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Thu, June 20, 11:19 EDT
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  • Case against Tymoshenko about to collapse (Ukrainian Journal) 07/29/2011
  • Ukraine and Russia drifting toward confrontation over natgas prices (Ukrainian Journal) 07/29/2011
  • US default could mean big Ukraine trouble, according to Thyhypko (Ukrainian Journal) 07/29/2011
  • Russia’s Sberbank loans $376 million to Ukraine’s Ukravtodor (Ukrainian Journal) 07/29/2011
  • 16 killed in Ukrainian coal mine blast (TVNZ) 07/29/2011
  • At least 16 killed, 9 missing after blast at Ukrainian coal mine (Europe Online Magazine) 07/29/2011
  • At least 17 killed in 2 mine accidents in Ukraine ( 07/29/2011
  • At least 16 killed in blast at Ukrainian coal mine (Reuters) 07/29/2011
  • Yanukovych decides to improve procedure for payment of public utility services (Kyiv Post) 07/29/2011
  • Blackburn accept bid for Kalinic (AFP) 07/29/2011
  • Can Ukraine join Europe as Yanukovych takes it away from EU values? (Kyiv Post) 07/29/2011
  • Ukraine: agrarians harvested grains throughout over 80% of the areas - N.Prysiazhnyuk (AgriMarket) 07/29/2011
  • Batkivschyna: French ambassador alarmed at 'political grounds' for trial against Tymoshenko (Kyiv Post) 07/29/2011
  • Additional news "Political news" (Baku Today) 07/29/2011
  • Witness: Tymoshenko's instructions on gas issues in 2009 cannot be considered as governmental (Kyiv Post) 07/29/2011
  • London 2012... and legendary Ukrainian athletes (Kyiv Post) 07/29/2011
  • Witness: Ukraine suffered losses due to gas contracts (Kyiv Post) 07/29/2011
  • Trial over Tymoshenko case hears energy ministry's deputy department head Borodin (Kyiv Post) 07/29/2011
  • On the move: Fedor Ogarkov, Media Group Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 07/29/2011
  • Undemocratic values will isolate Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 07/29/2011
  • Can Ukraine Join Europe as Yanukovych Moves Away from EU Values? (Brookings Institution) 07/29/2011
  • Witness: Tymoshenko's instructions on gas issues were not governmental (Kyiv Post) 07/29/2011
  • Officials: at least 17 killed, 9 missing in 2 accidents in Ukrainian coal mines (Brandon Sun) 07/29/2011
  • Medvedev sends condolences over Luhansk mine tragedy (Kyiv Post) 07/29/2011
  • Blast at Ukrainian coal mine kills 16 (AlertNet) 07/29/2011
  • Undemocratic values will isolate Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 07/29/2011
  • Massive potential in Ukraine (Stock and Land) 07/29/2011
  • Vorskla Poltava 0-0 Sligo Rovers ( 07/29/2011
  • Cold Cave and Austra - The Ukrainian Cultural Center - 7/27/11 (LA Weekly (blog)) 07/29/2011
  • 173rd Airborne BCT Soldiers jump into Ukraine with paratroopers from 5 nations (United States Army) 07/29/2011
  • In 2017 Ukraine to be able to export 45 mln tonnes of grains – expert (Agrimarket Consulting) 07/29/2011
  • 17-fold increase of Ukraine's vegetable exports to Russia over last 5 years (Agricultural Marketing Project) 07/29/2011
  • Georgian church leader calls for peace with Russia (Associated Press) 07/29/2011
  • Justice in Ukraine (The Economist) 07/29/2011
  • Can The 'Medvedev Moment' Be Saved For Karabakh? (RFE/RL) 07/29/2011
  • Baku Sends Former Regime Foe To Iran (RFE/RL) 07/29/2011
  • Belarus Lawyer Unable To Visit Client (RFE/RL) 07/29/2011
  • As Moscow Renovates Sidewalks, Corruption Suspicions Abound (RFE/RL) 07/29/2011

  • Foreign ministry calls on opposition to support deals with EU (Ukrainian Journal) 07/28/2011
  • Foreign Ministry: Interstate Commission meeting date still unclear (Ukrainian Journal) 07/28/2011
  • Ukranafta appeals Stockholm ruling to pay $146.9 million to US company (Ukrainian Journal) 07/28/2011
  • Judge rejects call for Tymoshenko arrest (Ukrainian Journal) 07/28/2011
  • Ukraine court rejects arrest of ex-PM Tymoshenko (Vancouver Sun) 07/28/2011
  • Czech roots give Belgian ambassador insight into Ukrainian culture, mentality (Kyiv Post) 07/28/2011
  • Ukrainian cabinet ready to create local offices of Pension Fund (Kyiv Post) 07/28/2011
  • Tymoshenko asking court to withdraw prosecutor, admit three counsels (Kyiv Post) 07/28/2011
  • Sberbank confirms information on providing of $376 million to Ukravtodor (Kyiv Post) 07/28/2011
  • Jamala in Jurmala (Kyiv Post) 07/28/2011
  • Karavan decides to develop Topmart discount store chain in Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 07/28/2011
  • Can Ukraine join Europe as Yanukovych takes it away from EU values? (Kyiv Post) 07/28/2011
  • Ukraine, Turkey to change terms of air services agreement (Kyiv Post) 07/28/2011
  • Ukrainian court turns down request to arrest ex-PM Tymoshenko in abuse-of-office trial (Brandon Sun) 07/28/2011
  • Court won't jail former prime minister (UPI) 07/28/2011
  • Plea to arrest Ukraine's Tymoshenko rejected (Washington Examiner) 07/28/2011
  • Ukrainian nationalists hold demonstration against Russian Orthodox Church in central Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 07/28/2011
  • Ukraine court rejects arrest of ex-PM Tymoshenko ( 07/28/2011
  • Tymoshenko not planning to leave Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 07/28/2011
  • Patriarch Kirill praises development of theology in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 07/28/2011
  • A Tale Of Two Contrasting Teams And Two Contrasting Managers (SB Nation) 07/28/2011
  • Ukrainian cabinet ready to create local offices of Pension Fund (Interfax) 07/28/2011
  • Pukach's trial postponed again (Kyiv Post) 07/28/2011
  • Three Slavic nations celebrate Christianization Day (Voice of Russia) 07/28/2011
  • Orthodox faith shared legacy (Voice of Russia) 07/28/2011
  • Ukraine hikes grain harvest estimate - again ( 07/28/2011
  • Cook refuses to alter Sligo style despite Ukraine heat (Irish Independent) 07/28/2011
  • Ukrainian Party Intends to Join Putin's All-Russia People's Front (Moscow Times) 07/28/2011
  • UN Notices 35% Increase In Foreign Direct Investments In Ukraine Over 2010 (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/28/2011
  • China's aircraft carrier revealed ( 07/28/2011
  • State Partnership Program demonstrates true collaboration with California (DVIDS) 07/28/2011
  • Ukraine International launches flights from Kiev Borispol to Moscow Domodedovo ( 07/28/2011
  • Ukraine's former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (R) walks after a court session in Kiev July 6, 2011 (Reuters) 07/28/2011
  • Heat And Fire Return To Russia As Questions Linger Over Deaths In 2010 (RFE/RL) 07/28/2011
  • Searching For The Truth In Georgia's Spy Cases (RFE/RL) 07/28/2011
  • Russian Activists 'Beaten' Trying To Stop Historic Building's Demolition (RFE/RL) 07/28/2011
  • Armenia Wins World Chess Title, Ukraine Takes Third (RFE/RL) 07/28/2011
  • Caspian Sea States On Course For Naval Arms Race (RFE/RL) 07/28/2011

  • Corruption could mar financial law’s effectiveness, says banker (Ukrainian Journal) 07/27/2011
  • Yanukovych and Medvedev to chair Interstate Commission in fall (Ukrainian Journal) 07/27/2011
  • Police drag Yulia supporters from court (Ukrainian Journal) 07/27/2011
  • Ukraine will restrict land sales after ban is lifted, official says (Ukrainian Journal) 07/27/2011
  • Ukraine hopes for Singapore's assistance in shipbuilding (Kyiv Post) 07/27/2011
  • Plea to arrest Ukraine's Tymoshenko rejected (MetroNews Canada) 07/27/2011
  • Ukrainian court turns down request to arrest ex-PM Tymoshenko (Winnipeg Free Press) 07/27/2011
  • Ukrainian Court Refuses Plea To Arrest Former PM Tymoshenko (RTT News) 07/27/2011
  • Istanbul - meeting place for TOP-companies selling sunflower oil (AgriMarket) 07/27/2011
  • Azarov: No reason for price of bread to rise in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 07/27/2011
  • Kyiv hopes Russia and NATO find common approach to missile defense, says Ukrainian diplomat (Kyiv Post) 07/27/2011
  • Ukraine: Turkish national convicted for spying (Kyiv Post) 07/27/2011
  • Ukrainian president holds private meeting with Patriarch Kirill in Crimea (Kyiv Post) 07/27/2011
  • Kolesnikov: Ukraine to buy flight simulators for Boeing and Airbus pilots (Kyiv Post) 07/27/2011
  • Ex-Ukraine leader: Charges never explained (UPI) 07/27/2011
  • 14 indicted in Calif. on charges of arranging sham marriages for Russian, Ukrainian immigrants (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune) 07/27/2011
  • FC Dynamo Kyiv 0-2 FC Rubin Kazan ( 07/27/2011
  • Fenerbahce punished over crowd trouble (Fox News) 07/27/2011
  • Ukraine borrows $376 mln from Russia's Sberbank (Reuters) 07/27/2011
  • Ukraine's budget deficit totals UAH 10.4b in H1, 2011, says finance ministry (Interfax) 07/27/2011
  • Ukrainian president informally meets with Patriarch Kirill in Crimea (Interfax-Religion) 07/27/2011
  • Ukrainian PM orders to hasten salaries' increase to state employees (Interfax) 07/27/2011
  • Georgian, Russian Patriarchs met in Kiev (News.Az) 07/27/2011
  • Viettel delegation explores Ukraine broadband project (Telecompaper) 07/27/2011
  • Ukraine proscutors ask for Tymoshenko's arrest (eTaiwan News) 07/27/2011
  • Ukrainian business boosts bond loans by over 14 times in H1, 2011, says SCSSM (Interfax) 07/27/2011
  • Russia, Ukraine commemorate legendary spy (Voice of Russia) 07/27/2011
  • FC Dymano (Kyiv) - Rubin (Kazan) 0-2 In Third Qualifying Round Of Champions League (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/27/2011
  • China says its first aircraft carrier being refitted (Reuters) 07/27/2011
  • Poland Still Supports Ukraine's Oil Pipeline ( 07/27/2011
  • Armenian Parties To Talk Early Elections (RFE/RL) 07/27/2011
  • And Now Begins The Propaganda Phase... (RFE/RL) 07/27/2011
  • Belarus And Norway Reflected In The Mirror Of Terrorism (RFE/RL) 07/27/2011
  • Some Chechen Commanders Reaffirm Loyalty To Umarov (RFE/RL) 07/27/2011
  • Tweets Made Evidence In Tymoshenko Trial (RFE/RL) 07/27/2011
  • Russian TV Crew 'Assaulted' By Military (RFE/RL) 07/27/2011
  • Russia, Azerbaijan Discuss Radar Lease (RFE/RL) 07/27/2011
  • Russian Protesters Arrested Demanding Activist's Release (RFE/RL) 07/27/2011

