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    BRAMA News and Community Press

    BRAMA, March 11, 2003, 9:00 am ET

    Press Release


    8th Annual Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN)

    Columbia University, 3-5 April 2003

    The full preliminary program of the ASN Eight Annual World Convention is now available on the ASN web site: The Convention will feature a hundred panels and events, spread over eleven sessions from Thursday April 3, 1 PM, to Saturday April 5, in the evening. More than 500 people will be on panels.

    All post-Soviet areas will be covered in tremendous depth, with ten panels on the Balkans, fourteen on Central Europe, nine on Central Asia (plus four on Turkey), eleven on the Russian Federation, twelve on Ukraine, six on the Caucasus, and twenty-two on thematic and cross-regional themes. Special events will include four panels on the 2002 Russian census, two roundtables on the new books by Terry Martin ("The Affirmative Action Empire") and Mark Beissinger ("Nationalist Mobilization and the Collapse of the Soviet State"), and panels on the Ukrainian Famine, Chechnya, Afghanistan, and EU enlargement.

    More than a dozen brand new documentaries and feature films, exploring ethnonational and identity issues in the post-Communist world, will also be shown at the convention, among them films on Chechnya, Abkhazia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzia. The full lineup will be announced shortly.

    Panel themes include:

  • Roma in East Central Europe
  • The Ghosts of Pereiaslav
  • Demands for Autonomy: the Cases of Russia and Kazakhstan
  • Comparative Analyses of Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • Estonia: A Multi-Cultural Model?
  • Ethnopolitics and Elections
  • Managing Pluralism and Ethnicity in China
  • Russian Federalism post-Yeltsin
  • Do We Need a Theory of post-Socialist Conflict?
  • Identity and Migration in Former Soviet Union
  • Bosnia's Past, Bosnia's Future
  • Islam in Russia
  • Turkey at the Crossroads?
  • Can Stateless People have an Encyclopedia?
  • Kaliningrad on the Frontline

    The convention is consolidating its status as the World Annual Event on Nationalities Studies. As in the past, over one hundred and fifty panelists will be travelling from overseas for the event (plus an additional three dozens from Canada). Almost 40 percent of paper-givers are international participants (and this does not include the large amount of non-US born participants currently residing in the United States).

    LOCATION. The convention will be taking place in the International Affairs Building (IAB) of Columbia University, 420 W. 118th St. (metro station: 116th St., on the Red Line). Registration will be on the 15th Floor of IAB and the panels will be held on several floors.

    REGISTRATION. $45 for ASN Members, $60 for Non-Members, and $30 for Students. Preregistration payments are non-refundable. A registration form can be downloaded from the ASN web site ( or requested from Gaurav Raina-Thapan ( People who plan to attend the convention are strongly encouraged to pre-register, since places are limited.

    SCHEDULE. Registration will begin at 11 AM, Thursday April 3, on the 15th Floor of IAB. People who sent preregistered will need to pick up their name tag and the convention program. On the Thursday, the panels will run from 1 PM-7.30 PM. On Friday and Saturday, from 9 AM to 7 PM PM. The convention will end on the Saturday evening, April 5.

    ACCOMMODATION. The convention does not have arrangements with a particular hotel. A list of nearby hotels can be found on the ASN web site.

    ASN MEMBERSHIP. People can now directly join a fast growing ASN on the convention pre-registration form. In addition to getting a significant discount at the ASN convention, ASN members receive annually four issues of Nationalities Papers, the field's leading journal; four issues of the Analysis of Current Events, containing up-to-the-minute analyses of ongoing events; and two issues of ASNews, the association's newsletter. An annual membership costs a remarkably low $60 annually-$35 for students.

    BONUS FOR ASN MEMBERS. ASN members have also the option of subscribing to Europe-Asia Studies (formerly Soviet Studies), which publishes eight issues a year, for $60, almost a hundred dollars less than the regular subscription price. Convention panelists can take advantage of this offer directly on the convention registration form.

