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Advertiser and Website Benefits

The BRAMA Brand
Our name is an established one among Internet readers and is associated with highest quality content and widest-ranging coverage of Ukraine and Ukrainians.

Drawing Power
BRAMA readers return to the site frequently with the knowledge that our site is updated daily with new and exciting information.

Audience Quality
Individuals from top organizations around the globe read our pages. Glance through our "Internet Audience" list to see who's looking at BRAMA.

BRAMA Cross Promotion
Our site is listed with all the major indexes and search engines such as Yahoo, Google, AOL, Altavista, Lycos, Excite, HotBot and others. We cross-list all sites associated with our site on our pages so that readers are drawn into the many areas of interest available on this server.

Uncluttered Advertising Environment
BRAMA's ad opportunity pages are especially designed so that they are free of peripheral graphics. Focus can thus easily be directed to the client's banner ad.

Ability to Customize a Package
BRAMA works closely with every client and has the flexibility to meet any and all particular needs.

Ad and Homepage Tracking Reports
BRAMA provides monthly stats to clients who wish to know who's looking at them.

Fast Internet Connection
BRAMA is powered by a high level server, set on one of the major backbones on the net. This means less waiting time for the viewer to read your ad or web page.



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