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Law Office Utilities
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Lawyer Directories

  • Legal Directory - West'sPublishers'
  • Listing of Lawyers nation wide and in Canada.
  • Legal Directory: Martindale Lawyer Locator
  • Martindale Hubbell Lawyer Directory.
  • Weblocator Attorney Search
  • Mail & Messenger Services

    FEDEX Home Page
    Federal Express package tracking site and rates.
    UPS Home Page
    United Parcel Service UPS tracking service and rates.
    Postal Rates
    US and International postage rates.
    Postal ZIP & Addresses
    National Address and ZIP+4 Browser. lets you search if you only have partial addresses.
    Postal ZIP codes
    US Postal Service ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information.

    Map & Other Utilities

    Infoseek Guide; creates & prints maps to any address in the US.
    Virtual Reference Desk
    Purdue University; links to world phone directories, dictionaries etc.

    Search Company Information

    Company Profiles
    Infoseek Company Profiles provides information on over 45,000 leading public and private companies in the U.S
    Company Search; Thomas Register
    Thomas Register of American Manufacturers of 150,000 U.S. and Canadian companies in 52,000 categories.
    Company Search; Yahoo!
    Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies WWW search engine; by catagory.
    SEC EDGAR Database
    Contains all filing by publicly traded corporations in the US
    Bank of America and World bank search engines for world wide report data.
    The Global Trader Search Engine
    A Variety of business search engines give finacial reports on projects and companies.

    Telephone Directories

    Telephone 800 directory
    AT&T Toll-Free Internet Directory.
    Telephone and address search
    SearchAmerica, Inc. Pricing is @ $.35 per search in $10 increments.
    Telephone Long Distance Decoder
    Look up U.S. and Canadian telephone area codes and country codes.
    Telephone Switchboard
    Free nationwide residential and business telephone directory; has nearly 90 million listings.
    Telephone Yellow Pages
    Nationwide yellow pages maintained by EXCITE search engine.

    New Jersey State Offices

    State of New Jersey - Agency Caller Numbers (CN)
    NJ uses CN numbers rather than PO Bax or street numbers for its mail addresses.
    State of New Jersey - Agency FAX Directory
    Listing of fax telephone numbers by Department and location.
    State of New Jersey - Agency Telephone Numbers
    Directory of general telephone numbers organized by Departments and Agencies.
    State of New Jersey - Dept. of State
    Division of Commercial Recording web pages; access to various filings & Databases.
    State of New Jersey - Employee Telephone Directory
    phone directory of individuals in state government; Searchable
    State of New Jersey - Home Page
    Official State site that contains links to various state departments and data bases.
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