    BOOK EXHIBIT/SALE OF PAPERS. Publishers will exhibit their wares in the exhibit room, located in the spacious Dag Room on the 6th floor. Convention papers will also go on sale for $1 apiece. At least 20 copies of each paper will go on sale in the book exhibit on Friday, April 4, at 11.15 AM.

    We look forward to seeing you at the convention!

    Troy McGrath
    ASN Convention Program Chair

    Gordon Bardos
    ASN Convention Director

    Dominique Arel
    ASN Vice-President (Conventions)

  • Only Ukraine-related sessions are included in the program below. The partial program provided in this press release is for general information only and is subject to change. For updated listings and the full 3-day schedule which includes all topics, please refer to the official ASN website (
  • ASN Complete Schedule [PDF 47 Pages]
  • ASN Pre-registation form - PDF format
  • ASN Pre-registation form - Printer friendly
  • Print this Ukrainian panels schedule (~8 pages)

    ASN Convention 2003
    Preliminary Program as of 15 March 2003

    11.00 AM-6.00 PM
    Registration (15th Floor, International Affairs Building)

    1.00-6.00 PM -- Book Exhibit (Dag Room, 6th Floor)

    Session I -- Thursday: 1.00-3.00 PM

    Panel I.4 (Thursday: 1:00-3:00)
    U4: The Ghosts of Pereiaslav: History and Politics in Contemporary
    Chair: Mark von Hagen (Harriman Institute, Columbia U, US)

  • Zenon Kohut (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, U of Alberta, Canada)
  • Frank Sysyn (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, U of Alberta, Canada)
  • Serhii Plokhy (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, U of Alberta, Canada) 

    Panel I.5 (Thursday: 1:00-3:00)
    G1: The Politics of Translation: Literary Texts
    Chair: Catharine Theimer Nepomnyashchy (Harriman Institute, Columbia U, US)
  • David Goldfarb (Columbia U, US)
  • Radmila Gorup (Columbia U, US)
  • Maria Rewakowicz (Harvard U, US)
  • Myroslava Znayenko (Rutgers U, US)

    Session II -- Thursday: 3.15-5.15 PM

    Panel II.3 (Thursday: 3:15-5:15)
    U9: Demographic Issues and Identity in Ukraine
    Chair: Alexandra Hrycak (Reed College, US)
    Hiroko Wakamatsu (U of Birmingham, UK)

  • Ukrainian Minorities in Poland
    Volodymyr Paniotto (Kiev International Institute of Sociology, Ukraine)
  • Dynamics of Xenophobia in Ukraine, 1994-2003
    Tetyana Semigina (U of North Carolina at Pembroke, US) 
  • The Price of Slow Reforms: Demographic Issues, HIV/AIDS and Healthcare in Ukraine
    Ihor Stebelsky (U of Windsor, Canada)
  • Demographic Change in Ukraine, 1989-2002: A Geographical Assessment
    Discussant: Alexander Tsiovkh (Center for Russian and East European Studies, U of Kansas, US)

    Panel II.4 (Thursday: 3:15-5:15)
    K2: Old and New Identities in the Pontus:
    Greek-, Armenian-, and Turkish-speaking Transnational Groups on the Black Sea Coasts
    Chair: David J Meyer (Cedarville U, US)
    Igor Kuznetsov (Kuban State U, Krasnodar, Russia/Columbia U, US)
  • Pontic Peoples and the issues of Caucasian Studies: Introduction
    Anton Popov (U of Birmingham, UK)
  • Becoming Pontic: Post-Socialist Identities of the Caucasian Greeks
    Steve Swerdlow (Columbia U, US)
  • Minority Rights and Transnational Identities in Georgia and the Pontus: Meskhetians, Armenians, and the Hemshins
    Rita Kuznetsova (Kuban State University, Krasnodar, Russia)
  • Gender Issues on the Pontic Boundary (an Abkhaz case)
    Discussant: Hovann Simonian (U of Southern California, US)

    Session III -- Thursday: 5.30-7.30 PM

    Opening Reception: 7.30 PM (15th Floor, International Affairs Building)

