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Yara Arts Group has created several series of events:

Watoku's shadow puppet shows a unique series of shadow puppet shows
created by Watoku Ueno
see shadow puppets

Poetry events with Serhiy Zhadan in the US
2018 | 2017 | 2016

kolo nas, or 'round us

a unique series poetry and performance
initiated by Virlana Tkacz and Svitlana Matvienko in Kyiv, Ukriane

#1 a party for poets and people who work with poetry
september 6, 2002

#2 the poetry of andryi bondar & serhiy zhadan
readings by the poets and translations by virlana tkacz
september 26, 2002
dim art gallery
see: kolo nas 2 and Kyiv Post

#3 in the beginning was song... a dialog of traditional songs in ukrainian and hebrew by mariana sadovska and victoria hanna
october 20, 2002 dim art gallery see: kolo nas 3


a unique series initiated by Virlana Tkacz, Julian Kytasty and Eugene Hutz, featuring New Music, Poetry and Arts from New York's Emerging Ukrainian-American Art Underground.

Night #1 Lessons on "Transcultural Terrorism & Contemporary Myth Making" readings by Virlana Tkacz & Eugene Hutz & new ethno-electronic music by Staroviry.

Night #3 Kupalo Freakout, a new look at the Pagan Slavic Midsummer Night. Kupalo scenes from films: Tarkovsky's "Andrei Rublev," and Kusturica's "Time of the Gypsies" and a screening of Andrea Odezynska's short film "Dora Is Dysfunctional."

Night #4 Kupalo Freakout (Julian Calendar) an outdoor extravaganza celebrating Pagan Slavic Midsummer Night - traditional rituals, songs and music July 8, 1999 in the Community Garden at East 6th Street and Avenue B

Night #2 readings by Maria Rewakowicz, and Eugene Hutz and the debut performances of the Experimental Bandura Trio.

Night #5 "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" with Kristina Lucenko and Eugene Hutz reading their work and Virlana presenting with slides from her expedition to Siberia by photographer Alexander Khantaev.

Night #6 Staroviry cook up a unique brand of East European flavored ethno-electronics.

Night #7 "New Films, Video and Music, Music Music" Antin Trofimov screened two music videos he shot with Kyiv's hit rock band "Mandry" and an original short film "Angelus." Tristra Newyear performed with guitarist Ilya Temkin.

Night #8 Ex-Expatriots Cafe: Virlana Tkacz read her poetry, while Eugene Hutz read from "Scream of Blood" and Sayan Zhambalov performs works written in the shamanic tradition.

Night #9 "Music From the Opposite Ends of the Steppe: a Buryat Mongolian-Ukrainian Musical Dialogue." Uragsha, Julian Kytasty and Meredith Wright perform.

Night #10 New Poetry & Music at the Ukrainian Consulate: with Christine Turczyn, Kristia Lucenko, Virlana Tkacz & Staroviry.

For Yara's Kupala, Malanka, Gogol/Hohol, Harvest, Poetry Installations Events see: Yara's Music, Arts and Poetry Events

Buryat Days

a unique series initiated by Yara Arts Group featuring artists from the Buryat Republic in Siberia.

- at American Museum of Natural History, featuring traditional Buryat music and Mongolian throat-singing by Sayan Zhamablov, Erzhena Zhambalov, Erdeny Zhaltsanov and Battuvshin, a slide presentation on the Buryat Mongolians of Siberia by Virlana Tkacz and video "Summer in Siberia" produced by Tom Lee and the Yara Arts Group

Musical Dialogue with Badmahanda

- hosted by Yara Arts Group with Uragsha and traditional musicians: Julian Kytasty (bandura), Tristra Newyear (vocals), Adrian Romero (guitar), and Laura Biagi (vocals) at La MaMa Galleria 4/00

Musical Dialogue with Uragsha

- featuring Sayan Zhambalov, Battuvshin & Namgar Lkhsaranova
- hosted by Yara Arts Group with traditional musicians: Julian Kytasty (bandura), Akim Ndlovu (throat singing) Tristra Newyear (vocals), Ilya Tempkin, (guitar) and Jina Oh (vocals) at La MaMa Galleria 10/99

Musical Dialogue with Battuvshin

- hosted by Yara Arts Group with traditional musician: Erzhena Zhambalov (vocals), Sayan Zhambalov (throat-singing), Julian Kytasty (bandura) at La MaMa Galleria 2/99

Musical Dialogue with Buryats

- featuring Erzhena Zhambalov (vocals), Sayan Zhambalov (throat-singing & khun khur) & Erdeny Zhaltsanov (morin khur)
- hosted by Yara Arts Group with traditional musicians: Cecilia Arana (vocals), Julian Kytasty (bandura), and SilverCloud (singers & drummers) from the American Indian Community House at La MaMa Galleria 4/98

Musical Dialogue with Kamlyl, A Siberian Folk Ensemble

- musicians, singers, throat singers and dancers include representatives of four indigenous people of Kamchatka: Itlemen, Koryak, Even and Chuckchi. Musical Dialogue hosted by Yara Arts Group with traditional musicians: Genji Ito (shakuhachi), Julian Kytasty (bandura), Curtis Eller (banjo) and SilverCloud (singers & drummers) from the American Indian Community House at La MaMa Galleria 2/98
kolo nas 2 photo Natalka Kravchuk, Nova Nomada Cat Eugene Hutz, Kupalo photo Eleanor Lipat, Staroviry photo @ Yuri Lev, Erzhena Zhambalov photo @ Watoku Ueno, Buryat graphic Carmen Pujols with contemporary photo Watoku Ueno, all rights reserved.
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