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Thu, August 16, 23:44 EDT
BRAMA News and Community Press

BRAMA, Apr 1, 2004, 1:00 am ET

Press Release

ASN 9th Annual World Convention
Harriman Institute, Columbia University
15-17 April 2004

Association for the Study of Nationalities
Harriman Institute
Columbia University
1216 IAB, 420 West 118th Street
New York, NY 10027, USA
Tel.: 001 212 854 8487
Fax: 001 212 666 3481

Registration: Thursday, 11 AM-6 PM; Friday, Saturday, 8 AM-5 PM
Book Exhibit: Thursday 1-6 PM; Friday, Saturday, 9 AM-6 PM
Sales of Convention Papers: Friday 11 AM-6 PM; Saturday 9 AM-6 PM
Opening Reception: Thursday 7 PM
Closing Reception: Saturday 7 PM

Selected Items from the Preliminary Program as of 15 February 2004

  • Check ASN website ( for update and complete program details.
  • Registration Form: PDF Format.

    Session I Thursday 15 April: 1.00-3.00 PM

    BK11: Negotiating Regional, National and Supranational Identity in the postCommunist Balkans

    BK23: Serbia One Year After Djindjic: Politics, Economics, Media, and International Relations (Roundtable)

    CE6: Roma Identity: Transnational Definitions, Institutions, and Community

    G3: Reshaping Jewish Identity

    • The Question of Jewish Identity, through the Personality of the Bolshevik Leader Solomon Abramovich Lozovsky (1878-1952)
    • Persistence and Changes in the Identity of Jews in Belarus after the Collapse of USSR
    • Jewish Identity as Point of Reference of Latvian Jewry After the Perestroika.
    • The Identity Trajectories of Russian Jews from the Six-Day War up to Now

    G7 : In Search of Supra-Nationalism

    R5 : Marriage and Communal Boundaries

    • Legal Regulation of 'Mixed' (Interconfessional) Marriage in the Russian Empire
    • Interethnic Marriage and Ethnic Assimilation in the Post-War Soviet Union
    • The Marriage Question among Converted Jews in Imperial Russia

    U10 : Literary Mystifications and Their Social Function (Roundtable)

    • Chair: Myroslava Znayenko (Rutgers U, US)
    • George Grabowycz (Harvard U, US)
    • Taras Koznarsky (U of Toronto, Canada)
    • Vitaly Chernetsky (Harvard U, US)

    Session II Thursday 15 April, 3.15-5.15 PM

    BK14: Interethnic Coexistence in the Balkans: The Example of Macedonia

    CA2: Identity in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

    K8: Citizenship and Elections in Azerbaijan and Georgia

    N7: The Role of International Organisations in the Prevention, Management and Settlement of Self-Determination Conflicts

    U7: Ukrainian Nation-Building and National Identity Formation

    • Chair: Zenon Kohut (U of Alberta, Canada)
    • Brian Boeck (Loyola Marymount U, US)
      Semantic Separation and the Rise of the Ukrainian National Name
    • Alexander Dillon (Harvard U, US)
      Between Russia and Ukraine: The Cooperative Movement on the Black Sea Steppe, 1917-1920
    • John Holian (Independent Scholar, Ohio, US)
      Conducting a Village Ethnography
    • Discussant: Hugo Lane (Polytechnic U, Brooklyn, US)

    Video Presentation TBA

    Session III Thursday 15 April, 5.30-7.30 PM

    BK6: Kosovo 1999 (Scholars' Initiative)

    CE11: The Baltic Republics: Contemporary History and Current Challenges

    G13: Reconciling the Nation and the State: New Challenges in the Prevention of Ethnic Conflict
    A Special Address by the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities

    • Introductory Remarks:
      David Crowe and Dominique Arel (Incoming ASN President)
    • Presentation:
      The Hon. Rolf Ekeus (OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, The Hague, Netherlands)

