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Kurbas in Kyiv
Graphic: Waldemart Klyuzko with photo of Les Kurbas and his production of "Jimmie Higgins"


February 25 - April 25, 2017
10:00 – 5:00 (closed Tuesdays)
Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema of Ukraine
Lavrska 9, building 26, Kyiv

opening reception Saturday February 25, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Press release:    

Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema of Ukraine and Yara Arts Group in New York present “Kurbas in Kyiv,” a museum exhibit that features costumes, design models, photographs and films from Les Kurbas’s work with the Berezil Artistic Association. Also included are recordings by Yara actors of scenes from Kurbas’s shows and the memoirs of participants.

“Kurbas in Kyiv” is a new exhibit at the Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema about the work of Les Kurbas that examines why he can be called one of the most innovative theatre directors of his time and a forerunner in the use of new media in theatre.

The exhibition opens with an introduction to Les Kurbas and his shows at the Young Theatre that Europeanized Ukrainian theatre. Then it focuses on three productions at the Berezil Artistic Association in Kyiv. A close examination of Kurbas’s production of the German Expressionist play “Gas” (1923) reveals his innovative approach to movement on stage. At the heart of the exhibit is a look at how Kurbas first integrated theatre action with film projection to create a portrait of human thought on stage in “Jimmie Higgins” (1923). Then we focus on why his 1924 production of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” exposed the process of actor transforming into character. The exhibit concludes with Berezil’s participation in the premiere avant-garde arts events of the 1920s: the Exposition of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1925 and the International Theatre Exhibition in New York in 1926.

“Kurbas in Kyiv” opens on February 25, 2017 to celebrate the 130th anniversary of Les Kurbas’s birthday. It is curated by Virlana Tkacz, artistic director of Yara Arts Group, and Tetiana Rudenko, head archivist at the Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema of Ukraine. Research for this exhibit was supported by a grant from Fulbright Ukraine.

For more information contact: Nadia Sokolenko (Yara Arts Group), +380673931059,
or the Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema of Ukraine (044) 280-1834

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