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Critical Acclaim for BRAMA

"If I had a formal rating system developed for the sites that I review, Brama would be somewhere near the top. Brama ... is a well thought out, pleasing and easy to use site.

... There are a number of things that impress me about this site. First of all, Brama has a well presented media kit directed at potential advertisers. I can't remember seeing something like that before on a Ukrainian site.

... Brama also provides a web page making service, and judging from the pages linked to the site, a number of people and organizations have already taken advantage of it.

The links to the site are somewhat topical to the page, unlike other sites that link to anything that moves. Brama links up to other galleries, some artists and a few community groups. there is also a quick link to some sports sites, which I found quite handy during the Olympics.

- Yuriy Diakunchak, Zdorov! Magazine, Spring 1998

"The Ukrainian Museum was invited to join BRAMA in early 1997 ... with ongoing professional guidance and hands-on assistance of the homepage rendered by Hanya Krill and Max Pyziur. The Museum ... is very grateful to [BRAMA] for providing our institution with such an unparalleled outreach opportunity."

- The Ukrainian Museum, November 1997 Newsletter

"Maintained by Max Pyziur, ... this site is a rich collection of files related to Ukraine... If you are new to the Internet and interested in Ukraine, visiting Max's site [BRAMA] immediately puts you in touch with all the major Internet resources related to Ukraine."

- Internet Resources for the NIS by Richard Upjohn

"... Your site is an excellent compilation of Ukrainian resources."

- Michael Provost [] Center for the Advancement of Language Learning


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