-S&P summary: Ukraine (Reuters) 06/26/2012
  • Soccer-Euro-Shevchenko tough act to replace, bemoans Blokhin (Reuters) 06/26/2012
  • Rooney could be scapegoat for England's exit (San Francisco Chronicle) 06/26/2012
  • Kiev to witness Real reunion as seven Madrid stars on show in Euro 2012 semi-final ( 06/26/2012
  • Ukraine Cuts Natural Gas Import 50 Percent (Sacramento Bee) 06/26/2012
  • Ukraine court hears Tymoshenko appeal (Reuters) 06/26/2012
  • Euro 2012 Brings Ukraine Closer to Europe (Voice of America) 06/26/2012
  • Georgia and Ukraine share common Russian danger, says Georgian envoy (Ukrainian Journal) 06/26/2012
  • Second ChornomorNaftoGaz offshore drilling rig to start up in Q4 (Ukrainian Journal) 06/26/2012
  • Govt won't push for amendment on Russian (Ukrainian Journal) 06/26/2012

  • Hodgson did fine with what he had (CANOE) 06/25/2012
  • Showcase game in Kyiv spotlight ( 06/25/2012
  • Ukraine's Grain Harvest Seen Falling to 43 Million Tons in 2012 (Bloomberg) 06/25/2012
  • Ukraine court begins hearing tax case against imprisoned former Prime Minister Tymoshenko (Washington Post) 06/25/2012
  • Ukraine trial put off until after Euro 2012 final (Reuters) 06/25/2012
  • Ukraine transfers another UAH2.4 billion to pay local utility costs (Ukrainian Journal) 06/25/2012
  • Ukrainians of Russia to complain over liquidation of their organization (ForUm) 06/25/2012
  • Lubkivsky: Problem of racism in Ukraine was invented by western media (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/25/2012
  • Ukraine adjourns Tymoshenko trial amid protests (Yahoo/AFP) 06/25/2012
  • Kiev prosecutors set investigative priorities for second half (Ukrainian Journal) 06/25/2012
  • Court orders new doctor's report for Tymoshenko (Europe Online) 06/25/2012
  • Tymoshenko to skip Monday court hearing (Ukrainian Journal) 06/25/2012
  • Gryshchenko: Ukraine making every effort to achieve EU integration (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/25/2012
  • Femen: UEFA acting like 'pimps' in Ukraine ( 06/25/2012
  • English Football Association to file complaint against BBC for film about Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/25/2012
  • Wealth tax expected to pass soon, according to Regions leader (Ukrainian Journal) 06/25/2012
  • Ukraine to Sell State Coal Mines From Next Year, Kommersant Says (Bloomberg) 06/25/2012
  • Ukrainian president signs law to raise taxes on mineral resources (SteelGuru) 06/25/2012
  • Euros present Ukraine with a fresh twist on national stereotypes (The Independent) 06/25/2012
  • Munich deputy mayor: Euro 2012 an opportunity for Ukraine and host cities to show themselves off (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/25/2012
  • Euros fulfil UEFA's dream of eastwards growth (Fox News) 06/25/2012
  • Italy advances with shootout win over England (San Francisco Chronicle) 06/25/2012
  • Euro 2012: 23 million watch England defeat (BBC News) 06/25/2012
  • Euro 2012: Top 15 Moments of the Tournament so Far (Bleacher Report) 06/25/2012
  • No client boom for Ukrainian prostitutes at Euro - research ( 06/25/2012

  • Ian Ladyman's Euro 2012 diary: Even simple things are tricky in Ukraine (Daily Mail) 06/24/2012
  • [SLIDESHOW] Lively Kiev, Ukraine. Photos by Joseph Sywenkyj (New York Times) 06/24/2012
  • Tymoshenko, Citing Health Troubles, To Skip New Trial (RFE/RL) 06/24/2012
  • Three Lions fans warm to Ukraine (The Independent) 06/24/2012
  • Euro 2012: England fans praise 'warm' Kiev welcome (BBC News) 06/24/2012
  • Ukraine goes topless again, in protest (Forbes) 06/24/2012
  • Woodstock Goes Digital [Dan Archer, trafficking] (Valley News) 06/24/2012
  • Ukraine will not force Tymoshenko to appear in court Monday (EUbusiness) 06/24/2012
  • Playing with ambiguities. By Mykola Riabchuk (Kyiv Post) 06/24/2012

  • Euro 2012: England have to banish 58 years of hurt overseas to overcome Italy in Kiev ( 06/23/2012
  • Yushchenko wasn't poisoned, says witness in second case against Lutsenko (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/23/2012
  • World War II Soccer Match Echoes Through Time (New York Times) 06/23/2012
  • Fire to consider adding Ukraine's Shevchenko to roster (Chicago Tribune) 06/23/2012
  • Column: On Zizou, nostalgia and French mediocrity (Lexington Herald Leader/AP) 06/23/2012
  • Spain beats France 2-0 to reach semifinals (Kansas City Sta/AP) 06/23/2012
  • Ukraine's Run of Near Misses Continues (New York Times/Reuters) 06/23/2012
  • Women boxers get long-awaited Olympic chance [men's competition: Ukraine's lightweight Vasyl Lomachenko, welterweight Taras Shelestyuk, middleweight Evhen Khytrov] (Yahoo/AP) 06/23/2012
  • Germany, East Central Europe, and Moral Responsibility for the Holocaust: Part I. By Alexander J. Motyl [Dated 6/22/2012] (World Affairs Journal) 06/23/2012
  • A political threat to Ukraines language. By Zenon Zawada [Dated 6/21/2012] (Kyiv Post) 06/23/2012
  • Ukraine: From Orange Revolution to Political Purgatory (The Globalist) 06/23/2012
  • Raising awareness of 'the Ukrainian dimension' (Winnpeg Free Press) 06/23/2012
  • Ukraine still driving its people away (Winnpeg Free Press) 06/23/2012
  • Keeping Ukrainian in the classroom. Bilingual education on rise in province (Winnpeg Free Press) 06/23/2012
  • Gay rights activist assaulted in Ukraine capital (NECN/AP) 06/23/2012
  • Ukrainian orphans cared for through volunteers, faith (Montgomery Advertiser) 06/23/2012
  • No English fans arrested at Euro: police (Chicago Tribune/Reuters) 06/23/2012
  • Searches for Flights to Ukraine Soar After England Progress in Euro 2012 (MarketWatch) 06/23/2012
  • Ukraine's run of near misses continues (Chicago Tribune/Reuters) 06/23/2012
  • Euro 2012: a crossroads for Ukraine (Financial Times) 06/23/2012
  • Photo: Spain soccer fans pose for a picture as they party in the Donetsk (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/23/2012
  • A day to remember. Two disabled brothers from Ukraine Oleksandr and Valeriy Haiday made their first visit to a major sporting event when they shared the UEFA EURO 2012 experience in Kyiv (UEFA) 06/23/2012
  • Ancient Kyiv open to supporters...back to the Middle Ages for a game of football, Kyivan Rus-style (UEFA) 06/23/2012