    R7: Russian Identity in the Tsarist Empire

    TK3: Discourses of Nationalism in Turkey

    U4: Ukrainian Migration, Migrants and Diasporas

    • Chair: Marta Dyczok (U of Western Ontario, Canada)
    • Ihor Stebelsky (U of Windsor, Canada)
      Ukrainians in Russia in 2002: A Preliminary Assessment of Census Results
    • Boris Morozov (Tel Aviv U, Israel)
      Rethinking Jewish Emigration: Identity and Ethnicity in the Cold War Era
    • Catherine Wanner (Pennsylvania State U, US) Ft Olga Filippova (National U of Pharmacy, Kharkiv, Ukraine)
      To Be a Patriot Means to Live in this Country: Migration Attitudes Among Ukrainian Youth
    • Stephan De Spiegeleire (Rand Europe, Netherlands) Ft Tetyana Dikhtyar (U of Minnesota, US)
      The Invisible Foot - The Impact of Migration on Ukraine's Regions
    • Discussant: Wsewolod Isajiw (U of Toronto, Canada)

    V5/BK22 War for Peace (Video Presentation). Directed by Koca Pavlovic (obalaprodukcija@cg.yu). Montenegro, 2003.
    The screening of the documentary will be preceded by the presentation of the paper "Reckoning: the 1991 Siege of Dubrovnik," by Srdja Pavlovic (U of Alberta, Canada,

    Session IV Friday 16 April, 9-11 AM

    BK7: Formation of National Identity in the Southern Balkans (late 19th-early 20th century)

    BK12: The Dynamics of Nationalist Mobilization in former Yugoslavia

    CA5: Islamist Movements in Central Asia and the Middle East

    CE2: Jewish Life in Poland and Ukraine

    • Chair: Joshua Zimmerman (Yeshiva U, NY, US)
    • Robin Ostow (U of Toronto, Canada) < rostow@chass.>
      Problems of Musealizing Jewish Memory in Warsaw: Before World War II and Today
    • Jeffrey Shandler (Rutgers U, US)
      Staging the Shtetl: Yaffa Eliach's Shtetl Museum
    • Vladimir Khanin (Bar-Ilan U, Israel)
      The Struggle for the Holocaust Memory, the Civil Society and Prospects for Ethnic Peace in Ukraine: the Babii Yar Heritage Center Project Crisis
    • Discussant: Joanna Michlic (Brandeis U, US)

    G1: Language and Identity in Areas of Ethnic Conflict (Roundtable)

    • Chair: Antonina Berezovenko (Columbia U, US)

    G11: Federalism ?? Self-Determination

    • Oleh Protsyk (European Centre for Minority Issues, Germany) < protsyk@policy. hu>
      Ethno-Political Conflicts in Moldova: Can Federalization Solve Them?

    K3: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Addressing the Meskhetian Dilemma: Human Rights, Citizenship, Immigration Policy, Identity

    N8: Everyday Experiences of Nationhood and National Identity

    R8: Geopolitics and Geo-Economics of Eurasia (Roundtable)

    • Chair: Ariel Cohen (US)
    • Stephen Blank (US Army War College, US)
      Russian Attempts to Penetrate Neighbors' Infrastructure
    • Edward C. Chow (Carnegie Endowment, Washington, DC, US)
      North East Asia - The Dragon Awakes?
    • Robert 0 Freedman (Baltimore Hebrew U, US)
      Russia, Iran and the Caspian
    • Robert Cutler (Institute of European and Russian Studies, Carleton U, Canada)
      Eurasian Pipelines as a Complex System
    • Brenda Shaffer (Kennedy School, Harvard U, US)
      Outlook for Caspian Oil

    U9: How Does Transliteration Reflect National Identity: The Case of Ukrainian (Roundtable)

    • Chair: Larissa Onyshkevych (Shevchenko Scientific Society, New York, US)
    • Andriy Danylenko (Pace U, US)
    • Michael Flier (Harvard U, US)
    • Yuriy Tarnawsky (Shevchenko Scientific Society, New York, US)
    • Myroslava Znayenko (Rutgers U, US)

    Session V Friday 16 April, 11. 15 AM-1.15 PM

    BK5: Processes of Post Conflict Reconstruction: Reports from Bosnia and Kosovo

    CA6: Foreign and Security Policies in Central Asia

    CE12: Political Integration and European Union Expansion: Comparing Experiences and Mapping Divides

    • Jacques Rupnik (CERI, Paris, France)
      The "Europeanists" vs "National -Sovereignists" Divide in the Process of EastCentral Europe's Integration in the European Union
    • Krzystof Jasiewicz (Washington Ft Lee U, US)
      Knocking on the Europe's Door: The EU Accession Referendum in Poland in a Comparative Perspective

    G2: Religion ?t Politics (Roundtable)

    • Participants: Frank Sysyn (U of Alberta, Canada)

    K4: Chechnya I: The Emergence of an Ideologized Conflict

    N16: Special Roundtable on Liah Greenfeld's The Spirit of Capitalism: Nationalism and Economic Growth (Harvard, 2001).

