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System Configuration - Word Processors
MS Word
Instructions presented here, though possibly applicable in general terms to other software, are primarily meant to facilitate the installation and configuration of software available at BRAMA. Before proceeding make sure that you have installed fonts & keyboard drivers.

To configure MS Word versions 2, 6, and onward to work in Ukrainian
MS Word offers two ways to work with Ukrainian.
  1. From the tool bar click the down-arrow next to the font window and select an ER Font; we recommend working in CP1251. Next,
  2. From the tool bar click the down-arrow next to the font size window and select the font's point size.
  1. from the drop-down menus, click on Format, then
  2. either Character or Font, then
  3. in the Character or Font dialog box select Font, Point size, Style, and other attributes.
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To configure WordPerfect to work in Ukrainian
In development ...
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These pages in their conception owe a great deal to the work of
Matvey Palchuk's Russification of Macintosh and
Zenon Feszczak's Ukrainianization of Macintosh pages.
Much thanks to them.

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