  • Rada to discuss SBU's interest in Ukrainska Pravda journalist (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/22/2012
  • Germany, East Central Europe, and Moral Responsibility for the Holocaust: Part I. By Alexander J. Motyl (World Affairs Journal) 06/22/2012
  • A letter from Ukraine (Financial Times) 06/22/2012
  • Euro 2012: Referee Viktor Kassai consumed by guilt over blown goal call in Ukraine-England game (New York Daily News) 06/22/2012
  • UK Urged To End Euro Human Rights Boycott (Sky) 06/22/2012
  • Regions pushes Russian status amendments (Ukrainian Journal) 06/22/2012
  • Ukraines EU envoy protests lack of visa issuance for Ukrainians (Ukrainian Journal) 06/22/2012
  • 2 Ukrainian men sentenced for international steroid ring (Pittsburgh Post Gazette) 06/22/2012
  • Ukraine's Tymoshenko drama to fill soccer break (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/22/2012
  • 36 Hours in Kiev, Ukraine (New York Times) 06/22/2012
  • Russia and its post-Imperium policies ( 06/22/2012
  • Regions party proposes quadrupling natural gas extraction royalties (Ukrainian Journal) 06/22/2012
  • Business group calls on president to veto revisions of tax code (Ukrainian Journal) 06/22/2012
  • ArcelorMittals Ukraine Unit Says Steel Output Rose 8.4% In May (Bloomberg) 06/22/2012
  • Polish radio apologizes for rude Ukraine remarks (The Daily Jeffersonian/AP) 06/22/2012
  • Two Polish journalists may be imprisoned for dirty jokes about Ukrainian women (ForUm) 06/22/2012
  • Face paint fades and fan zones empty as Poland and Ukraine exit Euro 2012 (The Independent) 06/22/2012
  • Victory in defeat for Donetsk (UEFA) 06/22/2012
  • Lobanovsky Legacy Lives On in Ukraine (Reuters) 06/22/2012
  • UEFA defends tournament expansion to 24 teams (Reuters) 06/22/2012
  • Ukrainian and Swedish women named as the worlds most beautiful (Sri Lanka Daily News) 06/22/2012

  • A political threat to Ukraines language. By Zenon Zawada (Kyiv Post) 06/21/2012
  • Topless protest spices up psychic pig's feeding time (Reuters) 06/21/2012
  • After Ukraine Loss, Goal-line Technology is Needed: A Fan's Take (Yahoo! Sports) 06/21/2012
  • Political division in Ukraine (KBIA) 06/21/2012
  • Ukraine earns EUR 10 million at EURO 2012 (NRCU) 06/21/2012
  • Lawyer: Govt trying to slant Tymoshenko cases (Kansas City Star/AP) 06/21/2012
  • Ukraine and the political disintegration of Europe (Opinion) (EurActiv) 06/21/2012
  • The difficult truth about trafficking (European Voice) 06/21/2012
  • Number of Kiev millionaires grew 25% last year, tax service reports (Ukrainian Journal) 06/21/2012
  • Uncertain World: Russia and the United States: A Precarious Balance (RIA Novosti) 06/21/2012
  • Government approves 32.5% cut in 2012 imports of Russian natural gas (Ukrainian Journal) 06/21/2012
  • Singapore company completes oil and gas rig ahead of schedule (Ukrainian Journal) 06/21/2012
  • Ukraine Grain Stockpiles Seen Jumping to 12 Million Tons (Bloomberg) 06/21/2012
  • No meatballs but Swedes retain pizza Kiev action (Reuters) 06/21/2012
  • Euro 2012: 10 things we've learned from the group stages in Poland and Ukraine (Daily Telegraph) 06/21/2012
  • Prez claims international suit immunity (Ukrainian Journal) 06/21/2012
  • We'll do without pardon, says Tymoshenko's defense lawyer (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/21/2012
  • Why Tymoshenko will stay in prison (EUobserver) 06/21/2012
  • Euro 2012: Jeremy Browne on human rights in Ukraine (BBC) 06/21/2012
  • Ukraine Seizes Opportunity to Restore Trust and Confidence Among Participating OSCE States (PRNewswire) 06/21/2012
  • 'Winter Near Moscow', works by Alexsandr Trachishin on exhibit in Beacon, NY (Howland Cultural Center) 06/21/2012
  • Assistant director of UK Football Policing Unit agrees that Ukraine did score a goal against England (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/21/2012
  • The age of goal-line tech is near (SI) 06/21/2012
  • England fans race for Kiev flights (Cambridge Evening News) 06/21/2012

