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BRAMA Services & Media Kit Sunday, July 14, 2024, 12:40 EDT
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BRAMA Services and Rates

Technologically speaking ...
Brama operates with the LAMP technology suite - Linux Apache MYSQL Perl/PHP, systems recognized for their maturity and long-term stability. "LAMP is the platform of choice for the development and deployment of high performance web applications" ( The server is situated on a network supported by a high bandwidth OC48 fiber optic system.

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  Basic Web Hosting Non-profit Basic Web Hosting 5 Shopping Cart 1,2 Domain Registration1 
One-time set-up charge $50 $50 $150  
Monthly charges $20 $10 $20  
Annual fee - - - $15 1
Disk Storage 6 no limits no limits no limits -
Data Transfer 6 no limits no limits no limits -
Email Accounts 10 5 n/a -
UPS/Generator backup -
Site Statistics -
Weekly backups -
Live 5x8 telephone support -
Domain Registration n/a -
Your own CGI-Bin 4 n/a -
MySQL/PostgreSQL Databases 4 -
PHP, Perl, SSI 4 -
Shopping Cart Software n/a n/a -
Free Media Streaming -
Secure Server n/a n/a -
Links from BRAMA subject pages -
FTP/SFTP/SSH access 8 n/a -
E-mail listserv 7 n/a -
Brama client mini banner n/a -
Brama Shopping page banner -
FREE calendar program n/a -
Bi-lingual support (Ukrainian and English) -
Press releases on UkraiNewstand n/a -
Link on Brama subject pages -
Entry in Brama's Diaspora database -
Entry on Brama's What's New
  (regularly spidered by
  major search engines)
Web Control Panel - - - 3

  1. This price is available only in conjunction with website hosting. If already registered, transfer of domain nameserver and/or registration is the responsibility of domain owner. Transfer of domain registration is not mandatory.
  2. Use of the secure server for credit cards is provided by Brama, however, a merchant account at your commercial bank is required in order to process the transactions.
  3. Includes full access to manage your domain record
  4. Databases, forms, bulletin boards, etc.
  5. Non-profit organizations must provide evidence of status.
  6. Brama reserves the right to establish limits on bandwidth and storage. Currently, no restrictions apply.
  7. Extra charges may apply
  8. Secure encrypted transmission used to upload and manage your website.

Transfer an existing website or domain to Brama
If you already reserved a domain name and wish to set up a website on Brama, your domain nameserver must point to Brama's server. To do so, you must make changes below on the domain record at your registrar.

Brama, Inc.
PO Box 20606
Tompkin Square Station
New York, NY 10009
Tel 212-529-7575
Fax (not required - leave field blank)


Click HERE to order hosting for your website at Brama today!


E-mail us if you have any questions about pricing or services.


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