    R2: National Identity in Russian Censuses

    • Chair: Mark von Hagen (Columbia U, US)
    • The 1897 Census: The Limits of Imperial Control and the National Question
    • The Russian Empire's First Census and Identities in Late Imperial Russia
    • The Kriashen Case in the 1926 and 2002 Russian Censuses: The Uses and Abuses of Anthropological Knowledge in Political Discourse

    U12: Politics, State-Making and Nation-Building in Belarus

      Chair: Alexandra Hrycak (Reed College, US)
    • David Marples (U of Alberta, Canada)
      In the President's Image? National Identity in Lukashenka's Belarus

    V6/CE 13: Hungarian Certificate ID (Video Presentation). Directed by Gabor Ferenczi (Hungary, 2003). In Hungarian with English subtitles.

    Session VI Friday 16 April, 2.45-4.45

    BK9: Artists, Intellectuals

    BK19: Perspectives on Bosnia-Herzegovina

    CA4: Identity among Uzbeks and Tajiks

    CE1: Ghosts of Jewish Past: Casting Shadows Over Contemporary East Central European National Identities

    • The So-Called Jewish Question and its Meaning for the Polish National Identity

    G4: The Wider Europe and Its Unstable Neighborhood: Conditionality vs. Conflict

    • The Stabilization and Association Process and the Unstable Neighborhood
    • CIS and the EU New Neighborhood Policy
    • Poland in the Enlarged EU and Its Eastern Neighbors: Redrawing Relations and Identities

    K5: Chechnya II: Social Issues and the Clash of Cultures

    N15: Special Roundtable on Anthony Marx's Book Faith in Nation: Exclusionary Origins of Nationalism (Oxford, 2003).

    N4: Ethnopolitical Cleavages

    • Political Representation of Ethnic Minorities: Electoral Institutions and Ethnic Parties in Eastern Europe

    R1: The 2002 Russian Census: A Preliminary Assessment of Results

    • Dominique Arel (Brown U, US/U of Ottawa, Canada)
      Nationality and Language

    U6: Language Revival in Ukraine and Belarus: Politics, Policy-Making and Practices

    • Chair: Jaroslaw Martyniuk (Intermedia, Washington, DC, US)
    • Alexandra Hrycak (Reed College, US)
      Schooling, Language and the Policy-Making Power of State Bureaucrats in Ukraine
    • Margrethe Sovik (Baltic and East European Graduate School, Sodertom University College, Sweden)
      Perceptions of Language and Identity Among Students in Kharkiv
    • Tony Brown (Bryn Mawr College, US)
      Ethnicity and Mother Tongue: Toward an Understanding of Language Utilization and Identity in Belarus
    • Tamara Bulavina (Kharkiv State Academy of Culture, Ukraine)
      Language Politics in Ukraine
    • Discussant: Michael Flier (Harvard U, US)

    V8/CA10 Video Presentation
    The Crimes of East Turkestan Terrorist Power: On the Spot Report
    China 2002 (60 min.), directed by Wang Meng

    Session VII Friday 16 April, 5.00-7.00

    BK1: Balkanism and Post-colonialism (Roundtable)

    BK16: Minorities in the Balkans

    CE9: Contemporary Poland: Self-Perception and Symbolism

    • Local, National, and Transnational Loyalties in Polish Youths' Life Stories
    • "Keep Jesus at Auschwitz!": Ethno-nationalism and Religious Symbols in Postcommunist Poland
    • Struggle for Recognition: the Weakening Silesian Ethnic Identity in Poland

    G6 : The State of the Roma Today: Myth Versus Reality Around the World (Roundtable)

    G10: Comparative Islam

    • Bolshevism, Colonialism, and Patriarchy: Soviet Policy toward Muslim Women in Comparative Perspective