  • Ukrainian Soccer Great 'Sheva' Hangs It Up (RFE/RL) 06/20/2012
  • Ukrainian Soccer Fans Furious at Hungarian Referee (WSJ) 06/20/2012
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister outlines countrys agenda for 2013 OSCE Chairmanship (OSCE) 06/20/2012
  • OSCE hosts meeting between Moldovan and Transdniestrian leaders (OSCE) 06/20/2012
  • Euro 2012 Prompts Ukrainians to Learn English (Voice of America) 06/20/2012
  • Euro 2012: Uefa urged to investigate $4bn corruption allegations in Ukraine. Opposition politicians claim officials defrauded Ukraine of up to $4bn by awarding no-bid contracts for Euro 2012 infrastructure (The Guardian) 06/20/2012
  • Collina: Ukraine goal should have been allowed ( 06/20/2012
  • AP Interview: Ukraine prime minister says even he saw ball cross the line in Euro 2012 match (Washington Post/AP) 06/20/2012
  • Ukraine's denied goal fuels calls for goal-line technology (The Augusta Chronicle/AP) 06/20/2012
  • Euro 2012: FIFA head Sepp Blatter says goal-line technology is a 'necessity' after Ukraine goal call (New York Daily News/AFP) 06/20/2012
  • Ukrainian Soccer Great 'Sheva' Hangs It Up (RFE/RL) 06/20/2012
  • Debunked Soviet myth returns to haunt Ukraine (Chicago Tribune/Reuters) 06/20/2012
  • Shevchenko Retires From International Soccer After Ukraine Exit (Bloomberg) 06/20/2012
  • Ukraine's $13 Billion Bid For European Relevance (NPR) 06/20/2012
  • EU-Ukraine relations worsen amid Euro 2012 fanfare (EurActiv) 06/20/2012
  • Ukraine issues in spotlight, says Klitschko (Soccerway) 06/20/2012
  • Bills would create foreign currency treasury obligation market (Ukrainian Journal) 06/20/2012
  • Meteorological center predicts poor 2012 harvest due to weather (Ukrainian Journal) 06/20/2012
  • Parliament approves bill mandating addition of bioethanol to gasoline (Ukrainian Journal) 06/20/2012
  • Ukraine PM says Euro exit no tragedy (Fox News/Reuters) 06/20/2012
  • Ukraine robbed as FIFA fumbles replay issue (Slam) 06/20/2012
  • England boots Ukraine from quarterfinals (Ukrainian Journal) 06/20/2012
  • Euro 2012: Ukraine media fume with officials (BBC) 06/20/2012
  • Ukrainian politician calls for England match to be annulled (ITV) 06/20/2012
  • UKRAINE GOAL SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALLOWED _ COLLINA (The Daily Jeffersonian/AP) 06/20/2012
  • Tymoshchuk: We deserved better (Soccerway) 06/20/2012
  • Goal-line technology is a 'necessity', demands Blatter after Ukraine's cruel blow against England (Daily Mail) 06/20/2012
  • No firepower and no fortune and now no hosts left at party (The Independent) 06/20/2012
  • Ukraine talent needs finishing touch without Sheva (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/20/2012

  • Ukraine: Marko Devic's ?Ghost Goal? (Global Voices Online) 06/19/2012
  • Euro 2012 Scalping Continues In Ukraine, Despite Warnings From Authorities (RFE/RL) 06/19/2012
  • Ukraine Mulls 'Gay Propaganda' Bill (RFE/RL) 06/19/2012
  • Ukraine the better side in goalless first half (Chicago Tribune/Reuters) 06/19/2012
  • Draft 'Homosexual Propaganda' Bill Enters Ukrainian Parliament (RFE/RL) 06/19/2012
  • Euro 2012 Scalping Continues In Ukraine, Despite Warnings From Authorities (RFE/RL) 06/19/2012
  • Ukraine Captive to Soviet Era After Lending Collapse: Mortgages (Businessweek) 06/19/2012
  • Georgina Turner: Euro 2012 Day 12 Wrap ( 06/19/2012
  • Goalline technology too late for Ukraine (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/19/2012
  • Yes, Ukraine's Goal Crossed the Line. But (New York Times) 06/19/2012
  • Ukraine gets robbed by refs (USA TODAY) 06/19/2012
  • England beats Ukraine 1-0 to advance at Euro 2012 (Google/AP) 06/19/2012
  • France reaches Euro 2012 quarters despite 2-0 loss (Bradenton Herald/AP) 06/19/2012
  • Ukraine bow out with heads high, says frustrated Blokhin (Chicago Tribune/Reuters) 06/19/2012
  • Swedish fans bemused by Ukraine topless protest (Google/Reuters) 06/19/2012
  • Ukraine Welcomes Four Million Happy Fans and Counting (Sacramento Bee/PRNewswire) 06/19/2012
  • Blokhin: England will be more nervous than Ukraine (Interfax-Russia) 06/19/2012
  • The law on languages: Ukraine on the road towards EU multilingual club - specifically for the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency (Interfax-Russia) 06/19/2012
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister to address OSCE Permanent Council on Wednesday (OSCE) 06/19/2012
  • Tymoshenko plans suits against president (Ukrainian Journal) 06/19/2012
  • Euro 2012: Ukraine plays on as Yulia Tymoshenko lies in jail (The Independent) 06/19/2012
  • Civil Position, Batkivschyna, Front for Change ending talks on unification before elections (Interfax-Russia) 06/19/2012
  • Urban Politics and Regionnaire Corruption in Ukraine [dated 6/15/2012] (World Affairs Journal) 06/19/2012
  • Ukraine largely met 2011 debt parameters, says accounting chamber (Ukrainian Journal) 06/19/2012
  • City of Kiev to place UAH.5 billion of 15.2% municipal bonds (Ukrainian Journal) 06/19/2012
  • Ukraine to incorporate natgas entities in step toward privatization (Ukrainian Journal) 06/19/2012
  • Ukrainian Alfa Bank Buys Loans From Delta Bank, Kommersant Says (Bloomberg) 06/19/2012
  • England vs. Ukraine Live Stream: Online Viewing Info for Euro 2012 Match (Bleacher Report) 06/19/2012
  • Matchpack: England v Ukraine (Eurosport) 06/19/2012
  • Soccer-Euro-Ukrainian twins give Poles double vision in Zen (Reuters) 06/19/2012
  • VIDEO: Ukrainian TV reporter tries to tape a story from Euro 2012 while waves of Dutch fans interrupt her. Watch out for the wheelchair guy (YouTube) 06/19/2012
  • Maintenance of Arena Lviv stadium to cost Hr 20 million per year (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/19/2012
  • Cardone makes trip to Ukraine for Euro Cup (Windsor Star) 06/19/2012
  • A Tale of Two Trials: Soviet Propaganda at Home and Abroad (World Affairs Journal) 06/19/2012
  • Joint statement by the Presidents of the United States, the Russian Federation and France on Nagorno-Karabakh (OSCE) 06/19/2012