  • AIDS Meds Blocked At Customs In Ukraine (Kiev Ukraine) 07/26/2011
  • US court postpones Tymoshenko lawsuit consideration until September (Ukrainian Journal) 07/26/2011
  • Proposed land market law won’t help land market, says consultant (Ukrainian Journal) 07/26/2011
  • President sacks regulator suspected of taking $500,000 bribe (Ukrainian Journal) 07/26/2011
  • Tymoshenko asks for swift EU trade action (Ukrainian Journal) 07/26/2011
  • All about feed: Ukrainian poultry poisoned by toxic feed (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • Civil Georgia: Georgian, Russian patriarchs to meet in Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • One miner killed, 3 missing after Ukrainian mine accident (RIA Novosti) 07/26/2011
  • RIA Novosti: 1 miner killed, 3 missing after Ukrainian mine accident (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • Kazakhstan is afraid of competition from Russian and Ukrainian grain markets - Ministry of Agriculture (AgriMarket) 07/26/2011
  • Waffles keep Belgian-Ukrainian relations sweet (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • UkrAgroConsult: KyivKhlyb was able to raise Hr 150 million from placement of securities (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • Medvedev likely to visit Ukraine in fall (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • NTD Television: Retirement age will rise for Ukrainian women (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • Number of cholera cases in Donetsk region soars to 27 (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • Kazakhstan worried by Russian and Ukrainian competition on grain market (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • Wholesale vegetable market and storage network to cover most of Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • Armenia, Ukraine and China challengers for gold medal at World Team Chess Championship (PanARMENIAN.Net) 07/26/2011
  • U.S., Polish, Ukrainian pilots train for soccer tournament security (Stars and Stripes) 07/26/2011
  • Tymoshenko calls on EU to sign Association Agreement with Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • South of Ukraine believes that life would be much better without Galicia in the country (Baku Today) 07/26/2011
  • Ukraine Blocks AIDS Boxes (Moscow Times) 07/26/2011
  • Tymoshenko calling on EU leaders to prevent disruption of Ukraine-EU association agreement (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • The Voice of Russia: Families of dead Soviet soldiers contacted (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • Trend News Agency: Georgian Patriarch leaves for Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • Ex-Husker Burroughs wins first international title (Omaha World-Herald) 07/26/2011
  • Ukrainian ambassador to UK slams comparison of Khodorkovsky, Tymoshenko trials (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • Telecompaper: Life:) increases data speed by 25% in 8 regions, Crimea (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • Adelaide United sign Ukrainian veteran (Soccer Way) 07/26/2011
  • Yanukovych dismisses Volha as head of financial service markets regulator (Kyiv Post) 07/26/2011
  • Reds sign experienced Levchenko (Adelaide Now) 07/26/2011
  • U.S., Armenia To Conduct Joint Exercises (RFE/RL) 07/26/2011
  • Prison Slams Khodorkovsky Cohort (RFE/RL) 07/26/2011
  • Russians Remember Performer Vysotsky (RFE/RL) 07/26/2011
  • Belarus Catholics Bid Cardinal Farewell (RFE/RL) 07/26/2011
  • Hungary's Anti-Semitic Double Standard (RFE/RL) 07/26/2011
  • Cyber-Westphalia And Its Disruptors (RFE/RL) 07/26/2011
  • Daghestani Villagers Face Deportation From Azerbaijan (RFE/RL) 07/26/2011
  • What's Belarus Doing In Breivik's Manifesto? (RFE/RL) 07/26/2011

  • EBRD, EIB to provide $308m for Ukraine's gas transportation system upgrade (EBR) 07/25/2011
  • Ukraine Harvests 22.7 Million Tons of Grain, Researcher Says (Bloomberg) 07/25/2011
  • Ukraine Ratings to Improve If Utility Bills Rise, Citigroup Says (Bloomberg) 07/25/2011
  • Homeless Animals Poisoned to Death in Ukraine (NTDTV) 07/25/2011
  • Yanukovych signs law on amnesty in 2011 (Interfax-Russia) 07/25/2011
  • Government paying co UAH4.9 billion for plastic demarcation posts (Ukrainian Journal) 07/25/2011
  • PayPal joins clampdown on Russian [and Ukranian] piracy websites (Daily Telegraph) 07/25/2011
  • Cabinet to improve subway mobile Internet access for Euro 2012 (Ukrainian Journal) 07/25/2011
  • Ukraine condemns Norway terrorist attacks (Ukrainian Journal) 07/25/2011
  • Court wants to restrict Yulia Tymoshenkos right to free speech (UNIAN) 07/25/2011
  • Trial puts Tymoshenko back in the spotlight (The Independent) 07/25/2011
  • Video: Ukraine's Ex-Premier Yulia Tymoshenko Goes on Trial (NTDTV) 07/25/2011
  • Judge refuses to give Tymoshenko attorneys more time to study case (Ukrainian Journal) 07/25/2011
  • Court refuses to close gas case against Tymoshenko (Interfax-Russia) 07/25/2011
  • Two 2011 NCAA mat champs medal in Kiev: Burroughs wins gold, Reader gets bronze (Examiner) 07/25/2011
  • UIM F1 H2O World Championship : Kiev could be key event for title hopes (BYM News) 07/25/2011
  • Adelaide sign Levchenko (FIFA) 07/25/2011
  • World championships swimming results (Yahoo/AP) 07/25/2011
  • Gay church in Donetsk prays for tolerance (Kyiv Post) 07/25/2011
  • Experts do not forecast fall in parking costs in Kyiv (Interfax-Russia) 07/25/2011
  • Ukrainian president dismisses Volha as head of financial service markets regulator (Interfax-Russia) 07/25/2011

  • Young Ukrainian can make WSOP history (Boston Herald) 07/24/2011
  • Tymoshenko Says Accusations Political (Moscow Times) 07/24/2011
  • Three Indians go down fighting in AIBA World Jr Boxing (Times of India) 07/24/2011
  • Independence Diaries: Vigilance (Kyiv Post) 07/24/2011

  • Court to continue hearing gas case against Tymoshenko on Monday (Interfax-Russia) 07/23/2011
  • Russia's Zvonareva beats Ukraine's Koryttseva, advances to Baku Cup final (Wash Post) 07/23/2011
  • Ukrainian PM sends condolences to Norwegian counterpart (Interfax-Russia) 07/23/2011
  • Ukraine's health system not ready for insurance medicine, says minister (Interfax-Russia) 07/23/2011
  • Baltic or bust: Exploring the Houston Museum of Natural Science's Ancient Ukraine exhibition (Culture Map) 07/23/2011
  • Ukrainians bringing flowers, candles to Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv (Interfax-Russia) 07/23/2011

