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Wednesday, November 21, 2007 6:30-9:30 PM.
Yara Arts Group presents a vocal workshop in Ukrainian folk singing with Mariana Sadovska. For the last fourteen summers Mariana has traveled through Polissia, the Poltava, Hutsul and Lemko regions of Ukraine collecting songs, stories and documenting rituals. Discover the folk voice in you. Enjoy traditional harmony singing, learn the ancient winter songs Yara artists recorded this year in Ukraine. You do not have to be able to read Ukrainian or music to participate. You must pre-register. Call Yara (212) 475-6474 or e-mail The workshop will be at La MaMa rehearsal hall -- the address there is 47 Great Jones St (really E 3rd St between Lafayette & Bowery) in New York City. Register early since space is limited.
Sunday, December 4, 2005 2:00-6:00 PM at Ukrainian Museum in New York
See Marusia Sonevytsky's wonderful article about her experiences at one of Mariana's workshops with Yara. "New York City, Meet the Ukrainian Folk Singers"


From October 2000 to October 2001 Mariana Sadovska was Yara's artist-in-residence in New York. During this time she conducted a series of workshops in Ukrainian ritual songs at La MaMa Experimental Theatre. Mariana Sadovska was born in Lviv and performed in Yara's first project in Ukraine In the Light in 1991. Since then she worked at Gardzienice Experimental Theatre in Poland. For the last ten summers she travled though Polissia, Poltava, Hutsul and Lemko regions of Ukraine collecting songs, stories and documenting riutals.

Midsummer Night Songs

Two Workshops in the ancient Midsummer Night Ritual (Kupalo) folk songs Learn pagan slavic midsummer night songs and fortune-telling rituals. June 16 & 17, 2001

Late Spring Songs

Two Workshops in Songs of Rusalny Easter and Troitsa Learn songs used by our ancestors to call forest nymphs and encourage plants to grow. May 5 & 6, 2001

Spring Songs

Two Workshops in Ukrainian Folk Singing Learn songs used to call spring and spring dance songs (haivky) March 4 & 11, 2001

Winter Songs

Two Workshops in Ukrainian Folk Singing Learn winter solstice songs koliadky, Malanky & kozy. Conducted by Mariana Sadovska who last summer traveled with artists from Yara to the Poltava Region and Pokuttia to gather winter songs that formed the bases of Yara's hit produciton Song Tree at La MaMa in December The Winter Songs Workshop was held January 20-21, 2001

Calling Songs

Two Workshops in Ukrainian Folk Singing

conducted by Mariana Sadovska January 29-30, 2000 at La MaMa Experimental Theatre in New York

Sing with the Ancestors

Workshop in Ukrainian Folk Singing

Conducted by Alexis Kochan, Julian Kytasty and Mariana Sadovska, the most interesting performers of the art in America, Canada and Poland. November13, 1999 at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York


Yara Arts Group members initiated the Harvard Ukrainian Summer School theatre workshops and have conducted them from 1988. Each year the students created an original theatre piece which had a unifying theme and used Ukrainian poetry as text.

1998 Messenger: Contemporary Ukrainian Poetry

1997 Seven Veils: Seven Very Contemporary Ukrainian Poets

1996 Spinning Spells:
Poetry of Ukrainian Women

1995 Oceanic Consciousness:
Growing Fangs, Tails and Wings

1994 Language of Space: Attics, Kitchens and Poems

1993 Body Parts; Avant-garde Poetry from the 1990s

1992 Heart Pic(k)s; XIX and XX Century Ukrainian Love Poetry

1991 Radio Eternity; Ukrainian Poetry from the 1920s & 1990s

1990 On Word, Thru Word, Forward! Poetry as Performance

1989 Les Kurbas: Fragments in Performance Excerpts from Three Productions

1988 Les Kurbas's production of Jimmie Higgins; Voices and Images

Yara has also presented work at:

Bucknell University
New York University - Tisch School of the Arts
Penn State University

Virlana Tkacz has conducted workshops, taught masterclasses and presented lectures at:

Yale University School of the Arts
University of Manitoba
Wayne State University, Detroit
St Vladimer Center - University of Toronto
Karpenko-Kary Theatre Institue, Kyiv
Kotliarevsky Art Insitute, Kharkiv
Conservatory, Lviv
Sichinsky Music School, Ivano-Frankivsk
University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv
Yalta Pedagogical College, Crimea
East Siberian Institute of Arts, Ulan Ude
University of Art and Culture, Ulaan Baatar

Virlana has also introduced many community groups to Yara's work through slide presentations and lectures: Denver, New York, Newark, Boston, Winnipeg, Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Washington, Toronto

Photograph of Mariana Sadovska by Yuri Lev, graphics for 1995-98 theatre workshops by Carmen Pujols, graphic for 1994 by Ivan Bereznicki, photos from 1992-93 by Watoku Ueno, graphic for 1991 by Dorian Yurchuk, Futurist poem by Mykhail Semenko, portrait of Pavlo Tychyna by Alexander Dovzhenko, archival photos of Les Kurbas and his production thanks to Wolodymyr Hrycyn, all rights reserved.

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