  • France taking cautious approach against Sweden (Globe and Mail) 06/18/2012
  • Shevchenko resumes training after knee injury (SI/AP) 06/18/2012
  • Hodgson, England not overconfident ahead of Ukraine match (CBC/AP) 06/18/2012
  • UEFA should stop double dipping (SLAM) 06/18/2012
  • Children of Ukraine rescued by football (BBC) 06/18/2012
  • Euro host rehabs vodka bears. Drunk animals used for entertainment (SLAM) 06/18/2012
  • Ukraine coach Blokhin expects 'nervous' England (SI/AP) 06/18/2012
  • Rooney returns for England against Ukraine (Fox News/Sports Network) 06/18/2012
  • Presentation of the Cherkasy Region, Ukraine: Investment and Development Opportunities (MarketWatch/PRNewswire) 06/18/2012
  • Poland and Ukraine can be 'proud', says Platini (The Independent) 06/18/2012
  • Ukraine trouble worries 2012 fans (The Press Association/UKPA) 06/18/2012
  • Euro 2012: Andy Carroll not settling for draw with Ukraine (Daily Mail) 06/18/2012
  • Over but not out for Lviv (UEFA) 06/18/2012
  • Euro 2012 police fear Ukraine thugs (London Evening Standard) 06/18/2012
  • Shevchenko is 50-50 for decider (London Evening Standard) 06/18/2012
  • Shevchenko rages against dying of the light (ABS-CBN/AFP) 06/18/2012
  • 'Biggest in our history'. Ukraine striker Androy Voronin builds up Tuesday's clash with England ( 06/18/2012
  • Tymoshchuk inspired by Greek heroics (UEFA) 06/18/2012
  • Euro: Ukrainian cleric dubs obsessed fans 'monkeys' (Reuters) 06/18/2012
  • Foreign Guests Blown off Their Feet in Ukraine (MarketWatch/PRNewswire) 06/18/2012
  • Kharkiv says goodbye to the Oranje horde (UEFA) 06/18/2012
  • Google Reports Rise In Removal Requests ( 06/18/2012
  • Can Crimea be the next Riviera? (BBC) 06/18/2012
  • A stagnant Ukraine struggles to see a way out (Washington Post) 06/18/2012
  • Prosecutor: Jailed Ukraine ex-PM to face charges in murder case (Yahoo/AP) 06/18/2012
  • Prosecutor Says Tymoshenko To Face Charges In Murder Case (RFE/RL) 06/18/2012
  • Azarov lauds EU Tymoshenko case observers (Ukrainian Journal) 06/18/2012
  • PGO may recommend forensic medical examination for Tymoshenko (Interfax-Russia) 06/18/2012
  • Hryschenko: Europeans prospered at Ukraines expense in 2009 gas deal (Ukrainian Journal) 06/18/2012
  • Ukraine mulls tax breaks to boost domestic shipbuilding industry (Ukrainian Journal) 06/18/2012
  • Ukraine to boost gasoline and diesel import duties to fund refineries (Ukrainian Journal) 06/18/2012
  • Eni signs shale deal in Ukraine (UPI) 06/18/2012

  • Trains and pains in Ukraine (Yahoo/Eurosport) 06/17/2012
  • Penitentiary Service Refuses EU Ambassador Teixeira Passage To Ukrzaliznytsia Central Clinical Hospital Of For Meeting With Tymoshenk (Ukrainian News) 06/17/2012
  • Euro: Ukraine hinterland proud, frets over cost (Reuters) 06/17/2012
  • Euro Crisis Gives Impetus to Eurasian Common Currency Discussion (The Moscow Times) 06/17/2012
  • Ukraine's secret shame: Orphanages full of 88,000 forgotten children abandoned by their parents for being DISABLED (Daily Mail) 06/17/2012
  • Special Father's Day: Family adds Ukrainian child to their hearts, home (Spartanburg Herald Journal) 06/17/2012
  • Racism Fears Hinder Soccer Tourney's Unity Message (NPR) 06/17/2012
  • Euro: Night of suspense beckons in Group B (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/17/2012
  • STATBOX-Soccer-Euro-England v Ukraine (Reuters) 06/17/2012
  • Euro 2012: Shevchenko stirred into final hurrah for Ukraine (DNA) 06/17/2012
  • Euro 2012: Ukraine striker Andriy Shevchenko rated a doubt for key England clash (Daily Telegraph) 06/17/2012
  • Shevchenko a doubt for Ukraine (FIFA) 06/17/2012
  • Ukraine's Shevchenko doubtful for England game (Reuters) 06/17/2012
  • England v Ukraine (BBC) 06/17/2012
  • Looking for goals, Rooney must beat Ukraine's 4th-choice goalkeeper Pyatov at Euro 2012 ( 06/17/2012
  • Donetsk weathers the storm (UEFA) 06/17/2012
  • Photo: A Denmark soccer fan climbs a statue in central Lviv (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/17/2012
  • Photo: Dutch soccer fan walks in front of a line of Ukranian police in Kharkiv (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/17/2012