  • Time For Kyiv to Choose Between East and West (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 07/22/2011
  • VIDEO: Turkish soccer fans stage riot in protest for team president (Guyism) 07/22/2011
  • Ukraine's Only Astronaut Sad To See Space Shuttle Program End (RFE/RL) 07/22/2011
  • Ukraine's Sovereign Debt Rose 4.1% in June on Eurobond Sale (Bloomberg) 07/22/2011
  • Ukraines Credit Rating May Be Raised on IMF Loan, Economy (Bloomberg) 07/22/2011
  • Ukraine and the South Stream bogeyman (New Europe) 07/22/2011
  • UGCC head calls on faithful to celebrate baptism of Rus and to reconcile with brothers in faith (RISU) 07/22/2011
  • Ukraine. State Agency of Land Resources: State will possess third of land, pri?e of ha will make up 20,000 (Black Sea Grain/Ukrinform) 07/22/2011
  • Fenerbahce fans invade pitch, game abandoned (Sacramento Bee/AP) 07/22/2011
  • Voskoboeva beats 2nd-seeded Pavlyuchenkova in Baku (Yahoo/AP) 07/22/2011
  • Metalist Kharkiv target Napoli's Jose Sosa - report. The 26-year-old midfielder has emerged as a transfer target for the Ukrainian side, who are looking to strengthen for an assault on the Europa League next season (Goal) 07/22/2011
  • Ukrainian woman killed, EU citizens injured in bus crash in Rivne region, say traffic police (Interfax-Russia) 07/22/2011
  • Crimea city mayor orders blacks off Black Sea beach (Ria Novosti) 07/22/2011
  • Ukraine's Vanquished Jews: Wounds still sore 70 years after Holocaust [Part 5, final] (Kyiv Post) 07/22/2011
  • Powering Up Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 07/22/2011
  • Ukraine shows signs of opening energy sector to investors (Kyiv Post) 07/22/2011
  • Research and Markets: Ukraine Commercial Banking Report Q2 2011: Outlook for Ukraine's Commercial Banking Sector Remains Bleak (Benzinga) 07/22/2011
  • Fitch revises eight Ukrainian banks' outlooks to positive on sovereign change (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/22/2011
  • Modernising Ukraine's gas transport system (The Financial) 07/22/2011
  • Zaporizhtransformator to launch 8 transformers at Spain solar plants (Ukrainian Journal) 07/22/2011
  • Around 1% of the medicine sold in Ukraine is fake, official says (Ukrainian Journal) 07/22/2011
  • Government of Ukraine respects judicial process [Letter from Mr Volodymyr Khandogiy] (Financial Times) 07/22/2011
  • Yanukovych signs law to ease procedure for considering administrative violation cases during Euro 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/22/2011
  • Tymoshenko owes over $405 million to Russians, according to prosecutor (Ukrainian Journal) 07/22/2011
  • Tymoshenko: My new lawyers need more time (Ukrainian Journal) 07/22/2011
  • New York court postpones consideration of Tymoshenko's lawsuit (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/22/2011
  • Authorities ready to arrest Tymoshenko says Ukrainian opposition deputy (RIA Novosti) 07/22/2011
  • Prosecutor finishes reading indictment of Tymoshenko (UNIAN) 07/22/2011
  • Ukraine's Tymoshenko mocks court in trial (San Jose Mercury/AP) 07/22/2011
  • More stick, less carrot best in dealing with Yanukovych (Kyiv Post) 07/22/2011
  • Three British Ukrainians caught up in center of Murdoch media scandal (Kyiv Post) 07/22/2011

  • Young gleans positives from Ukraine defeat (Belfast Newsletter) 07/21/2011
  • Jennifer Lopez shakes it like a single lady in Ukraine [Video] (Los Angeles Times) 07/21/2011
  • Fruit and vegetable prices in Russia higher than in Ukraine (Fruit-Inform) 07/21/2011
  • Wheat Falls as Importing Nations May Turn to Russia, Ukraine for Supplies (Bloomberg) 07/21/2011
  • Ukraine's Naftogaz borrows heavily to pay for Russian gas imports (Platts) 07/21/2011
  • Ukrainian poultry poisoned by toxic feed ( 07/21/2011
  • Ukraine's Outlook Raised to Positive by Fitch on Budget Gap (BusinessWeek/Bloomberg) 07/21/2011
  • Detained financial regulator suspected of taking $500,000 bribe (Ukrainian Journal) 07/21/2011
  • Presidential decree on measures to find, research and organize the burial places of war, political repression and other tragedies of the Ukrainian people ( 07/21/2011
  • Bondarenko upsets Makarova in Baku (Star/AP) 07/21/2011
  • Georgian Embassy apologizes for beating Ukrainian photographer (Kyiv Post) 07/21/2011
  • Two Ukrainian nationalists get suspended jail terms over Victory Day riots (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/21/2011
  • Herman dismisses criticism from Freedom House, Atlantic Council (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/21/2011
  • Letter: Tymoshenko is side issue for EU Ukraine policy (Financial Times) 07/21/2011
  • Premier urges government to ensure creation of grain stockpile (Ukrainian Journal) 07/21/2011
  • Kyiv-Mohyla hit hardest as government slashes higher education (Kyiv Post) 07/21/2011
  • Naftogaz on massive borrowing spree to pay for July natgas imports (Ukrainian Journal) 07/21/2011
  • PM: Ukraine must stop external borrowing (Ukrainian Journal) 07/21/2011
  • MP Vecherko: Ukraine has reached final stage in action plan on cancellation of visa regime with EU (Interfax-Russia) 07/21/2011
  • Kuzmin: Tymoshenko owes over $405m to Russian companies, Russian Defense Ministry (Interfax-Russia) 07/21/2011
  • Lutsenkos defense wants to draw Yushchenko in trial (UNIAN) 07/21/2011

  • Virtual Media Centre To Be Launched By The International AIDS Society To Support Opioid Substitution Therapy In Eastern Europe And Central Asia (Medical News Today) 07/20/2011
  • NATO to send consultants to help reform Ukrainian Armed Forces (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/20/2011
  • 15 Minutes Of Applause For Belarusian Opposition [Ukrainian activists held a solidarity rally with the Belarusian opposition near Minsk's embassy in Kyiv...clapping outlawed in Belarus] (RFE/RL) 07/20/2011
  • UEFA reminds Ukraine that stadiums for Euro 2012 have to meet all necessary criteria (Interfax-Russia) 07/20/2011
  • Jennifer Lopez Declares She's Happy at a Wedding in Ukraine (AceShowbiz) 07/20/2011
  • Jennifer Lopez at Ukraine Wedding Gig: "I'm Happy!" (Us Magazine) 07/20/2011
  • Topless women protesters of group Femen, attacked by security guard outside embassy in Ukraine (NY Daily News) 07/20/2011
  • The first An-148 for Polet handed over to the airline (4-Traders) 07/20/2011
  • Ukrainian, Russian specialists discuss optimization of Crimea-Kuban ferry (Interfax-Russia) 07/20/2011
  • Western Air Defense sector in Eastern Europe (DVIDS) 07/20/2011
  • Belarus Cracks Down on Clapping Protesters [dated 7/3/2011] (NY Times) 07/20/2011
  • EU proposes tougher bank rules (Kyiv Post/AP) 07/20/2011
  • Divorcing J Lo plays wedding in Ukraine (GlobalPost) 07/20/2011
  • Swimming-World championships medallists (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/20/2011
  • Swimming-World championships collated medals tables (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/20/2011
  • Baku Cup womens singles second round results (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/20/2011
  • eResearch Issues Initiating Report on Black Iron Inc. (MarketWatch) 07/20/2011
  • Traders see quick return of Ukraine wheat to Egypt (Reuters) 07/20/2011
  • Kyiv region to get EUR 1 m under EU and UNDP project this year (Interfax-Russia) 07/20/2011
  • Ukraine Insists on Solidifying its European Integration Perspective in the Association Agreement With the EU (PRNewswire) 07/20/2011
  • Ukraine upgrades gas pipes - Russia pushes Nord and South Stream (New Europe) 07/20/2011
  • Ukraine expects Moscow to help modernize gas transport system: PM (People's Daily Online) 07/20/2011
  • Experts note Ukrainians' ambiguous attitude to reforms in country (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/20/2011
  • State regulation of prices for medicine could be introduced in Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/20/2011
  • All pharmacy kiosks to close in Ukrainian cities (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/20/2011
  • Foreign Ministry: Children with suspected food poisoning in Bulgaria in stable condition (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/20/2011
  • Azarov orders health minister to resolve problem with medicines for haemophiliacs (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/20/2011
  • Azarov: Ukraine should create maximum stocks of grain (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/20/2011
  • Ukrainian PM [Nikolai Azarov] urges foreign debt restrictions (RIA Novosti) 07/20/2011
  • Natural World Organization: Tymoshenko case appears to be politically motivated, weak and fabricated (Kyiv Post) 07/20/2011
  • Medvedev may meet with Ukrainian president on July 31 in Sevastopol (Ukrainian Journal) 07/20/2011
  • Head of non-bank financial regulator held on corruption charges (Ukrainian Journal) 07/20/2011
  • Ukraine begins modernization of lines moving Russian natgas to Europe (Ukrainian Journal) 07/20/2011
  • VIDEO: Rupert Murdoch hit in face with pie during hearings with British lawmakers over phone hacking scandal (Saratogian/AP) 07/20/2011
  • Leading Russian law firm enters Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 07/20/2011
  • Energy and Politics - The Love-Hate Relationship between Russia and Ukraine (Oil Price) 07/20/2011
  • In Briefs: Ukrainian Press Freedom [dated 7/19/2011] (Transitions Online) 07/20/2011
  • 'It's risky to walk in the city with syringes': understanding access to HIV/AIDS services for injecting drug users in the former Soviet Union countries of Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan (Globalization and Health) 07/20/2011
  • Vorksla Poltava v Glentoran (Thu) (BBC) 07/20/2011
  • 13 killed by earthquake in Uzbekistan (Kyiv Post/AP) 07/20/2011