    8.00 AM-5.00 PM
    Registration (6th Floor, International Affairs Building)
    9.00 AM-6.00 PM Book Exhibit (Dag Room, 6th Floor)
    11.15 AM-6.00 PM Sales of Convention Papers (Dag Room, 6th Floor)

    Session IV Friday: 9:00-11:00 AM

    Panel IV.3 (Friday: 9:00-11:00)
    R8: Geopolitics and Geo-economics:
    Pipeline Politics in Russia, Eurasia and South-Eastern Europe
    Chair: Ariel Cohen (Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC, US)

  • Stephen Blank (Strategic Studies Institute, Carlisle Barracks, PA, US)
  • Robert Freedman (Baltimore Hebrew U, US)
  • John Hulsman (Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC, US)   
  • Svante E. Cornell (Cornell Caspian Consulting LLC, US/Johns Hopkins U, US)

    Panel IV.4 (Friday: 9:00-11:00)
    U1: Linguistic, Ethnic, and Civic Identities in Ukraine
    Organizers: Blair Ruble and Nancy Popson (Kennan Institute, Washington, DC, US)
    and Dominique Arel (Watson Institute, Brown U, US), for the Title VIII-funded Workshop "Multicultural

    Legacies in Russia and Ukraine'
    Chair: Dmitry Gorenburg (CNA Corporation, Washington, DC, US)
    Alexandra Hrycak (Reed College, US)

  • An Examination of Regional Variations in Speech Repertoires in Ukraine
    Oxana Shevel (Harvard U, US) 
  • Citizenship Policies and Civic Identities in Russia and Ukraine, 1990-2002
    Stephen Shulman (Southern Illinois U, US)
  • The Contours of Civic and Ethnic National Identification in Ukraine
    Discussant: Keith Darden (Yale U, US)

    Session V Friday: 11:15 AM-1:15 PM

    Panel V.4 (Friday: 11:15-1:15)
    U7: Media and Politics in Ukraine
    Chair: Irene Jarosewych (Editor-in-Chief, Svoboda, US)
    Marian J. Rubchak (Valparaiso U, US)

  • Transforming Gender Stereotypes in Contemporary Ukraine: The Media as Facilitator
    Olexander Hryb (BBC World Service, London, UK)
  • Kuchmagate as a Free Media Challenge
    Myroslava Gongadze (George Washington U) and Serhiy Kudelia (SAIS, Johns Hopkins U, US)
  • Challenging the State: Political Elites, Protest Movement and the Opportunity for Democratic Change in Ukraine, 2000-2001
    Discussant: Marta Dyczok (U of Western Ontario, Canada)

    Panel V.8 (Friday: 11:15-1:15)
    U13: George Shevelov's Ukrainian Phonology (In Memoriam)
    (Sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies)
    Chair: Zenon Kohut (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, U of Alberta, Canada)
  • Boris Gasparov (Columbia U, US)
  • Antonina Berezovenko (Columbia U, US)
  • Andriy Danylenko (Shevchenko Society, New York, US)

    Lunch Break: 1:20-2:40 PM

    Session VI -- Friday: 2:45-4:45 PM

    Panel VI.4 (Friday: 2:45-4:45)
    U2: Ukrainian Famine 1932-1933: Facts and Effects
    (Sponsored by the Shevchenko Scientific Society)
    Chair: Anna Procyk (Kingsborough Community College, City U of New York, US)
    Stanislav Kulchytskyi (Institute of History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)

  • The Famine in Soviet Archives
    Volodymyr Lozytskyi (Central State Archive of Public Organization, Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • The Archival Evidence for Famine:  What Did the Party Authorities Know and When?
    Taras Hunczak (Rutgers U, US)
  • The Response of the Ukrainians beyond the Border of the USSSR to the Famine in Ukraine
    Hiroaki Kuromiya (Indiana U, US)
  • The Ukrainian Famine and the Ukrainian National Question
    Discussants: Mark von Hagen (Columbia U, US)

