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Roma Pryma Bohachevsky Dance Camp Performance of "The Frog Princess" on Ukraine's Day of Independence at Soyuzivka
August 1998

Narrative below

Images contributed by Irka Halatyn, Rosemarie Wozniak and Hanya Krill.


The Frog Princess


In a majestic kingdom far away in place and time, there lives a King and his three fine sons. One day, the King summons his sons and gives each a copper arrow which will guide them to their future wives and their destiny. The arrow of the eldest son soars high above the clouds to the kingdom of Zakarpatia. There, a young Princess finds it and awaits the Prince. So too, the second Prince shoots his arrow high into the sky and finds his Princess in Bukovyna. The youngest Prince shoots his arrow but it does not fly as high or as far as those of his brothers. It lands in a nearby swamp where tile Frog Princess finds it and awaits her Prince. The Prince meets the Frog and resigns to his fate but returns home very sad and disappointed. The King announces the presentation of the new brides at court. The two eldest sons rejoice and introduce the beautiful Princesses as the youngest Prince falls into despair. All ofa sudden, a golden carriage drawn by three white horses enters the palace and the most beautiful Princess of all, surrounded by her attendants, comes toward the youngest prince. The Frog Princess had broken the spell put on her by Baba Yaga and the strength of her love for the youngest Prince changed her back into the beautiful Princess she once was. Enraged at the broken spell, Baba Yaga appears at the palace and steals the Frog Princess whose punishment for breaking the spell is to become a slave at Baba Yaga's house.


The grieving Prince leaves the palace in search of his Princess. On his desperate journey, he meets a wise old man in need. In gratitude for the Prince's kindness, the old man gives him a magic ball. The visions in the ball guide the Prince to Baba Yaga's house. The Prince sees his bride and attempts to save her in a struggle with the witch. The Frog Princess throws the magic ball at the witch. The ball that saw goodness and love in the Prince's heart and led him to his bride, sees evil and darkness in Baba Yaga and destroys her. The youngest Prince and the Frog Princess return to the palace where all celebrate their happy destiny.


Frog Princess: Natalia Grod
Young Prince: Andrij Cybyk
Middle Pnince: Markian Kopustiansky
Eldest Prince: Joey Sywenkyj
King: Christopher Kovalchick
Baba Yaga: Peter Fil
Old Man: Suzi Myers
Bykovyna Princess: Lida Rajsz
Nymphs: Tania Blahitka, Christine Lucyk, Dora Pastushak, Adrienne Gavron
Water Sprites: Marissa Parzei, Larissa Bell, Sophie Panych
Bats: Oksana Czebiniak, Tania Wedmid, Christina Laschuk, Natalia Halatyn, Adrianna Parzei, Laryssa Wozniak, Katia Romaniw

Zakarpatsky, Hutsul, Bukovyna villagers and little bugs:

Olec Babiuk · Larissa Bell · Nicole Berezny · Larissa Calka · Olivia Cap
Marissa Cap · Nicholas Carmen · Maria Carmen · Lara Chelak
Anna Chelak · Adrian Chernyk · Julian Chernyk · Julia Chorniy
Oksana Czebiniak · Brittany Damino · Alexander DeSina
Andrew Didytch ·Irene Dieneko · Yuri Dobriansky · Larissa Falkowski
Alex Flis · Markian Galadza · Jonathan Gardner · Roxolana Gishta
Diana Golovenko · Alexa Gryshchuk · Nicholas Gryshchuk
Natalia Halatyn · Zenon Halatyn · Nicholas Herbert · Katrina Hines
Yuri Kozij · Katya Kosiv · Alexandra Kuziw · Andrij Kyfor
Tanya Kyfor · Christina Laschuk · Alexandra Laschuk · Alana Lenec
Kristina Logan · Talia Lysiak · Natalie Mischenko Katryna Mutlos
Sofia Panych · Lillia Panych · Marissa Parzei · Adrianna Parzei
Lada Pastushak · Natalie Pearson · Juliana Pedersen · Larissa Pszczymuka
Christina Rajsz · Anastasia Redding · Katia Romaniw
Dianna Shmerkowsky · Zenia Skalij · Daniel Soroka · Michelle Soroka
Tanya Sperkacz · Andrea Tychanski · Artie VanWilgen
Christina Vorobets · Roxolana Wacyk · Tania Wedmid · Mary Widmeyer
Andrew Yaworsy · Larissa Woskobynyk · Laryssa Wozniak · Lillia Yaworsky


Artistic Director: Roma Pryma Bobachevsky
Instructors: Kristine Izak, Andrij Cybyk
Musical Director: Boris Bohachevsky
Accompanist: Adriana Helbig
Komendantka: Irene Jashynv
Costumes, Scenery: Kristine Izak
Narrator: Adriana Helbig


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