  • Ukraine free-trade deal - a test of the EUs credibility (New Europe) 07/19/2011
  • Yuri Lutsenko: Views From a Prison Cell (Transitions Online) 07/19/2011
  • Africa increases imports of Ukrainian arms (UPI) 07/19/2011
  • Ukraine gets $308 million pledge for gas system (BusinessWeek) 07/19/2011
  • Surviving To Conquer Dostoevsky's '5 Elephants' (NPR) 07/19/2011
  • Topless Protesters Take on Georgia over Photographer Arrests (EurasiaNet) 07/19/2011
  • Jennifer Lopez Arrives in Ukraine for Reported $1 Million Wedding Gig [billionaire Serhiy Taruta's daughter] (Us Magazine) 07/19/2011
  • EPA&P and Magisters set for merger (Financial Times) 07/19/2011
  • Ukraine has its Yukos moment (Financial Times) 07/19/2011
  • In Briefs: Ukrainian Press Freedom (Transitions Online) 07/19/2011
  • Ukrainian journalists rally in support for Georgian photo-reporters accused of spying (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/19/2011
  • Ukraine's financial watchdog boss held over graft (Kyiv Post/Reuters) 07/19/2011
  • Ukraine to Reap 47.5 Million Tons of Grain, Confederation Says (Bloomberg) 07/19/2011
  • Unknown Ukranian player [Anton Makievskyi] leads with 22 remaining in WSOP Main Event (Las Vegas Review-Journal) 07/19/2011
  • Police Identify Suspect In PPPU Leader Korobchynskyi Murder (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/19/2011
  • Indian men lose to Ukraine, slid to 9th in World Team Chess (Times of India) 07/19/2011
  • Court continues hearings of Lutsenko case (Kyiv Post) 07/19/2011
  • An introduction to the final 21 players in the World Series of Poker Main Event [21-year old Ukrainian Anton Makiievskyi is at the top of the leader board with 21 million chips] (Las Vegas Sun) 07/19/2011
  • Bus with Ukrainian children overturns in Romania (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/19/2011
  • 14 Ukrainian Citizens Injured In Road Accident In Romania (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/19/2011
  • Ukraine threshes 15.6 million tons of grain as of July 18 (UkrAgroConsult) 07/19/2011
  • As of July 18, Ukraine produced 15.6 mln tonnes of grains (Agrimarket Consulting) 07/19/2011
  • Ukraine Launches Modernization Of Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhhorod Gas Pipeline (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/19/2011
  • Group of Friends of Ukraine met in Brussels [helping Ukraine to pursue the path of European integration] (The Baltic Course) 07/19/2011
  • Georgian embassy in Ukraine fires employee for insulting journalists (Trend News Agency) 07/19/2011
  • Ukraine free-trade deal - a test of the EU's credibility (New Europe) 07/19/2011
  • Bank Aval chairman critical of NBU moves against consumer crediting (Ukrainian Journal) 07/19/2011
  • Poll: Ukraine businessmen bullish on inflation, bearish on forex (Ukrainian Journal) 07/19/2011
  • Interest reported heavy in LNG regasification terminal project tender (Ukrainian Journal) 07/19/2011
  • Hacking suspect was police 'informer' while working as crime reporter for NoW (London Evening Standard) 07/19/2011
  • Top Tymoshenko lawyer removed from case (Ukrainian Journal) 07/19/2011
  • Vlasenko says Judge Kireyev illegally removed him from gas supply case (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/19/2011

  • Ukraine-IMF Deal Unlikely Before 2012 Elections, RenCap Says (Bloomberg) 07/18/2011
  • The largest wholesale market in Europe opens in Ukraine (FreshPlaza) 07/18/2011
  • Ukraine, EU to Prepare Free Trade Agreement in September (Bloomberg) 07/18/2011
  • Tymoshenko: Court verdict would not change anything in my life (Kyiv Post) 07/18/2011
  • Ukraine's President Demands 'Fair' Energy Bills, Water Meters (Bloomberg) 07/18/2011
  • Koryttseva upends Baltacha in Baku opener (Los Angeles Times) 07/18/2011
  • Georgian Embassy in Kiev Apologizes for Incident at Topless Protest (Civil Georgia) 07/18/2011
  • Infrastructure ministry to build brand new highway between Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/18/2011
  • Ukraine Limits on Foreign Loans 'Credit Positive,' Moody's Says (Bloomberg) 07/18/2011
  • Ukrainian Government confers honourary award on Rev. Gabriel Ansah (Joy Online) 07/18/2011
  • Jennifer Lopez Arrives In Ukraine, Marc Anthony Back in U.S. From Colombia! Post-Split, Theyre Worlds Apart! (Hollywood Life) 07/18/2011
  • Patriarch Filaret Appeals To President With Request For Lawsuits Against Former Politicians To Be Objective (RISU) 07/18/2011
  • Court upholds Yushchenko's decree honoring nationalists (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/18/2011
  • Tymoshenko refuses to answer questions in court (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/18/2011
  • Yalta memorial speech: Britain and Ukraine - partners for reform (British Embassy) 07/18/2011
  • Kulczyk Oil Ventures Inc.: Ukraine- Olgovskoye-14 Well Encounters Gas (Marketwire) 07/18/2011
  • Next Up for Wladamir Klitschko? Adamek, Chisora, Fury, Povetkin, Boystov or Haye (Bleacher Report) 07/18/2011
  • Will Ukraine join EU? (The Voice of Russia) 07/18/2011
  • Kolesnikov promises international audit of Euro 2012 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/18/2011
  • Belarus Seeks to Join Ukraine's LNG Project, Kommersant Says (Bloomberg) 07/18/2011
  • Ukrainian diasporans caught up in center of British media scandal [dated 7/15/2011] (Kyiv Post) 07/18/2011
  • J-Lo lands $1m Ukrainian wedding gig (Monsters and 07/18/2011
  • J-Lo to be paid ?620K to sing at wedding in Ukraine ( 07/18/2011
  • Ukrainian Days uphold Johnson City church's traditions (Press & Sun-Bulletin) 07/18/2011
  • Family fears Poole man Nigel Swain is victim of gangster dating scam (Bournemouth Echo) 07/18/2011
  • Research and Markets: Energy & Communications Infrastructure Construction in Ukraine to 2015: Market Snapshot (TMC Net) 07/18/2011
  • Kernel Slumps as ING Says Sell Ukraine Sunflower Oil Producer (BusinessWeek) 07/18/2011
  • Ukraine-IMF Deal Unlikely Before 2012 Elections, RenCap Says (Reuters) 07/18/2011
  • Dnipropetrovsk?s Interpipe defaults on $200 million of 3-year bonds (Ukrainian Journal) 07/18/2011
  • ArcelorMittal denies reneging on privatization social sphere promises (Ukrainian Journal) 07/18/2011
  • Russia threatens to target Ukraine steel (Ukrainian Journal) 07/18/2011
  • TOP RANKING OFFICERS (Leadership Cadres) OF THE NKVD, of the UKRAINIAN SSR,IN THE MID-1930s (Scribd) 07/18/2011
  • Georgian Embassy employee beats up Ukrainian photographer (PHOTO, VIDEO) (Kyiv Post) 07/18/2011
  • President cancels Independence Day parades, citing budget woes (Ukrainian Journal) 07/18/2011
  • Tymoshenko threatens Yanukovych with revolution (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/18/2011
  • Court bans Vlasenko from acting as Tymoshenko's lawyer (Interfax-Russia) 07/18/2011
  • Court Allows Plakhotniuk And Siryi To Defend Tymoshenko (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/18/2011
  • Court allows two Ukrainian lawyers to defend Tymoshenko (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/18/2011
  • A Romp Through History [Reveiw of 'The Jew Who Was Ukrainian: How One Man's Rip-Roaring Romp Through an Existential Wasteland Ended in a Bungled Attempt to Bump off the Exceptionally Great Leader of Mother Russia. By Alexander Motyl] (American Spectator) 07/18/2011

  • Ukranian Days Brings In Thousands (WBNG-TV) 07/17/2011
  • Nation a 'concentration camp' [Yulia Tymoshenko] (Sydney Morning Herald) 07/17/2011
  • Athletics: Brett Morse left to reflect as Oyoke claims gold (WalesOnline) 07/17/2011
  • Barley trade highlights offsetting changes (Drovers Cattle Network) 07/17/2011
  • Mural of Christ must move, church says (Philadelphia Inquirer) 07/17/2011
  • In Ukraine, Churches With a Distinctive Allure (NY Times) 07/17/2011
  • Ukrainian diplomats depart from pro-Azerbaijani course, expert says (PanArmenian) 07/17/2011
  • Visa row keeps couple apart (Sydney Morning Herald) 07/17/2011
  • Book pays tribute to Ukrainian immigrants [Agnes Palanuk's 'Ukrainians in North Dakota: In Their Voices'] (Dickinson Press) 07/17/2011
  • J. Lo Headed To Ukraine Post-Split ( 07/17/2011
  • Munson: I'm here from Ukraine, where can I stay? (Des Moines Register) 07/17/2011

  • Personal story: A JOURNEY THROUGH MY EYES [Ray Mancini photos] (Facebook) 07/16/2011
  • Oldest son of Austrias last emperor buried at funeral attended by European royalty (Wash Post/AP) 07/16/2011
  • RIAT: Ukrainian pair star at Air Tattoo (Flightglobal) 07/16/2011
  • Jennifer Lopez's first post-split gig -- Ukraine over 'American Idol' (Examiner) 07/16/2011
  • VIDEO: Ukrainian Muslims mark Imam Mahdi birth anniversary (Press TV) 07/16/2011

  • Ukraine's Orange Blues: Donetsk Gets Ready for the Soccer Championship (World Affairs Journal) 07/15/2011
  • After 'painful' blunder, green card lottery results released today (CS Monitor) 07/15/2011
  • As of July 14, Ukraine produced 9.7 mln tonnes of grains (Agrimarket Consulting) 07/15/2011
  • Ukraine turning into concentration camp, claims Yulia Tymoshenko ( 07/15/2011
  • Ukraine Is Not Becoming Another Belarus (American Conservative) 07/15/2011
  • Ukraine state energy firm sues ex-PM Tymoshenko (Reuters) 07/15/2011
  • Ukrainian diasporans caught up in center of British media scandal (Kyiv Post) 07/15/2011
  • Brotherly Love (RIA Novosti) 07/15/2011
  • Kyiv, Tbilisi to intensify cooperation in trade and economic sector (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/15/2011
  • Ukraine's fruit and vegetable business reaching new international frontiers (FreshPlaza) 07/15/2011
  • Metinvest to Increase Coking-Coal Output With Affinity Mine (Bloomberg) 07/15/2011
  • Ukrainian farmer Landkom set for maiden profit (ShareCast) 07/15/2011
  • Sound of Post-Soviet Protest: Claps and Beeps (NY Times) 07/15/2011
  • Protesters Get Creative in Post-Soviet Nations (NY Times) 07/15/2011