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  • Photo: Ukraine's Andriy Shevchenko applauds at the end of their Group D Euro 2012 soccer match against France at Donbass Arena in Donetsk (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/15/2012
  • Photo: Sweden soccer fans are seen in fan zone in central in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/15/2012
  • Yanukovych says he wants to pardon Tymoshenko, but cannot do that now (Kyiv Post) 06/15/2012
  • Yanukovych: European politicians push me away from Europe (ForUm) 06/15/2012
  • EU waiting for Kiev action before signing association deal, Fule says (Ukrainian Journal) 06/15/2012
  • Photo: Rebecca Harms, co-president of the Greens-European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament, answers a question at a briefing in Kiev June 15, 2012. Harms talked about her visit on Thursday to Yulia Tymoshenko at the Central Clinic for Railway Workers and urged further EU pressure on Ukraine to release Tymoshenko. (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/15/2012
  • Energy ministry unwraps plans for expansion of nuclear program (Ukrainian Journal) 06/15/2012
  • NBU governor: Well significantly reduce natgas imports in two years (Ukrainian Journal) 06/15/2012
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  • Ukraine attacks BBC Panorama documentary as 'provocation'. BBC film claimed racism was rife in Ukraine ahead of the Euro 2012 football championships which are being held in the country (The Guardian) 06/13/2012
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  • Photo: Yevgenia Tymoshenko, the daughter of jailed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, listens to Hesse's Justice Minister Joerg-Uwe Hahn as she attends a conference with justice ministers of states in Germany, in Wiesbaden (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/13/2012
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  • Photo: The daughter of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, Eugenia Tymoshenko, gives a statement in Kiev Ukraine Monday, June 11, 2012. At left, former deputy Prime Minister Hryhoriy Nemyria. Two high-profile European Union representatives have come to Ukraine to monitor the legal cases against jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Former European Parliament President Pat Cox and former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski will be watching proceedings against Tymoshenko, who has been sentenced to seven years in prison on charges of abuse of office and who faces other charges. (Yahoo/AP) 06/11/2012
  • Ukraines UMH Group to Publish Local Vogue Edition (BusinessWeek) 06/11/2012
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  • Photo: Bystanders pass a tram where an explosion occured in Dnipropetrovsk June 11, 2012. The explosion in the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk that injured nine people on Monday was an accident, police in the European soccer championship co-host nation said. (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/11/2012
  • Five killed, 13 injured, after airplane makes emergency landing (Ukrainian Journal) 06/11/2012
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  • Launches New Travel Website (PRNewswire) 06/11/2012
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  • Euro 2012: Ukranian Orthodox Greek Catholic nuns use Euro for chance to protest 'Russification', homosexuality, and 'discrimination' in Lviv (NY Daily News/AFP) 06/11/2012
  • 2 killed, 1 injured in building collapse (Ukrainian Journal) 06/11/2012

  • Photo: Actress Nina Arianda poses backstage with her award for Best Performance By An Actress in a Leading Role in a Play for her performance in 'Venus in Fur' during the American Theatre Wing's 66th annual Tony Awards in New York (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/10/2012
  • Photo: James Corden, Audra McDonald, Nina Arianda, and Steve Kazee pose backstage with their awards during the American Theatre Wing's 66th annual Tony Awards in New York (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/10/2012
  • Photo: Actress Nina Arianda attends the 66th Annual Tony Awards at The Plaza Hotel on June 10, 2012 in New York City (Yahoo/Getty) 06/10/2012
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  • 5 dead, 13 injured as small plane crashes in bad weather near Ukrainian capital (Washington Post/AP) 06/10/2012

  • ONIKO Installs MIOX On-Site Disinfection System in the Ukrainian City of Kolomyia (San Francisco Chronicle/PRWEB) 06/09/2012
  • Pressure grows on Ukraine over rights at Euro 2012 (Reuters) 06/09/2012
  • Photo: Germany's Mario Gomez and Bastian Schweinsteiger celebrate after their team scored during the Euro 2012 soccer championship Group B match between Germany and Portugal in Lviv (Yahoo/AP) 06/09/2012
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  • Ukraine police nab 3 teens suspected of desecrating Jewish mass grave (JTA) 06/08/2012
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  • Dont judge a nation like Ukraine by its hooligans. As Euro 2012 kicks off, the best-selling author of 'A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian' urges English fans to visit Ukraine to send a message to its racist thugs and corrupt leaders. (Daily Telegraph) 06/08/2012
  • Princes William and Harry join Euro 2012 boycott over Ukraine's treatment of jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko (Daily Mail) 06/08/2012
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  • Ukraine to introduce new duties on some imported automobiles (Ukrainian Journal) 06/08/2012
  • Growth of industrial prices slowed in May, government reports (Ukrainian Journal) 06/08/2012
  • Gazprom to advance Ukraine $2 billion to finance huge gas purchases (Ukrainian Journal) 06/08/2012
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  • Picasso piece worth $30,000 missing from Lazarenko mansion after Novato teen party (Marin Independent Journal) 06/07/2012
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  • Azarov: Tymoshenko not political prisoner (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/07/2012
  • Fule: Tymoshenko's imprisonment cannot be explained only with old Criminal Code (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/07/2012
  • Minister: No EU deal before Rada election (Ukrainian Journal) 06/07/2012
  • Parliament amends law with regard to powers of state bodies (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/07/2012
  • Putin to travel to Ukraine next month for energy and economic talks (Ukrainian Journal) 06/07/2012
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  • Doctor: Ukrainian footballers may have been poisoned in Germany by salad of poor quality (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/07/2012
  • Gazprom to advance Ukraine $2 billion for gas transit (Reuters) 06/07/2012
  • Ukraine Seeks Futures Trading for Corn, Barley, Sunflower Oil (Bloomberg) 06/07/2012
  • RPT-Image problems grow for Ukraine as Euro soccer nears (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/07/2012
  • Euro 2012: 'A complicated adventure' (CNN) 06/07/2012
  • Ukrainian students learning how English is taught as second language in U.S. (Southeast Missourian) 06/07/2012
  • Elton John and Queen will perform in downtown Kyiv (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/07/2012

