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Laws Governing Foreign Investment in Ukraine

  • Foreign Investment Law of Ukraine  (March 19, 1996)  English Text
  • Overview of Ukrainian Foreign Investment Law   (March 19, 1996)
  • Synopsis by the Ministry of Foreign Trade (1996)
  • Laws Governing Foreign Companies Doing Business in Ukraine (1997)
  • Outline on creating a foreign owned company; prepared by Grischenko & Partners, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • The New Ukrainian Law on Foreign Investments

  • Overview of Major Provisions and Comparison to Previous Foreign Investment Legislation. by Rebecca A. Matthias, Esq. and Jennifer J. Saxe, East/West Executive Guide,( September, 1996 )
  • Analysis of the Ukr. Foreign Investment Law;    1996  Baker & McKenzie June 1996
  • Registering a Foreign Company and Setting Up a Joint Venture in Ukraine;  Ukr. Embassy in Canada;

  • Background Legislation and Historical Analysis

  • Law on Foreign Economic Activity (April 16, 1991) Overview
  • Foreign Investment Legislation (1991 and 1992)  Overview;  Superceded
  • Foreign Investment Law of Ukraine (1993)
  • English translation of the Law on Foreign Investment (1993) Superseded in 1996

    Presidential Decrees and Ministry Orders Relating to Foreign Investment
    Courtesy of the Trade Mission of Ukraine, NY District Office;
    Questions regarding the legislation of Ukraine should be addressed to the Trade Mission of Ukraine.
  • Order of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade of Ukraine Re: the Law of Ukraine "On Operations With Give-And-Take Raw Materials in Foreign Economic Relations", Order of the President of Ukraine of 7 November 1994 N o.659/94; 24 February 1996 No. 133-A
  • The Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade of Ukraine Order No 773 of 11.28.1996 Registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on December 9, 1996 Reg. No 705/1730
  • Order of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade of Ukraine No. 75 of 5 October 1995 Registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine Reg.No.367/903 of 9 October 1995 on Approving the Provisions of the Form of F oreign Economic Agreements (Contracts)
  • Law of Ukraine on the State Programme For Promotion of Foreign Investments in Ukraine; 17 December 1993 No. 3744-XII
  • Law of Ukrainian SSR on External Economic Activity
  • On Registration of Certain Types of Foreign Economic Agreements (Contract) in Ukraine Order of the President of Ukraine of 7 November 1994.
  • Resolution of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine on the Draft Law of Ukraine "On the Foreign Investment Regime"
  • Order of the President of Ukraine of 25 August 1994 on Measures in Respect to Prevention Export of Goods Which Originate From Ukraine at Prices that Can Be Considered as the Dumping Ones and to Settle Trade Disputes
  • Decree of the President of Ukraine on Measures Regarding the Improvement of Price Policy Configuration in Foreign Economic Activity
  • Act of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 882 of 28 December 1994 on the Procedure of Reference of Residents' Operations While Carrying Out Their Foreign Economic Activity to the Contracts of Productive Co-Operation , Consignment, Complex Building, Supply of Elaborate Technical Products and Specially Designed Goods.

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