  • One Man Drowns and Another Is Critically Injured at a Public Pool on Staten Island. Bohdan Vitenko, 21... (NY Times) 07/14/2011
  • Staten Island drown horror. Training test kills military man at pool. Bohdan Vitenko, 21... (NY Post) 07/14/2011
  • Bandera [Texas] becomes sister partner with [Tysmenytsia] Ukraine [dated 7/13/2011] (Bandera Bulletin) 07/14/2011
  • Sevastopol's chief sanitary doctor dismissed because of mass outbreak of food poisoning (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/14/2011
  • Yanukovych: Ukrainian Railways must provide top-quality services to passengers (UNIAN) 07/14/2011
  • Iran, Ukraine target $2b bilateral trade (Tehran Times) 07/14/2011
  • Turkish FM hails partnership with Ukraine (People's Daily Online) 07/14/2011
  • Brengelmann: Ukraine, NATO have excellent basis for work (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/14/2011
  • Kyivstar and Astelit agree on network interconnection (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/14/2011
  • Hryshchenko to pay official visit to Georgia today (UNIAN) 07/14/2011
  • EU provides €30 million for institutional reforms in Ukraine (ENPI) 07/14/2011
  • Former Polish president calls on Ukraine to accelerate reforms (Ukrainian Journal) 07/14/2011
  • EU-Ukraine plan 'serious' free trade talks in September (Ukrainian Journal) 07/14/2011
  • Ukraine's economy to reach pre-crisis level in 2012, former minister says (Ukrainian Journal) 07/14/2011
  • Yanukovych Creates National Commission Regulating Utility Services (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/14/2011
  • Court rules to expel Meshkov from Ukraine (Interfax-Russia) 07/14/2011
  • Meshkov detained, deported from Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 07/14/2011
  • Donetsk Court of Appeals cancels Makiyivka City Council's decision to disband three Ukrainian schools (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/14/2011
  • Father of Klitschko brothers dies aged 64 (Eurosport/Yahoo!) 07/14/2011
  • Klitschkos mourn father's death (Pretoria News/AFP) 07/14/2011
  • Belarus Frees Ukrainian Held For Taking Part In Protest Action (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/14/2011
  • Kuchma's Attorneys Admit Melnychenko May Go Abroad In Case Court Declares Closure Of His Case Illegal (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/14/2011
  • Lutsenko's Attorney: Reason For Conflict With Expelling Former Minister From Courtroom Was Insufficient Informing About End Of Appeal Stages By Court (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/14/2011
  • MP Donii: Kyiv Pecherskyi District Court Bans Photo, Audio And Video Recording Of Lutsenko's Case Until Declaration Of Sentence (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/14/2011
  • Lutsenko was removed from courtroom because of misconduct Doniy (UNIAN) 07/14/2011
  • Grain Analytical Forum started in Kiev (Agrimarket Consulting) 07/14/2011
  • Tymoshenko innocent on gas charges? (UPI) 07/14/2011
  • Tyson Fury says hell beat Klitschko to show Haye how its done (Daily India/ANI) 07/14/2011
  • Mutant two-headed snake wows visitors at Ukrainian zoo (AsiaOne) 07/14/2011
  • Odessa Film Festival to Kick Off With New Format (Hollywood Reporter) 07/14/2011
  • Poll: Nearly half of Ukrainians want restoration of death penalty (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/14/2011

  • Ukrainian Government Aims to Purchase Grain Within Two Months (Bloomberg) 07/13/2011
  • Ukraine, Turkey introduce visa-free regime (NRCU) 07/13/2011
  • EU Provides $42 Million For Institutional Reforms In Ukraine (RTT News) 07/13/2011
  • Ukraine's Metinvest buys 50% in group controlling Zaporizhstal (Platts) 07/13/2011
  • Egypt May Add Ukraine, Romania to List of Wheat Suppliers (Bloomberg) 07/13/2011
  • Washington and Kiev: Progress and Problems (EconoMonitor) 07/13/2011
  • Yanukovych ally named to housing ministry (Ukrainian Journal) 07/13/2011
  • Ukraine does not recognize independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia FM (UNIAN) 07/13/2011
  • Ukraine Authorities Probe Businesses Owned by Tycoon, FT Says (Bloomberg) 07/13/2011
  • Ukrainian zookeeper to live in cage with 2 lions (People's Daily Online) 07/13/2011
  • Two-headed snake on display in Ukraine zoo (Forbes/AP) 07/13/2011
  • Eutelsat's Tooway Satellite Broadband Service Attracts New Business in the Ukraine With Eurosat-Ukraine (PRNewswire) 07/13/2011
  • Ukraine Harvested 6.4 Million Tons of Grain, Deputy PM Says (Bloomberg) 07/13/2011
  • Russia, Ukraine discuss gas contract ( 07/13/2011
  • 74 Russian children sick with food poisoning in Ukraine (Xinhua) 07/13/2011
  • NBU foreign currency sales outstripped purchases, says cenbank (Ukrainian Journal) 07/13/2011
  • Tymoshenko calls Kryvorizhstal privatization disputes black PR (Ukrainian Journal) 07/13/2011
  • President to visit Brussels in October to sign Association Agreement (Ukrainian Journal) 07/13/2011
  • Yanukovych, Hryshchenko discuss Ukraine-EU negotiations progress (UNIAN) 07/13/2011
  • Ukraine to reconstruct 'sarcophagus' around Chernobyl reactor (Deutsche Welle) 07/13/2011
  • Trafficking in Persons Report 2011 (USDOS) 07/13/2011
  • [PDF] Trafficking in Persons Report 2011 UKRAINE (Tier 2) (USDOS) 07/13/2011

  • A Farewell to Russia - by Rajan Menon (Foreign Policy) 07/12/2011
  • Armenian community one of most respected in Ukraine (Information-Analytic Agency 07/12/2011
  • China's first carrier to be for training purposes-report (Reuters) 07/12/2011
  • Ukraine judges question US system during Berks visit (Reading Eagle) 07/12/2011
  • Ukrainian rider Yaroslav Popovych pulls out of Tour de France because of fever (Herald Sun/AFP) 07/12/2011
  • Ukrainian Paralympic Swim Team Ranked Number One in the European Championships (PRNewswire) 07/12/2011
  • RadioShack team down to 6 riders for Tour de France after Popovych abandons with fever (Wash Post) 07/12/2011
  • Jewish, Muslim teens meet in Kiev. More than 70 young leaders from 25 countries demonstrate that new generation of Muslims and Jews can overcome decades of mutual fear and build a brighter future for both communities, conference's organizers say (Ynetnews) 07/12/2011
  • Tymoshenko wants to appeal to European Court against her May 24 arrest (Interfax-Russia) 07/12/2011
  • Non-compliance with fire regulations likely cause of tragedy in nursing home in Rivne region, says Emergencies Ministry (Interfax-Russia) 07/12/2011
  • Ukraine recognizes South Sudan as independent state- Foreign Ministry (UNIAN) 07/12/2011
  • Ukraine's economy: its place in the EU debt turmoil (UNIAN) 07/12/2011
  • Gazprom, Ukraine discuss gas deliveries under current contract (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/12/2011
  • Rapeseed Harvest in Ukraine Slowed by Rainfall, Oil World Says (Bloomberg) 07/12/2011
  • EU balks on gas transit loan for Kiev (UPI) 07/12/2011
  • Plans under way for Ukrainian gas fields (UPI) 07/12/2011
  • Ukrainian Supreme Rada Speaker's [Lytvyn] visit to the Republic of Armenia (National Assembly of RA) 07/12/2011
  • Yanukovych discusses cooperation prospects with European Commission President (UNIAN) 07/12/2011
  • Kiev probes tycoon linked to Tymoshenko (Financial Times) 07/12/2011
  • Ukraine Establishes a Watchdog on Journalists' Rights Protection (Sacramento Bee/PRNewswire) 07/12/2011
  • Edmonton's Cheremosh Ukrainian dancers compete in Europe (Edmonton Journal) 07/12/2011
  • Ukrainian workers enjoy better life in Moses Lake (Columbia Basin Herald) 07/12/2011
  • Research and Markets: the Ukrainian Telecom Market to Generate UAH39.2bn (Us$5.0bn) in Service Revenue in 2011, a 4.8% Increase over 2010 Value (Virtual-Strategy Magazine) 07/12/2011
  • Op-ed: Chernobyl's Lingering Scars (NY Times) 07/12/2011
  • Ukraine ready to begin building Chernobyl shelter (AP) 07/12/2011
  • Rada leader disputes validity of vote on pension system changes (Ukrainian Journal) 07/12/2011
  • Metinvest buys 50% of Zaporizhstal parent (Ukrainian Journal) 07/12/2011
  • Electric power on Ukraine’s grid rose 3.6% in H1, government reports (Ukrainian Journal) 07/12/2011
  • Russians said to be interested in acquisition of Ukraine energy cos (Ukrainian Journal) 07/12/2011
  • KLITSCHKO COULD FIGHT CHISORA (Sporting Life) 07/12/2011
  • Tymoshenko to change her defender in the court (Kyiv Post) 07/12/2011
  • PR Newswire: Ukraine establishes a watchdog on Journalists' Rights Protection (Kyiv Post) 07/12/2011
  • Klitschko could fight Chisora next (RTE News) 07/12/2011
  • Cycling-More interference for Radioshack as Popovych pulls out (Reuters) 07/12/2011
  • Tour de France - Popovych blow for Radioshack (Reuters) 07/12/2011
  • Tymoshenko promises defense lawyer Vlasenko will attend court session on July 15 (Kyiv Post) 07/12/2011
  • Johnson City church's Ukrainian festival offers a feeling of home (Press & Sun-Bulletin) 07/12/2011
  • Proactive Investors UK: Regal Petroleum to resume production in Ukraine (Kyiv Post) 07/12/2011
  • Yanukovych to discuss completion of talks on Ukraine-EU Association Agreement (Kyiv Post) 07/12/2011
  • Iran rejects Ukrainian medical universities' diplomas (Kyiv Post) 07/12/2011
  • Ukraine may send its cosmonaut to the International Space Station no earlier than 2015 (Kyiv Post) 07/12/2011
  • Tymoshenko: Yanukovych controls and influences the court (Kyiv Post) 07/12/2011
  • Top EU Diplomat Defends Actions On Belarus, Says Regime 'Losing Control' (RFE/RL) 07/12/2011
  • Too Special A Friendship: Is Germany Questioning Russia's Embrace? (RFE/RL) 07/12/2011
  • Passenger On Rescue Boat Recounts Volga River Tragedy (RFE/RL) 07/12/2011
  • Turkmen Officials Admit Blast Deaths (RFE/RL) 07/12/2011
  • RFE/RL Reporter Fined In Belarus (RFE/RL) 07/12/2011
  • More Than 100 Feared Dead After Boat Sinks In Russia (RFE/RL) 07/12/2011