  • Ukraine: Kyiv calms racism fear (Prague Post/Kyiv Post) 06/06/2012
  • Ukraine Striker Sees His Final Major Event as a Beginning [Andriy Shevchenko] (New York Times) 06/06/2012
  • Ukraine Cabinet To Increase Import Duty For Cars, UNIAN Says (Bloomberg) 06/06/2012
  • Poland, Ukraine walk different paths to Euro 2012. Poland ready to shine, Ukraines image badly tarnished by politics. By Zenon Zawada KYIV, Ukraine (MarketWatch) 06/06/2012
  • Science Fiction Writer Ray Bradbury Dead At 91 [author of "Fahrenheit 451"] (RFE/RL) 06/06/2012
  • How to cook the perfect chicken kiev (Guardian) 06/06/2012
  • Interfax Says Ukrainian Grain Exports Reach 20.3 Million Tons (Bloomberg) 06/06/2012
  • Freedom House Warns Of 'Putinization' Risk For Hungary, Ukraine (RFE/RL) 06/06/2012
  • 'Putinization' spreading in Europe, US group warns (MSNBC) 06/06/2012
  • Hero and horror: Stalin rebranded (Independent) 06/06/2012
  • WEF expert group to focus on Ukraine (New Kerala) 06/06/2012
  • Euro 2012 can be the vehicle to ease Ukraine's Soviet memory ( 06/06/2012
  • UEFA has no plans to make Chernobyl donation (CNN) 06/06/2012
  • German doctor pessimistic about prospects for Tymoshenkos recovery (Ukrainian Journal) 06/06/2012
  • Yulia Tymoshenko: Ukraine's Political Football (RFE/RL) 06/06/2012
  • Ukraine to repay $1 billion borrowed from Russias VTB bank (Ukrainian Journal) 06/06/2012
  • New Ukrainian rig starts drilling for oil and gas in Black Sea (Ukrainian Journal) 06/06/2012
  • Photo: A vendor holds the Euro 2012 mascots Slavek (L) and Slavko in a souvenir shop in downtown Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/06/2012
  • Euro 2012: football supporters warned over 'toxic' shirts (Daily Telegraph) 06/06/2012
  • Extra Time: England fans to drink to Ukraine at Euro 2012 ( 06/06/2012
  • Euro 2012 - Coach profile: Oleg Blokhin (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/06/2012
  • Euro 2012 - Squad profiles: Ukraine (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/06/2012
  • Europe Brings Its Soccer Show East (New York Times) 06/06/2012
  • The Moment Is Now for Stars and Hopefuls [Andriy Yarmolenko Ukraine and Dynamo Kiev] (New York Times) 06/06/2012
  • Dynamo Kiev close in on Kranjcar (FIFA) 06/06/2012
  • Euro-Ukraine to get $16 mln bonus for Euro 2012 triumph (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/06/2012
  • Ukraine players recovering from mystery stomach bug (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/06/2012
  • Ukraine rejects accusation of racism in stadiums (EurActiv) 06/06/2012
  • Vitali [Klitschko] to sign off in style (Sporting Life) 06/06/2012
  • Klitschko vs. Charr in Kiev (Fightnews) 06/06/2012
  • Rada adopts anti-discrimination law at first reading (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/06/2012
  • NBU plans smooth transfer to policy of flexible currency exchange rate (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/06/2012
  • Azarov: First 100,000 Soviet-era depositors receive payments (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/06/2012
  • Protestors clash with riot police in Kiev (Ukrainian Journal) 06/06/2012
  • Ukraine moves divisive Russian language bill to next stage (Global Post) 06/06/2012
  • Tymoshenko: 'Valuev' law on languages 'final nail in coffin of current government' (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/06/2012
  • EP ex-president: We don't want to punish Ukrainians for actions of their authorities (Interfax-Russia) 06/06/2012
  • Freedom House: Hungary, Ukraine in Democratic Decline (Voice of America) 06/06/2012
  • Freedom in the World 2012 [Ukraine has moved from a status of Free to Partly Free and suffered deterioration on most indicators...] (Freedom House) 06/06/2012

  • Ukrainian Stocks Fall to Three-Year Low on Europe's Debt Crisis (Bloomberg) 06/05/2012
  • VIDEO: Ukrainian Protesters Dispersed By Tear Gas (RFE/RL) 06/05/2012
  • Thousands Of Ukrainians Protest Initial Approval Of Russian-Language Bill (RFE/RL) 06/05/2012
  • Language Bill Stirs Anger in Ukraine (Wall Street Journal) 06/05/2012
  • Euro 2012: Femen activists protest Euro 2012, say tournament will 'promote sex tourism in Ukraine' (New York Daily News) 06/05/2012
  • German medics air Tymoshenko worries before Euro 2012 (Reuters) 06/05/2012
  • Ten Ukraine players ill with stomach upset - Blokhin (Chicago Tribune/Reuters) 06/05/2012
  • Ukraine language bill prompts clashes between police and protesters (Guardian) 06/05/2012
  • Doubtful Tymoshenko 'can recover in Ukraine' (Google/AFP) 06/05/2012
  • Ukraine's Parliament Backs Language Bill Amid Protests (VOA News) 06/05/2012
  • VIDEO: Thousands of Ukrainians march on a Euro 2012 soccer championship fan zone as they protest a move to make Russian an official regional language (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/05/2012
  • Turks upset Ukraine in final EURO friendly (FIFA/AFP) 06/05/2012
  • Ukraine Language Bill Sparks Fears Of Closer Russian Ties (International Business Times) 06/05/2012
  • Ukraine, geopolitics and Yanukovychs miscalculation (Kyiv Post) 06/05/2012
  • Euro 2012 - Ukrainian protestors use fan zone as base (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/05/2012
  • The Darker Thrills of Ecotourism [Chornobyl/Chernobyl] (NY Times) 06/05/2012
  • Photo: Opposition deputies cover their seats with gigantic national flags to protest against a draft law on languages, which was scheduled to be discussed during a session in the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/05/2012
  • EC prez: EU wont sign deal with Kiev until rights record improves (Ukrainian Journal) 06/05/2012
  • Doctor: Tymoshenko improving, treatment difficult (Boston Herald/AP) 06/05/2012
  • Kiev mayor, in Israel for 2 years, finally announces his resignation (Ukrainian Journal) 06/05/2012
  • Ex-Minister of Security Services: Transnistria is a shameful act of Russia ( 06/05/2012
  • EU border agency officers to fight human trafficking ( 06/05/2012
  • Eastern Europe's reputation on the line (Warsaw Business Journal) 06/05/2012
  • High heels, mini-skirts may lead Euro fans astray in Ukraine (The Citizen) 06/05/2012
  • Doing Anything This Saturday? EUROPEAN SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIPS, KHARKIV, UKRAINE, NOON (New York Times) 06/05/2012
  • Turkey - Ukraine Betting Preview: Expect goals in hosts' final friendly before Euro 2012 ( 06/05/2012
  • Germans regret increasing number of finalists (Washington Examiner/AP) 06/05/2012
  • Don't count out Ukraine at Euros: Shevchenko (Yahoo/AFP) 06/05/2012
  • The perfect farewell: How Andriy Shevchenko took Ukrainian football into the 21st century ( 06/05/2012
  • One last shove for Sheva (Irish Examiner) 06/05/2012
  • Ukraine opposition, police clash in soccer fan zone (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/05/2012
  • Ukraine ruling party wins first round over Russian (Reuters) 06/05/2012
  • Russian language gets initial approval in Ukraine (Yahoo/AP) 06/05/2012
  • Ukrainian World Congress Appealing For Rada To Reject Language Policy Bill (Ukrainian News Agency) 06/05/2012
  • New language legislation clashes expected (Ukrainian Journal) 06/05/2012
  • Photo: Vitali Klitschko (R, top), heavyweight boxing champion and leader of Ukrainian political party UDAR, addresses opposition supporters during a rally against a draft law on languages, which was scheduled to be discussed during a session in the Ukrainian parliament, near the parliament building in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/05/2012
  • Photo: A riot policeman (R, back) uses tear-gas to block opposition supporters during a rally against a draft law on languages, which was scheduled to be discussed during a session in the Ukrainian parliament, near the parliament building in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/05/2012
  • Ukrainian MPs back bill to boost status of Russian (BBC News) 06/05/2012
  • Ukraine protesters clash over Russian language bill (Europe Online) 06/05/2012
  • Regions Party suggests debating language bill at national roundtable discussion (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/05/2012
  • Ukraine Starts Offshore Tender (The Moscow Times) 06/05/2012
  • Ukraine Offers Gas Permits to Weaken Russia Reliance, Boyko Says (BusinessWeek) 06/05/2012
  • Ukraine's Grain Exports Declined 45% in May, ProAgro Says (Bloomberg) 06/05/2012
  • Shevchenko: Ukraine can reach Euro 2012 final (Yahoo/ 06/05/2012
  • Euro 2012: Are France Serious Contenders in Poland and Ukraine? (Bleacher Report) 06/05/2012
  • Ukraine: Friendlier Than You Think! (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) 06/05/2012
  • Euro 2012 Leaves Ukraine Rocked by Racism Controversy (The Moscow Times) 06/05/2012
  • Zhevaho: Vorskla Steel project delayed by Ukraine credit problems (Ukrainian Journal) 06/05/2012