    K6: Politics and Ethnicity in the North Caucasus

    • Interpreting Violence in the Northern Caucasus
    • Ethnic Politics in Action: An Analysis of the 2003 Presidential Election in Karachaevo-Cherkessia
    • Islam at the Subregional Level of Dagestan: Ethnicities, Tarikats, Localism and the Spiritual Administration
    • Ethnic Deprivation in a Rural Community in Soviet Georgia: A Historical Analysis

    N2: The Constructivist Approach to the Study of Nationalism

    R9: Leadership Issues in the Russian Federation

    • Weapons of Mass Distraction: A Comparison of Presidential Misuse of the "War on Terrorism" for Partisan Political Purposes in Russia and in the US

    TK4: Greece and Turkey Security Dilemmas

    U1: Is Globalization Changing Ukraine's Political Culture?

    • Chair: Irene Jarosewych (Svoboda, New Jersey, US)
    • Marta Dyczok (U of Western Ontario, Canada)
      Does Mass Media Influence Public Opinion
    • Victor Stepanenko (Kennan Institute, Washington, DC/Institute of Sociology, Kiev, Ukraine)
      Who Needs Civil Society?
    • Olena Prytula (Ukrains'ka pravda, Kyiv, Ukraine/Stanford U, US)
      What Role Does the Internet Play?
    • Matthew Pauly (Indiana U, US)
      Freedom of the Press as an Instrument of U.S. Foreign Policy: The Case of Ukraine
    • Discussant: Mykola Ryabchuk (Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine)

    V2/CA9: Dostum: Living with a Warlord in Afghan Turkistan (Video Presentation). Directed by Brian Williams (2003)

    Session VIII Saturday 17 April, 9.00-11.00

    BK3: Hungary, Italy and the Yugoslav Crisis, 1989-2003 (Scholars' Initiative)

    BK13: Legacies of Nationalist Wave

    CE7: Hungary and Hungarians: Europe, Region, and Self-Definition

    CE10: Germans and their Neighbors: Changing Identities in Motion

    G12: Diaspora ?t Migration

    • Nationalism, Nation-States and the Politics of Ethno-National Diasporas: Theoretical Aspects
    • The Diaspora as Resource: Understanding and Evaluating Policies Towards Ethnic Kin Abroad
    • Chinese Migration in the Russian Far East: Perspectives of Border Crossers and Conflict
    • Migration Policy Influence on the Demographics and National Identity: Modeling of the Future on the Example of Russian Far East

    K2: Bombs and Pipelines: The South Caucasus in Russian, Iranian and Turkish Foreign Policy

    N13: Partition and the Management of Ethnic Conflicts (Roundtable)

    N14: What is the Nation?

    R3: Citizenship and Community in Contemporary Russia

    TK1: Religion and Identity in Turkey

    U3: Surviving the Surgun: The Consequences of the Exile and Return of the Crimean Tatars

    • Chair: Sezai Ozcelik (George Mason U, US)
    • J. Otto Pohl (U of London, UK)
      And this Must Be Remembered! Stalin's Ethnic Cleansing of the Crimean Tatars and their Struggle for Rehabilitation, 1944-1987
    • Idil P. Izmirli (George Mason U, US)
      Eye of the Storm or Still Life? The Dynamics of the Crimean Tatar Repatriation in Crimea 60 Years after the Deportation.
    • Mica Hall (Defence Language Institute, Monterey, US)
      Judging Crimean Tatars by Linguistic Features: How Ethnic Groups in Crimea React to Crimean Tatar-Russian
    • Discussant: Brian Williams (U of Massachussetts, Dartmouth, US)

    V1/U13: Shapes in The Wax: Tradition and Faith among Folk Medicine Practitioners in Rural Ukraine (Video Presentation). Directed and produced by Sarah D. Phillips and Timothy D. Miller, 2004 (DVD, 60 minutes, Ukrainian with English subtitles).

