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Sun, June 16, 09:01 EDT
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BRAMA, Sep 19, 2005, 10:00 am ET

UN Photo: President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko Addresses 2005 World Summit 15 September 2005

by H.E. Mr. Victor Yushchenko,
President of Ukraine
at the High-Level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly
15 September 2005
New York

Secretary General!
Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am strongly convinced that the jubilee of the United Nations is the celebration of hope for all humanity. The whole history of our unique forum convinces us that peoples of different races and cultures are able to hear and support each other. According to Winston Churchill, these walls were erected for a Temple of Peace, but not for a Babylon tower. This is how the peoples see this Assembly. I truly believe that we will live up to their expectations. I offer my sincere congratulations to you - my dear friends and all good people in the world.

At this meeting the international community shapes its new guidelines. New Ukraine - free and independent - follows it together with the whole family of democratic nations. I believe that the efforts and experience of my country will contribute to finding important benchmarks.

I am a son of a soldier of the World War II, whose fate was to live through the battles, wounds and the honors of Auschwitz concentration camp. Millions failed to succeed. Every Ukrainian family has a live memory of pain and losses. Due to its heroic contribution to the victory over the nazism Ukraine gained a honorable right to become one of the founders the United Nations. We brought in our aspiration for peace. We are always ready to counteract the threat of war everywhere.

Our county is providing and will always provide the support to the efforts of ensuring peace in different regions of the world. I hope that Ukrainian peacekeepers under the United Nations flag will prove their courage and professionalism once again.

As a representative of the nation, that shoulder to shoulder with free nations liberated the humankind from Nazi threat, I am convinced we can set free the humanity from other mortal threats.

Ukraine has already contributed much to the security in the world by abandoning its the nuclear weapons. We c an put the nuclear technologies under rigid international control, we are obliged to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

We stand for the hard-edged fight against terrorism and we a re convinced, that this evil can be overcome by collective efforts. Ukraine actively participates in these actions. The international community should do everything possible to destroy the environment nourishing the virus of terror - intolerance, tyranny, poverty and humiliation.

Distinguished leaders!

We are able to prevent crimes against humanity and mankind. I am referring to you on behalf of the nation that has lost ten million of human lives because of the famine - genocide arranged against our nation. At that time the governments of all counties turned their back to our grief. We insist that the world should come to know the truth about all the crimes against humanity. That is how we can be sure that the indifference will never encourage the criminals.

I have a privilege to speak on behalf of the nation, which was inspired by the ideals of the United Nations in its fight for dignity, human rights and independence. The Statehood of Ukraine paved the way for advancing these values.

It was on the Orange Maidan (Square) where Ukraine has made a peaceful breakthrough towards freedom. We are determined to create an open, integrated society and free-market economy, integrated into the world economy. We will seize historic chance to gain prosperity, to reunite our future with that of Common Europe.

The Ukraine's example demonstrates that the freedom cannot be stopped along old dividing lines. Its language is clear to all the peoples. It has vast potential for peace, stability and cooperation.

It is only through collective efforts that humanity can respond to old and new threats. On these days, we are paying tribute to the memory of the victims of September 11 and sharing the pain of those suffered in the aftermath of the disaster in the South of the United States. We have been warned - there are challenges that no nation can deal with alone.

Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of the Chornobyl catastrophe. I strongly believe that this will be an important opportunity to realize the universal social and cultural depth of this tragedy; and will enable us to combine our efforts to mitigate its consequences.

The world is globalizing itself rapidly. It has turned into common space, where we doomed either to win altogether or to lose altogether. We are all threatened by economic shocks and terrorism, degrading environment and spread of HIV/AIDS. The destiny of prosperous nations will be influenced by the performance of the poorer nations. Our duty is to apprehend these realities.

Ukraine is fully conscious of its responsibilities. We have recommitted ourselves to the Millennium Development Goals and we will work to ensure their full achievement.

We stand ready to be a trusted partner in political, economic, environment and humanitarian projects. Ukraine is ready to find common ways to strengthen multilateralism I am convinced that the reform of the United Nations will open up unique opportunities in this field.

The reform of the Security Council is a prerequisite to enhance the effectiveness of our Organization. To perform adequately, its membership should reflect present realities. It would be fair if all regional groups, including the Group of Eastern European States, are represented in the Council. The voice of the region, which is shaping new Europe, deserves to be heard.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

60 years has passed since Franklin Roosevelt has said: "We are to secure our friendship and to share its spirit with the rest of the world. This is not an ultimate end, but if achieved, we will be empowered to meet the great goal of the humanity". We have every opportunity to ensure that our hopes for peace, welfare, freedom and justice for all come into fruition.

Thank you for your attention.

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