    Panel VI.8 (Friday: 2:45-4:45)
    Comparative Nationalism, Ethnic Mobilization, and Democratization in post-Communist States
    Chair: Stephen Shulman (Southern Illinois U, US)
    Paul D'Anieri (U of Kansas, US)
  • Electoral Authoritarianism in the Former Soviet Union: A Comparative Analysis
    Glenn Goshulak (York U and Waterloo U, Canada)
  • Crimean Tatars and Kosovar Albanians: A Comparative Study of Ethnic Conflict and Mobilization
    Taras Kuzio (U of Toronto, Canada)
  • Russians and Russophones in the Former USSR and Serbs in Yugoslavia: A Comparative Study of Passivity and Mobilization
    Discussant: Paul Robert Magocsi (U of Toronto, Canada)

    Panel VI.9 (Friday: 2:45-4:45)
    U14: Foreign Policy and International Institutions : Ukraine's Choice
    Chair: Jonathan Becker (Bard College, US)
    Anna Makhorkina (Old Dominion U, US)
  • National Identity and Foreign Policy Choices: The Case of Ukraine
    Elena Kovaleva (Institute of Politics and International Relations, Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Playing with Principles: European Choice of Ukraine
    Natalie Mychajlyszyn (Concordia U, Canada)
  • From Adversaries to Partners:  NATO and the FSU (mainly Ukraine)
    Discussant: Sue Davis (Denison U, US) 

    Session VII  Friday: 5:00-7:00 PM

    Panel VII.4 (Friday: 5:00-7:00)
    U10: Regional Integration in Ukraine: Problems and Prospects
    Chair: Jaroslaw Martyniuk (Intermedia, Washington, DC, US)
    Oleh Protsyk (Chair of Ukrainian Studies, U of Ottawa, Canada)

  • Political Institutions and Public Policies in Ukraine: Combining Large N and  Comparative Case Studies of Policy Process
    Tatiana Zhurzhenko (U of Vienna, Austria/Kharkiv National U, Ukraine) 
  • Cross-border Cooperation and Transformation of Regional Identities in the Ukrainian-Russian Borderlands: Towards a Euroregion "Slobozhanshchyna"?
    Yaroslav Bilinsky (U of Delaware, US)
  • Reflections on the Strategic Partnership between Poland and Ukraine in 2000-2002: From a Round to a Square Table and Going South
    Discussant: Paul D'Anieri (U of Kansas, US)

    Panel VII.8 (Friday: 5:00-7:00)
    G12: Roundtable on Terry Martin's Book,
    The Affirmative Action Empire:
    Nations and Nationalism in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939
    (Cornell, 2001)
    Chair: Frank Sysyn (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, U of Alberta, Canada)
  • Sheila Fitzpatrick (U of Chicago, US)
  • Ron Suny (U of Chicago, US)
  • Juliette Cadiot (Watson Institute, Brown U, US)
    Discussant: Terry Martin (Harvard U, US)

    Panel VII.9 (Friday: 5:00-7:00)
    G17: Fluctuating Freedom in Postcommunist Media in the former Soviet Union
    Chair: Will Kramer (Open Society Institute, New York, US)
    Kristian Feigelson (Université de Sorbonne/Observatoire des Etats Post-Soviétiques [INALCO], Paris, France)
  • Media in Post-Soviet Societies
    Jonathan Becker (Bard College, US)
  • The Media in Transition: Lessons from Russia
    Marta Dyczok (U of Western Ontario, Canada)
  • Power Struggle for Freedom of Speech in Ukraine
    Discussant: Nina Khruscheva (New School U, US)

    8.00 AM-5.00 PM
    Registration (6th Floor, International Affairs Building)
    9.00 AM-6.00 PM Book Exhibit (Dag Room, 6th Floor)
    9.00 AM-6.00 PM  Sales of Convention Papers (Dag Room, 6th Floor)

    Session VIII  Saturday: 9:00-11:00 AM

    Panel VIII.4 (Saturday: 9:00-11:00)
    U6: Ukrainian Famine of 1933:
    Common Reflections in the Arts, Archives, and Society
    Chair: Jaropolk Lassowsky (Clarion U, US)
    Daria Darevych (York U, Canada)   