  • Unfortunately, EUs latest actions repel Ukraine and it turns to Russia: organization president (Focus) 06/04/2012
  • Euro 2012: Around 10,000 tickets still available for matches, including England's opener against France, in Ukraine (New York Daily News) 06/04/2012
  • Libya military court jails accused foreign mercenaries (Reuters) 06/04/2012
  • Tourism Review: Ukrainian violence, racism ensure UK's fans don't travel for Euro 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interax-Russia) 06/04/2012
  • Ukraine's Own Goal (Project Syndicate) 06/04/2012
  • Eastern Promises From Ukraine And Poland But Will UEFA's Gamble Pay Off? (Forbes) 06/04/2012
  • Race to the bottom: UK media compete to outscare each other over 'racist' Ukraine (Russia Today) 06/04/2012
  • Photo: A view shows Andriyivsky Uzviz (Descent) in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/04/2012
  • Photo: A view shows the Saint Andrew's or Andreevskaya Church in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/04/2012
  • Photo: A view shows Mikhailovskaya Square in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/04/2012
  • Photo: A view shows St Sophia's square, with a monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky (R), a 17th century Cossack leader, in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/04/2012
  • Photo: A view shows the National Opera House in Kiev (Yahoo/Reuters) 06/04/2012
  • Popov: Hereha to fulfill Kyiv mayor's duties (Kyiv Post/Interax-Russia) 06/04/2012
  • Tymoshenko gas contract OK, says Putin (UPI) 06/04/2012
  • Ukraine invites Black Sea offshore bids (Reuters) 06/04/2012
  • Gazprom readies for S. Stream construction (UPI) 06/04/2012
  • Foreign Ministry: Lawyers for Ukrainians sentenced to ten years in jail in Libya to appeal guilty verdict (Kyiv Post/Interax-Russia) 06/04/2012
  • Libya jails Russia, Ukraine, Belarus 'mercenaries' [19 Ukrainians sentenced to 10 years' hard labour] (Google/AFP) 06/04/2012
  • Libya jails Eastern European mercenaries accused of working for Khadafy (NY Post/AFP) 06/04/2012
  • Soccer for billionaires (Deutsche Welle) 06/04/2012
  • Euro 2012 preview: Co-hosts Ukraine with little hope on Euro debut (IBN Live) 06/04/2012
  • Counting down the days to EURO (UEFA) 06/04/2012
  • Germans head to Euro 2012 in confident mood (Google/AFP) 06/04/2012
  • Top Ten: Players To Watch At Euro 2012 ( 06/04/2012
  • Frescoes, monuments & skyscrapers - the hidden gems awaiting Euro 2012 fans in Poland & Ukraine ( 06/04/2012
  • Euro 2012: A soccer fan's walking guide to Kiev (Reuters) 06/04/2012
  • Footie girls hire plane over Ukraine safety fears (The Sun) 06/04/2012
  • Foreign Ministry: Bus with Ukrainians overturns in Romania, one killed, 12 injured (Kyiv Post/Interax-Russia) 06/04/2012
  • 600th anniversary of Roman Catholic see in Ukraine (Catholic Culture) 06/04/2012
  • Should Israel Have Gone With Yiddish? Hebrew Is More Universal Toungue of Jews (The Forward) 06/04/2012
  • Italian fashion house Prada opens first store in Ukraine ( 06/04/2012

  • Jonathan Wilson: Euro 2012 Preview: Ukraine ( 06/03/2012
  • The Rumble in the Rada (Huffington Post) 06/03/2012
  • NATO set to support reforms in Ukraine (Zee News) 06/03/2012
  • Ukraine: an orange era gone bitter (Financial Times) 06/03/2012
  • Ukraine Invites Bids for Black Sea Oil, Gas Exploration, FT Says (Bloomberg) 06/03/2012
  • Euro 2012: Group D Preview: Ukraine, England, France, Sweden (Bleacher Report) 06/03/2012
  • Euro 2012 team guide: No 13 Ukraine (Morning Star) 06/03/2012
  • Five Things to Remember On Your Ukrainian Adventure (Forbes) 06/03/2012
  • Ten questions to be answered at Euro 2012 (Fox News) 06/03/2012
  • Oranje fever takes hold in Holland, freebies abound ( 06/03/2012
  • Was Kiev Beating Anti-Semitic Act? Some See Return of Old Hatreds, But Others Have Doubts (The Forward) 06/03/2012
  • Ukrainian culture offered for summer [Canada] (Vernon Morning Star) 06/03/2012
  • Euro buzz builds (China Daily) 06/03/2012
  • The Euro 2012 welcome that awaits in Ukraine. Racism, corruption, human rights abuse could it be any worse for the co-hosts of Euro 2012? (Daily Telegraph) 06/03/2012
  • Ukraine and the EU: A vicious circle? (EurActiv) 06/03/2012
  • Ukrainian Analyst, Invited by Opposition, Barred at Airport [Olexander Solontay] (The Moscow Times) 06/03/2012
  • NATO Interested in Missile Defense Cooperation with Ukraine Brengelmann (RIA Novosti) 06/03/2012
  • Ukraine : Coca-Cola Hellenic cuts CO2 emissions with advanced energy-efficient power at its plant in Ukraine (Utility Products) 06/03/2012
  • Ukraine's drive for shale gas lacks some vital parts (Financial Times) 06/03/2012

