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    ER Cyrillic Fonts.
    These were created by Gavin Helf and are available for both the Macintosh and Windows operating systems; they were adapted for the Macintosh system by Zenon M. Feszczak and L. Jake Jacobson . These fonts are available for the following Cyrillic codings: CP1251, CP866, KOI8, and Apple Standard Cyrillic; and they come in four font styles: Bukinist (a Times-face), Univers (a Helvetica-face), Kurier (a monospaced font) and Architect (a decorative font).
    UkrASCII & KOI-8
    are two Ukrainian fonts for the Macintosh in CP866 and KOI8 codings and were created by Darwin J. Fedorick. They are recommended for on-screen reading.
    Slavist Fonts
    were created by L. Jake Jacobson . They are in two font styles -- Constantin and Methodius -- and are considered to be specialized containing, along with the characters for modern Slavic languages, specialized characters used for transcribing East Slavic dialects and archaic characters found in older Slavic manuscripts.


    Ukrainian keyboard driver for Windows NT/95
    a quick patch of a Ukrainian keyboard driver for Windows NT/95 by Gennadiy Burdeyny
    Lviv, LvivKOI8, Kyiv, KyivKOI8, Poltava, PoltavaKOI8
    Transliterated/homophonic keyboards created by Zenon M. Feszczak for KOI8 and Apple Standard Cyrillic encodings. These various keyboard layouts allow typing in Ukrainian from a standard English keyboard.
    was created by L. Jake Jacobson . Two transliterated keyboard resources for use with Apple Standard Cyrillic encoding. Very useful for those who are unfamiliar with the standard Cyrillic keyboards.
    were created by L. Jake Jacobson . This package contains a font called MacAlternativa which corresponds to CP866 Cyrillic encoding and a complementary keyboard resource, MacAlt. Version 1.00
    is a Windows/DOS Keyboard driver designed by Gavin Helf to allow you total control over your keyboard layout. This version ships with support for Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian, Estonian, and Latvian and Esperanto, but the WinKey system is open-ended and subsequent versions will ship with other modules. is a set of three transliterated/homophonic keyboards in CP1251, CP866, and KOI8 codings to be used with the Winkey Windows 3.1 based keyboard accessory.
    is a shareware keyboard driver for MS-Windows which allows users to configure Cyrillic keyboards and then quickly toggle between Cyrillic and Qwerty keyboards. is a set of six transliterated/homophonic keyboards, three for Ukrainian, three for Russian in CP1251, CP866, and KOI8 codings to be used with the Cyrwin Windows based keyboard accessory.
    R -- (
    is an MS-DOS TSR (terminate and stay resident) program created by Vadim Kurland which allows you to read and create text concurrently in Russian, Ukrainian, and English. It can work in CP866, KOI8, and ISO8859-5 Cyrillic codings and is designed for you to use principally with text editors and communications software. It can also be used with some other types of software such as databases and spreadsheets.

    Ukrainian-Win95 Startup/Shutdown Logos Collection
    by Evgen
    Laws of Ukraine Database Demo
    is a demo of a versatile program which allows you to search a database of Ukrainian Laws. It is produced by Trident Software in Kiev.
    BJ-200 Bubblejet Canon Cyrillic Printing Utility
    contributed by Joseph Senyk
    is freeware created by Translation Experts. This Windows program gives you the capablity to convert a text file between different code pages. It also can transliterate Cyrillic text. Along with the 20 different conversion routines included you can easily create additional ones.
    is a DOS based database program of approximately 500 businesses in Ukraine including Associations, Banks & Exchanges, Consortiums, Cooperatives, Joint Ventures, Research-Technical Centers, Small Businesses, and Trading Companies. The information is in Russian current as of the end 1991; installation of a CP866 Cyrillic font driver is necessary.
    Kozak Entertainment
    is shareware created by Natalia and Dmytro Kovalov. These are educational programs for children which teach reading of Ukrainian using images and melodies from Ukrainian folklore and popular culture. Installation of Ukrainian Cyrillic fonts are necessary for this program.
    is a shareware Macintosh transliteration utility written by Mikhail Fridberg. The program converts Cyrillic text between the various Cyrillic coding schemes, and even transliterates. The FULL version (post-shareware fee) includes support for KOI8 Ukrainian, including the ER fonts!
    Icons for Windows
    are available and include two tryzubs, a map and a flag of Ukraine. They were created by Roman Makukha.
    is for MS-DOS systems. It is a charming collection of melodies and animation which includes Ukrainian Christmas Carols, poems of Shevchenko, and Schedrivkas. It was prepared by The Cultural Center of the Ukrainians in the Irkutsk Region of Russia, in connection with restoration of statehood of the Ukraine. This program was contributed by Michel Ilkiewicz

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