  • On Art
    Larissa Onyshkevych (Shevchenko Scientific Society/Princeton Research Forum, US)
  • On Literature
    Cheryl Madden (Providence College, US)
  • On Archives
    Wsewolod Isajiw (U of Toronto, Canada)
  • On Society

    Panel VIII.6 (Saturday: 9:00-11:00)
    G17: Issue of Identity and the Challenge of the EU Enlargement
    Chair: Jana Grittersova (Cornell U, US)
    József Böröcz (Rutgers U, US)
  • What is the EU?
    Melinda Kovács (Rutgers U, US)
  • The Selfless Self?: Constructions of the EU in its Yearly Reports, 1998-2002
    Katalin Dancsi (Rutgers U, US)
  • Life Outside Schengen: Implications of the EU's Border Security Policy for the East
    Glen D. Camp (Bryant College, US)
  • The End of the Cold War and US-EU Relations
    Discussant: George Yiangou (Columbia U, US)

    Panel VIII.7 (Saturday: 9:00-11:00)
    G9: Social Science Theory and National Identity Construction
    Chair: Alain Blum (INED, Paris, France)
    Keith Darden (Yale U, US)
  • The Scholastic Revolution: Explaining Nationalism in the USSR
    Pal Kolstø (U of Oslo, Norway)
  • Theorizing the Role of Historical Myths in Balkan Societies
    Gabriel Marin (U of Laval, Québec City, Canada)
  • European or National Identity Construction through Romanian History Textbooks after Ceausescu
    followed by a 10-minute video
  • "Three History Textbooks, One Country: Nationally Divided Schooling in Bosnia," directed by Pilvi Torsti (Helsinki U, Finland).
    Discussant: Sergei Sokolovsky (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russia)

    Panel VIII.8 (Saturday: 9:00-11:00)
    G15: Theoretical Approaches to Nationalism

    Chair: Cathy Wanner (Pennsylvania State U, US) 
    Kamila Sullerova (CEU/Fulbright Scholar, Brandeis U, US)
  • Discussion on the Morality of Nationalism: Do We Need to Read Hannah Arendt and Judith Shklar?
    Dan Dungaciu (Bucharest U, Romania)

  • East and West in the "Mirror of Nature": Nationalism in WestERN and EastERN Europe--essentially different?
    Cheng Chen (U of Pennsylvania, US)
  • Liberalism, Leninism, and the National Question
    Wojtek Kalinowski, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France)
  • Construction of European Identity and the Religious Narrative about Judeo-Christian Origins of Human Rights
    Discussant: James Satterwhite (Bluffton College, US)

    Session IX
    Saturday: 11:15 AM-1:15 PM

    Panel IX.1 (Saturday: 11:15-1:15)
    R10: Rebounding Religious Identities
    Organizers: Blair Ruble and Nancy Popson (Kennan Institute, Washington, DC, US)
    and Dominique Arel (Watson Institute, Brown U, US), for the Title VIII-funded Workshop "Multicultural Legacies in Russia and Ukraine'
    Chair: Peter Juviler (Columbia U, US)
    Paul Werth (U of Las Vegas, US)

  • Arbiters of the Free Conscience: State, Religion, & Problem of Confessional Transfer after 1905
    Cathy Wanner (Pennsylvania State U, US)
  • The Rise of Evangelicalism in Ukraine and other Multicultural Legacies of Atheism
    Kate Graney (Skidmore College, US)
  • "Russian Islam" and the Politics of Religious Multi-Culturalism in Russia
    Olessia P. Vovina (Seton Hall U, US) 
  • On the Redefinition of Sacred Space:  The Chuvash "Kiremet" in Past and Present
    Discussant: Helen Faller (U of Michigan, US)