  • Euro 2012 host Ukraine tries stray dogs sterilisation scheme (Yahoo/AFP) 06/02/2012
  • Ukrainian community celebrates 100 years in Calgary (660 News) 06/02/2012
  • Jailed Ukrainian Ex-Minister Throws Book At Judiciary [Lutsenko] (RFE/RL) 06/02/2012
  • Euro 2012: Andriy Shevchenko dreams Kiev final provides fitting end (The Guardian) 06/02/2012
  • 7 In Your Neighborhood: International Voices Project (ABC News) 06/02/2012
  • Ukraine Starts Free Trade With EFTA (PR Newswire) 06/02/2012
  • Photo: Los Angeles Kings' Rob Scuderi, left, and New Jersey Devils' Alexei Ponikarovsky, of Ukraine, collide behind the goal during the second period of Game 2 of the NHL hockey Stanley Cup finals (Yahoo/AP) 06/02/2012
  • Euro: la question du boycott de l'Ukraine par l'UE n'est 'pas d'actualite' (Aufait Maroc) 06/02/2012
  • Ukraine has its problems... but it could be a great trip (The Independent) 06/02/2012
  • Photo: A woman wears a blue wig and holds a rainbow-colored flag as she attends the Baltic Pride event in Riga June 2, 2012. Several hundred gay and lesbian rights activists and their supporters from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan marched to demand equal rights for gays and lesbians. (Reuters AlertNet) 06/02/2012
  • NATO official not sure if Ukraine is ready to cooperate in anti-missile defense (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/02/2012
  • German Ambassador: Ukraine has chance to get closer to Europe (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/02/2012
  • Ukraine Starts Free Trade With EFTA (MarketWatch/PRNewswire) 06/02/2012
  • Poles take football racism lies protest to BBCs door (The Scotsman) 06/02/2012
  • Euro 2012 Preview: Group D ( 06/02/2012
  • President's Claim of God Being Bulgarian Irks Ukrainian MPs (Novinite) 06/02/2012
  • A divinely inspired composer. Vladimir Pleshakovs music didnt come to him until age 75, then it went to Carnegie Hall (Register Star) 06/02/2012

  • Ukrainian Govt's Monolingualism Diagnosis. By Alexander J. Motyl (World Affairs Journal) 06/01/2012
  • Italy, Czechs, Ukraine all beaten (ESPN) 06/01/2012
  • Ukraine leader urges heightened security measures for Euro (Chicago Tribune/Reuters) 06/01/2012
  • Euro 2012: Ukraine's festering football racism. Victim of abuse says Sol Campbell is right black fans should stay at home (Guardian) 06/01/2012
  • Euro co-hosts Ukraine beaten by Austria in Innsbruck (Chicago Tribune/Reuters) 06/01/2012
  • Second Half ends, Austria 3, Ukraine 2. (ESPN) 06/01/2012
  • Ukrainian Catholic community celebrating historic visit. Patriarch of the church makes first Canadian pastoral visit (Calgary Herald) 06/01/2012
  • Movies: 'Chernobyl Diaries,' 'Crooked Arrows' & 'Headhunters' (Westport News) 06/01/2012
  • Website for train tickets is disaster (Kyiv Post) 06/01/2012
  • Court: Ukraine meeting Tymoshenko's needs (UPI) 06/01/2012
  • Stalin's savage legacy and the ugly scene when I took a black football fan to the Ukranian city where England play this month (Daily Mail) 06/01/2012
  • European Court of Human Rights Rules Tymoshenko is Well Treated in Ukraine (MarketWatch/PRNewswire) 06/01/2012
  • Ukraines business class and Viktor Yanukovych (UPI) 06/01/2012
  • The political death of Ukrainian parliamentarism (EurActiv) 06/01/2012
  • Photo: French Sports and Youth Minister Valerie Fourneyron is pictured prior to the start of the friendly football match at the Auguste Delaune stadium in Reims. Fourneyron said Thursday that she and her cabinet colleagues will boycott Euro 2012 matches in Ukraine to protest the treatment of jailed opposition figure Yulia Tymoshenko. (Yahoo/AFP) 06/01/2012
  • Germanys Commerzbank Group in talks to sell Forum Bank subsidiary (Ukrainian Journal) 06/01/2012
  • Toxic rocket fuel component removed in Ukraine ahead of European football championship (OSCE) 06/01/2012
  • Shevchenko dreams of home glory (Independent Online/SAPA) 06/01/2012
  • French to boycott Ukraine Euro 2012 games (Ukrainian Journal) 06/01/2012
  • Euro 2012 - Matchpack: Austria v Ukraine (Yahoo/Eurosport) 06/01/2012
  • Phshonka: Investigators prove $2 million transferred from Tymoshenko, Lazarenko firms to Scherban's killers (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/01/2012
  • Yuschenko [Yushchenko] poisoning inquiry could be closed before year end (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 06/01/2012
  • Two men arrested in connection with April Dnipropetrovsk blasts (Ukrainian Journal) 06/01/2012
  • 4 men detained in east Ukraine bombings (Yahoo/AP) 06/01/2012
  • Ukraine Can Help EU Economy Recover - Deputy PM (Yahoo/PRNewswire) 06/01/2012
  • PM orders energy ministry to get ready for Russian Khmelnytsky loan (Ukrainian Journal) 06/01/2012
  • EURO 2012: Boycott Ukraine? (B92) 06/01/2012
  • Why Boycotting Ukraine Not The Answer... (Football365) 06/01/2012
  • Italy would quit Euros if asked: Prandelli (Rediff/Reuters) 06/01/2012
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

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