  • Regal Petroleum to resume production in Ukraine (Proactive Investors UK) 07/11/2011
  • Fruit and vegetable prices keeping on rapidly decreasing in Ukraine (Agricultural Marketing Project) 07/11/2011
  • Research and Markets: Ukraine Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2011 - In 2011, the Country's Pharmaceutical Market Will Surpass Its Previous Peak In 2008 (Sun Herald) 07/11/2011
  • Ukraine joins International Convention on Law Applicable to Traffic Accidents, according to law (Interfax-Russia) 07/11/2011
  • Ukrainian parliament permits Naftogaz to buy oil, fuel for reselling without tenders (Interfax-Russia) 07/11/2011
  • Ukraine: Tymoshenko's courtroom drama (Global Voices) 07/11/2011
  • Tymoshenko asking to interrogate ex-deputy head of Naftogaz Didenko in gas case (Interfax-Russia) 07/11/2011
  • President signs law allowing increased exports of natural gas (Ukrainian Journal) 07/11/2011
  • Ukraine not planning Naftogaz-Gazprom merger, says president (Ukrainian Journal) 07/11/2011
  • Meshkov return raises separatist worries (Ukrainian Journal) 07/11/2011
  • 16 reported dead after Rivne region state nursing home catches fire (Ukrainian Journal) 07/11/2011
  • Dark tourism. Focus on Chernobyl (Tourism Review) 07/11/2011
  • Ukraine - President [Yanukovych] There must be neither friends nor foes in fighting corruption (ISRIA) 07/11/2011
  • Teen with muscular distrophy to travel to Ukraine for therapy (Quad City Times) 07/11/2011
  • Ukrainian lawmaker Landyk charged with beating woman detained in Russia, says ... (Interfax-Russia) 07/11/2011
  • JKX starts LPG production in Ukraine (Stock Market Wire) 07/11/2011

  • Fire kills 16 at Ukrainian senior home (Seattle PI/AP) 07/10/2011
  • Iran, Ukraine Stress Expansion of Trade Ties (FNA) 07/10/2011
  • Agencies rejected Miss England tip (Belfast Telegraph) 07/10/2011
  • Ukraine Triumphs At The IPC Swimming European Championships (International Paralymic Committee) 07/10/2011
  • Ukrainian Festival (WBNG-TV) 07/10/2011
  • Vitaliy Nedilko, Volyn Lutsk Goalkeeper, Allows Own Goal In Ukrainian Premier ... (Huffington Post) 07/10/2011
  • Naftogaz and Polish gas producer to agree on Ukrainian export gas prices for Poland (SteelGuru) 07/10/2011
  • 16 killed in Ukraine retirement home fire [Rivne] (CNN International) 07/10/2011
  • 16 killed in fire at Ukrainian home for elderly (The Associated Press) 07/10/2011

  • Ukraine's Naftogaz Can Restart Poland Gas Exports, Gazeta Says (Bloomberg) 07/09/2011
  • 'There's more to it than Ginseng' [Yuri Ogrodnik, the sacked Ukrainian athletics coach...] (Hindustan Times) 07/09/2011
  • Kyiv sends to Moscow its proposals on cooperation between Ukraine, Customs Union (Interfax-Russia) 07/09/2011
  • Yuschenko: Left with an empty deck Ukraine would not sign Kharkiv agreements today (Interfax-Russia) 07/09/2011
  • Napans revisit history in western Ukraine (Napa Valley Register) 07/09/2011

  • Ukraine won't enter Customs Union - Yuschenko (Interfax-Russia) 07/08/2011
  • Nigeria's Ideye makes Dynamo Kiev switch (Times of India) 07/08/2011
  • Ukraine Contributes to the Fight Against Corruption at the World Summit of Top Prosecutors (PRNewswire) 07/08/2011
  • Doping: SAI hits out at sacked Ukrainian coach Yori, says all deals cleared (India Today) 07/08/2011
  • US and Ukraine Continue Strategic Partnership on the Rule of Law (PRNewswire) 07/08/2011
  • Lawyer of former Ukrainian PM Yulia Timoshenko rushed to hospital (Channel 6/BNO News) 07/08/2011
  • Russian and Ukrainian Churches friends or foes? (The Voice of Russia) 07/08/2011
  • Ukraine's Parliament Backs Pension Law Needed for Next IMF Bailout Payment (Bloomberg) 07/08/2011
  • Azerbaijan to deliver protest to Ukraine (Trend News Agency) 07/08/2011
  • Ukrainian opposition determined to block pension reform (Kyiv Post) 07/08/2011
  • Tymoshenko's trial destroying Ukraine's prospects of EU membership, says Freedom House president (Interfax-Russia) 07/08/2011
  • Kiev Edge Competition Proposal / Bablowsky & Wlasenko Architects, Roman Pomazan and Peter Vlasenko (IBTimes) 07/08/2011
  • Ukrainians Mark 10th Anniversary Of Journalist's Murder [Ihor Aleksandrov] (RFE/RL) 07/08/2011
  • Languages of the World (Wide Web) [dated 7/7/2011] (Google) 07/08/2011
  • About 1000 people gather to support Yanukovych in downtown Kyiv (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/08/2011
  • Excl: Sacked athletics coach evades cameras (Times Now) 07/08/2011
  • Poland's EU Bid To Draw Ukraine Closer (Kyiv Post/STRATFOR) 07/08/2011
  • Cadogan, Italys Eni, acquire stakes in oil and gas field companies (Ukrainian Journal) 07/08/2011
  • Naftogaz Ukrayiny pays $860 million to Gazprom for June natgas (Ukrainian Journal) 07/08/2011
  • Government to launch new land cadastre system by the end of autumn (Ukrainian Journal) 07/08/2011
  • Parliament approves pension reform bill (Ukrainian Journal) 07/08/2011
  • Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko serenaded in Kiev (Daily Telegraph) 07/08/2011
  • Ukraine to contribute to Karabakh settlement as OSCE chairman - envoy (News.Az) 07/08/2011
  • No plans to merge Gazprom and Ukraine's Naftogaz - Yanukovich (RIA Novosti) 07/08/2011
  • Who are all these hacker groups? (Network World) 07/08/2011
  • Yuri claims innocence, accuses SAI of poor standards (Times of India) 07/08/2011
  • Ukraine leader says won't meddle in Tymoshenko trial (Reuters) 07/08/2011
  • Ukrainian parliament approves unpopular pension reform to regain access to IMF loans (Washington Post/AP) 07/08/2011
  • Yanukovych says he, like any person invites only welcome visitors to his house (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/08/2011

  • Languages of the World (Wide Web) (Google) 07/07/2011
  • Prosecutors Office presses charge against Ukrainian bus driver who caused crash close to Varna (Focus News) 07/07/2011
  • Ukrainians protest before key pension reform vote (Reuters) 07/07/2011
  • Local Families Give Chernobyl Children 'American' Summer (Fort Hunt Patch) 07/07/2011
  • Bangladesh Asks Ukrainian Government to Ensure Wheat Supplies (Bloomberg) 07/07/2011
  • Could 'Captain America: The First Avenger' have an overseas problem? (Entertainment Weekly) 07/07/2011
  • Klitschko returns in triumph to Ukraine (Times of India) 07/07/2011
  • Ukrainian lawmakers vote down amendments on maximum pension size (Interfax-Russia) 07/07/2011
  • Ukrainian, Moldovan foreign ministers welcome settlement of issue with land plot near village of Palanca (Interfax-Russia) 07/07/2011
  • No consensus about Ukraine's membership prospects among EU member states, says Fule (Interfax-Russia) 07/07/2011
  • VIDEO: International Fashion Days (YouTube) 07/07/2011
  • Indian officials fired over doping cases (USA Today/AP) 07/07/2011
  • Klitschko Uses Fight Images To Mock Haye In Funny Viral Video (OSM) 07/07/2011
  • VIDEO: Wladimir Klitschko's Haye summary. After unifying the titles WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO and "The Ring Magazine" World Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko takes a look back at the Haye story. (YouTube) 07/07/2011
  • Maksym Koval- Ukraine's next goalkeeping sensation (IMScouting) 07/07/2011
  • Ukraine to mark Holocaust Day Ukraine to mark Holocaust Day (Jewish World) 07/07/2011
  • Musicians Sound Out for Russian Prisoners [bass singer Anatoli Kotscherga and conductor Roman Kofman, both from Ukraine] (NY Times) 07/07/2011
  • Ukrainian Woman Dies after Bus Crash in Bulgaria (Novinite) 07/07/2011
  • European Commissioner: Ukraine Will Benefit From Association Agreement (PRNewswire) 07/07/2011
  • Ukrainian peacekeepers return from Liberia with malaria (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/07/2011
  • 9th session of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to start on Sept 6 (UNIAN) 07/07/2011
  • Ukraine: prices for new crop grains to decrease by 30% - experts (AgriMarket) 07/07/2011
  • Ukraine Begins Uranium Ore Extraction at Novokonstantinovskoe (Bloomberg) 07/07/2011
  • Russia-wary Ukraine seeks energy independence with US$1.5bn gas plant (IFP) 07/07/2011
  • Naftogaz transfers around $860 million to Gazprom in June gas payments (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/07/2011
  • Naftogaz Ukrayiny reduces Russian gas imports by 50% this month (Ukrainian Journal) 07/07/2011
  • Ukrnafta ordered to pay $146.9 million to Carpatsky Petroleum (Ukrainian Journal) 07/07/2011
  • Kiev breaking away from Russian gas? (UPI) 07/07/2011
  • Frances Novarka to submit Chernobyl containment structure proposal (Ukrainian Journal) 07/07/2011
  • Court to continue consideration of Pukach case on July 18 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/07/2011
  • VIDEO: Yulia Tymoshenko trial: scuffles break out in court between protesters and police (Daily Telegraph) 07/07/2011
  • Judge ejects Tymoshenko from Kiev court (Ukrainian Journal) 07/07/2011
  • Ukraine politician [Tymoshenko] expelled from trial (Boston Globe/AP) 07/07/2011
  • Judge Kireyev refuses to stand down (UNIAN) 07/07/2011
  • Court to continue hearing Tymoshenko's case on July 7 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/07/2011
  • VIDEO: Unveiling of the Taras Shevchenko Monument in Ottawa June 26, 2011 (YouTube) 07/07/2011
  • Monument to Ukrainian folk hero unveiled [Taras Shevchenko] (EMC Ottawa West) 07/07/2011

