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Mon, October 20, 09:00 EDT
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    BRAMA, Oct 6, 2005, 2:00 pm ET

    Press Release

    Eugene Melnyk Donates $5 million to St. Josephs Health Centre Improves Patient Access to one of Torontos Oldest Hospitals

    Hospital Celebrates Official Opening of the Vera & Ferdinand Melnyk Pavilion

    St. Joseph's Health Centre recognizes Eugene Melnyk, Executive Chairman of the Board of Biovail Corporation, for his $5 million contribution to the Health Centre's redevelopment. This represents the largest donation in the Health Centre's 84-year history. St. Joseph's new main entrance has been named in honour of his parents, Vera Melnyk and the late Dr. Ferdinand Melnyk.

    Toronto, October 5, 2005 St. Joseph's Health Centre Toronto celebrated the opening of its new main entrance and thanked Eugene Melnyk, Executive Chairman of the Board of Biovail Corporation for his long-standing support for the hospital.

    Mr. Melnyks generous gift of $5 million represents the largest donation in the Health Centres 84-year history and is helping to support the hospitals ongoing multi-million redevelopment initiative. The Health Centres new main entrance has been named in honour of his parents, Vera Melnyk and the late Dr. Ferdinand Melnyk.

    My family has been closely associated with St. Josephs Health Centre for over 50 years. Over this time, I have witnessed with great admiration, how St. Joes has worked so tirelessly to serve the health care needs of the community where I was born and raised. It is truly a hidden gem within Torontos health care system, said Melnyk. Dr. Ferdinand Melnyk was a family physician at the Health Centre for more than 28 years. A native of Ukraine, Dr. Melnyk was instrumental in creating the hospitals first emergency room department that now services the largest volume of patients of any single site hospital in the Greater Toronto Area. Today, some of Eugene Melnyks family members still call West Toronto their home and St. Joseph's Health Centre their community hospital including his mother, Vera.

    Eugene Melnyk hands 11-year-old Liam Stanfield a St. Michael's Majors jersey to congratulate him on helping to raise $1,000 for St. Joseph's Health Centre (SJHC).

    Liam's fundraising efforts started last year when he was admitted to SJHC's Paediatric Emergency Department with a severe foot injury suffered during a hockey practice. After months of physiotherapy treatment at the Health Centre, Liam was finally able to play hockey again. As a way to say thanks for the treatment and care he received at SJHC, he wrote a personal fundraising letter to fellow students and his hockey association to help raise money for the Health Centre.

    Mr. Melnyks donation to revitalize and renovate the main entrance will improve patient care and access to the hospitals many services. Features include:

    • Improved wheelchair and stroller access;
    • Enlarged passenger pick-up and drop-off zone;
    • New volunteer/concierge information desk to help direct patients and family members; and
    • Ample visitor and patient seating overlooking Lake Ontario.

    I want to personally thank Eugene Melnyk for his donation to the Health Centre and to acknowledge the support of the Government of Ontario and all of our donors. This is philanthropy and government working hand-in-hand to advance health care, said Ken Deane, President and CEO, St. Joseph's Health Centre.

    From Left: Ken Deane, CEO of St. Joseph's Health Centre, Vera Melnyk, Eugene Melnyk, and Bob Schultz, Chair, Medicine and Beyond Campaign cutting the ribbon to St. Joseph's Health Centre's new Main Entrance.

    St. Josephs Health Centres Foundation is also thanking the many donors who have given to their community hospital with a new Donor Recognition System and interactive computer kiosk inside the main entrance.


    St. Josephs Health Centre
    30 The Queensway
    Toronto, Ontario M6R 1B5

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