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    BRAMA has chosen to take a proactive stance vis-a-vis select issues that face Ukraine today. This site has long been devoted to the issues surrounding the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster. More recently, a situation exacerbated by the deteriorating economic conditions in Ukraine has been brought to light -- the trafficking of young Ukrainian women in sexual slavery. We dedicate this section to the young women of Ukraine in the hopes that information found here will help alter the paths taken by those who innocently, or without a full understanding of the realities of the situation, are drawn into criminally driven servitude.

  • Bone by bone, Ukraine identifies its dead (Yahoo/AFP) 11/05/2014
  • 'We simply survive': What life is like for Ukrainian prisoners of war (Mashable) 11/05/2014
  • In Kharkiv, Ukraine, a cafe is an unlikely war room (Los Angeles Times) 11/05/2014
  • Memorial human rights activist refused entry to Ukraine (KHPG) 11/05/2014
  • Russia’s New Odessa File (KHPG) 11/05/2014
  • Manufacturing international outrage over an Odessa Massacre that never was (KHPG) 11/05/2014

  • Alleged Child Molester Sentenced to Death by Show of Hands in Eastern Ukraine (Newsweek) 11/04/2014
  • Russia plans nuclear summit boycott (Associated Press) 11/04/2014
  • Moscow’s War on Ethnic Minorities. By MASHA GESSEN (The New York Times) 11/04/2014
  • Crime And Crimea: Criminals As Allies And Agents (KHPG) 11/04/2014
  • Ukraine fined over detention for 2011 anti-Yanukovych protest (KHPG) 11/04/2014
  • Human rights groups appeal to parties regarding coalition agreement (KHPG) 11/04/2014

  • Man in Ukraine gives up waiting at restaurant and kills himself (Daily Mail) 11/03/2014
  • BBC verifies video of Russian-backed militants passing death sentences in Luhansk (+VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 11/03/2014
  • Russia This Week: Kremlin Trolls Staff Up, Move Into New Offices (The Interpreter) 11/03/2014
  • Unidentified Drones Are Seen Above French Nuclear Plants (The New York Times) 11/03/2014
  • The body collector from Ukraine (Mashable) 11/03/2014
  • Mustafa Dzhemiliev’s ban appealed (KHPG) 11/03/2014
  • OSCE helps Ukrainian legal professionals to better protect human rights in times of crisis (OSCE) 11/03/2014
  • Ukrainian volunteers fundraise for soldiers' medical treatment abroad (+VIDEO) (Ukraine Today) 11/03/2014
  • Ukraine unaware of contents of Russia's 5th 'humanitarian convoy' ( 11/03/2014

  • Russian Soccer Coach Refuses To Sign Black Players (RFE/RL) 11/02/2014
  • Russia Today launches UK version in new soft power onslaught (The Guardian) 11/02/2014
  • Statement of the MFA of Ukraine on another 'humanitarian convoy' of Russia (MFA of Ukraine) 11/02/2014
  • Russian Terrorists Entice “Electorate” Into Polling Stations With Cheap Potatoes. PHOTOS ( 11/02/2014
  • Russia Hastily Tested All Three Kinds of Nuclear Weapons – European Media ( 11/02/2014
  • How Dictators Use Zombie Election Monitors To Stay In Power (Buzzfeed) 11/02/2014
  • Fear, Farce and Fraudulent ‘Observers’ at the Donbas ‘Potato’ Elections (KHPG) 11/02/2014
  • Armed conflict in the East of Ukraine under the scope of compliance with human rights (KHPG) 11/02/2014

  • UN Says 4,000 Killed In Ukraine Conflict (RFE/RL) 11/01/2014
  • Ekho Moskvy warned over ‘extremism’ for its report on Donetsk airport siege (KHPG) 11/01/2014
  • Ukrainians in the Battered East Scramble in Darkness as Winter Nears (The New York Times) 11/01/2014
  • ‘Ukrainian’ Now a Synonym for ‘A Free Individual' on the Post-Soviet Space, Portnikov Says (Window on Eurasia) 11/01/2014
  • Crimea’s Occupiers Say There is Too Much Moscow-Banned Material There for Them to Seize It All at Once (Window on Eurasia) 11/01/2014
  • Russia plays nuclear war-games in Barents Region (Barents Observer) 11/01/2014

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