  • Ukraine ex-PM Tymoshenko denies new accusations (Reuters) 07/06/2011
  • New trafficking laws 'will not care for slavery victims'. Government plans to fight human trafficking are basically about immigration control, says former Tory MP (Guardian) 07/06/2011
  • Klara Zakopalova wins at Budapest (ESPN) 07/06/2011
  • Sports ministry removes RS Sidhu and three other SAI officials (Times of India) 07/06/2011
  • CYCLING: Crashes mar a windy, nervous 5th Tour stage (Pottstown Mercury/AP) 07/06/2011
  • This Photo Explains Everything You Need to Know About The Heavyweight Division In Boxing. The Klitschko brothers own all six of boxing's major championship belts in the heavyweight division (Business Insider) 07/06/2011
  • Gaultier proves spirit intact in first show since sale (Reuters) 07/06/2011
  • Ukrainian bus crashes in E. Bulgaria (Focus News) 07/06/2011
  • $11 Million Renovation on Philadelphia Senior Facility Nearly Completed [Ukrainian Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia owns the community..] (Senior Housing News) 07/06/2011
  • Iowa Governor Branstad views war monument [commemorating the historic link-up of American and Soviet troops at the Elbe River in 1945. The monument was created by Ukrainian artist Vladyslav Dymion last year...] (Newton Daily News) 07/06/2011
  • Ukraine's Government Seeks Higher Grain Prices for Farmers (Bloomberg) 07/06/2011
  • Cyprus-Ukraine tax deal by October (Financial Mirror) 07/06/2011
  • Ukraine to bring its legislation in line with UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Interfax-Russia) 07/06/2011
  • New criminal allegations against Ukraine's Tymoshenko (Monsters and Critics/DPA) 07/06/2011
  • Support Group for Ukraine's Eurointegration set up in European Parliament (NRCU) 07/06/2011
  • Ukrainian Government Adopts European Integration Plan (PRNewswire) 07/06/2011
  • Stefan Fule European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Address to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Club (IEWY) 07/06/2011
  • Naftogaz, PGNiG to agree on Ukrainian export gas prices for Poland (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/06/2011
  • Russia plans to rent naval pilot training facilities in Ukraine (Ria Novosti) 07/06/2011
  • Ukraine, wary of Russia, seeks energy independence with $1.5bn gas plant. By Roman Olearchyk (Financial Times) 07/06/2011
  • Brussels concerned over possible political motivation behind Tymoshenko's case, says European Commissioner (Interfax-Russia) 07/06/2011
  • Yulia Tymoshenko calls judge 'a monster' (The Scotsman) 07/06/2011
  • Ukraine's Tymoshenko expelled from courtroom (Atlanta Journal Constitution) 07/06/2011
  • Former Ukraine premier evicted from her trial (LA Times) 07/06/2011
  • Mohyliov: Ukraine will lose Hr 500 million due to cancellation state car inspection (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/06/2011
  • Haye ignored expert advice which suggested he should have fought Vitali, not Wladimir (Daily Mail) 07/06/2011
  • Coach sacked, probe ordered in doping scandal (Economic Times) 07/06/2011
  • Doping row: coach Yuri told to stay in India (IBN Live) 07/06/2011
  • Ukranian coach fears for his life, desperate to return home (Calcutta News) 07/06/2011
  • Budapest Grand Prix Results [Kateryna Bondarenko, Ukraine, def. Olga Savchuk, Ukraine, 6-3, 6-2] (Yahoo/AP) 07/06/2011
  • Dynamo 3-1 Shakhtar In Football Super Bowl Of Ukraine (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/06/2011
  • No speculations with tickets for Euro 2012 in Ukraine: UEFA official (Xinhua) 07/06/2011
  • Captain America shall remain nameless in 3 countries [Russia, Korea and Ukraine have asked him to please keep his nationality low-key] (Awards Daily) 07/06/2011
  • Rada toughens penalties for exploitation of children (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/06/2011
  • Canada's Black Iron welcomes [Jaroslav Kinach] former representative of EBRD's office Ukraine to board (Interfax-Russia) 07/06/2011
  • [Comment] Russia makes its move [A Russian-led Customs Union (CU) has taken protective measures against Ukrainian metals importers] (EUobserver) 07/06/2011
  • Russia's Gazprom restates terms for Ukraine's Naftogaz (UPI) 07/06/2011
  • Fruit and vegetable prices in Ukraine as before much higher than last year (Fruit-inform) 07/06/2011
  • Ukraine braces for more grain-damaging downpours (Agrimoney) 07/06/2011
  • Rains to cut Ukraine wheat harvest, USDA says ( Jones) 07/06/2011
  • Nestle opens Shared Business Services Center Europe in Lviv (Ukrainian Journal) 07/06/2011
  • Tymoshenko faces new probe over gas deals (Financial Times) 07/06/2011
  • Tigipko: Pension reform conducted in Ukraine not for IMF (Kyiv Post) 07/06/2011
  • Ukraine signals readiness to finalise EU pact (EUobserver) 07/06/2011
  • European Parliament Sets Up Support Group Of European Integration Of Ukraine (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/06/2011
  • Cyprus to be 'very good friend' of Ukraine in EU (Cyprus Mail) 07/06/2011
  • Four Political Dimensions of Ukraine's Future Europeanization: Why Brussels and the EU Member States Need to Keep an Eye. By Andreas Umland (OpEdNews) 07/06/2011
  • Fluent In Foreign Business (US-Ukraine Foundation) 07/06/2011
  • Forbes editor: Ukraine amongst worlds worst economies (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/06/2011
  • The Worlds Worst Economies [No. 4. Ukraine] (Forbes) 07/06/2011
  • Chornobyl cleanup workers protest benefit cuts in Ukraine; shout 'Down with the authorities' (AP/Yahoo) 07/06/2011
  • Million-Barrel Tanker [carrying crude to China from Ukraine] Ablaze Off Yemen After Attack (Bloomberg) 07/06/2011
  • Parliament cancels mandatory non-commercial vehicle inspections (Ukrainian Journal) 07/06/2011
  • Rada speaker says development of cooperation with NATO is important (Ukrainian Journal) 07/06/2011
  • SBU in another Tymoshenko criminal probe (Ukrainian Journal) 07/06/2011
  • Tymoshenko: The representative of the civil plaintiff is Firtashs person (Kyiv Post) 07/06/2011

  • Ukraine ex-PM Tymoshenko faces fresh criminal probe (Reuters) 07/05/2011
  • Yuri [Ogorodinik] hits back (Calcutta Telegraph) 07/05/2011
  • 'Captain America' Retitled in Some Countries ['The First Avenger' release in Russia, Ukraine and South Korea] ( 07/05/2011
  • Matisyahu [Hassidic singer and rapper] Prepping Two New Albums, Talks Movie Role (Billboard) 07/05/2011
  • Ukraine gives up pro-Azerbaijani position? ( 07/05/2011
  • Ukrainian investigators open probe into company once run by embattled ex-PM Tymoshenko (Wash Post/AP) 07/05/2011
  • Ukraine's Barley Harvest Forecast Lowered 4% By UkrAgroConsult (Bloomberg) 07/05/2011
  • Metinvest [Ukraines largest steelmaker] to Raise Steel Output 61% After MMK Ilyich Asset Deal (Bloomberg) 07/05/2011
  • Wlad hushes Haye to solidify family dominance (St. Louis American) 07/05/2011
  • Ukraine's Domestic Season Opens With A Familiar Clash (SB Nation) 07/05/2011
  • Yuri [Ogorodinik] defends himself, says he has no role in doping scandal (Times of India) 07/05/2011
  • Muslim-Jewish parley seeks 'platform for dialogue'. 70 leaders from around the world meet in Kiev to discuss countering Islamophobia and anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 07/05/2011
  • India fires Ukrainian coach amid doping scandal (USA Today/AP) 07/05/2011
  • India Fires Ukrainian Track Coach After Eight Athletes Fail Dope Tests (Bloomberg) 07/05/2011
  • Great Britain Aim to Close Gap on Ukraine in Berlin (International Paralymic Committee) 07/05/2011
  • Black Iron Welcomes Former Ukraine Prime Minister's Advisor Jaroslav Kinach to ... (MarketWatch) 07/05/2011
  • Ukrainian Wheat Harvest Is Slowed by Rain, Weather Center Says (Bloomberg) 07/05/2011
  • Raft of agreements signed with the Ukraine (Cyprus Mail) 07/05/2011
  • Yanukovych and Cypriot president sign cooperation agreements in Kiev (Ukrainian Journal) 07/05/2011
  • LNG terminal feasibility study tender to be announced Wednesday (Ukrainian Journal) 07/05/2011
  • Foreign minister, USSecretary of State fail to sign nuke safety deal (Ukrainian Journal) 07/05/2011
  • Ukraine opposed to international isolation of Belarus, says presidential administration (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/05/2011
  • Topless FEMEN activists protest pension reform in Kyiv (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/05/2011
  • Tymoshenko trial adjourned until July 6 (Ukrainian Journal) 07/05/2011
  • Speaker [Lytvyn]: Ukraine wants to cooperate with NATO (Interfax-Russia) 07/05/2011

