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Domain Name Registration

BRAMA will register your domain name for you with any registrar (fees start at approximately $15/year) if your site is hosted on our server.
$20 and up Network Solutions
$20 and up

What is a Domain Name and Why is it Important?

  • A domain is a unique address that identifies a computer or network which is connected to the Internet.

  • Domain names are going fast! As of the early part of 1999, Network Solutions had recorded over 4 MILLION unique domain names. They are allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis, and before too long, all the good ones may be taken. There can only be one in the world: once the name is registered it is unavailable for as long as the owner maintains the name. The longer you delay, the less likely it is that you will be able to register the name that you would like to have.

  • An Internet domain name has become a vital component of corporate and organizational identity: in the 21st century economy it will be as important as your logo or your brand name to your presence in the global marketplace. It is as important to your basic coordinates as your street address, or your telephone and fax numbers. The new generation looks to the Internet for its information: the Internet is the Yellow Pages, White Pages, news resource, magazine reference, discussion medium, etc. Your wesbite must be there if you wish to be found by the ever increasing population of consumers.

    Choose a Domain Name

    Among others, the more popular top level domains that are: COM, ORG, NET, and EDU.

  • Note: EDU is the top level domain designated for four-year, degree-granting colleges and universities.

    Check Availability of Your Domain Name

    If you click here, another window will open up to the Network Solutions homepage. Type your desired name in the search window to see if it's already reserved. A message "No match for "YOURNAME.COM" will return after searching the database, or it will return the record of an already existing domain with that name.

    Should you reserve more than one top level domain?

    Should you reserve, and, and That's up to you, of course, and whether or not it matters to your particular business or organization that another entity carries the same Internet domain name as yours with the exception of the "suffix."

    For example, US Government domains end in "GOV", and one can visit the White House pages at "". But what the White House did not do, is to also reserve "" or "" or "". Believe it or not:

  • is an anti-White House and pornographic website
  • is another porn site
  • is (what appears to be) a relatively innocent copy and parody of the official White House website
  • According to the US Mission to the United Nations, there is nothing that can legally be done to remove those websites.

    To keep things in perspective, there are many companies with similar names. One often sees names like: ABC, Inc.; ABC Corporation; ABC, Ltd., all of which may be completely separate, unrelated firms.

    How much does it cost to reserve a domain name?

    Prices vary from registrar to registrar, depending on the level of service and security provided. As of January 2002, domain name reservations can be made for as little as $15 per year. See the Network Solutions website for more secure maintenance.

    BRAMA's charges
    We will register your domain name reservation for you, but you must pay the registration fee which is made directly to the registrar you chose.

    Can I make changes to my domain record?

    Yes! Even the $15 services now offer password-protected access for full management of your domain record.

    Click HERE to order your domain name (in conjunction with website hosting) at Brama today!



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