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US Law & Legal Research Page

 Federal Court Opinions  Federal Legislation  Other Federal Sources
 State Opinions  Tax Law & IRS  Immigration Law
 International Law  Internet Law  Other Law Topics
 Libraries & Search Engines  Publications  Legal Forms

Federal Court Decisions

  • Federal Courts Finder and Listings
  • Search All US Supreme Court and All Federal Circuit Courts
  • Federal Legislation

  • Emory Law Library Electronic Reference Desk
  • Emory Law School; Excellent start point for federal research.
  • Code of Federal Regulations 

  • Provided by the US House of Reps. Internet Law Library
  • U.S. Code 

  • U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Law Library Searchable by keyword. There is a gopher version of the U.S. Code below.
  • U.S. Code Titles & Text 

  • Cornell site, has index by title and is searchable
  • U.S. Code GopherGofer site where the entire text can be downloaded.
  • Federal Register

    US House of Representantives Library.

    Other Federal Sources

  • GPO Access
  • Government Printing Office on line free access to electronic government information products.
  • Federal Courts System
  • This document provides an overview of the organization, operation, and administration of the Federal Courts System.
  • Federal Rules of Evidence
  • Cornell Law School
  • Pubic Access to the Federal Court System
  • Automated Information in the United States Federal Courts, provides dial in service for a fee.

    State Cases & Decisions

  • State Court Opinions
  • The State Court Locator
  • IRS & Tax Sites

  • Federal Tax Code, Title 26
  • IRS--Tax Forms and Instructions  Basic IRS site.
  • Tax Sites
  •  Internet income tax related information available on WWW
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax
  • Information relating to Non For Profit Corporate taxation

    Other Law Areas & Topics

  • Law Practice Areas
  • National Law Journal indexed by Practice Area of Law.
  • General Legal Resources
  • Index maintained by a Toronto attorney; contains excellent index by law area of practice.
  • Corporate Law Center
  • The Center for Corporate Law at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Primarily SEC and Anti-Trust Statutes
  • SeniorLaw Home Page
  • This is a Web site accesses information about Elder Law , Medicare, Medicaid, estate planning, trusts and the rights of the eld
  • Social Security Adm. Home Page
  • Contains all of the publications and handbooks relating to Retirement, Disability and Death Benifits provided by SS.
  • U.C.C. - ARTICLES 1-9
  • Text of the Uniform Commercial Code which has been adopted in all of the US.

    Immigration Law

  • Immigration Law
  • Index Page of various visa and residency issues maintained by C. Matthew Schulz, Esq. San Francisco
  • IMMIGRATION LAW: Statutes & Treaties
  • Law Journal EXTRA site with full text of legislation and other pointers to agencies, decisions etc.

    International Law

  • Diplomatic Relations
  • Text of the Vienna Conventions; site at Tufts Univ.
  • International Trade Law Project
  • Univ. of Tromso, Norway. Excellent links with search engine for Intn'l trade issues.
  • Trade & Commercial Relations
  • Tufts Univ. Site. Links to Intn'l Commercial Treaties such as GATT, Copyright etc.
  • UN Treaty Data Base
  • UN site which contains text of all Intn'l treaties deposited with the UN.
  • International Trade Law Library
  • Univ. of Tromso, Norway, Links for Law, Economics and Commerce world wide.

    Internet Law

  • Internet Legal Resource Guide
  • LawRunner: A Legal Research Tool
  • The Electronic Legal Source
  • Libraries & Search Engines

  • Findlaw Internet Resources
  • Law Crawler
  • Law Guru Multiple site search engine
  • Lets you search multiple sources simultaneously
  • Judicial Statistical Inquiry Form 
  • This site utilizes a database of 3.7 mil. Fed. District Court and state court civil cases from the last 16 years. You can do a verdict searches and obtain other relevant statistical information.
  • Federal Web Locator
  • The Federal Web Locator is a search service provided by the Villanova Center for Information Law And Policy.
  • House of Reps Internet Law Library
  • Excellent Start point for research.
  • Law Journal Listing
  • WashLaw WEB -- Washburn University School of Law
  • Lawyers Co-op Legal List
  • Consolidated guide on how to find law-related resources that are available on  the Internet; Lawyers Cooperative Publishers.
  • Legal Material by Topic - Overview
  • Cornell Law School Search location by law topic
  • National Law Journal Library
  • Various sites of legal sources on the WWW
  • P-LAW Legal Resource Locator
  • A starting point for research, be it by attorneys or non-legal professionals.
  • Practicing Attorney's Home Page
  • Contains various locations by law area, especially on issues such as Copyright, Patent, e
  • World Wide Web Virtual Law Library
  • Information categorised by subject. Attempts to link all known law sites.

    Publications & Publishers

  • Law Practice Management   ABA publication
  • Lawyers Weekly Publications  Lawyers Weekly USA; contains various articles, cases and other documents on various topics of interest to lawyers.
  • Forms

  • FindLaw: Forms
  • WashLaw WEB -- Legal Forms
  • ILRG's Legal Forms Menu
  • The Electronic Legal Source
  • WashLaw WEB -- Legal Forms
  • Do-It-Yourself pages

  • QuickForm Contracts OnLine
  • Do It Yourself Legal Forms
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