  • Ukraine: Hundreds Clash Over Orthodox Cross (Eurasia Review) 07/04/2011
  • Ukraine's Rains May Cause 5-8% Grain Harvest Loss, Center Says (Bloomberg) 07/04/2011
  • Cyprus ready to sign new double taxation prevention agreement with Ukraine (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/04/2011
  • Baltika of Estonia Says June Revenue Fell 4% on Russia, Ukraine (Bloomberg) 07/04/2011
  • Azerbaijan and Ukraine to discuss details of TASIM project (Azerbaijan Business Center) 07/04/2011
  • Ukraine wants to extract mineral resources in Mongolia - Mr Yanukovych (SteelGuru/Interfax-Russia) 07/04/2011
  • Cyprus President begins contacts in Ukraine (Famagusta Gazette) 07/04/2011
  • Ukraine: Ministry of Agrarian Policy initiates reconsideration of the imposition of export duties on some varieties of grains and industrial crops (Agrimarket Consulting) 07/04/2011
  • Ukraine's ViOil Seeks as Much as $187 Million From IPO on Warsaw Exchange (Bloomberg) 07/04/2011
  • President of Armenia receives Ukraine's highest award ( 07/04/2011
  • Avoid trips to Ukraine: Usha (Deccan Herald) 07/04/2011
  • Ukraine Extend Their Lead at the Top of the Berlin Medal Table (International Paralymic Committee) 07/04/2011
  • Shevchenko: I'm not retiring (ESPN) 07/04/2011
  • Shevchenko: I have no plans to retire ( 07/04/2011
  • Haye: Klitschko is the best in the world (Cyprus Mail) 07/04/2011
  • Google forced to hire Ukranian [sic!] and Russian grads -- for jobs in Dublin (Irish Central) 07/04/2011
  • Poland hopes Ukraine, EU will end talks on association agreement by end of 2011 (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/04/2011
  • State Property Fund signs off on oblenergo privatization schedule (Ukrainian Journal) 07/04/2011
  • Financial Action Task Force to send assessment group to Ukraine (Ukrainian Journal) 07/04/2011
  • Prez threatens to bury corrupt officials and rip off their heads (Ukrainian Journal) 07/04/2011
  • Russians clash with riot police in Crimea (Ukrainian Journal) 07/04/2011
  • Rainy U.S. Independence Day celebration in Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 07/04/2011
  • Ukraine ex-PM Tymoshenko's trial adjourned [until July 6] (Reuters) 07/04/2011
  • Tymoshenko Trial Delayed as Ex-Premier Questions Ukraine Justice (Bloomberg) 07/04/2011
  • Tymoshenko trial marks bitter end of Orange Revolution (FRANCE 24) 07/04/2011
  • Ukraine's plan to build museum at Hitler's bunker site sparks outrage (Daily India/ANI) 07/04/2011
  • Fear Hitler Wehrwolf bunker in Ukraine will become Nazi shrine (The Australian) 07/04/2011

  • Drug trial here offers hope for Ukrainian cancer patient (Greenville News) 07/03/2011
  • Armenia, Ukraine to cooperate in medicine field (Armenia Diaspora) 07/03/2011
  • Ukraine MPs to back privatization of Europe-bound gas pipes (Tehran Times/RIA Novosti) 07/03/2011
  • Britain and Ukraine Dominate First Day at Swimming Euros (International Paralymic Committee) 07/03/2011
  • Lytvyn Goes To Poland To Attend Festival Of Ukrainian Culture (Ukrainian News Agency) 07/03/2011

  • Ukrainian Boxer Klitschko Beats Britain's Haye in Unanimous Decision (Bloomberg) 07/02/2011
  • EBRD channels more resources to support farm land cultivation in Ukraine (The Financial) 07/02/2011
  • At first, only the bravest settled in Canada (Ottawa Citizen) 07/02/2011
  • Man denies knowing he was wanted for human trafficking; government says hogwash (Detroit Free Press) 07/02/2011
  • Armenian President [Serzh Sargsyan] attends famous [Armenian] artist's exhibition in Kiev [Vardges Surenyants] ( 07/02/2011
  • Ukrainian-Canadian women to be honoured with new monument (Winnipeg Free Press) 07/02/2011
  • Sex trafficking trade forces women from Odessa to massage parlours in Britain. Many women drawn to the Ukrainian city end up working as prostitutes in the UK, but our government seems unwilling to act (Guardian) 07/02/2011
  • Ukraine hands over presidency at PABSEC to Albania (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/02/2011
  • The Muslim-Jewish Conference is coming to Kiev (Ha'aretz) 07/02/2011
  • Ukraine president Yanukovich threatens to 'bury' corrupt officials (AFP) 07/02/2011
  • EBRD channels more resources to support farm land cultivation in Ukraine (The Financial) 07/02/2011

  • Ukraine, Armenia sign bilateral documents (BSANNA NEWS) 07/01/2011
  • Ukraine's Wheat, Barley Yields Increase as Harvesting Begins (Bloomberg) 07/01/2011
  • Cyprus president to open embassy in Kyiv and visit Mariupol (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/01/2011
  • Ukrainian representative [Kyrylo Tretiak] elected as PABSEC [Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation] secretary general (Interfax-Russia) 07/01/2011
  • National Survey Reveals That External Testing for Higher-Ed Admissions Is Supported by a Large Majority of Ukrainians (SF Chronicle/PRWeb) 07/01/2011
  • EU neglecting the East because of Arab Spring, Ukraine complains (Monsters & Critics/Deutsche Presse-Agentur) 07/01/2011
  • Gazprom may lower gas prices for Ukraine in case of merger with Naftogaz (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/01/2011
  • UkrFarm in Ukraine Gets $40 Million Credit Line From EBRD Bank (Bloomberg) 07/01/2011
  • Wehrwolf, Hitler's Ukrainian Bunker, Becomes Controversial Attraction (AOL Travel News) 07/01/2011
  • David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko weigh in for heavyweight showdown (Guardian) 07/01/2011
  • Klitschko weighs in 30 pounds heavier than Haye (Reuters) 07/01/2011
  • Poland takes over EU presidency at time of crisis (Reuters) 07/01/2011
  • Ukraine, EU to sign agreement on association in second half of 2012 (RIA Novosti) 07/01/2011
  • Special status of Sevastopol to be retained (Kyiv Post/Interfax-Russia) 07/01/2011
  • U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Outlines Road Ahead For Arab Democracy [Clinton also expressed concerns about the political motivations behind Ukraine's legal proceedings against former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko] (NPR/AP) 07/01/2011
  • President promises to raise pensions and salaries by year end (Ukrainian Journal) 07/01/2011
  • Nuke waste container facility ribbon cutting held in Slavutych (Ukrainian Journal) 07/01/2011
  • Former prime ministers assets frozen by govt in natgas deal lawsuit (Ukrainian Journal) 07/01/2011
  • Lutsenko: Authorities want to convict opposition politicians by end of this summer [from 6/30/2011] (Interfax-Russia) 07/01/2011
  • Ukraine's Vanquished Jews: 'Their fate was clear to them' [from 6/30/2011] (Kyiv Post) 07/01/2011
  • Flydubai to begin Ukraine flights. Low-budget airline will fly to Kiev, Kharkov and Donetsk from September (Gulf News) 07/01/2011
  • Boyko to cut Gazprom-Naftogaz merger deal (Ukrainian Journal) 07/01/2011
  • Lutsenko: Authorities want to convict opposition politicians by end of this summer [from 6/30/2011] (Interfax-Russia) 07/01/2011
  • Beach bums' heaven in Kyiv (Kyiv Post) 07/01/2011
  • Armenian President Sargsyan begins official visit to Ukraine (RIA Novosti) 07/01/2011
  • Ukraine could see fall in prices of grain of new gravest by at least 30%, say experts (Interfax-Russia) 07/01/2011
  • Armenia wants to have trade representative in Ukraine, says Ukrainian agency (Interfax-Russia) 07/01/2011
  • Can Europe Tempt Ukraine Back to Democracy? (Time) 07/01/2011
  • Ukraine's Grain Exports Dropped 43% in Year Ended Yesterday (Bloomberg) 07/01/2011
  • Ukraine's Five-Month State Budget Gap Narrows as Economy Grows (Bloomberg) 07/01/2011
  • Ukraine's ex-PM faces abuse-of-office trial ( 07/01/2011
  • Yanukovych: Culture policy needs reform (UNIAN) 07/01/2011
  • Ukraine's 'top lawyers' can be worth knowing (Kyiv Post) 07/01/2011
  • Showtime for Show Trial [Tymoshenko] (Kyiv Post) 07/01/2011
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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

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