    Panel IX.3 (Saturday: 11:15-1:15)
    K8: De-Constructing and Re-Constructing Identities in the Caucasus
    (Sponsored by the Russian Census Project, Watson Institute, Brown U, funded by the Carnegie Corporation, New York)
    Chair: Cynthia Buckley (U of Texas at Austin, US)
    Jean Radvanyi (Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales, France) and Aude Merlin (Institut d'Etudes Politiques, France)
  • The Concept of "Indigenous" Peoples in the Caucasus
    Catherine Gousseff (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France) 
  • Are the Cossacks a "Nationality"? Conflicting Evidence from the 2002 Russian Census
    Frédérique Longuet-Marx (Université de Caen, France) and Olga Kulbachevskaya (Institute of Ethnology, Moscow, Russia)
  • Interethnic Relations in Krasnodar
    Discussant: Ralph Clem (Florida International U, US)

    Panel IX.4 (Saturday: 11:15-1:15)
    U5: Can Stateless People have an Encyclopedia? The Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Culture
    Chair: Taras Kuzio (U of Toronto, Canada)
  • Piotr J. Wrobel (U of Toronto, Canada)
  • Robert A. Rothstein (U of Massachusetts, US)
  • Alexander J. Motyl (Rutgers U, US)
    Discussant: Paul Robert Magocsi (U of Toronto, Canada)

    Panel IX.7 (Saturday: 11:15-1:15)
    U8: The Construction of Historical Memory in Ukraine
    Chair: Hugo Lane (Polytechnic U, US)
    Roman Serbyn (U du Québec à Montréal, Canada)
  • Historical Memory in Statebuilding: The Myth of the Great Patriotic War in Independent Ukraine
    Matthew Pauly (Indiana U, US)
  • The Kobzar in the Labor School: The Ukrainian Variant of a Soviet Educational System, 1922-1930
    Denise V. Powers (U of Iowa, US)
  • Fresco Fiasco:  National Identity Narratives and the Bruno Schulz Murals of Drogobych
    Discussant: David R. Marples (U of Alberta, Canada)

    Lunch Break: 1:20-2:40 PM

    Session X Saturday: 2:45-4:45 PM

    Panel X.4 (Saturday: 2:45-4:45)
    U12: Institutional Reform in Ukraine
    Panel organizer: Paul D'Anieri (U of Kansas, US)
    Chair: Jessica Allina-Pisano (Colgate U, US)
    Verena Fritz (European U Institute, Italy)

  • Giving Shape to the State: Elites and State-Society Relations in Ukraine
    Sarah Whitmore (U of Birmingham, UK)
  • Parliamentary Committees in Ukraine: Rules, 'Reality,' and the Process of Change
    Stephen Kobryn (Ontario Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation, Canada)
  • Administrative Reform in Ukraine: Prospects, Reality, and Directions for the Future
    Discussant: Oxana Shevel (Harvard U, US)

    Panel X.9 (Saturday: 2:45-4:45)
    U3: National Identity and Ethnic Relations in Crimea
    Chair: Inci Bowman (Independent Scholar, Washington, DC, US)
    Mica Hall (Medina Joint Language Center, San Antonio, Texas, US)
  • Language Attitudes and Ethnic Relations in Crimea
    Idil P. Izmirli (George Mason U, US) 
  • Impact of Repatriation on Ethnic Identities in Deeply Divided Societies: The Case study of Crimean Tatars
    Kurtmolla Abdulganiyev (Graduate School for Social Research, Warsaw, Poland) 
  • Revival Nationalisms in Postcommunist Societies: The Crimean Tatar Case

    Discussant: Brian Glyn Williams (U of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, US)

    Panel X.10 (Saturday: 2:45-4:45)
    G8: Ethnic Issues in EU Enlargement
    Chair: Minton F. Goldman (Northeastern U, US)
    Peter Vermeersch (U of Leuven, Belgium)
  • The EU Enlargement Process and Minority Policy in Central Europe: A Study of Policy Shifts in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia
    Lene Bøgh Sørensen (Copenhagen U, Denmark)
  • EU's Enlargement Policy and National and Ethnic Contradictions and Conflicts in Central and Eastern Europe
    Petr Kafka (U of Toronto, Canada)
  • Immigration Policies of the CEEC in Relation to the EU Enlargement
    Discussant: Stefano Bianchini (U of Bologna, Italy)