    • This ethnographic documentary explores Ukrainian folk healing as practiced today by babky (grannies) in villages in Western Ukraine. These are elderly women-usually deeply religious-who perform rituals such as vylyvaty visk, or the pouring forth of wax, to treat a variety of afflictions. Babky treat maladies that elude the expertise of local doctors, such as fear, curses, and the evil eye. In this video, healers demonstrate their craft and reflect on their lives as elders, healers, and women in Ukraine. Will the babky's traditions of folk healing end after the current generation of healers passes on? This documentary probes this question by including the views of urban youth, and by exploring the babky's strategies for passing on their prayers and rituals.
    • Participants: Sarah D Phillips and Timothy D. Miller (Indiana U, US)

    Session IX Saturday 17 April, 11. 15 AM-1.15 PM

    BK2: Confronting the Yugoslav Controversies: A Scholars' Initiative (Roundtable)

    BK18: National Identity, Ethnic Conflict and Peace in Bulgaria

    CA3: Regional and National Minorities in Central Asia and the Middle East

    CE8: Romania: Political Transitions and Questions of Identity

    G9: Migration in a Globalizing World

    K7: Security Issues in the South Caucasus

    N3: Constructivist Theories of Ethnic Identity Change

    N 11: Minority Rights

    R4: Citizenship in Late Imperial Russia and the USSR (1900-1953)

    • Chair: Mark Von Hagen (Columbia U, US)
    • Eric Lohr (American U, US)
      Vladimir Gessen's Theory of Russian Citizenship
    • Francine Hirsch (U of Wisconsin, Madison, US)
      Nationality, Citizenship, and Passportization in the Soviet Union
    • Serhy Yekelchyk (U Victoria, Canada)
      Stalin's Citizens? Understanding the Rituals of Political Life in Soviet Ukraine (1943-53)
    • Discussant: Yanni Kostonis (NYU, US)

    U5: Ethnic Issues, Minority Relations and Politics in Crimea

      Chair: Inci Bowman (Independent Scholar, Washington, DC, US) Papers:
    • Karyna Korostelina (George Mason U, US/National Taurida U, Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine)
      The Impact Of National Identity On Conflict Behavior: Comparative Analysis Of Two Ethnic Minorities In Crimea
    • Ivan Katchanovski (Kluge Center, US)
      Small Nations but Great Differences: Political Orientations of Crimean Tatars and the Gagauz
    • Andreas Stahn (Free U of Berlin, Germany)
      The Impact of the Political and Socioeconomic Integration of the Crimean Tatars on Conflict Probability in Crimea.
    • Discussant: Martin Horwitz (American Jewish World Service, New York, US)

    U11: Market Reforms in Ukraine: Problems and Prospects

      Chair: Lowell Barrington (Marquette U, US) Papers:
    • Kerstin Zimmer (Goethe U, Germany)
      From "Roving" to "Stationary Bandits"? Financial-Industrial Groups in the PostSoviet Space - an Eastern Ukrainian Case Study
    • Stephen Shulman (Southern Illinois U, US)
      National Identity and Attitudes Toward Democracy and Market in Ukraine
    • Natalie Mychajlyszyn (Chair of Ukrainian Studies Unit, U of Ottawa, Canada)
      Trade in Conflict, Conflicting Trade: The Political Economic Dimensions of Conflict Resolution in the Post-Soviet Region
    • Discussant: Jessica Allina-Pisano (Colgate U, US)

    V4/BK21 Crucible of War (Video Presentation). Directed by Leon Gerskovic, produced by Erica Ginsberg (US 2003, 45 mins.).

    Session X Saturday 17 April, 2.45-4.45

    BK10: International Intervention in Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina

    BK20: The Southern Balkans: State-buiding and the Challenge of Multiethnic Societies

    CAI: State-Building in Central Asia

    CE3: "Solving the German Question": Comparative Approaches to Minority Policy in Central Europe

    G5: Ethnicity, Terrorism, and Criminality: Selected Cases in the Former Soviet Union

    K1: Roundtable on Valery Tishkov's New Book Chechnya: Life in a War-Torn Society (University of California Press, 2004)

