meetings: “ round us

who are we and who is ‘round us?

virlana tkacz (new york) — director of yara arts group from la mama theatre

svitlana matvienko (kyiv) — editor of newspaper “literature plus”


what is our interest and language?


·              word, color, gesture

·              sound, shade, movement

·              poetry, painting, theatre

·              ukrainian, english, buryat, hebrew, crimean tatar


what you’ll hear


“in the beginning

was song”


a dialog of

traditional songs

in ukrainian and hebrew



mariana sadovska


each song she sings is given to her by a specific person during her research trips to villages in Ukraine. she believes that songs are dialogues between the singer and the listener. the critic for the new york times recognized this and wrote: "sometimes a musician has such an inborn desire to communicate that her message naturally becomes universal… such is the case with the ukrainian singer mariana sadovska…"




victoria hanna (jerusalem)

she builds her unique vocal performances on texts from the Talmud and Kabala. deeply rooted in tradition she presents her work in totally personal manner creating a vivid musical interpretation of the sacred in a contemporary context. yediot aharonot called her “one of the rarest and most unique creators in the area of vocal performance in israel”





20 october  4:00 PM


art gallery

“dim art


volodymyrska street, 22-а

(on the grounds of sofia,the archive museum of literature and art of ukraine)


1. what is presence? and what is the (per)ception of (pre)sence? can you hear it? see it? experience it? capture it? imagine it?


2. presence is the knowledge of experience, existence. presence is communion. communion is interaction.


3. everyday we witnesses numerous phenomenon. try to forget everything and experience again something for the first time, and for the first time become conscious of the revelation of presence, all its tension, its movement through the air. its movement ‘round poetry. its dialog with images. experience the range of the sounds of poetry and song.


4. your presence is required




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