    Session XI Saturday: 5:00-7:00 PM

    V3: Video Presentation (Saturday, April 5, 5 PM)
    Killing the Story
    UK 2002 (55 mins.)
    Produced by Ewa Ewart (BBC, UK)

    What links the murder of a leading journalist, the President of the Ukraine, a shy young bodyguard and allegations of international arms smuggling and sanctions breaking?  In a documentary prepared for the BBC investigative series
    Correspondent, reporter Tom Mangold unravels the threads that hold together an extraordinary mystery story involving conspiracies at the highest level, secret tape recordings, beatings by government goon squads and a moving target, running for his life with a six million dollar price on his head.

    Adrian Karatnycky (Freedom House, New York, US) and Myroslava Gongadze (George Washington U)  will lead the discussion following the screening.

    Panel XI.3 (Saturday: 5:00-7:00)
    R3: Historical Memory and Nation Building in the Former USSR, 1988-2002
    Chair: Yitzhak Brudny (Hebrew U of Jerusalem, Israel)
    Vera Tolz (U of Salford, UK)

  • Rethinking Russian-Ukrainian Relations and Nation-Building in Postcommunist Russia
    Egle Rindzeviciute (South Stockholm U College, Sweden)
  • History as Legacy? Deconstructing the Arguments about Lithuanian Cultural Policy Reforms
    David R. Marples (U of Alberta, Canada)
  • Nation Building and the Formation of a National History in Ukraine after 1988
    Natalia Leshchenko (London School of Economics & Political Science, UK)
  • An Ace in a Sleeve: Nationalism versus Integration in Belarus
    Discussant: Roman Szporluk (Harvard U, US)

    Panel XI.4 (Saturday: 5:00-7:00)
    U11: Politics and Patronage Networks in Ukraine
    Chair: Jaroslaw Martyniuk (Intermedia, Washington, DC, US)
    Ioulia Shukan (Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, France)
  • The Conversion Strategies of the Former Communist Nomenklatura in the ex-USSR: A Comparative Study of the Communist Youth Leagues in Soviet Ukraine and Belorussia in the late 1980s
    Vyacheslav Malyarchuk (Donetsk National Technical U, Donetsk, Ukraine)
  • Democratization in Authoritarian Performance: Regional Elites in Ukraine's Politics
    Kerstin Zimmer (Johann Wolfgang Goethe U, Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Donetsk in Kyiv and Kyiv in Donetsk: Centre-Periphery Linkages in the Post-Soviet Context
    Ilya A. Khineiko (U of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)
  • Fostering National Identity in Ukraine: Regional Differences in Attitudes towards National Symbols
    Discussant: Oleh Protsyk (U of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

    Panel XI.7 (Saturday: 5:00-7:00)
    G7: Roundtable on Mark Beissinger's Book,
    Nationalist Mobilization and the Collapse of the Soviet State (Cambridge, 2002)
    Chairs: Yoshiko Herrera (Harvard U, US)
  • Valery Tishkov (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Moscow, Russia)
  • Roger Petersen (MIT, US)
  • Terry Martin (Harvard U, US)
    Discussant: Mark Beissinger (U of Wisconsin at Madison, US)

    Panel XI.9 (Saturday: 5:00-7:00)
    G4: Economic Factors in the Politics of Nationalism

    Chair: Sue Davis (Denison U, US) 
    Tsveta Petrova (Cornell U, US)   
  • Rent-Seeking Practices in the Post-Communist World
    Michael J. Popovic (Washington U at St. Louis, US)
  • The Role of Transnationalism in International Investment Decisions: A Comparative Performance Analysis
    Discussant: Pauline Jones Luong (Yale U, US)

    Closing Reception: 7:00 PM
    (15th Floor, International Affairs Building)

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    Ukraine video timeline: a year of protests and violence. Daily Telegraph 2/21/2015

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    Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian History, European Future. Timothy D. Snyder is a well-known historian and professor of history at Yale University. Speaking at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' on May 15, 2014 on deep connection and strong bonds between Ukrainian and European history.

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