    N5: Why Do Neighbors Kill Neighbors? Theorizing Local Violence

    N9: Philosophies of Nationalism

    • Chair: David Meyer (Cedarville U, US)
    • Anna Procyk (CUNY, US)
      Giuseppe Mazzini and East European Nationalism: A Theoretical Approach Without Conflict
    • Peter Levine (National-Louis U, US)
      Cultural Freedom, National Identity, and Ethnic Conflict
    • Robert Barylski (U of South Florida, US)
      Neo-Marxist Insights into Post-Soviet Ethnic Nationalism, Authoritarianism, and Democratic Republics
    • Michael Mousseau and Demet Yalcin Mousseau (Koc U, Turkey)
      The Economic Origin of Nationalism and Sectarian Conflict
    • Discussant: Alexander J. Motyl (Rutgers U, US)

    N12: Bringing Society Back In

    R6: Identities of Place on the Russian Periphery

    • Chair: Olessia Vovina (Montclair State U, US)
    • John Round (U of Leicester, UK)
      The (Re)structuring of Migrant Identities in the Post-Soviet Russian North
    • Nicole Porschmann (U of Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany)
      Regional and Russian Identity in the Kaliningrad Region: Is Kaliningrad Looking for a New Identity?
    • Hege Toje (Chr Michelsen Institute, Norway)
      Cossack Identity in the New Russia: Kuban Cossack Revival and Local Politics
    • Helge Blakkisrud (NUPI, Norway)
      Federal Policies Towards the Indigenous Peoples in the Russian Far North
    • Discussant: Elizabeth Pascal (Connecticut College, US)

      U2: Regionalism in Ukraine: On Uses and Abuses of a Recurrent Topic

      • Chair: Frank Sysyn (U of Alberta, Canada)
      • Yaroslav Hrytsak (National U of Ukraine, L'viv)
        East is West, and West is East, or Do We Need a New Paradigm in Studies of Nationalism in Ukraine?
      • Jennifer Dickinson (U of Vermont, US) Advertising and Identity: National and Regional
        Perspectives from Central and Western Ukraine
      • Oksana Malanchuk (U of Michigan, US)
        Social Identification in Contemporary Eastern and Western Ukraine
      • Discussant: Mykola Ryabchuk (Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine)

      V3/TK5 In Transit (Video Presentation). Directed by Berke Bas (2003, 40 minutes).

      Session XI Saturday 17 April, 5.00-7.00

      BK4: Rethinking Transition in Everyday Life: Cases from the Former Yugoslavia

      BK8: The Uses of History and Knowledge: Teaching, Researching and Remembering the Past in Southeastern Europe

      BK15: Status and State-Building in Contested Societies: Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo

      CA7: Population and Demography in Central Asia

      CE4: History, Memory, and Identity in East-Central Europe: The Case of Post-1989 Romania

      G8: Beyond National Boundaries. Alternative Visions of Europe in the InterWar Period

      N1: A Discussion of Roger Petersen's Resistance and Rebellion (Cambridge 2001) and Understanding Ethnic Violence (Cambridge 2002)

      • Chair: Alexander J. Motyl (Rutgers U, US)

      N6: Federal Institutions

      • Exporting the Federalist Model to Moldova
      • The Putin Reforms and the Accomodation of Diversity in the Russian Federation
      • Federation, Power-sharing and the Accomodation of Ethno-national Diversity
      • A Global Comparison of the Effectiveness of Ethnofederal Arrangements for the Amelioration of Ethnic Conflict: Tentative Conclusions
      • About Non-Post Communist Cases From Around the World

      N 10: Nationalist Consciousness

      TK2: Minorities in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey

      U8: Foreign Policy Making in Ukraine

      • Chair: Adrian Karatnycky (Freedom House, NY, US) Papers:
      • Kasia Wolczuk (U of Birmingham, UK)
        Notions of Europeanness Amongst EU 'Outsiders': the Case of Ukraine
      • Anna Makhorkina (Old Dominion U, US)
        Polish-Ukrainian Relations in the Enlarging Europe, 1991-2003
      • Yaroslav Bilinsky (U of Delaware, US)
        Death of a Young Political Gadfly--Oleksandr A. Kryvenko in Memoriam (13 May 1963-9 April 2003)
      • Discussant: Elena Kovaleva (National Institute of Strategic Studies, Kyiv, Ukraine)

      V7/K9 Terror in Moscow (UK, 2003, 60 mins.) Directed by Dan Reed.
      Followed by Victims of the Russo-Chechen Conflict (US, 2003, 40 mins.). Directed by Catherine Osgood.

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